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View commentsView articleLies, damned lies and COVID-19 death statistics
This means that 2,412 people whose deaths were registered as deaths
By James McKeon - 16/5/2022
74 hours ago
View commentsView articleWage justice can be delivered while also containing inflation
Anthony Albanese stands besieged for suggesting a minimum wage increase which keeps pace with inflation. Specifically, that is 5.1%.
By Tristan Ewins - 16/5/2022
142 hours ago
View commentsView articleRich Uncle Albo’s shared equity nightmare
For the worst-crafted, most ineffectual policy of this election campaign it would be hard to go past Rich Uncle Albo's shared equity housing scheme.
By Graham Young - 13/5/2022
2026 hours ago
View commentsView articleA genuine regional people-to-people engagement must be Australia’s highest priority
Rebuilding relations with the Solomon Islands is just not going to happen while the current pro-China government is exercising a suffocating influence over the islands.
By Jeffrey Wall - 13/5/2022
2426 hours ago
View commentsView articleReciprocity and respect
Reciprocity, compassion, and respect are the bedrock of morality and the foundation of community welfare.
By Steven Schwartz - 12/5/2022
132 days ago
View commentsView articleGreg Norman: Saudi Arabia’s sportswashing emissary
The kingdom has become an aggressive strategic investor in sports events, hosting Formula One motor racing, boxing events, purchasing European football clubs and promoting wrestling.
By Binoy Kampmark - 12/5/2022
14 days ago
View commentsView articleHow the budget deficits caused US inflation
Fiscal deficit minus GDP gap equals inflation. Now the Fed must control the damage
By Michael Knox - 11/5/2022
15 days ago
View commentsView articleJordan, Arab League and UN fuel Jew-hatred on Temple Mount
Thousands of rioters defiled what is venerated as a Muslim Holy Shrine -- converting it into a rallying point for flag-waving slogan-shouting Palestinian Arabs armed with rocks and Molotov cocktails.
By David Singer - 11/5/2022
25 days ago
View commentsView articleA vision full of power for Australia
Savannah was capable of circling the earth 14 times at 20 knots without refuelling. Nowadays a similar 14,000kW of installed power would cost around US$49 million in just fuel alone.
By Stuart Ballantyne - 10/5/2022
85 days ago
View commentsView articleA new strategy is needed to address Iran’s nuclear program
A revised Iran nuclear deal based on the 2015 JCPOA could provide the basis for a new Biden administration strategy.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 10/5/2022
16 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy men kill themselves
A few years earlier Wilton had given a speech to parliament pointing out that group most likely to commit suicide in this country were men like him – adult males struggling with marital separation.
By Bettina Arndt - 9/5/2022
145 days ago
View commentsView articleLeaking for Roe v Wade
Such an inner illumination of processes was never the intention of the US Supreme Court. For over two centuries, it had not seen the like of this.
By Binoy Kampmark - 9/5/2022
412 hours ago
View commentsView articleIt’s time for Australia to vote for change
Starting with Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Don Chipp and Bob Brown, there has developed a monotonous uniformity in main-stream Australian politics.
By Viv Forbes - 6/5/2022
325 days ago
View commentsView articleMore aid is not the way to regain our regional influence
The broad response during the campaign so far has been for both sides to promise more
By Jeffrey Wall - 6/5/2022
197 days ago
View commentsView articleA looming schools shortage?
But first, old thinking about schools needs to change to allow for the opportunities that the future presents and to avoid an inevitable shortage of places in suitable locations.
By Ross Elliott - 5/5/2022
159 days ago
View commentsView articlePanic in Kooyong: the threat to the Australian Liberal Party
He has been seen, not always accurately, as the more moderate in an otherwise conservative Liberal Party, which has governed Australia since 2013.
By Binoy Kampmark - 5/5/2022
69 days ago
View commentsView articleYes minister
The perennial issue of using discretionary grant programs in an attempt to win seats has a long history.
By Rosie Williams - 4/5/2022
212 days ago
View commentsView articleHow to bring in more migrants
If we can issue 160,000 skilled migrant and family visas a year, in addition to temporary visas, we can take in more refugees.
By David Hale - 4/5/2022
316 days ago
View commentsView articleContext is everything
Is prolonged grief following the death of a loved one an illness? Who decides? And how?
