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The Forum > General Discussion > how to suceed succesion ..?..[lamb-island]

how to suceed succesion ..?..[lamb-island]

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Lamb Island residents..are voting to secede from Australia

The people of Lamb Island..are off to the polls on October 19th, to vote on seceding from Australia.

If successful,..a plebiscite will be held on Saturday 26th October to pass the draft constitution of the new Independent Republic of Nguduroodistan -

or IRON for short.

it dont seem like a joke?

the only question comments..was how about the dole?
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 2 October 2013 6:48:15 PM
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Excellent, good on them!

The smaller the country/state, the more options one has to find another place if and when the laws become too harsh and oppressive.

Hogging a whole continent by one regime, imposing the same laws on all people just because they happen to live where they are, leaving no other options, is an immoral and unjust crime.

I do hope that this precedent will urge more states and territories to secede from the commonwealth, turning Australia from a federation into a confederation, in order to give their residents more options and create a competition between the states over where people can live more freely.

For example, I like this state - whose founder needed to declare an independent state in order to create Israel's first nudist beach:
(a preview of a new film about it in

Now, if Labor ever comes back to power in Australia, the people of Lamb Island will be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to have an NBN.

As for the dole, you won't need it any more - print your own money!
Posted by Yuyutsu, Thursday, 3 October 2013 9:00:11 AM
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I once spent some time living on my yacht moored off my waterfront storage shed, & sort of weekender, on Russell Island, in the same group as Lamb.

On one occasion a group of us, with the assistance of a local real estate agent, who had access to the details, worked out how much the Redlands council picked up in rates from Russell Island.

They were getting over 100 times what they spent on the island. WE figured it was fair to say their new council chambers had been paid for a couple of times over by the long suffering folk on the bay islands. I fully understand the annoyance of Lamb island residents.

I also understand OUG's mention of the dole. There were quite a few work shy folk living on the island. This was a very good argument for curtailing immigration, as most of those work shy people were overseas born. Interestingly a large percentage of those were islanders originally, coming from another smallish island just off the coast of France. You would think that with English as a first language, they could have done better for themselves & us.
Posted by Hasbeen, Thursday, 3 October 2013 9:57:15 AM
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your right yu
they can print their
[as long as..its held..on behalf of all..for the benefit..of all

and as a formalized currency..necessitates currency exchange
via treaty..[that hopefully will be the constitution

also important..i that age sex race employment especially VOTING-age our founding constitution

and that visitors etc
have rights to.have a partial say
in the tax free state..BANK..where they may send their pay

visitors should need apply..[on the ferry]
for a passport..[for minimal
plus..iits all..on the Nguduroodistan smart/swipe card]

[only can be used..on the islands
although..visitors may pay a license transponder fee..[so locals cant pay tourist prices]

[buy/sell..using local notes/exchange it
on arriving/leaving via ferry..or via local./.[redlands business/banks or..otherwise certified money exchanges ]

i live in the redlands suburbia
the money sucked from the suburbs..
that goes directly away from massive
[we too..may sign a treaty..or succeed in succession..ourselves]

see states..towns/city centers
its all..mainly..for the locals..that live there
or..the tourists that visit..from there..not us suberbia

us suburbanites pay..just as much
as..the islanders..but get no local/benefit either

there local monetary..or asset/dividend
no obvious social capital return

they..on an..island the sea/wilderness..of suburbia..
we too too..many state-hood statuted revenue raising frauds
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 3 October 2013 10:49:31 AM
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If it is Independent of Australia, just go there abuse the ruler (whoever) hop on a boat and come to Australia as an asylum seeker.

COME ONE COME ALL Lamb Island awaits you, no visa or documents needed.

I personally will help you get to Australia for the low low price of $10,000 get in early before Tony finds out.

This place has merit for the following.

This offer is especially good if you have lots of children, or if you are old and in your country there is no social security system.

Also if you are young and there is no employment in your country, or if you just want to be a dole bludger.

Also if the wage in your country is low.

1) Preferential housing.
2) The dole.
3) Free legal services.
4) Free medical.
5) Free dental.
6) Refugee advocates climbing over each other to help you.
7) Welfare for life.
Posted by Philip S, Thursday, 3 October 2013 11:02:08 AM
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Very interesting.

There's another micro-nation in Australia that you don't hear much about, called Snake Hill Principality. It has recognition from the Queen, the USA, and various other nations.
Posted by Jardine K. Jardine, Thursday, 3 October 2013 11:22:27 AM
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Folks, this is serious stuff...

I've read that they're going to have a plebiscite
on the new republic's 35 page constitution and a
caretaker government consisting of a king, a queen,
a prime minister, and 21 ministers. A local yachtsman,
Clint McDonald, stands ready to defend the micronation's
borders from invasion.

And if they need any advice they can always seek it
from Australia's most famous micronation, Hutt River
Province's - Prince Leonard in Western Australia.
Posted by Foxy, Thursday, 3 October 2013 11:28:27 AM
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No need to go to the trouble of inventing a new country, Yuyutsu.

>>As for the dole, you won't need it any more - print your own money!<<

There's nothing preventing you from printing your own money today, without the inconvenience of appointing a king, queen etc. So long as you don't try to pass it off as Australian currency, of course. Best to make it look a little different, too, so you can't be had for counterfeiting.

The problem is not with the creation process, you can make yourself into a millionaire overnight. The difficulty comes in persuading people to accept it in exchange for goods and services. Not impossible, of course, particularly if the area of usage is fairly well defined - the Bristol Pound, for example, encourages the use of local tradespeople by the inhabitants of Bristol...

Using your own currency as dole money might be a tad more difficult to manage, as it diverts buying power from the productive and of town to the unproductive.

But I'm sure that if Nguduroodistan is able to solve that one, their expertise will be in great demand, from every single country that has to fund a welfare system.
Posted by Pericles, Thursday, 3 October 2013 12:08:53 PM
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We have seen such as this before.
Once an attempt to not pay tax.
Surely we all know it is a stunt to draw visitors or some such.
And no court would ever back it as well as no government.
The thought boat people are going to flock there is a laugh at best.
Posted by Belly, Thursday, 3 October 2013 2:22:12 PM
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Dear Pericles,

<<No need to go to the trouble of inventing a new country, Yuyutsu.>>

It is my understanding (can someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that currently in Australia, if you print your own money, you are still expected to pay tax on it in *real* Australian Dollars, even if you never had any.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't bother setting up a new independent country merely for financial reasons, including for the ability to print my own money. If I did declare independence (and fight for it if necessary), it would only be for more profound reasons: one is because my individual freedom is severely denied, the second is because the state severely denies the individual freedoms of others, and while I am not personally affected, my conscience would not allow me to be part of a state which does that.
Posted by Yuyutsu, Thursday, 3 October 2013 2:53:22 PM
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Posted by Hasbeen, Thursday, 3 October 2013 9:57:15 AM

So true.

I wonder if they are looking forward to the prospect of some of those nulti-million dollar grants (taxpayers' dollars, naturally!) should there ever be another Labor government in Canberra?

Julia Whatshername was handing out those grants to islanders in the Torres Strait and elsewhere. Maybe the entrepreneurial Lamb Islanders reckon they are also due for the rain of gold from Canberra for 'flooding from global warming'.

Plenty of tidal land available in Moreton Bay for any who are into money-making lurks. There has just got to be a Native Title angle as well. Sit down and double the money! Hey, it is only taxpayers' money anyhow, isn't it?
Posted by onthebeach, Thursday, 3 October 2013 3:24:12 PM
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Yes indeed it is only taxpayer's money
as John Howard, George Brandis, Barnaby Joyce,
Tony Abbott and many others on both sides of
politics - can also confirm.

Predictable politicians, as Peter Coleman tells us
in the Preface to "The Costello Memoirs," "whatever
they may say, most of them do not go into Parliament
to bring about particular reforms. They go in becaue
they find the life irrisistible. They want ot be
in it all their lives. They enjoy its exhilarating
highs and take its miserable (and tedious) lows in their
stride. They face long years in the wilderness with
equanimity. They take for granted the slander of fools.
They are politicians the way others are poets. They can't
help themselves."
Posted by Foxy, Thursday, 3 October 2013 3:37:50 PM
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Not entirely incorrect, Yuyutsu, but not particularly correct either.

>>It is my understanding (can someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that currently in Australia, if you print your own money, you are still expected to pay tax on it in *real* Australian Dollars, even if you never had any.<<

You cannot be taxed on the actual printed dollars. But if you run a business where you use the currency as a substitute for real money - i.e., you use it as a medium of exchange in lieu of A$, then you are likely to be taxed on the actual A$ value that you create.

So no, you can't be taxed just on the existence of the printed stuff, but yes, you can be taxed on income that you personally measure (and are paid) in Yuyutsu dollars, but which the taxman assesses in the Australian variety.

Frankly, I don't see much point in these vanity currencies. Even the Bristol Pound - which you can use to pay your council rates - has this teensy little caveat:

"Bristol Pounds can not be exchanged directly for sterling"

Seems rather to miss the point of having currency in the first place.
Posted by Pericles, Thursday, 3 October 2013 3:57:56 PM
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Those Moreton Bay Islands share a lot in common with the Hinterland and South Tweed. There needs to be an outreach service from Wonderful Centrelink so the good residents don't have to ruin their day travelling for interviews.

What about a combination meals on wheels from Maccas and Wonderful Centrelink Outreach?

If they could pick up the VB slabs and bourbon on the way, mind.
Posted by onthebeach, Thursday, 3 October 2013 4:02:07 PM
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Given that Bristols is a rhyming slang term... does that make Bristol Pounds a décolletage weight measure?

Moving on.

Does anyone know the current exchange rate between Yuyutsu dollars and Jardine dollars?
Posted by WmTrevor, Thursday, 3 October 2013 4:12:50 PM
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I never saw any centrelink people out on the bay islands onthebeach, the folk out there weren't that favored.

Where there were centrelink people traveling to the poor underprivileged was to the greenie protesters on Fraser Island. It was considered too much of a hardship for those up trees or buried neck deep in roads to have to travel to Maryborough to the CES office, so the public servants went to them. They even carried folding money for them.

Some of us wondered how the smelly ones fulfilled the requirement to apply for a number of jobs each week, but it seems that is only for real people.
Posted by Hasbeen, Thursday, 3 October 2013 4:31:25 PM
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Since when does being "residents" of an area entitle one to "secede"?
Even the official states aren't allowed ("one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth").

I hope they realise they will have no claim on anything funded by the Australian or Queensland governments for our citizens (defence, Medicare, Centrelink, disaster relief, legal aid).

Needing a passport and alternate currency may in fact kill any tourism they currently have. There are easier destinations.

There are less than 500 residents, only a third working full time.
Good luck, kids.
Posted by Shockadelic, Friday, 4 October 2013 2:20:13 AM
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It quite honestly is never going to happen.
Past hut, I think that was the name was telling us it was separate .
Imagine if, unthinkable but just say, it got government approval.
Instantly it would be a tax have for billions of our tax dollars.
We would need agreement to get criminals back, without that it too would become a haven.
Has beens description may well be true, and while imaginations run wild here those getting sit down money would starve.
Posted by Belly, Friday, 4 October 2013 7:41:09 AM
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shockers/quote..<<..Since when..does being "residents"..of an area entitle "secede"?>>..ignoring the..hypothetical..use of one

since long before in/usa..or france
''we the people''..decided to form..a lasting union
of..rightful/useful occupation..and mutual serve..the protections of..all the people....

and the PEOPLES culture..achievements..history/standing and estates..[and natures creations]

<<Even..the official/states aren't allowed
("one indissoluble/Federal Commonwealth").>>

yes the slave master..learns might is right
but the that the federal constitution
[ratified a..British Parliament at best a colony
[ called 'state'..each have a gg..[meaning they are ipso-facto colonies

regardless the federal-con..allows
the formation..of more 'states'..i suggest we would be better srerved with..520 much smaller [town size states..that the few state AND terror-Torrie..we now got

[are we..not all equal?..the federal rules state..
that where..state divergent..the fall..under federal law

your missing that we all got birth rights
so your hope/fear..decieves you..<<I hope..they realize>>

that in..your OPINION..<<..they will have no claim..on anything funded by the Australian..or Queensland governments..for our citizens (defence, Medicare, Centrelink, disaster relief, legal aid).>>

great i will inform..png..and other places
australia dont care..[we already know..that..
thats why..i presume..they are talking of succeeding

<<..Needing a passport>>

no..merely a visa stamp
*our own govt..provides..passport
[but ya ever..heard of duel-passport holders?

<<..and alternate currency>>
via a cyber smart card?..or in coin?
or in collectible fiat bank notes[that have a promise[in seed] me?[see wikiseed/wikigeld]

<<..may in..fact kill..any tourism/they..currently have..>

what tourism..[redlands many hidden gems..[but the local about developing/nest feathering..not for either its people not tourists

why?..<<There are..easier destinations.>>
yes same same..[how lame]..we got parks

we got ..wildlife[running free]....not zoos..
we got..a living..nurturing culture..we use what we got

<<There are less..than 500 residents>>

a perfect trial size
[can the rubbish guy?
i got some..good ideas..for that,

<<..only a third/working full time.>>

full time work is falling..everywhere
clearly..your implication is two/thirds are dole blunderers
but most there..are retired..[on-pensions]..[do pensions..get europe/britan/nz etc..

but..its all good

you seem handy..with numbers
how much full you aussies work?

<<Good luck,


i..hesitate to say..their average age
exceeds..your present r-age.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 4 October 2013 8:45:02 AM
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Good point, WmTrevor.

>>Given that Bristols is a rhyming slang term... does that make Bristol Pounds a décolletage weight measure?<<

I believe they actually use the term today, to limit the amount of local currency permissible in any single transaction. As in, "anything more than a handful of Bristols is a waste"
Posted by Pericles, Friday, 4 October 2013 8:51:19 AM
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im..holding just watch
but noted the front page,..of the redlands times..confirms much..of what we already know..
but gives a sniff..of they know what they are doing

eg..a qld constitution lawyer..dropped this clever bit
which is..true..cause i heard the same point re uncle kevin..appeal to the high court[cause i heard the judge say it]

he said in affect..'why come to me
by your own claim..i have no..right..[lawful authority]

but as usual..the actual..quote is

nicolas said..<<that the high court
have been being,,inconsistant..with the request being made''

<<..if your high-court..for a 'determination'
you are recognizing..the high court>>..

[thus a part of the jurisdiction..
over can lord it/rule]..

<< are by your own..act.. part..of..the state..
by which..the high egzistant/active authority..over you

you affect..
RECOGNIZING..the right of the courts..jurisdiction

you submitted..your standing
giving the claim..higher standing..OVER YOU

they will try to do it by various means

like saying..change of boundary...only by commonwealth
or even implied consent..[the superior asks..the submissive replies]

masters question..the lessor begs
apply means got what you begged for..[app-lied]

what is implied
or what is applied..for in the whom?
Posted by one under god, Friday, 4 October 2013 11:25:08 AM
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how the usa
it was issue its
but it gave up that right to they can create money

thing is today,,money..isnt money[see old money was a bond
a bound promise silver or
*weights..of pounds/dollars pennies..or shilling WEIGHTS*

thus..the earlier mention..of pounds
<<..does that make..Bristol Pounds..a décolletage weight measure?>>

i will need google that still..dont make a low-cutécolletage+weight+measure%3F

thanks to pericules..i may figure it out

<<..I believe..they actually use..the term today, to limit..the amount of local currency..permissible in any single transaction.>>

i hate it when..they..chance words meanings
but have faith..thats what it now lower..[go beyond]..the limit

<<..As in,.."anything more than a handful..of Bristols is a waste">> into waste
but handfuls or not..a bristol..pays the rates

but i would yet again..point out
the wikiseed..pays off all govt debts
govt confirmed..that right by the mass privatizations..of govt agencies,assets..,following our notice to govt of it..from 1996..and confirmation..of it in 200o]

but till people test it..
by drawing on my underwriting..of the wiki seed delivery..why bother

but i see that the island...could get power tender
collectively insure the whole island[shared discounts..reduced rates..[eg..i do DRY-rubbish removal.for free][on the condition..its kept clean dry unbroken..minimum damage remains a cleanproduct

[with all wet dirty stuff into the sewer to recover methane
thing is to retain..the value of the imported assets values
to maximize any possible return[ie bottles can be refilled..labels make collage

but why bother
its easier to think me insane
push me to proofs.,.or explain..more clearly..particular points..mean while the lost harvest..[seized by govt long ago]..multiplies steadily..

10 fold each passing year
going back..over 40 years
the like the old promise to gold/silver/copper]
[except with us..its living seed[or food]..or for value[exchange/medium

[see rev 22;2..for the healing*
Posted by one under god, Friday, 4 October 2013 12:08:16 PM
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Belly, it doesn't need "government approval". That's the whole point about secession.

The United Nations recognises the "right of all peoples to self-determination", and Australia also recognises it.

For example, that was the basis of Australia's involvement in East Timor. Australia supported East Timor seceding from Indonesia, even though East Timor didn't have "government approval". Same with Kosovo I think it was.

Neither Hutt River nor Snake Hill Principality required or got "government approval".

If government approval was a requirement, the USA would not be an independent state, neither would Ireland, most of the states of South America, and many other states of the world.
Posted by Jardine K. Jardine, Friday, 4 October 2013 12:10:39 PM
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JKJ you amaze me!
Do you honestly hold the view a chance, any chance, exists this place can circumvent the Federal Government and be a free nation?
Are you aware of the Hut Provence?
A so called free nation within ours?
While an interesting subject but, if you truly hold that thought I remind you every house in Australia could do it too.
Do we understand the tax position alone, every tax avoider in the world could live there.
Posted by Belly, Friday, 4 October 2013 2:51:28 PM
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oh..belly..please..ol mate..every tax avoider?

mate they all-ready do better in london/amsterdam..Cayman islands Switzerland..or ire-land or espana..or hongkong..or that tiny fiefum..just off france..

heck i don think lamb island
even has a bank..or post office

[im sure you too.have been on bigger building sites
than lamb island..[iron]..Nguduroodistan ..

can we at least diss-cuss..ways to help..
not drown their cry for egsaduration..
like every tax avoider..or every dole bludger..etc

they are great people
just like you belly..just like you/me..trying to figure wre govt went wrong[it was by thinking govt was there to PROTECT>.the taxing the poor to death.

by doubling their energy prices..
selling public assets..revenue govt BORROWED dead multinational-ist duel passport holders..and cooperation

mate its wrong wrong wrong
lest we forget..libs stay-in..
and your party takes over..only..what 5 times last century.?

you may have rolled back some things
but state labor..mate they feathered their own nests

[i was going to say fouled our nest]..
soon going to send us steal our homes..
for pennies on..the pound..when..the libs send us old people hostels..taking our homes cause..we cant pay our rates..or turn on a fan..

belly..its about the people saying
stop*..enough..[open a window..and yell]
who made this eden..into hell?
Posted by one under god, Friday, 4 October 2013 3:17:51 PM
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It is hard to see here democracy in action (we all remember the ridiculous recounting process in Florida) or even justice in action. In America's questionable legal system, nepotic politruks run the scene. See Prison America.

++ Western dialectics are beyond any doubt the pinnacle of human achievements. "Democracy" means "rule of corporations and oligarchs," "Law" means "what civil servants need for their own profit" while dictionaries define Ev·i·dence [noun] 1: False claim made by a government.

"Terrorists" are those fighting Western regimes; "freedom fighters" are those fighting for Western regimes. All others are slaves to be exploited by their governments.

This is an implementation of 1984's Doublethink. "The keyword here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands this.

But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known in Newspeak as doublethink.

Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." George Orwell, 1984

Posted by one under god, Friday, 4 October 2013 4:19:32 PM
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Interesting to see some the posters here are taking this more seriously than I'm sure the Lamb Island folk are.

Lamb Is. is a little lump of rocky clay. There is not much going for it, except perhaps it is not Brisbane, or any other city, & it is surrounded by water.

It is not even very nice water. The tides roar through the area, swirling mud from the mangroves along with them. I would not swim in the water for quids.

It has no beach, & if there is any tourism, other than weekenders escaping the city it is very small & low key. The chance of supporting itself is nonexistent.

The best thing about Lamb is it's people, who are friendly & helpful.

They have been ripped off for years by the council on the mainland, as have all the bay island people.

My guess this topic has achieved some of what they are hoping. More people now know the island exists, & that they are unhappy with their treatment by the local government, & state & commonwealth governments.

Whether this is likely to make any difference is doubtful. For years there was no council, & most of the people were happy. Then a council was imposed on them, & since then they became unhappy. I don't think much has changed in the 30 odd years since I was there, & I'm afraid not much change is likely from this either, but I wish them luck.
Posted by Hasbeen, Friday, 4 October 2013 4:42:35 PM
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Dear Hasbeen,

<<It is not even very nice water. The tides roar through the area, swirling mud from the mangroves along with them. I would not swim in the water for quids.

It has no beach, & if there is any tourism, other than weekenders escaping the city it is very small & low key. The chance of supporting itself is nonexistent.>>

As it was said, The meek shall inherit the earth!

Because this place isn't rich in resources and isn't a big city like Brisbane, it is more likely that the Australian government will not interfere in their independence. Whether and how they will support themselves is nobody else's business but theirs.
Posted by Yuyutsu, Friday, 4 October 2013 5:09:00 PM
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one under god "we the people"

And what of the "people" of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?
What say do they have in this matter?
What if they don't want this island or 520 other towns having their own independent governments?

"the federal-con..allows the formation..of more 'states'"

Only with the agreement of the majority population of the current state and federal parliament.
Lamb Island isn't even asking to be a new "state".

If you don't like the term "indissoluble", the constitution can be amended by referendum. Nobody has proposed changing this, as far as I know.
Nor this:

"the federal rules state.. that where..state divergent..the fall..under federal law"

Yes, so the states are basically redundant, so why create 520 of them?

"your missing that we all got birth rights"

As "citizens". Which they won't be anymore.

"great i will inform..png..and other places australia dont care"

PNG has no claim to anything "Australian".
We can *choose* to offer them anything, but that is our choice, not their entitlement.

"no..merely a visa stamp *our own govt..provides..passport"

And many Australians don't have one, and certainly aren't going to the trouble of getting one just to visit some tiny island a few metres from Brisbane.

"via a cyber smart card?..or in coin? or in collectible fiat bank notes"

It doesn't matter what *form* the currency is in.
It still means Australians can't use the cash or accounts they already have, and must make extra effort to exchange.

"we got parks we got ..wildlife[running free]"

And so do plenty of other Australian locations that don't require a passport or other currency.

"your implication is two/thirds are dole blunderers but most there..are retired..[on-pensions]"

I implied nothing.
The others are a third part-time and a third non-working.

Pensions? And who's paying them? The Australian government, to *citizens* only.
What are all those retirees and unemployed going to do when their payments suddenly stop?
Posted by Shockadelic, Saturday, 5 October 2013 1:18:07 AM
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<<..What they this matter?>>

let.them fail..or succeed.on their own terms

<<What if they don't..want this island>>

so what?
i their refuge/islands..our money helpless too

<><..520/other towns
having..their own ..independent governments?>>

how many..councils are there now?
[isay kill state..just have local council/fed

council's abuse..the poor..
to hold..races or expo's..or build stadiums..o
r de-desalination PLANTS..OR FREE SOLAR*..we see none of it./.but somehow pay for..all of it

<<.Lamb Island isn't..even be a new "state".>>

point taken

<<the constitution..can be referendum.>>

lovbe..that word..canbe..tell me shochaholic..
how many..referendum..have succeeded in changing..anything?

*out of how many?

you just need..alan jones
to call em taX avoiders..and their closed

<<..Yes, the states..are basically redundant,
so why create 520 of them?>>

a few big one big_pond
or many..little little ponds?

unable to all down..when they inevitably fail

*big money attracts big sharks

<<birth rights"..As "citizens" Which they won't be anymore.>>

please dont be ignorant..EX-brits get british-pension..
EX-dutch get dutch pensions..if your in the get govt cash
and many workers PAY.iNTO THE SYSTEM*

what are you really afraid of

<<..PNG has no anything "Australian".>>

i will..let the miners know
you said..they can keep their mine too

<<We can *choose* offer them anything,>>

yet you cant vote onlamb island

sour grapes?
grapes of wrath?

<<..but our choice,>>

noits theirs

<<.not their entitlement.>>

present proof

<<..passport">.<<And many Australians don't have one,>>

me either
thats why irecomend a smart card
that does the lot..we buy a declares our status

<<..It doesn't matter..what *form* the currency is in.>>

yes what..matters is who..*controls its buying worth
ankers dont..lend money..our loan application created it
once its 'payed/off' disappears as if it never was..but meanwhile inflation ate half of it

in 100..yeaRS..WE HAVE GONE

inflation has made..a shilling coin
[containing $3 dollars..of silver worth..near nothing today
[10cents cant buy nothing..compared to what a shilling used to buy]

thats value..stripped from..our coin-age system

if i..hold the bank..its mine..not yours
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 5 October 2013 6:29:48 AM
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OK some are content to believe such a thing can take place.
I am now one of them.
I declare home and land Belly country.
No one may enter without producing both current union membership card .
And proof of membership of the ALP.
Now can we admit it can not happen?
Posted by Belly, Saturday, 5 October 2013 3:14:51 PM
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belly has seen the light..<<..OK some are believe such a thing can take place...I am now one of them.>>

we know your only making a point
but me lets go

<<.I declare home and land Belly country>>

please belly..we need more info
ps if you USE THEIR details..[their names..
their street address..EVEN just..THEIR postcode or pay..*their rates.>.

you by your works..have invalidated
your declaration..but your doing more..

<<>?.No one may enter..without producing..both current union membership card..And proof of membership of the ALP.>>

these may only be joined..
by declaring PERSON writing
to wit..say mr of birth..[that detail..
is actually..the intellectual property of the owners of births/marriages act..union/party whatever

thats why our sig* the mark of the beast
our signature gives that the writing warrants


see ol' a unionist/partyy ,man
must*..follow the party rules/obey the union-rules
or they can..punish you..BUT*..[not me because i never join their club]

the same thing re being an..ozzie
see your parents..APPLIED/begged..for your be registered
and living beings cant be registered..[only slaves or cargo[]..

hence the birth certificate..[berth/certificate]
represents the any 'cargo'..that lands..on the *berth

see we..just like the ship..emerged from the waters
we like cargo/slaves..were accorded..our own berthing certificate

but our birth certificate..isnt you
just like your union card isnt you
but you think its you,or many seem to..but its represents..the not the person..cause its only a paper
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 5 October 2013 4:15:57 PM
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thus the lie
they never told you..they only control..the id card
and thus they bound an age old lie
you thinking your 'a an ozzie
they are all..ALL..paper fictions..

begun..[berthed]..when our parents..when your parents..'registered a stud horse..or a trademark..or a rank/office created a person/under the act

the living being..dont hold control over nothing
created by the state..[the first paper fiction..
upon which..all the rest was built..
its..all in whatever the paper warrants..licenses

<<Now can we can not happen?>>

no mate
it did happen..and why did it happen..
two law maxims..a know..for what he begs
[and when you applied..[or your parents di..theyt sought a perceived advantage..BEGGED[app-LIED]..for the preconceived advantage..other state constructs..*set up FOR control over BUSiNESS./.not for people

thus we have license.[ie permission..for a person..UNDER the TRANSPORT do that otherwise a 'person'..cant do..[ie a the creation..under the many-fold act's

ie the license/your name..your marriage/your kids..all OWNED/creations of the stAte..[itself yet another creation]

see transports goods
thus under the transport act..they drivers[that 'drive transport..called vehicles..[driver means control of a vehicle[a vehicle means making income via driving[delivery]

if your nor doing commerce..its not a vehicle[under the act]
thus dont need a license..but we all would be fine with all them lies

then they lie again..again
next thing cooperation got rights
and we are pay as much as govt can get out of us
trouble being..

govt borrows ITS OWN intrest off bankers.. alone own the right to make its own..

now bankers own govt plus
money and we are wage clever lies
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 5 October 2013 4:16:56 PM
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one under god, I really wish you could write in proper English

"bris-bane-ites/etc <<..What they this matter?>> none.. let.them fail..or succeed.on their own terms"

Lamb Island will fail alright.
But they are currently part of "Brisbane", part of "Queensland", part of "Australia", so those entities have every right to have a say.

"how many..councils are there now?"

Local councils aren't even constitutionally valid. They shouldn't exist.
If local councils are evil abusers of the poor, why would you want them to have even more powers?

"how many..referendum..have succeeded"

Very few, and with good reason. *Australians* didn't want those changes, the politicians did.

"a few big one big_pond or many..little little ponds? unable to all down..when they inevitably fail"

And the smaller they are, the more likely they'll fail, as they won't be economically viable.
Many independent states/territories would make sense only in places like Spain or Russia, where there are significant ethnic regional differences.
Australia, with the exception of the Aborigine-dominant far north, is fairly homogenous, and therefore unlikely to need one law here and another there.

Uniform laws and policies make life easier.
The only question is how democratic those decisions are.
The current two-party biased system is not truly democratic.
I'd want to change that, rather than create 520 fiefdoms where the major parties would still dominate.

"EX-brits get british-pension."

Yes, from the *British* government, not the Australian.
If they are ex-*residents* of UK, not ex-citizens.

"many workers PAY.iNTO THE SYSTEM*"

Not the Australian system.

"<<..PNG has no anything "Australian".>> i will..let the miners know you said..they can keep their mine"

Are you talking about a PNG mine?
No, Australia has no "claim" on it, accept where agreed to by the laws and policies of the *PNG* government.
We need legal permission to do anything in another country, and vice versa.

"they are all..ALL..paper fictions.."

And so is the "Independent Republic of Lamb Island".

*Everything* in human society is an invention, a creation of our imaginations.
There's no point hoping this will change.
All you can change are the particular fictions accepted.
Posted by Shockadelic, Sunday, 6 October 2013 2:16:04 AM
Find out more about this user Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard the worlds largest council

but lamb-isl..lies in redlands
adjoins the..logan council..etc

thank you for pointing out..that councils have NO..formalised recognition..but then again..neither does the state

[you would know an.;.upper house..[like a senete],..
cant vote itself..out of egzistance..[like..qld upper house did]

that needs a referendum[never the less councils claim..their powers via a state act[and the state ass revealed earlier..isnt kosher[cause it arbitrarily dumped..the upper house[criminal treason]

and peter beaty..rewrote the constitution..into an act
[act 70..0f 2002..[the constitution act]..then signed it into law himself..that is the reason..i made the coat of arms head of the deer

[that coat of arms..[my totum
and they didnt proceed..with..the case..
cause they know..i owen the head..for over 5 centuries]

that lack of known
thus the intention..of the referendum..alp dropped/federally at last election

i didnt re quote..your stuff
cause thats..when it gets messy

despite that..i forget your other points

<<why would you want..[councils] have..even more powers?>>

i..dont..thats why a referendum

<<the smaller they are,..the more likely..they'll fail>>

no..the more..easy to control/jail

<<they won't be economically viable.>>

hence the urgency..for federal recognition

<<..Uniform laws..and policies make life easier>>

as long as its lawful[govt got no right to police a plant[fixture]..into..fungable crime

<< democratic/decisions are.>>

ab-origonal society..require consensus
[lets wait ..nd see what Nguduroodistan comes up with?

<<..The current two-party..biased not truly democratic.>>

agreed..but..democratic means the 51%..lorded the 4%
use that to..claim..of 51%..abuse the remaining 96%..

<<I'd want to..change that,..rather than create 520 fiefdoms
where the major parties..would still dominate.>>

ahhh yes BUT..if you proposition
[govt is divided in half] and womens business
the ruloing state allocates 50/50..

between..the mens[business]..
and the womans/business[nurture]

<<We do anything>>>

nomate..[those claiming advbantage..uinder the act[only they are subject[tothe act]..your subject..[i rejected then 4 years ago[complretly]..

how ?
i gave them..notice..and simply returned their id/crap]..
sure im completely..on my own..but i dont like criminal govt..and always was alone..[govt declared war onme lot just havnt noticed it yet

<<There's no point..hoping>>

yes..its time..for lawful action
<<All you can change..are the particular fictions accepted.>.

no..we can accept them..from the beginning[openly]
do it proper
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 6 October 2013 7:05:43 AM
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OUG I think you know I am your mate.
But yes I too wish you would drop the poem like post style.

I offer this as evidence, if we could do such things folk who have for decades wanted new states would have give us a few Queenslands, including one with Rockhamton as its center.
A new, at least one, state in WA.
Tassy may drop off forming a tax haven/tourist industry naming them self *The Real Australia*
Posted by Belly, Sunday, 6 October 2013 11:00:11 AM
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i have tried many different styles belly..but its about trying to make my posts readable..if you recall..when i joined..every post was a block..of text..that i found hard to read..i then copied your one line replies style..but that didnt work..either..anyhow im open to..trying to change yet again..if thats what people know most dont bother reading any of it..because they dont comprehend me still

anyhow..mate we are talking about..426 residents here[how many in tassie?..or north of rocky..thing is i tried the change once at long reach..that is 6 block's north/south..and maybe 5 blocks east west..a nice trial site[it even has a few banks super markets etc..but lamb island mate its got little more than a shop....THING IS ..the states are unlawful[acting beyond what the constitution allows..[but might is they bluff their way..far too far..into criminality[that then sets up stuff like abribe[zabid[that one of many corrupt politicization recently kicked out ofg install the next lot of criminal

the latest planed to sell off..power water etc
[so..capitalists can double the charges..even further

for build more damm toll road..a
nd save us sitting in traffic in..our imported vehicles
yes tobsave a few fools sitting in their cars..

to build new roads[that should paid FROm..our fuel excise...indicates the power of the lobby..[and jobs for the boys as was talked of on insiders this morning..mate the system is rotten..TO THE CORE..

if iron*..has any true worth..its to expose
the greed..of those seeking special-powers via make themselves and their pals even richer..i know nothing will change..but..i gotta help..make it work..if only theory

the world needs much smaller egos
much smaller govt..much smaller fiefdums
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 6 October 2013 11:40:33 AM
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I'll back those sentiments on style OUG.

As my eyes deteriorate I find I can only spend so much time at a screen, or even reading. After a while glasses give me a headache.

Your play on words & other technics take longer & more concentration to decipher, I sometimes don't bother. I know someone recently said they had fun deciphering your posts, but your above post was much easier for me.
Posted by Hasbeen, Sunday, 6 October 2013 12:27:46 PM
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Well done OUG I too found that much better.
Let me be honest, my first posts here and near 4.000 in two other sites before coming here are worse than yours ever got.
I have a learning difficulty, not an easy one to describe.
But I will try, my life has been full of achievements unexpected from a bloke with so little schooling.
See an inviable switch is in side my head, it turns on and I can learn anything.
But have no control, some things simple for others are hard work for me, my PC is about ten percent in use, I can not force learning on it!
You remember first told me how to cut and paste, thanks for that, I am not ashamed of my lack of education, or some ability's.
The best road grader operator I ever saw can not read or write.
I am perplexed, just how can I pass tests for say full call ham radio in the top ten percent mark, but had to ask for help to cut and paste?
Mate this I know, we must see future generations of country bred people stay in school not go to work in their early teens.
Posted by Belly, Sunday, 6 October 2013 5:40:41 PM
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you raise..some important..issues belly..[for one././i dont think..lamb island..even has a school]..let alone basic things like a police station..or a jail-cell..[i recall the copper of old times..but recall that a marshal...holds protective DUTIES..[the concept possibly..has become robiin-hood's sheriff..

soi suggest the basics..of a to put people in stocks
[say over night..or just kick-em in the butt..[or.the ultimate.exiled from the island..but that the 'law; there to check fair due process or reasonable guilt/actionable cause was obeyed

but from then..on..
we treat in greenland

anyhow law order./.education health..[im fairly sure..for example that no docker..nor doctor..nor ambulance fire-fighter..nor even...a nurse..let alone hospital bed or old folks home,emergy center,nor childminding..or a barber..or dentist..butcher or anyindustry exists..on this island..

in hasnt got nuthin

yet is expected to and pay some more
these people are feeling the bad..they gotta DO SOMETHING
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 6 October 2013 7:04:20 PM
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one under god, "councils have NO..formalised recognition..but then again..neither does the state"

If you mean the states, they are referred to in the constitution, and prior to that were recognised colonies.

"i..dont [want councils to have even more powers]..thats why a referendum"

But you're asking for 520 states.
Effectively, they would be much the same as the current local councils, only now with powers of legislation, taxation, etc.

"no..the more..easy to control/jail"

So your solution for political corruption/dominance is to just divide the corrupt cake into smaller slices, rather than bake a new cake (like national proportional representation and direct democracy).

"democratic means the 51%"

No system will get unanimous results, democracy is the least-worst solution to political conflict.

"if you proposition [govt is divided in half] and womens business"

I don't recall seeing that, but now I'm even more opposed to your proposition than before.

Decisions by the mens group would affect women, and vice versa.
Government decisions affect *all* citizens.
Posted by Shockadelic, Monday, 7 October 2013 12:09:12 AM
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Dear Shockadelic,

I agree that if 520 different states will be miniature copies of what we have now, then nothing was achieved other than increasing expenses.

Now would this actually be the case?

Would I be too optimistic to hope that groups who are currently oppressed will begin moving to mini-states that allow them to do what they are currently prevented by law (and if there isn't any, then they will decide to converge on one mini-state where they will have a majority)?

I for example suffer from not being allowed to ride a bicycle. I would never put that thing on my head, so that's it, no bicycle for me. If there was a state that allowed riding without wearing that pot, then I would seriously consider moving there.

This should create competition between mini-states over individual freedoms because no mini-state would like to lose its population, thus overall the Australian cake will no longer look the same.
Posted by Yuyutsu, Monday, 7 October 2013 12:28:38 AM
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thsnks..for the shockker..[the mens womans for me the clue..of our future] our system..currently..peter beaty..and john howard..BOTH..gave each half a BILLION..each..for a magnesium plant in gladstone..JUST dividends..for a plant..that never got built..

clever aint it..simply via men/womans..that..treasonous theft of satate and federal money..would have been halved..yes mens business/gamblinmg..buying the morals from whores/travel nreeds/free lunches for the boys

..but the mother nurture[of the womans balance
is holding half the purse..that still feeds educates..

mate..the ideal system..runs ALL GOVT ..out of the local school's need AnYTHING related to govt..or anyhelp at all
go to a school..there will be police docters teachers..way and means

you need a license..there we teach you..if your hungry..there we feed you..if your after a bed..the bed is here..if danger safty is here

federal-govbt pays..only by request from the school
but lamb isl dont got a modified adapted my theory
[in my theory..the old and the young..are cared for the school also becomes the ol folks home and police station..and hospital..etc etc..

just as schools are association..the new association would be via two houses..[like upper and lower..but mens only..womans only..both finance their bit..from their own budget

see criminals reley..on getting away..ONCE*..with their crime
by my way..they have to do it TWICE..=twice the risk..of exposing their criminal just makers sense

ditto having LOCAL/govt centralized..the watchers are watching each other..helping each other..watching each others our kids and oldies backs too..instead of hiding canberra or brissie..or redlands council.or late at night in the free-masons hideout

tear down..the hidden walls of secrecy
politicians make they made law..that will expose their own secrets..[not much difference between what bikies public servants/lobby and polies do
Posted by one under god, Monday, 7 October 2013 9:07:14 AM
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Yuyutsu, it sounds good in theory, but most people can't just up and leave for the helmet-free zone.
They have jobs, property, friends and relationships.

Much easier to campaign to remove such "oppressive" laws and policies with fewer governments, not more.

If you only have one government, you only need reform once.
Six governments, six reforms.
If you have 520, you have to fight the same battle 520 times!

one under god, the one-stop shop, eh?
Why not just build a gigantic building with everything inside, including residences and shops.
Nobody ever need leave the building!

Police? Floor 3. School? Floor 16. Supermarket? Floor 78.

We'll call it the Happy Box.
Posted by Shockadelic, Monday, 7 October 2013 11:58:55 PM
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<<..if you only have one government, only need reform once.>>

we dont..we have many headed hydra rule
be it local council bye laws..state restrictiveness..[like laws..that force people to take oath..for light or transienmt revenue raising..contra the instument..forced to swear upon./.[see matthew 5;33-37..,..23;16-24..james 5;9-12]

or federal bail-in's..federal wage taxation..federal compulsions..but mainly federal malfeasance..[like signing trade laws..that impose patent..way belong fair use..or signing treaties that..enforce force drug laws..against a plant./contra genesis 1;29]

WE ARE OVER omipotant..public sercvants
the its not the amounts of govt's..but the leeches living off the dead corpse..for a free lunch..enforcing of providing SERVICE*

<<Six governments,...six reforms.>>

if only..

<<..If you have 520, you have to fight..the same battle 520 times!>>

no once a succesfull model emerges..many will follow
but the egzistant ones..dont do it proprer way[by way of these lands..mens/womans..not upper/senet..not kings/queens..not police/courts..not lawyers making cleanup on legal aid..percicuting moralcrimes

criminal law[if you hurt other the duty to make right]
and statued civil law[law of contract..binding between equals/by informed concent..and mutual advantage/equalobligation]

<<the one-stop shop,>>

yep..via school districts.. everything..councils /states..federal..MUST DO

<<Why not just>>

nothanks..give me clean water/fresh food companionship/governance that works..for its people./.not big business largess..and a money system..we dont need to continuously bail-out

<<..Nobody..ever need leave the building!>>

unless it hass become a real..and present danger
thats where govt now is..its become our biggest burden

<<..Police? Floor 3. School? Floor 16. Supermarket? Floor 78>>

just a police state mate.
the elites..protected from..the great kids
policing policy..not white collar-crime..[nor the law against debasing the queens coin*]..that is lawfully called treason

We'll call it the Happy Box.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 8 October 2013 5:32:11 PM
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<<..if you only have one government, only need reform once.>>

Oneundergod "we dont..we have many headed hydra rule"

Note the word "if".

I want a single government elected by proportional representation, enhanced by direct democracy.

*One* government that truly reflects the entire nation's perspective.
The elected representatives would not be there to impose their will, so much as formulate the appropriate response to direct democracy ballot results.
Any initiatives of theirs can also be overruled by the same public ballot process.

"WE ARE OVER omipotant..public sercvants"

And you think 520 governments will mean *less* bureaucracy?!

What of businesses that need to operate in multiple zones (e.g. trucking)?
Want to keep 15 different logbooks for the Brisbane-to-Sydney trip?

People on one side of a river can fish without a license, on the other side prohibited. Is this the "fair" system Australians deserve (or even *want*)?

What of a regional government who diverts all water from a river, depriving regions downstream of any? Remember, no higher authority to turn to.

<<..If you have 520, you have to fight..the same battle 520 times!>>

"no once a succesfull model emerges..many will follow"

They may follow (but you have to go through the same reform over and over again), but these are *independent* units you are proposing, with no superior authority.

They don't have to "follow" anyone else, nor consider the rest of Australia when making their own decisions.

"just a police state mate."

That's exactly what you'll create.
520 our-way-or-the-highway fiefdoms that are unconstrained by any other authority.
Posted by Shockadelic, Tuesday, 8 October 2013 11:47:10 PM
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many good points..[roads belong to..all of us..thus owned/ king..nor corporation/state..
this..reveals the lie of..a private-toll-road..thats technically private..thus*..cannot be policed..[technically]

same thing..applies to our service pipes/wires etc
thats why.i claimed..them..on the peoples behalf..[in sun treaty]
there-in.i also made claim..upon all expired* patent/invention/text..or commons invention..waste and spoil

this solves many..of your concerns..
these may be ceded..for common into..our charter documentations

<<..But these..are *independent*..units you are proposing,..with no superior authority.>>..i dont have a clue..what lamb going to do..

but what i have done..or would do..[sure lamb island may succeed..but its doubtful..they will ever be independent..the proper power only rests..with the people..[and people not frightend..behave rationally

<<..Any initiatives of theirs.can also be overruled by the same public ballot process.>>

[yes or modified..but this process..can be set in being in near real time..[in my model..[at can be done sending a vote/note/aid home..with the kids..who have a franchise serve others]

but lamb island..has no school?
but..does have..a manageable number..a dock a road and a shop..and telecommunication..[install a party line]

nor rivers..but
re that..vital infrastructure..we retain it federally..[pvia treaty] oversee..the big picture..underwrite its acces locally..

[its at the local level..we are abused..[thus the urgency..for a proper sheriff serving his charges..not revenue raising law]

[not state..not fed..
a local authority* to act locally..for preservation..of life or property..meeting immediate..and all mediated need..asp..

not just in-time..
or just too late..or on the never/never mate-rate]
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 9 October 2013 6:56:29 AM
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4.Knowledge..can also/ of..external possession...
[modifiers..of how..things/events/concept./.are perceived]

..Here,..the..[knowledge] not..physical,
and/ more*likely/ the..confusion of/mind..and..the..will..initiated..via brain.

The/ unite..non-physical.content
with..physical/“the/thirst..for knowledge.”

(No Helen,..this is NOT..what..the “thirst” the/Bible means.
The term..was used..only because of man’ comprehension, that time..
and is/probably..better miss-direct..from..the lesson)

<<..The..fallacious/fixated/obsessive/abusive..use/of knowledge
can..result/in..several errors,

a...The idea..that..knowledge..will make.the individual..more others...This is/a..possession-[obsessive/possessive-fallacy.]..via a perceived..lack.

b...The idea..that/knowledge..will*.make/the individual..invulnerable. the..reaction/formulation..against..the underlying/fear..of vulnerability.

c...The idea..that knowledge..will make/the..individual worthy. largely..symptomatic/pathetic.

Both you..and B...should consider type 4)
very carefully...Like all these fallacies, denial mechanism,..which swings..into the..fear increases,..thus/canceling-out..the error temporarily,..but seriously impairing..efficiency.

Thus, can’,
and that/he can’t.speak...Note that depression
is.a..real risk here,..for a Child of God..should never/REDUCE his ANY feeding falsity.

depression..comes/from..a peculiar.error
[material/ergo/ego..pseudo-solution]..which reads:..faulsity..A Child..of efficient./I am/not efficient...Therefore,..I am..not..a Child..of God

This neurotic/resignation,
and a state..which merely..INCREASES..the depressive falsity.

is..the sense of..PHYSICAL/inability,..or..useless/helpless/IMPOTENCE.

The..denial mechanism..for 2)[objective-possession] often moral-bankruptcy...Collectors..of things/trophies/honors/titles..often
drive..themselves..well/beyond..their financial-means.. in/an..attempt to..force..[drive away]..possession-discontinuance.

If..this idea/of..cessation..of tolerated,..
a strange compromise..involving..BOTH..insatiable possessiveness..and insatiable throwing-away..(bankruptcy)..[over/compensated avoidance]..may..negate..the will..

[or set of the perceived..artifice..of lack of]

find..the middle-path

<<Defenses..aimed at protecting/preserving..(or retaining)..error
are..particularly undo,..because/they..introduce second-order misperceptions..which obscure/the underlying..errors..still/further.

The pseudo-corrective..mechanism..of..point-three
is varied because..of the/more..intrusive/inclusive-nature..of the error,..which has already..been mentioned.

Some..of/the..possibilities.are listed below:
a.One aspect.of the possession/possessed..conflict
can/be..raised to..pre-dominance...If/this connection with..possessing, leads to..the paranoid res-solution.

The..underlying component..of..“being possessed” outer the..“persecution”..fantasies,complexes..which are

b.If..being possessed”,
a state..of some/sort..of possession/by external forces results,..but NOT with/a major..emphasis..on attacking others.certainties.

Attack BY/others..becomes the more..obvious-component.
In..the more..virulent-forms,..there is a/sense of..being possessed by demons,..and unless vacillation..with a),..a catatonic more likely..than a paranoid one.

The FOCUSSED/paranoid..has become..more rigid/in..his solution,
and centers on/..ONE singular..source..of escape from..the inner-vacillation.

(Aside:..It should/be..noted that this/type..of paranoia
is an..upside-down form..of religion,..because of/its..obvious into oneness.)

Both 1,2,..and..4 are..more than psychotic states/though by no means..guaranteed.

However,..3..[fear/desire..of possesion] inherently..more the/psychotic correction,..again because/of..the more fundamental-level ..confusion which is-involved.

It..should/be..noted,..however,..that/the..greater fear..which is[3]..can ITSELF..reach..psychotic proportions,..thus forcing..the_individual/closer..and

It/is..emphasized/here..that/these_differences..have/no..effect at all..on/the miracle,..which_can heal.any-of them..with..*equal ease...usually..via revelation.

This/is..because-of..the miracle’s inherent..avoidance/of..[inner]..within-error..distinctions...Its..SOLE/ to distinguish..between truth,..on the/one-hand,..and..ALL kinds of error,..on/the other. why..some..miracles/SEEM_to/be..of greater_magnitude..than others...But remember..the first this/course,..i.e.,..that order..of miracles...after..revelation..of its mean's.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 12 October 2013 5:29:19 PM
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oops..that post..was here

but it seems..that talk..has run its course

plus..the forum..where i posted..the fuller detail..has shut down..
just seconds..after posting this post..[as i found..after trying to seconds after posting]

if..i was paranoid..i would think..that the powers that ]/be
dont want me..saying anything..

[ this topic..has run its well..
do i accept defeat


some threads..that this topic
human-vile..[published..under publish or]

complaint mechanism told that..there is a belief..that suicides..remain in coma until the time..when they would..normally have died.

This of those..propositions..which are prove without proof,..since no one..can say..when their hour would have struck ..*had they..not anticipated it.

i..feel my..hour draws near

It is a fact..that this stage of coma
lasts..for varying periods,..but there is..also a long period of many [who have violent deaths.]..A suicide differs..from such a one..because his emotional state
is..usually far worse..and thus..takes much longer to clear..

but..a long period of coma..
may supervene..on either case.>>..

and im reading..the signs..of the times

Time on relative/to the need..[use]..for the 'human' separated-ness..[di-vision..dire-version] shock therapy..for spirit realm..

but its a failed..system..that was
bound to fail..indeed set fail

thus least..the dreaming..turn..into nightmare
many are feeling energy slow..and anger rise..

heaven..dont need a repeat..of this


and has troubled..that..

[lets leave it at that]

a bed time/parable

<<>...and the duration of the sufferer is immaterial..Eventually..he must awaken and take..on the task of fitting enter..his own appropriate sphere of being.

This is where..he can be and is helped...There is/often.;/.a long convalescence..before he can get free..of the sin and suffering of his violent end... it ends
only the timing..was uncertain..
men hold freewill..even now its not set in stone

but the signs..reveal..the wind, the horseman..rush..about..from here to there..desperately..trying to clutch..and gather in..the last straw..leaking from the straw-man..that bleeds its life blood to sustain..a dying system..must it be it dies..or just us?
mene mene men,,EH?
the on..the wall.

thats all one..or fall..together? no island..yet read 'the blue island'..[in pdf]...just in case
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 13 October 2013 5:53:06 AM
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Posted by one under god, Friday, 18 October 2013 7:39:59 AM
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update..the natives..are restless
yet..havnt made..a land claim..on..the island
so this..clan/custodian line..may..have expired

[i..shall pay any..monetary-tithe..due to them..too on in..heaven
so lets get..on with comprehending..heaven..[i began it here]

..but pearl..before peers..[no-one hears]

anyhow continuing 48
JESUS..wrote! that..the mind
can mis-create..[make injurious/hurtful..creations]..
only..when..he is[ie..when he lets..fear..draw near]..

An...imprisoned/ not free.
by definition...It is..possessed.. or..held back,
drawn..into delusion..into/of/by/for..being..of ITSELF.

Its..captured/capitulated/defeated..bamboozled act..of self-will,..and not* assert..itself.

B..RECALL..The/three things..that crossed..your mind,
which was..comparatively time,..are perfectly the learning..of these..times


1...It/is remember..the past, also.remember..that ANYTHING..*you suffer..
is because of..YOUR [wilful].ERRORS...[not gods will]

2...In this context,[of..recognition..of self-ish..errors]..
your*/remark..that..“after..the burning,..I swore..if I//ever saw/him
again,..I would..(not)

(“Not” later)
that..i would not..recognize him...Note,

by the way, did not..put in
the “not”..*until because..of..your inherent..inner...[ego/id]..correction device..that was working..properly at..this time..IN..the moment.

The..resul.. is
that you..are NOT..DENYING..ME.

3...The story..about Hinda...This excellent/example
of miss-perception..which/led to..a totally..unwarranted fear..of a PERSON...

(HS story..refers to..a very young child..
who/fell..down..the stairs..when HS..had arms welcoming bottom..of stairs.

For years..afterwards,..Hinda screamed..upon seeing HS.)

The one..mis-step..which caused her/fall..
had do with you,..just as..your own mis-steps..have nothing..*at do/with me.

Denial..of a..very powerful..defense of truth.
We..have slowly..been shifting..the/emphasis..from..the negative to the positive..use..of denial.

Remember,..we have..already/stated..that denial
is not..a purely negative device;..if/it positive mis-creation...That is..the way..the mentally ill..DO employ it.

But remember..a very early/thought..of your own,
“Never underestimate..the power of..denial.”..In the
service..of the..“Right Mind”,..the denial..of ERROR..frees..the mind and..reestablishes/the freedom..of the will.

When the REALLY free, mis-create, recognizes..ONLY TRUTH....error/Projection..arises out of FALSE DENIAL...Not out of..its proper use...

My own the Atonement..IS one..of true projection,..
i.e.,..I YOU the..affirmation..of truth.

If/ project me..(or to yourself)
you are interfering..with the process...My use of/projection,..which can..also be yours, NOT based on..faulty denial...

But it DOES/involve..the very
powerful use..of the denial..of error.

The one..who kind..of
denial..and projection,..unites his/own inherent deny and project..with mine,..and thus..imposes them..back upon himself..inwardly..rather than projectively..[positively]

go lamb island
remember..all money raised
goes to..the playgroup-little lambs.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 19 October 2013 12:10:44 PM
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strangely..prevailing amongst men,..that houses, mountains, rivers,..and in a word..all sensible..objects existence natural or real,..*distinct from..their being the understanding..written into any paper...declaring artificial authority..over other.,

But..with/ assurance..and acquiescence soever
this principle..may be the world;..yet whoever shall find in his call question, may,..if I mistake not, perceive involve a manifest contradiction.

