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View commentsView articleBushfires and climate change
More houses have been lost than ever before, but then there are more people than we have ever had before, five times as many as we had a century ago.
By Don Aitkin - 17/1/2020
547 hours ago
View commentsView articleVague imminence: US policy, pre-emptive force and Qasem Soleimani
The second arm of the provision legitimises the use of force where a state is exercising its recognised right to individual or collective self-defence.
By Binoy Kampmark - 17/1/2020
163 hours ago
View commentsView articleAre the bushfires a result of climate warming?
Bushfires have long been part of the Australian scene, but the recent outbreaks have been excessive.
By Peter Bowden - 16/1/2020
566 hours ago
View commentsView articleSince when were drag queens for kids?
But a worrying trend in our political discourse is that leftist outrage is fostered by the national media whilst conservative outrage is dismissed.
By Tim O'Hare - 15/1/2020
652 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe wrong kind of diversity
If you have been watching TV lately, you will have noticed that many advertisements include at least one black or brown person.
By David Leyonhjelm - 15/1/2020
162 days ago
View commentsView articleEmus cannot fly
If Bruce Pascoe is a charlatan, he should be prosecuted...and his claims that Aborigines were not hunter/gatherers should be exposed as bunkum.
By Les Louis - 14/1/2020
2413 hours ago
View commentsView articleMass media hammered on fake news coverage of Steele Dossier
Three media giants alleged by Trump to have purveyed fake news based on the dossier – The New York Times, MSNBC and CNN – are among the many scrutinized by Wemple.
By David Singer - 14/1/2020
135 days ago
View commentsView articleMemo to Scott Morrison
We also note that you just had to go on holiday outside Australia. I guess that is because you couldn't find anywhere in Australia that wasn't either on fire.
By Mark Buckley - 13/1/2020
598 hours ago
View commentsView articleIncendiary extinctions: Australian fires and the species effect
Australian governments, across colours and persuasions, have found managing the environment a problematic, and inconvenient affair.
By Binoy Kampmark - 13/1/2020
163 days ago
View commentsView articleWhen did the bushfires become woke?
If Australia is so 'diverse', 'inclusive' and 'anti-bigotry' as we make out to be - then why make a habit of singling out race at all?
By Vanessa de Largie - 10/1/2020
324 days ago
View commentsView articlePublic transport: cheap or expensive?
Almost 100% of us believe that more – and cheaper – public transport is a key to solving congestion. Which we hope will mean we can all get around more conveniently in our cars.
By Ross Elliott - 10/1/2020
212 days ago
View commentsView articleRecent disastrous bushfires result mainly from ignoring lessons from the past
The messages from official inquiries into earlier bushfires had all been crystal clear and unanimous about what needed to be done.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 9/1/2020
243 days ago
View commentsView articleMy ABC, some of the time
Why so many? After all, there are about as many Buddhists as Aboriginals, and three times as many Chinese. Ah well, despite the ABC's need to show impartiality, Reconciliation is somehow more important.
By Don Aitkin - 9/1/2020
345 days ago
View commentsView articleShould we fear a post-bushfire water quality crisis?
Those in the water industry who manage catchments and operate treatment plants have dealt with this issue regularly.
By Charles Essery - 8/1/2020
129 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's economic, social and environmental future
Entering a new decade in 2020, can Australia improve its economic, social and environmental policy mix at time of unprecedented policy difficulties?
By Chris Lewis - 8/1/2020
211 days ago
View commentsView articleA more effective world
In the United States, the share of wealth owned by the richest one percent of the adult population has increased, from 22 percent in the late 1970s to 37 percent in 2018.
By Peter Bowden - 7/1/2020
177 days ago
View commentsView articleDisruptive assassinations: killing Qassem Soleimani
The justification was spurious, suggesting that assassination and killing in combat are not distinctions with any difference.
By Binoy Kampmark - 7/1/2020
710 days ago
View commentsView articleWhen unconventional monetary policy was conventional
Running a surplus budget together with QE in Australia, has been done before.
By Michael Knox - 6/1/2020
414 days ago
View commentsView articleDeconstructing President Trump’s letter to speaker Pelosi
Does it matter if President Donald J Trump is removed from office if, in truth, there is no (or no sufficient) factual foundation to satisfy the requirements of Articles I and II of the US Constitution?
