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View commentsView articlePrivate sector debt is a burden, not an economic benefit
Australian private debt is now 200% of GDP some four times the level of public borrowing. Does this private sector debt affect economic growth?
By David Kauders - 24/2/2021
3767 mins ago
View commentsView articleBlaming the victim
It would have been fairer to all concerned, if these complaints had been properly investigated by police and (if merited) tried in a court.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 1/3/2021
163 hours ago
View commentsView articleA personal tribute to Grand Chief Rt Hon Sir Michael Somare the founding father of Papua New Guinea
While I never worked for him in his office as Prime Minister I did form a good association with him over the years since I first went to PNG in 1978.
By Jeffrey Wall - 26/2/2021
411 hours ago
View commentsView articleSCOTUS ensures 2020 US election results remain a burning issue
'[B]oth before and after the 2020 election, nonlegislative officials in various States took it upon themselves to set the rules instead.'
By David Singer - 1/3/2021
411 hours ago
View commentsView articleAustralian unions see flying ‘gig’ pigs landing from the UK
You may have seen reports that the UK's top court has decided that Uber drivers are not independent contractors. Australian unions are excited by this.
By Ken Phillips - 26/2/2021
1333 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe Pacific needs our help – and it needs it now
The first step needs to be to enable travel between Australia and regional neighbours where Covid-19 numbers are very low to resume as soon as possible. The most obvious example is Fiji.
By Jeffrey Wall - 24/2/2021
112 days ago
View commentsView articleIs Dave Pellowe happy to be photographed with members of the Proud Boys?
I've previously responded to the initial criticism of this photo by better characters, and I do not presume to do so again every time some clown critiques my Christianity.
By David Pellowe - 26/2/2021
43 days ago
View commentsView articleIn defence of Eddie McGuire
Rather, a balanced report should recognise the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the Club’s recent response to racism.
By Chris Lewis - 19/2/2021
543 days ago
View commentsView articleTurkish prisons are beyond the pale of inhumanity
The US and the EU will make a mockery out of the virtues of morality and human rights they preach unless they stop Erdogan's outrageous criminal treatment of his own people.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 25/2/2021
113 days ago
View commentsView articleRefriended in defeat: Australia strikes a deal with Facebook
It has puzzled and alarmed the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee for 'breaching a fundamental principle of the web by requiring payment for linking between certain content online'.
By Binoy Kampmark - 25/2/2021
54 days ago
View commentsView articleNo dancing past the fact we’ll have to live with Covid
As COVID-19 trudges through endless revisions of rules and regulations, Australia's response to the virus is beginning to resemble the blackest of farces.
By Steven Schwartz - 23/2/2021
125 days ago
View commentsView articleReclaiming Eden
There are many cultural narratives that tell of a golden age when humans lived in peace and harmony but which would eventually give way to times of strife and suffering.
By Peter McMahon - 22/2/2021
175 days ago
View commentsView articleFacebook unfriends Australia: the triumph of epistemic chaos
Creepy and ruthless Facebook has again impressed with its steely indifference to civic responsibility, as if a company established by a sociopath could ever be a model of human improvement.
By Binoy Kampmark - 23/2/2021
86 days ago
View commentsView articleDo emus bury their heads in the sand?
Too many Australian politicians appear to be stuck in the 'Denial' phase of the Kubler-Ross change curve – unable or unwilling to accept the reality of climate change.
By Campbell Macpherson - 18/2/2021
446 days ago
View commentsView articleAddressing the threat of pandemics
If nothing else coronavirus brings to the fore how poorly we are adapted to dealing with epidemic and pandemic outbreaks of infectious disease.
By Peter Curson - 22/2/2021
166 days ago
View commentsView articleA magic medicine journey
Taking an illegal substance had never occurred to me until I stumbled across Michael Pollan's article in The New Yorker.
By Tania de Jong - 19/2/2021
77 days ago
View commentsView articleBob Brown legal challenge shines a light on decades of environmental misinformation
Following the court's decision, Brown indicated that his Foundation's activists will continue protesting in the forests while its lawyers will appeal the decision in the High Court.
By Mark Poynter - 16/2/2021
157 days ago
View commentsView articleIs Premier Dan Andrews Australia's most dangerous man?
The first lockdown, lasting 112 days in 2020 and costing 801 lives resulted directly from disastrously incompetent mismanagement of hotel quarantine by the government.
By Ken Phillips - 18/2/2021
167 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's PNG policy must be big and bold
If you go to the AIFF website you will be disappointed. The project is there, but the AIFF contribution has not been determined and effectively NOTHING has happened!
By Jeffrey Wall - 17/2/2021
158 days ago
View commentsView articleThe City of Darwin: honouring a blatant racist
So Darwin asserts that both human-like (anthropomorphus) apes and 'savage races' like Negros and Australian Aborigines, whose evolutionary status is not far above a gorilla, will be 'exterminated' by Caucasians.
By Andrew Kulikovsky - 2/2/2021
1458 days ago
View commentsView articleTrump leaves stage but tune still reverberates
President Trump has gone, but the rise of China and Trump's call to put America first remains a wake up call for all liberal democracies.