For what..are..the forementioned/objects..but the things we perceive by sense,..and what do we perceive..besides our own ideas or sensations; and is it not plainly..repugnant that..any one/of these or any combination..of them..should exist..unperceived?

Berkeley following argument
(see Winkler 1989, 138):

(1) We perceive..ordinary objects
houses, mountains, etc.).

(2) We perceive..only ideas.
[our creations..and..the creations..of other..[such as state/


(3) Ordinary objects..are ideas.
we not..of..our creation..warrant.

The argument is valid,..and premise..(1) looks hard to deny.
What about premise..(2)? Berkeley believes..that this premise is accepted by..all the modern philosophers. In the Principles, Berkeley is operating..within the idea-theoretic tradition of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In particular, Berkeley believes..that some version..of this premise is accepted by..his main targets,..the influential philosophers Descartes and Locke.

However, Berkeley..recognizes that these philosophers
have an obvious..response available to this argument.

This response blocks Berkeley's inference to (3)
by distinguishing..two sorts of perception, mediate and immediate. Thus,..premises (1) and (2) ..are replaced by the claims..that (1..we mediately perceive ordinary objects, while..(2;) we immediately perceive..only ideas.

From these claims,..of course,
no idealist conclusion follows.

The response reflects..a representationalist..theory of perception, according to which..we indirectly..(mediately) perceive material things, by directly..(immediately)..perceiving ideas, which are mind-dependent items. [revelation]

The ideas..represent external material objects,
and thereby..allow us to perceive mind

just as contracts/constitutes/warrants..are on..paper
and the binding[bonding]..of the spoken word/hand-shake

Whether Descartes,Malebranche,..and Locke..were representation-alists of this a matter of some controversy..(see e.g. Yolton 1984, Chappell 1994).

However, Berkeley surely..had good grounds..for understanding his this reflects..the most obvious interpretation of Locke's account..of perception and Descartes' whole procedure in the Meditations..tends to suggest..this sort of view, given the meditator' someone contemplating..her own ideas,..trying to determine.whether something external corresponds to them.

2.1.2 The..likeness/principle

no..that wasnt jesus
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 19 October 2013 12:29:27 PM
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as it..becomes more..and more secure;
and..assumes its natural talent..of protecting/others.
The inner self..knows of ..the light../as both a brother AND..a son.[sun..of the light/de-light].

(The above notes..written.very slowly.
When HS asked..about this,.she was told,
“don’t worry..about the notes../.They are right,
but YOU..are write about the Atonement...with time..You..will write...about it..yet with joy.)

(Aside..from HS:
Last night..I felt briefly..but intensely depressed,..temporarily under/the impression..that I was..abandoned...I tried,..but couldn’t get all...

After a/while,..I give up..for
the time being,..and..He said,..“don’t worry...I will never

I..did feel..a little..better,..and decided
I was..really..not sick, I could..return to my..exercises...While I was exercising,..I had some..part-vision..experiences..which I found..only..mildly times,..and quite others.

I am not..too sure./of the sequence,
began..with a..VERY clear assurance..of love, equally clear emphasis..on my own great value,beauty and purity...Things got a
little confusing..after that.

First,..the idea..of “Bride..of Christ” me
with vaguely/inappropriate..“undertones”...Then..there was a repetition..of ..the way..of Love”,..and a/restatement..of an/earlier experience,.. if it were..FROM Him..TO me:
“Behold the..Handmaid of..the Lord;..Be it
done..unto you His Word.”..(This threw me..into
panic before,..but at that time, was the more..accurate Biblical/phrasing:..“Be it/done..unto ME..according to HIS-Word.”

This time..I was a bit uneasy,..but remembered..I had mis- last time,..and was probably..still not..seeing it right.

Actually, is really..just a statement/of
the Divine Service,..which can/ dangerous.

Then..there was..a strange sequence, which..Christ
*seemed to be..making very/obvious advances,..which became..quite my perception/of them...I ALMOST/thought..briefly that he turned..into a devil.

I got just..a little scared,..and..the possession/idea..came
in..for a while,..but I silly,..that no

(As..I am writing..this,..I remember..that thing
in the book..about..the demon-lover,..which once..[THROUGH me
(note/spelling,..“threw”)..threw..into a fit...I am upset,..but the reassuring.

This/morning we..reviewed..the whole episode.
He said..he was..“VERY the..COMPARATIVE lack..of fear, and..also..the concomitant/awareness..that it misperception.

This showed..much greater strength,.;.and a much..increased Right-
Mindedness...This is because..defenses are now..being used much better,..on behalf of..*truth..more than error,..though not

The weaker use of mis-projection is shown by my recognition that it can’t REALLY
be that way, which became possible as soon as denial was applied against error, NOT
truth. This permitted a much greater awareness of alternative interpretations.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 20 October 2013 2:04:46 PM
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The spiritual eye..literally CANNOT SEE..[error],
and merely looks..for,,the signs..of the Atonement.[life/love/light/logic/law/reason/grace/ one meant.[love..of other applied]

All the solutions..which the physical eyes seek, its truth spiritual eye,..which looks within, recognizes immediately..that the altar/[heart]..has been defiled, and needs to be repaired..and protected.

Perfectly aware of the RIGHT/defense,..excludes it surpasses over all others,..looking past error to truth...Because of the real strength..of ITS vision,..lies beyong..subdi-vision] pulls the will..eye..into its own service,..and forces the mind/ concur.

This reestablishes the true power..of the will, and makes it increasingly unable to tolerate delay.*..[impatience/hurt anger/frustrations]..The mind..LY*..then realizes,..with increasing certitude,..that delay is only a way of/increasing unnecessary pain, which it need not tolerate..*at all.

The pain threshold drops accordingly,.and the mind becomes increasingly what it would once have regarded as very minor intrusions..of discomfort.

The Children of God..are entitled to perfect comfort,,,which comes from a sense of perfect trust. Until they achieve this,..they waste themselves..and their true creative power..*

on useless attempts to make themselves..more comfortable by inappropriate means.

But..the real ALREADY provided,
and does not..involve any efforts..on their part at all.
Their egocentricity.usually misperceives this as personally insulting,

an miss-interpretation..which obviously..arises from their misperception..of insertion..of the other..[the fears]..into/ourselves.

Egocentricity and..communion cannot coexist.
Even the terms themselves are contradictory.

The Atonement is the only gift..which is worthy
of being the Altar of God.

This is because of the inestimable value..of the Altar[heart].. itself...It was created perfect,..and is..entirely worthy of receiving perfection.

God IS lonely without..His Souls,
and THEY are/lonely without Him.

Remember the “spiritual” (a very good term)
which begins..with

“And God..stepped down..from Heaven[with/in][him]
and said:..I’M lonely..i think..i will-I’ll make ME a World.” WAS..a way of healing the Separation,..[of the all knowing..know it all..seeking but peers[equals] abate..his alone-ness..and the the GUARANTEE that..the device will so.

(HS request/for..special message for B.
Tell B that..his delaying tactics..[wrought..of delusional/fear]..are holding him..back. He does not really understand..detachment, distance-iation, and withdrawal...

He is..interpreting them*
as..“holding himself aloof”..from the Atonement.)
Posted by one under god, Monday, 21 October 2013 7:33:59 AM
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You and
Both believe..that “being afraid” is involuntary.

But I have told you many/times..that only CONSTRUCTIVE acts should be involuntary. We said that Christ-control..can take over everything that DOESN’T matter,..and Christ-guidance..can direct everything
that DOES,

if you so will.


Fear Christ-controlled,
but it self-controlled. Fear is always..associated with what does not matter...

It prevents Me..from controlling it...because..your will/wills it

The correction/is therefore a matter of YOUR will,..because its presence shows that you have raised the UNIMPORTANT to a higher level than it warrants.

You have thus brought it under your
will, where it DOES NOT belong.

This means..YOU feel responsible for it. The level
confusion perfectly obvious.

The reason that I cannot CONTROL fear..*for you is that you are attempting to raise to
the mind level..the proper content of the lower-order reality.

I do NOT foster level
confusion, but you..can will to correct it.

You would not tolerate insane behavior..on your part, and would hardly advance the
excuse that you could not help it.

Why should you tolerate insane thinking? There is a
fallacy here you would do well to look at clearly.

You both believe that you ARE responsible for what you DO, but NOT for WHAT
you THINK.

The truth is that you ARE responsible for what you THINK, because it is only
at this level that you CAN exercise choice...What you DO..comes from what you think

You cannot separate the giving autonomy to your behavior. This is controlled by
Me automatically, as soon place what you think under my guidance.
Whenever you are afraid,
it is a sure sign that you
have allowed your mind to miscreate,

i.e., have NOT allowed..Me,,of the guide it.

It is pointless to believe..that controlling the outcome
of mis-Thought can result in real healing...When you are fearful, you have willed wrongly.

This is are responsible for it.
You must change your MIND,..not your behavior, and..this IS a matter of will.

You do
not need guidance EXCEPT at the mind-level.
Correction belongs..ONLY at that will;

where possible...dont create..,hurtfull,delusions.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 21 October 2013 7:45:14 AM
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The term..does not/really the symptom-level, cannot work...
The correction..of..the error..of fear..IS your responsibility. ask..for release..from fear,
you are..implying..that it..isn’t...from you..
but..that..*you comes..from me.

You/should ask,..instead,..for my/help..
in the conditions*..which have brought..the fear about.
This condition..*always entails..a separated Mind-willingness...At this level, it...or end it.

You are..much too tolerant..of Mind-wandering,
thus passively..your..condoning its

The..particular/result..never matters,..
but..this fundamental(*..error DOES...The/fundamental-correction is always*..the same...Before* will* do..*anything,.ask Me..if
your in accord..with Mine...[motivated..of love..of other].

If you..are sure..that it..IS,..
there/will,not..,cannot..BE fear. always.a sign..of strain,..which arises..
whenever..the WILL to do..conflicts with..the why..and wherefores..of really* do.

This situation/arises two/major-ways:

1)..You can ..will to do..conflicting things,..
either simultaneously..or successively...This..produces/conflicting behavior,..which the self..(though/not others)..except for the fact.that the part_of the will..that wants..something outraged.

2)You..can you should,
but..without..entirely WILLING.;/to do so...This produces..consistent behavior,..but..entails great divided-self. think..about it, will..realize both cases;./.the will.and the behavior are
out-of-accord,.; a..stressful..situation..with/in..which you are doing..*what you do NOT will.

This..arouses a..sense of coercion,..which usually/produces rage.[which..attrtacts it re[pulses..angels[ouir negative the light beings..[yet the it..

The anger..then..invades..the/mind,.. wrong sense..becomes likely.

Depression..or anxiety are..virtually..certain.

Remember..that..whenever/there is fear,..
it is because..*YOU have NOT ..MADE UP/YOUR MIND...
Your will \ split..[di-vided]..,..and your behavior..inevitably becomes erratic. ..the behavior level..can shift
the error..from the first the second,..but will NOT
obliterate..the fear.

It is/ reach..a which
you bring..your will..under my guidance..without/much conscious effort,..but this implies..the kind of habit/pattern..which neither you nor B...has developed,,dependably as yet..

[Tell B...that although
he keeps ..that God
will never..ask you to do..more/than you can,..that....he does not himself.

God..*CANNOT ask..more..
than WILL...for.
The DO comes..from your own..*undivided will*..[passion] do.

If you..consider..what the process..really means,
it is nothing..more than,,a series of/pragmatic the larger process of accepting..the At-one/ment..of all..with THE remedy...

this viewpoint,..the steps..
can follows:

Posted by one under god, Monday, 21 October 2013 8:13:15 AM
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see wikseed/wikigeld..why./.it was first formed
is our money system..has been stolen..[and besides ya cant eat gold]..but one pound of can make into eat it too.

Generally, powers in section 51 of the Constitution of Australia

*..nor..make anything but gold or silver coin.a legal tender in the payment of debts”.

RBA Banknotes: Legal Tender -
Reserve Bank of Australia Banknotes tender.html

Australian banknotes are a legal tender throughout Australia
(this is provided in section 36(1) of the Reserve Bank Act 1959).

A payment of coins is a legal a lawful tender

so..why cant we pay

cause..under the note system..[a bank*bill..REALLY..IS A BILL
at best its a debt receipt..[and paper debt is fictional debt
lawful tender cannot be used to..commit crime..yet

seek to end..the coin-age

her hrh..face on the back..
WAS.assurance of weight/quality..of the coin
[in pounds shilling penny WEIGHTS..even..a a specific weight quality....

all coin was by WEIGHTS..a pound was a promise to pay in..coin..
[pay pound sterling silver*

thing is..

its decree
its only value..when..govt says it is
but in reality..its only an..iou

[a check] paper only..

unless some mug gives you goods..for it..cause they are lawful...imbeciles..[legal term for ignorance's][wards of the state]..

how it happened..was bankers BOUGHT UP GOVT WAR BONDS
then DEMANDED ..instant payment..IN GOLD SILVER silver
WE/they defaulted[was legally BANKRUPT* colluded bwankers

we were bankrupted..and then the thieves really began looting ALL THE GOLD..all the silver..all the copper[now they want our copper cables from our phone system

thee gold WASNT SOLD
it was needs returned..but they sold it

thats like you..leasing someones car..or house..then SELLING-IT*..[plus keeping the proceeds of crime] extra unspeakable treason's

we need to repeat..what that ling did..AUDIT see who claims what][no lawful title exists..for things stolen..from us all

simply having proof of crime
see how nuts the treasonous lawyers have made things

recall..that 1/3..rds..the bank of england..
was a tax stick..[fraud..thus guy faulks set the tally sticks afire..[nearly burned down..parliament hide that FRAUD..PROCEEDS OF CRIME*!*
Posted by one under god, Monday, 21 October 2013 2:58:17 PM
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ok..the vote was held..from 426..residents
83 took the..choice to vote..49..happy to succeed..34 no
it seem the war is over..

note souvenir sales proceeds go..
to the little lambs playgroup

oh well the concept..goes on..
so what would jesus rule look like[when it becomes it is in..heaven]..for goes..and only on.their earned-credit..[as you give so shall you receive..but with..the]

The idea.of,.,“will-THERAPY”..was potentially./a very, but..Rank did..not/see..its real..potential..the unfortunate..acceptance of..the deprivation-fallacy,
which itself..arose from..the Separation...

This..led believe/errantly..that his..own mind-creation..could stand only*..if..the creation..of..another’s fell...again..incorrect.

In..consequence,..his theory..emphasized/rather..than
minimized..the two/edged..nature of..divisive..karmic/defenses. an..outstanding/characteristic..of his concepts,..because it
was..outstandingly true..of him...He also.misinterpreted the birth-trauma a way..that made it inevitable..for a therapy whose..goal ABOLISH FEAR. all later theorists, not..attempt, Freud did, split off..the his own form..of therapy...No yet..has fully recognized..either the therapeutic..*value of fear,..or the only..way in..which it/can be..truly ended.

When man..miscreates,..he pain.
The cause..and/effect temporarily..a real expeditor.

Actually,..Cause is..a term properly/ God,..
and Effect,..which should..also be..capitalized, HIS Sonship.
This..entails..a set of cause..and effect/relationships..which are totally/different..from those which/man introduced..into the..personalized-Miscreation.[illusory/injurious]

The real/basic conflict..are Creation and miscreation...*All the second,..just as..all inherent..with-in..the first...Because of..this
difference,..the basic conflict..IS one ..and fear.

the base/conflict=between..LOVE/\fear

So..much,/then,..for the..true nature..of
the major the..basic conflict...
Since/all such theories..lead to a form..of which a re-distribution..of psychic energy/results, is necessary**next

*to consider..OUR concept..of libido
next...In this respect,..Freud was/more accurate..than
his followers,..who were..essentially..more wishful...than applicable.

Energy..will/must..CAN emanate..from...both Creation and miscreation,..dependent..on the..initiating-force..of..mind..
of..the original-projection..of the..intensity..[of emotive emission]..enacting..its informing form..

and.the particular..ratio between/ a given time..DOES determine that much as after

If miscreation..did NOT..engender/ its own right,
it would be..unable to produce..destructive behavior,..which it very
patently..DOES...Everything creates..IS ENERGy..has energy because, the..ENERGIZED_Creation..of God,..they..(it/he/we)
come..FROM energy,..and remain..allways..ENERGY..according to..the form..the energy per-forms..informs

and..each..are the create. still..a genuine terms of.the underlying IMPULSE,..*but..NOT in terms..of the CONTENT..of the creation.[E}

This,..however,..does not..deprive the..creation..of its OWN creative power...It DOES,..however,..GUARANTEE..that the power[uses] misused,..or ab-USED FEARFULLY.

To deny merely..the previously/mentioned..fallacy..of depreciation...Although/Freud made..a number of fallacies..of his own,..yet..he DID avoid..this connection with..wit..
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 7:14:42 AM
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The later..theorists denied..the split-energy concept, attempting to heal it,..but by reinterpreting it..instead of redistributing it.

This placed them in the illogical position of assuming that the split which their..therapies were intended to heal had not occurred. The result of this approach is essentially,a form of hypnosis.

This is quite different from Freud’s approach,
which merely ended in..a deadlock.
A similar deadlock occurs when both the power of Creation and of miscreation..coexist. This is experienced as conflict only because the individual feels AS IF both were..occurring AT THE SAME LEVEL.

He BELIEVES in what he has created in his own..unconscious and he naturally believes it is real BECAUSE he created it. He, thus, places
himself in a position where the fearful becomes REAL.

Nothing but level-confusion..can result
as long as this held..*in ANY form.

Inappropriate denial and equally inappropriate identification of the REAL factors in the/basic conflict will NOT solve the problem itself.

The conflict CANNOT disappear until fully recognized that miscreation is NOT real, and therefore there IS no conflict. This
entails a full realization of the basic fact, although man has miscreated in a very real..sense, he need neither continue to do so, nor to suffer from his past errors in this respect.

A redistribution of psychic energy,..then,.is NOT the solution.
Both the idea that both..kinds..*MUST exist,..and the belief that ONE kind is amenable..*for use or misuse, are real distortions.

and accept the Atonement..for miscreations of the past.

Only this can re-establish true single-mindedness.

The structure of the psyche, very correctly noted yourself, follows along the lines of the particular libido concept..the theorist employs.

(I still was the other way around - -

HS. Answer: This..confusion arises out of the fact that you DID change the order - - several times in fact.

Actually, it didn’t matter,..because
the two concepts..DO flow from each other.

It was a..TERRIFIC waste of time,
and one in which I hardly become engaged...myself.

Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 12:39:22 PM
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Freud’s psyche was essentially..a good and evil picture,
with very heavy weight..given to the evil...This is because everytime I mentioned the Atonement to him, which..was quite often, he responded//by defending his theory more and more against it.

This..resulted in his increasingly strong attempts to make the illogical sound more and more/logical...I was very sorry about this, because his..was a singularly good mind, and it was a..shame to waste it.

However, the major purpose of his incarnation was not neglected. He
DID succeed in forcing recognition of the unconscious into man’s calculations about..himself, a step in the right direction which should not be minimized.

Freud was one of,,the most religious men I have known recently. Unfortunately, he was so afraid of religion..that the only way he could deal with it was to regard IT (not himself) as sick.

This..naturally prevented healing..Freud’s superego is a particularly interesting example of the real power of miscreation...It is noteworthy throughout the whole development of his theories that the superego/never allied itself with freedom.

The most it could do in this direction was to work out a..painful truce in which both opponents LOST. This perception could not fail to force emphasize discontent in his view of civilization.

The Freudian id is really only the more superficial level of the unconscious, and not/the deepest level at all..This, too, was inevitable, because Freud could not divorce miracles.from magic.[miracle]

It was therefore his constant endeavor,
(even preoccupation) to keep on..thrusting more and more material between consciousness and the real deeper level of..the unconscious, so that the latter became increasingly obscured.

The result was a kind.of bedlam, in which there was no order, no control, and no sense. This was exactly how..he FELT about it.

The later theoretical switch the primace of anxiety was an interesting device deny both the instinctive nature of destructiveness, and the force of the power of..miscreation.

By placing the emphasis on the RESULT,
the generative nature of the power..was minimized.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 12:44:18 PM
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Destructive behavior IS instinctual. The instinct for creation is NOT obliterated in
miscreation. That is why it is always invested with reality. One of the chief ways in which
man can correct his magic-miracle confusion is to remember that he did not create himself.
He is apt to forget this when he becomes egocentric, and this places him in a position
where belief in magic is virtually inevitable. His instincts for creation were given him by
his own Creator, who was expressing the same instinct in His Creation. Since the creative
ability rests solely in the mind, everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive.
(This goes after basic conflict theory.) (Dictated without notes by HS)
We have already said that the basic conflict is one between love and fear, and that
the proper organization of the psyche rests on a lack of level confusion. The section on
psychic energy should be re-read very carefully, because it is particularly likely to be
misinterpreted until this section is complete.
It has already been said that man CANNOT control fear, because he himself created
it. His belief in it renders it out of his control by definition. For this reason, any attempt to
resolve the basic conflict thru the concept of mastery of fear is meaningless. In fact, it
asserts the power of fear by the simple assumption that it need be mastered at all.
The essential resolution rests entirely on the mastery of love. In the interim, conflict
is inevitable. The reason for this is the strangely illogical position in which man had
placed himself. Since we have frequently emphasized that correction must be applied
within the level that error occurs, it should be clear that the miracle MUST be illogical
because its purpose is to correct the illogical and restore order.
Two concepts which CANNOT coexist are nothing and everything. To whatever
extent one is believed in, the other HAS BEEN abolished. In the conflict, fear is really
nothing, and love is really everything. (This recognition is really the basis for the castration
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 12:45:41 PM
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complex.) This is because whenever light penetrates darkness, it DOES abolish it. The
unwillingness to be seen, or submit error to light, is spuriously associated with active
doing. In this incarnation, this can take the form of oedipal involvement and concomitant
castration anxiety.
However, in more long range and meaningful terms, the oedipal complex is a
miniature of the true Separation fear, and the castration complex is a way of denying that
it ever occurred.
Like all pseudo-solutions, this kind of distorted thinking is very creative, but false.
The Separation HAS occurred. To deny this is merely to misuse denial. However, to
concentrate on error is merely a further misuse of legitimate psychic mechanisms. The
true corrective procedure, which has already been described as the proper use of the
spiritual eye (or true vision), is to accept the error temporarily, but only as an indication
that immediate correction is mandatory. This establishes a state of mind in which the
Atonement can be accepted without delay.

Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 12:46:13 PM
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without delay.

It is worth repeating that ultimately..there is no compromise possible between..everything and nothing...The purpose of time is essentially a device by which all..compromise in this respect can be abolished.

It seems to be abolished by degrees precisely..because time itself involves a concept of intervals which does not really exist.

The faulty/use of creation has made.this necessary as a corrective device...“And God so loved the world..that He gave his only begotten that whosoever..believeth..on Him shall/not perish*

but..have Eternal Life”
needs only one slight be
entirely meaningful in this context...It should read

“And God so loved the world that
he gave it..TO His only begotten Son.”

It should be noted that God
HAS begotten only..*ONE Son.

If you believe.that all of
the Souls..that God created..ARE His Son,..and if you also his Sunship..*is One,..*then every Soul..*MUST be..a Sun/light..of God ,..or an integral part .of the Sonship.

we are
of all..of our immortal/eternal fathers estates


that to..the least..we the most.

You do not..find..the concept
that the greater than its understand.>?

You should..therefore not have..too great difficulty..with this.

The/Son-ship in its Oneness..
DOES transcend..the sum of its parts...However,
it loses this long as..*any of its parts are missing.

This is why..the conflict cannot..ultimately be
resolved..UNTIL..the sum/all..of the individual parts..of the Sonship have returned...*Only then, the/true sense,[spirit-of/the word.. can..the meaning understood.[atonement[at_one_meant]

The concept of..minus numbers
has always a mathematical..rather/than an actual expedient...(This is a major limitation..on presently

Any statement which..implies degrees..of difference
*in essentially..meaningless...
[ your..debt..paid-in-full?]

What..can replace..this negative
approach..*is a recognition..of the fact that.. one part..(which is the same as...a million or ten or eight millions..of thousand parts)..of the..Sonship is missing,..

*!*> is..NOT complete./*!*\

In the..Divine psyche,..the Father.and the Holy Spirit
are not incomplete at all. The..Sonship has..*the unique faculty..of believing in error,..or incompleteness,

\*!*/..if he so selects...\*!*/
he will know..
look at each if..a whole mimd pictures listening..

now what?

Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 22 October 2013 1:09:15 PM
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However, it is quite apparent that so to elect IS to believe in the existence of nothingness.
The correction of this error is the Atonement.
We have already briefly spoken about readiness. But there are some additional
awareness which might be helpful. Readiness is nothing more than the prerequisite for
accomplishment. The two should not be confused. As soon as a state of readiness occurs,
there is always some will to accomplish, but this is by no means undivided. The state
does not imply more than the potential for a shift of will. Confidence cannot develop
fully until mastery has been accomplished. We began this section with an attempt to
correct the fundamental human error that fear can be mastered. The Correction was that
ONLY love can be mastered. When I told you that you were “ready for Revelation”, I did
not mean that you had in any way mastered this form of communication. However, you
yourself attested to your readiness by insisting that I would not have said so if it had not
been true. This IS an affirmation of readiness. Mastery of love necessarily involves a
much more complete confidence in the ability than either of you has attained. But the
readiness at least is an indication that you believe this is possible. This is only the beginning
of confidence.
In case this be misunderstood as a statement that an enormous amount of time will
be necessary between readiness and mastery, I would again remind you that time and
space are under My control.
(Dictated without notes by HS)
One of the chief ways in which man can correct his magic-miracle confusion is to
remember that he did not create himself. He is apt to forget this when he becomes
egocentric, and this places him in a position where belief in magic is virtually inevitable.
His instincts for creation were given him by his own Creator, who was expressing
the same instinct in His Creation. Since the creative ability rests solely in the mind,
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 7:49:09 AM
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everything which man creates is necessarily instinctive.

It also follows that whatever he creates is real in his own eyes, but not necessarily in..the sight of God. This basic distinction leads us directly into the real meaning of the Last/Judgment.

(I am aware of the fact that you would much rather continue with the parallels..involved in other theories of basic conflict. However, this would merely be a delay which.we will engage in only if you regard it as essential.)

the Final Judgment is one of the..greatest..
the great concepts in man’s perception.

This is only because he does not understand it.

Judgment is not an essential attribute of God.
Man brought judgment into being only
because of the Separation.

God Himself is still the God of mercy.

After the Separation,..however, there WAS a place for justice in the schema, because it was one of the many..learning devices which had to be built into the overall plan.

Just as the Separation occurred,over many millions of years, the Last Judgment will extend over a similarly long period,
and perhaps even longer.

Its length depends, however, on the effectiveness of the present
speed-up. We have frequently noted that the miracle is a device for shortening but not..abolishing time.

If a sufficient number of people become truly miracle-minded quickly,the shortening process can be almost immeasurable.

But it is essential that these individuals
free themselves from fear sooner than would ordinarily be the case, because they MUST
emerge from basic conflict it they are to bring peace to the minds of others.

The Last Judgment is generally thought of as a procedure undertaken by God. Actually,
it will be undertaken solely by man, with My help. It is a Final Healing, rather than a
meting out of punishment, however much man may think punishment is deserved.
Punishment as a concept is in total opposition to Right-Mindedness.

The aim of the Final
Judgment is to RESTORE Right-Mindedness TO man.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 7:54:53 AM
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The Final Judgment..might be..correctly/called..a process of Right-evaluation...
It simply means..that finally.*all men..must come to understand..of..what is worthy..[of/love] not.

After this,..their ability/to..choose can be..reasonably directed. Unless..this distinction..has been made,the vacillations..between free-will..and..imprisoned..will cannot..but continue.

The first step..toward freedom,.then,..MUST entail
a sorting/out..of the false..from the true..This is a
process/of division..only in the..constructive-sense,..and reflects the..true meaning..of the..Apocalypse.

Man will..ultimately..look upon/his..own creations,..and will to preserve..only/what is good,..just as God Himself..once looked upon what..he had created,..and knew WAS good.

At this/point,..the Will/will look..with love..on its creations,..because..of their great/worthiness.

The mind..will inevitably..disown..its hurtful/judgmental..miscreations,..and having withdrawn/belief..from
them,..they longer.exist.

The term..Last frightening,..not only/ has been..[willfully]..falsely projected..*onto God,..but also because of the association..of..“Last”..with.physical-death. an..outstanding
example..of upside-down..inverted-perception.
Actually,..if it is..examined objectively, is quite
apparent..that it/is..really the life.

*No man..who really alive.

His..*own final-judgment..cannot be directed..toward himself,
because not his..own creation...He can apply it..meaningfully, any time, everything..he has ever/created,..and retain in his real-memory..only..what is good...This is..what hiw-own..Right-
Mindedness..cannot but.dictate.

The purpose..of solely to..“give him
the space..of time” achieve..this right-judgment...process.

It is..his/own perfect..judgment..of his/own creation's.
When everything..that he lovable,..[of love]..there is no reason..for..*any him.

This IS his the Atonement.
All learning..involves attention..and study at..some level.

This a MINDTRAINING..course..Good students assign study periods for themselves...However,..since/this obvious step has not occurred to you,.and since we are cooperating in this, I will
make the obvious assignment now. better at understanding..the need to study..the notes than you are,..but neither realizes that many..of the problems you keep being faced...with may ALREADY have been solved there.

YOU do not..think of the this way at all.
B DOES..from time to..time,..but he generally says,

“ the notes,”..
and..then..DOESN’T..even look it up.

HE..believes that,..although..he reads them..over/over,
they..cannot REALLY* him..until..they are/complete.
First of all,..he cannot be sure..of this unless,,he tries.

Second,..they would BE..*
completed..if both..of willed.

nothing/ loki?
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 8:14:00 AM
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You..vaguely know..that..the intended..for some/sort of preparation...I can..only say..that you..are not prepared.

I..was amused..when you..reminded B...that..he,.too,..was being prepared..for something..quite unexpected,..and/he said,..he was..not at all..curious..about..what it expectation.

This very characteristic..of him..when he is afraid...Interest .and NOT go/together,
your respective..fearful[illusery]...human-behavior..clearly shows.

Mental a//defense which, others
[EXCEPT the Atonement],..can/be used.on behalf.of error..*or truth, mind'swill.

When it occurs in REALITY, is a temporary..device,..agreed on beforehand, check the..miscreative/abilities..of strong but misdirected-wills.

It is necessary..that this..appropriate use..of..the defense
BE..*considered real, cannot serve...the..dispelling..of the hurtful/illusory construct..we materialized/ real..for ourselves.

The lesson involves..not only..the individual himself,
but also..his parents,..siblings,..and all of those who come in close relation with him...The VALUE of..the experience.depends on the need of each..particular learner.

The himself..a..POOR learner, definition,
is..only as a step..toward changing..from a bad-weill to a good one..fulfilled.

Mental retardation..[willful ignorance/
abeyance's..ill-wrought..can..also be a maladaptive defense, if..the wrong..defense-reflex..[flight].(or [fight]..motivated/activated/attack) employed...

This produces..the “pseudo-retardation-syndrome”..which is justly/ a..psychiatric..(or disturbed-level)..symptom.

Both of this..all the time. if he does not..understand..even
his OWN..special language,..let alone..mine, at all.[thanks be..2.our father..that you scribe]

This ..represents..a joint-attack..on both
yourselves..AND me, renders YOUR/mind'-will weak,..and mine..thus incompetent.[ johan..[and..this teaching..left uncompleted]

Remember,..this..puts a truly..fearful your own will. cannot..understand
either..your own mind..OR mine,.
you do not..KNOW..what is..really being.. that..i willed...into..your hearts/mind.

It is..thus..IMPOSSIBLE to..avoid conflict,/as defined before, because even if/you act..ACCORDING TO my will, wouldn’t know it...from your own..many-fold willings.

The next part..of this course..rests too heavily..on
the earlier part..not to REQUIRE its..applie4d/active/participative/intensive-study...Without this, will become..much too fearful when the unexpected..revelation...DOES make constructive use of it.

However, you study..the notes,[like a beloved//studies his loved ones face] will see..some of the..obvious implications,..unless you still misusing the defense..of mental retardation.[wilful-deliberated..fear full..ignorance.]

Please remember that..its constructive use,..described above,
is hardly a REAL part of your/own REAL proper equipment...It is a particularly inappropriate you use it, and..I can only urge avoid it.

The reason..why a solid this point is because of..the highly..likely confusion..of “fearful” and “awesome,” which..most make.

You will..remember that..we said..once before
that connection..with the/Sons-of God, not..experience the..presence of..your own

Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 8:29:01 PM
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you..should not the presence..of your own WAS emphasized..that awe.IS a proper/reaction..of the Soul* the presence/of..its Creator.

So far,..this course...has had only indirect recourse to God,
and rarely..even directly...I.. have repeatedly emphasized..that not appropriate* connection..with me, BECAUSE of our..inherent equality..[before..each-other]

I..have been own
the Atonement,..without..either over..or under-stating it...I have do exactly..the same/ connection with yours.

The next step,..however,..DOES involve...the direct God Himself...It would/be most start on this all without..very careful preparation,.*or awe.will/surely be confused with..fear,..and the experience..will be more traumatic..than beatific. of end.
The means..are..carefully the notes.

Revelation..has occasionally..SHOWN you the end,..but to reach it..the means ..are needed...heeded/ceded/seeded.

(The following..INtroduction..dictated by HS..without notes.)

The*the only detailed-description..which
need be written[how] error interferes with preparation...The events..specifically referred to here..could be
any events,*..nor does their particular/influence matter.

It is the process..which is/to be
noted here,..and not..its results.

The kind of beliefs,./and the fallacious/premises..involved
in..misthought..are as well exemplified elsewhere. ..There is nothing..of special/interest..about the events described below, EXCEPT..their typical..mundane..nature.

If this is a true/ mind-reminding/training,..then the whole value..of this section.rests ONLY in showing you..*what NOT to do.

The more..constructive-emphasis is,..of course,
on the positive..mindset..optimist..entrusting/relaxed approach.

Mind-watching..would have prevented..any of this
from occurring,..and will* so..any time..*you permit it to.

( from notes)
Tell B. that the reason..why he was so strained/yesterday is because he allowed..himself..a number of fear-producing..attitudes.[negative avermenmt's]

They were..fleeting be more
will-of-the-wisps..than serious will-errors,
but..unless he watches..attentively..for..this kind of thing, he
WILL find the notes fearful, and, knowing him well, will mis-distantiate...

His unprovoked/irritation..was unpardonable..[impatience]..
EXCEPT by himself,..and he did..*not choose* pardon it.
YOU did,..but I am were under..some strain in doing so.

This was unfortunate,..and weakened..your own ability to behave healthily toward the time,..and late.. also/toward Louis, both of whom..DID act stupidly. a time is usually/enough. are getting too the misuse..[ab-use]..of mental retardation..when stupidity sets/in all around.

B., having..already weakened himself,..was very
un-miracle-minded,..first by not asking/Dora..if she wanted..a lift in the cab,..which was going..her way...

Even if..she didn’t..want it,>>>..

yes..christ..does mundane..too ever..near..[NO-FEAR?] to hear.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 8:54:09 PM
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Even/if..she didn’t..want it,..she would/have..been use/the thought.well...There is/ human-error..that/is more fear-provoking..(in..the-will/behavior-conflict/sense)..than countering...*any form of/error..with//further/error.

The result..can be/highly inflammable.[volatile]
so..By Dora’s/stupidity..with his own,..all of the elements..which are virtually/ engender fear..have been
provided.[activated/set in-train][pre..being..set-in-stone][fixated]

B..should note..that this is one/of the few times..that he had to wait..for a cab...He/thought..he took care of holding the door of a cab..which did come..*for that lady,..but/he..was this belief.

*Beliefs..are THOUGHTS,..and..thus..can
come..under Christ guidance,..*NOT control.

Actually, giving..this cab to her,.he was very you.
It..was quite apparent..that you were extremely cold,..and also very late...The idea that giving/her the cab..would atone..for his previous errors..was singularly/out of place,..and well/calculated to further error.

If,.instead atone..*on his own,..he had,..there would/have difficulty the cab situation. It..was not necessary/that anyone all.

B’s..original Dora,..because of..his
own get he perceived it,..this..stopped him from benefiting..from the time-saving/devise..of the miracle...He would have..gotten home..MUCH/quicker..if/he had..taken use time properly.

YOU..were still..suffering..from strain..(see above), quite the girl..who stood next/to..the door on the side..[which blocked its opening.]..Her presence there/made it necessary..each time the door..was hold it for a much longer time..than..was necessary,..and you were angry..because this made you cold.

Actually,..the girl was/taking care of..the younger child..who was standing outside,..and both of them..*were really/mentally retarded.

If you/will remember,..the older girl..asked you..very uncertainly about/the bus,..and you were/well..aware at the time..of her extreme uncertainty.

It would/have been..much wiser..had you built up..her confidence, instead of..associating/with her stupidity...This reduced your own efficiency,..and the only thing..that saved you/then was.that you DID remember, the cab,.to ask me..about the notes,

instead of/assuming..that you were arrange to meet the next/day..and go over/them.

B...had already misguided/ did not occur
to him..that his-own will,..(which/he
contents..of the recent/notes —

a misuse..of truth..only seemingly,,on its
own behalf.. might be questionable...(You took..poor notes yourself here,..because you/got him..on remembering this.. While you did try/to..will the cab, you did/not..quite succeed.

The error is showing up now.)
B..thus placed a condition
to experience..a fear rather..than..a love reaction.

(HS..notes/that..she..was going/to..write..
“an/excellent-position,” but..did so.

Answer:..You were/right..about..the misuse..of..“excellent”, cross-it..out.


Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 23 October 2013 9:17:07 PM
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You are/STILL excellent position..for enabeling
miscreation..[ not..facilitating..a meaningful the..resolve..the problem.)

I am..just trying to..create better/learning conditions
for..the study periods. ..We little possible,..for/VERY good reasons;)

Now,..lets..go back to B;
he WAS..discourteous..when he told you..that HE wanted to keep
the original/copy..of the notes,..having have them Xeroxed..on his OWN will,/and then..justifying a very slight misinterpretation..of..what I said..about “useful for

In fact,..if he the actual quote,
he will see..that it REALLY means..“useful for HIM.”

You had..interpreted..that way,..and frankly..this was..pretty clear to me at..the time...But this/sort..of thing happens..all the time...

It should, noted/however..that the..result..was not only..considerable..and..totally unnecessary/planning on..B’s part,..but also..a/ utilize/what..WAS intended..for a help..for HIMSELF.

And..before/YOU..get/too self-satisfied,
I would/remind you..that it..all the time,..too.

B...acted/inappropriately..toward YOU, saying
that..he be SURE..that..the/original..was not lost..or dirtied... noticeable..that,.having/already decided..what.HE wanted/to do, him..that it/IS..possible that HE might lose..or dirty..them himself,..especially as..he had notentrusted..them to me.

This form..of arrogance..that..he would/be much..happier without...He..should also..note..that this..would probably..not have occurred..had/he not..been ALREADY..literally..“off..the beam.”

Bible Dictionary

Beam definition

occurs/as..the rendering..of various Hebrew/words...In 1 Sam...17:7, it means..a weaver's frame..or principal-beam; Hab. 2:11,..a crossbea. or girder;
2 Kings 6:2,=5,..a cross-piece..or rafter..of a house;
1 Kings..7:6, architectural/ a projecting step..or moulding; Ezek. 41:25,..a thick plank.

In/the/.New Testament..the word occurs/ Matt...7:3,-5,
and Luke..6:41/42,..where it means..a large..piece of wood used for building purposes, contrasted/with.."mote"..a small piece..or mere splinter.["Mote"..and.."beam"]became..roverbial..for little..and great faults.

(internal forces..of the beam
and the forces..that are imposed..on the beam support)..include the "moment-distribution/method",..the force..or flexibility/method..and the direct..stiffness method.[ stiff-necked]

Be/ tell him..that this to/reassure him..
that I am/not angry...If he does/not get it,..or does not/like it,..then..

[I is not/very good...The that
HE put a position where..I can really/give..him very the moment...But I want know..that I am..*VERY well aware/of..the exceedingly..few time's..he/now..makes errors..of this kind.

He has come..a VERY long this respect.
It seems..a/shame..that he should allow himself..even this much discomfort..from it...I YOU..that we*..pray for him,..and I pray..for your..full this.

This..will correct..YOUR errors,as-well work..on..the bookcase,..which may otherwise..lend itself..for misprojection.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 24 October 2013 7:15:28 PM
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I have guide you..OUT of problems,
and..will certainly not create them.for you. But this means that you do not undertake to
solve them..yourselves. [A storage hardly more difficult for me to solve..than a
space problem,.(see comments under special principles for miracle workers.)

You started well in your attempt to pray with me..for B., but ended badly. This is had already made..a number of earlier errors.

You were wrong to be pleased/with Bill F’s criticism of Rose,..and should not have..enjoyed Bill F’s description of Zanvil”s..caricaturing of her.

You could have laughed..WITH Bill,..but NOT..AT Rose.

Real courtesy NEVER does this. You should know that all God’s children are fully worthy of COMPLETE/courtesy.

You should NEVER join with the EXPENSE of another.
When you called B about joining you, Gene, & Anne at lunch, YOU should have..waited to ask ME....In fact, you should not even have told Anne that you would call. Then
you could have asked B. FIRST..if HE would want to come,..and called ANNE back.

It is true that it was better..that he came,..but
this has nothing to do..with the real issue. There
are ways of treating which ONLY consistent courtesy, even in very little things, offered.

This is a VERY HEALING habit to acquire.

B’s answer to your call..was a clear statement of his own sadly conflicted state. He said, “I don’t want to join you,..but that’s ungracious, I’ll go.”

Whenever ANY invitation/to join a gracious way is offered, it should ALWAYS be met with respect, need not always be accepted.

However, if it is MET ungraciously..the resulting feeling
may well be one of coercion...This is ALWAYS a split-will reaction.
B. did not solve this by ACTING graciously. The lunch need not have entailed either..mental or physical strain for him, and no “need to escape” should have arisen.

This was..a regression of the unprofitable kind...B. will continue to experience this need from time, until he is willing to realize that there is nothing he needs..or wants to escape..from.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 4:11:45 AM
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jesus must have made mention..of this moral-issue it pearl..before swine?
[the acim..says..there is no swine
not un-worthy..of our fathers..highest honors

[kiss principle..there are..two opposites..[opposing..motivating/forces/powers]
love..[em-powering]..and its opposite..[opposing]..FEAR*[dis-em-powering]


The Earlier Versions
and the Editing of A Course in Miracles

by Robert Perry

Life for students of A Course in Miracles used to be simpler than it is today. We had one version of our revered book, and we knew that this version was almost exactly as its scribe, Helen Schucman, heard it, straight from Jesus.

[continues later full here]

Under "life issues," I am classing material on sex, homosexuality, selection of partners, the role of the teacher, and parents and children (one of the original miracle principles began with, "Miracles are a blessing from parents to children"23).

Some of this material spoke to personal situations, but much of it discusses these issues in the abstract. So why was it taken out?

She herself gave this impression in the Course's preface:

Only a few minor changes have been made. Chapter titles and subheadings have been inserted in the Text, and some of the more personal references that occurred at the beginning have been omitted. Otherwise the material is substantially unchanged.

Then everything changed. In January of 2000, an earlier version of the Course, called the Hugh Lynn Cayce Version, was disseminated on the Internet.

Later in that same year, an even earlier version, called the Urtext, also became available on the Internet..Both versions showed that the we knew it had gone through..a far more extensive editing process than anyone..had suspected.

A huge amount of material has been removed..from the notes that Helen originally took down. We know at least 6,000 words.never made it out of her notebooks,..and there may have been many more.

And there are an additional 35,000..words that never made it from the Urtext into the standard Course...

What was removed?
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 9:02:22 AM
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While..before..we felt..the comfort of knowing..that our scripture, many others,..was free of human influence,..we now began to much of the Course..was altered by human editors.

We also wondered..which was the.."true" version...Indeed,..the Hugh Lynn Cayce Version..was quickly..published under..the rather in-your-face..title Jesus'..Course in Miracles..(and just as quickly..became unavailable..due to a court..injunction).

Two running/topics are notable...First,..there are several lengthy discussions of Freud,..pointing out the strengths..and weaknesses of his system times,.of his character.

Second,.there is an ongoing presentation..(running through the first four chapters)..of the levels..of the mind.

In this model,..the conscious mind..*is sandwiched between the superconscious..(heavenly knowledge)..and a two-layer/subconscious, with..*an upper level..*dominated by fear,..*and a lower level filled with pure..miracle-working ability.

Impulses from all/three non-permanently/conscious levels..try to stream into the conscious mind,..but are often blocked by the "censor"..[unbiden fears/within..each..of our minds]..or distorted by the fear-filled upper subconscious.

Some impulses..make it in,..though,..and the
*conscious mind..must choose between them...[love or fear...dear]

The most notable..[touchy]..of these life/issues is sex, which is discussed repeatedly...By the HLC,..however,..all such discussions had been removed..or reworded so as not to mention sex...Yet this is not personal material;*it is abstract teaching.

Indeed, Jesus says..that this material is crucial
for all miracle workers:.."I want to finish..the instructions about sex,..because this is an area..the miracle worker must understand."24

What does Jesus say about sex?
In essence,..he says the sex drive..itself must finally be uprooted, for our physical-bodies essentially..turns people into objects...[OBJECTIFICATION..creates delusion]

Once..the drive..has been uprooted..(which I consider..a very advanced state),.we see the only purpose.of sex as to bring children into the world..for learning opportunities...and as mutually obigated responability communion].

This may..appear to be saying,.."Control your that you only have sex..for procreation."..*However,..Jesus says the answer is not simply..controlling yourself...Instead,.."the underlying mechanism must be uprooted."26

We must reach a place..[beyond time]..[ideally]..where we just don't find..*bodies..that obsessively/attractive anymore...I personally see this as consistent..with the later Course,..which talks about "when the body..ceases to attract you." (T-15.IX.7:1)

What happens to sex..when
you someone's body?

Religious..and theological material

Material..has been removed..that discusses angels,
fallen angels,..Lucifer,..reincarnation,..karma,.spirit possession, speaking tongues,..witchcraft,.auras,.and Christian Science.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 9:17:11 AM
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A number..of clear theological/statements
have also been deleted,..including two mentions of the soul's three functions..(knowing, loving, and creating)..and theological statements..about the Father..and the Son..(for example, "In the Divine psyche,..the Father and the Holy Spirit ..are not incomplete at all.

The Sonship..has the unique faculty..of believing in error, or incompleteness"27)...All references to meditation..and most of the references to prayer..have been removed.

Also removed..are a number of pages..of commentary on the teachings of Edgar Cayce,..which came because Bill and Helen..were reading the Cayce material..*at the time

There are a whole host of other things that have been deleted, which I will simply class under "miscellaneous specifics." These include intellectual and literary references, including some brief discussions of mathematics and a bold interpretation of the real meaning of Don Quixote.

There are many references to common expressions, such as "think big," and "live and let live." There are references to several individuals. I've mentioned most of these, but we can add Descartes and Jean Dixon (the astrologer) to the list.

And finally, there is the following list of miscellaneous specifics: the Holocaust, daylight saving time, the CIA, sex crimes, kleptomania, bankruptcy, gambling, alcoholism, eyesight problems, alchemy, cryogenics, wars, money, voting, educational exams, ESP, and the psychological significance of names.

As you can see, far more than personal material was taken out.

The real target was specifics. Virtually anything
that was specific, concrete, or down-to-earth was removed.

Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 9:18:42 AM
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Line-by-line editing, mentioned,..copious..line-by-line editing.
The sheer volume..of it aback, we are..accustomed to thinking/of the words..of the straight from Jesus.

The following/example..will give you a sense/of
the line-by-line editing..I suggest you read two ways.

First, down..each column.

Then, across-reading..each line
as it evolves..through..the different versions.

Urtext#...Hugh Lynn Cayce/...Standard Course* inability#..As you share..
*my inability/..As you unwillingness

to..tolerate..the lack/of love#../ tolerate lack of love
*to..accept error

in else,#..
/in..yourself and..others,...*in..yourself...and others,

and must/join#/you must/join..*you..must/join

the/ correct it.#
the/Great/ correct it.
*the/great* correct it;

The..slogan/for"Listen,..Learn,.and Do."#
/The.slogan/for..the"Listen,.learn,..and do;"—
*..This..means my-voice, my voice,

#..Learn to..*undo..the error,#,../ undo..error//* undo error.. it./ it..29..* correct it..(T-1.III.1:6)

#The..first..two..are not enough...
/The..real members..of my party...are active workers..28

This brief example..contains..almost all..of
the important..characteristics..of..the line-by-line..editing:

Lots..of editing...The..sheer/volume..of striking.
Out of..68 words,.45..*words have..been changed..(removed,/replaced, added,/

Faithful...?The editors..have clearly..tried very be the meaning of the original...It detect a.significant/ meaning.

Slight/ meaning?..While significant the..superficial-meaning*..of our passage,..there are some..slight..alterations...[of emphasis]

In..the standard/version, join..the great crusade.. have..become accept/error..(or..lack..of love/or..over/fearing..anything]).

In..the original/version,..however,..both..your joining..the Great Crusade..and*..your accept..lack of love..come from the fact..that/you have.."been original state"..where..*all illusion..

(from..the line..preceding..our/passage)...

That's..a very minor..alteration...Slightly more the downplaying of the editing..of..the final lines...This is a consistent/ the editing..which I will discuss below.

Less lively,..more tame.[erantly/safe]

After editing,..the generally..less lively and spirited. In the original, become tolerate..the..lack of..fearless-love...In the standard version,..however, become merely unwilling* accept error.

There insistent,..emphatic the original
that is..consistently the editing...This makes the Course sound..more remote,..more tame. to..the original, feels sanitized.

Less specific...The removal.of..specifics..takes place on a line-by-line basis...You can see..that here...The Crusade no longer has a "slogan,".and there is no longer..a "party"..with "workers."

The familiar..cultural image..of a political party..on a crusade,
with busy workers..chanting their slogan,..has been taken out.

More vague.. Although..the meaning.of our passage not been changed, is somewhat less apparent...For instance,..we now may wonder what.."act to correct"..error means.

Does this mean..physical action?
The original,..however.. leaves no doubt:

"do correct it….
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 9:51:16 AM
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The original,..however,..leaves no doubt:
"do correct it…..The real members..of my party are active workers."

Yes,..jesus is talking..about physical action.
Another reason..for loss of the removal of emphasis

As our passage evolves,..the emphasized words..go from eight to zero. While the lessening..of emphasized words..(a trend throughout the editing) stylistically..*practical,..the emphasis/definitely enhances..clarity...[at expence..of act/deed/work..its been..subverted into..academical..[theory]..not life application[fact]!

I..have found..many passages..where knowing
a particular word..was originally emphasized..unlocks the whole meaning..*of the passage.

There are..three other aspects..of the line-by-line editing..which I'll discuss. The first is..editing to harmonize..the meaning of passages..with the later Course-part..of the process..of correcting scribal errors.

The chief..examples of this..are the following:

* All..(six).references
to..the celestial speedup..have been removed.

* All (seven) the Record,
which seems the Akashic records,..have been removed.

* As mentioned above,..good-behavior..[v]..miss-behavior
has been systematically..downplayed...In the first five chapters, "behavior"..and "behave"..drop from the Urtext to the standard Course.

All (five) the "doer".have been removed.
In Chapter 9,..the line.."This a guide to behavior".has been removed.

I assume..all this..was done to fit/with the Course's emphasis on thought..rather than behavior...However,..I think these changes are inappropriate,..*since behavior*..remains important.throughout the Course,..*despite the word being rarely used.

* Some of..the very first the Holy Spirit..(in Chapter 5)..speak of an "it"..that is simply.."your own right mind,"..rather than as.a "He" Who.."abides in…your mind." (C-6.4:1)

These references..have been read like the later Course.
* In the early Urtext,..the world is sometimes characterized as being..made by the response to the separation,.as a teaching lead us out of the separation.

In the later Course,..the world is the direct..manifestation of the separation,..although the Holy Spirit..*uses it as a teaching device.

Because of..this discrepancy..(which may have come from the influence of the Edgar Cayce material,..which Helen was reading at the time of the early dictation),..four of these early references have been softened.

For example:
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 10:10:01 AM
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Compressed.into..obscure academical-abstraction

<<..the instructions..that Jesus..gave
for..the editing.were as follows:

* so personal
that it..cannot benefit others,..take it out.
* If you take..down scribal errors,..correct them.


The editing..results in fewer..and fewer words.
[bigger and bigger destractions]..We go..from..68 words..(Urtext) to 47 (HLC) 34 (standard Course).

The/same ideas..get compressed..into a smaller..and smaller space.

One unfortunate..result of that,./quite often,
ideas which you originally..had digest,.now come too fast to..adequately take in.


More formal,..less conversational..and plainspoken.
Overall,..the editing..seems make the early Course sound less informal..and..less/conversational...If you read the first and last versions..of our passage above, can feel the difference.

For..another example,..a line that originally read,
"You and Bill..have been afraid of God,..of me,..of yourselves, and of practically..everyone you one time or another"30

becomes simply,.."You have been fearful.of everyone and everything." (T-2.VII.3:4)

The early reads less like..someone talking and more, in fact, the loftiness..of the later Course...The question is, which is better?

There are times..when I prefer..the edited passages, but most of the time I prefer..the plainspoken original.


I like being in a clear,..down-to-earth way
in the early chapters,..before the Course lifts off into the stratospheric..tone of the later material.

Mostly unnecessary...If you will,
go back..and read the first version..of our passage.

Then ask yourself,..what is wrong with it?
How much editing..does it really need?..Does it need any?

I personally don't needs much editing,..if any.
In fact,..I prefer either of the edited versions.

Now this is not true..of all the Urtext passages./Many of them are very rough and..obviously need cleaning up...However, my opinion is that most..of the line-by-line editing..was unnecessary.

Think about Jesus' instructions.

