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The Forum > General Discussion > Democracy wouldn't be a democracy without Whistleblowers?

Democracy wouldn't be a democracy without Whistleblowers?

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October 26, 2015. 4 Corners program on Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other US whistleblowers.
One week earlier, Monday night, October 19, 4 Corner program, Union officials and arbitrators counter accused by unions of corrupt wrong doing.

Starting a discussion on whether democratic governed societies need independent from government and commercially financed media whistleblowers to keep governments honest?
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 9:55:16 AM
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On October 26, 2015. 4 Corners ran a story on “Whistleblowers”. High lighting Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and several other US whistleblowers. Whistleblowers were exposing NSA (National Security Agency) invasion of US citizens privacy.

South Park's Cartman exposing NSA invasion of privacy, NSA using Santa Claws's ability to know who was naughty and who was good, ended in Cartman crying, stating to his mother, “no one cares”. Cartman's mother stating “no one cares, if government are breaking the law in order to keep US citizens safe”.

Whistleblowers don't fair well in media stories. My spin on whistleblower stories are to remind real whistleblowers not to expose government manipulating tricks. Jesus much published execution story is one parable story devoted to what happens to whistleblowers, threats.

At the end of the October 26, 4 Corners episode, a preview of next week's 4 Corners story, previewing a short scene of what looks to be an aged 7 year old female child suffering from ADHD, H for hyperactivity. The child's mother stating her drinking of alcohol during her pregnancy caused her child to suffer from poor learning abilities.
I am often posting on psychology forums, long detailed readings, blaming mental depression and a conditioned school student hatred of learning caused by at least 13 years of 6 hour days of bad education learning psycho punishing mental stress. In my posts I detail how forced hurrying tactics; narrow minded, irrelevant to real life curriculum subjects, are meant to dumb down a working class (intelligent learning abilities) to truck driver level of skills. Because people are so repressive of complex and doubtful thinking, people don't want to believe they have been intentionally dummied. Educated school conditioning, conditions repressing fear of not knowing teachers questions embarrassments. Schools traumatise working class students into keeping themselves dumb up to students final adult death.

Government and commercial financed media stories blame: lack of money; bad parenting; going to school early; too many tests, yet nothing changes.
Now media are introducing mother's alcoholic abuses.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:47:39 AM
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4 corners story on Indonesia importing live cattle, animal rights abuses. Julia Gillard banning live exports to Indonesia. Watching the few 4 Corners captured images of cattle being abused, an Indonesian looking person could be seen pulling on a rope from behind a barrier, the other end of the rope was tied to a cow's leg, for no apparent reason, other than to trip over the cow.

Future stories had Northern Territory cattle produces losing lots of income due to Gillard's live cattle export ban. Julia Gillard was rarely being accused of banning live cattle exports poor decision making. Instead of Julia Gillard banning live cattle exports, a correct decision would have had a committee sent to Indonesia, asking live cattle processing to be fixed.

To me, I could only see such poor decisions as no more than intentionally crashing Northern Territory live cattle exporting businesses. Seems obvious to me, by showing limited images, 4 Corners was inventing the story, providing enough evidence for two separate conclusions: one conclusion being, a story that is believed because the media said the story was real and another conclusion from people who don't believe what they're told, using a 4 Corners visual image that shows doubt in the story to attract people to doubt the story to be true and Julia Gillard's bad banning live cattle exporting decision, for reasons governments to be seen as unrealistic (badly educated common truck drivers) emotional decision makers. In order to grab the attention of intelligent people for future confidence trickery, “we know you know too much so we won't mess you around”. Government fear of creating more whistleblowers.

Hence why there are whistleblower threatening media stories reminders.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:49:08 AM
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I would state 2007, 2008 Global Financial Crises was an invented media story, blaming market forces for stealing investors savings. Very few people went to jail. That the only reason working class workers are encouraged to save for retirement, is to prevent savers from spending their money. Inflation and occasional market declines removing accumulated savings. Governments and share market traded companies care more about paper asset investments than selling products companies make. Much of what's advertised on television and letter box drops are very expensive to buy, have on going charges and or few people care to purchase advertised products. Television advertising M&Ms, and other confection fattening products.