By Laurence Maher - 6/1/2020
913 days ago
View commentsView articleScapegoats for the real killers of Jamal Khashoggi
Two other figures linked to the killing, Maj Gen Ahmed al-Assiri and the close adviser to crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and social media fiend, Saud al-Qahtani, were given the necessary institutional acquittals for a lack of evidence.
By Binoy Kampmark - 3/1/2020
316 days ago
View commentsView articlePelosi can commit political suicide or help heal partisan rift
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has acted wisely in not immediately transmitting the Trump articles of impeachment to the Senate to jump start the President's trial.
By David Singer - 3/1/2020
610 days ago
View commentsView articleBush fires, Australia and climate change
Climate change has reached cult status and with the lemming-like adoration of characters like Greta et al, backburning is judged only to increase CO2 and therefore to be outcast.
By Charles Essery - 2/1/2020
2173 days ago
View commentsView article Why all the populism? A fair take on the political currents of 2019
Trump, Boris, ScoMo and even Trudeau's razor-thin Canadian victory reveal that centre-left politics is, to say the least, failing to connect at the ballot box.
By Sean Jacobs - 2/1/2020
1013 days ago
View commentsView articleMore anthropologists and fewer economists, please
However people tended to vote on cultural grounds. They were sick of foreigners (as they saw them) taking over the British way of life.
By Keith Suter - 2/1/2020
1512 days ago
View commentsView articleFighting fires with fire
Mainly we must relearn two ancient skills - remove the fuel load everywhere and use fire to fight fire. We know that works.
By Viv Forbes - 31/12/2019
2217 days ago
View commentsView articleWhen cricket and climate collide
Cricket is a game played in the open air for long periods, and this cricket season is being overshadowed, sometimes literally, by a long, dangerous fire season.
By David Rowe - 31/12/2019
617 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's urban water supply: 'Crisis…. what crisis?'
In the 2000-2008 drought desalination plants were the
By Charles Essery - 30/12/2019
637 hours ago
View commentsView articleInterreligious dialogue and multilateral diplomacy
More than a quarter of the world's countries experienced in recent years a high incidence of conflicts or hostilities motivated by religious intolerance, mob violence related to religion, terrorism, and harassment of people for violating religious codes.
By Ioan Voicu - 30/12/2019
319 days ago
View commentsView articleYour money or your life? Putting wellbeing before GDP
Some countries are now giving priority to wellbeing over economic growth, but are they going far enough fast enough?
By Richard Eckersley - 27/12/2019
1919 days ago
View commentsView article2020 will be more turbulent than 2019, unless…
The following brief review of seven Mideast conflicts reflects these developments and raises the question as to what must be done.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 27/12/2019
1621 days ago
View commentsView articleMedical opinion, torture and Julian Assange
The conclusion was a recapitulation of previous findings: that Assange has been subjected to a prolonged, state-sponsored effort in torture, nothing less than a targeting of his being.
By Binoy Kampmark - 24/12/2019
2122 days ago
View commentsView articleAdieu Messiah Tetsu Nakamura!
One of the nightmares of the ongoing conflict is the evil of target killings that have taken the lives of hundreds of intellectuals, tribal leaders, clerics, and foreign humanitarian workers.
By Ehsan Stanizai - 24/12/2019
1126 days ago
View commentsView articleBrave new world for women, if anyone can join
Incredibly, lack of belief in gender understood as identity does not give protection from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.
By Holly Lawford-Smith - 23/12/2019
2219 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralians have a love affair with Christmas
Several years ago, Australia spent more on Christmas per capita than any other nation.
By Warwick Marsh - 23/12/2019
827 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Left has been left
But, there is hope that, across the Tasman in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda will become the world standard bearer for those on the Left, even though New Zealand is a tiny isolated nation.
By Everald Compton - 20/12/2019
2820 days ago
View commentsView articleFrom structural to functional roles in the Indonesian government context
Jokowi expressed his eagerness to cut the current five-structure levels in ministries, known as the echelon system, to just two levels while creating more functional roles that value expertise and competence.
By Bitra Suyatno - 20/12/2019
131 days ago
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