He said remove personal/material..and correct scribal errors.
Does the our passage fit either of..those rules? make content..Course-consistent
(in the opinion of..the editors)

Editing errors

It would be do so much
line-by-line editing..and not make an occasional mistake.

Indeed, a number of unambiguous errors— the meaning of the original—have crept into the material..(I count 27 in the first two chapters).

Here are a few examples:[see link]
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 10:21:20 AM
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suspension..of doubt..and fear..It..reflects the..original form/of communication..between God..and His..creations,

involving..the extremely personal..sense of creation
sometimes physical..relationships...Physical closeness cannot/achieve it..Miracles,..however, genuinely interpersonal, and true-closeness to..others.

P.Revelation...unites you..*directly..with God. directly..with..your brother.

Neither emanates..from..consciousness,
but..both..are experienced*..there. the state..that..induces action,..though
it does/not inspire it..You are believe..what you choose,..and do*..attests to believe.

2 intensely-personal meaningfully/
That is why..any describe words is impossible.

Revelation..*induces..only experience.
Miracles,..on the other hand,..induce action.
They are more because of.their interpersonal nature...In this phase of learning,..working important..because freedom..[from fear..] thrust upon you. literally unspeakable..because
it lived-experiencing..of unspeakable love.

"This Course..Is a Behavior"

3.Awe reserved..for revelation,
[not that revealed..but..our..revealer;..god] is perfectly..and correctly..applicable...

It is not appropriate..for miracles..because a..state
of worshipful,..implying..that one..of..a lesser order..[under]-stands..before his Creator.

You are..of/by..for..a perfect-creation,..and should
experience awe the presence of..the Creator of..all..perfection's.

The therefore
a sign...of love..among equals.

Whenever..we want
we..can the fast/forward button.
This accepting..a miracle,.which allows us
to jump..past a batch of scenes..and more quickly.reach the happy ending..(see T-1.II.6).

This theory ..of time can sound..nothing short/of bizarre.
Yet it is..not it sounds at first.

The Course the very nature..of time evidence..for its theory.

Time is composed of cycles, rhythms, repetitions;
the cycle of the days and nights, the tides, the seasons.

When we look..closer at these cycles,..we see
that each one is composed, essence,..of a single repeating..pulse..of rhythms/cycles..[via sympathetic harmonic/reverberation]..unending cycle..of beginnings/endings..of birth and re-birth..

but..not ever..death.

Each cycle..springs up with..a fresh burst of life,
and then sinks/down..into the deterioration..of death...At any given moment our undergoing countless..such..begining[rejuvination/expiry endings]..pulses,
as old cells..die off[subsumed]..and new cells are..born..into duel form, new inhaled..[absorbed]....and..old air exhaled.[excreted].

These smaller pulses..exist within the larger pulse..
of the day;..each morning we...are reborn..only to "die" the end of the day.[but because..when..we awake..all..our program..knows.. our life experiences..[held mind-acces code[vibe]...with/]

each..relative to..the being..we are being].

just like..a computer..OnLY..knows..its
own..history,..[regardless..of who's energy..[E]..pushes..the key*.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 25 October 2013 8:01:27 PM
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"Have..a Good_Day"[:JESUS*]

A..Foreshadowing..of the..Entire/Course Dictation..[yet..why..deleted]


Recently,..I have found...myself a passage..very early in..the Course's dictation...It is not the published..Course (or what' termed...the Original Edition).

It is Helen's/notebooks..and the Urtext,?
the..typescript...that Bill/typed up..from Helen's..dictation. this:

Have..a good_day...Since..only real,
why/not..use..the illusion..of time..constructively?

..You might remember..that underneath..[underpinning..your/.reality]..
are.the Everlasting Arms...[alms]..of..The Illuminate/Brotherhood,motto..

“Protect..all value..*by the act..of giving them away...” setting

[we came..with nothing..we get
[ Christ..original-words}

These..comments have..restored context;
there related-material..surrounding them.
They stand alone.. and as you can see,...are quite brief.

Yet they grow on you.
The more I think..about them,..the more..I see in them.

context..( say...“If you..want me to..I will”
please add..“and if you..DON’T want me to..I won’t.”..

This is the RIGHT use of..inhibition...[ a way to moderate..this present moment..There..*has to be..SOME self-awareness...[conscious-control]..over learning..

which after about self improvement..
for self reasoning..via self motivated..freewill..action..intentionally..consciously..choosing to be producing..good fruits

for channelizing purposes...
Remember retro-active..inhibition..which should be easy enough..for you...Sometimes..the new learning is.the more important, and has to inhibit..the old...hurtful..into present-healing

It’s a..form of correction.)..just as the inhibits the future[o present negative averment/enactment]

this specifically..[or rather]..
your past..lived/live experiences..
are vital..contextually..for voiding/avoiding..this present/errant..
and potentially hurtful..[fear inducing/moment][or will-be]..being inhibited..[from..the injurious-illusory..mis-projection..of the negativity..into realization living loving grace-filled prayer the medium..[substance/means].of miracles.
Prayer is the natural communication..of the Created..with the Creator.

Through prayer, is received,
and through is expressed.

12. Miracles are thought-creations...projected..into..present awareness..all obsessive[fixated]..Thought can create lower-order or higher-order..realities...

This is the basic distinction between intellectualization and thinking.

One creates...the physical, and..the other
recognizes..the spiritual,..and what..we believe in..that we create
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 8:09:48 AM
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Further, a..PERSONAL/historical sense.

They are..the very..first the idea..of OUR-reality
versus..illusion,..the notion..that..THE-reality..can be..affected..BY IMAGINED-FEARS.

only..the..SPIRIT/eternity is real..and
space..MATTER/ an illusion.

(The lines.."Nothing real..can be..threatened.
Nothing..unreal exists"..were..actually..dictated later...for clarity)

How..different would..our
we could..establish..and maintain..that..consistent-awareness!..

Imagine..being pass..through_situations..
*fully-aware..that hurt/you....
that the..illusory/ mind..perception's.. of you..are just..emotive-baggage[shadows],.. are..literally..walking/through..a dream..
of..your own..miss-perceived..[OTHERS-conceptions].?

You..might altogether..about this shadow-play...and..the way..that..*you walked..upon..*its stage.

Yet..that is-not..what this..sentence says...
It,.." are..*in the dream,..why not.*take ACTIVE-part.*in it..constructively?" interesting/question!

Try..asking yourself..that question..and your mind reacts. Ask..yourself,.."Since/ real,..why_not?..use..the illusion_of..time/constructively?"

The..sense I*in..*its hands;..
the hands...Therefore,..I am use..time however*..I want.

Second,..if..I can/use..time how..I want,
then..why wouldn't..*I use all,..I'm here..for now;.I'm in..this/

Why/ something_positive..with it?

This contrast..between..the healing-unity/reality
and..the..hurtful/injurious/material..full..of illusion,..
so..of-course,..fearless emoted/motivated/love..[works]..would..become..the..philosophical/backbone..of..the-Course.

Before..this point,..the closest/references..we had
were..two mentions.of.."lower-order/reality,"..which..referred to.the physical level...

Yet..obviously,..even a..lower-order/reality..still
has_been..made real..[accorded/reality] delusional..fears alone.

whole/purpose..of coming..this far decide..WHICH BRANCH..YOU WILL*..TO.TAKE..FROM/HERE-ON.

The came..no_longer-matters.

No-one..who reaches this far..CAN make.the wrong decision.
But..he CAN..INITIATE/delay..And/ no par/of..the journey that..seems..more hopeless..and futile..than standing/where
the..road/branches,..*and go.

It-is..only the..first/few steps..along/the
NARROW-right/way..that seem hard, HAVE
chosen,..but you still..think you/can go..back..and make..the other choice. not/so.. A choice made..with
the..power-of/ uphold it..cannot BE..undone.
Your way..IS decided...There will-be..nothing you-will/ told, acknowledge/this.

For..good..reason,..then,..these references
were/ the "material-bodily/level."

Jesus..starts off..using..a typical,..throwaway comment
that.we each-other..all..the time...

We offhandedly..tell"have..a good_day,"..
with only.the vaguest-idea..of what/w.. communicate..unto that...word-choice.

We probably mean ..something like,.."Have..a find enjoyable," or,.."Have..a day..with agreeable..rather than difficult/circumstances."

And we..probably particular..thought
about how..they*..can have..[or..will/chose]..
to live-out..that..good GOD-day...

It's not,,just/ say...and
good=god..thus..good brings..good..of recall..

plus..the many..other..good-days..comforts

but...You..aren't think/ much...
[the/past-life..whether..for/good or part..of the past..thus..illusion..

when..we are..trying to.minimize,..illusion/ loving-eternal/aware moment..

Jesus,..however,..has thought..through..
exactly what..he"Have..a god day."..

He..ends-up filling-out..our rather vacant/conventional..saying
with..his own..rather profound..spiritual teaching.

As..a result,..the kind-of day..jesus is..calling.."good" *significantly-different..than..our usual..bland-conceptions...recalls.and false memories...

Further.. he has in..aware-mind..a specific way..
to have..that good day...[by loving/other as..the..*way*our..father]

[love constantly/ love-other creations] so characteristic..of the Course, take..some familiar cultural/container,"have a good day,"..and..fill it*.with totally..unfamiliar content,*..which..has both..spiritual-depth

for how/to..experience..that depth.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 9:04:03 AM
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since it is just a game,..why not use it constructively?

What does it use time.."constructively"?
I have a special fondness..for the word "constructive."

If we could all..just be constructive,..wouldn't the world
be a far better place?..Jesus,..too,.seemed a bit fond..of the word.

It..("constructive"...and.."constructively")..crops up..sixteen times in the Urtext,..even if only six..of those..made it into the final Course.

Based on..those references,
what does it..mean to be.."constructive."

In most cases, means to..give miracles...For instance, Jesus calls becoming..a miracle worker..a reinstatement of the mind's "purely/constructive powers"..(T-2.V.5:4).

He even..explicitly calls miracles.."constructive acts"..(T-2.VI.1:2)...A secondary that.."constructive" is something..that moves your own learning...[via..awareness; from..our father]

For example,..Jesus speaks..of using his.."experiences constructively"..(T-6.I.11:3), which..he means applying..*the lesson..of his your a helpful[good/godly/loving,,constructive manner

[bearing good fruits]..not reinforcing
illusion/negativity/fear..[bad fruits]..rather..than..unhelpful way..of fear..we chose the miracle..of love of other]

.He..also says..that sorting out..the true/from the false
is.."a process of separation/ constructive sense"..(T-2.VIII.4:2).

The principle..of usually destructive,
but this..particular//[loving]..fearless..application..of it is actually constructive.

In other words, be to do*..something..that advances their journey home..(by giving them miracles..[love/grace/mercy)

or-else..this deliberated lack..advances
yourself..on your own journey..and its end-time/fruits..(by moving forward your learning).

The dictionary..meaning of.."constructive"
is " improve..or advance;...helpful."

Jesus..has modified..this fit his system,
so that it..becomes.."serving to all..toward eternity."

This,..apparently, what we..should spend our days
doing—advancing others..and thus..ourselves..on the journey home.

As long as..we are..choosing..illusion..of/in..a world of unreality, why..not spend our time..helping ourselves..and others back to..the next..reality?

"You might remember..that
'underneath..are..the Everlasting Arms.'"

This/is..actually..a biblical reference.
It comes..from Deuteronomy 33:27:

"The eternal God..[eternal good] thy refuge,
and underneath..are the everlasting arms."


On..the surface,..this doesn't seem..particularly related
to the previous sentence,..but on closer is intimately related.

Both sentences..describe a remedy
to..the crippling..mortal-change..and its..uncertainty of time.
While..we seem blown..and buffeted the winds of time,..we can stand firm..on an unshakable foundation..*outside of time.

That unshakable..eternal..infinite/omnipresent..
presence our refuge,
making us..immovably..of the heart revelation/elation

even, the midst of..illusory fears.. mortal/morality..of the life-time's raging storm...between..the fear..of our passions..our enjoined greatness..

whether or not..the yielding goodly fruit..
in-to..not seeing the splinter..for the plank..
nor harvest..of splinters..[so..that the sleepers awake]
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 2:15:42 PM
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While we seem blown and buffeted
the winds of time,..we can stand firm.on an unshakable foundation outside of time.

That unshakable foundation..[fear free-revelation]becomes our refuge, making the midst of the time's raging storm.

In the previous sentence,..that foundation was eternity. the biblical allusion..of our current sentence,.."eternity" has morphed..into.."the eternal God."[him..ALL/good][via revelation]

Now,..our safety[mirac;le] more..than
the eternity; lies in the Love[miracle]..and protection of a Person.[via revelation..directly from good

[if its not good..its not of god..
[know thy..master..goods..good voice

it is, say that..God is personal
God..may not have..the boundaries—the ego,..personality,
and body—form..we associate with..the personal godhead/in person-hood,..but He does have..the freewill..of Self,

[in all self] ..Mind..[miracle]..,..
in/all-Heart,//[revelation]..and by..conscious/CONSTRUCTIVE..Will
we also..associate..alone..[all-one]..[with person-hood..but one step..from..realized good-hood][son..of the sun]..

. I is most accurate,/therefore,
to call Him..a Person,..with the capital."P"
signifying the lack/of..the usual boundaries and limits.

This biblical/ another foreshadowing..of the later Course...The reference the Bible,..and in the process consistently turns the relevant biblical passage..into a statement..of the Course's own teaching.

That is exactly..what we, the author of Deuteronomy, writing..about the eternal God..and the Everlasting Arms,..was not thinking..that only eternity is real..and time is an illusion.

I find that..phrase
"underneath are..the Everlasting Arms".so evocative.
One of our most..emotionally resonant images..of safety is being held in..the arms of a loving and protective parent...Here,..that image has been immensely..elevated and expanded...The parent becomes God.

The fleeting embrace..becomes something permanent, implied by the word.."Everlasting."..The support of those,,reve4latary/miraculous..Arms..becomes our foundation, the word "underneath."

And this of love..and protection./.from fear..becomes our stable.."refuge" the midst/of the swirling river of time...What a beautiful idea.

Jesus"the Everlasting Arms"
four the early dictation..Now we know why.

Notice,..however,..that this is..more than just an idea.
It is..self realized..practice...When Jesus says,.."You might remember..that 'underneath are..the Everlasting Arms,'"..we have to see the context of.."Have a good day.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 2:37:45 PM
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We need to see part of this larger instruction
for having..truthfully..a good god-day...What he really means,
then, to remind yourself..*of this thought..throughout the day, as a have..that
go god..have a..goodly day.

This is..especially looking back
on this..with from the perspective of..the later Workbook.

There,.the notion of remembering..a certain quotation
throughout the day, order to have..a truly happy day, is absolutely central...We are often told to.."remember this [lesson] throughout the day"..(W-pI.78.10:1),

or to " often today"..(W-pI.63.3:1).

start..with a smile..We do this
in have..a happy day, we can see..from the following passage:

<<..Let us be glad to begin and end this day by practicing today's idea, and to use it as frequently as possible throughout the day. It will help to make the day as happy for you as God wants you to be. (W-pI.62.4:1-2)>>

<<..he following quotation even looks a great deal like the sentence under examination. Both ask us to remember throughout the day that Divine strength constantly supports us:

We will remind ourselves..that He remains..beside us
al-through the day,..and never leaves..our weakness.unsupported by His his living/loving-will..(W-pI.153.19:4)

Thus,..what we the"remember that 'underneath are the Everlasting Arms'" a kind of proto-Workbook practice.[actual_doing]

Just as the Workbook..asks us to repea.. a particular Course quote throughout the order to have a happy day. so this sentence asks remember a particular Bible/quote..*throughout the day in have a good day.>>

<<..While in time, seems..that the constantly quaking beneath..our feet,.giving safe place to stand...Yet inside ourselves,..we can stand on ETERNAL-holy-ground..that never shakes. stand on..changeless//loving/grace-filled/ground,
far removed..from the fickle,,or time.

We..stand..on eternity.
have a good..[great
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 2:45:06 PM
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March 11/1968..Special Message: come to..the place where..the branch/in the road..
is quite apparent, go ahead..You MUST..go one way[heart/love/grace]..or the other.[material/mind-illusory]

For now,..if you go..straight ahead,..the way branch,[fork/intersession/section..crisis point]..YOU WILL GO..NOWHERE.... the ultimate/release..that everyone. own way, own-time.

We do not..need this time...but..the..Time-illusion..has been
SAVED..for you, miracle..of revelation

This is..the special means..this using, save

You..are not making use/of..the course..if you insist
on using..means..that have served/others well,..yet..neglecting..
what was..specifically..made.,.for time..for only..pre-sent..this one/preparation,..and practice..doing..NOTHING ELSE.

“” a statement.of
allegiance,..a truly..undivided..christian-loyalty. instant,..and .you...will accomplish
more/ by..a century..of contemplation,.or..of struggle..against..material/honors/powers/bodily-temptation's.

To DO..anything..involves..the body.. And..if you..recognize
you nothing, HAVE.withdrawn..the body’s-value's..from your which/you slip/past..centuries..of collective-effort,..and.ESCAPE..from time' in.which..perceived/error/sin...loses/ALL righteousness/ denied,..and past...and..future/envisioning..[works] harvest..fully..and completely..the divisional/

he..who..need/do..nothing..has/no..need..for time...To/do..nothing,..and..make/ where..the frenetic-activity..of..the..em-bodied/mind..ceases its..fears..and/;s/fears..due-to..demanding..refocus..of attention.

In-to..this/place..the/Holy-Spirit..comes,..and.there abides.
He..will remain...the/peace..when_you-forget,..and..the body’s occupy..your/conscious-mind...But..there/will always_be..this[of rest], be..more aware..of the/quiet-center
of..the..all-pervading..restlessness..[storm],..than..all/its..raging activity.

will remain..with/you, of..every_busy being/doing..on sent.

how-to use..the body..sinlessly...Itis..this c..enter,..
from/ ABSENT,..that..will keep-it/so, awareness.of it.

and.long/periods..of DETACHMENT
from..the body..necessary...of..All...such attempts..will.ultimately succeed,..because/of ..heir...purpose...the fulfilling..o/ personal revelation..into..miracle.

But,..the means..are tedious/and..
very..time consuming..for.all of them..
LOOK/TO..THE FUTURE..for release..from..a state..
of present..stasis..of..feelings..of..unworthiness..fear..and inadequacy.
in purpose,


One instant..spent..TOGETHER
restores..the of you.
You need..but..remember..YOU NEED DO/NOTHING.

It..would be..FAR more/
concentrate .on this,..than/ SHOULD do.

When.peace wrestle..with temptation, and..fight..against/giving in/to sin;..when..the light-of/ heart

finally..achieved/ anyone, ALWAYS..comes..with..just..ONE happy
realization, —

“. .need do..nothing.”
Here/is..the ultimate..release..that
everyone..will one/day his..own way, own/time.

We do/not..need this time...Time/has been

This is..the special/means..this..course/is using, save-you/time.
You..are not...making use..of..the course..if you.insist on.using means/that..have-may..have..served/,..enough..then
but..was..their way..then..[in/different-times]

where..the neglecting..what..gods..own miracle..
was YOU...

Save time..for only
this one..preparation,..and practice doing..NOTHING ELSE...

listen..with..your conscious..awareness..of place/time/timming
via person..via the loving/ be.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 26 October 2013 6:35:09 PM
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The/world, its..original-connotation,..included..both
the proper/creation..of..man_by/God,..AND..the proper/ his..Right-Mind...The latter..required..the endowment/of man by God..with free/will,..because..all..loving/ freely given. either/of..these statements..implies..any sort/of
level involvement,.or, fact,..anything..except one-continuous line..of creation, which all aspects..of creation..are/of..the same order...[all created/equally..]

When..the..“lies of/the serpent”..were introduced,
they were..specifically..called lies/because..they..are not true.
thus..When man listened,..all he heard...was untruth...He does/not believe..what is/not true,..*unless./he chooses to do so.

All of..his/miscreations..can the well/known
“twinkling of/an.eye”,..* is..a visual*misperception.
Man’s spiritual/eye..can sleep, will/shortly the notes..

(reference..Bob/elevator operator)

even..a sleeping/spiritual..eye can..still see.
One translation..of the Fall,..a view emphasized/by Mary Baker Eddy, and..worthy of note*[as an..educative/stimuli] that..“a deep/sleep..fell.upon Adam”...

While/the associate...this sleep
as..a kind of spiritual/seeing-anaesthetic..being/utilized Adam..during..the creation..of Eve,..[Mrs. Eddy..was correct/in..emphasizing..that nowhere/is there;;any reference his..waking_up.

While...Christian clearly..incomplete,
this much in..its favor...

The history of the/world as..he saw it..{THE USE-OF..HE/..mary wasnt a he..?]..has not/ any/geniune..or comprehensive..spiritual-re-awakening,..or enlightened/re-birth. long-as man/ the spirit..of miscreation...It still remains/within..him to God projected/his own Spirit to him...[this is via the belly/button]

although..yet others of head/souls of feet
[must leave reasonable doubt.]

In reality,..this is..his ONLY..choice,..because..his
free-will /was made/for..*his..own joy..

in creating..the perfect...All ultimately
reduce-able to...the basic misperception..of man’s ability..
to USURP/the power..of God...It is again..emphasized..that he neither CAN..nor HAS to do/this.

In this statement..lies the real-justification..for
his escape..from fear...[blocking your/revelation]..

This is brought/ his acceptance..of the Atonement,..
which places..him in a realize that/EVEN..his own/errors..never really your freewill.

When..the deep/sleep.fell upon Adam,..he was then
in a..*condition to experience/nightmares,..precisely..*because..he was sleeping...If a suddenly turned-on..while/someone is dreaming,..and the content..of his dream is fearful,.he is initially likely to/interpret..the light part of..the content/of..his own dream.

*However, soon as..he/awakens,..the
correctly the release..from the dream,..which is no

I would/like-to..conclude this/with
the Biblical..injunction..of..“Go ye/and do..likewise.” quite apparent..that this depends/on..the kind of knowledge which..was/NOT..referred toby the “..Tree of Knowledge”..[of good and evil]..which bore fruit.

The knowledge..that/illuminates[reveals/revelations]..rather/than the fear..that..obscures..[the miracle] the knowledge..which not only makes/you free,..but/also..shows/you clearly..that you..*ARE free.

The/first..involved..the-fallacy..that/only..the real. The second..involved..things/rather..than people...
The third*involves..the endowment..of the physical..with..non-physical/properties.


The..denial-mechanism..for three..has already been/set forth..
in some detail,..and..will/also..continue..after/the..following:
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 27 October 2013 7:51:46 PM
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Special/Principles..for miracle workers.

1...The miracle..[of the mind]..abolishes..the need..
for lower order concerns...Since it is an illogical,..or
out-of-pattern /time interval, definition,..the ordinary considerations..of time..and space/do not apply.

For example,.I do NOT..regard/time
as you..and B. do,..and Kolb’ is/NOT mine...When YOU perform..a miracle,..I will arrange..both time..and adjust to/it...[miracles..only..occur..via-heart/cloud-mind/revelation]
2. Clear distinction/between..what..HAS BEEN Created
and..what..*IS BEING created is/essential...ALL forms..of correction (or healing) on this..clear/ heart/mind-level..of perception.

3...Another way..of stating 2).is :
NEVER confuse..right-with wrong-mindedness.
Responding*..[recall/we nuthing] ANY form..of
miscreation..*with anything..EXCEPT..a DESIRE TO HEAL..the error

(desire/for..a miracle) an/expression..of/this confusion.

4...The ALWAYS a DENIAL of..perceived-error,..and
is affirmation..of..the truth.[good/gifted freely..of..god.]

Only.Right-Mindedness..CAN a way
that..has any real..positive/corrective-effect.

Pragmatically,..what/ real effect,..also.has no real existence...Its REAL effect,..then, emptiness...of emotive responses[beyond baseless fear]..

by..Being without/substantial content,
lends negative-projection.

5...The level-adjustment/power..of the miracle
creates..the right..mindful/perception..repletion..for healing.
Until this..modification..has occurred,..healing cannot be understood. an empty gesture,/unless it..entails correction.[acts of redemption..done other..[not 4 self]

Without/this, is essentially..judgmental,
ill-judged..[hurtful]..rather than healing.

6...Miraculous correction. element..of judgment..within..or of all.
“Father forgive them..for they know/..not what they do” NO way EVALUATES..what they/injuriously/hurtfully..chose to do.

It/is..strictly an God
to HEAL..our perception..of their minds...There is
no reference to/the outcome..of their[or our]..misthought.

THIS does..not matter.

7...The Biblical/injunction..of..“Be of/one mind”
is the statement..for//preparation..of heart/mind..for cloud-mind/REVELATION..readiness.

My OWN injunction..“Do remembrance of me”
is..the request..for/ wills..of..miracle-workers.

It should/be..noted that..the two statements.are
the/same order..of reality,..because..the latter involves
a time..awareness,..since memory implies..ignoring..the present/ the..PAST into..the present. under..MY direction,
but Timelessness..belongs to God alone.
In time,..we/exist for..and with each other...

In Timelessness,..we coexist..with God.

There/ more point..which must/be made..perfectly clear
before..any residual fear/which may associated..with miracles..becomes.entirely groundless.

The..Crucifixion..did NOT establish/the Atonement.
The..Resurrection-did.*..This is/a..point which..many very
sincere/Christians..have misunderstood...*Nobody..who/
of.the/scarcity-fallacy..could..POSSIBLY have/made.this mistake.

it..certainly does/appear..*AS IF*..God permitted,..and even encouraged,..*one of his suffer/BECAUSE.he was

Many/very..devoted ministers..preach this..every-day.

actually arose..out/of..the combined misprojection..of-a
large number/of my own..would-be followers.. has led..too/many people to/be..bitterly afraid-of..God.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 27 October 2013 11:09:59 PM
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many afraid..of God.
[others bitterly resent..the church..and have denied..good]

This particularly..anti-religious/concept..happens to.enter
into..many messengers/religions.and/this is..neither by chance.nor coincidence.

The/real..Christian would/have* pause
and.ask..“how could/this be?”..Is/it likely..
that..God Himself..would be capable/of..the kind
of thinking..which..*His..*own Words..have/clearly unworthy..of man?

(There are/times..when)..The best defense,
as always, NOT* attack another’s/position,..but rather to protect..the truth...

It is/not consider..anything acceptable..if/you have to..turn..a whole..frame/of..reference it.

This procedure/is..painful in..its minor applications,
and genuinely-tragic..on a mass basis...*Persecution is a
frequent result,..justifying/the..terrible misperception...that God Himself..maliciously/judgmentally..persecuted His/own Son..on behalf of salvation.

The very words..are meaningless.
It..has always been.particularly difficult
to overcome..this because,..although the error no overcome..than any other/error
men were give it/up..because of..its prominent escape value.

In milder/forms,..a parent says..“This hurts me
more than it hurts you,”..and beating..a helpless-child.

Can you..believe..that our/Father..REALLY thinks..this way?
It is/so..essential*..that all such..thinking be dispelled..that we must be*VERY sure..that/NOTHING of this kind..remains-in/or renters..back into..your mind.

*I..was NOT punished..because YOU were/bad.
The wholly benign/lesson..which the..Atonement teaches
is wholly..lost..*if it/is tainted..with this kind of distortion..*in ANY form.

“ Mine/sayeth the Lord”
is strictly..a karmic viewpoint...It is ..a real
misperception..of..the true/truth, which man..assigns..his own evil/past..unto God.

*The..“evil-conscience”..from the past..
has do..with God...He did/not create it,..and..He does/not maintain it...God..*does NOT karmic all.

His Divine-mind..does/ way.
HE..does not hold..the evil deeds/of..a man even against HIMSELF.
It/is likely,..then,..that He/would hold..against any man..the evil that..(*ANOTHER did?

Be..very sure* impossible
this..ABSURD..assumption really is,..and how
ENTIRELY* arises..from..well/past..misprojection.

This kind/of responsible..for a host of
related fallacies..including the..*misbelief..that God
rejected man..and forced/him..out of the..Garden of Eden,..or that I am..even/ you.

I..have made..every use words
which..are ALMOST* distort,[but by authoritative edit/deliberative editing]..but the..fear in/ very..inventive when it symbols around.

God/ not symbolic;..was..never man..
He..*is..all-FACT...all-cause.[light..sustaining/life..via logic]

The Atonement,..too,.is..totally/without..symbolism.
[at-one-meant]..It is perfectly clear,;.because it exists..with/in light...Only man’s/ shroud/ darkness..have/made it the..unwilling,..and ambiguous/to..the partly/willing.

*The Atonement/itself..radiates..nothing/but..truth.
It..therefore epitomizes..loving/harmlessness,..and sheds ONLY blessing...It could/ this..if-it/arose...from anything/other than..perfect/good/pure..innocence! wisdom,..because it is..
perfectly..unaware of evil,..which/does/not exist...outside..itself.

It is,..however,..PERFECTLY aware/of..EVERYTHING,..that is..true.
The Resurrection..demonstrated*..that NOTHING/can..destroy truth.

innocent/Good..can withstand..ANY form/of..evil,..
because..*light..abolishes..*ALL forms/of..darkness.

The thus/the perfect lesson...It is the final demonstration..that all/of..the other lessons..which I taught
are true.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 27 October 2013 11:48:05 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard released..from.ALL errors..
if he/ his...heart/work..of goodness.

The..deductive..approach to/teaching..accepts..the generalization
which/is ALL single instances,.rather/than building up.the generalization/after analyzing..numerous single instances separately.

If you/can accept..the ONE..GENERALIZATION/now,
there will learn from/many smaller lessons.

NOTHING*..can prevail..against..a-Son/of God..
who commends..his..[injured]-Spirit..into the hands/of His Father...By doing/this,..the mind..awakens from..its sleep,..and the/Soul..remembers..its/Creator.

*All..sense of..Separation/disappears,
and level...of..confusion/vanishes...The Son of/God..
IS part/of..the holy Trinity,..but*..the Trinity Itself One...

There is/no..confusion within/ITS levels,..because
they are*..of One-Mind...and One[love god/ loving the doing..of goods..for other]

This/Single/Purpose..creates/perfect integration,
and..establishes..the.(reign..of the..)..Peace/of God.

But.this vision..can/be perceived*..only by/the ..truly innocent. Because..their hearts..*are/pure,..[nonjudgmental]..they defend/true perception,..[of gods..many/graces/mercies/nature/nurture]..instead of defending/*themselves..AGAINST it.

Understanding..thelesson of.the Atonement,
they are..without ..the attack,..and..therefore..they see truly...[without/fearful-distortions..of ego/based..fictions]

This/is...what/the Bible..means/ says
we shall/ Him..for we shall..see Him..AS HE IS.”[as he was/and always.will-be] notion..*totally God.
It*..arises solely..*from fear

off..the Records./This is/particularly..unfortunate,
because frightened-people..are vicious...vicarious.. Sacrificing/*..any way* a clear-cut violation.of God’s own injunction..that man.,.should..strive..*
merciful..even as..His merciful.

It.has/been harder..for many realize
that this..commandment..(or/assignment)..injunction..also THEMSELVES...Good_teachers..*never/terrorize..their students.

To attack,..and this..
results in..rejection..of what..the teacher offers...This/results in learning-failures.

I have been/correctly in..the Bible as
“The Lamb..[innocent]..of God..who taketh away/the sins..of the world.”..

Those..who represent/the blood-stained..
are..(an all too/widespread..conceptual error)..of..those..who*do NOT understand..the meaning..of the symbolism.

Correctly understood,..the a;.very simple parable,
or..teaching device,..which..merely innocence.

The lion..and the lamb..lying down..together that strength..and innocence..
are NOT/in conflict, in peace.

“Blessed/are..the pure in heart..for they
shall see God” another way..of saying the same thing.

Only the innocent..]pure..of heart]..CAN see God.
There..has been..some controversy..(in human terms)
as to an..informed/attribute..of the eyes,..
or an expression of..the integrative powers/of the/brain...Correctly/understood,..the issue..revolves around..the question..of whether the body..or the mind..*can/see.(or understand).

see..This is not/ to all.
The not capable..of understanding...Only..*the mind KNOWS anything...The not.capable/of ..understanding../.ANYTHING.

Only..the mind..KNOWS anything...A pure/mind
knows..the truth,*..and this..truth/foundation..IS its strength.
It..cannot attack..the body,..because it knows/*EXACTLY what the body IS...This is what..“a sane a sane body”..really means.

A NOT/out..for blood.,
nor..ego..nor subject/to..fear impression.

It..does not/confuse..destruction/with love
or innocence, associates..innocence...with strength..of
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 12:33:13 AM
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A..sane mind..does_not confuse..destruction..with innocence, associates..innocence..with strength,..NOT with..fears/weakness. sacrificing anything,..
because the innocent-mind..HAS everything..and..strives/only to PROTECT..its Wholeness...This is why..[when..acting/of love..rather that..* fear] CANNOT..miss-project...[heals/not hurts]

Innocent/mind..can only..honor/man,..because the NATURAL greeting..of the/truly others
who are Like..them...The lamb taketh..away..the sins/of the world.. the sense/that..the state of..innocence/*or Grace, one/ which..the meaning..of the perfectly apparent.

The/innocence..of the true..predestined/state..of
the mind of His Son-ship..In..this state,’s mind see God,..and because..he sees Him..with..pure innocence..[unexpectedly]..as_he_Is,..he knows..that..the Atonement,..NOT sacrifice,*

heartfelt/ only..appropriate
at..His OWN altar,..where..nothing/except..perfection truly..belongs...

The..understanding of..
the own..TRUTH.
That is why..their..heart/altars..are truly-radiant.

(as..Dictated..directly..[live-time/all..the time..]..without notes)

Though..Christians..generally..(but/ means/universally) recognize..the others,..
they are..less ensuring..[their own*..inability] victimize..themselves..even..further.

Although..this a...
much more/benign error ..[from..the viewpoint of..society],..
it is..nevertheless inherently..dangerous*..because..once..a two-edged-defense..*is/used,..its direction..cannot be..self-controlled.

B...recently many..ideas..
were..condensed into..relatively/few..pages/here...
This is..because we have not..been dispel..miscreations..throughout...

(There/ set of notes..not..yet transcribed..which
is this...These emphasize..only..the/enormous waste..of time..that correcting)

Cayce’s/notes,..too,..could..have/been much..shortened...
Their excessive two factors...The first.involves a fundamental/error..which Cayce..himself*..made,..and ..which required constant..undoing.

The to/the attitude..of his
followers...They..*are omit anything*..he said. respectful enough,..but not..overly-judicious...I would-be a far..better editor,..if they/would..allow me..this position..on their staff.

[but..lets stay..real]

It is..obvious..that Cayce*himself..was not transcend
even..the misperceptions..*of..the/need..he felt..for sacrifice,..or he could-not possibly..have..been sacrifice..of..himself.

Anyone..who is..unable/to leave..the requests..*of others
unanswered..has not..entirely transcended..ego-centricity.[ergo/ego]

I never..“gave of myself” this..inappropriate way,
nor..would I..ever have/encouraged do so.

Cayce could..not see..the
*totally ANY level.
It/WAS him that..the mind cannot/ limited...It was equally him/that the merely..unaffected by such any..mere..idea.[hear?]

This/thus..left him.only the body with which
to..invest..his misperception...This is also..why
he used..his own the “EXPENSE of/his body.”

its..Because Cayce..was a somewhat erratic listener,that..
he was correct his*..own very great length, and..not always adequately...*Consider..the basis from/which he started,..when he began*..with..“yes, we have/the body.”

It is noteworthy..that in/all these readings,..a large section was actually devoted to..the body,..*even though he/usually concluded with..*the caution..*that the body..cannot be healed..*of/by itself.

It..[the body/obsessiveness/de-emphasized]..
would/have enormous number..of words
if he/we..had always begun..with this.,,minimization..of the..importance..of body..AND..concerned..more with quality..of mind..and..of loving/works.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 6:49:32 AM
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thank-you..all so much..[4..the/value..of..woman[wife]..guidance easy..when/others speak..openly..of..their minds..inner urgings..too. afraid..of being..examined..[gay-marriage]
with together..can bring..that..better way

but*..only..when we..*each..have*an equal..say
all..links..have bias..
but..also..sincerity..of/their/our..fixated-beliefs..roles/rules fun-ctions

[anything..that*hurt's you..personally..
is..ultimately..taken wrongly..[error]..[or rather..put poorly]..
or based on..imaginings[negativity]..[bias/preconceptions..and miss-perceptions..far..more/ author..than..the reader

lest-we forget..if..its_of god..its_all..good[].,.can make..error..but.
these merely affirm..freewill..holds/its..will will sacrosanct*

anyhow..enough..of me
lets ..ear more..from..our motherly..nurture

[the/mormans..'reveal'..all..woman..may[sustaining..the living..creative possiblity..of life..via...the husband.nurture..[sun].. light

that/just sounds..right

so too.this..from-mother nurture.[2the-power/of2]

<< create.equality..I though..women
have lowered..their moral-standards.>>

see husbanding..thus fail..the test..

<<..I a church..that I..could see
was..preaching this,..women were..encouraged to be modest,..patient..and caring,>>

loving mothers..nurture,,as well/as..are-fertile
[like..our planet[eve] natures-nurture/sustaining
all-our fathers[energies]

<<...but so..where/the men.>>

many..enthralled..with..the illusory
even..the best..'wife'..finds ..much to..amuse

mums/quote..<<..Everyone..was equal/because..the men where
expected to/be modest,..caring.and patient as well..>

<<..No women..was ever..discouraged..from achieving..
what ever..she wished.too,>>KEY*2<<..or from..speaking
her mind,..but..we were..taught correct way, were..the men.>>

the husbands..loving glow..[sun-light]..
warms..the loving/fertile-wife..[earth/eve] felt..mens-heat..warmth..[ gaze?]

<<..I..really wish..that instead
of..women loosing..what..I believe to/be.good morals, be equal..that men..had gained them..Instead,.any man..with accused..of been/sexist..and any female..with modestly is a prude...Its sad...Posted/by Bec_young mum of 2,>>

eg..take this/topic-author/quote..

<<..The hardest thing..I find..about
sharing anything..about my views,..especially online..[when..we can all hide.behind computers]..and can..avoid each,,others faces is:..>>

my..guides a huge key*

[see the role..of the suns-light
[that yet..sustain..mother-nature..her fertility].. like
how..a loving husband..
gently radiates..his loving look..[warmth/comfort/murmerings].at his..'wife'/ all..his imaginative creations/foibles]

see..the sun..radiates..the husbands/loving
life waters..upon parched-soils
and..the mother/nurture[nature]=wife..takes..this feeble..husbanded heat..and creates/sustain/raises..the fathers fruits

we..see the/*..serves out
their..planetary size/fertile union.

[on marriage/topic..
forgive them..lord..they know not what they ask

i would add..

where..the use..of two/suns[husbands] many planets..[fertile/fruitful-wifes] 'man'..other..more distant..*

each will/have..the nurture/nature..marri-aged/relation-partnered roles..[as heavenly..marriages[ideal]

according to..their relative[wifely].

with*..[in conjunction]..with..
their son/of man..[husband-sun]..[like pluto]..or venus..or uranus

ok..for brevity..not content
where..the logic..of two husbands..suns..
.but to burn..out..the planet[wife]..

two suns[husbands].[hush-banned]..
must eventually..yield their fruits..
and burn..the lessor..or tear..each other apart

so much for..matters..of the'he-art'.

research..will reveal..that conceal[or congeal]
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 10:19:08 AM
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Cayce..and.his me way..underestimated
by the..realization..that/he worked..under very/great strain,..which is..ALWAYS..a sign/that wrong...

[important-point..when..its right..
it..flows..smoothly..but if it resists..
rethink..its necessity..[or..motivation..or timing]

One..of the difficulties/ trance/ overcome..the/split-[mind]..which//the trance itself..induces..through..the medium..['s.. communications..made while/in..the trance state.]

Cayce’s/whole approach..put double-bind,
from which..he/did=..not recover...When..he spoke..of a which..he fore-saw..his own..rather..immanent/reincarnation,..he was perfectly-accurate.

He was..sufficiently/,.real-communication
to..make it..easy/to..correct..his errors,..and communicate..without strain. notes..that/he..frequently a..fallacy..that..we have/already detail: namely,..*the/ endow.the physical/*with non-physical

He..did/not..make..either of..the other/three...However,
you..will/ is..this/ particularly[misscreated/associations.

Cayce’s great..that,..even/when
he..did..this,[spiritual-endowed/associations..with the-physical]..
he..was apply it..constructively...* does/not..follow that..this/was..a genuinely..constructive/approach.

It..should also/be..noted that,.when Cayce..attempted
to..“see”..the body/in..proper/perspective,..he saw physically discernible-auras..surrounding it.

This/is..a curious/compromise, which..the/non-physical
attributes..of the self..are approached..*AS IF...they/could-be..seen with/the..physical-eye.

Cayce’s/illiteracy..never stood-in..his way...This is
because..illiteracy/does-not.necessarily/imply..any lack-of love, Cayce’s case..very/definitely..did not...He therefore/had no overcoming..this seeming limitation.

What..DID hamper..him was a/profound-sense..of personal
unworthiness,..which,/characteristically enough,..was
sometimes..over-compensated/ what might-be
called..a Christian/form.of grandiosity.

Cayce..was essentially/ himself.
This..made him.very his/own..miracles,
and,..because he/was..genuinely help others,..left/himself in..a highly/vulnerable..position.

His son..comments/both..on the..rather..erratic-nature
of..the Cayce/household,..and also-on..the rather..uneven
nature..of Cayce’s temper...Both/of..these observations..are true,
and.clearly/ the fact..the Cayce..did/not..apply/the..Peace_of/ himself.

Once/this..had occurred, man..whose
communication-channels..were open, escape/external solutions.

Cayce/was..a very..religious-man,..who should/have..been/able
to ..escape fear..through religion...but..Being/ apply
his..religion/ himself,..he was/ accept certain..magical-beliefs..which were..alien to/his..own Christianity. why..he was/so..different..when he was
asleep,..and even disowned..what he said/in this state.
The lack-of/integration..which this..split-state..implies
is clearly/ certain off..the-mark..detours..into areas such as/the..effects..of stones..on/the mind,..and..some curious/symbolic integrate..churches and glands.

[ hardly/more//peculiar than
some/of..your own confusion.[b)

Cayce’s mind..was imprisoned/to..some extent error/against..which you have/been cautioned..several times.

but..he never/ separating..the past..FROM/the//present.

When..he/said..“mind is/the builder,”.he did-not..realize/that
it-is..only*building_NOW..the really/creates
the future.

The past, itself,..*does_not/have..the ability/nor do this...thus..Whenever..we move/ the next,

*the_previous-one..*no longer..exists.*
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 4:40:29 PM
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In considering..the the focus..*for healing,
Cayce..was expressing..his own failure/to accept..this AS..already..ACCOMPLISHED.

He did-not/fail-to recognize..the value..of the Atonement
for others,..but/he did accept..its/*corrective merit..for himself..*As we have frequently/emphasized,..*man..[flesh]..CANNOT control..his own errors.

BY VIRTUE..of..Having/created..them,..
he does /by..their very presence..believe in them.
[ illusory..sub-standard..familiarity..

Because of/ accept..his own/perfect-freedom..FROM the past,..Cayce could/not..really-perceive/ similarly free. ..I have/not..wholly/endorsed
the Cayce documents..[for widespread use.]

I am..heartily-supportive of..the ARE’s
make Cayce’s..singular contributions/immortal, be..most have a faith/..until they
have been..purged..of.their essential errors.

This is..why there have/been..a number of
unexplained..set their..explication. of/the..many reasons..why regarding..the
Cayce material,..a major speedup,.[of revelation..
must be..properly/ can/be..meaningfully validated.

Cayce’s son..has/been attempting/to deal with
reliability,..which in Cayce’s-case is very high.

*There is.a way of validating t..he material,..and Hugh-Lynn
is perfectly/aware that this..must be done eventually...He is also aware of/the..fact that unable to/do it...In the present-state of/the material, would/be most unwise..even-to attempt it. too much..that IS.invalid...When..the/time comes
that..this can/ the/point of real safety,..

I assure you it..will be..accomplished.

In Cayce,..I remind you/that no effort* wasted,..
and Cayce’s effort..was very great...It would/be most ungrateful..of me if..I allowed produce..a generation of/witch doctors...I am sorry..that Cayce himself...could not rid..himself of/a..slight-tendency in/this direction.

But fortunately..I have..a fuller..appreciation
*of him.than he had...I am repeating here..a Biblical
injunction..of my own,..already mentioned elsewhere,..that..*if my deadly shall not..hurt them.

This is..what Cayce..could/NOT believe,..because
he..could-not see that, a/Son of God,..he WAS..invulnerable.

We have..repeatedly/stated..that the basic-concepts referred to throughout the notes/are..NOT matters of degree...Certain fundamental concepts..CANNOT* meaningfully/ terms/of co-existing polarities.

It is conceive..of light and..darkness
at the same time..or everything..and joint possibilities.

They are..all true..OR all false.

It-is understand*..completely
that*..erratic..*until.a firm-commitment..*to one or..*the other is made.

A firm/commitment..*to darkness..or nothingness
is impossible...Nobody..*has ever lived/who has-not
experienced some light..and some..of everything-else..

This has made..everybody/really*..unable to deny
truth[totally]..,even if/he this connection..most of..the time.

That is why/those..who live darkness
and..emptiness..never..seem-to..find any/lasting solace.

(This really/answers B’s..question
about whether..people return..voluntarily.)
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 6:37:47 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard also/not..a partial attribute. not/a real..defense is from/fear. partial, is/ the
same erratic nature..that holds for/other two-edged-defenses.

The partly/innocent..are/..apt to/be..quite times...
It is not/until..their/ genuine-viewpoint...which is universal..*in its application..that it becomes..wisdom.

Innocent..(or true)[non-judgmental]....perception
means NEVER perceive,..[judge/other wrongly]..
and thus..always see,..that of the good'truly...More simply,
this means..that you..*never see..*what does not exist..*in reality. evil=is..a step..towards/knowing..
the truth..of their lack confidence
in/what..someone else..will do, your belief that he/is his Right Mind.

* hardly..a miracle-based
frame of reference...It also has the/disastrous..effect
of denying..(incorrect use)[inhibiting..the essentially*..creative power..of the miracle...The miracle..via heart revelation..perceives everything..AS IT nothing/but..the truth exists.

( really/redundant in statement..because/
what.;is-not true...CANNOT exist)..Right-Minded seeing/cannot see ANYTHING*..BUT perfection.

We/have said..many-times..that ONLY/what God-creates,
or..what man creates/with the same[good]-will,..has any real existence...This,..then, all-that..the innocent..*can see...They do not suffer..from the delusions..of the-Separated/ones.

The way/to..correct..*all such to withdraw
your faith..from them,.and invest-it..*ONLY in/ true.[good]

To whatever/ abide..with false perception
*in yourself or/others, are validating..a basic misperception. You..CANNOT validate..the invalid.

I..would..suggest/that you..voluntarily give-up
all do so,..because frantic.
[distressed/destracted..agitated/angry/delirious/distraught/frenetic frenzied/furious/hectic/mad/overwrought.

If you/are..willing to validate.only..what is true
in perceive, will-make it..true..for you.

Remember..that we said
that truth..overcomes..ALL error.
This means..that if/you..perceive-truly,
you are..canceling out yourself..AND others..*simultaneously.* see them/as they..*were really created
and..can..*really create, offer them/your own..validation of THEIR truth...This is..the real/healing..which the..miracle*actively
creates.[via revelation]..

(Reply/to..HS question:..Is this all?
The reason..why this/is so short,..despite..its extreme
importance, is..*not symbolic...*This means
* is not* more than one/interpretation.

This means..that it is..unequivocal.
It also explains..the quotation..which you-have.never gotten complete/form before:..

“But this..we know,..that when He
shall appear..(or be perceived)..we
like Him..for..we shall see He

And/every man..that hath/this him He..*is pure.”..*Every man
DOES_have..the hope..that he can see/correctly,..because..the ability to..*do so..*is IN*..him.

Man’s ONLY hope..IS to see/ they are).
“Jesus, me brother really is,..and thus..release..both him..and me.”
Posted by one under god, Monday, 28 October 2013 8:29:44 PM
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Every-time/there is..anything-un-loveable..
that’s mind..[re sex,..possession,..etc.) should/immediately..recognize
that want*.to hurt..your brother.)..

the..prayer..for..the-miracle/ follows/as..stated.above.)

You..had a lot/of trouble..afterwards..with/the..words
(which are..essentially/irrelevant) dissatisfied..with/ the time,[this loud/emoting..overwhelms..anything..your/ clear/]..

but..also ..because* ARE/confused..
about/the..difference between..perception and..cognition.[so..your thoughts..literally..are scattered/to the winds]..

(Aside:..One of..the in/the..correction
formulation..for fear/avoidance,..which/begins..with...* know..first)

we/have said..very little..about yet.
The must*..get/your perceptions..straightened out..* KNOW..anything.[ perceive..must*BE..perceived rightly]..notbe p..rojected..upon-it;

recall case/error..[a chair..
regardless..of who-ever..sat-in..there]..[ recognize..what* know]..To to/be certain.
Uncertainty merely..means..that you/DON’T know. _power..**..is_certain,..and strength/
It..is_an/attribute..of..the/space-time belief,*therefore subject/to..the[]...blinkers..that shade..clear-seeing.

and..*true-perception..produces love.
NEITHER produces/certainty..because..*all perception varies...That is[or..irrelevant]-knowledge. BASIS..for..all-knowledge,
but/KNOWING..is_the/affirmation..of_truth...of..the perception..[not preconception]

All/of..your_difficulties..ultimately*stem/from..the fact
that recognize,..or/KNOW,..yourselves,..each other,..nor God...


you..merely..*SAW before.)..You_can many/ways,..because..perception..*involves different..interpretations, being seen..

IS..the..complete knowing-seeing..of all..its..essences..of its/being..being seen....or/

only..your pre-conceived..un-perceived-seeings[illusions/hope/fear/..infatuations/idolitry] way..of..PERCEIVING,..
not*..a way-of..revelatory-knowing...

It is..knowing..the_right/
a..correct question,*ask questions..*at all..*when* know.*

Questioning/delusions..is_the/ them.



you-DO,about..that/ perceived..thusly....and..remedial-action..[self-correction]..

You KNOW*..when* ask/questions.

therefore looks..for/ actions...

The-unquestionin/ closed*..merely
because/it believes..the..future..and.the
present..will-be..[can/onl;y-be]..the same.,..
or..mind-stasis.[ mind-death][of..null-affect] body/ underlying..fear..that/the-future..will/be..[must*inevitably-be..WORSE..than.the present,]..

negative/mind-babble][voicing childish..immolation]..

inhibits..the tendency/or all.

thus the..mindless-sleepers..sleep
Visions..are..the natural/perception..
of the..spiritual eye,..but they..are still..corrections...of our perceptions..[B’s/question..about the..“spiritual-eye”..was.a very legitimate one...

The..“spiritual eye”,.. a device..for-perceiving..therefore..NOT a-device..for knowing.

It IS,..however,..a means..of right-perception,..which
brings it..into the proper-domain..for the miracle,..but NOT/of revelation.

PROPERLY speaking,..a “vision/of God” a miracle
rather/than..a revelation..The fact that/ all..removes..*the experience..away..from the realm..of knowledge*.

That-is..why these/ not last.
The Bible..instructs“KNOW thyself,”.or BE CERTAIN. always..of/God.[yet*not..obstinately] love..someone,..*you have..* he is,
and..this KNOW what...was..imaginativly/percieved

* is/ RECOGNIZE him..that you..*KNOW-him.
*Only then..are you stop/mind..from asking..questions..about him. ask/questions...about God,
you..*are clearly..implying..that you do NOT..know him.

Certainty*..does not/require..action.
When you/say you-are ACTING..on the basis/of sure knowledge,
you..are really confusing..perception..WITH cognition.

*Knowledge brings..MENTAL strength..for
creative THINKING,..but not..for right doing.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 7:04:21 AM
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Perception, miracles and doing are closely related. Knowledge is a result of revelation,
and induces only thought (thinking). Perception involves the body even in its most
spiritualized form. Knowledge comes from the altar within, and is timeless because it is
certain. To perceive the truth is not the same as KNOWING it. This is why B. is having so
much trouble in what he calls “integrating” the notes.

His tentative perception is too
uncertain for knowledge, because knowledge is SURE. Your perception is so variable
that you swing from sudden but real knowledge to complete cognitive disorganization.
This is why B. is more prone to irritation, while you are more vulnerable to rage. He is
consistently BELOW his potential, while you achieve it at times and then swing very
wide of the mark.

Actually, these differences do not matter. But I thought you might be glad to learn
that you are much better off with DIFFERENT perceptual problems than you would be if
you suffered from similar ones. T

his enables each of you to RECOGNIZE (and this is the
right word here) that the misperceptions of the other are unnecessary. It is because you
do not KNOW what to do about it that B. reacts to yours with irritation, and you respond
to his with fury.

I repeat again that if you ATTACK error,
you will hurt yourself. You do not
RECOGNIZE each other when you attack.

Attack is ALWAYS made on a stranger. You are
making him a stranger by misperceiving him, so that you CANNOT know him. It is
BECAUSE you have made him into a stranger that you are afraid of him. PERCEIVE him
correctly, so that you Soul can KNOW him.

Right perception is necessary
before God can communicate DIRECTLY to his own
altars, which he has established in His Sons.

There he can communicate His certainty,
and His KNOWLEDGE will bring the peace WITHOUT question.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 7:24:05 AM
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God is not..a His Own
Suns,..and..His Sons..are not* to each other.

Knowledge preceded..both perception and time,
and will also..ultimately replace..(or correct/for).them.

This is the real meaning.of the Biblical account
of God as..“Alpha and Omega,/the Beginning and the End.”

It also explains..the
quotation.“Before Abraham..WAS,..I AM.”
Perception can...and must_be stabilized,..but knowledge IS stable.

“Fear God..and keep His
Commandments” a real scribal error.
It should read,..“KNOW God and accept His/certainty.”
(This why..the commandments..are all negative,..
in contrast to Christ’s/statement..about..“Thou shalt love”,.etc.)..
There are no His Creation.[ fathers/houses?]