Democratic government politicians after 2008 were consumed with blaming sub-prime mortgage products, bundled up as securities, too complex to explain to average working class workers. Politicians often reminders were reduced down to The GFC.

Capitalist federal banking system rescuing market economies from collapse with invented money, given to banks to prop up bank reserves, money eventually said to be invested in share markets. Hundreds of US banks declared bankrupt, each bank saver given US$250 compensation.

General Motors declaring bankruptcy. Worker unions renegotiating GM worker retirement entitlements, GM obligations to half of what was previously contracted to workers, on the idea that General Motors invested workers retirement funds in Sub-prime bundled mortgages. Years later after property prices have risen, have sub-prime mortgage securities increased in value?

After 2008, Because fewer people were buying US General Motors vehicles, I assume Toyota vehicles became the next best choice, increasing demands on Toyota vehicle production, Toyota couldn't provide. Suddenly, Toyota is said to have sticky accelerator problems, recalling Toyota motor vehicle embarrassments, scaring future customers into delaying purchasing Toyota motor vehicles. One more opportunity for embarrassing transparency media stories promoting democracy government free media transparency is a great system.

Many journalist reporters can create stories while a limited number of publishing editors approving publication of stories exist. Regulating story themes away from realistic conspiracy assumptions. Journalists reporting stories of on the spot actual words said to be coming out of important people's mouths.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:50:52 AM
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Lazy thinking people (I say are conditioned by schooling education) believe such involved above mentioned conspiracies can't be true. Too many people would be involved to make conspiracies work.
My easy argument is: A pope and all religious priests, actually communicating to a magical god, is realistic? “surely” that's an organised conspiracy. Shows how stupid people are. Bad education causing mental illness side effects, another conspiracy?

Aged 5 year old children will almost believe anything they're told. By merely holding humans at a 5 year old intelligence ability, using mental stress repressing thinking traumas, seems the next stage of intelligent programming.

I blame working class education for programming workers to believe everything media tells workers. Everyone having the same education, allowing everyone the same inability to doubt what they were told to believe while they were children. A media reinforcing same beliefs with media stories allowing old judgements to be reinforced.

The fear in not believing what is believed is like taking religious believers and convincing religious believers “a magical miracle making god doesn't exist”. People can be so stupid to what they already believed as children, being traumatised while being educated at school should be a believable idea. Yet as very few people aren't working class educated, few people can understand what educating children starting aged 5 and 6 years can do to children's future thinking abilities.

The best and easiest conspiracies exposer to explain, is by first exposing schooling education's persuasive programming influences, as to express why many people can't believe in realistic conspiracies, allowing market forces to work as ruling classes desire. It is as saying, “market forces economy, governed by democracy governments, watched over by transparency exposing free media, are too good to be true”.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 28 October 2015 10:53:32 AM
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Is “We are all Keynesians now” coming and or here?

Readers who aren't old enough to know what happened during the 1970s and 1980s: After 1960s low inflation, long period of fixed mortgage interest rates. During the 1970s and 1980s, western economies suffered from high 10% inflation.
This reading is about how John Maynard Keynes is capitalism's “Christian religion version of the devil” comparison. Unclear economic arguments about Keynesian economics are worth while to know.

What vague readings don't tell readers about capitalism are that capitalist economy expansion periods financed by share market booms, share market traded companies borrow money based on company share valuations. Following busts margin calls, sends share market companies into bankruptcy theory and or ends further expansion, 1930s rising unemployment example.

Keynesian economics recommends governments invent money, creating government projects to create employment, creating money circulation, increasing tax revenue to pay for the initial government money creation. During 1930s, Keynesian economics was ignored. President Roosevelt reported to have used Keynesian economics to pay for the Second World War. After the Second World War ended, no further depression existed.

Once curios readers understand Keynesian economics, Richard Nixon's “we are all Keynesians now” statement... knowledgeable Keynesian readers would realise a capitalist expansion had finished, that share markets “were not” going to crash, as 1929 Wall Street and world share Market crashed. My memory of Nixon's 1971 statement had 1970s and 1980s inflation eroding savings, already in progress.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 30 October 2015 10:28:46 AM
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