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The Forum > General Discussion > how to suceed succesion ..?..[lamb-island]

how to suceed succesion ..?..[lamb-island]

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satan's/minions..[ego]..has dulled..our ears


To call/a brother..a fool is/to declare..him to-be/worthless


He who corrects..a scoffer..begets..dishonor..only..for himself,..And he who reproves..a wicked man..begets insults..alone..for himself... thus..Do not reprove..a scoffer,..lest he/fear you,..[Reprove a wise man,..and he you.[(9:7-8)[words/to..the wise].

Certain people..immediately..come to/our minds
with..the mention..of the word fool.

Do not..answer a fool..according/to his folly,..Lest you..also be like him...Answer a his folly deserves,..Lest he be wise in his own eyes..(26:4-5).[lest/you..gainsay..their/own..hell.]

..a fool..learns-from no-one..

Any..Wisdom is..too high..for a fool,
He will/ his mouth in the gate..(proverbs/24:7).
[..because we..must..give* open gates..with our own mouths.]

[As long/as..the mouth opened,..the devil*knows he has won...IF* can' your praise God,..its/ your mouth]

BUT..The capacity.for wisdom...he simply....has..“no heart”..for it....He may* seem wisdom,..but is incapable/of recognizing/applying/ retaining it.


All of...them..evoke..a certain..sense/of pity,..mixed with ironic amusement...Not so with/the fool..This is of..the reasons why..the study..of/“the fool”\ important.

A wise man..can learn..more..from a foolish question
more than..a fool..can learn from a
wise answer.

Otto von Bismarck said..'
a fool..learns..only..from his/own mistakes. The wise man
learns from the mistakes of others.'

Proverbs..17:10.."A rebuke..impresses..a man..of discernment
more/than..a hundred/lashes a fool."

From..the errors..of others,..
a wise/man..corrects his own.

Leave/the presence..of a fool, will/not discern..even..words/of knowledge..(14:7).

i could..keep/going end
a just a child..who..has..miss/heard..or not..heard at all.

its no bother..[water off..a ducks back]

[but..why only barter..your knowing/with..the wise much..easier to..learn from..the folly..of the foolish/]
Posted by one under god, Friday, 13 December 2013 4:50:17 AM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard replying here..a question..asked at the god will thread
the next two the previous posts must not be confused with jesus words..that precede..these..

but as no one seems interested....[sorry ego inputs]
that this was the edit preceding was channeled..thus from/angels as much as be warned/do due vigilance..[dont be gullible]

Ojnab,<<..OUG,..if God was the creator..of the world,
where did God come from, or who was God's creator.>>

god=E[energy/ie mc2..
[you know..E=MC2..[its science/albert einstein]
E=cannot be created..nor destroyed..thus E..ALWAYS..was..[see eternal]

[E=eternal/E=energy..[E=MASS times the speed/of light/
times the speed of light]..thats could be math

by the bigbang..we are all E

and E=god..[science yet again..theorizes]..that 14.400.[million].. years ago..that the universe..began expanding..this..occurred..when satan..[and half of the angels..left heaven]

anyhow yadda/yadda..long story short
god is eternal..he is the collective.sum total..of all the E
that may..or may/not have his creation..with a big bang

yet science now says ,maybe not..big bang..
so its yet again/left to/ the science has
many/theories..but the universe..isnt expanding[so/some/now-say]

how i..look collectively..WE all[E]..
before the..big separation..[bang]were/of one mind[gods]
but half..satan/ from/the oneness..and the universe began expanding..and kept long ass we split ever further apart

that has ended..and the big underway
and as we [E]..draw each other..the big bang..collapses.. back to the pre bang state..till INEVITABLY..yet again..we divide /gods oneness..[with a next/big-bang..and it begins all over again.

but the collective unified [E]..god..always=e..[us][E]
there is always..enough hold things together..
till we yet the one..'deep'..

its the same E..changing state
what those shunning..the light
thus was made the place..of darkness..[hell] keep things kosha [fair]..the collective god incarnate..allows inflows from much as heaven

EQUAL time/thus good evil/are passable..
TOGETHER..they offer inputs..into the human[and beastly]..minds
[we call the inflow..ego..the demons and angels the things..our bodies..chose to do

[think like a devil whispering in one ear/the angel..into the other..on/the looks and feels like we live.

their interaction..forms our soul/body..for the rebirth..[after death]
after we have resolved..our lifes 'issues'..we loose our astral-body..eventually gaining our true bodies..made from..pure light[E]
Posted by one under god, Friday, 13 December 2013 10:25:23 PM
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WE all..will continue enjoyment after death.
some as bearers of the light..others of the darkness
[one without the other is both are needed..
clearly not even the collective true/good/merciful/god dont judge us.]

