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View commentsView articleOmicron a dud sequel as COVID 'franchise' runs down
The James Bond franchise is up to 25 movies. Fast and Furious will have 10 to its credit in 2023. The COVID-19 franchise is already looking tired after only 5 iterations.
By Graham Young - 3/12/2021
12 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Solomon Islands intervention is a high risk strategy
The issues at play are long standing, and to an extent remain
By Jeffrey Wall - 3/12/2021
12 days ago
View commentsView articleUnhealthy public health
People who work in public health, especially at the policy level, typically assume we all want to live forever and their mission is to ensure we do.
By David Leyonhjelm - 3/12/2021
54 hours ago
View commentsView articleOn being trans youth
Detransition: Beyond Before and After. An edited extract.
By Max Robinson - 2/12/2021
23 days ago
View commentsView articleReducing US greenhouse emissions 50 per cent by 2030: is it likely?
As it stands, the US only reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2 per cent from 1990 to 2019.
By Chris Lewis - 2/12/2021
82 days ago
View commentsView articleSocial economists’ advice brings national ruin
Seventeen Nobel US based economists have said that the Biden Administration's $1.7 trillion 'Build Back Better' program, will increase growth without inflation.
By Alan Moran - 1/12/2021
12 days ago
View commentsView articleScience without humanity, knowledge without character
Amazon may soon offer an end-of-the-university-as-we-know-it box set. (E-books, no doubt.)
By Steven Schwartz - 30/11/2021
95 days ago
View commentsView articleCoalition’s latest failure to ‘fix’ the ABC
The proposed Senate inquiry was questionable because it indicated a lack of trust by the Coalition parties in the ABC’s process.
By Scott Prasser - 30/11/2021
2423 hours ago
View commentsView articleReligious Discrimination Bill 2021 will secure protection from state-based discrimination laws
The religious discrimination legislation doesn't go far enough, and further action needs to be taken to deal with religious hate crimes.
By Syed Atiq ul Hassan - 29/11/2021
56 days ago
View commentsView articleUN anti-Jewish bias hinders end to Arab-Jewish conflict
The continuing flagrant violation of Article 80 of the UN's own 1945 Charter by its member states highlights the rapidly-increasing anti-Jewish bias that is infecting the UN and its agencies.
By David Singer - 29/11/2021
104 days ago
View commentsView articlePandemic isolation puts PNG-Australia wider engagement at risk
Australia can help the PNG Covid response by directly supporting the Christian churches that provide health services to the people
By Jeffrey Wall - 26/11/2021
67 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia shredded all decency in the persecution of Bernard Collaery
Our spying against Timor-Leste and persecution of a whistleblower and his lawyer reads like a tawdry thriller that would embarrass James Bond.
By Susan Connelly - 26/11/2021
235 days ago
View commentsView articleIs the return of inflation the cost of coping with covid?
Inflation has not been around in western countries for some decades but now there is concern that inflation could return. Governments are printing unprecedented sums of money to pay for COVID recovery plans.
By Keith Suter - 25/11/2021
95 days ago
View commentsView articleTotalitarian cyber-creep: Mark Zuckerberg in the metaverse
Zuckerberg and his minions seek to corporately control the metaverse, using VR and AR to identify behavioural biometrics unique to each user.
By Binoy Kampmark - 25/11/2021
210 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia could be the long-term winner worldwide
'We could power the entire world five times over from the Australian sun… It's a good measure of how large our country is, and how much great sun we have.'
By Peter Bowden - 24/11/2021
326 days ago
View commentsView articleWestminster confusion in South Australia
The duty of the premier in these circumstances as the chief adviser to the governor is to inform the incumbent of Parliament's decision and in line with Westminster conventions, that Chapman's commission as minister be withdrawn.
By Scott Prasser - 24/11/2021
610 days ago
View commentsView articleCan the retreat of democracy be reversed?
I do not expect revolutionary and immediate measures to be adopted at the summit to save democracies from their rapid erosion in so many countries.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 23/11/2021
811 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Zimbabwe-ization of Malaysia
Life’s fine under the palm trees at the beach.
By Murray Hunter - 23/11/2021
36 days ago
View commentsView articleVoluntary assisted dying is an immoral act
To end life voluntary or assisted suicide or euthanasia is legal in many countries but at the same time illegal in most countries.
By Syed Atiq ul Hassan - 22/11/2021
156 days ago
View commentsView articleCarbon dioxide, lifeblood of our planet
That's carbon dioxide as we breathe out. In at 400ppm and out at 4000, CO2 is an essential part of our life.
By Ken Calvert - 22/11/2021
236 days ago
View commentsView articleChina’s troubling influence in the Solomon Islands
One would have thought that despite Sogavare's hostility to RAMSI, Australia would have retained at least some influence in the Solomon Islands.
By Jeffrey Wall - 19/11/2021
515 days ago
View commentsView articleCOP26 media-spin is a woke love-in to save the planet
They will expect us to subsidise their: NZE carbon offset airline tickets; Tesla electric cars; the free infrastructure and electricity to charge them and; solar panels/batteries.
