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The Forum > General Discussion > Gonski Report review nu. 2, Reforms Announcement.

Gonski Report review nu. 2, Reforms Announcement.

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April 30, Gonski report media announcement public relations exercise I speculate are to:

Quieten many student parents’ complaints to why their children are acting child-like grumpy, dysfunctional, having poor basic academic skills;

Malcolm Turnbull gets his smiling face on news media, Malcolm seen sticking whatever onto paper, sitting in the company of young children, which if Turnbull wasn’t a politician/teacher/parent, such behaviour could be called ‘inappropriately stalking children’.

Same day ABC’s The Drum commented Gonski announcement has no detail, criticising buzz word headings, without increased funding for increased teachers. 5-star 14 minute talk.

I speculate individual student teaching is similar to President Barack Obama’s “no child left behind”, teachers forcing traumatised by earlier schooling and poor parenting cognitive memory repressing children to process same classroom tasks which left incapable of simplest complex thought children to memorise punishing/repressing learning tasks, further increasing mental stress, increasing OCD memory repressing, teachers ignoring all psychological disorder warnings, setting up children for a life of OCD addictions: drugs; gambling; dysfunction mental illnesses; mental depression.

United States presently suffering from stated Opioid Crisis, 2010 Obama crackdown on teachers performance, years later media fails to investigate whether opioid addictions are predominately caused by a need to medicate forced school academic learning.

I suggest that no known medical study supports my accusations that school education predominately causes listed mental illness issues, no commonly known studies have been commissioned to investigate mental stress in children and teenagers, that mere citizenry faith in government guided schooling and citizenry: sports loving; believing what people are told by media; inability to doubt other than the obvious, school lesson comprehension memorising compressed down by students to short statements needed for examinations; media’s criteria programming comic character intellect, inability to care about real knowledge ignorance, prevents people from realising and/or wanting to realise school classroom mental stressing conditioning persuades children to be overly concerned about how they feel about comprehending and memorising the simplest complex information.

As schools try to challenge children to understand curriculum criteria within limited time frames, cognitive memory learning is being repetitively punished, exhausting childhood learning incentives.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 May 2018 1:14:20 PM
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The following link is worth a read:

It deals with many problems that schools and teachers face.
"Without doubt more money is needed in education. But a
more intelligent conversation about our entire education system
is also needed."

"Until our youngest members of society feel mentally well and
capable within themselves, we will not see progress in the
Posted by Foxy, Wednesday, 2 May 2018 7:37:54 PM
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Student angry judgemental memories are being associated with not wanting to remember, not wanting to care, many children heard saying “I don’t care”.

My anecdotal statement of a television program story, forgetting which program, run a visual demonstration on how office workers could not function proficiently while experiencing constant noisy interruptions within office environments. Comparing intentional introduced noises with quiet no interruptions, myself adding environments having no visual movement awareness. Media story resulting statements indicated noisy interrupting environments significantly reduced office efficiency.

Human self-awareness to plan step by step carrying out tasks, interruptions and noise reduces short term conscious awareness memory retention, breaking up long term memory retention, further adding to OCD conditioning behaviours, prime time media’s quick shifting around images and short one line statements.
Any stressful awareness persuades Neanderthal emotional decision making to cause a relief from mild mental stress awareness, needing instant OCD distractions during office hours and/or learnt during experiencing classroom culture environments. Spare moments can lead to self-medication short periods of day dreaming, human behaviours constantly pulling day dreaming and fun distractions awareness back onto work tasks... exampling a television program entitled “The Office”.

Children’s emotional stability and awareness of complex ideas should be a first priority rather than focussing all cognitive learning attentions on: reading; spelling; writing; and maths.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 3 May 2018 11:16:28 AM
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Dear Steve,

Perhaps we could take an example from Finland.
To them children do matter. Read the link I gave you.
Posted by Foxy, Thursday, 3 May 2018 11:20:41 AM
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Malcolm Turnbull’s April 30 tax cut promotion financed by federal government’s increased economic growth. Increased tax receipts are due to excessive GDP ratio private debt, banks lending to borrowers whom are buying inflated real estate auction priced property, development building industry and real estate commissions, conveyance industry, compared to non property industry interests personal wage income taxes. Government tax revenues finance government expenditure on non building industry low growth wages and low growth social security payments. Normal balance between private personal debt to wage earnings are out of balance, giving governments increasing tax revenue to low expenditure ratio.

When banks reduce lending, property growth interests will decline, reducing federal and state government revenues.

Government curriculum’s educated people are too self-medicating distracted to think such ideas, most citizenry merely waiting to be told what to think, what to believe, yet in most scary worrying instances, nothing happens.

If by chance my above theory doesn’t happen, as capitalist theory could believe, governments merely invent no obligation bank credits to replace lost tax revenues and/or borrow private interest bank credits running government budget deficits, Keynesian theory.

Media predictions of futuristic information robot economies replacing manual labours and motor vehicle transport career drivers, encouraging higher education, youthful pursuit of higher education leads/forces students into being dumbed down by school education’s mental stress punishments.

I speculate political systems planned policies are desiring more zombie intelligence truck driver skills rather than real intelligent citizenry whom are easy to learn complex skills, desiring believing market forces excuses dumber work force employees: building more property development and transporting more goods competition. School education provides traumatised incapable of simple complex thought human labour.

Building industries boom bust periods, bust periods ‘part time work’ reduce earning incomes, keeping working class poor, yet not poor enough to join unemployment cues.

Holding teenagers in schools and universities; apprenticeships for limited simple tasks, delays adult earning wages which finances early young aged family couples, having many more children compared to having children later in life, practised in third world countries. Also delays wealth accumulation after 30 year mortgage loans are paid out.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 3 May 2018 11:22:50 AM
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Young adults spending many years being unemployed and/or under employed may be intentionally being held by establishment to delay potential couples’ first child family planning. Encouraging young adults to pursue university courses for no real learning skilful benefit.

If teenagers spent fewer years in state government funded schools and young adults spent fewer years in universities learning broad base learning, employed teenagers and young adults could add extra GDP to economies rather than increasing immigration to aid increasing GDP, recently stated by Malcolm Turnbull that increasing immigration increases GDP, my many years ago heard GDP expressed interpretation as Gross Deceptive Product.

Present day banking inquiry indicates a failed school classroom culture: cutting corners; competitions winning at any cost; whom can own the biggest, prestigious house; incompetent management skills, incapable of doing their job. Prestigious broad meaning sentences heard out of the mouths of CEOs and politicians, in sufficient time have in most instances, nothing changes, nothing happens.

If readers choose to read more of my earlier similar argument readings:

Posted by steve101, Thursday, 3 May 2018 11:33:54 AM
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