ITS NOT ABOUT BELIEF..its about passion
you shall have everlasting life
but so..shall we all..[E]

in fact..we have had many..lives..these are gradually restored to we RE-gain..the bear..our past misdeeds..TO OTHER[thus to god]

we each have sinned
no-one..can be without it die..often you will meet/friends..[acting totally different/once they realize..what they loved..isnt a sin][the most grievous sins are sins against others freewill]

gone a good example..of the/next lifes choices

i/like it shows..the process
from..the very/bottom..back..into..the light
[not the celestial/heavens]..but reveals hell most surely]

i like this one too
[as its from/lawrence[of arabias/'death'..his character is reflective of the mid-east muddle..he helped set-up]

all you can do is the stage..where you find your/peace
IMPORTANTLY..without hurting others will..become obvious..if you read the officers fall..into the true hell./.[by deceiving others..and by taking over an/others body[mortal sins]

anyhow..i write it as guides will i write it/thus
i wont say..its what i believe..cause its my evolving theory
[as further facts evolves..]a lot is by faith..but not blind faith..

[we enter hell..alone..
the easiest way to/get there is to decieve others]..

FREEWILL..[free-choice] that/sacred
Posted by one under god, Friday, 13 December 2013 10:25:30 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard 200

The,..very simply,..that NO-ONE WANTS
EITHER ABANDONMENT..OR...RETALIATION...thus.Many people SEEK..*both,..
but if/ still true..that..they do/NOT really..want it...right..and wrong..must remain..all..right..or its all wrong.

Can/you ask..the Holy Spirit..for..“gifts”..such
as these,..and actually..expect to RECEIVE..BOTH..of/them?

The Holy/ totally/incapable..of giving YOU
anything*..that does/NOT..come from/God.[ie good/truth/love/light/etc]
NEVER..hate/lie/spite/malice/darkness..THESE..god cannot all.[they thus..arnt real.[hence the fall].

His[the holy/spirit]..task..
is NOT to..make anything..FOR you.
He CANNOT..make you..want something/ DON’T want.[lies/darkness/untruths/etc[un-rrealities..onot OF god[good/love/truth etc.

When you ask..the Universal Giver..for
what not..really/want,[were you right-minded]..YOU are
asking..for what given,..BECAUSE IT/WAS NEVER..CREATED.[see previous/posts]

It was..never/created..because
it was/never..*your will..*for YOU.

Ultimately..everyone..must learn/the will of God,
[good/truth..real/not unreal/noot untrue..etc..because
ultimately..everyone recognize HIMSELF...This recognition..IS the recognition..that HIS/WILL..AND GOD’S ARE/ONE.

In..the presence/of Truth,..there are..
no un-believers..and no darkness/no..un-truths.
In true/good/infinite reality..tthe un-Reality of fear..[etc] totally meaningless.

To deny..what IS..can only..SEEM to/be delusion
wrought..of ignorance/hence this gnosis...Fear..cannot be real without..a cause,..and*..the only Cause.[and god cant create/fear].

God is Love,[good/truth..etc]..and you DO..want..truth..of Him.
This IS..your will...[and his will..IS..your will]..Ask for..THIS and you WILL/be answered,..because you will/be asking..only for what you.

When you/ask the Holy Spirit..for what..*would hurt you,
He CANNOT answer,[deliver]..because..NOTHING..can hurt you..and SO YOU ARE..ASKING..FOR NOTHING.[nothing/real]

ANY desire..which..stems from/the ego[beast/mind]..[spirit/realm..input]..IS..a desire for nothing,..and to ask..*for it.IS NOT A..valid/REQUEST...It is..merely..a FORM..of a request.

The Holy/Spirit./is not..concerned with/
all,..being aware/only..of..true/MEANING.

The ego/cannot..ask the Holy-Spirit..for ANYTHING,
because..there is..A..COMPLETE/COMMUNICATION..FAILURE between them. But..YOU can/ask..for EVERYTHING,,*of*..the Holy-Spirit,..because thus..YOUR requests..are real,./being of your..inherant/[god-will].

Would..the Holy/Spirit..deny..the Will/of God?
And..could it*’s Sons?
The energy..which you..withdraw..away/from expend on fear.[illusions]. not/because your..ENERGY/is limited,
but..only..because..*YOU..HAVE ..[of choice]..LIMITED IT. not/recognize..the ENORMOUS..*waste of energy which you ..expend/in denying..gods good/truth...What/would YOU say of..someone.,.*who PERSISTED* attempting/the impossible,?

and..REALLY/believed..that to SUCCESS?
The..MIS-belief/ HAVE/THE IMPOSSIBLE./in..order/to be totally* variance/with the..core..principle of Creation.

God..COULD not/ever..will..that happiness..needs
DEPENDED-on..what you/could never..actually/really..have.
The..fact/that God..*is love..does*not.require belief,..*but/it..DOES require..full/ACCEPTANCE. indeed possible..for/ DENY facts,truths/love//light for/ CHANGE..ANY..of/them.

If./you..hold/your..hands..over your/
see,..* are*..interfering./with/the..laws of seeing.