To create/as He Created,
you can create..only what you KNOW..and accept as create.
God knows His Children[pro-creation]..with perfect certainty...He pre-Created..them by knowing them...*firstly..He thus..recognizes them perfectly.

When they do-not recognize..each other,
they do not-recognize Him...

Brothers can another,
but they rarely maintain.that they/do not..even..KNOW each other. This is possible..only if they maintain..that they are NOT really

The Bible is..VERY specific..on this point[why are/you not?]

Most of the now possesses..are only shadows..of his real strengths...The/Soul knows,.loves, and creates...These are/its unequivocal functions...

All of the functions/of man are equivocal,..or open-to question..or doubt...This is because..he can no longer be/certain ] he them.

He is..therefore incapable/of knowledge,..
because he is/uncertain...He is also incapable/of true loving,

because..he can perceive love-lessly...He/cannot create surely, because perception deceives,..and illusions are not pure.

Perception did/not exist
until the Separation had..introduced degrees,..of knowinmg
and of..diveregent-aspects/sources/messengers and..intermidable silent-intervals...that we unite..or jointknowings.

The Soul levels,..and ALL conflict
arises from..the concept of levels..of breed/race/local..religion/even..messenger/mess-ages..holy texts..and churches

Wars/arise..when some regard others
as if they/were on..a different lower/level.
All interpersonal-conflicts..arise from this fallacy.

Only the levels..of the Trinity
are capable*of Unity.

The-levels..which man created
by the Separation..are disastrous...They cannot BUT conflict.
This is is essentially..meaningless to another.

Freud realized this perfectly,/and..that is why..he conceived as forever irreconcilable..the different levels.of his..own-psyche.

They were..conflict-prone by definition,..because they wanted different things*..and principles/creeds/trite-rite..and rote ritual.

stop dividing as were night soil
spoil/of war..war no more...get it together..[for sure]
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 7:43:16 AM
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YE..SHALT*BE..wise as serpents*children

In/our..mind-visualization..picture of..the psyche,
there,..which properly.consists*..*ONLY of the direction;..

and/at..a conscious level,/which perceive..
or aware..of impulses..*from both..the/unconscious
and..the/ sources of..the receives. thus/the level..
of perception,..but_NOT..knowing..of*..its knowledge.

Again,..*to_PERCEIVE..*is NOT_to..*know.
(In/this connection,..Cayce..*is more-accurate.than Freud.)
Consciousness..was the..first/slip/split..that man*introduced..(into himself...*He became..a/PERCEIVER/ the true/sense.
as the domain..of the ego...Jung was right..indeed
in/insisting..that..the ego is..*NOT_the self,..and.*that/the-self should-be..regarded as-an/achievement.[our_own/creation]..

He did/not..RECOGNIZE..(a term..we/now..more-fully/understand)
that..the*Achievement..of truth..was God’s...origpnal-creation.

In a sense,..the-ego..was..a man-made/attempt
to perceive..himself..*as he_wished,/rather he IS.
This is-an example..of the..created/v\creator..confusion..we spoke/of

*He can-only KNOW/,
because..that/is..*all SURE*
Everything else..IS open-to.question.

The the questioning/compartment
in/ man/created.for himself.

*It is..capable of asking..valid-questions,
but/not..of perceiving.wholly/which..are[not/were]..valid answers, because..these are/cognitive,..and thus..cannot_..BE perceived.

The endless/speculation..about/the meaning..of mind..has
led to..considerable_confusion..because*the/mind_IS confused...of fear.*

Only..One-Mindedness/fearlessness..[loving/of other] without confusion...A separate,..or divided-mind..MUST_be confused.[one cannot serve/two-masters]

A divided/ uncertain*..*by definition.
*It HAS in..conflict..because it/is..*out of-accord..with itself.

Intra-personal conflict..arises from.the same basis
as interpersonal...One part of the/psyche..*perceives..another/part on..a different LEVEL,..and/thus..does not_understand it.

This..makes..the parts
strangers to each other,..WITHOUT..any-means..of
reconciliation..via RECOGNITION...This is..the essence/of the..*fear-prone..[stasis/immobilized/paralyzing-condition, ALWAYS*possible.

Man..has/every feel anxious,
*as he..perceives himself...This/is why..he
cannot/escape fear..until he..*KNOWS..that..which..he DID_not.and CAN*_not ..*create of/himself.

*He can..NEVER..make this..[error/misperception] valid,
and when..he at/last PERCEIVES..clearly,..* GLAD HE
CAN’T/couldn't/didn't..try. beyond..his own error/variance,
and why..*he MUST eventually/ heal the Separation.

Right-mindedness is not to/
be confused with the KNOWING mind,..because it is
applicable..only to right perception...You can be right-minded or wrong-minded,..and this/is subject to degrees,..a fact which clearly demonstrates...a lack..of association..with/true..knowledge.

(No, Helen,..this is PERFECTLY-clear
and..DOES follow..the previous/section.
Neither you..nor at-all confused,..even in grammar.)
The term..“right-mindedness” properly the_correction for wrongmindedness,

and..applies/to the.state..of mind which
induces..accurate perception...It is/miraculous
because* heals..errant/misperception, indeed a miracle, view..of/how man..perceives himself.

BUT..Only the sick..NEED healing.
The Soul does not/need healing,..but the mind DOES.

but what worse..judging healing is
warranted/hereby..therefor..or that..judging..the other mind is sick*
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 8:24:28 AM
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Freud gave..a very graphic..but..inverted/upside-down account
of how the divisions of the..mind arose.from the bottom UP.

Actually,..this is impossible,..because the unconscious
cannot create the conscious..*..You cannot..create something you can’t KNOW.

Freud was/greatly..worried about this,..being VERY bright,
though misguided,..and attempted to get/around introducing a number of..“borderline”..areas.which merely resulted in fuzziness.

This was particularly/unfortunate,..because he/was
capable of going much higher,..if he/had not been so afraid.

This is why he kept..pulling the mind-function..DOWN.
The ego..did NOT arise..out of the unconscious.

A lower-order perception..cannot..*create a higher-order one,
(which is the perceive the structure..of the psyche if
you look at it..from the bottom UP)..*because it doesn’t understand it.

But a higher-order/perception..CAN create..a lower-order
by understanding terms of..pre-conceived/MISperception.

*Perception..*ALWAYS involves..some misuse..of will,
because it..ACTIVLY..involves the mind into..areas of uncertainty.

The mind is very active..because it has will-power.][fixation..toachieve..piure-pose*

When it willed/the to perceive.
Until it chose to do..this, willed..*only to know.[but then..the burden..of knowing/obliges one..and watch-us run..

After-wards, had/to will..*ambiguously,[feign ignorance/self censor*]..and the only way_out/of..ambiguity IS clear..via..clear/true..perception...of*.

The mind..returns itself to its proper-function..only when*
it finally..matures..sees nouse..for WILLS TO KNOW...This/places the Soul’s service,..where perception is meaningless.

The level..of the mind..which wills
* this...(Freud was particularly/distorted..on this
point,..because he was getting..too far UP..for comfort according to his own perception.)

But..he WAS maintaining that..the “parts”
of the psyche..*cannot be*..correctly perceived..*either as
dependant.."THINGS"..or as entirely separate[independant..]...(He would have thought..better if he had said..“entirely separated.”)

The mind DID divide itself..when it create
its own levels..AND the ability to/perceive them...But
it could NOT entirely-separate..itself from the Soul,..because it is FROM..[soul=form]..the Soul..that it*s/form..[informs]..thus derives its whole power to create.

Even in miscreating, will is affirming its
source, or it would merely cease to be.

This is impossible, because it IS part of the Soul,
which God created, and which is therefore eternal.

The ability to perceive made the body possible, because you must perceive..SOMETHING,..and WITH something.

This is why perception involves an exchange, or a
translation, which knowledge does NOT need.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 1:59:06 PM
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The interpretive/function..of perception,
(is..actually,..a distorted form..of creation),
which..then permitted interpret..the body [or paperwork/id/license..etc]..
as-if..they are..HIMSELF,..
which,..although depressing,.was a way out of the/conflict..he..himself..induced.

(This/has already..been covered/in some detail.)
The super-conscious,..*which KNOWS,..*could not/be..reconciled with this loss.;.of power,..because it was..*incapable of..illusory/darkness.

This is the
mind.. and entirely* the was a threat,..because light/'does abolish..ANY*..darkness by..establishing..the clear-fact..that it ISN’T THERE.

the slightest..glimmer..of dawn..dispels..the_darkest/night..
The truth will*ALWAYS destroy error* this sense.

This is ACTIVE process..of destruction at_all.
We have already..emphasized the fact..*that knowing does_not*DO anything.

yet..It can be_PERCEIVED as
an attacker,..*but it CANNOT attack...truth/love/grace/mercy.
as its his own..recognition_of the fact
that it can REMEMBERED,..because it..[of fact/thus never..destroyed.

[what..means..NEVER WAS?] not..a
as a dis-membering...[disassembling..the illusion]

(That B.
I wish he/would use that/talent of his
constructively...He has no idea..of how could be.

Actually, does/come from the unconscious,
and is really..a distorted form/of..miraculous perception/which he has word twisting.[spin]

Although this..can be quite funny,
it is still..a real/waste.[dis-appointment..wrote..large]

Maybe he’d let me control it,
and still use it..humorously himself.

He/doesn’t have to is one..NOR the other.)
The unconscious should..never have been reduced
to a “container” for..the waste
products of conflict.

Even as..HE perceives his psyche,
every level has a creative potential,
because creates..can wholly lose this.

The ego is as frail as Freud perceived it.
The later theorists..have tried to introduce a
less pessimistic view,.but have the wrong direction for their hope...Any attempt/to..endow the ego..with/the attributes of the Soul, merely confused thinking.

things,..dont accord..spirit

[do de-fuse].no..
things..[nothing]*no..*thing..exude's..nothing..of spirit-

[meaning]..they may..hold traces..but..not any/life-essence association..[its..the illusory..[cayce] point] only..*image
regardless of..the image..
the reveal

Freud was/more..clear-sighted..about this,
because he kne.. a BAD thing.when he perceived it, but
he realize recognize..that...anillusery bad thing..*cannot truly..exist*.

It is..therefore..wholly try*../*_out..of it.

As you..very rightly observed..yourself,
the thing to do/with..a to LEAVE.

and so...johan emerged from..the just..desert..
and..wondered/back..into..the mists..of time..

leaving..the last parra of
page..84..till some..other time.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 4:55:37 PM
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reduced to..a...“container”..for the waste/products..of conflict...
the conscious avoids..Even as HE/perceives..his..psyche,..seeing/that..every level..has/a creative-potential,..because/ creates..can wholly.lose this...causal-echo.

God..and..the Souls..He created surety,truth/grace/good..etc..
and therefore..our soul-body..KNOW's..that no..miscreation/..pre-exists. with..un-willing-error..[undoing-errors]., be/blocked truths[which..are thus..fully errant]..[fully-wrong]

But..jesus..was a man/who
remembered..the-Soul..and..its true-knowledge.

Tell B...that/ refuse/to..misperceive
he was..indeed/*I a-man,..I did/not counteract-error..with knowledge,.so much/ correct_error..from-the/bottom-up...built..[on..firm-foundation]

I..demonstrated..both the/powerlessness..of..the body[alone..
AND..the_power of..the/mind,[all-one] uniting..MY will Creator,..

which..naturally re-membered..
[as opposed/by..dis-memberd][re-joined]..
the-Soul..and..its own..real/true-purpose.

I..cannot/unite..your-will..with God’s...for*
But..I CAN erase..all-misperceptions..from..your mind, will/bring it..under_my guidance...ONLY_your/misperceptions stand-in/your..own way...

Without them,..your..own certain...
with-them..truth..remains curtain

Sane-perception.INDUCES..sane choosing...The Atonement
was/an act..[in shared-truth]..based_on..true perception.

I cannot..choose for..your truths,..for/you,
but..I_CAN/ make..your..*own right-choice...once you*place..your_choices..before/ prayer.

“Many..are called..but..few..are chosen”..

SHOULD read,

“ALL..are called..*but..few listen...
Therefore,..they_do/not choose..RIGHTLY.”.[they..CHOSE..misscreations..of ego..

[did they feel*..they had a choice..[were they..informed?]

The .“chosen.ones”..are merely..those/who..choose/choice..rightly meam of servant..unto/ the father..serves_every/other...

This is..the real/meaning..of the..celestial-speed-up...Strong
wills this..NOW...And you..WILL find rest...for your Souls...from-now on..into..the*

We said before..that the sole..ability..of abilities./.of soul
which man possesses..are only..shadows of his..true celestial-abilities. [unlike the hellish..diss-abilities]


The soul’s/true functions..are knowing,
loving,trusting/testing..learning and creating.
The..intrusion/of-the ability..that perceive,..which is inherently-judgmental,..was...introduced...only after...the/Separation.

No_one..has/been sure..of..anything since then.

You will..also remember that I..made it very/clear
that the Resurrection..was the..*return to knowledge,
which was/ the union.of my will..with the Father’s.

Since..the Separation,..the words “create”..
and “make”..are inevitably confused...When/you make something,
you make/it...first out of a sense of lack..or need,..and second,.. out of..a something..that..already exists...[but was..only seen/via heart-revelation..that realized..[made-real]..its_miracle.

Anything..can be..that is made
is made..for a specific/purpose...It has no..true...generalized-ability...of self.

When you/make fill a..perceived-lack,..which is obviously..a logical-reason..why_you/would try/to..make anything, tacitly..implying..that you the Separation.

Knowing..does..not doing,
as we have.frequently observed/already.

(Note..that the term..“insight”,..though referring/to lofty perception's, attribute/of knowledge...This
is why..terms like “lofty”..are context.

Insight is/not..the way TO knowledge,
but it IS..a prerequisite..FOR which knowledge.
Being of God's truths..knowledge has nothing to do..with your all...That is only be God TO you.)

God knows you..only in/peace,
and this..IS your reality*.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 29 October 2013 10:33:21 PM
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religion..seems to have missed..the point/that..ethics..are descriptions..of spontaneous/feeling-states,..rather than rules/to be legislated...Being.."forced""love one's neighbor,"...

one may never do it spontaneously...Lower-developmental/stages never "legislating" higher ones...

Christ's call/to transformation,.through growth;..the only reach the next stage...This growth/ a primary task..of the regeneration process.

Regeneration,..says Swedenborg, accomplished/from within,
through..the mysterious process..of influx...This is a concept as psychological. It.extends..from/the source of life..(God)..through several-orders or..."degrees"..of creation.

In both systems, well/ life..are intermediate a process/of energy transformation:..From the spiritual-Sun..[the-father/husband] the..natural sun[son], organic life on earth.[mother/wife]

Swedenborg says:

There/is..a continual influx..from the celestial..into..the spiritual/world..into the natural...He who does-not know..that there is..a/spiritual world..and is distinct/from..the natural world..can know nothing..of this influx.

It is the..spiritual-principle..which derives..its origin
from the..light..wherein the Lord is,,..though..the sun...and proceeds-to..the ultimates..[living/end-fruits..children..of the earth-mother]..of nature,..that produces..the forms..of the vegetables and animals,..and exhibits..the wonders/that..are in both; clothes them..with material substances[energy/within energy]..from the earth..[external/body-form]..from..god..[internal/life-force]..that these forms...may be fixed..and will's/want's/need..and works..[uses]..natures.

The human being,..while organic life,
also rises..above the/rest of being..a conscious
or mental-aware-recipient..of direct spiritual-influx..(sdee/Gurdjieff's "three-brained beings").

The influx..through man's/ considered by come from the Lord...The lower..comes through the domain..of nature..and is the libidinous-desire..of Freud's id,..and the natural egocentricity..we have....discussed/as...each human-child's birthright.

Swedenborg sees.."the natural"..and.."the spiritual" actual intertwined_spirals..of energy;..curiously anticipatory..of the double helix..of DNA.

[Man is]..born an animal...but becomes a man.[menche]
The natural..mind,..with all..things..[good/true]..pertaining/into it,.revolves in spiral motions..from right to left;..but the spiritual-mind, spiral motions..from left to right.

These minds/are a contrary/flux/flow..movement each other; indication..that evil resides in the natural mind,..and that of..itself the spiritual mind.

We..think of..the Gnostic-dualisms,..(the motif/of..the dark brother, or..the hairy brother..and the smooth brother)...The the fratricide..there must-be..a piercing..of the cloud..of unknowing which/ think..of/the..other as..enemy
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 6:28:26 AM
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While..Swedenborg..was/ society..far_more absolutist/than..our own..its..understanding/of good..and evil,..allows*for..the concept-of..regeneration.. show..the process/of..human/ dialogue:..between *the faculties..of-will..(feeling) and..understanding..(cognition),..between/natural/seen/affect..and unseen/spiritual, God.*as_if..from himself,..
and/this ."as_if..from himself" ..reciprocal..of conjunction;..with*..celestial/cloud-mind]....for there..can be no/conjunction ..without..*a reciprocal.[action/re-action]

William-Butler/Yeats..was-to/see..the interlocking....cones..or..spirals..(/*\[w][M]see A Vision)...

Between these..spirals..*play..the pairs/of..opposites..of will..
that..mask..and..reveal-creative..into-like/ body/of fate..decree..[circum-polar].

Yeats' tradition,..which..has always/ portray* dialogue*[key]..of..a spiritual-dimension..nurture..with/human-nature..and mother nurture.

The yogic/kundalini/serpent,..like_the..natural-spiral,
lies..coiled..around..her'the spine
(and/the nadis,..Ida..and Pingala,..coil around/the Sushumna).102

The..caduceus..of-healing,..inherited..from..fore-gone/classical-time's,..also shows..the "serpents"..intertwined..round..a staff.

The..iconic human/ clear:
holistic-health..includes*both serpents,..both_spirals.

Carl Jung, Swedenborg,..were come to..their own unique ethical/stance..on this issue;..but/through..the attainment ..of the universal-ethical principle level,..not*..through..a legalistic imitation..of the/family patriarch.

Jung..would later..write his Answer to Job,..and develop/the technique..of.."embracing/the dark brother" the dialogue..with the shadow...

He conceived of/ the starting work-of/the individuation process..(the masterwork/being..the dialogue..with..the anima).

We have/already..followed some..of these Swedenborg's own life...His subsequent idea/of regeneration..bespeaks/the same slow process..of moral/ Jung's-individuation.104 agree..that a.."receptacle"..for trans-personal forces..(Jung's-archetypes,.Swedenborg's/

Jung writes:

The religions..should therefore/ us
the origin..and original character..of living-spirit,..lest man should/forget..what he is drawing ..*into..himself..and with_what..he is filling..his consciousness...mortal..momentums.

*He himself..*did not*..create/the spirit,..rather..the spirit
makes/him..creative,..always*..spurring him on, him*lucky ideas,..staying_power,.."enthusiasm"..and.."inspiration."

So much,..indeed..does it/permeate..his whole being[plus his whole earthy creation]..[other]..that the gravest..danger/of miss-thinking..that he*..actually created..the spirit[E]..and that he "has"[of himself]

In reality,..the primordial-0phenomenon/of..the spirit takes possession*..of him,..and,..while willing object/of binds..his freedom/thus..becomes an obsessive..idea en-force...[vile]..Spirit threatens..the naive minded man..with inflation...of that..of that-totemic..[a-la cayce]

And from Swedenborg,..we have/that..the knowledge..of man
is that..of merely vessels..or recipients,..and that too..of a rude, yeah,..of the rudest kind,..into which/are poured[from the celestial-Lord]..those things..which they..*were contain...[hold preserve..embodied/stasis]

and his spirit/nature,
although he..does not*..know,[forgive them/lord..they know-not..what..they want..thee to..prove].. much as beasts..while he the..materialized-flesh/blood-body...Through them..a good angelic-society..and an evil an infernal society.

While/these..ideas may seem..archaic/to..the modern skeptic, skirting primitive animism,..they are/in fact..ideas so to merit..inclusion/ the perennial psychology.

It/is..only among/the.."scientifically-socialized"..that such things are unusual..where the people..have no the concept..of.."the spirit world."

But..while we/may..feel we.."understand"..the these cultural contexts,..perhaps..we grow less..comfortable/with the "spiritualists"..closer to home,..[alone]
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 7:11:31 AM
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*become..hesitant/in this contest..of sentiment..context
to claim positively..that they alone..are/right.

[In Hume’s/day a..‘sentiment’..could feeling,
or opinion, attitude.]

In this essay..the word..nearly always means...feeling’,
inspiration/in-fluence..or possession..but..‘sentiment’..will
be-left untouched...throughout]..[this the intimate..impulse..[inner]..of the outer/as our-freewill

This variety/of..•taste,[preferences/expressed/including those repressed]..which is casual glance,..

[that]..turns out on •greater
in reality..than/in appearance...Men often differ..about
beauty and ugliness..of all kinds,..even when they talk in
the same way..[cultural..of what/kinds of things..are beautiful..and what kinds..of expressions..are ugly.

Every/'language..contains some words..*that imply blame,
others/that imply praise;..yet others..our inner feelings loves/hate/bias..em[rem]-motions]..and all..those who/use..that language/must how they..shall/apply them.

All the voices are/ applauding elegance,propriety, simplicity,the essence/or writing;..and in blaming pomposity,/affectation,/coldness/and spurious glitter.[misscreations]

But..when critics..get down/to particular-details,..this
seeming unanimity..*vanishes..and they/ have given very different..personalized/-or-\rationalized/meanings* their words...[as our works/and life experiences.

In all-matters..of..THEORY..•opinion.and..abstract-knowledge
it’s..the other/way around:..there/the..differences..among men
are..more*..often the/level..of...the more-generalized proposition..*than in particular details,..and/ be •less than/they be...prior/the revelation..wrought by flow..into expression[]

An explanation..of..the words/contextualized/meaning..usually ends the controversy,,,and the disputants..are surprised to learn that basically..that..*they their/judgment..all the time when they were quarrelling.


Those who base morality..on sentiment..more than on
reason..are inclined/to..apply the former observation..[about
differences/of taste/standard..or measure)..also into ethics, maintaining..that in all/questions.;.concerning conduct and really differ/more than they

at first sight...It is indeed..obvious/that writers..of
all nations..and all-ages..of all sexes/races/status..agree in *applauding..justice,/humanity,/magnanimity,/prudence,/truthfulness,
grace/love/mercy..compassion/*.blaming the opposite qualities.

Even poets and other
authors—whose works mainly
aim-to please..the imagination
are nevertheless..found to instill..the same moral_precepts
and to applaud/blame the same..virtues/vices...

This great unanimity is..usually credited to/the..influence of plain reason,..which in all these..cases maintains..similar all men,[but let woman..speak..for thyself.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 8:54:47 AM
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A thousand/men..may have..a thousand/different-opinions
about;..but..just of/the.opinions is true,..and..the only to find-out..which one..that is.

As against/that,..a thousand_different/sentiments..aroused
by/some-one/object all right, remains..which..represents/ true-use..of..the object,..and so..no_sentiment..runs..*any..more..nor less..risk..of being..proved-false·.

A sentiment..does mark..a certain..conformity/relation
between..the object..and.the organs..[body]..or.faculties of/the mind;..but..there chance/of..error there,..because·..*if that/conformity..didn’t exist..the sentiment..accorded..its being..wouldn’t exist/either. quality..*in things/themselves;
merely/in..the mind..that contemplates..them/favorably..and
each_mind/perceives...a different..quantum[measure]..for..*beauty.

One person..may/even..perceive..*ugliness
where someone-else..senses.•beauty;..and every
individual..ought to/go..along with..*his own sentiment,
without/trying to..regulate..those of/others.

To look/for..what is really-beautiful..or..percieved,.as..really as trying/to settle..what/is really..sweet[good/true]..and..what-is..really bitter...[faulse/hurtful/fearful.

A single/object may-be..perceived..both sweet..(to s/omeone·)
and bitter.(·to someone else·),..depending/on..the condition
of their..taste-buds;[senses]..and the/proverb..rightly/declares..that it/is about

It is/very natural,..and even/quite necessary, extend
this•mental taste/[spirit-sense]•bodily taste—[material-bias..·i.e. to/•‘That’s wonderful painting’•‘That in it’·. variance/with philosophy,-especially
with..sceptical/philosophy; case, least,
where..the two..come/to..the same conclusion.

But..though/this axiom,..*by turning..into/parable..into..a
pro-verb,..seems/to have..gained common-sense,
there is/certainly..a kind..of common-sense/logic..that opposes it, or at/least..serves to modify..and/or..restrain it.

*the word..‘genius’...In Hume’s usage..*his time...the word/meant..something stronger..than mere ‘skill-full/will-full..talent’..but..usually..[weaker..less/than ‘genius’ our..present-day sense.;]

In..*that context..the principle..of/the
natural-equality..*of·all·* totally forgotten;
we/admit it..on some occasions,..where the objects..seem nearly/equal, seems/ extravagant/paradox— obvious absurdity— is applied to..*objects..that are/

[In this/paragraph,..‘composition’..covers..the
composing.of music,..the/writing..of poetry..or..of..fine prose, painting,..sculpting,..and so on.]..*Obviously,none..of/the..•rules of/composition..are apriori-reasoning;..they..thus..can’t be abstract/conclusions..

that/the..understanding..was..arrived/ studying the/relations...between..opposing-ideas..that..are eternal..and unchanging...and those..temporal/material/spatial.[space-time/warped]

They/are..based_on/the..same thing..that all/the practical
sciences..are based..on—experience...All they general
observations..about what/has..been found—universally, all
countries..and at all-times—to be..pleasing.

Many of/the beauties..of..culture..and..manner..even/of..eloquence are..based on..material-perceptibility..and..other/falsehood..and
fiction,..or based-on..exaggerations,/bias/metaphors,..and bending words/away-from..their..traditional/natural meanings.

To check..the imagination’s-outbursts,..and so..reduce every geometrical truth..and exactness,.would be utterly contrary/to..the •laws of-criticism; produce..a work[·of a kind·]..that/universal-experience..has shown to/be..the most insipid..and..disagreeable.

But..though poetry..can never*..submit to/exact
truth, rules/of art..that are emotive projection..[as opposed to..introspection]
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 1:44:20 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard war? result..of planetary-influences.
[pre-destined..accelerated/learning-events..scripted-logical progression..
from..the past..unknown/but\knowable..into the future..via the now..[known]]

Somewhere..up-there;two..or three planets..[wives/aunts planetary essences]..have approached..too each other;..thus..tension results.

Have you/noticed how,..if a man passes..quite close/to you
even..on an..unlimited..pavement, become..all tense?

The same tension..takes place..between planets.[spheres/of in-fluence]..For[the causal-event]..lasts,..perhaps,..a second or two...But/here,.,on the/earth,..people begin to..slaughter one another,..and..they go-on..slaughtering..maybe for..several years.

It the time..that*they another; or perhaps..that*they..have to..slaughter..each other..for/some exalted purpose;..or..that they*must defend..somebody..or something..and/or..that it/is..a very-noble/ do..

or something/else of..the same
illusory/self-justifiable...kind...of..materialist/reasoning. to/ extent..we/all..are/mere pawns
in/the game...They think..the/event..signifies something;..
they think..they/can move..about..think/ like;..they think/..they..can do/this..or that. reality..all/their movements,..all..their
actions,..all-thoughts/words/works..are the/result..of planetary//[external]..influences...And.that/they*..them-selves..signify..literally nothing.

Then..the moon..[timing]..plays..a big this.
But..we will/speak about..the must be understood..that..neither/Emperor..,nor/generals,..nor/ministers,..nor/parliaments,..really..signify..anything..or can/do..anything.

Everything..that happens/on-a..big scale
is..governed..from outside,..and governed..either
by accidental..combination's/of..influences general cosmically consistent-laws."

can..a man/who..does not/know..himself keep..even..a secret?

Of course..he can so,..but can/he keep his promise?..[and why?]..For,..there are many different that,,he calls..him-self. promises,..and..really-believes
that..*he wants* keep..the secret.

But..tomorrow/ him..[the husband,,in-him]
shall/ to his wife,..or/to a friend..over a bottle of wine,..or a clever man..may question a way..that he himself/will not..notice that..he/is letting..out..everything.

Finally,..he may/be hypnotized,..or he/may..become..fearful unexpectedly..and..frightened,..and..he will/do..anything
regardless..of what/ would like.

What sort/of..obligations..can/he take..upon himself?
No,..with such..a mind..we will/

To/ to..keep a..secret..a man/must-know..himself
and..he must/be..of himself sufficient..And..a man..such/as..all men very/far..from this.

"Sometimes..we make/temporary-conditions..with people/as..a test. Usually..they are broken/very-soon..but..we never/give..any serious man..we don't not/matter..much.

I mean/it..matters..nothing to/ certainly
breaks/our..connection..with this man..and he loses-his chance
to learn/anything from us*..if there/is..anything to learn/from us.

all..the/same, know,..the facts,"
I said..."If/I..could see..genuine/and..real facts..of a new..and unknown-character,..only they/would..finally convince-me/that..I am on..the right way." being..know
beyond can/be capable..of knowing
[only be hearing..the tangent..of his questions]
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 4:39:19 PM
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clearly..understand..what I..mean by..'philosophy,'..
in..a different/way,..not/in..the way/they..are usually understood.

"But..speaking/of schools,..there-are..only
specialist/schools;..there/are..no_general-schools.[thus..only limited/[specialist/experts]/serving..THER/own-philosophy..THEIR..own-theory..THEIR..own/special rites/rituals/customs..their OWNED* practice

Every teacher,..or guru, a/ some..*one thing.One* astronomer,..another/a..sculptor,..a MASTER*-musician.

And..*all the pupils..*of each*-teacher..*must-first/of all
study..the which/he..has specialized,..then/after, another..even..more narrow/*specialized_field/subject,..and so on.

It would/take..a thousand-years everything."of just/one..specialist..areas/evolution..from*..special[to relate..back..into/generalities

or more concisely..thousands of years..of christ has fractured..the collective-body of christ..into thousands/of sects..[each/with..their own-sacred/texts/rituals/saints/

[specializing/rightfully..JUST-lyll..*in the revealing..
of/their prophets/ greater context

quintillion's..of man-hours][even..billions/ evolving..finding/exploring..classifying/verifying.. specific_proofs][into..relative..conditional-truths]

humanity,.or/more correctly,..organic_life..on earth, acted upon influences/proceeding from..various sources..

influences..from/the planets,the peers..and false/god-heads
from the moon,,..influences/from-the...stars.

All these..influences/act simultaneously; one might reverberate..through-out time..and another..influence/at..yet..another moment.

And..for man/kind..there is/..a..certain*possibility..of making
a choice/of influences; other words,..specializations..of passing influence...yet..another.

"To,..At/this..moment/ thing:* is
from..ANY*-one/influence..*without..becoming/ another.

The whole/thing,..means..all work-on/oneself,..consists
in choosing..which..of..the which/you wish-to..
subject you to..become* end game..success-point..[your-goal]..And..for/ necessary/to know.your expectations..beforehand..which/ spiritually-profitable."

or/at..any rate..the last-one/known[latest]..theory-to it,
to be..either/scientific and proven...or advantages,,to/ego..or self gratification.. fact/there-is..of/course..nothing-less scientific..and..less proven/than..less motivating..than;..mere/theories..
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 8:06:48 PM
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What interested talk
was that..G...spoke of..the planets..and
even..the living beings,..having definite stages,
a definite-period..of life-[use]..and limited/possibilities..of development..and transition..onto..other planes/of..being.

This/ attention_at once.
Nothing..had ever/ me..more artificial,
unreliable,..and dogmatic..than all/the usual..theories..of the origin..of theory..down/to..the very latest,theory..with all their additions...and variations..half-truths..and faulsifyables

Therefore..the fact/that G.'s altogether different/theory, organic-theory having..its entirely new..collective/consensual/principles..and..

showing..a different/universal-order,..,,to/be..very interesting..and important.

"In what/relation..does/the intelligence..of the earth
stand-to..the intelligence..of the sun?"..I asked.>>..

[thats not/a..correct..*question..
but..lets go..with/the-flow..

..<<.."The..intelligence/of..the sun
is divine,"..said G..."But..the earth..can*_become..the same;>>..

to heard..hell/ fire
that passion..[hell..lies on/the surface..of the sun]
the vile passions..burn away..yet bear good sustaining life on earth

earth/ g says..the
cautioning..of..we ALSO..could sun..[ie..hell-on/earth]

<<..only,..of course, is not/guaranteed
and..the earth...may die-having/attained..nothing."

"Upon/what does-=this depend?"..I asked.
G.'s answer..was very vague.

"There is/a..definite period,"..he said,
"for..a certain be done...If, certain time,
what..ought to/be done..has not been done,..the earth may perish without/having attained..what it could/have attained."

"Is this/period known?";;I asked
"At/the is not/yet you,"
"that/people living..on the earth..*can very different levels, appearance/they look..exactly the same...Just as there..are very different-levels/of men, there/are..different levels,,of art.[specialisations]

Only you/do-not present/that..the difference
between these far greater/ might suppose.
[see tower-of babble][the last time demons the world aflame

You..take different..things..*on one level,..
far too/ another,..and you think..these-different/levels are you.

little knowing..People..are turning..into
more to..the flaming passions.of hell[becarefull..for what ye wish..oh suns of men..

I said..."And/no-doubt..sometimes machines.
But can think...If they/tried
to think,..they could..not/have been..such fine machines."

"Yes," said G., "that is true,.but only partly true.
It depends first of all..on the question..of..*which mind..they use for their work.

If they/use..the proper mind..they will-be/able to think
even the midst o..f all their work..with machines.
But,..again,..only if they-think/with..the proper/cloud-mind."

"I understand..what..I-am saying.
Look,..all see,"
he pointed..along/the-street,.."are simply..machines—nothing more."

that chooses..its own path,..something
that can/stand..against mechanization; think-that..not equally mechanical."Men are machines..and nothing but mechanical-actions..can be expected..of machines."
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 30 October 2013 8:40:18 PM
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The usual interpreters..of religion..and..spirituality
are not..of/themselves..really religious..or spiritually motivated...

At most they/may represent..some conventional..and
profoundly-secularized.."religiosity" as tends to/characterizecontemporary C.hristianity),..

*but there/is..a great range/of the..traditional
structures..of the..irreligious..and noon-spiritual/consciousness that..such individuals..simply cannot..feign/to..uphold.

Such presumptions..include..*the..UN*certainty
of..the continuation..of death,
experiential of/fact..about the "invisible"
or EMPOWERMENT..of non-elemental..[even accorded/with]..with un-holy_powers

( least higher.energies most/holy-living
as/if..with/in..the..elemental/material matter)

denial..of the other..di-mensions
of the cosmos..of Nature,..each..witnessing..reflective..of the spirit[unseen]..cause

mis-presumptions..about the reality
of spirits, ghosts,..subtle entities and powers
[belief../in..appearance/disappearance..magic, miracles, null-effort..and...endless re-quoting..of others..un-godly experience,

un-abiding..of..the laws of karma
(or ignorant..of the cause[of spirit]..and the effect [material/clause]..laws that necessarily produce..the future
from the actions..emotions..the cause..for motions..[of all present processes..and its fruits),

and ignorant..of the supremely valuable resource
or instrument..of Help..too..searching..only for truth
not is oft wanting..when..represented by individuals..who are either too/highly evolved..into rote/ritual-ism..

creationism..or IN-perfectly Awakened...
seving..two masters

It is..the blind..or weakness.representing..the inability
to make such presumptions..that causes misinterpret secularize,..and generally underestimate..the traditional sources.

And it is this..same disability..that makes popular standing..upon..miss-understanding,by..rote practice,..and..wishful..only..of ultimate/ the Way..of this..MATERIAL-age.[age..of..rage]

The tendencies..I have/just obstacle
to..the consideration..of the Way..of the
the Great/Tradition...of..*the one..true..great-mind

The common to reduce..the expressions and
offerings..of profound..con-founded/religious-ritual..and
spiritual-consciousness..into..,mere..structures..of mater/material-mind..

that..those..who..are basically non-religious..and..even anti-spiritual,.dont got..a clue..[nor u]..[nor me 2]

THUS..are men..characterized by doubt..and MAXimal..levels of presumption..relative to what/is..beyond elemental or materialistic conception.

The popular..and scholarly commentaries..of our day
tend to communicate..and justify..a materialistic,..secularized
or of..this worldly,..humanistic or conventionally socialized point of view.

Everything regarded to/ best doubtful
if the deaf/dumb..and blind of mind..its..unreal, fanciful, and the product..of undeveloped..or neurotic human tendencies.

Before the Great Tradition..distractions]
and when..yet again//men..follow..the Way/of..the Heart
and..with clear hindsight..the errors..can be rightly evaluated
by revelation..and fully embraced,..for the truths..they con-sealed

there must be..a restoration..of human balance
and a renewal..of the total mind of one..with him
all of one mind..Some individuals may be free respond even now,..

but..most of humanity..must soon..go through..
a difficult trial..of purification..the rebalanced,
via..temptation..of our betters..and worse..the..regeneration
of higher..and ever-more..subtler knowledge..about the structures
of manifested/existence..before..the real religious..or spiritual response..can move feel..the Real..yet again
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 31 October 2013 9:42:28 AM
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“Women..and..cats/ they..please, dogs/should..relax..and/get used-to..the idea.”

in/which..the happiness/of..another essential/to..your own.”

“ getting/enough sleep.
Just that,..nothing more.”

“I am free, matter/what..rules..surround me...If..I find/them tolerable,..I tolerate-them;..if I..find-them..too\obnoxious,..I break/them...I am-free..because..I know..*that..I..alone-am..morally responsible..*for..everything..I/do.”

*“Anybody.can look/at..a pretty-girl..and..see/a pretty-girl.
An artist..can look at..a pretty/girl..and see..the old woman.she will become...*A better artist..can look/ old woman..and see the pretty girl..that/she..used to be.

But..a great/artist-a..master-can..look at
an/old woman,..portray her..exactly as..she is...
and..*force..the viewer..*to see..the-pretty girl..she willed..2 be...

*Growing old..doesn't;
we/were..never meant/ them.”

by making..their..lives..too.easy...or..too harsh”

“You..have.attributed/ villainy
that..simply/result..from stupidity.”

“Progress..isn't made/by..early risers.
It's..made/by..lazy-men..simply..trying/to..find do something.”

“You can/ freedom.
Don't..ever count-on..having once.”

“Never try/to..outstubborn..a cat.”

“There ain'”

“Once a month,..some women..act/ act..all the time.”

“There/ worse..tyranny/ force..a man/to pay-for..what he does/not..want merely..because* would-be.good.for him.”

“Writing is not.necessarily of,
but do-it in..private..and wash/your hands..afterwards.”

“Sin..lies..only-in..hurting..others unnecessarily.
All other.."sins"..are invented nonsense.”

*politeness,..of gentle manner,
is more..significant..than is a riot”

“Sex should-be friendly.
Otherwise..stick to..mechanical toys;'s more sanitary.”

“I've found-out..why people laugh.
They hurts so much
&'s the/only-thing..that'll..make-it..stop hurting.”
“Never..try to..teach/a sing.
It's..a waste/of annoys/the pig.”

*“Always..listen to/experts.;They'll tell-you
what..can't be-done,..and why...Then..go ahead..and do it.”

*“There such..thing as.."Just a....”

*“Do_not..confuse "duty"..with/what.other people..expect/of you;

*..Duty is a fulfill have/assumed..voluntarily.

*Paying..that debt..can..entail anything..from years..of
patient die...Difficult it may be, but..the self-respect...But..there reward at all for..doing..what other/people..expect..of you,

So..learn to..say No— be rude/about it

But let..the yours.
Don't do/ is..expected"..of you.)”

*“May you you wish long live.”

*You can't..conquer;
the can kill him.”

*“The/most..preposterous notion..that Homo-sapiens..has ever/dreamed that..the Lord God/of Creation,..Shaper..and Ruler..of all the Universes,..wants*[nor demands]..the saccharine-adoration..of His created-creatures,

or..that..he..can be..swayed by/their prayers,..
and..becomes..petulant..if/He does not..receive this flattery...Yet this..absurd fantasy,..without..a shred/ bolster it,.."

“Almost..any sect,cult,or..religion/will legislate
its..creed into law..if it acquires..the political”

“How you behave..toward below
determines..your Heaven.”

thank-you/Robert A. Heinlein
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 31 October 2013 11:53:40 AM
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lets look..into their soul..via..the beastly..astral-body/form
[why beasts..are beast..and not yet evolved into man] mainly as they..dont have..the higher thinking..passion/will..that yearns for better.

the systems..with/ are acquainted..and..which/use this expression..state that all/men..have an..'astral-body.'[soul]....
This is..quite wrong.

What may-be..called the..'astral body' obtained/by means of fusion,..that is, means/o.. terribly..hard inner-work and muchas by our desires/needs/wants

Man is/not..born with..a soul..[nor is..the beast
which..has basic wants..[water/food sex..etc]...And
only..very few/men..acquire an..'astral body.'.and even fewrer beasts

but..not all beasts..indeed but..very few/have..enough
emotional-baggage/ have earned...a[few/beasts
have..sought..out..awareness..of higher wants/needs desires] death..the seek out their last want..andf go to meet it

the-next life..consists of infinite simply-will it..brings you[if] a sheep..that run/hide
at death..runs and MAY*..feel thirst..and find/its immediate presence

in..short..god meets all its..wants it its next..[hopefully higher incarnation] re-in/formed..[into new body]..whenthat body expires
it may..continue/to live..onas that beast..or revert toa so wanted..or l;ower..according to our lusts.

after..the death..of/the physical-body,..and it may be..born again/in another physical 'reincarnation.'..If/ not re-born,..then, the course..of time,..that soul-form also dies;once its stains..are cleaned[revealing its inner true soul..[its body..of light...or back to..a material-body form..better able to meet..its wants

thing is all matter is energy
and like energy joins together..opposites react

the astral/form..or not..immortal..but it/can live
long after..the death/of..the physical body..."Fusion,..of self/building..the inner unity,[ego] means of 'friction,' the/struggle..between..'yes'..and 'no' man.

If..a man..lives without..inner struggle,
if..everything him..without opposition,
if..he goes..wherever..he is drawn..or wherever..the wind blows, he will remain..such as he is.

But i..f a struggle..begins in him,..and particularly/if..there is a definite-line*..[drive] this struggle,..then,..gradually, permanent-traits..begin to form themselves,..he begins to..'crystallize.'..higher energy forms..

[this matter..denser energy concentrations]

But possible..on a right foundation..and it is possible..on a wrong foundation...'Friction,'..the struggle..between 'yes'..and..'no,'..can..easily take place..on/a

For instance,..a fanatical some/or..other idea,
or..the..'fear of sin,'..[any/fear..any drive/any obsession]..can evoke..a terribly intense/struggle between..'yes'..and..'no,'.and a man..many crystallize..on these/foundations.

But. this would be a wrong, incomplete crystallization. Such a man will not possess the possibility of further development...In order to make further development possible..he must be melted down again, and this can be accomplished only through terrible suffering.

"Crystallization is possible on any foundation.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 8:01:46 AM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard just as well..we now have eternity..before us
to evolve..into what/we..*will..become..[once..we get/over.the baser-emotions]

once we..overcome..our beastly wants]..and before we crystallize..into temporal*stasis..[see..further..from/prev-post]


Before..the/Great Tradition's..and..the Way/of..the Heart[rev-elation]..which reveals the miracle..can be rightly evaluated and fully embraced,..there must-be..a restoration of human balance..and a renewal..of the total-mind..of Man...[away frombeastly want]

Some individuals/may-be free/ respond even now,.but
most/of..humanity must soon go/through..a difficult trial of purification re balancing,..and further/regeneration of ever-higher

*and..ever more..subtler knowledge changes[tweaks]..about..the potent/totemic structures..of manifest-existence.[beasts/the least..who we felt/by the most]..before..the real religious or..true/spiritual-response..can move/them to..nearer/the Reality..again.


The ancient..traditional-origins..[root]..of religious..and
spiritual the magical..or shamanistic cultures. Thus,..conventional religious.or basically founded..on the..miss*presumptions..of.."animism."

There_are/many different/belief-systems...that are..animistic..
(and thus..totemic/religious..or objective-spiritual-possesive),[expletive]..but what characterizes/them the basic presumption..that/energy,..invisible life,..or "behind"..all/and..every part/of Nature.


*It is..this invisible-part/unseen..unrecorded..un-noticed..
obscured..elitist..tokenism..that is embraced..via every/form.of magical,..religious/ worshipful,/mystical,/yogic,/or.spiritual belief ritual..language..motivation..practice...and act.

And it/is..this profoundly)..their existence..and the lack/of..availability..of such personally-realized..applied-energy..(or em-Power..of the rem-power) that..characterizes..the non-religious,..anti-spiritual,..or merely materialistic consciousness.

Just so,..the differences/in presumption..relative to/the..status of invisible energies..(or more simply..{E}..Energy)..are..what differentiate..(and ultimately/ divisive/conflicts between)..differing..religious or spiritual rites/beliefs messengers..and traditions.

The traditions..of elemental-magic/conceive of..the invisible in terms/of..the obvious pluralities..of gross awareness..Therefore, every -thing.,.and every* animated..and otherwise individual/spirits...And the/practice of therefore directed..toward..the attainment..of positive and..useful/relations..*with..spirit-entities..of all kinds.

In pluralistic-animism.(and the/polytheistic religions..that are built-on..that basis),..the later/developments of animism..(ultimately the monotheistic cultures)..tend to produce*religious..and spiritual*practice..on the basis/of the presumption..that there is*..only one/invisible force.;(or Divine Spirit)*behind..(and ultimately*transcending)..all of Nature.

The religious/orthodoxy..fixation..on/of..any particular..time person/work..and always critical..of other systems...this is a gross error

*Therefore,..the animistic-objective/subjective..cultures..that developed monotheistic-religion..rigidly denied value..of..(and even the exist) cults..and practices.of pluralistic animism.

The early Hebrews,..for example,..engaged in systematic..and even aggressive criticism.of the magical practices,.."idol" worship, and polytheistic cultism..that were the territories they merely..*wanted to acquire.[for/their..own wants/not need]

Their principle/of opposition..was not truly..a complaint against the..cultic use/of..holy serve access to..or even represent the invisible spirit-influence.[but that the power of them be dispersed..and other heads..of power be installed

keep/the slaves..dumbed down/divided
just install..the new loot/plunder at leisure.

The Hebrews..themselves/used..various-kinds..of such
cultic..machinery..(from..the ark/of..the covenant
to ..the temple..and all/of..its trappings)..

Rather,..the principle/of..opposition/was..the difference/between
the mind..of pluralistic..or..polytheistic-animism..and the mind of monotheistic..animism...tokenism/totumism/natural;ism/commune-ism/femin-ism/sex-ism/ many..other'ism's'
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 8:53:01 AM
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anyhow,,enough..of the delay
lets words

page 83/acim

Saturday 11/27/1967*

Most/of..the abilities*.[VALIDATIONS/WORKS/USES] now possesses..are only..shadows[REFLECTIONS].of his real strengths...*The..Soul knows,[RE-COGNIZES]..loves,..DE-BAITS/THEORIZES..and creates.


These are HIs..unequivocal..functions..OF BODY..WHICH/OF..All
of..the functions/of man..are..the..MOST/equivocal,..or open to question..or doubt...or bias..or accept and perfect REALIZATION..the equivocation saturation/negation because..he can no longer be
certain how..he will USE them...thus in..*imagining its uses
creates...dis-illusioned saturation..He/is therefore incapable of knowledge,..because he so the choosing..of being uncertain.

He is his lack..of awareness..[in/other]..
of otherly..want..or need..and made himself..incapable..of true loving,..because he can..but..[like any beast]..perceive lovelessly.

He/cannot create..his life's revelation..into miracles..surely, because/.self-is/miss-perception...deceives,..and illusions are not pure...truth..and by being untruth..cannot bear good fruit[worhy-works].

Perception..[of separated..from-self]..did not exist
until..the Separation/desperation/negation..had introduced degrees, aspects..and..alternate reactive purgative learning/or earning intervals.

The pure/true-Soul..has no levels,..and ALL/conflict arises
from..the..concept of levels...Wars..'arise..when some..regard/others as_if they..were on..a different level.*..All interpersonal
conflicts..arise from/this..fallacy.

Only the levels/of the..Trinity[revelation/miracle/creation]..are capable..of Unity...The/levels.;.which man created/by the Separation are..disastrous...They their true uses are missdefinition..of minutia. is essentially*..meaningless to another.
Freud realized/this perfectly,..and that-is why...he..conceived
is forever..irreconcilable..of the different levels..of his psyche.

They definition,..because/they wanted different-things..and..obeyed/different if..its..only means

In/our..[acim/jesus]..picture..of the psyche,..there unconscious level,..which properly consists/ONLY of..the miracle ability..and..thus..should be..under MY direction;

and a..conscious level..[revelation]..
ever alert/watchful/aware-level..which perceives..or
is aware of..impulses/in-puts/in*spiration..IN-ner-consious..see the [observer affect]..from both..the unconscious..and the/super..supra-conscious...acting concerted..via [simultudes]

These..anachronistic concurrences..are the sources/of..the impulses it receives...Consciousness is thus*the level of perception,..but NOT of knowledge.

*Again,..[wrote/large] NOT to know.

(In/this connection,..Cayce is more accurate..than Freud.)
Consciousness..*was the first/slip-split..that man introduced into himself...He THUSLY..became a..PERCEIVER..rather than..a co-creator in..the true sense. correctly identified
as the domain..of the ego...Jung was right*indeed
in insisting..that the NOT the self,..and that the self should*be..regarded as an/achievement...ove truth/love..over freewill/paralyzing passivity and beastly proselytizing instinct.

He did/not RECOGNIZE..[re-cognizance]..(a term..we now understand) that..*the Achievement..was God’s...In a sense,..the ego was a man-made/ perceive he wished,*.rather than as he IS.

This is an example/of the..created/creator
confusion/we spoke of/before...

SURE..He can/only*..he IS,
because..that-is..all..he SURE of.

thats why..'every..'sperm'..beast or sacred
not for...its ego..but the gift-giver's ergo..*sustaining
us all..our every breath....ahhhh-men*..mene/mene/mene/[means/writing..on/the..wall*
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 11:29:42 AM
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many/were called..but..few asked questions..on/the essential
*things..he said...'One/of...these questions..has remained in my memory.

"In what..way can/one..evoke[pro-voke]..the struggle
between..'yes'..and..'no' KNOWing..oneself?".,.[someone asked.]

" necessary,"..said G..."If nothing/is sacrificed..[let go]..nothing..*new../is is..necessary to sacrifice the moment,..they become sacrifice..for a long-time..and to/sacrifice a great deal...[too..much?...good/truth..isnt hard..just firm..[foundation].

But/still, con-figured..[congealed]..forever.
This must/be..clearly..understood..because/ is not understood.[as/in..stood under]..under=lower/standing][in-firm grounds] necessary/only while..the process;.of crystallization is going on...When achieved,..renunciations,..deprivations,..and sacrifices..are no longer necessary.*

He can..only KNOW himself*as he IS,..via what he now is being
because..* all..he/can be..SURE of.

&..*Everything else..IS open/to question.*!

The the questioning/com-part/ the
post-Separation/psyche which man..created for himself...*It is capable of*..asking valid questions,..but not..of perceiving wholly
valid answers,..[revealed revelation..leading to/the active..of doing..realization

MAKING..keeping..things REAL..

because these..are cognitive,..and..cannot BE perceived.
The endless/speculation.about the meaning..of mind.has led to considerable-confusion..SIMPLY..because the/mind IS confused/con-founded.

Only..One-Mindedness[love] without confusion.
A separate,..or divided,mind..MUST be necessarily be confused.
[two/masters rule]

A divided/ definition...*It
HAS to it/is..out of accord with itself.
Intra-personal/conflict..arises..from the same basis/as interpersonal. One part of the/psyche..perceives another on a different LEVEL,..and does not/understand to it.

This makes..these parts..strangers
to each other, worse case..WITHOUT any mutually inclusive RECOGNITION...This is the essence-cause..of the fear-prone.condition, in which..inner conflicted ego ALWAYS possible...Man has every feel anxious,..*as he [mis*]..perceives,,not only himself...but other.

This is why..he cannot/escape fear..until he KNOWS..the truth*
ofthat..the he*..DID not..*and CAN-not..create..*himself.

He..can NEVER*..make this..misperception valid,..and
when..he at last PERCEIVES..*clearly,[purely/truthfully/peacefilly]..he is GLAD HE/CAN’T...and that his attempt of avoidence were futile*.

His Creation..*is beyond..his own error variance,
and..this is why he MUST..eventually/* heal the Separation. not to/be confused
with the KNOWING mind,..because..*it is/applicable..(*only to right perception...*You can be..right-minded..[or wrong-minded,]..and this
is subject/to..degrees,..[even specific circum-stances]..a fact which clearly demonstrates..a lack/of..association with/the healingway..of knowledge.

No, Helen,..this is PERFECTLY clear..and DOES
follow..the previous section...Neither you..nor I is able..*at be confused,..even in grammar.)[truth=loving/goodly/graceful/merciful/eternal/etc]

The term “right-mindedness” properly..used
as..the correction..for wrong-mindedness..they feel different..have totally..inverse fruits.[evena beast..KNOWS..its childs voice*]

and..applies to/the..*state of mind
which..sequentially..induces..accurate perception.
right-thinking and good fruits....*It is/miraculous..because
it heals..error..and other..misperception,..and..healing is..indeed/a miracle, view of/how man..miss-perceives not only..himself...but the loving[good/mercyful/god]..

*Only..the sick..[error]..NEED healing.
The Soul..does-not..*need/healing,..only revealing mind DOES...

it must./.get-it..see?
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 12:18:38 PM
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The mind/returns..itself/to-its..proper function
only/ WILLS/TO now..KNOW...

This/places the Soul’s service,[e-motive]..where..our perception/is..meaningless...The level..that receives..its revelation..of the mind which..wills..that do this...(Freud/was particularly distorted..on this-point,..because he/was..getting too far..*UP..for comfort..*according/to..his own perception.)

But..he WAS/ maintaining..that/the “parts”..of
the psyche..cannot/be.correctly perceived/..*either..[as THINGS..or as..entirely separate.]..(He would/have..thought better..if/he had said..“entirely_separated.”)

