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News and Current Affairs
View discussionZero Emissions by 2050 for Australia
Thread started by r66ald on 25/11/2020, at 2:31:25 PM.
610 mins ago
View discussioncovid lesson
Thread started by BAYGON on 21/11/2020, at 8:20:56 AM.
531 hours ago
View discussionHow to we end political and toxic COVID-19 lockdowns?
Thread started by NathanJ on 20/11/2020, at 11:39:53 AM.
1330 hours ago
View discussionNo Petrol Cars in UK by 2030
Thread started by ttbn on 20/11/2020, at 8:11:03 AM.
1630 hours ago
View discussionAustralian Nuclear Deterrent Submarines
Thread started by plantagenet on 18/11/2020, at 11:56:56 AM.
7610 hours ago
General Discussion
View discussionLoss Of Trust In The Political System
Thread started by ttbn on 23/11/2020, at 10:33:14 AM.
346 hours ago
View discussionUnsustainable Aged Pensions
Thread started by Paul1405 on 22/11/2020, at 10:18:21 AM.
197 hours ago
View discussionWhat Hope Is There For Australia?
Thread started by ttbn on 21/11/2020, at 8:09:19 AM.
493 hours ago
View discussionAustralian War Crimes
Thread started by Paul1405 on 19/11/2020, at 11:37:38 AM.
3713 mins ago
View discussionDrinking Water straight from Kitchen Tap?
Thread started by r66ald on 16/11/2020, at 11:48:14 AM.
674 days ago
View discussionUS - go back to the polls, just to be on the safe side
Thread started by NathanJ on 25/11/2020, at 2:01:49 PM.
24 hours ago
View discussionAre political opinion polls consistent with the secret ballot?
Thread started by david f on 12/11/2020, at 11:55:55 PM.
89 days ago

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