If/you..deny will N/OT KNOW..IT
because..your cooperation*is...the LAW..OF/ITS BEING.

You cannot..change laws..*you did/not make,
and/the..laws of*..happiness were..created..*FOR you,..*NOT.*BY you.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 13 December 2013 11:44:38 PM
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Attempts..of any deny..what IS..
the only..really..real*..are fearful,..[mis-used..[ab-used[..miscreation..that give faux-life/ lie..and
if they[the attempts]..are strong..they WILL/induce..strong/panic.

any-one..WILLING AGAINST..this reality,..that/is
[al-though impossible..can be MADE..into a very/life subsuming..yet
persistent goal,..EVEN THOUGH..the sons/of good..KNOW..YOU DO NOT WANT IT. wont satisfy..anyone

But..consider..the/result..of this/what..the angels see as..your
strange decision...please see..our beloved brother..You are DEVOTING your what you..DO NOT..of truth..WANT...knew you but..its true cost.


How real..can this this..insane
consumerism..[escapism]....really be?..*If you do/not...really/want-it,..[] never really/created...If it/was never created, is nothing.

Can you REALLY..devote nothing? eternal/ incarnate..of god/himself[on-earth]..really satisfied..with infinite visions and illusion..[delusion]..?

God, His* YOU,..personally/individually..created you as capable..of good/and devoted..unto EVERYTHING,real..and GAVE you
SPECIFICALLY...what you are devoted TO...Other*wise, would not have been..created perfect.

Reality..IS everything,..[totaly/good/true/joyfull
and you..therein[therby]..therefore have..everything
that god gifts all frely..simply ..BECAUSE you are real.

You cannot..*make the..UNreal..[intorteal]..because..the
ABSENCE..of fearful,..[and fear..cannot BE created.]

As you believe/that real possible,..but..please note..YOU WILL NOT CREATE.[real]

Opposing orders/of..our percieved/mis-convieved..reality
always..will..MAKE REALITY MEANINGLESS,..and[only..reality is MEANING].

Remember,..then,..that God’s ALREADY/possible,
right/now..and nothing else..will EVER/be...[This is/the simple acceptance..of Reality]..because only real.

You cannot..for ever..DISTORT
reality..and..yet..*KNOW WHAT IT IS.

And if/you..DO distort*will experience anxiety,
depression,..fear/worry/concern/hate..and ultimately panic,.. simply..because you/are..trying to MAKE*..YOUR*SELF UNREAL. feel/these not try/to..look..
BEYOND yourself..for truth,..for truth can
only be..*WITHIN you.

“Christ/ in me,..and where He/is..God/too..MUST be,
for PART..of Him...and part..of me”_tc

“The Answer/to Prayer “ \l01_

Everyone who..has ever tried/to use prayer
to request something,..has experienced..what appears*to/be failure. not..only connection/with specific things..which
might be harmful,..but connection/with requests which are strictly/.in line with this/course.

The latter, particular,..might/be..incorrectly“proof”..that the course/does not..truly..mean what it says...[[ego/biased/ancestral..demonic..fear]

But you/must remember..that the course..does state,[and
REPEATEDLY,/..that its ESCAPE..FROM illusory-FEAR.,..201
[IN..jesus..own words]
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 14 December 2013 12:52:27 PM
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Everyone who has ever tried to use prayer to request something, has experienced
what appears to be failure. This is not only true in connection with specific things which
might be harmful, but also in connection with requests which are strictly in line with this
course. The latter, in particular, might be incorrectly interpreted as “proof” that the course
does not mean what it says. But you must remember that the course does state, and
REPEATEDLY, that its purpose is the ESCAPE FROM FEAR.

Let us suppose, then, that what you request of the Holy Spirit IS what you really
want, but that YOU ARE STILL AFRAID OF IT. Should this be the case, your ATTAINMENT
of it would no longer BE what you want, even if IT is. This accounts for why CERTAIN
SPECIFIC FORMS of healing are not achieved, even though the STATE of healing IS.

frequently happens that an individual asks for physical healing, because he is fearful OF
BODILY HARM. However, at the same time, if he WERE healed physically, the threat to
his thought-system would be considerably MORE fearful to him than its physical
EXPRESSION. In this case, he is not really asking for RELEASE from fear, but for the
removal of a symptom WHICH HE HAS SELECTED. This request is, therefore, NOT for
healing at all.

The Bible emphasizes that ALL prayers are answered, and this must be true, if no
effort is wasted. The very fact that one has asked the Holy Spirit for ANYTHING, will
ensure a response. But it is equally certain that no response, given by the Holy Spirit, will
EVER be one which would INCREASE fear. It is even possible that His answer will not be
heard at all. It is IMpossible, however, that it will be lost. There are many answers which
you have already received, but have NOT YET HEARD.

I..[jesus]..assure you that they are waiting
for you. It is indeed true that no effort is wasted.

Posted by one under god, Sunday, 15 December 2013 6:34:56 AM
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