The mind..DID divide/itself..when it/ create..its own levels..[of cre4ative/faux-miracles]..AND..the them...But it..could NOT/entirely separate..itself/from..the Soul,*is FROM/the Soul..that it derives..its whole power/to create. mis-creating, affirming/its-source,
or/it..would merely..cease/to be...This is/of..course..impossible, IS part/of..the Soul,*which God created,..and which is therefore/eternal.

The ability/to perceive..made/the body..possible,..because
you/must perceive*SOMETHING,..and..*WITH something...This is/why exchange,/or..a..translation,[revelatioonn]..which knowledge..does NOT need.

*The..interpretive/function..of perception,[revealing]
(actually,..a distorted/form..of creation),..then permitted/man
to..interpret..the body as/HIMSELF,..which,/although..depressing,/was a/way-out..of*the conflict..*he induced...(This/has..already been covered some detail.)

The super/supra-conscious,..*which KNOWS,,,by active recall..could/not be reconciled..with this..loss/of power, darkness...This/is became almost/ the/material-mind..and/entirely inaccessible to..the body.

It a..threat,[thus/induced/fear..because light
does/abolish..darkness by establishing..the clear/fact..that/darkess..ISN’T really..where..the light/is.]

The..truth will/ALWAYS..destroy this-sense.*ACTIVE/process..of all.
We/have..already emphasized/the..fact..that-knowing.;.does/not DO*..anything...thus..It/can be/PERCEIVED..*as an attacker,..*but it CANNOT *..attack.

Wha/ man design/is..of
his own..recognition..of/the fact..that..truth..can always/be REMEMBERED,[alone]..has never..been destroyed.

This is/not..just*coud-[suprs]..mind..recalling..a literal an..actual/re-membering.,,[rejoining..of all/its parts..exactly,,( largely..for B...I wish/he would idea could be.

Actually,/it..does/come,,from*the unconscious,..and
is really..a distorted-form..of miraculous perception
which..*he..has reduced/to word-twisting...

Although/this..can-be quite/funny, real/waste..
Maybe..he’would care to..let me..control/it,..and..still/ humorously himself.

He/doesn’ is/one OR..the other.)
The/unconscious_should/never.have been*reduced/to..a..“container” for the waste/products..of conflict...Even/as H..E perceives his psyche, every_level..has a creative potential,..because..*nothing..*man creates..can wholly/lose this.

God..and/the Soul.l He created* surety,[truth]
and..therefore KNOW/
Truth..cannot deal/with..unwilling error.. because/it..does not will to-be/blocked out...But..I was/a..man_who/remembered..the Soul..and its..acces/to knowledge.

Tell/B...that-when he misperceive
he was..indeed I behaved...And as a man,..I
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 4:32:08 PM
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I..cannot/unite..your-will..with God’s...for*
But..I CAN erase..all-misperceptions..from..your mind, will/bring it..under_my guidance...ONLY_your/misperceptions stand-in/your..own way...

Without them,..your..own certain...
with-them..truth..remains curtain

Sane-perception.INDUCES..sane choosing...The Atonement
was/an act..[in shared-truth]..based_on..true perception.

I cannot..choose for..your truths,..for/you,
but..I_CAN/ make..your..*own right-choice...once you*place..your_choices..before/ prayer.

“Many..are called..but..few..are chosen”..

SHOULD read,

“ALL..are called..*but..few listen...
Therefore,..they_do/not choose..RIGHTLY.”.[they..CHOSE..misscreations..of ego..

[did they feel*..they had a choice..[were they..informed?]

The .“chosen.ones”..are merely..those/who..choose/choice..rightly meam of servant..unto/ the father..serves_every/other...

This is..the real/meaning..of the..celestial-speed-up...Strong
wills this..NOW...And you..WILL find rest...for your Souls...from-now on..into..the*

We said before..that the sole..ability..of abilities./.of soul
which man possesses..are only..shadows of his..true celestial-abilities. [unlike the hellish..diss-abilities]


The soul’s/true functions..are knowing,
loving,trusting/testing..learning and creating.
The..intrusion/of-the ability..that perceive,..which is inherently-judgmental,..was...introduced...only after...the/Separation.

No_one..has/been sure..of..anything since then.

You will..also remember that I..made it very/clear
that the Resurrection..was the..*return to knowledge,
which was/ the union.of my will..with the Father’s.

Since..the Separation,..the words “create”..
and “make”..are inevitably confused...When/you make something,
you make/it...first out of a sense of lack..or need,..and second,.. out of..a something..that..already exists...[but was..only seen/via heart-revelation..that realized..[made-real]..its_miracle.

Anything..can be..that is made
is made..for a specific/purpose...It has no..true...generalized-ability...of self.

When you/make fill a..perceived-lack,..which is obviously..a logical-reason..why_you/would try/to..make anything, tacitly..implying..that you the Separation.

Knowing..does..not doing,
as we have.frequently observed/already.

(Note..that the term..“insight”,..though referring/to lofty perception's, attribute/of knowledge...This
is why..terms like “lofty”..are context.

Insight is/not..the way TO knowledge,
but it IS..a prerequisite..FOR which knowledge.
Being of God's truths..knowledge has nothing to do..with your all...That is only be God TO you.)

God knows you..only in/peace,
and this..IS your reality*.

Dictated/without notes...Nov. 30/1965
We/said..before/that..the ability annd/or..expression..of abilities possesses..are/only shadows of..his/true..abilities...The soul’ expressing/knowing,..performing-loving,..and..goodly-creating.

The/intrusion..of perceive,..which is
inherently*judgmental,..was introduced/only..after the_Separation...No one/has been..sure of/anything..since/then.

You..will/also..remember_that..I/ very clear
that..the Resurrection..*was the/return..back-to knowledge,
which/was..accomplished by/the union..of my will..with the Father’s.
Since the Separation,..the words..“create”..and..“make”..are inevitably.confused.

When/you make..something, out of/a
sense..of lack..or need,..and second,*out of..a something..that already*exists.

It/ true-generaliz-ability...When/you//make something/to fill a..perceived_lack,..which is..*obviously/why..*anything,
tacitly..*implying..that you/believe-in..the)Separation.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 4:50:32 PM
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What be contradictory..about/the difference between knowing..and/perceiving,..and Revelation and miracles, again the fallacy..that is..the root c-ause of all/subsequent errors...The miracle//*was associated/with perception,.*and not with knowing.

However,..we also noted..that prayer.*is the medium of miracles,
and..also the natural/means..of communication .*by the Creator..and the Created...*Prayer is..*always an_affirmation..*of knowledge,..*not/of..accurate_perception.

That is why..unless perception..has*..entered into
it,* calls/on Revelation.

The confusion..between your/own creation..and what
you so profound that/it..has literally become impossible to..*know anything,..because always stable...and creation..unlimited.

It is quite evident..that human beings are not.
Nevertheless,..they are perfectly stable as/God created them...In this sense,..when their behavior..*is unstable,..they are*obviously
disagreeing..with God’s-idea..of the Creation. a fundamental/right of man,..although
not/one..he would care to exercise..*if he were in his Right Mind.
The problem..that is bothering/you most is..the fundamental question which man/continually asks of himself,..but which cannot properly be directed..*to all.

He..keeps on asking..“himself”..what he is..This implies
that..the answer is not/ which/he knows,..but one..which
he up to him.

The first part/of this perfectly true, but
the second not...We have frequently commented on the absolute necessity of/correcting all fallacious-thinking which associates man* any way..with his own Creation.

Man CANNOT*..perceive[imagine]..himself correctly.
He has..*no image[in reality..only mind] all...The word.“image”
*is/always..perception related,..*and is not/a..product of will.

Images..are symbolic,*..and
stand/for...something..above..all-else. [in-put/in-spiration]

The current emphasis on..“changing your image”
a good/description..of the power of perception,..but it implies..that there is nothing to KNOW. the medium/of miracles,...not because God created perceptions, but because/God created YOU...At the beginning of this course,..we said that../*YOU are a miracle.

Therefore,..the Creator/of the miracle worker
is a miracle NOT*..of his own creation.

Unless/true-perception rests on..some knowing basis,
it is so unstable..that it doesn’t mean anything.

*Knowing is/ to interpretation,..because
its own..*It is possible to
interpret meaning.. but this..*is always open to error

because it involves..the perception of..intended/ manipulated/biased/distorted..emotive meaning...All..of these..wholly needless/complexities..are the result of man’s attempt to/regard*both separated and un-separated..*at..the same time.

It/is impossible confusion
as this..without*..engaging in further confusion.

Methodologically,’s-mind..has been.very creative.
But,..*as always occurs*..when..method.and content..[SUBSTANCE]..are separated, has*not..been utilized..for anything..* attempt to/escape..a fundamental..and entirely../inescapable-impasse.

This kind/of thinking ..cannot..,result in/a creative outcome, ingenuity.

It/is..noteworthy, however,..that..this ingenuity
has..almost totally divorced..him..from..[REVELATION]
Posted by one under god, Friday, 1 November 2013 5:15:08 PM
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Knowledge..does not/
When..we say..“the truth/shall..set you/free,”..we mean
that all/this kind-of/ waste..of time,..but that you are free/of the*.need of..engaging in it.

Note/again..that/the functions..of..the-Soul
*were_not*..referred abilities..[think..more/like earnings]
[our life's..record/emoted passions..*wrote[projected]..largely..upon it]

This..point/requires clarification,..because abilities
are beliefs..which/are..BASED on/the scarcity-fallacy,..since..
they do-not..*mean/anything..apart from..within-grouped/comparisons. yourself/ to..point out,.
“nobody has/*.ability,..and no-body..has all of it.”.. course,..why/the curve-mean..never rests..on the line.

The..clearest..*implications..of relativity,..which
properly..inheres/in this statement,*..DEMONSTRATES/that
*abilities..are not functions/of the Soul...The Soul’s-functions are NOT relative...*They are ABSOLUTE.

They..are OF/God..and ____ God,..*and therefore..God-like. way..of asking..*for something.
When..we said/that the medium of/miracles,..we also said that/the..only meaningful/*..forgiveness,..because those
who/have been..forgiven have everything.

Once forgiveness..has been accepted,..*prayer in
the usual sense..becomes utterly/without meaning..Essentially, a prayer/for more than..a request..that we may be able*to..recognize..*something we already/have.

In enact..the..ability/to perceive..*instead of
the..its passive..the will/to know, himself
in/a position..where he could..resemble/his Father..ONLY by perceiving*..the received revelations..miraculously...

*But/he..has..lost the knowledge..[and amazment
plus the recognition]..that he..himself..*is a miracle.
MIRACULOUS CREATION..was his/own causal.Source,.and also..his own real..intended function.

“God created/ his own image.and..likeness” correct in meaning,.but the words..are open to..considerable misinterpretation.
This is avoided,..however,..if..*“image” understood/to..mean “same motivational-thought,”[service]..and..“likeness” as “of a/like..quality.”

[use/uses][cause..of causes]..realization..
of the unseen via..revealing the you...
revealed by the light[E]..[not..the light[E}]..yet of..the light[E]

God DID..create the Son..*in His_own Thought,
and..of a..creative/curious/helpful..quality/ His own...

essentially..There..IS nothing else...
beyond..what..god makes perceived. impossible.. awareness/of
the concept of/perception..of..“more/same”..and..“less.”[lack]

Unless perception,/at every level,..*involves selectivity, is incapable..of organization...thhe recognitin..being percieved*
In all types/of perception,..there is a continual*process of accepting..and rejecting,[of organizing..and re-organizing,
and ..of shifting..and changing]

..focus...* an essential/aspect of
perception,..because/judgment..MUST be made for selection.

“Lack of lack” a concept/which is meaningless
to..that perceived,..because the ability/to perceive..*at all..RESTS ON perceiving..what is..the lack...[lacking]..or..more-over/welming.

What..* perceptions/if..there judgments,
and there is*nothing BUT/perfect equality?..Perception is automatically/useless.

Truth..can only/be KNOWN...All of/*true,
and..knowing..*any_part..of/it..IS to know..the qualities..*all of it.

Knowledge/transcends..*ALL_of/the-laws..which govern*perception. impossible...It
(i.e...the parts..have_NOT..separated.)..

are..really_one..with it..need..but/ less than/you are*
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 2 November 2013 7:29:43 PM
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You who/are really one with it..need/but
to/know YOURSELF.and your knowledge is complete...To*know God’s Him. the healing/of
the perception..of separation...from truth..Correct perception of necessary*..Only because minds..have willed/to see themselves..AS separate-beings...*Each Soul/knows God completely. This/IS..the miraculous power-of..the Soul.

The_fact..that every..*each Soul has/this power..completely
is a fact..that is..entirely alien..*to human/thinking, which
*if..any-ONE has everything,..there is nothing/LEFT.[material-limitations]

God’s miracles..are..*total..complete/of itself..
as..HIS/Thought,..simply..are..*because they ARE*..*His thoughts...
God..shines..through/in them..all..with perfect light...If they/recognize..this light..anywhere,..they

Revelation..cannot/be..explained,* Revelation/HAPPENS...naturally/constantly/eternally..It is*..the only REALLY..natural-happening, natural/nurture..[good/truth/gnosis]..of God.

As long/as perception lasts,..prayer has a place...Since perception rests-on lack,..those/who perceive..have not totally.accepted the Atonement..and given over..themselves to/its truth...

Perception/IS a..separated state,..of awareness..that..perceived..and the perceiver..DOES need healing...Communion,/not prayer, the natural state/of those..who know...true perceiving.

*God/and HIS..miracles are inseparable.
All words, best,..are preparatory...

*THE really..more..of/a..thought...
No* one/,because..a word is..a symbol,..but..unlike..a[bi] creation.

The original/namings..for..“thought”..and..“word”..
was/the same...[spiritually]..The quotation..[john 1]..should read

the..same..[thought]..was/with beginning
by thought..all..things were made..[and without thought..nothing was mad..for in thought..lies life..and the/same light[perceived revelatory-thought]....was the light..of men.

[and the thought[light], darkness..
yet the darkness..[word] NOT*

“In the/beginning..was the..thought,..*
and..the thought...was with God,..and..the thought..*WAS/of Good.”..How beautiful..indeed are the thoughts/of God,..who live-in..His his light..and of his REASON..

Your worth/is is beyond doubt.
Do-not..perceive different lights...KNOW the-One Light,..where/the miracle..which...*is perfectly clear.[not the stains..of the soul..nor of the flesh*..]

Posted by one under god, Sunday, 3 November 2013 4:42:48 AM
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The prerequisites..for thought-therapy[revelation]..
must include..the following conditions:

The procedure must involve..the recognition/rather than
the denial..of the importance/of any thought.

The exact equality..of everyone who is involved.[This/must..include Me.]..*No one is either..therapist or patient...(B. should/add “nor*teacher or pupil.”)

Above all..EVERYONE involved..must-want*to*give-up
everything..that is..NOT true...The reason/for the..negative
emphasis*implies something..HAS gone/wrong. Even..though/*to..correct/those who-are..ill[who ARE negative...] EXACTLY/the same-as..all other/forms..of miracle-working. It/has no separate-laws..of its/own...All of/the points..that were given/for miracles..apply to therapy..because,*UNLESS therapy proceeds..from miracle-mindedness, CANNOT heal.

The therapist..(hopefully)..does have/the role..of being/the better perceiver...(This is/also,..yet-again..hopefully,/true of the well)..It does/not follow..that the better knower.

Temporarily,..the therapist/or..teacher can/
straightening out..twisted perceptions,..which is/also..the only role that..I would..ever contribute/myself...*All therapy..should
try to/place..EVERYONE the/right..frame of mind/to help one another.

It is/essentially..a process..of true courtesy,
including/ Me...Any form..of mental illness..can truthfully be/ an expression.of viciousness.[We said before..that those who are*afraid..are apt to/be..vicious...If we were people’s..misperceptions of us,..they could not..possibly affect/ all.

There is little-doubt..that you/can explain..your
present absolutes/ used
to you,..but there/ wisdom in doing so...In fact,
the whole/historical approach..can called doubtful.

As you/have so..often said, one..has adopted
ALL of his parents’/attitudes as his/own...In every case,
there has-been..a long process of/choice, which..the individual has/escaped from-those..he himself vetoed,..while retaining those he voted FOR.

B. has/not retained..his parents political/beliefs, spite
of the particular..kind of newspapers/that..constituted their own this area...The reason..why/he..could do this was
because/he believed*..he was this area.

There must/be..some acute problem..OF HIS OWN..that would
make eager to..*accept their misperception..of his own worth.[values]..

This tendency...can always-be..regarded as/punitive...
It cannot/be the inequality..of the strengths..of parents and children. never/more..than temporary,..and is..largely
a matter..of maturation..and thus/mental-physical difference...It does/not..last..unless it_is..held onto.

When B’s..father..came/to..his new\office..and
“destroyed”, apparent ..that B.*MUST/have..been willing/to..let it-be..destroyed.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 3 November 2013 5:09:29 AM
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there are..theories which affirm..that knowledge..can
come/to people..without any effort on their part,..that
they can..acquire sleep...

The very/existence..of such/ additional explanation..of..why knowledge..cannot..* be as true[good]..know-ledge.

At..the same/ is essential/to..understand that man's independent..efforts to/attain..anything in/this..direction..can also give/no results.

A man/can..only/ lived experiences

knowledge..cannot/be force to I have already said, unprejudiced/survey..of the average/man's-life,
of what..he chooses..what..fills his day..and of/the things..he is interested in, to accuse men..*who possess/knowledge..of concealing it,..of not wishing/to..give people,..[as..its/not certain..lived/knowing]
..or..of/not teach people..what they..*know..themselves.

"He..who wants knowledge..must..of himself..make the initial/efforts to find..the source/of..knowledge..and/to approach it,..taking advantage/of..the help..and indications/which are..given to all,

but/which people, a rule, not want*to..see..or recognize.

Knowledge..cannot come..*to people..without effort..[willing of their conscious awareness]..on/their..own part...where the beam/tilts

The..many times..that he/has commented..on this/event
alone..would suggest..that..he..himself accords..the..extreme importance..of this..misrepresentation/ his/own distorted thinking.

Why should..anyone obvious
much power?..There cannot/be..any real justification..for it,
because..even B...himself/recognized..the real..problem by saying “How could/he do..this/”
The HE...didn’t.
[use..the see the miracle..]

B...has..a very/ ask..of this connection...We said..before..that/the purpose..of/the..Resurrection was-to..“demonstrate/ amount/of misperception-has/any all..on a Son-of God.”[who-knows..only..good true/ non-judgmental/inocence]

This demonstration..EXONERATES..those who/misperceive,
*by..establishing/beyond doubt..that they*..have NOT hurt anyone.

B’s question,/which..he must*..ask himself/very honestly, whether he/is..willing to/demonstrate..that his/parents..have NOT*..hurt him. Unless he/is this,..he has-not..forgiven them.

The-essential/goal..of the same/as..that of*..knowledge. No one-can..survive/ long as/ see himself..*through..the eyes of others...*This will/always..put him-in a position..where..he..*MUST see different lights. create..the image..of their children,..though
they/may..perceive images..which they do*.create...*However,..as_we have..already said,..*you..are not* image.

thus..*If you/SIDE..WITH..image-makers,
you..are merely/being..idolatrous.

B...has no justification/whatever..for perpetuating
ANY..faux-image..of all...He is/ image.*Whatever is/true..of wholly benign...It is essential..that/he..*KNOW
this..about himself,..but/he cannot..*know it..while he/chooses* interpret/ BE hurt.[fear/falicy]

This/is..a peculiar kind-of..arrogance,..whose narcissistic perfectly/obvious...It endows..the/perceiver..with sufficient..*unreal strength/to make him over,..and..only/then acknowledges..the perceiver’s/miscreation.

There are times/when this..strange lack-of..real courtesy
appears to/be..a form/of humility...Actually, is
never/more..than simple-spite.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 3 November 2013 10:06:18 AM
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Bill,..your parents many ways,..but their perceive/was quite warped,..and their misperceptions stood/in...the way of..their..own knowledge...but..There is/no reason should/ the way..of yours.

It/is..still true/ believe
they DID/ you...yet..This your perception,..and/wholly destructive..of your knowledge...This is/not-only true..of your attitudes/toward..your parents,..but also/of..your mis-use/of..your friends.

You still/think..that you..MUST respond/to..their..errors AS_IF..they..were true...By reacting..self-destructively, are GIVING them/approval..[verification]..for..their misperceptions.

No-one..has the right/to..change himself..according/to..different circumstances...Only/his actions..are capable..of appropriate variation...His belief/in constant,..unless/it rests on perceptual..acuity..rather/than knowledge..of what..he is.

It is/your.DUTY to..establish..*beyond doubt..that you_are..*totally side/with..(identify/with)..anyone’s..misperceptions of you,..*including..your own.

If you/become-concerned..with totally/irrelevant factors,..such as the/physical condition..of the classroom,..or..the number of students,..even..the hour/of..the course,..and the many/elements may/ select..for a basis/for misperception, have lost/the knowledge..of what.ANY interpersonal relationship/is for.

It is..*NOT true/that..the difference/between
pupil..and lasting...They meet..IN ORDER/to abolish..the difference...between/them..At the-beginning,..since we/ time,..they come together..on the basis/of..inequality of..ability and experience.

The aim/of..the them more/of..what is temporarily
his...This process..has all/of..the miracle-conditions..we referred to-at..the beginning...The/teacher..or miracle worker) more/to those..*who have less,..bringing them/closer to/equality..with him, at/the..same time gaining..for himself.

The confusion/here i..s only..because/they do-not gain/the same things,..because they/do not..NEED the..same things...If they did, their..respective,..though/temporary..roles would/ conducive to mutual profit.

Freedom..from fear/ BOTH teacher
and pupil..ONLY if*.they either/their..needs
or..their positions/in..regard to-each terms..of higher and lower.

Presumably,..children/must learn..from parents...What parents learn merely of/a..different order...Ultimately,..there is/ order,..but this/involves..only knowledge.

Neither parents/nor children..can be said/to..HAVE knowledge,
or their/relationships..would/not exist.AS IF-they..were..on different-levels...The same/is true..of the/teacher..and the pupil.

Children/ authority-problem..ONLY if/they..believe
that their/ influenced/BY..the authority...This is/an
act/of will..on their part,..because/they are..electing to mis-perceive..the authority..and GIVE him/this power.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 3 November 2013 2:52:20 PM
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A TEACHER..with/an..authority/ merely..a pupil
who teach/others...because..his..will/has willed/wrong-creation.

He/ position
where..he can/be..misused..and misperceived.

This/makes him..resentful/of teaching,..because/of
what..he insists..was done/to him.

The..only way-out..of/this particular..aspect
[of/the desert] leave...The way/this
is release..EVERYONE involved, ABSOLUTELY/REFUSING to any/form..of honoring..further/misscreation/error.

Neither/teacher..nor learning
unless he/ as..means..of further/ attack.

If he/does this,..he will/be..imprisoned..whether he
actually teaches.or/learns,..or refuses/to-be..engaged in/the process at-all...The role of/a..teacher,..properly conceived,[realized] one of/leading..himself/and..others..out of/the desert...

The value/of this role..can hardly/be..underestimated,..if only because it/ which..I very gladly/ own life.

I have..repeatedly/asked..MY pupils to/follow me...This means
that, teachers,..they MUST/interpret I
do...I have/made..EVERY teach-you/*ENTIRELY without fear.

If listen, will/be..unable to avoid
the VERY/obvious..error..of perceiving/ a threat. hardly/ teaching is/a process..whose to..produce/learning.

*The ultimate/purpose..of ALL/ to abolish fear.
This/is that/knowledge..can happen...The role..of/the NOT/the role..of God...This confusion/is..all too frequently*made, parents,/teachers,/therapists,..and the clergy.

It/is..a real/misunderstanding..of both God..and His miracles...Any teacher..who believes/that fearful..*CANNOT learn because/ paralyzed...He also..cannot..really teach...fearlessness.

B...was quite-right/in..maintaining..that/this course
is..a/prerequisite..for his...However,/he was..really saying much more/than..that...The purpose..of/this..course IS/to
for knowledge...So its..the/only real/purpose..of any legitimate course...All/ a follow Me.

Whenever..anyone decides..that/he..can..function/ SOME roles but/..not in others,..he cannot..BUT/ make/a compromise..which/will..not work. under/the..misbelief..that/ coping/with..the fear problem/by..functioning as/an administrator..and as a teacher of interns,..but NOT/as..a teacher of students,..he/is..merely-deceiving
himself...He owes/himself..greater respect.

There is tragic as/the..attempt to/’s self, implies that/you perceive..yourself as so unworthy that/ for you..than truth.

Either you/ the/ properly fill,..or you cannot/function..effectively..*in any of them...*This/ all..or none decision..You CANNOT make/inappropriate..level of..distinctions/within-this choice.

You are..either/capable..or not.
This..does not..mean that/you..can DO..everything,/ does DOES mean/that you..are either.*totally/miracle-minded..or not...This NO compromise..whatever.

When..B. says/that..he cannot/teach,..he is making-the
same/mistake..that we spoke/of..before,..when/he if universal laws..applied to*..everyone/except him.

This is/not..only arrogant,..but patently/untrue...Universal laws
must/ him,..unless he/does..not exist.

We will/not argue..about this.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 3 November 2013 10:06:37 PM
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Every Soul God created is part of you, and shares His glory WITH you.
His glory belongs to Him, but it is equally YOURS.

There are no idolaters in the Kingdom, but there is great appreciation for every Soul which God created

Glory is your inheritance, given your Soul by its Creator, that you might EXTEND it. But if you hate part of your own Soul, ALL your understanding is lost, because you are looking on what God creates AS YOURSELF without love.

The peace of YOUR Soul lies in its limitlessness. Limit the peace you share, and your own Soul MUST be unknown to you. Every altar to God is part of your Soul, because the Light He created is One with Him.

You CANNOT sell your Soul, but you CAN sell your AWARENESS of it.

You cannot perceive the soul, but you will not KNOW it while you perceive anything ELSE as more valuable

The Holy Spirit is your strength because He perceives nothing BUT your soul as you. He is perfectly aware that you do NOT know yourselves, and perfectly aware of how to teach you what you are.

The Soul has been created. The body is a learning device FOR the mind.

the Soul is already perfect, and therefore does not require correction.

ONLY the mind is capable of illumination. The Soul is already illuminated

In the Creation, God projected his Creative Ability out of Himself toward the Souls which He created, and also imbued them with the same loving wish (or will) to create.

They heal because they deny body-identification and affirm Soul-identification.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 6:53:42 AM
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God's Sons..[lights]]..are
as they are as Souls.

if he the wrong voice,
he has LOST SIGHT*..of his Soul...BUT..He CANNOT ever-lose it,..
but he know it...It is therefore[thereby].LOST TO HIM,..*until he chooses truth..over self-delusion.

We have repeatedly..emphasized the/fact/..that one level
of the mind..*is not another...So/ is ..with/the ego..and the soul,..and with time..and eternity.

Eternity is an idea..of God, the soul*..understands it perfectly.

The Holy the mediator between/the
interpretations of the ego..[of man]..and..the knowledge..of the Soul.

Whenever you are not..wholely joyous, is because
you have..*reacted with a lack of some Soul..which God created.

Do not withhold your the Sonship,..or you withhold yourself from God...Selfishness is of the ego..but self-fulness is of the Soul because*..that is how..He created it's beiing.

The Holy the part of the mind..that lies between
the ego..and the Soul,..mediating between them..*ALWAYS IN FAVOR OF THE SOUL.

The soul KNOWS..that/the consciousness..of all/its brothers is included* its own, IT is included in God...*The power of the whole Sonship..AND OF ITS therefore its OWN fulness, rendering its Creation..and its creating..*equally whole and equal in perfection the OPPOSITE of loss,
as the opposite of sacrifice...our inner-Being MUST be extended..outwards...That is how it retains*.the knowledge of itSELF.

The soul yearns to share*..ITS ITS Creator did.
Created BY sharing,..its will is to create...It does NOT wish to CONTAIN God,..but to EXTEND..HIS BEING.

The extension of God's the Soul’s only function.
ITS fulness cannot be contained..any more than constrained..the fulness of its Creator...fullness IS extension...oof miraculous creations via revelations.

YOU may..*not know..even/your own creations,..but this
can no more interfere..with their reality..than your unawareness of your Soul..can interfere..with its being.

Your creations love your Soul
loves your Father..FOR THE GIFT OF..your CREATION.

It becomes ONLY a means/ which the part..of the mind which
you have separated..from your Soul..will/can..reach beyond its ego-distortions..and..return to the ergo-Soul.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:07:28 AM
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Against this sense of temporary existence,
the Soul offers the knowledge of permanence and unshakeable BEING.

You cannot conceive of the real relationship that exists between God and His Souls, because of the hatred you have for the Self you have made.

In the ego's language, to have and to be are different, but they are identical to the Soul.

In every case you have thought wrongly about some Soul that God created, and are perceiving images your ego makes in a darkened glass.

The ego and the Soul DO NOT KNOW each other.

I am conditioning you to associate misery with the ego, and joy with your *Soul*

the Soul reacts in the same way to everything it know is true, and does not respond at all to anything else.

Existence is SPECIFIC in how, what, and with whom communication is worth undertaking. Being is completely without these distinctions. It is a state in which the mind IS in communication with everything that is real, including its own Soul.

Remember that the Soul knows no difference between being and having. The higher mind thinks according to the laws which the Soul obeys, and therefore honors only the laws of God.

Having everything, the Soul HOLDS everything by GIVING it, thus creating as the Father created.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:08:26 AM
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Listen only to God, who is as incapable of deception as are the Souls he created.

Of your egos you can do nothing to save yourselves or others. But of your Souls you can do everything for the salvation of both. Humility is a lesson for the ego, not for the Soul. The Soul is beyond humility, because it recognizes its radiance, and gladly sheds its light everywhere.

I need devoted teachers as much as I need devoted priestesses. They both heal the mind, and that is always my own aim. The Soul is far beyond the need of your protection OR mine.

Man reacts to his ego much as God does to His Souls,-- with love, protection, and great charity.

The ego's ceaseless attempts to gain the Soul’s acknowledgement and thus establish its own existence are utterly useless. The Soul in its knowledge is unaware of the ego.

While the ego is equally unaware of the Soul, it DOES perceive itself as rejected by something which is greater than itself.

Salvation is nothing more that "right-mindedness" which is NOT the one-mindedness of the Soul, but which must be accomplished before one-mindedness can be restored.

The Christ Mind wills from the Soul, not from the Ego, and the Christ Mind IS yours.

You, too, have a Kingdom which your Soul has created. It has not ceased to create because your ego has set you on the road of perception. Your Soul’s creations are no more fatherless than you are. Your ego and your Soul will never be co-creators, but your Soul and YOUR Creator will ALWAYS be.

It should be quite apparent to you by now why the ego regards the Soul as its "enemy." The ego arose from the Separation, and its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in the Separation.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:09:19 AM
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Each Soul..knows God completely...This IS the miraculous power/of the Soul...The fact..that every..[each]Soul this power completely* a fact that is entirely human thinking,[in which..*if any ONE has everything,.there is nothing LEFT.]

Eating of the a symbolic expression for incorporating..into the self the ability.for self-creation...This is the ONLY which God..and His souls are NOT co-creators.

You and B...still believe you/are images..of your own creation.
You are split..with[from]..your own Souls on this point,..and there is NO resolution,..because you believe..the one thing..*that is literally INCONCEIVABLE...thus clearly faulse

That is why/your Souls are peace,
even though your minds..are in conflict.

But to be the RIGHT sense
is to be inspired,..or in the Soul...The truly inspired are enlightened,..and cannot abide in darkness.

He can speak..from his Soul..*or from his ego, he chooses...If he speaks..from his Soul,
he has chosen to.."be still..and know that I am God."..These words are inspired,..*because they come..*from KNOWLEDGE.

Your real worth..IS your..divine authorship,..and your Soul is its acknowledgment...I cannot guide..your egos..*EXCEPT as you associate them with your Souls.

Every symptom..which the ego has made..involves a contradiction in terms...This is because..the mind is split between the ego and the Soul, that WHATEVER the ego/makes is incomplete..and contradictory.

NOTHING..can reach the Soul..*from the ego,
and nothing..FROM the Soul can..strengthen the ego,..or reduce the conflict..*within it.

They are fundamentally..irreconcilable
because..the Soul cannot perceive,..*and the ego cannot know.

true learning..DOES lead to the
relinquishment..(NOT destruction)..of the the light of the Soul.[revelations]

Your NEVER at stake..*because God did not create it.
Your Soul..*is never at stake..because He DID.

YOU are part of reality,..which stands unchanged..beyond the reach of your ego,..but within easy reach of your Soul.

The word "inevitable" fearful to the ego,
but the Soul...God IS inevitable..and you CANNOT avoid Him anymore..than/that He can avoid YOU.

The afraid of the Soul’s joy,
because..once you have experienced this, will withdraw all protection from your ego..and become totally without investment in fear.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:18:17 AM
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God created He could depend on them
BECAUSE..He created them perfectly.

Your NOT serving your Soul.

If you believe..that all of the Souls that God created
ARE His Sons,..and if you also believe..that the Sonship is One,
then every Soul..MUST be..a Son[light]..of God ,..or an integral part of the Sonship.

NOTHING..can prevail against..a Son of God who commends
his Spirit..into the hands of His Father...By doing this,.the mind awakens..from its sleep,..and the Soul remembers..its Creator...All sense of Separation disappears,..and level confusion vanishes.

Most of the now possesses..are only shadows of his real strengths...The Soul knows,..loves,.and creates...These are its unequivocal functions.

The Soul..does not..need healing,
but..the mind DOES.

The mind returns its proper function
only when it WILLS..TO KNOW...This places it/in the Soul’s service, where meaningless.

The mind..DID divide itself..when it create
its own levels..[of reality]..*AND the perceive them.[his own..misscreations]..But it could NOT.*entirely separate itself from the Soul,..because it is FROM..the Soul that it..derives its whole power to create...*Even in miscreating,..our/free-will is affirming its source,..or it would merely/cease to be...This is impossible, IS part of the Soul,..which God created,..and which is therefore eternal.

God and the Souls/He created surety,
and therefore KNOW..that no miscreation exists.

But I was..a man
who remembered the Soul..and its knowledge.
I demonstrated both..the powerlessness of the body..AND the power of the mind, uniting MY will..with that of my Creator,..which naturally remembered the Soul..and its own real purpose.

The Soul’s functions.are NOT relative...*They are ABSOLUTE.
They are OF..God and_under_God,..and therefore God-like.

It aid to the his own creative endeavors.
As he made new homes..[bodies]..for Souls..and guided them..thru the period of their own developmental readiness,[via spiritual-evolution]..he learned the role of the father himself.

God and the Souls..He created ARE..symbiotically related...*They are COMPLETELY dependent..*on each other...The creation of the Soul itself..*has already been perfectly accomplished,..but the creation..*BY Souls has not.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:28:46 AM
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Lee Flynn

We have also emphasized that man, insofar as the term relates to Soul, has not only been fully Created, but also been created perfect. There is no emptiness in him. The next point, too, has already been made, but bears repetition here. The Soul, because of its own likeness to its Creator, is creative. No Child of God is capable of losing this ability, because it is inherent in what he IS.

The Revelation unites Souls directly with God.

The Miracle unites Souls directly with each other.

Revelations induce complete but temporary suspension of doubt & fear. They represent the original form of communication between God and His Souls,

The Soul never loses its communion with God

If a mind creates without love, it can create an empty shell. This CAN be possessed by evil. But the Atonement restores the Soul to its proper place

The miracle restores the Soul to its fullness

The soul is in a state of grace forever.

Man's reality is ONLY his soul.

Therefore, man is in a state of Grace forever

The Soul is therefore unalterable because it is ALREADY perfect, but the mind can elect the level it chooses to serve.

Free will is the attribute of the mind, NOT the Soul. The Soul always remains changeless, because it never leaves the sight of God

The mind, if it votes to do so, becomes a medium by which the Soul can create along the line of its own creation

if a mind (Soul) is in valid relationship with God, it CAN'T be upside down

Sex was intended as an instrument for physical creation to enable Souls to embark on new chapters in their experience
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 7:32:20 AM
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Descartes a very interesting..teaching procedure,..and one..from which he/himself..learned a great deal...He began with doubting..the existence of everything,.except/himself.

He insisted..that his own existence..*was not open to doubt,
and..rebuilt his entire/thought-system..on the one..premise
\*“I think,..therefore I am.”*/

It is noteworthy..that he arrived at accepting the entire system
which..he originally doubted],..[solely..on the basis..of this
ONE piece..of..known/know-ledge...

There was,..however,..a distinct his own perception.
He/no longer really questioned..the reality..of what he perceived, because he KNEW..he was/there...witnessing...its real/being.

We mentioned..before not too/sure of this,
and why..we suggested/that he concentrate on..replying..the imp0licite question..with an..affirming reply

\*“Lord, I am.”*/

A un* be effective
unless he*begins..with..the simple truth..of simply.,BEING THERE.

B,..this is/not to question...You will..lose all your
fear..of teaching..and relating..[in any form]..once you know..*who you..really[essentially/ essence]..are.

There is-no point..whatever/in the prison
of believing..that up to you...*You do-NOT..exist
in different-lights...[visualizations/aspects]..It is..this belief which/has..confused you..about your own reality.

Why/would you want to..remain so yourself?
We have..already discussed/the Last some..though insufficient detail...After.the Last Judgment,*..there isn’t any more.

This is symbolic..only/in..the sense that much better off..WITHOUT judgment...When
the Bible says..“Judge not that/ not judged” means that if* judge..the
reality of all, will be..unable* avoid judging..your a different measure*

The judge/rather..than know*
has been..the/cause of..the loss of peace.

Judgment is..the process..on which perception
*but not..[re]-cognition/rests...We covered this..before
in terms..of selectivity...Evaluation was that be
its obvious prerequisite.

Judgment*..*ALWAYS involves rejection.
It is not* ability..which emphasizes ONLY/the positive-aspects
of what/is..ill-judged,..whether it out of the self...However,..what/has been perceived*..and rejected,..(or judged and.found wanting).;remains in the/unconscious...simply..*because it/HAS*been..perceived.

Watson had/a very relevant notion..of the this connection...In fact, was
so relevant..that he dropped officially*out of accord with Behaviorism.

He was right..on both counts.

Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 5 November 2013 3:43:17 PM
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One..of the illusions..from which human/'perception suffers
is perceives/and..*judges..against..has no effect.

This..cannot be true,..*unless man..also believes
that/what..his judgment vetoes..does not exist...He evidently..does not believe/this,..or he..would not/have judged..against it...*It does/not..really matter/in..the end,..whether ..judge right..or

Either way, sand/placing..your belief..[in the un-real.]..
This/ judgment, IMPLIES..the belief..that choose FROM*.

Neither of/you..has any idea..of/the tremendous release..and deep peace..that comes/from meeting yourselves..and your brothers*..totally without judgment.

If you/will..look/back at..the earlier notes..about what you
and..your brothers ARE, will realize that/judging any really/without meaning...In fact,..their lost/to you*precisely..*because you ARE..judging them.

All uncertainty..comes/from..a totally fallacious
belief..that you/are..under the..*coercion/of..judgment..You/do
not..need organize your/life,..and organize yourselves...back..into atonment. look/upon..knowledge,..all judgment/is..
automatically-suspended,..and this/is..the process..that enables recognition/to REPLACE..perception...Man is/very..fearful of
everything..he..*has miss-perceived..and..accordingly..refused to accept.

He believes..that..*because/he has
refused-to..accept it,..that..he has..lost control..over it...This
is why..he sees it/in..nightmares,..or/in..pleasant what seems* be..happier dreams.

*Nothing..that you/have..refused to
accept..can-be/brought..into awareness.
It..does NOT follow..that.,.it is..dangerous.
But it/DOES follow..that you..have made/it..dangerous.. feel..tired,
have judged* capable/of..being tired. laugh at
you..have debased. laugh/at..yourself, are..singularly..likely
to others,..if only cannot tolerate..being more..debased..THAN others...All/of..this does..make you..feel/tired,
[emotionally drained/spent] is..essentially disheartening.

You..are not/really..capable of..being tired, capable..of wearying..yourselves.
The strain..of constant/ virtually/intolerable.

It is..a curious thing/that any..ability..which is
so debilitating;..should be/so deeply..cherished.
held so dear..bought upon/ dearly..
thus..clearly earned.

But..there is..a..very good/reason..for this.
(This,..however,..depends..upon mean/by good.) author of..your-reality,..which is
totally*..impossible anyway,..then you/will..insist..on judgment.

You..then..will/also to-use..the term.;.with..considerable fear
and..believe/that..*judgment..will/ used..against you...To whatever/extent..*it IS/used against you, is..*due ONLY*to..*your its a weapon/of defense..for/your own authority.

The issue..of really..a question/of authorship. individual..has a..“authority problem,” because/he..believes..he is/the author..of himself,..and
resents..his own projection/ share/his delusion..

in this respect...He then perceives/the one
in which..two people/are literally..fighting for/his..own authorship.
This* fundamental error..of/all..those..who believe/they have usurped*..the power off..God*
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 6 November 2013 1:53:53 PM
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"People understand..what..'knowledge'..means.
And..they understand/the possibility..of different levels..of knowledge...They understand/that knowledge..may be..relevent..toa geater..or lesser..purpose,..that is/to say,..being..of one quality or..of another quality.

But..they do/not..understand relation/to..'being.'..

'Being,'..for them,..means simply..'existence'

knowledge..exists..with/,.. opposed..[justly..'non-existence.'] understand..that being..or existence may be
of very..different levels..and categories...Take for instance the being..of a mineral..and of a plant...It is a different being...The being..of a plant..and of an again a different being.

The being..of an animal..and of a an/other..different being. But..the being..of two people..can one another..more than the being..of a mineral..from/that..of an animal-being.

This is exactly..what people do/not understand...And
they do not understand..that knowledge..depends on..the being...Not only do/they not understand..this latter but..they not wish to understand/it...And Western culture. is/considered that..a man may possess/great knowledge,
for example..he may be/an able-scientist,..even/make discoveries, advance science,..and at the same time/he may be,..*and has/the right to be,..a petty,egoistic,caviling,mean,envious,vain,naive,..and absent-minded.

"And is/his being...And people..think/that
his knowledge..does not depend..on his being...People/of Western culture..put great value..on the level of/a man's knowledge..but they do/not value..the level of a man's-being..and are/not ashamed..of the low level/of..their own being...They do/not..even understand..what it means...And they/do not..understand..that a man's/knowledge*depends on the/level..of his being.
"If knowledge..gets far ahead/of being, becomes
theoretical..and abstract..and life,.,.or actually harmful,..because..instead of serving/life..and helping people..the better/to struggle..with the difficulties..they meet, begins/to's life,..and/brings new difficulties..into it, troubles..and calamities..which were not there before.

"The reason..for this/is..that knowledge[which is/not]in accordance with being..cannot be..large enough for,..or sufficiently/suited to, man's..real immediate/needs.

It will/always be..a knowledge..of one thing
together with/ignorance..of another thing;
a knowledge..of the detail/without..a knowledge of/the whole;..a knowledge..of..*the form[without a knowledge/of..the essence].

"Such preponderance..of knowledge..over observed/in present-day..culture...The idea of/the..value and importance..of the level/of completely forgotten...And it/is..forgotten that/the level determined by/the level..of being. a given/level..of being
the possibilities..of knowledge..are limited...and finite..Within
the limits..of a given-being..the quality..of knowledge/cannot be changed,..and the accumulation..of information..of one/and..the same nature,..within already/known limits,..alone is possible.

A change in/the nature..of possible
only..with a change/in..the nature..of being.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 6 November 2013 3:28:13 PM
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" itself,..a man's/being..has many..different/sides...The most..characteristic feature..of a modem the absence of* him..

and,..further,..the absence/in..him of..even traces of those properties..which..he most/likes himself,..that is, 'lucid-consciousness,'..'free-will,'..a 'permanent.ego..or I,'..and the ' do.'

It may..surprise you..if/I..say that/the chief feature..of/a..modem man's-being..which explains/everything-else..that/is sleep.

"A/modern sleep,
in sleep..he dies...

About sleep,..its significance..just think..of/one thing,..what knowledge..can..a sleeping-man have?

And..if you/think about it..and at the same time
remember..that chief feature..of/our being, once become/ you that..if/a man..really wants knowledge,..he must first of all..think to wake,..that is,..about change..his very-being.

"Exteriorly man's being..has many different sides:..activity or passivity;..truthfulness..or a tendency to lie;..sincerity or insincerity;..courage,/cowardice; self-control,..profligacy; irritability,..egoism,/readiness for..self-sacrifice,..pride,vanity, conceit,..industry,..laziness,.morality,.depravity;...all these and much more/besides..make up the being..of man.

"But..all/ entirely/mechanical..*in man.
If he lies..*it means..that he cannot*help lying...If he
tells..the means that..he cannot help..telling the truth, it is.with everything.

*Everything happens,..a man/can do nothing
either in himself..or outside himself.

"But of course..there are limits..and bounds...Generally speaking, the being..of a modem of very/inferior quality..But it can be of/such bad quality..that no change is possible.

This must/ remembered...People whose being
can changed..are very lucky...But there are people
who are definitely diseased, broken machines..with whom nothing..can be done...And such..beings..are in the majority...

If you think/of will understand..why only few/can receive..any real knowledge...Their being..[their own..misscreations]..prevents it.

"Generally speaking,..the balance/between..knowledge..and being
is..even more important..than/a separate development..of either one or..the other...And..a separate development..of knowledge..or of not desirable..*in..any way...

* is precisely this one-sided development..that often/seems..particularly attractive to people.

"If knowledge..outweighs being/
a man knows..but has/no power of do...It useless knowledge...On the..other hand..if being outweighs/knowledge..a man has the power to do,..but does not know,..that is,..he can do something..but does/not know..*what to do.

The being..he has acquired..becomes aimless
and..his futile efforts..made to attain it..prove to be..equally/useless.

"In the history of humanity..there are known..many examples where entire civilizations..have perished because..knowledge outweighed their being..or their being..outweighed..the knowledge."

"What are..the results..of the development..of
the line..of knowledge..without being,..

or the development..of the line..of being without knowledge?"
"The development..of the line of knowledge without the line of being gives..a man who knows..a great deal..but can/do nothing,[change nothing]..
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 6 November 2013 4:00:30 PM
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The very frightening to them,
but hardly troubles all...He is,..however,
eager to undo it,..*not to punish His children,..but ONLY..because He knows that it's misscreations[the root of all evil]..makes
them unhappy.

Souls were given.their own true authorship,..and then men
preferred to/remain anonymous..when..*they chose to separate themselves..FROM their Author.*..The/word..“authority”..has been one of their..most fearful symbols..ever since.

Author-ity..has/been used..for..deliverance..of great cruelty, because, uncertain of/their..*true Authorship,
miss-believe/that their creation..was anonymous...

This has left them in a position..where it SOUNDS/ consider the miss-probability..or even..mere possibility*..that they..*must have created themselves.

The dispute/over author-ship..has left such
the minds of man..that some/people..have gone so far doubt whether..they were..*ever created at all...Despite the/apparent this position,.it is in/one sense..more tenable than the view that/they created themselves.

At least, acknowledged..the fact..that*necessary for existence...Only those..who give over..any/or all reject can KNOW..that their own rejection is/impossible.

You have not usurped..the power of God,..but you HAVE lost it...simply by misscreating a faulse cause..Fortunately,.when you lose something,..this does not mean..that the..true/something has gone...It merely/means..that YOU*do/not..know..where it..truth is.

thus..does not depend-on..*your
identify it,..or even to re-place it's Honoria...It is perfectly look on*..reality*without judgment,..and merely to KNOW it is..there.[here].[now]

By knowing this, are..not/doubting..its reality at all. a natural heritage..of the Soul...*Everyone is free to accept his/inheritance,..but he is*NOT establish what*..his inheritance IS.

The problem which/everyone..MUST the
fundamental question..of..*his own authorship...

All fear comes
ultimately,..via the miscreations wrought by our-self..and
sometimes by..way of very..devious half hearted routes,..which ever/further away..from the truth..thus even further..from our father..simply by the denial..of Authorship.

The never to God,..but the denier himself.
He has thrown/away the..reason for his own peace,..and sees himself pieces...and never as we all truly are..[vital pieces]..

This strange mis-perception..IS an
author-ity problem..It is also..the basis for
cast-ration anxiety,..since both..forms of error..are/fundamentally the same...

[to..cut/off..what only..the truth knows..
just to spite..the farce..[face-saving]
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 6 November 2013 11:00:26 PM
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Neither you..nor B. can find peace..while this authority problem continues...But..the/truth is still..that there IS no problem about this...There is/no man/who..does not feel..that/he is imprisoned in some way.

If this..has been/the result..of his own free will,..he must
regard his will.*as if it..were NOT free,..or..the ill-begotten fruits..of obviously..circular/reasoning..of his own/position would be quite..apparent.

*Free will*..MUST lead to freedom.*
nothing less is fair..Judgment..always imprisons,..our very soul separates/into segments..of reality..according to highly unstable..scales of desire.

*Wishes*..are not facts,*
To to imply that..our mind/simply not sufficient...However, one really/believes that..what is wished for
is as what is

Instead of..“seek you..first the/Kingdom of Heaven”
say..“Will ye first..the Kingdom of Heaven,”..and you/have said “I
know..what I am,..and I will*to own inheritance.”

It is ESSENTIAL..that this whole..authority_problem
needs be....voluntarily dismissed at once..and for all time...before B’s course. Neither of important..this is for your..own self-sanity...

You are both.quite insane on..this point.
(This is not..a judgment...It is merely a fact.]

(No, Helen, SHOULD use the word..“fact”.
This is much a God is...A fact

this self recognition..of literally..the proper foundation..the..“making” for..a sure sound starting point.

You DO start..from this point,..and your thinking
is inverted..because of it.)..but..Every system..of thought MUST have a..sure starting point...It begins with..either a making..or a/creating,..a difference..which we have already covered.

Both.are acts of will,..except/that making involves doing,
and creating..involves active willing...Their resemblance lies
in..their power..*as FOUNDATIONS...Their difference..lies in what rests..*upon them.*

Both/are cornerstones..for systems of which men live.
It is a believe that.a thought-system..*which is based on lies is weak.

*NOTHING.*made by a child of without power.
It is absolutely*essential..that you/realize this,..*because will not understand...why you have so much trouble
with this course, and will be*..unable to escape from..the prisons you*have..(made)*created/for yourselves.

(The use.of creative/here an error.
You should/have said/made..for/yourself.)

You have both made..the error of/the psychotherapist
we some detail/before,..and it is particularly serious at/*this time.

*You..cannot resolve your authority problem
by depreciating..the power..*of your minds.

If This..can hurt you..if you misuse it,..because
you strength.

You..also know..that you*CANNOT weaken it
anymore than you..can weaken God.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 6 November 2013 11:30:39 PM
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The whole which man/acts in a
way..he HIMSELF*.realizes* self destructive,..but which he does NOT correct, the cause as beyond his control.

We have discussed..the fall..or Separation before,..but
its meaning must be clearly/understood,..*without symbols.

*The NOT symbolic.*..It is an order..of reality,
for..a system of thought..that is PERFECTLY real..[in time]..,though not in Eternity...*All beliefs/are real..*to the believer.

The fruit..of only..ONE tree..
was..“forbidden” man/in his..symbolic garden...

*But God/could*not..have forbidden it,..or it
could*not..have*BEEN eaten...[God*knows..His children,
and..I assure you..he/would..NOT*have put position..where their own/destruction..was possible!

The..“tree”..which was forbidden..was correctly/named..“tree of
knowledge.”..Yet God created..knowledge,..and gave it..freely to His Creations...

The/ is open/to..many interpretations,..but you may/be..SURE..that any/interpretation..which perceives*..either God..OR His if..they were capable..of/destroying their own Purpose* wrong.

Eating..of the tree of a symbolic expression/for incorporating..into the/self..the ability..for self-creation...This is..the ONLY/ which God..and His souls are*NOT co-creators.

The belief..that they ARE..*is
the..“self-concept,”..a concept now/made its own WEAKNESS,..and explained/by..a tendency..of the create a self contained-IMAGE..of itself.

Its fear usually..ascribed/to..the..“father figure,” a particularly/interesting idea, view of/the fact..that nobody means..the physical the term.

It/refers surreal-IMAGE of..a father
in relation IMAGE..of the self.

Once again,..images are perceived,..NOT known.
Knowledge..cannot pre-deceive.. but/perception CAN.

Man can perceive..himself as self-creating,..but he..CANNOT do more
than BELIEVE it...He CANNOT make it true...I told you before that when*you finally/perceive correctly, can only/be GLAD YOU CAN’T.

But until then,..the belief that you/ the central your thought-system,..and all/your defenses are/used to attack..the very-ideas..which would bring light.

You..and B...still believe..that
you are images..of your own creation...You are split..with
you/own Souls..on this point,..and NO end-point..of true resolution, believe..the one literally INCONCEIVABLE. CANNOT..create,..and
are afraid make..or produce.

You,..Helen,..are CONSTANTLY arguing/about..
the author-ship*of..this course...This is
NOT humility; is a..REAL author-ity..problem.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 7 November 2013 12:17:36 AM
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You,..Bill,..really believe..that/ teaching/you..are assuming a dominant..or father role,..and that/the..“father figure”..will kill not..reality..nor..humility either.

Castration fears..are..a particularly..distorted..reflection
of the..real/'basic anxiety,..or..Separation fear...*The hype-notarized mind..can make..the Separation,..seem..VERY real..and VERY/fearful...And..this/belief..IS..the misscreation.

It is..thus..seemingly..powerful,active,destructive,..and/is God,/because it..literally denies..*His Fatherhood...Never underestimate..the power..of this denial.

simply..Look/at..your lives..and..see..what.."this devil"..has made. But..KNOW that/even..this making..will/surely the light of truth,..* lie.

Your creation/by
cannot/be shaken,..because the**IN it.*Your starting point IS..based-in..truth, MUST this..sure-Beginning.

Much/has been..perceived..since then,
but..see..nothing/else..has happened...That is why..*your Souls
are peace,..*even though..your..reactive/minds..are in conflict.