By Charles Essery - 19/11/2021
3914 days ago
View commentsView articleGasbagging in Glasgow: COP26 and phasing down coal
COP26 president Alok Sharma called the outcome 'a fragile win', the outcome of 'hard work' and 'great cooperation' from the parties.
By Binoy Kampmark - 18/11/2021
1216 days ago
View commentsView articleSingapore hanging would be ‘tantamount to executing a child’
An intellectually disabled man on death row in Singapore has won another short reprieve, but the global campaign to save him is growing.
By Peter Murphy - 18/11/2021
1213 days ago
View commentsView articleBuilding a successful tribe
The Liberal Party wants exclusive ownership of the word liberal. Needless to say, the tribe will not benefit.
By David Leyonhjelm - 17/11/2021
713 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy do our governments and public institutions defame Australia by embracing an embellished 'Stolen Generations' narrative?
Every nation has a skeleton or three in its history cupboard. Australia is no different, except that in recent decades we have not only proclaimed our culpability to the world but have also exaggerated our crimes.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 17/11/2021
2614 days ago
View commentsView articleNuclear waste and nuclear medicine in Australia
Claims that the Australian government's proposed national nuclear waste storage and disposal 'facility' near Kimba in South Australia is required to support nuclear medicine are not supported by the facts.
By Jim Green - 16/11/2021
1216 days ago
View commentsView articlePolitical Christians or Christians in politics?
The attacks on the recently elected NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet have once raised the media bias against Christians in politics.
By Greg Bondar - 16/11/2021
1519 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's strong recovery from shutdown
We think GDP will rise by 5.0% in the year to Q3 2022.
By Michael Knox - 15/11/2021
219 days ago
View commentsView articleLying in public life: the Scott Morrison formula
Prior to heading to Glasgow, Morrison, having done his bit of crossdressing on the climate change front, was coy. He refused to reveal the modelling that went into the fabulous predictions of net-neutral utopia.
By Binoy Kampmark - 15/11/2021
920 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy what our kids are taught could be a vote changer
Education wasn't an issue because it was under-resourced, it was an issue because of progressive agendas like Critical Race Theory, and radical Gender Theory, being force-fed to kids.
By Graham Young - 12/11/2021
2420 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia needs to support Andrew Forrest’s energy ambitions for Papua New Guinea
If Papua New Guinea is to really develop economically, and the living standards of the nine million people genuinely advance, Purari offers the best hope of delivering both.
By Jeffrey Wall - 12/11/2021
1121 days ago
View commentsView articleBeijing power struggle sinks Red Princess's HK firm
A property company controlled by a niece of former Chinese Vice President Zeng Qinghong is sinking deeper in default.
By John Bethlesen - 11/11/2021
224 days ago
View commentsView articleRace relations in the United States: education and wealth disparity remain a key impediment
Blacks and Hispanics have the lowest levels of bachelor degree or higher attainment despite all groups improving in percentage terms from 2010 to 2019.
By Chris Lewis - 11/11/2021
5316 days ago
View commentsView articleMore trees, less grass, no food
Artificial carbon capture is an unnecessary waste - the grasslands, forests, crops and continental shelf of Australia sequester far more carbon dioxide than Australia emits from all energy, transport, agriculture and mining sources.
By Viv Forbes - 10/11/2021
1424 days ago
View commentsView articleUN and EU semantic war in Judea and Samaria backfires
Many travel agents, tour operators and airlines seem to have been unwittingly caught up in the Arab-Jewish conflict including Qantas.
By David Singer - 10/11/2021
417 days ago
View commentsView articleClimbing on furniture and talking too much could lead to a psychiatric diagnosis for your child
Recommended unscientific mental health screening of 1.8 million Australian children under 5 years old places them at risk of psychiatric drugs.
By Shelley Wilkins - 9/11/2021
225 days ago
View commentsView articleClimate retreat may be one too many for the Nationals
None of this will make it any easier for the Nationals to repel the independents and other parties nibbling at their homeland seats, or mitigate their growing reputation as just another bunch of politicians.
By Scott Prasser - 9/11/2021
926 days ago
View commentsView articleHypersonic panic and competitive terror
Undeterred by any rival capability, Trump claimed in May 2020 that the US military had come up with a
By Binoy Kampmark - 8/11/2021
1026 days ago
View commentsView articleMountains of glass and pools of plastic?
The western world is being pressurised to reduce its use of disposable plastic at the same time as our news media tell us that 90% of the plastic in the sea comes out of 10 rivers in Asia and Africa.
By Ken Calvert - 8/11/2021
1026 days ago
View commentsView articleGlasgow confirms Australia’s South Pacific influence has never been weaker, and China’s never stronger
Prime Minister Marape recently demanded that developed countries (including Australia) 'apologise' for their emission levels! Climate change did not rate as much as a full sentence in the PRC statement!
By Jeffrey Wall - 5/11/2021
928 days ago
View commentsView articleA net-zero target means net-zero development
A Liberal-National Party government should strive for more jobs, not just different jobs.
By Matthew Canavan - 5/11/2021
5622 days ago
View commentsView articleThe world’s media is focused on Net-Zero emissions…what about Net-Zero discharges of waste water?
Sydney discharges more water into our rivers and oceans than it consumes through our water supply. There is no water shortage.
By Charles Essery - 5/11/2021
2624 days ago
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