By Steven Schwartz - 3/5/2022
612 days ago
View commentsView articleIsrael needs the Palestinians as a perpetual enemy to justify the occupation
Israel's harsh treatment of the Palestinians is designed to deepen Palestinian resentment and instigate 'controlled' violence.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 3/5/2022
613 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Anzac links between Australia and Papua New Guinea have been allowed to diminish
Anzac Day this year marked the beginning of the 80th anniversaries of the key battles that defeated the Japanese advance during the Second World War in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the Coral Sea.
By Jeffrey Wall - 2/5/2022
514 days ago
View commentsView articleCorruption and autocracy
The war in Ukraine has highlighted the unbearable stench of corruption that prevails in Putin's Russia and around the world.
By Guy Hallowes - 2/5/2022
1013 days ago
View commentsView articleHow do we curb the lust for power?
Vladimir Putin's excursion into the Ukraine is just the latest chapter in man's quest for domination over man.
By Peter Bowden - 29/4/2022
6230 hours ago
View commentsView articleSlaying the dragon of Net Zero emissions
The communique of COP26 was, according to the Queensland Senator, a 'green light' for Australia to keep digging and 'supply the world with more coal because that's what brings people out of poverty'.
By Binoy Kampmark - 29/4/2022
2513 days ago
View commentsView articleMetaverse: a danger to children and probably you too
For young people, the metaverse will create real dangers - in the form of sexual abuse, financial scams and harmful social interactions.
By Mal Fletcher - 28/4/2022
417 days ago
View commentsView articleSan Remo Conference: catalyst for Jewish and Arab independence
The Jews were initially allotted all of Palestine at San Remo - 117000km2 - the remaining 15% of these three liberated Turkish territories.
By David Singer - 28/4/2022
812 days ago
View commentsView articleFibbing on Anzac Day
But this day was a bit different. There was an election to fight, and Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was going to make the most of the occasion.
By Binoy Kampmark - 27/4/2022
319 days ago
View commentsView articleEarth Day still focussed on immoral climate crusade
For the almost 10 million people who voted in the UN's own 'My World' poll 'Action on climate change' ranked dead last.
By Tom Harris - 27/4/2022
1013 days ago
View commentsView articleThe endless repeat of history
The rare Cassandras of the world can see exactly what is going to happen, but their curse is that most of the time no one listens to them.
By Graham Young - 26/4/2022
2915 days ago
View commentsView articleTime for the US to overhaul its policies on Pakistan
As the post-pandemic new world order takes shape, alienating Pakistan is unwise
By Mehroz Siraj - 26/4/2022
320 days ago
View commentsView articleWartime history reduced to dust
A structure in the north Queensland bush which played an integral part in the Pacific victory 77 years ago was reduced to rubble in the name of progress back in 1957.
By John Mikkelsen - 22/4/2022
719 days ago
View commentsView articleThe message China's security deal with the Solomon Islands sends to Australia, New Zealand and the United States
But when you look elsewhere among what the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister call our 'Pacific Family' it is not hard to find examples of our diminished and diminishing influence.
By Jeffrey Wall - 22/4/2022
5211 days ago
View commentsView articleJordan and Israel need to act to end Jew-hatred in Jerusalem
Jordan's failure to promote interfaith relations between Muslims and Jews has once again witnessed rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
By David Singer - 21/4/2022
2522 days ago
View commentsView articleOf necessity, tax avoidance has become a key preoccupation for much of middle Australia
Overall, it is believed that 50 per cent of all income tax in Australia is paid by 10 per cent of the working population.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 21/4/2022
1619 days ago
View commentsView articleIs the townhouse ban starting to bite?
Clearly, there's a real need for more affordable housing options for Queenslanders.
By Natalie Rayment - 20/4/2022
326 days ago
View commentsView articleThe 'China threat' and the Solomon Islands
Despite being in caretaker mode as it battles the federal election, the government of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison still had room to politicise its anti-China twitch.
By Binoy Kampmark - 20/4/2022
725 days ago
View commentsView articleHungary’s PM Orbán is challenging Western democracies
On the right, Orbán has been close to Trump and Netanyahu and on the left to Putin and Xi Jinping, all authoritarian nationalist leaders.
By Andris Heks - 19/4/2022
1822 days ago
View commentsView articleOttawa’s suicidal climate plans a cautionary tale for governments everywhere
Politicians leading the City of Ottawa have fallen hook, line and sinker for climate alarmism and, as a consequence, Canada's national capital is on the verge of a deadly self-induced crisis.
By Tom Harris and Jay Lehr - 19/4/2022
926 days ago
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