You have/not..yet gone/back far ENOUGH..and
that/is..why you..become so fearful...

As/you approach..nearer/the beginning, feel..the fear of/the destruction..of your errant/injurious/hurtful..thought-systems/fallin..upon you,..*as if it..were the fear..of death.

There..IS no death,..but there IS..a belief*/or death.[but something..never-real..cant really die.

The Bible..says that/the tree..that bears..
no fruit..will be cut off..and will wither away...Be

The light..WILL shine..from/the..true Foundation of Life,
and your*own..thought-systems/WILL stand corrected...They CANNOT stand otherwise...once..their illusion/becomes clear.

You..*who fear salvation..*are WILLING death...rather..than
admittance..of its..error....[Life..and death,..light..and darkness,
knowledge..and perception..are irreconcilable...opposites[both..cant be the same time.]

To believe..that THEY..*can be..reconciled is
to empower/the miss-believe..that God..and man..can NOT.

Only..the Oneness/ conflict..less.
[nothing untrue..may-be..conflict free]

Your..rightful/ not/of..this world..because
it was..given you..from BEYOND..this world...[is eternal.not subjective].

Only..IN this the idea*..of an
authors/authority problem..meaningful...The world is/not left
behind..simply/by..death..but..alone/by truth,..and truth CAN be all..of/those..*for whom the..eternal/infinite-Kingdom was
created,..*and for awaits.

( HS...You were/ like-wise..and de-voted..(two
words which..are literally/ the sense..that they truly bring/on..the ex-change/of one..and/other.)

in claiming..your scribal*functions
and late...You HAD/committed a serious
error..against your brother, who..had asked for.your help...A/devoted priestess..does not/do this...The Bible says/you should go..WITH a brother twice/as he asks...It certainly DOES*NOT..suggest that you..set him BACK..on his journey. a brother..CANNOT set/you back either.
It can..ONLY lead to mutual/progress...The result/of genuine devotion is inspiration,..a word which,..properly understood/is the OPPOSITE of fatigue...To be to be DIS-spirited,..but to be*IN..the spirit...flow of revelation.

To be..egocentric be de-spirited.
But to/ the RIGHT* to be in-spired,[or in..the Soul-zone]...

The truly in-spired..are en-lightened,..and cannot/abide..*in darkness.[as the smallest light/love/grace/mercy..dispels the fear of the darkness

Do not..attempt to..break..*God’s copy*right,
because..His Author-ship..alone*..CAN copy/right...

Your own right authorship...does not lie..
in re-making..*His IN-spired/copies, origonal-creating
just..LIKE Him*.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 7 November 2013 7:02:24 AM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard ALWAYS..*an expression of..ego-centricity,.an association..which has/been..made before...*(Made,*..NOT created. This/kind of association..*is ALWAYS man-made).

Both of you..have completed..the SCT stem:..
When..I/was called on speak—with—“I became..embarrassed..and COULD/NOT SPEAK.” This should/be“Recognized/my Authorship.”

Tell B...that he cannot be embarrassed/by his own words
unless..he believes that..HE/is responsible for them...We
have already..corrected..“word”“thought,..[now concept]
and he..IS free to/allocate..the authorship..*for his he elects.

He can speak..from his Soul..or from
his ego,..precisely as he chooses...If he speaks
from his Soul.. he has chosen to..“be still and/know..that I am God.”

These words..*are inspired,
*because..they come*from KNOWLEDGE.

If he speaks..from his ego,..he is DISCLAIMING/knowledge
instead of..AFFIRMING it,true..and/is thus dis-spiriting..[extemporizing]..himself.

The dis-spirited/have no choice..*BUT to be..narcissistic,
and to/be narcissistic..IS to/place your the unworthy...Your real worth..IS your divine authorship,..and your
Soul/is..its acknowledgement.*

I cannot guide..your egos you
associate them/with your Souls...Attacking misidentification errors is neither..MY function nor YOURS...Destroying/the devil is a meaningless/undertaking.

Cervantes excellent symbolic account of
this procedure,..though..he did not understand..his own symbolism. The REAL point of/his writing was..that his.“hero” was a man who perceived himself as unworthy because/he .identified with/his ego and perceived its weakness.

He then..set alter..his/perception,..NOT/by
correcting..his mis-identification,..but by..behaving egotistically.

Chesterton excellent description of Cervantes..and his perception of his..“unheroic hero,”..a view of man..which the ego tolerates..all too frequently,.

but..*the Soul/NEVER countenances:

Do-not embark..on foolish/journeys
because..they vain.

The ego..will them..because/the ego
IS both...lean..and..foolish...but.the Soul..CANNOT*embark on
them is..forever.Unwilling/to depart..from its firm/sure..Foundation.

The..journey to..the/cross foolish/journey..for..every-mind.

Do-not dwell..upon it,..but dismiss accomplished...
If/you..can YOUR OWN..*last foolish/journey,* join..My Resurrection.

Human living..has indeed..been needlessly/ self-perpetuating/repetition..of.illusory compulsion...It re-enacts the Separation,..the abandonment..of power,..the foolish
journey..of the reparation,..and finally the crucifixion..of the body,..or..illusionism..of death.

Repetition compulsions..can be endless,..unless they/are
given up..*by an act of will,/or,..more active miss-creation...

*Do not make..the pathetic human error..
of “clinging/to..the old rugged cross.”..The only message
of the in respect..for man’s*..willed for..ability to OVERCOME*..the cross...*Unless..[until]..he does so,..he to crucify him* often/as he chooses.

*But this..was NOT*..the gospel I offer him.
We have..yet..another journey to undertake,..and I hope that,.*if both of you..will read...*these notes*carefully*,..they will prepare undertake it.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 7 November 2013 7:34:42 AM
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We have spoken..of many different human symptoms,..and at this level there..IS almost/endless variation...But there is only* cause..*for all of them.

The authority-problem IS..“the root..of all evil”.
Money is..but one of..its many reflections,..and is a reasonably
representative example..of the kind of thinking..which stems from it.

The idea..of buying/and selling..implies precisely the kind of exchange..that the Souls..*cannot understand at/all*..because their own always abundant,..and all their demands are fully met.

Every symptom..which the ego has made..involves a contradiction in terms...This is/because..the mind is split between the ego..and the Soul, that WHATEVER the ego..makes is incomplete and contradictory.

Consider what a..“speechless professor”..means/as a concept.
It literally means..a “non-professing professor,”..or a “nonspeaking speaker”.

professors..*must be actively..profession..
or they are but..salt..[that has lost/its taste]

Untenable positions such as this..are the result of the authority problem, which,..*because it..accepts the one*inconceivable its..base-premise,..*can only produce ideas/which are inconceivable.

B...may claim..(and has certainly/done the past)
that the/PROFESSORSHIP..was thrust upon him...This is/not true. He wanted it..very much,..and..also worked get it.

He would/not have..had to work so hard either,
if he had..not/misunderstood it's service..with other...

The term..“profess” used quite/frequently in the Bible,..but
in a somewhat different/context...To*to identify..with an idea..and offer the be THEIR/own.

The idea does/NOT lessen; becomes STRONGER.
The teacher clarifies..his own/ideas and strengthens them..BY teaching them...

Teacher and pupil,..therapist and patient,..are all alike in the learning process...They/are in the SAME order of learning,..*and unless they..*SHARE their lessons..they will lack/conviction.

If a salesman..must the product he sells,..
how much more must..a teacher the ideas which he professes...

But he needs..another condition;..he must*..also the whom he offers his ideas*

B...could not be afraid to teach..unless he still believes that interaction means loss,..and that learning..means separation...

He stands guard*..over his own..miss-conceived/ideas,..because he
wants to protect..this thought-system..*as it is,..and learning MEANS change.

Change is*always the separated,[dived..of mind]
because they cannot conceive..of it as a change..*toward/HEALING the separation...They ALWAYS..MISS_perceive a change for further separation,..because separation..*WAS..*their first experience of change.

Bill,..your..*whole-fear..of teaching[professing] nothing*but an example..of your/own intense*separation anxiety,..which you_have handled..with..the*usual series..of mixed defenses..[your OWN*miss-creations]

in/the..ill-conceived/combined pattern..of attack..on truth..
and defense..of error, which/characterizes..ALL/ego-biased non-thinking.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 10:00:32 AM
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You insist..WRONGLY..that..*if you enter
into your EGO,..that..your SOUL..will find..peace...somehow*

This..profound/ possible only if one maintains
that..the SAME thought-system..can stand..on two foundations.

NOTHING can reach..the Soul..from the ego,..and
nothing /FROM the Soul..*can strengthen/the ego,..or reduce the conflict..within it.

The ego..IS a contradiction.
Man’s self..and God’s Self opposition... miss-creation, will,..and in..divergent-outcome's..both truth..and false.

They are/fundamentally irreconcilable.because the Soul cannot perceive,..error..and the ego cannot know..any..but truths it has biased towards self.

They are..therefore..NOT IN COMMUNICATION,
and..can never communication.[light/dark..dont_mix]

Nevertheless the ego..can learn,..because its maker
can be misguided,..but CANNOT..make the totally/[out/of..the life-given].

The Soul..need not be taught,.but the ego*MUST...

The ultimate reason why learning..or teaching is perceived as because..eternally true learning..DOES lead to the relinquishment..over..(NOT destruction of]the ego..[darkness of self] the light/of the Soul.

This is...the change..the ego ..MUST fear, does/not share..the clarity..only charity.

My lesson..was like yours,..and
because..I can teach it.

I never..attack your/egos..(in spite of..H’s strange beliefs/to the contrary),..but I DO try to..teach them..*how their/miss-thought-systems..many/have arisen.

When..I remind you..of your..TRUE perfect-Creation,..
your egos..cannot..BUT respond..with fear.

Bill,..teaching..and learning are..your greatest strengths
now,..because..*you MUST..change/your mind..and help others..change theirs....

It is refuse

to tolerate change..or changing..only..because you believe..[fear]..that you only ..can that the Separation/never occurred.[the first.WILL BE LAST..remember*]

The dreamer..who doubts.the reality..even..of his/own-dream..
while he is still is not really..healing the mind to mind-level-split...underpinning the separateness.

You HAVE dreamed of..a separated ego,
and you HAVE a world..which/rested upon it.
thus..This is..very real to you...You cannot..undo doing nothing and not/changing.

If you are renounce the role of guardians
of your them to me,..I will correct them very gently,..and lead you home.[under grace/mercy..peace]

Every good teacher..hopes to give his much of
his own thinking..comforts.[com-fortable/com-fort-ing]..that they day no longer..*need him...This is the one real goal of the parent,.teacher,.and therapist.

This goal..will not/ achieved by those who believe that they will LOOSE..their child or pupil..position..or patient if*..they succeed.

thats the..clear error.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 10:28:34 AM
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those..who miss-believe..that they will LOOSE
their child..or pupil..or patient ..patent/power or position..if..they succeed...clearly failtheir profession.

It convince..the ego of this,
because it goes..against all ..of its own*laws...But remember..
that laws..are protect..the continuity of/the which..*the law-maker believes.

It is.natural enough..for the ego to protect itself,..once YOU
have made NOT natural..for YOU to want/to obey its laws..*unless YOU believe/in them.

The ego..cannot make..this choice
because..of..the nature..of its origin.

But YOU can,..because of the nature of YOURS.
Egos can clash in any situation,..but Souls cannot clash/at all.

If you perceive..a merely a..“larger ego,” WILL be afraid,..because to/ENLARGE an eg..IS to increase separation anxiety.

Do not this foolishness,
Bill...I will teach with you and live with you,.if you will think with me...But my goal will..always be to finally from the need..for a teacher.

This is//the OPPOSITE..of the ego-oriented teacher’s goal.
He is concerned.with the effect of HIS/ego..on OTHER egos,..and he therefore interprets their interaction as a means of..ego/preservation.

This is no less true./.if he is afraid to teach
than if he is frankly..out to dominate..through teaching.
The form of..the symptom is only..a reflection of his particular way of/handling..the separation anxiety.

ALL separation a symptom..of a continuing will
to remain separated...This/cannot be repeated..too often because you have..*NOT learned it..*Bill, are afraid to/teach..ONLY because you are afraid..of the impression..your image of yourself..will make

You believe that their APPROVAL..of your image..will exalt it,..but
also..that your separation anxiety..will be increased.

You also believe..that their/DISAPPROVAL of it..will lessen the separation anxiety,..but at the cost..of depression.

I would/not to devote teaching
if..I believed either-of..these ideas,..and YOU will..not be a devoted teacher..yourself as you..maintain them.

I am/constantly..being perceived as..a teacher be exalted or rejected,..but I do not*..accept either..*perception for myself.

Your own NOT established* your teaching.
Your worth..was established*by God.

As you dispute this,..EVERYTHING you *do..will be fearful, and particularly/any situation..which lends itself easily to the superior-inferior fallacy.

Teachers..must be/patient,..and repeat their..own
lessons..until they are..properly..learned...I am un-willing..
to do so,..because I..have no set..*your learning/earnings/limits..*for you.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 10:44:29 AM
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Once again,—NOTHING..*you do,
or think,..or will,..or necessary..*to establish/your worth.

This point..IS NOT DEBATABLE..except in delusions.
Your ego..*is NEVER at/stake..because God.*did not create it.

Your Soul..*is stake..*because He DID.

Any/confusion..on this point ..IS a delusion,[miss-creation/of ego.
and no form..of devotion other..let alone possible as long/as..this..ego-delusion lasts.

Bill,..if you be..a devoted..professing-teacher
rather/ ego-centric one, will not be/afraid...The teaching situation..IS fearful..if it is misused.. ego involvement...If you/become afraid, is BECAUSE you are this way...But..the devoted teacher..FEARLESSLY-perceives..the situation..*AS IT IS,..*and NOT..*as HE wills it.

He does/not..see dangerous
because/HE is..not exploiting it...yet..The ego
tries to exploit..ALL situations..into forms/of praise for itself in order to/overcome ..its fears..and doubts.

It will/be..doubtful forever,..or better,
as..long as..*you believe in it...*You who made it..CANNOT trust it, because..*you KNOW* is not..really-real.

The ONLY..sane/ not-to change reality,
which fearful attempt,..but to..simply see it as/it is.

YOU are..part of..the only..true-reality,..which stands unchanged beyond..the reach of..your ego,.but..within easy-reach.of your Soul.

Bill,..again I tell you..that when you are afraid, still
and KNOW..that God is real..and*YOU are..His beloved son[in whom he is well pleased.]

Do not*..let your ego..dispute this,*because..the ego cannot know*as far beyond..*its you are.

* NOT*..the/author of fear.

YOU are.

You..have willed,..therefore, mis-create
unlike Him,..and you have..thus..*made fear..real..for yourselves.

You are/ peace,..because
you are not fulfilling..your..intended-function
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 11:12:31 AM
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God gave you a..very lofty responsibility..which you are not meeting.

You KNOW this, are afraid.

But your egos..have chosen be afraid
INSTEAD of meeting it..When you awaken you/will not
be able to understand this,..insanity..because it is literally in-credible.

Any increase its merely to postpone the inevitable...The word..“inevitable” the ego,..but
joyous to the Soul.

God [grace/love/mercy/eternity..IS inevitable
and you..CANNOT avoid Him..anymore than..He can/avoid YOU.

The afraid of..the Soul’s limitless joy,..because once you have experienced this, will..withdraw all protection from your ego..and become totally* injurious/paralinguistic fear.

Your great now,..because a witness to the Separation, and your ego/rejoices..when you witness to it.
Leave it behind...Do not listen to it,..
and do not preserve it.

Listen only to God,..who/is as incapable of deception
*as are..the Souls he created...As teachers and therapists,
release*..yourselves..and release others.

Do not present..a false and unworthy picture..of
yourselves TO others,..or such a picture OF them yourselves.

The ego has built..a shabby and un-sheltering home for you, because it *..cannot build..otherwise..Do not try to make this impoverished house stand...ITS weakness..*IS your..soul/sole-strength.

Only God could make a home..that was worthy..of His beloved and beholden-Creations, who have/ leave it their own dispossession...abandonment-fears.

His Home will stand forever,..and
is ready..for you when you choose to enter.

Of can be wholly certain.

God incapable of creating..the perishable
as your ego is..of making the eternal.

Of your egos you can do save yourselves or others.
But of your Souls you..can do everything..for the salvation of both. a lesson for the ego,..not for the/Soul.

The Soul is beyond humility,..because it recognizes its
radiance,..and gladly sheds its..light everywhere.

The meek..shall inherit the earth..because
their egos are humble,..and this gives them..better perception.

The Kingdom of the right..home..of the Soul,
whose beauty and...dignity are beyond doubt,.;beyond perception,
and stand the mark of the love..*of God for His Creations,..who are wholly-worthy..of Him..and ONLY of Him.

Nothing sufficiently be
a gift..for a creation..of God Himself.

I will..substitute..for your
ego will,..but NEVER.for your Soul.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 11:18:14 AM
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A father can safely..leave a child with an elder brother who has shown himself responsible,..but this involves/no confusion about the child’s origin.

The brother can protect the child’s body and his/ego,.which are very closely associated,..but he does not confuse HIMSELF..with the father
because he does this,..[although the child may].

The reason why..I can be entrusted with YOUR
body..and YOUR egos is simply/because this enables not to be overly concerned with them,..and for ME to teach you their/un-importance...I could not understand..their importance to YOU..if I had not once been believe them myself.

Let us learn this lesson together,
so we can/ free of them..together.

I need devoted much as I need devoted priestesses.
They both..sweek heal the/mind,..and that is own aim.

The far beyond the need..of your protection..OR mine.
The Biblical quotation..should read..“In this need NOT have*.tribulation.BECAUSE I have overcome..illusions..of the world.”

THAT is should..“be..of good cheer.”

B’s course..was very carefully chosen,..because
“abnormal psychology”..IS ego/centric psychology.
This is precisely..the kind of content..which should
never be taught FROM*..the ego whose abnormality..should be lessened by true-teaching,..not increased...bythat false.

You,..Bill, are..particularly well perceive this difference,..and can therefore,,to teach this course as/it should be taught...Most teachers unfortunate tendency to teach the COURSE*abnormally,..and many of the students..are apt to suffer considerable perceptual distortion..because of their own authority problem...miss-perceptions.

Your teaching assignment..(and I assure IS an
assignment)..will be to present..perceptual distortion..* without either them yourself,..*or encouraging your*..students to do so.

This interpretation..of your role..and theirs is
too charitable to induce/fear..If you this role,
you will..both engender..and experience hope,..and you/will inspire rather..than dispirit..the future teachers..and therapists I am entrusting to you.

I promise to attend myself,..and you..should
at least credit..with me with some/dependability in keeping my own promises.

I never make them lightly,..because I know
the brothers have for know truth's qualities..for my motives..remain..pure/true...of good grace and mercyful.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 4:53:58 PM
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Bill has asked the mind..could ever..have made the ego.

This is..a perfectly..reasonable question; fact,..the best question either of you could ask...There is no giving an historical answer,..because the past does not human terms, and..history would not exist..if the..*same errors..were not being repeated*.in the present.

B. has..often..told you that..your thinking is too
abstract at times,..and he is right.

Abstraction..DOES knowledge,..because completely impersonal,..and examples..are its understanding.

Perception,..however, always specific,..and therefore
quite concrete...Perceptual distortions..*are not abstractions...They are.merely confusions.

Each ego for himself,..although it is enormous variation..because of its..instability,
and one..for everyone he perceives,..which is equally variable.

Their interaction..IS a process
which..literally alters both,..because they..
were not made*..either..BY..or..WITH..*the unalterable.

It is particularly realize..that this alteration
can..and does readily/when the interaction..takes place IN THE when..*it involves physical presence.

THINKING..about..another as changing
relative/associative is..their..physical interaction.

There could better example..of the fact that the ego
is an idea,..though not*..a reality-based/[thus biased-thought.
Your..own present the best concrete example..that B...could have..of how the mind..*could have made the ego.

You DO have..real times,..but then you throw it away
as like you never had it...This willfullness is so
apparent that..B. need only perceive it;to see that is DOES happen.

If it can occur that the present,..why should he
be surprised..that it occurred..that the past?

All..psychology rests on..the principle..of continuity/of behavior. a the unfamiliar,..but hardly to something*..that has occurred..with such persistence.

An extreme a good teaching aid,..not because it
is typical,..but because it/is clear...The more complex..the material,..the clearer..the examples should be..for teaching

(Bill, remember that..for your own course,
and do not..avoid the dramatic...It/holds the student’s interest precisely is so apparent..that it CAN be readily

But, we have said before,..all teaching devices in the
hands of good-teachers..are aimed at rendering themselves unnecessary.

I would to use/your present an example of how..the mind can work,..*provided you both fully/recognize that it need*..not work that way.

I NEVER forget this myself,..and a good teacher
shares..*his own ideas,..*which he himself believes.

Otherwise,..he cannot..*really..“profess”
them, we used..the term before.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 8 November 2013 5:10:16 PM
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New Maps of Heaven
From Spiritual Evolution

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal." -Jesus in Matthew 6:19-20

Discarnate Travellers

Coming Home

The Borderlands - Awakening

The Planes of Life

The Astral Plane - Arrival

The Astral Plane – Orientation

The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements

The Astral Plane – The Higher Summerlands

The Astral Planes – The Lower Summerlands

The Astral Plane – The Stony Plane

The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane

The Mental Plane – The First Heaven

The Judgment

The Second Death

The Mental Plane – The Second Heaven

The Mental Plane – The Third Heaven

The Buddhic Plane

The Christ Sphere

Human Planes Beyond the Christ Sphere

The Angelic Sphere

The Children’s Sphere

The Animal Kingdom





The Earth Plane

Other Planets

Reincarnation and the Purpose of Life

Earth Teachings

Footnote to History
Incarnate Observers

Coming Home

The Planes, the Bodies, and Spiritual Evolution

The Physical Plane

The Borderlands

The Astral Plane

The Mental Plane

The Mental Plane – The First Heaven

The Judgment

The Second Death

The Mental Plane - The Second Heaven

The Mental Plane - The Third Heaven

The Mental Plane - The Fourth Heaven

The Mental Plane - The Fifth Heaven

The Mental Plane - The Sixth Heaven

The Mental Plane - The Seventh Heaven

The Buddhic Plane

The Nirvanic Plane

The Monadic and Divine Planes

The Dark Plane

The Animal Kingdom

Angels and Others


Posted by one under god, Saturday, 9 November 2013 8:36:52 AM
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With.*full recognition..of..the transitory-nature,..of sharing/profession..
(a recognition..which both..share),..

H...offers a very good teaching/example..of alternations between Soul..and ego,..with con-comitant variation..between peace and is/perfectly apparent..that /when ego-dominated,..she DOES..NOT KNOW*..her Soul.

Her abstract-ability,..which is..perfectly genuine
and..does stem..from knowledge, her..because
she has turned..into the concrete..[made-real/turned to stone].... that..which she cannot handle..abstractly. abstraction..concrete]..that Being
is yet incapable..of appropriate..concreteness..of perceptually,..

because her not her..natural home,..she suffers from
its intrusions,..[illusions]..but NOT..from complete..lack/of knowledge.

The kind of...“double/vision”,..which would* actual/dyplopia,..if she had not..settled for nearsightedness.

This see..the concretion..more clearly
through..the ego’s eyes,..without the..“interference”..of the longer

Her virtual..lack..of astigmatism..miss-percieving..
is due/to objectivity..and fairness.
She has not attained them,..or she would..not be nearsighted...But she/HAS be fair..with what*..she permitted/ see.

Why are you surprised..that dim past, happening..even right now?

You forget..the love..that even animals have..for their own
offspring,..and the need..*they protect them...This is because they..regard them as..part/of themselves...

No one disowns something..that..*he very real/part..of himself.

Man his ego..much as
God His Souls,—with love,protection,..and great-charity.

The reaction..of the self..he too not at all surprising...In fact, duplicates
in many ways..the way..*he will* day react to..his real creations,..*which timeless as/he is.

The not..HOW man..
*responds..*toward his ego,..but only what..he believes..he IS.

Again, an ego-function,..and as /long as..your origin is belief at all, ARE regarding it* ego viewpoint.

That is why..the Bible as saying,.."Ye God, believe me.”..Belief DOES apply to me,..because I am the
teacher..professing..of the ego.

When no longer necessary, will merely know God.
Belief..that there IS..another the loftiest idea..of which ego-thinking is capable...This is contains a hint of recognition..*that the ego is NOT the self.

Helen always/had this idea,..but it merely confused her.

B.,.you were more capable..of a long-range
view,..and that is why your..eye[hind]-sight is good. were willing* see because you/utilized judgment..against what you saw.

This gave you..a clearer perception..than Helen’s,
but*..its also..what..cut off the cognitive level..ever more deeply. believe..that
you never..had/knowledge.

Repression..HAS been..a stronger own ego/defense,..and
that is..why you find..her hard to tolerate.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 9 November 2013 2:14:38 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard more..characteristic..of her,..and/ why..she..has less..applicable-sense
than you do...It is extremely fortunate,..temporarily,..that the/particular strengths..*you will..*both develop..and use..are precisely..those which..the other/must*

You..who will be..the strength of God..are quite weak,..and
you..who will/be God’s help..are clearly in need of help...What better plan..could have been intrusion..of the ego’s..arrogance on/the outcome?

Undermining..the foundation..of an ego’s thought-system MUST be perceived as..painful,..even anything but true.

Babies rage..if you take away a/knife or..a scissors,
even though..they may*..well harm themselves..if you do not...The
speedup..has placed you the same position.

You..are NOT by any means prepared,
and in this ARE babies...You have/no sense of real self-preservation..and are very decide that you need precisely/what..would hurt you most.

Whether you know or not,..however, both HAVE
willed to a concerted..and very commendable/effort to become both harm*LESS..and help*FULL,..*two attributes which MUST go together.

Your attitudes,..even toward this,*..are necessarily
conflicted,..because ALL attitudes..are ego-based.
This will not last.

Be patient awhile,..and remember..what we have said
once before;..the outcome..*is as God!

Helen..used to perceive..the quotation..“To him that hath
shall be given” a paradox..that bordered on the ironic.

She also..had a similar another related one:
“ the gift of God.”..We have reinterpreted..both of these
statements before,..but perhaps we can make them..even clearer now.

Only those..who have a real..and lasting sense..
of abundance..can be truly charitable...This is quite obvious when you consider..the concepts involved.

To be able to give..*anything implies..that you can do without it. Even with sacrifice, still give only believe you are..somehow getting something
that you can do..without the thing you give.

“Giving to get” an inescapable law..of the ego,
which ALWAYS..evaluates itself in..*relation to others’..egos,..and is therefore..continually..*pre*occupied..with the scarcity principle
which..gave rise to it.

This IS/the meaning of Freud’s..“pleasure principle.”
Freud was the..most accurate..“ego psychologist”.we ever had, although..he would not..have preferred..this description of..himself.

His ego..was a very weak..and deprived concept,..which could
function..ONLY as a need...The..“reality principle”..of the ego is not all...It is perceive the..“reality”
of other egos,..because it CANNOT*..establish the reality of itself.

In fact,..its..whole perception/of..other egos..AS real convince..*itself..that..* real. that..i am.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 9 November 2013 2:33:30 PM
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"Self esteem,” ego terms,..means nothing more..than that the ego has..deluded itself..into accepting its reality..and is therefore temporarily..less predatory.

This..“self esteem” vulnerable to stress,..a term which really means that..a condition has the delusion of reality..of the threatened...This produces either..ego-deflation..or ego-inflation,..resulting in either withdrawal*..or attack.

The ego literally*..lives by/comparisons..This means that equality is beyond its.. grasp,..and charity becomes impossible.

The ego..NEVER gives out-of abundance,..because
it was a substitute..for it...This is why..the concept of GETTING..arose in the ego’s thought-system...All appetites are..“getting”/mechanisms..representing confirm itself.

This true..of bodily/ it is
of“higher”..ego needs..[drives].

Bodily appetites..are NOT physical/in origin,..because the ego regards the body* its home,,,and DOES satisfy itself
through the body.

But the IDEA..that this is a decision of the ego,
which is*..completely confused..about what is..really possible./true/good.

This accounts..for its..essential..erratic-ness...Consider..the inevitable confusion..which MUST arise from..a perception of the self
which responds:..When..I was completely..on my own I..“had no idea what was possible.”

The ego..DOES believe completely..on its own,
which is merely..another way of/ it originated.

This is such..a fearful state..that it can only turn/to other egos,
and unite..*with a feeble identification,*..or attack an equally/feeble show..of strength...[fear avoidence]

The free to complete..the stem:..“When I was completely
on my own” any way..*it chooses,..but it is NOT consider the validity..of the/premise itself,..because this premise..*is its FOUNDATION.

The ego..IS the belief..of the
mind..that it is completely*..on its own.
The ego’s ceaseless attempts/to gain..the Soul’s acknowledgement..
and..thus establish..ego-tism..of..its own self-existence..are utterly useless.

The Soul in its unaware of the ego...It
does NOT attack the ego...It merely cannot conceive..of it at all.
While the ego is equally..unaware of the Soul.. it DOES perceive something which is greater/than itself.

This is ego terms
MUST a delusion...The creations..of God do/not create myths,..but..the creative-efforts..of man..can turn to
mythology,..but only..under one condition. then no longer creative.
Myths..are entirely perceptions..and are so form,
and so characteristically/good..and..evil in nature..that the most benevolent..of not..without fearful/components,/if..only in innuendo.

Myths..and magic.are closely/associated, that..myths are usually ego*origins,..and the..powers..which the ego itself. account..of..“the creation,” its*/particular..perception..of magic.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 9 November 2013 2:54:37 PM
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The “battle of for survival” nothing more than the ego’s struggle to preserve..itself..and its interpretation..of its own beginning. This beginning is always associated with/physical birth, because nobody maintains that the ego existed before that point in time.

The religiously ego-oriented..tend to believe that the Soul existed before,..and will exist afterward, after a temporary lapse into ego-life.

Some actually believe that the/Soul will be punished for this lapse, even though in reality it could not possibly know..anything about it.

The term “salvation”..does NOT apply to the Soul,.which is not in danger..and does..not need to be salvaged...Salvation is nothing more that..“right-mindedness”..which is/NOT..the one-mindedness of the Soul,..but which must be accomplished..before onemindedness..can be restored.

Right-mindedness dictates..the next step automatically,.because right uniformly without attack, that wrong-mindedness is
obliterated...The ego cannot survive without judgment,.and is laid aside accordingly.

The..mind then ONE direction in which it can move.
The directions which the mind..will take are always automatic, because they cannot/ dictated by the thought-system to which it adheres.

Every thought-system has/INTERNAL consistency,..
and this does provide..a basis for the continuity of behavior.
However,..this is still reliability..and NOT,,any indication..of validity.

Reliable a meaningful/usefull/functioning
perception, far as ego..thinking goes.]..However, VALID behavior is an expression which/is inherently contradictory,..because validity is* END,..and behavior is a means.

These..cannot be combined logically,..because when an end
has been attained,..the means for its..attainment are no longer meaningful.

Test constructors/recognize..that there are different kinds of validity,..and also that..they are of different orders...of progression/process..sequential..evolution.

That This..focus/limiting..of means..indicates..that they* true/truth..and do mean it.

Test validity can be logic, theory,..and
by practice,..each..being regarded as..a different dimension.

In each case,...the amount of in some form of percentage,..either quantitatively,..or merely in terms of..“high,”
moderate,..and low...probability/eventuality..

But a either true or false, be accepted or/rejected accordingly...If it is be becomes a fact,..after which no one..attempts to unless its status AS fact is questioned.

and..the unthinking mind ..refuses to
re*think..yet continues..its miss-creation.[..its..own-ideas]

EVERY idea..which the ego has accorded..the status of fact is questionable,..because..facts..are in the realm of knowledge...not ideas.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 6:54:25 AM
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EVERY idea..which the ego has accorded..the status of questionable,..because..facts..are in the realm of knowledge...and ideas mere concepts of mind..[thus ego based..miss-creation]

Confusing realms..of..mind to mind/discourse is a thinking error
which philosophers..have recognized for centuries...Psychologists are generally quite/ this respect, are many theologians.

all input Data..from one realm..of..process of..mind
not another,.mind-set..because*..they can be understood..only WITHIN*..the thought-system/language's..of which they are..a part.

sight/smell/sound/ good or bad
only with-in..the realm of the sense..its percieved by.

This is why psychologists..are concentrating increasingly
on the ego, an attempt to unify..their clearly unrelated data...into specific..*individual preference

It need hardly be said that
any relate the un-related,,[un-relatable]..cannot succeed.

The recent..ecological/evolving/ but..a more ingenious-way..of impose/order..on chaos...after-all..We have already..credited..the ego with..considerable ingenuity,..*though
not..with creativeness.

But it should/always be remembered..that really
wasted effort,..even in its..most ingenious forms...We do/not..(have to EXPLAIN..anything.

This is why..we need not/trouble..ourselves..with inventiveness. The highly/specific nature..of not worthy..of the abstract creativity..of God’s Creations...seeking to further...miss-create.

When H...reads you,..Bill,
do..try to listen..very carefully.[visualise the words]

You..have never..completely..understood
what..“The Kingdom..of Heaven..*is..within you”..means.

The cannot understand/ because it is NOT the ego,..which interprets it..*as if something inside,..which does/not..logicly..mean it.

to..your ego..The word..“within”..does not belong. ego..lies within..The Kingdom..of Heaven IS you.

What else...BUT you
did..the Creator create,
and what else..but you..IS His Kingdom?
This is..the whole message..of the Atonement,..a message
which in/its totality..transcends..the sum of its parts..which we have covered before. not a time;..*it is..a state of-mind.
The Christ Mind..wills from..the Soul,..not from the Ego,
and..the Christ Mind...IS soon as you will it right-mindedly.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:19:12 AM
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You, too, have a Kingdom..which your Soul has created.
It has not ceased to create..because your ego has set you
on the road of perception...Your Soul’s creations..are no/more fatherless..than you are.

Your ego and your Soul..*will never be co-creators, but your
Soul..and YOUR Creator will ALWAYS be...*Be confident that your creations are as safe are.

The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected,
and the ego..will not/prevail against it...


That was that form is a good thing
to a kind of prayer in..moments of temptation...It is a declaration..of independence.[via inter-dependance]

You will..both very
helpful..if you understand it fully.
In its..characteristic upside-down way,
the ego..has taken..the impulses from the/super
[cloud-mind heart conscious..and perceives if they..*arise in the unconscious.

The ego judges..what be accepted,..and the sensual-impulses
from..the super-conscious..are unacceptable to it,..because they clearly point to..the un-existence..of the ego itself.

The ego therefore..experiences threat,..and not
only..censors..but also reinterprets..the data.arriving thus at fraud [baseless-fatherless fact..*However, Freud very correctly pointed out..what you do*not still know,..and it can..retain a very active life..BEYOND your..conscious-awareness.

Repression thus conceal.not only the baser impulses, but also the most/lofty ones..from the ego’s awareness,..because BOTH are the ego

and,.being concerned..primarily with its preservation..
in the face..of threat, perceives same.

The threat value..of the really much/greater to the ego, because the pull..of God Himself..can hardly be equated..with the pull..of human appetites..and..their reason..for being..[meeting the measure of needs..of ego.][above that..of the flesh..yet subservient under..that of spirit/heart-mind.]

By perceiving..them as the same,..the ego
save itself..from being swept-away,.as it would..surely the presence of knowledge.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:37:57 AM
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The upper level of the..unconscious..thus contains the call
of God..*as well as..the call of the body...That is why..the
basic conflict..between love and unconscious.

The ego..cannot tolerate either
and..represses resorting to inhibition...inactivity/mindfullness..timidity

Society depends..on inhibiting the former,[god] but
SALVATION depends..on disinhibiting the latter.[self]..

The reason you need my because you have..repressed
inhibited..your own guide,..and..therefore need..a sure-guidance.

My role separate the true..from the false..*in your own
unconscious, it can break through..the barriers the ego has set up..and shine into your/ a gentle cooling/mist..gently [but briefly]..wetting the parched desert...before the next hellish day.

Against..our united strength,..the ego CANNOT prevail.

It should be quite you by now..
why the ego..regards..the Soul as its..“enemy.”..[The ego arose from the Separation,..and its continued/existence depends on/your continuing belief* the Separation. the Soul the unconscious,
the ego..has to offer you some sort of reward..for maintaining this belief...yet..All it CAN a sense*..of temporary existence, which begins..with its own beginning..and ends with its*own ending.

It tells you that this YOUR
existence..because it IS..its own.

Against this sense of temporary existence,..the Soul offers
the knowledge..of..permanence..*and unshakeable BEING...No one who has experienced..*the revelation of..this can ever fully believe in the ego again.

How can its meager you prevail
against.the glorious gift of God?

You who identify with your egos..
cannot believe that God loves you. YOU do not
love what you have made,..and what you have made does not love you.

Being made out/of the denial of the Father,
the ego has no its own Maker...You cannot
conceive of the real relationship..that exists between God and His Souls,..because of the/ have for the Self..*you have made.

You project..onto your own idea..of yourself..the will
to separate,..which conflicts..with the love you..also feel for what you have made/because you made it.

No human love is..without this ambivalence,..and since no ego
has experienced love..*WITHOUT ambivalence,..the concept is beyond its understanding.

Love will enter..immediately into any mind
which truly wants it,..but it MUST validate..the want of it..truly...[by giving it]..[try trying it]
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 12:51:44 PM
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This means..that..mind..wants it..WITHOUT*ambivalence,..and..this
kind of..envisioning/focused wholly..without the..ego’s..“ get*.”

There is..a kind of..desired-*experience..that different..from anything..the ego..can offer will[cover over]..*it.

The word..cover..[rather than covert] used quite..literally here, —you will..*never be able/to..hide..from healing/graceful..useful-living loving..again.

It is repeat..that your darkness hiding..[covering rather than..dis-covering]..IS why the
light..cannot enter.

The Bible..has many references to the..immeasurable gifts
which are for you,..*but for..which..*YOU must ask...[by works]..

This is not..*the condition..[as the ego sets conditions]
It is*..[with/in]..the glorious..condition of what you already..*ARE.[always was../always will be.]

No force..except your*..own strong enough or worthy guide you...*In are God,..and must remain so forever*.

You can never* bound..[except in honor]..,
and..that is..always..only a fre-choice[voluntary.]

Let us ask..the my keep you..mindful
of His love..*for you and..*yours for Him...*He has..*never failed to answer..this request,..because*.it asks only*..for what..He has already willed.


Those who call..truly..are ALWAYS answered...[truly*]

Note:..HS became very fearful here,..and rather vaguely
thought the answer was:..“Thou shalt other Gods
before me,..because..there ARE none...You still..think there/are.”

*It has never really entered..your minds to give up
every have ever had that..OPPOSES true-knowledge.

You retain thousands of little scraps..of meanness to..meaningless..[to any but the ego/of self]..which prevent*
the Holy One..from wholly entering...within..the fortress of self.[ergo/ego]

Light cannot penetrate..through the make to block
it,..and forever destroy what you have made.

No one can see..THROUGH
a wall,..but I..can step around it.

Watch your minds..for the scraps of meanness, will be unable to ask me to do/so.

I can help you..only as our Father Created us.
I will love you..and honor you and..maintain complete respect*..for what you have made...*But I will..*neither love..nor honor it*unless it is true.

I will..never forsake you,..any more than God will.
But I MUST..wait as/long as you forsake yourselves.
Because I wait in love..and not in impatience, will surely ask me truly.

I will/come response to..a single un*equivocal call.

Watch carefully,..and see what it is
you are truly asking for.

Be very honest with yourselves about this,
for you..we must hide...nothing..of our minds comforters..from each other.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 1:19:28 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard REALLY try to do..this you..have taken the first step toward preparing your..conscious-minds..for the Holy enter.

We will..prepare,..for this together,..and once..He has
come,.you ready minds..ready for Him.

How long..will you
deny Him..His Kingdom?

Ye know..Him not!

One day,..when the Spirit..stands with-in the veil
which shrouds..the spirit world..from mortal gaze, shall wonder at your ignorance..of Him..[with and in ALL*]..whom you have so foolishly imagined!..inthe false image of man

He is..far other pictured Him.

Jan.7,1966.[by jesus]

In your own unconscious,..deeply the ego,
is the declaration..of your..timely release.


This is..the one..true-fact
which..MEANS that the..ego..does not exist,[as a matter of true fact]..which therefore..makes/it..profoundly afraid...and fear rejects any..truth*

In..the ego’s language, have..[]..*and to be..are
different,..*but they the Soul.

It knows..that you..[both...HAVE..
everything..and ARE..everything.

Any this meaningful only
when..the idea of getting,..which implies a lack,..has already BEEN accepted.

That is why..we distinction before..between
having..the Kingdom of God..and BEING the..Kingdom of God.

The calm being..of God’s Kingdom,..which in your sane-mind is perfectly conscious, ruthlessly banished..from the part of the mind..which the ego rules.

The desperate..because it..directly..opposes
literally invincible odds..whether you are asleep..or awake...Consider
how much have been expect exert to protect your ego,..and how..little you/have been..willing to protect your higher mind.

Who but..the insane..would believe
as if not perpetually true,..and
then to..protect the cost of..Truth?

If you cannot..hear the voice of God,
it is do not..* listen...

The/fact..that you DO listen..*to the voice..*of your...injurious ego-materialized attitudes,..your-feelings,..and your behavior.

Your..fear modified attitudes..are obviously conflicted;..your feelings..have a/narrow range..and always..on the negative side,..

but think..why..they are never..purely joyous;..your behavior is
either strained..or unpredictable.

Yet this IS..what you..want.[[what your ego/feels you need
not the good eternal/infinite/living/loving logical/truths..god intended.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 5:12:39 PM
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This..conspicuous/conscious/deliberated AVOIDANCE..
of GODS PURE UN-ADULTERATED LOVE* what you are fighting..

dumping the good eternal keep,..that hurtfull

and..what you are all..of the negative miscreation..Your minds..are filled with save the
face of..your egos,..and you do not seek..the Face of God.

The which the ego..seeks to see..its face is dark indeed. How maintain..the trick of its existence..except with mirrors?

But look to up/to you...We have said cannot..but..change..your seeking..the changing..of your behavior,[to..other god and self]..but/we have also said,..and many times before,..that you can change..simply..your mind.

Were..He such/ have pictured Him,
were He..such as..your-ego...think,..He would avenge
on the insults..which he puts on his Creator.

*But He is..other,..and as reflected..inthe nature[nay nurture[]..of other..far other..than that man’s poor grovelling mind can grasp,

and yet.,..him of..perfected eternal/true/love..He pities..and forgives..the ignorance..of the blind mortal..who paints Him..willfully..[wrongly]..after a self-imagined pattern.

We would speak..of the true perception*..of God...Not as a personal being, His Omnipotence;..not as a glorified humanity;..but as..*the..All-Pervading..aether [energy]..of his living Spirit permeating..the dusts of universe...into now receive..a more enlarged-conception of God...We you a Deity..Whose good-Name, revealed in god-Love.

eternal..infinite..omni-present Love,..confined within no limits. no Person...He is EVERY* place,
HE* all-pervading,..ever-existing:..ever mind/fully-guiding and loving..*all.[yeshallknow his sure sign..LIFE*

sustained..of the light..that...via
logic light/ realize..*all-good=god

On..the God..Within

We man..there can/ saviour outside himself.

Within all-life..dwells
the pervading essence..of Deity*

[that we the least..we did to him*]

When your mood tells you..that you have willed wrongly,..and this is so are not joyous,..then KNOW this need not be.

In every have thought wrongly..about some Soul that God created,..and are..perceiving..FAULSE*..images your ego makes in a darkened glass.

Think..honestly..what you have..thought..*
that God..*would NOT have thought,..and
have not..thought..[that God..would to think...more about.


Search...sincerely..for what..*you have done..for anyone*
[and left undone..accordingly.]..And then..change your THINK..WITH GOD’S...HEART*..

THINK/FIRST/LAST..WITH..HIS LOVE* guide**cannot fail..just..*be the love*
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 5:20:03 PM
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fear not..for the cause..of God’s good proof..
the re-proof..of gods truth. giving..unto all his beloved..he
alone live..far more..than you think.

In all parts..are springing up..centers..from which truth
of God's being poured..into longing hearts, works and by words..and even..permeating into open-thinking minds.

There must-be whom the gospel..of old is satisfying yet,
and who..yet..are not receptive..of further truth...With these we meddle..not.

But many.there are..who have learned..what the past can teach,
and who/are thirsting..for further knowledge...To is given in such/ Most High sees fit...And from flows..into others,..and the glorious-tidings..spread

until..the day comes..when we shall..*be called on
to proclaim them..[by works]..even as..from the mountain top!..and lo! God’s.hidden ones..shall start by one..from the lowly places..of the bear witness*.to that/which..*they have seen and known*:

and the little rills..that man has heeded..not shall coalesce,
and the river..of God’s good-truth,..omnipotent/all its retrospective/good-energy,..shall flood.the earth,..and sweep its..irresistible course..the ignorance..and unbelief..and folly..and sin..which now dismay..and perplex you.

Cast your eyes..beyond..the present...or see it
as it will be..[even now].. Look to..the far future,..and be of good courage..but why wait..why-not[love is all you..heed][end need]

This..may seem hard to you,..but it is
MUCH easier..than trying to think..AGAINST it's all emcompasing healing.

Your GOOD_mind..IS one with God’s goods.
Denying this..and thinking otherwise..has held your baseless fears..miss-creating..the..egos..most fearful illusions..[why keep the ego alone*..[be all-one]

infinite ego's..acting of gods good loves deaerved/earned/learened goodness,.acting for each-other..together/forever..together,

but ego..has literally..split your mind.

As a loving brother,..I am deeply concerned
with..your minds,..and urge example
as you other..and..see in you..both*.;all..the glorious-Creations..of..a glorious Father.

When you are sad,..KNOW that/this..NEED NOT BE. NOT WHAT GOD..WANTS FOR THEE..

Depression..ALWAYS arises..ultimately..from a
sense of being deprived..of want..and do
not have...or..rather had and..miss-thought you had forget the cost.. are deprived..of*..nothing,..except
by*..your..own decisions,..and..thus/then way of
gods good truth..are set the other-wise...gods GOOD--way..every second..of every day*

what ya say?
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 10 November 2013 7:51:57 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard,..KNOW*
that all anxiety..comes/from..the
capriciousness..of/the..ego,..and..tha,,it..NEEDs_NOT*BE so.

You..can AGAINST..the ego’s-dictates
as..the ego begs..FOR ever..more of/them. feel guilty,..KNOW*that..your ego has indeed
violated..the laws of God;s goods,..but..*YOU..have not...

Leave the sins..of..the ego/to me...That
is what..the for. [at-one-meant]

But..until you*..want..change..of..your mind..about those
your..fearful-ego..has hurt,..the Atonement..cannot release/you.

*As long*feel guilty,..your* command,
if..only..because..only..the ego CAN..experience guilt.

THIS NEED/NOT..BE...You,*Helen, been..more honest..that really trying/honestly/ see whom..your ego-based/fears..has hurt, trying to/change..your mind ..about them.

note..the denial..(HS/notes..''doubtful..whether this
is..accurate-written..AS..*at a time..she was..very angry.')

I-am not..un-mindful..[not/without facts]...

[helen]..i am...[mind-full]..of your efforts,...but
you still..have much..too..much energy..invested..*n your ego...THIS NEED/NOT-BE.

note..[re..hs note/re anger]..*Watch your minds..for..the/temptations..
[fear/bias/hate/lust/want/needs etc]..of the ego,*not be*'s begging..for attention.

KNOW nothing.

You,..B,.have..not/made consistent change your
mind..except..through applying..the/same..old..*habitualised/rote/ritualized ideas... have learned,..and..learned it..better than H.,

know b..that your ..mind gains*control..over ITSELF*.when you
direct-it..genuinely*..toward perceiving..someone ELSE *..truly.[non-judmentaly]..

Your lack..of your..former
marked solving..your ego-s..needless depression...[fears/ delusional hopes/dreams illusions..and anxiety]..*through*..feigned disinterest.

Because..your ego..WAS this..unfortunate/negative attribute, are..afraid to..abandon it... have given-up this..voluntary*dis-spiriting,[self depression..of self/loop] have..already mind can focus,..and rise..above fatigue,..and heal.

But you..are not sufficiently/vigilant
against ..he demands..of your ego..that you*..disengage yourself.


The..habit of engaging..WITH God..[good/merciful*truth]and His easily made..[if you refuse..*actively to let
your minds slip away.

Your problem..*is not is*..a belief
that no*body,..including yourself,..*is WORTH..consistent effort.

Side..with me CONSISTENTLY..*against this deception,
as we..have sided..against it..briefly already.

Do not permit..this shabby/self-defeating/ pull you back...The disheartened are/useless to themselves..and to me,..*but only the ego..can be disheartened.

Have you.REALLY many have
to gladden..yourselves,..and how many..of them you have refused?
[deny..even now..why/recall fear..when..your in communion..with fearlessness? no the power of/a Sun of God,..*but..he
himself[alone]..can limit..the OUTER_expression*of..his power as much as..*he wills.

Your mind..and mine..*can shining..your ego's dark-moods away,..and releasing..the strength of..God into think and..will..and do.

*Do no settle..for ANYTHING less..than
this,..and refuse to/accept..anything..BUT..goodness..unto all..this as..*your goal.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 11 November 2013 8:14:03 AM
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when..BY actively..[lovingly] releasing
the strength..of..the living loving good/God..into everything..

just think..that/..* think..and everything will*..and..put all,,into all that ye do....

remember*..Do no settle..for ANYTHING less..than/..this good
of gods perfect, process..of perfect refuse to accept..that..anything..BUT loving grace/mercy, your much as being..your due*

Watch your minds carefully..for any miss-beliefs..[hurtful/spiteful/judgmental/greedy/needy/seedy]..that hinder..its accomplishment,

and..further..that you step/away from them.
[knowing its fruits cannot heal..even*thier own..misscreations..of ego

ergo..Judge how well you have done your own feelings,..for this is..*the/one..*RIGHT use of judgment...MISS-Judgment,[pre-judgment]..even..just* any other defense,..can be used to attack or..protect, hurt or to heal.

The ego..SHOULD be brought to*..your own non-judgment[discern-meant]*wanting..[ill-founded]..there.

Without..your own allegiance,,
and love..of cannot exist.

Judge your ego truly,..and you MUST*..withdraw allegiance, protection,..and..ill-love..that[EACH}>.are mirrors..of which God HIS perfect loving logical living-light.

by dissolves ignorance/ the ego’s the error..*[and/or..any hurtful-sin]..[you need but say,..“I will-not look there..because I KNOW..[now]..these images are not..perpetually/provably..or even..likely to-be..perfectly true.”[un-like-lie]

Then..let me..*the Holy One..shine upon you in peace,..radiate my love..from your own face]..knowing that this..good godly love,,and only this..MUST be..*His Mind..thus too,,shone on you in your creation,..and brought YOUR..own loving-mind,,back..into being.

His_Mind.;still shines..on you
and MUST..*shine..*THROUGH you...even..Your ego
cannot prevent*..HIM..from shining..*onto..[upon' you,..but
*it..[ergo/ego]..CAN prevent yo.. from letting Him..shine THROUGH you.

The..first coming..of just another name..for the
truth-Creation,..for/light-of/Christ..[within/you] the Sun..of God.[too]

The SECOND..coming*..of Christ..means nothing/more
than..the..*end of..the belief..*in..the mis-creations..of
judgmental-ego,..and..the healing..of/ good/true*supra-mind.

ego’s rule..over but..a part*..of the
minds..of men,..and the..healing/of..the best font of mind

I was mind/heart/ego-creations
the First*, am reminding you..that I..have called join with the Second...opinion..of mind[holdin.. high the arte..of the heart*

If you will think/over your lives, will see how
carefully the preparations were/made...I am..*in charge
of the Second-Coming[together] I have already told you,..,/which is used..only for
its..ego-protection,..cannot be wrong..*because..*it NEVER attacks. so distorted..that you really-believe
that..I was*I assure you a*mistake..*of your/own egos...*Do..not mistake/it..for humility.

Your egos..are self convince you that..THEY*are real,..and I am not,..because..*if I-AM real,..I am no more real..than YOU are.

That knowledge,..and..*I assure you..that
it..IS[good/true-knowledge,]..that*means..that Christ..*must come..*into your_minds..and heal them...

[start from..the..good/true/heart]
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:21:10 AM
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While..I am not..attacking your egos,..I AM..working with..your higher mind are asleep or awake,..(just as/your ego does with..your lower mind.)

I am your/ this,..because you..are
too recognize..the dangers..of..your own hope.
I was not mistaken...Your minds..WILL join with mine,//and together we are..3...[god/you/me]..are..invincible.

You two..[bill/helen]..will..yet come together..
in my name..and your sanity..between each..of you..will be restored.

I raised..the KNOWING/that life..*is an eternal
attribute..of everything..that..the living..God Created.

[ created..nor destroyed] you believe that/it is harder..for me
the..dis-spirited..or to..stabilize..the unstable? know..I do not believe..that there is an/order..of difficulty in miracles:..BUT*..YOU do.

I have called..and you will answer...I know that
miracles..are natural/normal,..because..they are expressions of love.

My is as
sure/good/true..your answer., inevitable.

ALL things can/ together..for good...when..There are nont-he the ego’s-judgment.

unbiased self a central what
the ego..*permits into consciousness,..and which it devotes its maximum vigilance...*This is NOT..the way..ta balanced mind holds
hings..together...*ITS unconscious...much like its fears.

The further off keeping..its primary
motivation..subsumed/under..the UN-conscious,..and..only raising control..rather than sensible/non-judgment into predominance.

It..has every reason to do/this,..according to the..same
ego-thought-system..which both..gave rise to it..and which it serves. inevitably..judge AGAINST it-self,..and this fear..MUST the the/interest of its self-preservation.

A crucial source..of the ego’s off-balance/state is..its
lack of..discrimination between..impulses from God..and from those..of the body.

Any thought-system..which makes real..of THIS confusion
MUST be insane...Yet this demented state..*is ESSENTIAL./to the ego, which judges..ONLY in..terms of threat..or IT-SELF.