By Chris Lewis - 15/2/2021
239 days ago
View commentsView articleCapitol Hill: call that a coup?
What the Democrats are asking us to believe is that a man who can make billions in his lifetime doing intricate deals can't properly organise a coup.
By Graham Young - 10/2/2021
819 days ago
View commentsView articleInformation Interruptus: Bing, Google and the News Media Bargaining Code
It's looking a touch quixotic, but the News Media Bargaining Code has become Australia's weapon of choice in attempting to redistribute proceeds from big tech into the coffers of a withering fourth estate.
By Binoy Kampmark - 17/2/2021
411 days ago
View commentsView articleBushfire 'experts' not helping us adapt to climate change
According to Mackey's expert academics, mild burning can't prevent natural disasters such as Black summer. But there was nothing natural about it.
By Vic Jurskis - 15/2/2021
1012 days ago
View commentsView articleIndia's anti-BJP parties, disruptors of all stripes take over farmers' protests
India's agricultural woes can only be solved if opposition political parties consider the national interest not their own partisan interests
By Sudhanshu Tripathi - 16/2/2021
113 days ago
View commentsView articleDemocrats impeaching Trump fuel hatred, division and violence
The first unsuccessful impeachment of Trump was a major contributing factor in the Democrats seeing their 235-199 control of the House of Representatives reduced to 220-212.
By David Singer - 9/2/2021
2514 days ago
View commentsView articleChildren must come before gender choice
Katy Faust joins with Stacy Manning in their new book 'Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement'.
By Edie Wyatt - 12/2/2021
1714 days ago
View commentsView articleChina sends Papua New Guinea a clear message on vaccines
But on the very same day the ambitious
By Jeffrey Wall - 12/2/2021
514 days ago
View commentsView articleOde to Margaret
The woke trolls are on a roll. They come in waves, for Christians who publicly proclaim their beliefs and defend Christian teachings.
By Paul Collits - 8/2/2021
3117 days ago
View commentsView article2021 boosting our northern border protection
Defence, and Navy in particular during times of peace, is generally the first casualty in budget cuts. Alas there are enemies looming on the horizon.
By Stuart Ballantyne - 11/2/2021
1717 days ago
View commentsView articleTime for Kosovo to secure its true independence
It’s time for the political leaders in Kosovo to provide a clear, cohesive, and consistent socio-economic and political program to put Kosovo on the path of recovery and progress and become a truly independent state.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 10/2/2021
318 days ago
View commentsView articleSoft Power Review cancellation impact for Australia
Soft power was defined in the document as the ability to influence the behaviour and thinking of others through the power of attraction and ideas.
By Ordan Andreevski - 11/2/2021
218 days ago
View commentsView articleClimate Change and what we should do about it
Surely it is not a big stretch to apply these principles (i e listening to the scientists) in dealing with Climate Change.
By Guy Hallowes - 4/2/2021
2719 days ago
View commentsView articleRestorative justice needs to be for victims too
I agreed with our fundamental equality as human beings and Australian citizens, but I disputed that we had equally valid points of view in this meeting.
By Natasha Cook - 9/2/2021
819 days ago
View commentsView articleGoing airborne: Coronavirus and hotel quarantine
COVID has caused a kerfuffle amongst authorities in the Australian state of Victoria, who are still keen to host an international tennis tournament at considerable risk.
By Binoy Kampmark - 8/2/2021
621 days ago
View commentsView articleGoogle and Facebook should abandon Australian news
Over the last 20 years I've seen legacy media make the most elementary mistakes which have contributed to the dumbing down of political culture and the hyper -sensationalising and -sexualising of media coverage.
By Graham Young - 5/2/2021
1621 days ago
View commentsView articleJordan and Israel now the only viable two-state solution
The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has unequivocally confirmed its rejection of an independent demilitarised state.
By David Singer - 5/2/2021
1022 days ago
View commentsView articlePorter's a reverse IR culture warrior
The Industrial Relations Minister's third tranche of reforms threatens the LNP and its constituencies and advantages the ALP.
By Graeme Haycroft - 3/2/2021
623 days ago
View commentsView articlePolitics, evolution, and gender: A heterodox firestorm and lessons learned
Dr. Tiger spoke for about 15 minutes on the topic and then the question/answer period began. It was kind of a blood bath.
By Glenn Geher - 4/2/2021
723 days ago
View commentsView articleThe pursuit of happiness
The inclusion in the American Constitution of the right for free men to pursue happiness strikes me as naïve as Google's motto 'don't be evil'.
By Peter Sellick - 3/2/2021
2924 days ago
View commentsView articleFive questions on the Australian economy
We'll have a stronger domestic economy and faster domestic growth because of what the RBA is doing.
By Michael Knox - 2/2/2021
925 days ago
View commentsView articleEnvironmental acts of faith are seriously misdirecting public investment in our electricity sector
Environmentalism, complete with fear of global-warming (a modern day reincarnation of Hell?), has now established itself as a major religion in developed countries.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 1/2/2021
3325 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's unconstitutional border wars
There are many reasons to question the interstate border shenanigans that have stopped Australians from returning home, divided families and sparked animosity among state premiers.
By Sukrit Sabhlok - 1/2/2021
1627 days ago
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