In one sense, the ego’s fear of the idea of God is at least logical, because this idea/DOES dispel it. Fear of dissolution from the higher source, then, makes SOME sense in..ego terms.

But fear..of the body,..with/which..the ego..identifies
so closely, more blatantly/senseless.

The the ego’s home its own election...It is the only identification/with feels safe, because..the body’s vulnerability* its own best argument CANNOT be of God.

THUS..This is..the miss-belief..that it sponsors eagerly...Yet the ego hates*...the body,..because it does/not accept..the idea*..that the good its home..

but..then..the flesh..dies..then what..has ego/
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 4:09:04 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard where..the mind/becomes..actually dazed.[do/not-be bedazzled] the is really
part of the body,..and that..the its protector,
is also..constantly informed...that the body can NOT protect it.

This,..of course, not only true,..but perfectly obvious.
Therefore,..the mind asks,..“Where can I..*go..for protection?”, which..the ego..replies,..“Turn to me.”

The mind,..and not/without cause,,,reminds the ego..that it
has..itself insisted/that it-IS..identified with the body, there is no turning..*to it*..for protection...The/ego...has no real this/because..there isn’t any. DOES have..a typical/solution.
It.,*obliterates..the question..*from the..mind’s awareness.[re-call] Once unconscious, can and..does produce uneasiness,..but it answered..* cannot..*be asked. the question/which..MUST be asked:
“ I/to..go for protection?”[Only/an insane mind..FAILS to ask it.]..Even the insane..ask it unconsciously,..but it requires real
sanity..presence/of ask it..consciously.

If you .will remember..your dream..about the recorder,..which was remarkably..accurate/in some ways..because it came*.partly from ego-repressed/knowledge,..the real problem/was correctly..stated as “ the question?”...because, as you very well/knew,..the
answer COULD..only, found..if the question's..were recognized.

If you remember,..there were/a..number of
attempted,..[all ego-based,]..not..because you thought..they would
really work,..*but..merely..because the question*ITSELF..was obscure.

When..the Bible..says..“Seek..and ye..shall find,” it does*NOT
mean..that you blindly..and desperately..*for something you.wouldn’t recognize...*Meaningful consciously /undertaken,..*consciously-organized,..and consciously directed.

B’s..chief..contribution/to..your joint venture is..his insistence that..the goal*..*be formulated clearly,..and KEPT..IN the noon-abstracted-MIND.

You,..Helen,..are doing/this...You still
search for..many gods..simultaneously,..and this goal*confusion, when..given..a strong will,..MUST produce..chaotic behavior.[miss-creations]

B’s..* not chaotic,..because not
so not..goal-ORIENTED...Where..Helen has over* many goals,..B ALL goals.

He has...the_advantage..of..*POTENTIALLY greater..freedom
from..distract-ibility,..but he/does..not care*enough to use it.

Helen has..the advantage of..great effort,..but
she keeps..losing sight of..the unfocused/il-determinate..end-goal.

B..has very intelligently/suggested..that you both..should
set yourself..the goal of really*...studying.for this course. can doubt..of the..wisdom..of this decision,.for any student who..wants to..pass it[s revelations.

But,..knowing..of your learners and
being..a teacher...with some experience, I must remind you..that learning*..[earning]..and wanting to*..learn..are inseparable.

All learners..learn best..*when they believe..that
what.they are..trying to of value/to them...But this world..are hierarchical,..and not/ may WANT to/learn..has lasting value...[some/must-be earned]

Indeed,..many of/the..things you..want to learn..are chosen
because..their value..will not/last.[but this too/must be learned]
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 4:52:12 PM
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”My-twister,..I am..often..with you..when/you

For me..a poet' well..of
whose depths..I can see-my..own-self/needs..reflected.

I, mortal_poets..vainly..try to..repress/express..into..the magic..of words.

Yes..I am*..IS,,in the/;
I watched..the-moon..grow grow..into..young.[sun]

In swiftly/moving cloud; had..even..caught the gleam of..a lover’s/eye;..but..such/that..i am..

I am..the eluder..of men...the

I beckon..thy soul..and..I fly..through
thy mind..and..i lie,in..the heart..though..i good works..of all..[ofthem]

feel *..the..touch..of my feet..yet..does/not
press..down..the heads..of..the blossoming-daisies.

You can find me..and..then..with-a..simple-change..of mind..lose me again,...for neither/ hold me.
I* those..who—good/truth..whether in-thought..or/in..form;[yet..not-in..reproof]..I fly..from those..who seek-to..imprison me...within..the insane.

You...can come..each/ the region's..where I dwell. me,in*other..sometimes not..that depends on..what is..remembered..[be-got]..and what..was fore-got. will is..the/wind’s..will, repels..the/other attracts..[retracts]..and..

I beckoning-finger:..But..when I
beckon,..the souls...come flying..from..the/four-corners..of heaven.

[i..tried it
col-lapsed..i left..the/big-bang..was..the result[when..i..left]

Your..soul..welcomes/flying,..too;..for you..are one
I.have t/he..dis-spell..of my ego-tragic.

I meaning..for..the i me;
I see..your its hours..of dream..and ecstasy.

Whenever..any-one..[+] own]..

when anyone..dreams..a dream..of Paradise,..the light..grows* me, whom/all..things..are my..light.[de-light]

Oh,.forget/not...the_charm of..the moment...of gods/good,
forget-not..the lure..of..the mood!..[that attracts..others..of the same-passions..unto/into..thee.]

For..the wiser..than all/the magi..of earth, and..that/sages..the richer..and rarer..than..the hoarded/wealth..of..the..ages.

ONLY..This moment* real,..while the..age/ only a delusion,,,but..a..false-memory,..and..but..a shadow..of what could/never*..have been.

Be*sure...that..* all..the can be..,
and..that..IN*..this..*live-time/living*eternal..moment..the more than..just free..from time.

Time hour-glass,..and his..step is slow;
his white..with..the rime of years..of tears and fears,

and..his dull..with..unwearied..mowing;..reaping in...the many..were miss-sowing..[the miss-creating/rating]

Bu..he never yet..has caught..the moment..of now, its flight.
like the..calm-eye..of a cyclone..the watches forward and from..the calmness..the restlessness of past/present..

EVEN/NOW..left far behind

calm..draws..all-ways future*fear..nor..long past*tear

He,, grown
as*..was casting/ harvesting..of it.

Ah,..the magic..of-life..and..of..the
endless/combination..of living-things!..each a clue..of my gift to..ALL.of you..[all _of me..see]

there Love,...and..the
of..the light..[de-light]..for..its the-love..of souls for..each de-light

There is* death..where..the/inner..light shines,
irradiating..the loving..even..of..the living..within—you

the beyond—the..unattainable attainment.
You find-me.”..(Judge David P. Hatch, LLDM, Letter XXXVIII.)
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 8:10:09 AM
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The ego..of is/an..advantage..not to
commit..itself to anything..that is eternal,..because the eternal MUST*..come from God. the one/function..that the ego..has develop,..but..has systematically/failed..It may surprise learn..that had the ego..* do so,*it COULD/have made
the..eternal,..because, a product/of..the mind..*it IS..endowed with..the power.*of its..own/creator.

*But..the do this,..*rather than..the ABILITY
to do what..the ego..cannot tolerate...That is because..the decision,..*from which..the ability would naturally/develop,..*would necessarily*..involve true perception,..[a state..of clarity]..which the ego,*fearful..of being judged..thus..truly,..MUST avoid.

The results..of this dilemma..are peculiar,..but
no more so..than..the dilemma.itself...

The/ego..has reacted characteristically elsewhere,..because..a compart-mental illness,..which is...ALWAYS..a form of*..ego-involvement, not a problem of much as of validity.

The ego compromises..with the issue..of the eternal,.just as
it all issues that/touch on..the real ANY way...conflicting..their imp-licite reply

By connection/with..all...TANGENTIAL questions,
the ego..hopes to hide..the REAL question..and keep it.OUT OF conscious-MIND.

Its characteristic..“business”..[pre-occupation].
with for..that avoidance-purpose.

watch..the redirection/egsample]

EGO/says..Consider..the alchemist’s..age-old attempts
to turn..base metal..into gold...(This typo/was..originally..“god”).

but harvesting the error early...
gold..was god..[good]
if gold was goof..who..would want it? question..which..even..the alchemist..did not permit was..“What For?”..He COULD-not..ask this,..because it would immediately..become/apparent..that there was no his efforts,..even..if he succeeded.[are real-diamonds..the same value; fake?]

is gold..better than god?

The ego..has..also/countenanced..some strange..compromises..with
the idea..of the eternal,..making odd attempts/to relate..the concept to..the an effort/to satisfy..(still]..the mind without..jeopardizing//ego..[itself].

Thus,..egi..has permitted many..good minds/to devote perpetual E-MOTION,..but perpetual THOUGHTS.

Ideal additional preoccupations..with..emotive..sub-sets..of conceptual problems..set be..incapable of solution..are another favorite ego device..for impeding..the strong-willed from real progress in..emotive-learning.

The problems..of squaring the circle,..and of
carrying infinity..are good examples.

A more..recent particularly/noteworthy.

The idea..of preserving the body/by suspension,..thus giving it
the kind..of limited immortality..which the ego can tolerate, among..its more recent..*appeals to the ego-mind.

It is noticeable..that in/all..these diversionary tactics,..the ONE question..which is/NEVER those..who pursue “What for?”[for..what good?][which god]

This is..the question..which YOU*must...learn..REMEMBER* ask in connection..with everything *..your mind wills..your flesh/ undertake.

What is..your purpose? is, cannot doubt/that.. will..that will..channelize your efforts-automatically. make*..a decision..of purposed-creation,..only then,
you HAVE made a decision..about..A future effort,..a decision which will effect..until/ change the..DECISION.

there is forgotten order.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 8:47:10 AM
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Psychologists..[;)..are in a good realize..that the ego..[id/of-self] capable of making* if/real..some very..distorted associations..which are not true.

think..of man/riding dinosaurs..or flying
men..super-heros..[your all super mind..[in-ego]

The..confusion of/sex..with aggression,..or..good/god with judgment..not justice..and..resulting/miss-behavior..which is..the same..for BOTH, a good/example...of this.,,understandable[to the psychologist], does not produce..even mild..surprise.

The..lack of surprise,*,,however,*
is NOT..a sign..of understanding...

It is a symptom..of the/psychologist’s reasonable a..*compromise non-senseless, it to the mental..illness .*of the patient..rather than his own, limit..his questions
about..both the patient..AND the trivial..[irrelevant/irreverent/the rote][plank..versus mote] our minds eye.

These relatively..minor confusions..[distorted/aborted-seeings/miss-seeing..misspercieving ..themiss-creations..of our ego's satations;

[self-congratulations]..of the ego..are not among..its more profound
mis-associations,..although..they DO reflect..dearly..upon them.

Your..own egos..have been blocking the/more important-questions..which your minds*..*should ask...

but..You do NOT understand..a..patient..[even thyself;physician]..while you yourselves..are willing to limit..EVEN..the raise up..and about..[awake]..[bake]..into..HIS mind,..because you*..are also accepting..these limits..of mind..for YOURS.[ kind]..

This..makes you..unable to heal
him..*AND yourselves...MUST*YOU*..Be ALWAYS..unwilling
to ANY unthinkable.?

That state..*in ITSELF.,.is
clearly..demonstrate..*that miss-perception..*is wrong.

It emphasized..too often..that*CORRECTING
our-OWN..miss-perception is merely a..temporary expedient.

It is.necessary*cause..ego/ a BLOCK to
accepting new..[often contradictory..knowledge,].

while ACCURATE perception*.is..[simply..BY..REALLY..seeing..its own ever realliving moment[now]*

is..a stepping-stone..TOWARDS receiving..the perceiving..of it.

The whole..value of..right-perception..lies in the..inevitable judgment..which..if..necessarily..entails that..of is NECESSARY...removing the..unnecessary..

This removes the block entirely.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:49:02 AM
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You may this is long as you..appear
to this world...[ the working..of your mind..

[you are in a forest]
in..your mind..see it..[seeing it]
now see the forrest clear felled of trees

see the open/field?

And since..this is a sensible question,.it MUST..have..a
sensible..or even com-pre-henable answer...[but wait]

you..must be careful..that you really..understand
the question...What IS..the you..seeiingthe forest/field..who
are you..seeing that forrest field..[living eyes/observing..thus this just visualized..right into your mind?

the realist/Bill..will probably..have more trouble..with this
simple exercise..than you,..but if*..he will try..not to close his
mind,.he may*..decide..that we*[whocan see]..are NOT denial after all.

To help him, might review..for him
a number..of the concepts..with which he/does not have as much resistance/trouble,..[his expected..accepted exceptions] most waking-times.

He liked..the idea of invisibility,..and was
particularly the concept*..of different orders*of reality.

He[realists]..also found..the notion of/varying densities..of energy appealing...thus..While he may*yet agree..that these..are merely
teaching aids,..this is a good time..for the employ them.

truth constant state...of loving mind.

It true it ever was..and..ever..will be,
because it..alone..implies..the surity..of..*NO CHANGE..AT ALL...[et'al] not a continuum,..and it is be..understood
by with any opposite...there can/be no..infinite..exists..within..any finite*

Knowledge..NEVER involves true beyond bias..hope/fears..limitation..or interpretation its essential..difference..from
everything else..the ego-mind..can grasp.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:50:07 AM
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“A..little-knowledge” dangerous..except to the..fragile-ego.

The..essential remember that the ego
DOES*NOT-0RECOGNIZE..the..real_source..of its perceived*..threat.

And..if YOU associate yourself..WITH the ego,..YOU do
not perceive..the whole..mis-created/ it really is.

Only your the ego
ANY power..over you.

only..but Vaguely..does...the egosense..threat,..and,
conscious..mind..simply being unable..[unwilling] realize that..“a little-knowledge” itself..a meaningless phrase
because..“all”..and..“a little”..[in this context]..are the same,

that which decides..derides..

that..since..“all” impossible,
the fear..does not..lie with-in..this..all.

“A little,”..however, a scarcity
concept,..and..this..the ego..understands well.

Regarding..“all” impossible,..“a little”..
is[the..only]..possible..thus is,,then..the real threat.

We have spoken..of the if it were..a separate thing,
as capable..of acting on..its own...This was necessary to that you..cannot dismiss it lightly,..and NOW*..MUST much..of your ego-directed.

But..we cannot safely..leave it at that,..or you..will regard necessarily conflicted.

as long are here,..or more
properly, obg as your..ego BELIEVE..that you are here.

The nothing more..than a PART of..your
fixated passions crystallized..[realized..into mis-belief..about your..own..egoistic[[,jingo-mystic]..selves.

Your other/ asun..of the fat-her..has continued without interruption,..and..has been..and always will be..totally unaffected
by..your attempts..*to dissociate...from..him...all living..all*loving..

him..[the most]..just loving..serving..[even..the least]..the deserving living feast..teaching/learning/earning..the well as..the undeserving..alike..[equal wages][par-rabble]

The ratio..of repression..of other[and even..of true-self]..and dissociation..from the eternal/infinite goods..of..gods/love of truth*..varies..within..the individual ego-illusion..of self.

(tell Bill..that VERY good),*but
always*..involved, would/not..even..believe that you ARE here.

When I told concentrate..on the phrase..“here I am,..Lord,” I..*did-not..mean..“in..this world” words..“here.”..I wanted him* think/of separate consciousness, fully..capable communication..with the Creator*..*of that consciousness...he claims to-be.

He,..too,..MUST/begin to think of a very powerful receiving*..and sending channel, me[like you]..a description
I once gave you..symbolically...remember?

Remember..that HE understood it..even..before you did, are more..dissociative..[more easy distracted]..and less repressed.

Your great each other .is something
you should never forget...It is exactly..the
same debt..that you me. react egotistically..towards each other,
you..are throwing away..[pushing..good/god away]..which/the graciousness..of your indebtedness..and the holy perception it..would produce...[could restore]..

The reason why..the term..“holy”..can be used here* that, you*much you the whole Sunship..which includes me, come as...close to true/ perception ever can...perceive.

This gap small that
knowledge..can easily..flow across it..
and obliterate..darkness..and ignorance/
hunger and need..filth..and greed,..*forever.

first need..see
then..perceive*kind..then enjoy it..
leaving all..pain dread..insecurities..illusion..fears..behind.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 3:39:45 PM
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You..have very little our, yet,..but it
will you turn..more and more/often to me..instead of to your egos..for self-guidance.

The results..of love lived.will convince you increasingly
that..your choice in turning to the only..sane one you can make...No one who has/learned.from experience..*that one choice brings..peace..fulfillment..and joy..while..another..that brings
chaos..and disaster..needs much re-conditioning.

The ego cannot withstand..the conditioning/process,..because the process..itself DEMONSTRATES..that there is..another way...than self abusing..the thee.

The classic rewards model..
has..always been..the..most effective.

Howard..Hunt..made a very good this..heart-mind..connection,..even though he did..not understand that the real reason..why conditioning through not the most efficient because..

emotive-pain an ego-illusion,..and its nature..can never induce more than..a temporary/temporal..effect.

The rewards..of God's goods..are of immediacy
once immediately..recognized as eternal.

Since this recognition is*..made by YOU
and your ego,..the recognition..ITSELF
*establishes..that you and..your ego..*CANNOT be [one]..identical.

You..may believe..that you/have already..accepted the
difference, are by no means yet.

The very fact..that you are..yet..even now..preoccupied
only..with the idea..of escaping FROM..the ego..shows this.
You cannot escape..from the humbling it,..or controlling it, nor punishing it.

The ego..and the Soul*DO NOT..KNOW each other.
The separated..materialist..mind cannot maintain
the separation..EXCEPT by..the desperation..of dissociating.

Having done this,.it utilizes repression..against all/truly natural impulses,..not because the a separate thing,..*but because you want,,or NEED,to/believe..that YOU are...the ego.

The a input-device..for maintaining..this belief,..but it
is still only*..YOUR device..that enables endure...[just input the right]

[love in=love out].

My greater than..yours..yourego
put..that of at the right time[at the moment], will-not..always be..that way...Your very simple.

You ..have been as
to demonstrate..that You are NOT;.an victim..of natures selfish-ego.

I repeat..that I do..not choose God’s..channels wrongly...The
Holy One..shares my trust..and always Atonement decisions,..because my..* never out of..accord with His...will..for my-will..and my will..for your will.


as wills..
thus to will..doing the the good..only good of god
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 4:41:06 PM
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I have told you several times that I am in charge of the whole Atonement. This is
ONLY because I completed by part in it as a man, and can now complete it through other
men. My chosen receiving and sending channels cannot fail, because I will lend them
MY strength as long as theirs is wanting. I will go with you to the Holy One, and through
MY perception HE can bridge the little gap. Your gratitude to each OTHER is the only gift
I want. I will bring it to God for you, knowing that to know your brother IS to know God.
A little knowledge is an all-encompassing thing. If you are grateful to each other you
are grateful to God for what He created. Through your gratitude you can come to know
each other, and one moment of real recognition makes all men your brothers because
they are all of your Father. Love does not conquer all things, but it DOES set all thing
Because you are all the Kingdom of God, I can lead you back to your own creations,
which you do not yet know. God has kept them very safe in HIS knowing while your
attention has wandered. Bill gave you a very important idea when he told you that what
has been dissociated IS STILL THERE. I am grateful to him for that, and I hope he will not
decide that it is true only for you. Even though dissociation is much more apparent in
you, and repression is much more evident in him, each of you utilizes both.
Wisdom always dictates that a therapist work through WEAKER defenses first. That
is why I suggested to Bill that he persuade you to deal with REPRESSION first.

We have
only just about reached the point where dissociation means much to you, because it is so
important to your misbeliefs. Bill might do well, - and you could help him here, - to
concentrate more on HIS dissociative tendencies and not try to deal with repression yet
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 14 November 2013 8:43:16 AM
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I hinted at this when I remarked..on his habit of disengaging himself, and when I..spoke to him..about distantiation...These are all forms..of dissociation,..and these weaker/forms were always more evident in him than in you.

That is because..your..dissociation was so..extreme your did not have to hide it..because you were not aware that it..was there...Bill,..on the other hand,..DOES dissociate more than he thinks,..and that is why..he cannot listen.

He does not need to go through the same course in repression that you
did, because he will give up his major misdefense AFTER he has rid himself of the lesser..ones.

Do not disturb yourself about repression,..Bill,..but DO train be alert to..any withdraw from your brothers...Withdrawal is frightening,..and you do not/recognize all the takes in you.

Helen is right..that she will experience things..that
will cut across..all her perceptions because..of their stunning/knowledge.

You were right/that this will occur..when she
recognize..what..she ALREADY knows..and has..dissociated...from[by fear]..

You, Bill,..will learn..somewhat differently,..*because you are afraid*..[of all complete-involvement.., that they lessen..YOUr..higher/standing.

You have be so much more..clear-sighted about this
so/that you..should be oppose yourself RELATIVELY

As you come brother, DO approach me,
and as you..withdraw from..*him..I become distant to you.

Your giant step forward..was to INSIST on..a collaborative/venture. This does NOT go...against..the true spirit..of meditation.**IN it.

Meditation is..a collaborative_venture..with GOD..included..between..thee...It CANNOT be undertaken..successfully by those..who disengage..themselves..from the Sonship,..because they are disengaging themselves..from me.

God..will come to you..only as you will..give Him to your brothers. Learn first of them,..and you/will be ready to hear God as you hear them...That is because the function..of love

How can you..teach someone..the value of something
he has thrown value-less..?

He must have thrown it away..because he did NOT..see..the value..of it...You can only.*show him*how..miserable he is..*WITHOUT it,..and bring it..near very slowly, he can his/misery lessens as he..approaches it.

This conditions associate his misery..with its*ABSENCE,
and to associate..the OPPOSITE of misery..*with its presence.

It gradually becomes..desirable,.as he changes
his mind..about its worth...then..NEXT..see..the
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 14 November 2013 9:00:37 AM
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please ignore..the next..two-posts
they are simply a dire-version..[ not allowed further edit..of know why]

so lets get/this test..out of the way


Five of Cups
In..the Cover position
Indicates..the the present situation.

Meaning: Disappointment.

Being a disadvantage..and emotional strings. Unfulfilled energy drain...Spilled milk.

Suffering..over..other-one¹s suffering...Difficulty..accepting a loss...Disbelief...Senseless loss...Lingering gloom...Being limited by..the haunting..of past experience...Weight...Slow healing.

The Lovers
In the Cross position

Represents..the positive forces..or the querent's favor. If..this card..should happen to be..a negative card, indicates the nature..of an obstacle..that is hindering progress...(The card in this always its upright manner.)

Meaning:..Union..of opposites.
The promise..or potential..for love
and romance...Partnership...Attraction,..chemistry,..lust.

Humour...Romantic interlude..or amorous encounter...Restless imagination.

The crystallizing,..projecting process..of.."blind love."..High hopes...Flare of desire...Friendship,..admiration,..and affection.

Communion...Sharing...On a deeper can represent transformational..power..of love...Inspiring attain or secure love...Being made love...Conviction..and commitment.

The mystic bond..of familiar spirits...Mutual understanding.
Fusion..and energy...A pact...Symptoms of love:..anxiety,..vulnerability,..short attention span.

Being love...Poetry,..daydreams,
Expanding experience...Loss of the rational...Gratitude.

the lovers..Can represent..a choice..between desired
and acceptable...Assessment...If a decision is involved, indicates..happy outcome..after struggles.

*The Chariot
In the Beneath position
Can be viewed as a message..from the.."higher self."
It..can also reflect..the querent's potential aspirations.

Meaning:..Triumph...Victory parade...Success
of a multifaceted endeavour...Leadership,..competence,..and maturity. Conquest...An evolved personality...Courage...Being centered and secure...Moral, ethical progress..and conduct...A high-minded, honourable

approach to life...Balance,..integration...Harmony of opposite tensions...Equilibrium...Reconciling opposing forces..or views. Uniting right..and..left brain functions.

Control..over inner conflicts...Harnessing wild energies.
Life an accelerated pace,..yet maintaining direction.

Finding one¹s stride...Enjoying the thrill..and ride of life. ambition..or dream...Achievement...High energy. Promotion,..honours,..and reward...Overcoming opposition...

May indicate..a rescue,
as in..the arrival..of the cavalry.

*Nine of Swords
In the Crown position
Represents past events..and influences..that color..and give the current situation.

Meaning:..Nightmares,..suspicion,..and insecurity...Depression weighing one down...Worry and delays...Longing and misery...Pining for a loved one...Distress and obsession...

The haunting of past hurts and injustices...Debilitating,..unhealthy situation...Unrelenting/enemy...Loneliness...Indecision..Bewilderment..Premature end.

Seven of Swords
In the..Behind position
Represents the preoccupation..of the subconscious..which filters into waking life,..affecting moods..and outlook...This is the underlying theme..of dreams..and the emotional the querent's life.

Meaning: Resignation...Acceptance...Limited success...Releasing of the old..renews the spirit...Rejecting outside expectations..for an individually..fashioned lifestyle...

Posted by one under god, Thursday, 14 November 2013 9:56:10 PM
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End of an ordeal...Negotiations. Independent-thinking...Confidence...

Release from the grip of material questing..for higher pursuits.

*The Sun
In the Before position
Represents.the state of..the querent's relationships..with others.

Meaning:..Triumph,..success,..and security.
Growth,..well-being,..and nourishment...Solutions,
faith,..and glory..Sincerity in love...Play,..vacation,..and enjoying the blessings in life..without analysis.

Being the moment...Rejuvenation...Childlike innocence and playful manner...Youth...Trust...Blossoming...Thriving...Enjoying the pleasures of nature...Bounty after trials.. Masculine..sexual energy. Summer love, romance..

Bright,..warm days...Learning new skills..through play.
Thanksgiving...Birth of a child...inFame.

Two of Swords
In the Self position
Indicates the querent's psychological state..and attitudes
which can greatly..affect the outcome..of the matter.

Meaning: Armed peace...Uncertainty...Limited information.
Impasse...Blind judgment...Sensing...Frail alliance/but with potential...Invitation to friendship,..collaboration,..or union,..but not being met halfway.

Questioning whether friend..or foe...Dual nature...Energized by a not yet..*decided situation,..relationship,..or path..venturing into the unknown.

Having to proceed.while in the dark,..using intuition..or caution. Self-reliance...Having to make..a blind break a stalemate.

Seven of Wands
In the House position
Represents the querent's..environment..and unseen forces influencing the situation.

Meaning:..Courage,..determination,..and creative thinking.
Portends a good hazard a gamble...Though the odds..may seem against you,..there are your position.

The victory of..a major battle..paves the opportunity
and a positive life...Taking a stand...Guarding principles and dreams...Fending off predators.

Silencing naysayers.

Seven of Pentacles
In the Hopes position
Indicates..the hopes..and fears..of the querent.

Meaning:..Bounty comes..of patience..and ingenuity...The fair
and just..treatment..of personal and business life...Feeling of well-being...Satisfaction/in work.

Profit...A card of goodwill...The repaying..of past kindness. Stability..and steady progress...

Reaping what has been sowed.

Three of Cups
In..the Outcome position
Indicates..the outcome of the matter.

Meaning:..Celebration...Thanksgiving...Shared happiness...pleasure and..satisfaction...Enrichment/of friendships...Support,..encouragement.

Excitement..and play...Enjoying arts..and talents...Luck,
excitement,..and momentum...Goodwill and humour...

The doubling effect..of success shared...The joy of artistic collaboration...Romantic fun...The freshness of spring.

Gratitude..and good health.*..ahhh-mene
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 14 November 2013 9:57:11 PM
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i thought to..try it twice..[with other format]


Seer of Wands
Seer of Wands
In the Cover position
Indicates the querent in relationship to the present situation.

Meaning: Don’t be surprised at her frankness; the Seer of Wands is not one to mince words! Her hot temper and impulsiveness will get her into all kinds of trouble. Filled with the youthful notion that she is indestructible, she can be daring to the point of danger. This spunky girl may not be practical, but her enthusiasm is worth encouraging. It will lead her to her true calling. Maturity and responsibility can come later. This Seer may represent a bold person in your life, or she may be asking you to nurture your own adventurous spirit.

Return to Top

In the Cross position
Represents the positive forces or assets in the querent's favor. If this card should happen to be a negative card, it indicates the nature of an obstacles that is hindering progress. (The card in this position is always interpreted in its upright manner.)

Meaning: Despite the many negative associations with this card, it brings you an amazing gift: the possibility of transformation. Now is the time to release patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Have trust in the future, bid farewell to the past, and allow yourself to be reborn.

Return to Top

Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles
In the Beneath position
Can be viewed as a message from the "higher self." It can also reflect the querent's potential aspirations.

Meaning: In the Ten of Pentacles, we experience the satisfaction of having all our needs met. Having attained a lasting level of security, we have good reason to relax and to celebrate the abundance of life with friends and family. At the same time, this card speaks to the importance of creating something worth passing on to future generations.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 10:35:51 AM
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Whatever your age,..start thinking..about the legacy you will leave.

What impact will your life have on the world? On an even deeper level, the Ten of Pentacles offers a gateway into the essence of its suit: that the everyday world contains magic and mystery that we are often too busy to acknowledge. Honoring this magic is perhaps the most profound and valuable legacy we can leave behind.

The Lovers
In the Crown position
Represents past events and influences that color and give rise to the current situation.

Meaning: When this card appears, be prepared for a new love in your life or be ready to work on a current relationship. The Lovers beckon you to be deliberate in your choices. The challenge is to learn how to give yourself without losing yourself. Trust in love, and don’t let fear keep you from commitment if it feels right.

Eight of Cups
In the Behind position
Represents the preoccupation of the subconscious which filters into waking life, affecting moods and outlook. This is the underlying theme of dreams and the emotional undercurrent in the querent's life.

Meaning: The heart’s yearning for a deeper meaning cannot be ignored. The Eight of Cups calls you to begin a spiritual quest, to withdraw your energy from the world to be more present with your inner life.

Whether you hike up the Himalayas or retreat to your room, give yourself plenty of time alone. Creative solitude is the single most important thing that will help replenish your joy in living. You may also bring back greater self-awareness, spiritual insights, and possibly a whole new set of values.

Six of Cups
In the Before position
Represents the state of the querent's relationships with others.

Meaning: Just for now, leave the worries of the world behind. Live fully in the present. Even a few moments of such deep ease can seep into and change your life.

If you are not experiencing the joy promised in the
Six of Cups, might your memories..for such a time.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 10:38:09 AM
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In*fact,..this/is..traditionally..the card/of nostalgia,..[looking back-on..happier days.]..But
more than..just longing..for/a..perfect and..irretrievable time,.. reminiscing..can-help..*you draw..insight..from..the enrich/the..present.

Forgotten/dreams..may resurface..with renewed*potential..[wikiseed/wikigeld?]..Remember, the..innocence..and simple joys..of youth..are always*.available within.

Four..of Wands
In..the Self..position
Indicates..the querent's/psychological-state..
and attitudes..which..can greatly-affect..the outcome..of the matter.

Meaning:..This card..portrays a joyful passage*..
from one/ the next...Like..the May-Day..celebration,

the Four..of about..the gaiety/
that..encourages growth..and abundance.

The spring-crops..are in the ground...A good foundation..has been established;..great in order.

Remember,..delight..has a vital creating/lasting success. With..hard*work behind..and more challenges ahead, is the time to relax..and enjoy.

Take all/that you’ve..accomplished.
You’ve..come.a long way!

Six/of Wands
In the/House..position
Represents the querent's..environment
and..unseen forces..influencing the situation.

Meaning:..The Six/of Wands..may herald..the arrival/of..good news;
it may/also..mark a moment..of personal glory...One of the most gratifying* in the deck, shows..the high point of a creative/journey.

Self-confidence..forged the path/to..this victory,.for
as Rachel-Pollack..says,..“Optimism..produces/the very/success it desires..and..expects.”..Having manifested..your goals,..your achievements..are now..[now/are][are/now]honored

by others...A promotion..or other reward/may even-be granted to you. You deserve..this acknowledgment,..for your success..benefits the whole community...Inspiring*others..with your triumph,..people may look.[for..themselves].

to you..[for leadership..]guidance..However,
be wary..of the human desire...for heroes.. don’t use y
our gain unfair-advantage.over others...Enjoy your time in the lime..[light]..for what it’s worth,..knowing that..frame may fade..but your accomplishments..will endure.

The High Priestess
In..the Hopes position
Indicates the hopes .and fears..of the querent.

Meaning:..The High Priestess..invites you/to..come to a
place..of stillness,..receptivity,..and self-awareness...of others

To experience..her mystical vision, may need/to..cultivate y
our heary..our intuition..through meditation.or dreamwork...Trust your inner-oracle,..for the seek..*is within..all..and everything.

Four'/of Pentacles
In..the Outcome-position
Indicates..the outcome..of the matter.

Meaning:..The Four of Pentacles..reminds us..not/to..depend on
what we own./for our sense of security...The pursuit of..material gain alone* barren..and both individuals..and the larger organism..[society].of life.

A culture..that has..survived..for so long..
i.. the desert..knows that..the best insurance..
is the love..and support..of..a living/ falls,..the others..*will be support them.
This..true wealth..can’t be hoarded. [it given/received] be..truly-believed]

This card..may represent..a time..when
survival-instincts..are needed.

A..genuine/ your security..could be at hand,
so..clever stewardship..of important.

At the..same time,..don’t let*..irrational fears..of deprivation
take over...You..are*honestly examine..your ..and possessions.

Recognize*..and appreciate..the..forces/that.*sustain[your life.] so..brings/ ironic/scarcity..of funds.

caution..ABOUT..THE a toy*
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 11:01:58 AM
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I am conditioning you to associate misery with the ego, and joy with your Soul. You
have conditioned yourself the other way around. But a far greater reward will break
through any conditioning, if it is repeatedly offered when the old habit is broken. You
are still free to choose. But can you really WANT the rewards of the ego in the presence
of the rewards of God?
It should be clear that, while the content of any particular ego-illusion does not
matter, it is usually more helpful to correct it in a specific context. Bill is right that you are
too abstract in this matter.

Ego-illusions are QUITE specific, although they frequently..change, and although the mind is naturally abstract, it became concrete voluntarily as
soon as it splits. However, only PART of it splits, so only PART of it is concrete.
The concrete part is the same part that believes in the ego, because the ego DEPENDS
on the specific. It is the part that believes your existence means you are SEPARATE.
Everything the ego perceives is a separate whole, without the relationships that imply
BEING. The ego is thus AGAINST communication, except in so far as it is utilized to
ESTABLISH separateness, rather than to abolish it.
The communication system of the ego is based on its own thought-system, as is
everything else it dictates. Its communication is controlled by its need to protect itself,
and it will disrupt communication when it experiences threat. While this is always so,
individual egos perceive different kinds of threat, which are quite specific in their own
judgment. For example, although all forms of perceived demands may be classified (or
judged) by the ego as coercive communication which must be disrupted, the response of
breaking communication will nevertheless be to a SPECIFIC PERSON or persons.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 3:18:49 PM
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The..specificity..of the-ego’s..thinking,.then, a spurious..kind/of..generalization, really not all.

It..will certain specific all stimuli
which it related...In contrast,..the Soul the same everything it*..thinks to..*know is true,..and does not all* anything else.

Nor..does it..make any attempt/to ESTABLISH..what is true...It knows that*..what is true* everything..that God created...*It is
in complete*..and direct communication..*with every-aspect..of Creation,..because in/complete..and direct..communication..with its Creator...realizing..its unique/qualities.

This communication..IS...the will of God.
Creation..[recognition]..and communication..are synonymous.

God created..* communicating..*His..inner knowledge-of Mind ..*into it,..[revealing..the..external//qualities..with-out]..thus establishing..*it..[qualitatively]..forever as/a channel..for the reception..of..His Mind-in kind..and..our/united..efforts of..Will.

Since..only beings..of order..can/truly communicate.
His Creations..naturally communicate..with Him..and Him. perfectly/abstract, that..its quality
is,..and not ANY specific-judgment,..nor..ANY exception,..or ANY alteration.

God..made..*you ..THUS..*BY..this..

The mind..can distort..its functions,..* cannot
endow-itself..with was_not*..given. why...the mind..cannot/totally..lose the..ability to communicate,..even though..*it may utilize it.*..on behalf of..the is..being. well as..being..*rests on..this in-extricable..communication[communion].

Existence..of how, what,..and
with whom-[being]....communication is worth*..undertaking.

this..we may..comunicate..with flowers[opnly attheir ownlevel] percieved byour emotive responses[ie reacting totheir beauty/smell/tast..touch-sense]..ontheir level]not ours]

ditto god

is completely..without..these..perceived miss-distinctions.

It is..[being]..a which the/mind..of being..IS in..real communication..with everything..that is real,..including its own Soul.

To..whatever/extent..*you permit..this curtailed,
you..are limiting..your..being-sense..of your OWN..sense..of reality, [being[]..which becomes total..only by recognizing..ALL reality..*in the glorious-context..of its/real YOU.

This&...*IS your reality.
Do_not..desecrate it..nor recoil.,from it.
It is..your..inner-being..within..its real home,..your..real-temple, and..your..-real self.

God,..who encompasses..*ALL Being,[ourbeing]
nevertheless..created..separate beings..who have*everything individually,.but who w..just..*ant to share it..[en'mas] increase...their joy..and...our viewing..the whole picture..

Nothing..that is real..can be..increased..[of its reality/being]
but..EXCEPT by sharing it..and other confirming...That is*..why God Himself..created you.

Divine_Abstraction..takes, what..creation MEANS.

How,*what,#and..*to/whom..are irrelevant,..because..any..real creation..*gives everything* can only..create like..the inner/synchronized

*Remember..that..*in being,..there difference..between
having..and being, there* existence...In the state..of being, everything/always.

The-Bible..*repeatedly/states..that you/should..*praise God...This hardly/means..that you..should tell/ wonderful*..He is.

He*..has no-ego..with/which..*to accept..*thanks,
and*no..perceptions..with/which..*to*judge*..your offerings. part..JOYOUS/ the_creation,
His not complete..*because incomplete...

*And THIS..*He does*..know.
*He*in his own Being..and its..experience..of His Suns’ experience...The..constant..GOING OUT/of..His blocked..when His Channels..are closed..byour mixed-emotions/judgments/hurtfull/misscreations..of ego-mind.

,..and He IS..lonely
when the minds..He created..
do not..communicate/fully..with Him.
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 3:58:39 PM
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God HAS kept..your kingdom..whole..for you,..but He..cannot
share..His joy..with you until you..know it..with your whole mind.

Even revelation is not enough,.because it is communication
FROM God...But not enough.until it is shared.

God does not need..revelation Him,..which would clearly be impossible,..but He DOES..*want revelation brought to..*others.

This cannot be done..with the actual revelation,..because
its content cannot be..expressed,..[impressed]..into miracle..and it is intensely...*personal[relitive..only..into the beings-mind..which receives it. a radio..wave/band/or specific/unique..vibe

But it can still be..returned..*BY that mind
through its other minds..*which the knowledge..from
the revelation..brings.[]..

God is praised..whenever any mind..yearns to be wholly helpful.
This is impossible..without being wholly harmless,..because the two beliefs..*cannot coexist...

The truly helpful..are TRULY-invulnerable,..because..they
are NOT protecting..their egos, that nothing..CAN*..hurt/them. Their helpfulness..IS their praise..*of God,..and He will return their praise..*of Him,..because they are like/Him..and can rejoice in

God..present*/presence..goes them./.and through
them,..and there is great joy..throughout the Kingdom...Every mind that is live of love..adds to/this joy with its own individual share in it.

[to get..grace,,we need only[and mean it]

The truly helpful..are God’s miracle-workers..
whom I direct..until we are all united in..the joy of the kingdom.

I will direct you to can be truly helpful, and to
whoever can guidance..through you.

I arranged for attend the rehabilitation
meetings..for very good reasons,..and I want him to we can share our goal..*there.

Properly speaking,..every mind which is split..need rehabilitation. The medical..orientation..emphasizes the body,..and the vocational orientation..stresses the ego.

The*team approach..generally leads more to confusion..than anything else,..because it is too/often an expedient for sharing the ego’s dominion..with other ego’s rather/ a real cooperation of..the cultures/

The reason why Bill needs..this experience is because..he needs rehabilitating himself...How often have I answered..“help him” when you asked me* help you?

He, too, has..asked for help,..and he has been helped whenever he (he).was truly ..helpful to you...He..has also gained to whatever extent he could give.

He will help..YOU going,..

if he can remember..all the time..that..when..he is there..with you
that..his ONLY reason..for being..there is to..REPRESENT

as i embody..our father.[in the flesh][ spirit/simpatico]
Posted by one under god, Friday, 15 November 2013 4:53:57 PM
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Re-habitization,,..has improvement..over..overt neglect,.but*it is..too often..little more than..a painful-attempt..on..the part of..the..partly miss-lead the..partial-[ly]...blinded.

is not..why/you..were[see..that]..You..have/a fear
of..broken-bodies,..because..your ego..cannot..tolerate..the them...

Your ego..cannot tolerate..other..[even brotherly..ego-weakness,..either,..[without-ambivalence,]..because..even..your-'own' afraid*..of its*own/weakness..and-that..of the..weakness of its..own/chosen home. really..why you recoil..from..the demands/of..the dependent, and..even further..from*the sight..sound..or implications..of a broken-body.

Your ego_sense..of/ threatened,..and..thus..the/lack..of good-will..blocks..your natural*instinctive[but..momentary-impulse/ help,..thus strain..of your..ego/ergo..divided-will.

You allow..your recover, regain/enough..[sufficient]..strength to..*be helpful..again
only..upon...a to/threaten..your ego,..but also..far..too give YOU..*that joy...of maturation..via expressive/timely-compassion.

Those..with broken*bodies..are often..looked/down ego, because..of its..miss-belief..that nothing..but..your/own..ego perfected worthy..[as its*..OWN temple...for your*..own ego-mind]

A mind..that..recoils..*from a..hurt/ great*need..of rehabilitation*itself...A damaged/brain is..also hardly any..real..nor..fearsome danger.

*ALL/symptoms..of hurt..need true..and immediate..[even medicated/mediated]..helpfulness,..and..whenever..they are/met..with.
this/oneness..of*meets them..heals..IT-SELF.

Re-habilitation..[re-habituation] attitude..of..praising
God..creation..[]]..He Himself..knows praise...He offers*you,..and you..*must offer others.

The..real limitations..on clinical/psychology,[as it] followers[at present,]..are not the/attitudes..of psychiatrists,..nor medical-boards, /administrators,..even though..*most of them..are sadly..*in_need of rehabilitation*..themselves.

The..real handicaps..of/the clinicians..lie in..their those whom*..their ego/ weakened..and damaged...[ is*reasoned..not*..of god]..

bill....[you full_knowing*..with/the expectation...of to me..or worse..leave it..up to-our..father

[stop fudging..[your judging] not thy younger brother bro?

By these ego..[ergo]..miss-evaluations,..they..have weakened and
damaged..even furthered..the separation..[by their own..un-helpfulness,]..and have thus..set their own..rehabilitation back. NOT concerned..with the ego’s fight/for control, nor..the ego’s need*..[desire][pre-tend].and withdraw.[run].

Bill, do/much..on*behalf of..your own..rehabilitation
AND..Helen’s,..and much/more..universally..[for-others],..if you*think of..the this way: time..before*..cutting/running

I..*am_here..ONLY* be..truly_helpful...
to..whoever..god me.

I represent..the unity..of Christ..[being..
with/us]..and..of he..[our father..of all*living..who..sent me.

I..[bill] not..have to worry..about*..what*to say..nor concern..about..what*to do,..because..the/one..*who sent me..will direct me...[using..thy brotherly-senses..[revelations] me]

I..[bill] be..wherever..He wished,..for
as needs be..knowing.he[2].

I heal thee..
as I..let him..teach heal..thus doth..the physician..heal..thyself..loose the whiny ego-serf[self] are not doing..this by..thyself
there are wanting to help..but await invitation

[we..arnt your ego..johan..we must wait.,.to be asked..
but..we each/are..but..what god..*made us*to we/too
cannot..judge you..all..*present-ly be*.[r]
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 16 November 2013 7:15:10 AM
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remember..this isnt all karma[we all have the right,,to wash
our own face..but not to put such..indelible..stain..upon other]

forget..that we earn..all we own
god gave us be by..mans freewill choice
who in..their right-mind..will..chose no-face

[or to loose face..lets face it..its sickening.. much worse for see..the..distortion's..of our face]


To make happy.
I told you many
have to gladden yourselves,..and how have refused.

the faces..WE NOW HAVE..are not our eternal-faces
in..the next life we reflect..all the..faces..our faces faced..or diss-graced.

This is..exactly the you that you have refused want/try/ heal yourselves...The light that belongs in..ALL* .is the..light of joy...*Randiance..*is not associated..with sorrow.

the first flush..of face2 face..must include the love radiance....Depression .is often contagious,[fgace/to
face]..but..*although it may[WILL*}..affect those..who come in contact with it,.they do not..*yield to its influence..wholeheartedly.

SIN?..i see no..sin
you are will
be perfected..only in spirit//just chose what your face reflects..affects others..the long frown..brings us all down.

But joy..calls for..the an integrated..deliberated willingness
to share..the it,..and thus/promotes the mind’s..natural impulse[inclinations] RESPOND..AS..the love..oneness of every-ONE.

Those who attempt to heal..without being..*wholly joyous themselves call forth different/kinds of the same time,..and thus deprive others..*of the joy..of responding/ choice.

To be wholehearted, MUST be happy.
If fear..and love..cannot..coexist,..and is impossible
to be wholly..fearful..and remain joyously[ alive,..then the only possible..perpetual statement..isnt hate..

BUT is..with and in him whole state..which..IS that of love.grace/ their rightful due

There difference..between love and joy.
Therefore,.the/only possible whole state..IS the wholly joyous state-meant.

To heal,..*or to make joyous, therefore
the same integrate..and MAKE ONE.[..atonement/at-one-meant]..

That is makes do difference..TO what part of
BY..what part..of the Sonship the/healing is done./../*Every part benefits,..*and benefits equally.

YOU are being blessed by/every beneficent thought
of any of your brothers anywhere...[just like at present..many curse themselves.

You..should want* bless/them in return,..out of gratitude.
and certainly not return..bad for bad [only gods good is eternally true.

You do not..have to know&..them individually,..nor they you.
The light..of so strong/that it radiates*..throughout the Sonship..

and the Father..for radiating HIS
joy upon us all

[from him..within..we can..never be..with-out.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 16 November 2013 8:23:33 AM
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Only God’s own..wholly/children..are be channels
of..his beautiful joy,..because..only they *..are beautiful*enough to hold sharing it.*

It is..impossible..for a Child/of love
his neighbor..EXCEPT* he..himself..allows..his love..of his own..himself...That is why..*

the healer’s*prayer is,..“let me
know..this I[inner-ego]-self.” an act..of thought creation[*re-form] which
two minds ..jointly..perceive their oneness,..and become..glad...[mutually*healing..each-other]

This every part of..the Sonship
the one-good/god rejoice..*with them,..and let God
Himself*..go out..into them..and through*..them.,,for*them.. them.

Only..the healed mind..can experience/revelation..with-in..
real-time..[within..the living moment]..with lasting effect,..because*an experience..of pure re-cognizing do_not wholly joyous,..your mind
cannot*,,have...what it does not..will* be.[have]

Remember..that the Soul..knows*no difference..between being
and having...The higher-mind..thinks..according to..the spirit..of laws..which..the Soul obeys,..and therefore..honors..only..good/uses..of the/laws..of God.

To Him,[god]....*getting is meaningless,..
to him..and giving..*is all* everything,..knowing..the GIVING it,..thus truely*..the Father..created.

If you think/about it, will see..that,..while this
kind of totally alien to*having..the actual-THINGS,..even to the lower is quite connection with/IDEAS.

If you share..a physical possession, DO divide its ownership. But if you share/an IDEA, do NOT lessen it...*ALL of it is still yours,..although..*all of it..has been given/away.

Further,..if the whom you give it..accepts it as HIS,
he in*..YOUR mind,..and thus INCREASES it.

If you can accept..the concept that the world..IS one of ideas, the whole..belief in the/false association..which the ego has made between giving..and LOSING is gone.

Let us..start..our process of rebirth? with..just a few..simple concepts:

Thoughts being given away.
The more..who BELIEVE in them,..the STRONGER they become.
EVERYTHING is an idea.

How,.then, is it possible..that giving..and losing can be meaningfully/associated?...*This Holy of Spirit.

I that I..could reach-up..and bring the
Holy Spirit..down to you...But I can bring you only at your own invitation...The..*Holy nothing more than..your own right mind.

He is also..with-in.mine. T..he Bible says,
“May the in you..that was Christ Jesus,”

and a joyful..huh?-man..uses a BLESSING.
It is..the blessing of miracle-mindedness...It asks..only..that you may I thought,..joining with/ Christ-thinking...

by rejecting..even..merely giving thought-energy..into negative/judgmental..miss creative..miss-thinking.
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 16 November 2013 11:18:41 AM
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The only part..of..the Holy/Trinity..*which is Healer,..the Comforter,..and..the Guide.

He is..also separate,..apart/from..
the Father..and..from the Son...

as I..myself said,...“and if..I go
I/will,..and he..*will abide..with you.”

The Holy/ grasp,..precisely
* IS symbolic, to..many different interpretations.

As..a man..and as one of God’s creations,..*my right thinking,
which came from..the Universal/Inspiration..[cloud-mind]..which IS the Holy Spirit,[wholy-mind]...taught me first..and foremost..*that for ALL.

I..could not..have it myself.without knowing.that.
The word ..“know” is proper here,..because..the Holy..Inspiration is so close to..knowledge..*that ..*it calls forth,..or better,..allows it to come.

We have..spoken before..of the/higher..or true perception,..which is so close..[to fearles-truth]..that God Himself..can flow across the
little gap.

Knowledge is always..ready to flow..everywhere,..
but it..cannot oppose...[it cannot..resist..any* blockage].. can obstruct it, can never lose it.
The Holy the Christ mind..that senses..the indicative..flux and flow..of knowledge..[that lies beyond..material..conception..or perception.]

knowledge..came into being..with the separation..of the witness[testament]..of its validation..[external..of self projection] a protection, retaining..its learning

and was..inspired..from..the..beginning of..the Atonement at the same time...Before that,..there need for healing..and no-one was comfortless.

God honored even the miscreations..of His Children because
they had made them....But he also..blessed them with..a way of thinking about them..that/could raise..their perceptions until..they became so lofty that..they could reach..almost back/to Him.

The Holy the mind..meld..of the At-one/ment.
It represents..a state of-mind..that/comes close enough to one-mindedness..that transfer..of learnings/verifications..of true at last possible.

As you well/know,..good//helpfull..transfer depends on common the [re-called]..learning..and the new which it is..affirmativly..transferred. not..the knowledge,..but it can be..TRANSFERRED to knowledge,..or CROSS OVER..into it...It might even be..more helpful use the literal..meaning “carried over,” for the last taken..[carried] God.

The Holy Spirit,..the shared*Inspiration..of all the Sonship,
induces a kind of perception/in which many elements..are like*..those in the Kingdom..of Heaven Itself.

First,..its perfectly clear,
and no-one..who receives it..could ever believe
for one instant..that sharing..*it..involves anything..*BUT gain.

Second, is incapable*..of attack,..and
is therefore..truly defend..the truth..that is.

This means that..although it does-not..engender
knowledge, does not*..obstruct/*sharing*..gets used up..nor wasted.,
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 16 November 2013 4:21:49 PM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard which sufficient/quantitative_changes
produce real..qualitative differences...[know-lewge]..but.. importantly..The next-point requires..the..real/understanding,..because is..the which the..shift..of perceptions..occurs.

Finally,*points..the way..beyond the..healing brings,..and leads the mind..beyond*its own..ego-centric..integration..into the paths..of miracle-creation. not creating; is reparation.
The Holy Spirit..promotes looking..beyond how we, that..what..the children..of God..*were before*..healing was needed,..and will be..again..when they have BEEN healed.
This alteration..of the time sequence..should be quite..familiar, because very the time perception..which the miracle/introduces.

The Holy the..MOTIVATION..emoted[e-motivated]..for miracle-mindedness...It our..motivations..that instill..the will.[to HEAL/the separation..].by letting it go.

It is..IN you..toenact..that will..because God
placed your mind, can keep it cannot obliterate it...

God Himself..keeps it it..[our free will]..from His long as this perception..of linear-time...*..His will..and

The..miracle just/this
of will between..Father..[causation].and Son.[thefruit/result*]

The Holy the Spirit of Joy.
It is the return, that..good
of joy..[en-joy]..with/which God..blessed the..minds[even..of the separated Sons.

This the vocation..of the..union..of higher-mind.
It calling..[reason/of being]...until the/separation, had only good/true-being,..and would*not..have understood..the call..back to..right thinking.

The Holy Spirit..was God’ the..childish/divisive.. separation,..the which..the Atonement..*could repair..[withdraw]....until the whole/trinity..of-mind..* merciful..useful-creating.

The Atonement..and the separation..began at the same time.
When self-minded-man..made..the ego,..God placed..*in him..the call of joy..This call is so strong..that the ego..*always dissolves at its sound.

That is can listen/to..two voices..within you.
One you made..yourself,..[that asks/explains..and..the one that recuse/accuse/judge..that not of God...

But the given you by God,..Who asks you listen to it...knowing..its of god..and the of the ego/self.

The Holy Spirit..IS in a very literal sense.
in.every cell..of your..smallest body-being..

It is..the good true..loving/forgiving..merciful..voice..that calls
you back to*..where you were before..and will be..again.

It is possible..even in this hear ONLY..that
good..true/loving/forgiving ..mercy full..voice..and no other.

It takes effort..and great/ learn...loving all.

It is the final..lesson that I learned,..and God’s Sons
are as..equal as they Souls...The voice of
the Holy Spirit..IS the Atonement,[at-one-ment].
for..the restoration of..the integrity of..the mind...back..into wholeness.

When the complete and the/whole Sonship is healed, there will return,..because..what God for
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 16 November 2013 7:43:36 PM
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You*..ARE..the embodiment..potent/quotient..of the Kingdom..of
Heaven,..but you..have let..the belief in..ego-mis-creations..[darkness/separation/fear]..enter your..into..your unattended-minds, you need..a new* reveal..the fearlessness.

The-Holy/ the radiance..[that..beams..from..your.. visage[face]..see..that you..must let..his light..OUT* idea..of..the external-darkness. glory..[the why..of the way..]..before
which..all..miss-creation' falls away,.and the
Kingdom/of Heaven..breaks through..the illusions..into..its own.

Before..the did not/need guidance.
You you will/know..again,...but you do not truly-know now.

God does-not guide,..because..He can share....only..that perfect/true
PERFECT-KNOWLEDGE...perfected love..ultimate-truth..[his]..Guidance is EVALUATIVE, implies/that..there is a/RIGHT way..and also a WRONG way, to/be chosen..and the other..avoided.

By..choosing/one, up..the other.
This..IS..a conflicted/conflicting/ego-infused state...
It MEANS..that..knowledge..has been/lost,..because..*knowledge*is SURE.[the known-known] not..*in you;..[for the greater..needs/include..the lessor]..YOU*..thus..are..each..a*part..of HIM...

When you..*willed /to..*leave Him,.He/gave you..a speak..[call..FOR Him,..because/He..could no/longer..share His knowledge..with you..without..your/own..miss-created/hindrance.

Direct communication..was broken,
had/made..another..voice through..the..creation..the ego-conception..of..*an-other's will.

The Holy remember..*and forget.
You...have chosen..*to a state..of/opposition,'other' ...only..with-in..which..opposites..*are possible.

As..a result,/there ARE..choices..*which yo_ must*make.
In..the holy-state,..the free..[in-the..sense
that..its creative/ unlimited,]..but choice/ meaningless.

The Holy Spirit..will remain..with/the..Suns[lights]..of God,[good/true/light] bless..*THEIR*..mis]-creations..and..even.. as/to..keep* the..[de-]light..of joy.

Freedom to same* freedom..*to create,
but..its APPLICATION/is different...*Choosing..MEANS divided will.[ chose..between.

The..Holy/ one..way..of choosing...This[ta0]..* BECAUSE..there/is..also..*an..other way.

God..did not..*leave..His Children
comfortless,..even though...athey left Him..alone..

The voice..that..they put_into..their minds..*was NOT..the*voice of His/Will,..[for which.-the Holy-Spirit..speaks.]

The stronger..than..the depart, a different*way.[tone/form..of address]..

The voice..of..the/Holy-Spirit..*does not*..command,*incapable..of..arrogance...or..affecting..our freewill.

It does/not demand, does* control.
It..does*not..*overcome,..because it/does..not judge..nor..attack.

*It merely..REMINDS. compelling..only..because..**OF. It brings....awareness..back..into..your mind[the OTHER-way],..remaining quiet..even-in ..the midst of..the turmoil..*you have made..for yourselves.

The voice..*for God..[good] always..quiet,..because it
speaks..*of..our immortal-eternal..[inner]-peace...Yet peace is stronger..than war,..because it heals. DI-VISION,..not
increase...No-one gains..from strife.

“ man..if he-gain..
the whole world..and..yet...lose..his own/Soul?”

This..means..that i.. he voice,
he has..LOST..the in-SIGHT..of his Soul...He CANNOT
lose/it..but he..*CAN..not know it..or even..of-it.

It is..therefore..[forgotten]..*LOST TO HIM,
until..he chooses..right...and

The* your choosing.[wrong..from..right][status] part..of your mind..which ALWAYS speaks..up..for..the right choice,..because he.listens..thus speaks..for God.[the good]. communication
with God,..which you can..delay..ignore/ridicule..or interrupt,..
*but..cannot destroy...The/Holy which.. God’*will..can/WILL../be..done ./on earth..*as it/is in..Heaven.

Both Heaven..and..Earth are..with-and,
because..the call..of both..knowledge/knowings..are..real-ized.. aligned..with-in...all..your minds-wills.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 17 November 2013 7:24:54 AM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard minds...that..The voice..for God
comes..from your..*own Him.

These altars..are..not THINGS...They are..DEVOTIONS.
* have..other..[miss-created]..devotions now.

Your..divided devotion..has*the two-voices, must which altar* serve.

The answer*now..IS/ evaluation, is..a DECISION...conscious bias/choice.

The..decision itself* very simple...It/is..made..
on the basis..of..*which worth

My*mind..will like yours,..because..we
were..* equals...It was only/my..will-full..DECISION..
choosing..his voice[his..will alone..that gave me..all Heaven..and earth.

My..only to help
you..*make..*the same/decision..FOR YOURSELF.
The will..for/this the will to*..SHARE it,
because..the the share.

* MADE..[create/]..only..BY GIVING,..and
is..there'fore..the one act..of mind..that resembles..true/creation.

You..understand..the role/of models..[in-the..learning-process,..and the importance..of..the models to determining..what you will*to..learn.

I am*your..model.,.[real/living-example]..for..affirming..your decision...*By deciding..*for God,..I showed you..that..this decision CAN be/made,..and..that YOU..*TOO..can make it.

I the mind..that made..the decision..for me..*is also..*in YOU,..and..that you..*can..let you it..changed me.

This mind is*..unequivocal,
hears..*only..ONE VOICE,..and..onml; ONE..loving-WAY.

You..are..the light/of..the world..*with me.
Rest..does not come..from sleeping,..*but from..the act..of..waking.

The/ the awake..and be joyously..glad.
The very tired, is..*the IDEA[miss-creation]..of..the divided..tired/ego-minds..weariness.

Our the of call..for good/of..God.

Everyone..will answer..the call..of/the..Holy Spirit,
or..the Sunship..cannot one.[al-one]..

What..better vocation..could ther be f..or any part/of ..the Kingdom restore the perfect/integration..that can*//make it whole?


Hear*..only this..through..the Holy-Spirit..within you,
and..teach..your are tempted..*by..the wrong voice,[ie feel/fear/uncertain..judgmental..[dark] ..*on remind to decision..and..will..the MAKING of STRONGER...wills..willing it.

As we..*share..this/goal,..we increase..its will-
power to attract..the whole Sonship,..and..the back ..into the/ was created.

Remember..that..“Yolk”..means..“join together,”
and..“burden”..simply..means message.,,Let us..reconsider
the biblical/statement..“my easy..and my burden light”

in this way...Let/us join..together,

I came..into..your minds..because you..had grown
vaguely aware..of the fact..that another way,..or another voice.

by..Having given..this/ the Holy Spirit,
I..could provide..the living-model..for re-THINK.

Psychology..has become..the study/of BEHAVIOR,..* denies the ..basic-law..that a unseen/MOTIVATION, the will.

I have..enjoined you.*to behave..[do] I behaved,[did]
but..we must respond to..the same our do this.

This mind..that Holy/mind-Spirit,kind
whose'for Gods goods..always...It keep your own
free-will..thought,.[retort].and a fruity/nutty..result.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 17 November 2013 8:30:13 AM
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unlimited.*Child..of God, YOU, hear you answer/honor..the Holy-Spirit..within you.

The LEARN..TO KNOW..[re-cognize]..your brother perceiving..the..eternal/immortal/Holy..Spirit..*in him.

We..have already said..that..the/ bridge
or..the..inter-medium..of thought-transfer..[of perception..moving
in-TO..knowledge, use..the terms..*as _if*..they were related,..because..*in..*HIS mind*/they are.

This relationship..MUST..*be..[ real] His mind, were,..*the separation/between..the two ways..of thinking..would_not..*be healing. part of*..the Holy/Trinity,..because..*His Mind
is..partly..YOURS..and also..a*PARTLY..GOD’S.

This..needs clarification/not* statement,
since..what..we have said..that..this before, wrought/by..EXPERIENCE. will/
calling..for..the IDEA..of thought, the...idea..GAINS..ever more living power..AS IT IS..SHARED.

by...Being..the call..FOR that..GOOD..of..God, also..the idea..OF God's good..fair/just..rewards.

*you are..ape-part..of God, is*also..the idea..your will envisions..of..the embodied-being/of..YOURSELF..being, much a a of*..all the parts..of Good.[god]

The idea..of..the Holy Spirit/shares..the property[proper-ties][pro-portions]..of other ideas,..because it follows*..upon..beyond..the laws..even..of the universe..of which IT
is..a part.[ape-heart]

Therefore, is strengthened* being..given*away.
It you/give your brothers.[for/free]

Since..thoughts*..*do not..have to be..* exist,
your brother..does not..evem..have to/be AWARE..of/the Holy Spirit,[..either in himself..or in you]..for occur.

He may/have..dissociated..the call/for Good,
just/as..YOU have...But the..dissociation..[misscreation].is healed in
BOTH/*as you*see_it* him,..and thus..acknowledge..its BEING.

Bill,..who/has..made..a number..of vital/ our
joint-venture,..made a..major-one..a while ago,
he..himself..did/not..notice/appreciate..or even understand.

If..*we recognize..its value together,..we/will..will to/be..en-able to..use it..together,..*because it is* idea,..and..*must be/held...respected/reverently/reflectively/activly..used*.

When/Bill..said that..he..*was determined*
“NOT to way,”..[he was speaking/negatively.]

If..he same idea,,but..POSITIVELY,
as affirmation..he will..see the POWER..of what he/said.

He..*had realized.that there..*are..*two_ways..of seeing
you,..and..also that..* seeing..are/diametrically..opposed to one/an-other.

These two ways..must be* HIS mind,..because he
They..*must in YOURS,.because..what,..he was/perceiving..was YOU.

What..he was..*really saying..was..that/he
would*NOT..look at you..*through HIS ego,..nor..perceive*YOUR you.

Stated positively,..that..he would*..[will/to[..see you
through*..the Holy/Spirit..*in..HIS mind,..and perceive..* YOURS.

What you brother,..*you ARE
acknowledging.,.*in yourself...What you share * STRENGTHEN.

The voice..of..the Holy/Spirit..IS you..yet. MUST*..share it,..*because..*it must be..INCREASED in/strength..*before it.

It is hear yourself..while
indeterminate..[unfocused/unfiltered] your OWN mind.

It is..*NOT itself;..but it IS..
limited/by..your..very/un-willingness to/hear it.

Will an idea,..and is therefore..only..strengthened by being shared...You have made/the mistake..of looking..*for the Holy Spirit..ONLY..*in YOURSELVES,..and that/is why..your meditations

By..adopting..the ego’s..viewpoint,
you ,mal-creations..but fear not..

only your..own fears..keeps them..alive.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 17 November 2013 10:50:39 AM
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WITH..THE EGO..AS GUIDE...This..was produce fear.

Bill’s..better idea..needs to/be BOTH of you. HIS,..HE can increase giving it to you. of..the ego,-fear..because
time..[proper-time],,on..of ITS concepts.

Delay idea.
Both time..AND delay..are eternity.

We have said.before..that the Holy God’s..* the ego.

Everything..of which the Holy Spirit..reminds you
is in/direct the ego’s notions,..because true and false..*perceptions..are..of..THEMSELVES/opposed...The Holy Spirit has..the task of..UNDOING what,,errors/disharmoniousness..the ego has made.

*It..must same realm of which/..the ego itself operates,..*or[else].the mind would be/*unable to understand..the conceptual-change.

We..have repeatedly emphasized..the fact that one level
of the not specialised..area of experteaze[small..can read math]

and/so..So it is..with the ego[materialist-self]..and the soul
gods essence/as presence..of self].., like/with/time and eternity.

Eternity is an..idea..of God, that
the soul..understands..*it..perfectly...Time/ a belief*..of the/ego,..and thus so that..of the lower mind,..which IS the ego’s..reclusive domain,..ego..accepts it without question.[unthinkingly]

crucially..un-critically..The only*good/true..aspect of time
which is..really* time..NOW. truthfully..real..all the time*[now]

That is..what we REALLY mean when we
say..that now..*is the only time.

The literal nature of this statement..does not mean..*anything
to the ego...It interprets it, best, mean..“don’t worry
about..the future.”..This is NOT..*what it really all.

The Holy the mediator..between the interpretations
of the ego..and the..lived true/knowledge..of the Soul.

Its deal with symbols..*enables it to work..AGAINST the
ego’s missbeliefs..*in its..*own language.

Its equal ability to look BEYOND symbols..into eternity..also enables understand..the laws of God,..for which it speaks.

It can thus perform the/function of RE-INTERPRETING
what the ego makes,..not by destruction,;/..but by..further/under-standing. the..inner light,that presents..its remenmberance..of mind[in image]..and light leads to seeing..the revealed[by the light]..knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is*..IN light,.;.because it is
IN YOU..*who too..ARE light.[think..light=ENERGY[E*]..But you of/this...It is./therefore the task..of the Holy re-interpret..[convey]..clearly..that.. of all..on behalf of good..of God.

You cannot understand,,yet..even..the miracle..of..yourselves alone. because you have.,no meaning
apart from your rightful place in the Sonship, and the rightful place of the Sonship in
God. This is your life, your eternity, and YOURSELF. It is of this that the Holy Spirit
reminds you. It is this that the Holy Spirit SEES.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 17 November 2013 2:49:15 PM
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It is..of the/Holy-Spirit
reminds you...It is this..that the Holy-Spirit..SEES...This vision invariably..frightens the ego, calm.

Peace is the ego’s..greatest enemy,..because*ITS
interpretation..of reality,..war/greed/creed/rite/trite/right/ritual/ the guarantee..of its survival.

The ego..becomes strong in..the excitement/incitement/strife
because..if you believe,,.[theidea]..there is strife, will
seek..the will..react viciously..because..*the idea of/danger has entered your mind.

This idea*..of miss-perception..[pre-judgment]..itself the ego...implicit/ ego-lack.

The Holy as the the
call..of danger,..opposing it..with ITS//light-enlightend/strength the ego with.all its might...The Holy Spirit counters..this/seemingly welcoming peace.

ife/love/Peace and eternity..are as closely related..[in-truth/light]
as..are..death/fear/time and..war...[as untruths/darkness] well as knowledge..derive
their eternal/spiritual-meaning..from RELATIONSHIPS.

*Those..which you..[ergo/ego]..accept
are the..sure-firm[affirmed],,foundations..of your beliefs.

The merely another term..for a split mind.
half sane..half*..[in-sane.]

It.,.[relatedness]..was..not an act,..but a..true-thought. Therefore,..the idea of Separation..can be given away,..[asvadark-one]..just as the idea..of unity..can,be safely gifted..even as idea*

and either way, will,,*be STRENGTHENED
IN THE MIND OF..THE GIVER...The the symbol of
the Separation,..just as..the Holy/ the symbol of peace.

What you..perceive in others..

You let your mind..misperceive,..but the Holy Spirit
allows/lets.your mind re-interpret..*its own mis-perceptions.

The..wHoly the perfect teacher...It uses only
what..pre-cept/con-cept..intercept..your minds..*ALREADY understand,

that even do not..understand

it...The Holy Spirit..can deal unwilling learner
without going..counter to his,,nor theirs/will,..because part of his will..IS still..good-will..for Good...[of god]

Despite..the ego’s conceal this part,.it/is still..much stronger than the ego,..even though the ego..does not recognize it.

The Holy/Spirit..allways/will..recognizes it perfectly, is its..own dwelling-place,..or the the mind
where/ at home.

YOU are at home/there,..too,..because it is a place
of peace,..and of God.[men create pieces]

You..who are part of God..are not at home..EXCEPT in
His peace...If peace is eternal, home only in eternity.

The ego made the IT miss-perceived,,it,..*but the Holy
Spirit,..the RE-INTERPRETATION..of what the ego made,..sees it only as..a teaching device home...safely..lovingly..timely..mercifully..assuredly.
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 17 November 2013 3:44:26 PM
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i..noted/your article..cause..of..the one..reply
many people..dont


this is..usually..when you..join-in..

but you..may be the olo process..
so..i will..go over responses..

the heading..isnt descriptive..of..the first line..
[nor..most of..the rest..of..the article..]

in fact..i almost gave-up..reading..before/this point..[see quote]..wondering writing such..A....poor

and/then..saw your face..
then..had on


<<..Judaism..recognizes..*the particular relationship
between..*parent and allowing..a longer mourning period.>>

that..i find interesting..anymore info?
a GRACE-period?

<<..While..the/ 30 days.>>

generally who..?
[i never..knew] few?
too few? Knesset-law..or gods-law?
i didnt..note it in..the it in..the torah?


or is school..or temple
[see..the parent/ the same
as..god and,..his created/creation..kind...of thing

thus in..gods-home
[Israel;..god must*..there somewhere

or/else..he was..chased out..

[yet other..peace-filled hearts]

<< adult child..>>..priest/rabbi?

<<is..notably/ honor..their..parent's-memory..>>

gods memory..[of an..idea*/creation]
except..god..aint dead*[even/dead..aint dead]
[but..lets read.]

<< publicly reciting..a prayer,
known as..the Mourners' Kaddish,..for 11 months.>>

May..His great name....[i am,] exalted G-d's..great name.[i am]

2 in..the world..which He created..according to His will!
3 May..He establish..*His peace-full/loving..kingdom..again..[in..the hearts..of men.]

4 and..may His..[gifted promise..of ever present..eternal/living loving being..bring atonement/salvation..let..]..salvation blossom..and His anointed..[inspirit] bought near.

5 durin.. your lifetime..and during..your days
6 and..during the lifetimes..of all the..House of Israel,

<<a term..that traditionally implies..the reward/
*for piety,..good deeds,.*and charitable work...>

NOT..eternal war?

7 speedily and very soon!

And say, Amen.

The next two lines..are recited
by the congregation..and then..the leader:[who shall..serve you]

8 May His..great name..[i am]..that..i every living being..]..[be..simply by being the being god willed..its being into being] blessed..

9 for ever,..and in-to all eternity!

10 Blessed..and praised,..glorified..and exalted,
simply by loving other.

11 extolled..and honoured,..adored and lauded
12 be the name of the Holy One,..blessed be He,
13 above and beyond all the blessings,
14 hymns, praises and consolations
15 that..are uttered..into..his words..
thus..into the world!

by..blessings bring blessing
by blessing..of other begets..the blessing upon him..for who..the is..over due

by simply blessing..thy brother
ye..bring blessings..upon all..of we


in..his mirror/image..are we created
by our his form..fully..filled

And is we..
who say,..Amen.

The half..kaddish/divisions/dire-risions..ends here...[hear>]
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 9:06:43 AM
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Here..the.."complete kaddish"..includes:

16 May..the

17 of..all Israel
the reward*..for piety,..good deeds,..and..charitable work...>>

18 be[of all/living]....who is Heaven;s..eternal

And say,
[ try living..without me..yet again]

Here..the.."kaddish/of..the rabbis"
(including..the kaddish..after..a siyum)..includes:

19 To Israel, the Rabbis..and..their disciples
20 to the..disciples..of their disciples,
21 all..those who study
of..the Torah..and not of..the laws of war*

YOU..who....have state-symbol
the menorah..(candlebrum).

<<..which is the Tenach..
(on..the occasion of..a previous the Holy Land).


*"not..with..*armed force*..and..not with power,*..
but..*in My spirit..says..the..Lord of Hosts.">>

says..the host*..of lords we/can..hold..two
incorrect ideas..[see previous post]

22 in this..[holy]z place any*..other place,

23 may*..there come..abundant peace,
24 grace,..loving kindness .nd compassion, long life
25 ample sustenance joy..plenty..mercy and salvation

26 from the Father..who heaven

27 and say,

All variants.but the half/kaddish..conclude:
28 May there be abundant peace..*from heaven,
29 [and]..[good]..useful..helpful interesting life
330 living the the giving..of satisfaction,help,comfort, refuge,
31 healing,..redemption,..forgiveness,..atonement, 2 relief..and salvation..[unto/all..his LIVING re-creation]

33 for us..and for..all..*his people [the most..and the least]
[upon us]..*and upon all]..Israel;
and say, Amen.

34 May He..who makes
35 grant..[in..his mercy]..ETERNAL/peace..upon us all.
36 and..upon all of..[his nation's]..even so upon Israel;

and say,..
I all-men.

a Text..of the..Burial/Kaddish
[no..not yet..we come/to praise..the king..not bury him

let..the dead..tend the dead*god..we all live..

lets..take..the read shalom..not..shallow lie

In..the burial/kaddish,.and.that after
a Ashkenazim,i,..lines 2-3..are replaced/by:

37 In the world..which will be renewed
38 and..where He will..give life to the dead
39 and raise eternal life
40 and.rebuild ..the city of Jerusalem

and complete..His temple..there
[for the living all life living

and..uproot foreign whorship..from the earth
and..restore Heavenly living/loving..worship to..its dutiful..;position

and may..the Holy..One,see how..blessed is He, in captivity.

reign in..tHis..sovereign splendor

<<While..the prayer itself..actually..has do..with death,..I have found.this be cathartic, it enables me to draw..on..the support..of my community.

Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 9:06:47 AM
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YOU..are/at is..
a place..of peace,..and good/of God.
You..who are..part of God..are/ His peace.

If, are/at eternity..of loving_grace.

The ego..made..the it,..but..
the ..Holy/Spirit,..[the RE-INTERPRETOR]..of..what..the ego..
has..of itself..created..[has]..made,..what..our ego,..sees.. as..threat

is....only..of teaching d-evice..
learning-aid..for..bringing your..inner peace..back..home..too.

The Holy/Spirit..must..perceive-time..and
reinterpret..its learning's..[knowings]..into..the timeless...eternal[cloud-mind/ultra-meta-mind].

The material-ego--mind..must be led..into eternity
THROUGH..the logic[to-it], time..[lineal/assertion..
of..ego-mind..into..eccl-mind..because ego..having *made time..
it is..capable..of perceiving..its /opposite...[of time-less].. and..even..accelerated..faster/slower.or..*even/*paused\..time*

The Holy/Spirit..must/work..through..the veracity..of opposites, work..with/and..*for.a..even..the mind..that/ opposition.

working..via..Correctness and..earning, learning...means..You have NOT
made/truth,..but truth..even*now..can still..set you free.

Look as..the Holy.Spirit..looks,..see..and understand
as..He understands...His understanding..*looks.* good..[God], in/remembrance..and..assured knowing..its..*of god..thus..*all/good


He Holy/Communion..always,
and..He is..always..of part/of YOU.

He is..your*salvation,.because
he..holds*[key*]..the*remembrance..of*things/past..and* come.

*He..holds this..gladness..the/fullnes...o.. what we
in*eternity..together..will-to one....

the one..witnessing..your within..sitting gently in
your minds,..asking only..that you His name/by sharing increase YOU.[ too]..

You must/have often..I have used..your own
* help YOU...B. is/right in saying..that you have learned
[earnmed] be a loving,..mercyfull/wise,..and the..very understanding therapist, for yourself.

That exception..has given you more than..perception
for others because/of saw in them,[beyond..ego]..
but less..than knowledge..of your real relationships..un-TO them
because* did NOT..*make/them..fully..a part..OF..*you.

Understanding..IS beyond..perception, introduces..inductive/deductive..clear-meaning.

But below..knowledge,..even though
it..can grow*..TOWARDS it...It is possible,..with great
effort, understand..someone else..[ergo/ego..and to be
helpful* him,..but the effort..[of ego] misdirected..


The quite apparent...
It is..directed..AWAY from you.

This does NOT mean..that it is you,..but
it DOES mean..that you are..not aware/of it.

I..*have saved..*all..[..EVERY*..]of..your kindnesses
and..every* have..EVER..had,..
and* have/had many...

{NOTE}..I have..purified them..of errors..which*hid..their light,..and..have kept them..complete/replete..for you..
in..their*own..perfect radiance.

beyond..guilt...They came*..from the Holy-Spirit..*with/in YOU,
and..we know*..that..*what God.*created..*is..eternal.

Bill./once spoke/of..the this way,..because he
yearns..for what..*he long..repressed.

You are..much more..afraid of it,..because fearful...than..possesion.

B’s..better contact..has allowed him..the strength
to retain ..the fear*, resort
to..displacement,..which overcome..with*YOUR help.

That is..because you
do/not..perceive..*HIM..*as dissociated,..
and help..him..with/his..repression,..which..does/not

He,.on the other hand,..has no
seeing YOU dissociate,..and..thus..does not have to deal..with you,..*which WOULD..*produce him.

Joining in..the..At-one_ment,..which..I have
repeatedly/ do,*.ALWAYS..a way
*OUT..of fear.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 3:07:46 PM
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This..does not..mean/ can safely/fail to
acknowledge..anything that is..knowingly-true,..

but ..the Holy-Spirit..[presence..of..mind-fullness]..will
not* to help/you..*re*interpret..EVERYTHING..that you fearful,..

and teach* ONLY..what TRUE...It is beyond..your ability to
destroy,..**entirely within your grasping-ability.

It..BELONGS to you..*because YOU created it...It..*is/yours because it..*is..apart o..*f you,..[just as/you..are..a part..of God]..,*because.*He created you.

The the GUARANTEE..of the safety..[sanctuary]..
of..the..fathers eternal/Kingdom..[of collective mind...thus..
*Nothing good is..ever/lost,..because it comes..from the_Holy-Spirit,..the..very..voice..that bespake..for..our-Creation.

Nothing..that is..not/good..was ever created,..of true/knowing.
and..therefore..the illusionary..CANNOT be protected...*What the ego makes it..KEEPS..only..*TO ITSELF,..and so it is..without..the surety..of..its own/sourced-strength.

Its un*shared..existence does not die.
..because..* person hood/state-hood..was merely..never..actually/factually..*born...*Real birth
is..*not..a beginning;..*it is..*a CONTINUING...*Everything
that..CAN continue..*has*already..*BEEN born.

But it..can you a/re willing to/return..the part of your mind..[ergo/ego-mind]..that needs higher part,..and thus..render your..[goodly]..creating..(creation) undivided.

You yourself..[bill]..always told..your patients..that the
real*..difference..between neurotic and..‘healthy’..[guilt feelings] was..that..*neurotic-guilt feelings..*DO NOT HELP..*ANYONE.

This/distinction..was very wise,..though incomplete.
Let us..make the distinction..a little sharper/now.

Neurotic guilt feelings..are a device..of the ego..for
“atoning”..*without sharing,..and for..asking for pardon*without change.

The ego..NEVER calls for..real atonement,..and cannot
tolerate..*real forgiveness,..which IS..change...exta-[out-of]-ego.

Your concept of..“healthy*guilt-feelings”..has great merit,
but..without the concept..of..the lacked..the healing held.

YOU make..the terms/of feelings..which a decision..*not to*repeat..the error,[.which is..only/PART-of healing]

Your concept..therefore lacked..the idea of..UNDOING error. were really..advocating,..then,..was adopting..a policy of sharing*..without..a real/sure/sound..FOUNDATION.

I have give you..the foundation, your/own
thoughts..can make you really..ego-free...You have carried
the burden..of the ideas..*you did/NOT share,..and which were
therefore*..too weak..of increase, did NOT/ to..*UNDO..their existence/ HAD made them.

You CANNOT cancel out..your past errors alone...They will
NOT disappear..from your mind..*without..process..of mind-remedy.

The NOT..*of your making,
anymore..than/YOU are.

The Atonement..cannot be understood..except
as a PURE ACT..OF SHARING...That is/ meant
when we said..that it is..ever/possible..even*in..this listen to..ONE voice..

you are..a..part of God,..and..the Sunship is one,..*CANNOT the/self..the ego/alone sees.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 5:32:51 PM
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The term,..thought, often/ a synonym..[for cognition]..but this/is..incorrect...A*giant understanding realizing..*that thinking.* to..ourselves.
Thinking./.is selftalk,..listening/to others,..speaking/with others,

same/thought/interest/ case arrive/at..a common*understanding..of going/on..*out there.*mode o.f implicitly..bound--with-in..consciousness..that..“thinkers”..often* their..primary/mode..of thinking.

Thinking is,..therefore,..storytelling,
a form..of argument...>>>


..<<in his book \]..Glimpses of the Devil,

“ accident.
*In..becoming/possessed,..the victim*must* least..
in..someway,..cooperate..*with..or..*sell d-evil.”>>

JUST..*to..think vile..&*IS**attract..[E]..vile.

<<In his book..about..evil called...People of/the Lie,

<< Peck says..that..the way to be free..*of evil
is to submit to God..and his goodness*:>>

grace/..mercy/ etc

<<“There are..two states..of being:..
submission to God..and goodness..or..the refusal, anything*..beyond*’s own..will..-of/which refusal..automatically..enslaves the..forces of..evil...empowerd.

to..WHAT*..we wish-to..belong>>..[[ENERGY}..too.]*[help]*either God..[good]..
or*..the materialistic..ego-self..[referred]..a d*evil.”>>..

our thoughts*..are*..pure*energy
[E*]..that..feed angels..or..feed's..demons..
both*..are involved in..'self=talk;..[internal-networking..;IN-spi-ration]

bacteria* chemicals

Motivational a collaborative,..
goal-­oriented..method of communication..*with particular/ the..language*..of change.

It is strengthen an individual’s motivation
for*..and movement..toward..*a specific eliciting and exploring the person’s 'own'..[internal]..arguments for change.

The “Spirit”

*MI is more than the use..of a set of technical interventions.

It a particular.."spirit”..
or..clinical..“way of being”..which is..the context..of interpersonal relationship..within/which..the techniques..are employed.

The spirit based on three key elements
:..collaboration..between the therapist and the client;..
evoking..evolving/progressing..or drawing out..the*client‘s ideas..about change;..and..*emphasizing..the autonomy..of the client.


Your higher self is living ENERGY* the ether.
Your higher the real you,..your total soul consciousness.

The you..that is on Earth
is just a projection..[vessel/vehicle/link]..
of the consciousness*..of your higher self...with ego[id]

Your higher the more complete you,
the one..that isn’t being the veil..that draws down upon us..when we incarnate..*that causes us..*to forget where we came from...indeed where we wish to go..*to.

Before you incarnated,..*your higher self
got together..with some spirit guides..[guilds/societies]..and basically said,..“Will you watch over me..when I incarnate?

I’d your accomplish X.”

HS..gets all your guides together,..explains the plan
and how they will be help you,..and then prepares to cast a portion..of its consciousness..onto Earth...
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 6:39:18 PM
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you may*..have..weighted..this..declaration..with/starry*eyes".. guard..or..suspicious..but..

*as..his..words/are...a gospel..*truth

lets proceed..

Quote:<<“ accident.
In..becoming possessed,..the victim ..*must*/ some way,..cooperate*with..or..sell”>>

i use..evil*relatively/speaking..
you..allowed..a thought..OTHERS*..opinion..
*to..become..injuriously true..[real]..for you.

[see previous/yu quote] in the usa thing..
when..that is..only a potentially..hurtful/fear inducing..negative *voice

see page 98..or 90?..after-previous/

yes..the world..IS*..conflicted..etc
[recall jesus/saying..*this..*IS satans/realm
to..explain..recall..i quoted/partly..earlier

Quote:<<..HS..gets all..*your guides*together,..explains
the..plan..and how..*they will/ help..*you,..and
then..prepares..*to cast..a portion..of its..collective-consciousness..onto..the/Earth...

we are*>>

what..was going../ from


plus/god/heaven..being fair..[ie/the..downwards..hs projection..
to..establish..*a earthly-soul..*MUST be* but*..opposing*projection'..[from/hell] soul/body*form..

this leading..up to..the ,matriarchal-fertility window..
which..when successful..becomes..that incarnation[being]...
that forms..the..ego-verification..[as/field-test/enactment]

[request' process
and..the grey-streak..appears..and..the new/life..continues.[as/polar opposites].
[is..of itself.necessary to establish..human [mind-talk]..that builds/soul..into..its..material form[you]

thing is..freewill/equality/ all..vitally..important
as/we live..thus..we..EACH/bring..a little..of heaven/with us..and a little..of..hell..[as well]..none..exists..sans this.

the /*two[parts] time
[noting..the/cleft the..symptom..of incomplete remind..some..of mosus eating..a hot coal]..for..the more..silent..of..the prime-societies..from..*each true*realm

the* settle..with knowing..[real/knowledge].. age-old..spiritual-disputes.... end
and..thus..thy LOWER..SELVES*..simply
via..the life..choices.WE CHOSE to live..[real-ize]

one of ..the major roles..of/the scientist view,*..analyze,..and begin* understand..the laws governing*..the manifestation*..of life..on..the physical-plane..

and*..other planes,..too,
but..for now..I will the physical-plane.

I will..try to*..supra-divine
and ideas..of the Creator.. move**into the..mind..inbto..the finite..worlds..of physical-manifestation.

I think..I..will begin there,
and..then..we can proceed onto..other topics.

edited..Let’s begin,then,
with..the premise*..that the work..of a scientis —
and this..was certainly true for me—[einstein] involved..
in..understanding..these laws..[this]..requires/a look*.at a fuller*perspective..than..many scientists do.

The truly/successful..scientists..are those..who take into
account*..something..more*/than..what is..occurring physically..they also .take into account..the divine..perspective...[allaccesed by holyspirit..linked tocloud-meta-mind.

Not this,..however.

In fact,..very..few scientists..take into account
the divine/perspective..of..physical manifestation...

Most of them focus..only on ..the physical aspects..and do not
even..try/to understand..meta-physicly..*why..there is physical-existence..and..what*physical the..greater scheme/of things.

Question:Well,..why is..there physical-existence? that life..can gain..the experience..
in manipulating..and denser-matter/mortality.


In..the same way,..the life..of God
is thrashing physical-matter.

The concept..of perfection..for physical*manifestation..does exist
in*..the mind..of God,..but..what is..*actually..being..manifested.. through..physical *substance..*is less....than perfect... moving..toward*perfection.

New ideas..arise, field..of human/endeavour,..
every year...every moment..Some..are worthwhile,..some are not.

Most are..just variations..or..*opinions of..others-ideas
that have..already been..enunciated...YET..they pile one..on
top/of another,..contributing more..*to the mass of human-thought..rather/THAN** quality.!*!..or goodness..
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 7:28:49 PM
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Every..loving thought..held in..*ANY part..(of/the Sonship).. every..other-part...It is*shared..BECAUSE loving.

the,,fullfillmeant..of the true-idea. God’s..way of..positive..creating,..and also YOURS...Your*ego..can keep exile..FROM the,[miss-creations] the E" has no..true-power.

You have..become receive my I give
them,..without interference*, we..can clarify
an earlier point..which was mentioned..before...

We said that/you day much learn,
and that..sure knowing..will keep balance.[the first..must be..the last].

The now,.because you..have
let it be..until..*now...*You cannot..learn..EXCEPT by teaching.

I voice..only..because I had learned
that attained..only..BY teaching.

I understood..*that..I COULD NOT ATONE..FOR MYSELF..*ALONE. one voice..MEANS the share..the hear..*it..with-in..yourself.

The-mind..that still irresistably drawn to
every mind..*created by God,..because..*God’s wholeness..IS
the full recollrection..[re-flection]..the wholeness.of his Son.

Turning..the other cheek..does NOT mean should submit to..violence..without protest.
It means..simply..that hurt,..and
do..not show your brother*..anything..except your..[joint]*good peace..alone.

Show him..of ego..that he..CANNOT hurt you, him, hold it..against yourself.!. many ways, formal means,
by guidance,..and above*..all BY..EXAMPLE.

If you..will to learn,
you MUST.will to teach.[the idea..grows..only by sharing..its eternal fruits.. therapy means..the sharing..of ideas,
*and..the awareness[presence..of-mind] share to strengthen them.

The union..of the Sonship..IS its..own..loving-protection.
The ego..cannot prevail against..the Kingdom..* is united, and..the ego..of divided-,mind..fades away..

and is the /presence..of the/attraction..of..the
parts of the Sonship..which hear the call..of/the Holy be as One.

I need to teach..what I have learned
which me BECAUSE I..too..learned it.[and].

I call to teach..what you/have learned, because doing YOU can..learn..the sure knowing..that you..can/depend on it.

*Make it my name,..because
my of God’s..Sun...What I learned
I freely,..and the mind..which was/in YOU hear it.

The Holy Spirit..atones..betwixt..and all of us
by UNDOING,..miss-creations..miss-perceptions..prejudice..and..thus lifts..the burden you*..have placed.*in your mind.

By following Him.. He leads you..
beyond..ego-selfhoods..back to God..[good]..where you/belong. can you find..this way..except by taking..your brother with you?

My part in the not complete
until YOU..join it,..and..even..more..give it..away..
by..mood..or by work/word..constructive-concept..or mere-idea.
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 8:16:47 PM
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your God..if you..forsake..any of YOUR brothers.
You..are..far..more..than..just..your brother’s keeper.

In do not..WANT to..keep him...yet..You must learn
to see he is,..and KNOW..that he..beyond..his station [ego]..belongs to God, as you do.

How..could you treat..your brother..better than
by..rendering,..back..unto God..the things..which are God’s? not..LEAVE the mind..which thought them
in have..separate being...Nor do separate/thoughts conflict..with one/ space,..nor time..because they*do not occupy..any/ at all.

HUMAN ideas..can conflict in content,..because..they occur at different..sensory/levels,..and include opposite..thoughts at the SAME level.

the duality..of OPPOSING..THOUGHTS...within..its current-frame..of reference..

The Holy Spirit..does forsake..your brothers.

Therefore,.you*can..really share..only the parts..of
your thoughts..*which are..*of Him,..which..He also keeps/for..YOU.

And..of Kingdom..of Heaven.
All the rest..remains with/you..until He/has re-interpreted
them in..the light of..the/knowledge..of..the eternal-Kingdom,..making them,too,...worthy of being/shared.

When they..have been..sufficiently purified,.He..lets you/
give..them away...The/ share/them..IS..their purification.

The you/the power..of a healed mind,
but the of/God...Therefore,..those who
have been..fore-given..must devote themselves..*first to healing,
because..having RECEIVED..the idea..of healing..they MUST*..*give it to*hold it.

The full/power..of creation..(creating).cannot be expressed
as long as..any*of God’s ideas..are/ the Kingdom.

The joint will...*of ALL..the the only creator
that..can the Father../.That is because..only the complete/good..can think completely..good,..and..the thinking of God lacks..nothing.

Everything..YOU think..that is not
through..the..grace/mercy..of..Holy Spirit..IS lacking.

How can you..who Holy suffer?
All your past. except its beauty, gone,.and left..except a blessing.

You can indeed..depart in peace,..because..I have loved I loved myself...You go..WITH my blessing..and FOR my blessing.

Hold it..and..share it,..that it may..always be ours.
I place the peace..of your heart, your
hands, hold and share.

The hold it,..p[ure.
and the..hands are..strong..of give it.
We cannot lose.

My judgment strong as..the wisdom of God, whose Heart and
Hands..we have our being..His quiet children..are His blessed sons.

of God..are..ever..with good.

[not well..but/good..of/god.]
Posted by one under god, Monday, 18 November 2013 10:36:43 PM
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Perhaps..this will become..clearer..and more
personally meaningful..if the ego’s..*use of/ clarified.

The ego has..a purpose,..just as..the Holy/Spirit has.
The ego’s..*purpose is/FEAR,..because only..the fearful can be egotistic.

The ego’s as that/of..the Holy Spirit, because..your mind has..all the means at..its disposal to side..with Heaven..*or earth, it elects...[via freewill..coice.

But..let us again remember..*that both*..potentialities..are in you.
In Heaven..there is no guilt,..because the Kingdom..
is attained through the Atonement,..which creates you.

The word..“create” appropriate here,..because
once..that YOU..have made..[mis-created] the Holy Spirit,..the blessed..remainder/residue..IS restored,.and therefore
continues creation.

What is..truly incapable guilt,
and must..thus..give rise to joy...[of causal-acceptance]..

This makes the ego,
because..its peace..via unassailable.
It is invulnerable to disruption BECAUSE it is whole.

EG0-based/ always disruptive...Anything that..engenders fear
is divisive,..*because it[ego]..obeys..the law of division.[the precurser..tofear].

If..the ego is..the quint-essential..symbol..*of
the separation, is also..*the symbol is..embodiment..of guilt. more..than merely..*not of God...It is..the symbol of the ATTACK..on God.

This is..a..totally meaningless concept
*EXCEPT to.the ego, b..ut do not..underestimate
*the em-power-ment of..the ego’s..ruling/ it.

This is..the belief..from which..ALL guilt really stems.
The ego..IS the part of..the mind which..*believes in division. of God..detach itself.. every essence..[reason..of being..of Him.?

We spoke before..of the authority/ involving.the concept of..USURPING..*His power.[The ego..really..believes that..this is
what..YOU did,..because it believes..*it IS you.

It follows,..then,..that..if you identify..WITH the
ego,*MUST perceive guilty...[bur only ego..accuses..AND JUDGES. respond to..your ego, WILL
experience guilt,..and you WILL..fear..retributive/punitive..punishment.

The quite literally..just..the..fearful thought.
And..however ..*ridiculous..even..the mere/idea..of attacking
good/God..may the sane mind,..*never forget..that the ego is NOT SANE.

It.REPRESENTS a..delusional..evolutionary..animal/beastly..remnant/system,.and it..speaks FOR it...[it is the tribe//or herd..or flock..mind].. the ego’s..voice..drives,,tortoise to follow the find the sea..guides the birds flying north..tell us the right mate[its cloud-mind/faction.. [herd]..mind.

MEANS..that you is..possible attack God.[just as the beastly dog
attacks..even..a raging-wild-bull.[herd-mind
[natures nurture]..[see holy spirit][beast-mind]

You believe..that a part..of Him..has
been..torn away by YOU...but..its like..a slave willing his freedom.

then is a clue..just ask?
now who you ask..thats the


once Armageddon././begins..there more.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 12:26:35 PM
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beast-mind..evolved..into..ego-mind-fullness the the ego..[beast-mind]..demands

Theclassic p..icture..of fear..[of external-retaliation,,initiated
from without..then follows,..because the/severity of so acute..that it MUST be..projected...outwards.

Although..Freud..was wrong..about the basic..ego-conflict itself,
he was..very describing its effects...Whatever you
accept..*INTO..your mind..has reality..for you.

*It is,..however,..only..the minds
ACCEPTANCE..which..makes real.

As an extreme...example of dissociation..yourself,
you..should have little/trouble in..understanding that
it is..perfectly possible..*not to ACCEPT..[as valid]..
or reliant..of that..what your minds.

If you..enthrone/ it,..the..mere/fact..that
you have*..accepted it,..or allowed enter,..has..of itself..[the-act]..MAKES IT/YOUR..REALITY. unintended..con-sequence..[collateral/damage]
your..acceptance..allowed*..[created]..the miss-creation

This is..because..the mind/as God..created it
IS capable..of 'creating'..its own..reality.

We to..think
WITH God's..good truths/grace/mercy/knowledge.

To think..WITH to think/LIKE Him.
to loving..truth..loving..
the logic..of light..reveal..only that..good/true..[due..2..all..of you].

This..engenders joy,..not guilt,
because it is..the nature and nurture.

Guilt../fear/hate/ a sure sign
that your/thinking is Unnatural...thus inthe miss-creating phase.

Perverted thinking..will ALWAYS* attended with
guilt,..fear/hopelessness..because it*..IS..the belief in sin.

The ego..does not perceive a lack of love.

often..instantly..on-any issue
often..only see-able.,.by self-judgments.

This interpretation..of ego..which was necessary
in primitive/survivalist..times....essential..[then] its survival,..because..*as soon as..*YOU regard a LACK, will automatically remedy the situation.

fight..or flight[survival reflex
others are..the mind..simply shuts down..[literally faints]
[ ego..[herd-mind..-[heard-mind]..takes flight.

And you..will also succeed...The ego regards this
as doom..[nothingness][end],..but YOU..must learn to as

The guiltless..mind..cannot suffer.
Being sane, heals the body..because IT has been/healed.

The sane mind..SIMPLY*..cannot conceive of illness, cannot conceive of..attacking/anything or anyone.

We said before..that a form of magic.
It might/be it is..a form..of magical SOLUTION.

The ego believes..that by punishing..
[its/only acceptable..victim..].*ITSELF,..
it will/mitigate..the..[NON_EXISTENT}..punishment of God.

Yet this arrogant.
It God..*a..punishing attempt,
and..then takes..over this..ERRANT* its OWN prerogative.[pejorative]..

It tries to/usurp..ALL the functions of God..[as it perceives
them],..because it..recognizes that..only total/allegiance..can be[beast memory]

The-ego..cannot OPPOSE..the laws/of God,
anymore..than..YOU can...*But it..can/INTERPRET*..them what..*it-wants, can. why..the-question
“what want”..must-be..answered.
*You..ARE answering it.,.*every minute..and/every second,.. moment..of *decision..
is a judgment..which is..anything/BUT ineffectual.
Its effects..will follow/automatically..UNTIL THE..*DECISION IS CHANGED., have/NOT..learned it.

But again,..any decision..can-be
Unmade* made.

But remember..that..the ALTERNATIVES..are unalterable.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 3:21:11 PM
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The..Holy-Spirit, the
ego,/is..the front/of-mind]..decision.

Together..they constitute..*all the alternatives..which your
mind..*CAN accept..and obey...The ego..and..the Holy/Spirit..are the ONLY choices..which are/ you.

God*created one,*you cannot..eradicate it.

*YOU..*made/the other, you CAN
yet/Only..what irreversible..and unchangeable.

What YOU have made..can always be*changed,..because when LIKE God.. you have..not really..any..true-thought at all.

Delusional ideas..are NOT thought..but you CAN
think..that you them...But you are wrong.

The function of thought..comes FROM God.*and is IN God.

As/part of HIS thought,
you cannot think..APART from Him.

Irrational thought
is..a thought/DISORDER.

God Himself orders your thought,
because your thought..was created BY*..Him.

Guilt feelings are always a sign..that you do not know this. They also show that CAN think..apart from God,.[and WANT to.]

Every thought attended by its inception,
and in its continuance...Guilt is inescapable for those..who believe that they order..their*...OWN thought,..and must therefore obey its..ego/[herd-mind]..orders.

This makes..them feel RESPONSIBLE/for..their mind ERRORS, without recognizing..that by ACCEPTING..this responsibility..they/are already..really reacting..Irresponsibly.

If the sole responsibility..of the miracle-worker is to
accept the ATONEMENT,..and I assure you that it is,/then the responsibility for what is..atoned FOR yours.

This contradiction..cannot BE resolved
except by accepting..the solution of undoing.

You WOULD be..responsible for the effects of all
your wrong thinking..IF IT COULD NOT..BE UNDONE.

The purpose of the Atonement is to save
the PURIFIED form only.

If you accept the remedy..FOR a thought-disorder,
and a remedy/./whose efficacy is beyond/doubt, how can its symptoms remain?

You have reason to question..
the validity of symptom/cure.

*But NO ONE believes..that the symptoms..can remain
if..the underlying CAUSE is..*removed.

The CONTINUING will..[of beast-mind/ergo-ego] remain
separated//is the only possible reason..for continuing/injurious..guilt feelings.

We have said this before,..but we did not..*emphasize
the destructive results/of this that time.

ANY decision of..the mind..will affect.both behavior AND
experience. ..And what you will..*you EXPECT.

This is NOT delusional.
Your mind DOES/create your future,..and CAN
turn it full any minute,..*IF IT ACCEPTS
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 3:55:06 PM
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It will also turn back to full creation the instant it has done so.
Having given up its thought DISORDER, the proper ordering of thought becomes quite

God in His knowledge is not waiting.
But His Kingdom IS bereft while YOU wait.

All/the Sons of God are waiting..for your return,
just as YOU..are waiting for THEIRS...Delay/does not matter in eternity,..but it IS time.

You have elected to be in time rather/than in eternity, and have therefore changed..your your status...But election is both free and alterable...You do NOT time.

Your place is eternity,
where God Himself..placed you forever.
Guilt feelings..are the PRESERVERS..of time.

They induce fears..of FUTURE retaliation..or..abandonment, and thus ensure..that the future..*will remain was..the past...This IS the/ego’s[animal-mind] means..of continuity,..and gives it..a false sense of security..through the belief cannot..escape from it.

But you can and MUST. God offers you
the continuity..of eternity in/exchange.

When you will to make this exchange, will simultaneously exchange guilt..for peace,..viciousness for love,..and pain for joy.

My only to unchain
your will..and..set it free...Your egos cannot accept this
freedom,..and will oppose..your free every possible moment,..and in every/possible way.

And as its maker, KNOW what it..can do,..because
you..GAVE IT[ego-mind].the/ability/and means/ it.

..The mind does..indeed know its power,..because
the mind..does indeed..*know God...Remember the Kingdom always,
and remember..that you..who are part of it..cannot B..E lost.

The beast-mind that me..IS in you,
for God creates..all..with..equally-perfect fairness.

Let the..Holy Spirit's presence..remind you always..of His fairness, and..let me..teach you how to share* with your brothers...How else..can the claim it..for yourself be given you?

What you do not that..the two voices
speak for..different interpretations/of the same thing simultaneously,one/loud..the other lost.

or rather..they..speak..*almost simultaneously,..
for..the ego..[beastly-reactive/mind]...*always speaks-first.
your..ancestral-survival..used to[ quick..or the/dead.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 5:56:21 PM
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has..become..miss-creations..of men]..are unnecessary..

until the..first one..has been made,
and...speaking itself..was unnecessary..before the ego..was made.

The ego..speaks egoist-judgment,
and..the Holy Spirit..reverses..ego's decisions..

much as the Supreme Court..has the power to*reverse..the
lower courts decision..about the laws..of this world.

The ego’s *decisions..are ALWAYS wrong,..because they..are
based on..a complete..seperation/fallacy..which they are..made to uphold.

*NOTHING it interpreted correctly.
Not only..does it cite scripture..*for its..own/instinctive-advantage/purpose,..but it even/interprets a witness/for itself.

The a fearful ego,
because..of..its..imagined..pre*judiced..judgment. fearful, interprets it..that..of the word..fearfully.

ergo..ego..Having made*..YOU afraid,.. do not/appeal..any the higher court,..
it you justness..of its judgment..ever..could be..found..AGAINST you.

We need site..only a few see how..the beastly-
herd/mind-ego’s interpretations..have

A favorite ego

“As ye sow, shall ye reap.”

Another..ego/ “Vengeance is
mine sayeth the Lord.”..Still another is..“I will visit the sins of the fathers..unto the third and..the fourth generation.”..And also, “The wicked shall perish.”

There are..many others, holy/texts..but..if you will..let the Holy Spirit..reinterpret these..*in its own light,..they will/suffice.

“As ye sow, reap”
merely means..that be worth in yourself.

Your*..own.judgment..of worthy
DOES..make it/worthy..for you.

“ mine..sayeth..the Lord”
is easily explained..if you/remember..that ideas
increase*..*only..*by being shared.*....This quotation
therefore..emphasizes..the fact/that vengeance* shared.

Give the/holy-spirit,
who will..undo you..simply..because
it does/not..BELONG..*in..your mind,..[ a/part of God.]

“I will visit..the sins of..the fathers
unto..the third..and fourth generation,”.as interpreted
by the ego, particularly vicious...It is used, fact,
an guarantee its survival/beyond itself.

Actually,..all it really that..the Holy later generations./retains/the interpret CORRECTLY..what*..former generations..*have thought,..and thus
release..*THEIR thoughts*..from the ability/to..produce fear ANYWHERE in..the Sonship.

“The wicked..shall perish” merely
a statement..of fact,..*if..the word..“perish”..
is properly/understood...Every**less..thought..*MUST_be undone, and..even the word..“undone”.is/fearful[to the ego],..which interprets..“I am undone”“I am..destroyed.”

The destroyed,..because it is
part of..YOUR is
uncreative,..and..therefore unsharing, WILL be..reinterpreted entirely, fear*.

The part of..your..thought/processing..which you have given
TO..the ego..will merely return to the/Kingdom,..where your..whole loud/proud/cloud..herd-mind BELONGS.
Posted by one under god, Tuesday, 19 November 2013 7:39:39 PM
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The form..of ARREST,[stasis]..

more-over..It does/NOT..involve..the concept...of all, although;the ego..welcomes..that overt/fear-inducing..interpretation.

just..the sort/of..base_emotion..the ego..specializes in

You..[ergo-ego]..CAN delay..the/completion..of..the Kingdom , CANNOT..introduce..the/concept of..good..of god..and add..ASSAULT..into*it...[thats..mindful/mis-creation]...

When..I said “I light..come..into..the world,”..

light/ you.

ego’s-dark-glasses,..and..remember*also..that..light removed
the dark..(lifts..up..the dark-veils)..[removes the blinders..from thyne eyes]..see the light reveals both planks and splinters.

but..*removes/them..COMPLETELY*..via..the atonement
which/simply..melts*them/ if..they never-were
and..the true-seeing..of truth..being seen..increases..the idea..into..true-knowing.

recall..that/we said..“Do/not..look*there.” still..true that..“Where
is up to you.” look..*for the fail.

The Higher-Court..will/not..condemn you...It will..merely
dismiss_the case..against you...There..can case..against a child..

and guilt..[they]..perceived..through..the dim/dark-veils..of..God’s..own/creations..[mis-creations] bearing false/ Himself. pure/true/good.
thus'washed clean..only
by...the better..of gods goods truths..loves..graces/mercies [true..atonement-truth*]. believe*..good/true..[apply] God’s-own Higher Court,..because it*alone..speaks...for*Him,..and..therefore god..speaks truly.

It WILL..dismiss..the case..against you,
however ..carefully/YOU have..[mis-created]..mis-built it.
The be._fool-proof,..but it_is/NOT..God-proof.

The voice..for/God..will/not hear..of all, only..witness/TRUTH*../truly...[death..where..isthy sting]?

Its verdict..will..always be..
“Thine is..the Kingdom," was..*given remind you..of what..*you...ALL-ARE...always..were*[]

Your..patience..*with exactly
like..your patience..with..your selves...Is*not
a_child completed..*patience?

I have..shown/you..infinite patience,..because my
will..IS..that of..our/Father,..from whom..I learned..of infinite patience.

His..good/living/loving..voice..*is..ever..with/in..thee and
me, it is..with..and in..ALL* too,..

softly..speaking..for patience..towards..the all..
of..the Sonship,* the..*name of*..its Creator.

What you..need to/ that....only infinite
eternal-patience..CAN produce..the EVER..immediate effects.[].

This is the way in..which a mere-life/
is exchanged..for..the eternity...lof all life lineslived out in their own time-line.

like..fine wine..layed to rest..
till..its best..alone remains..the best of the rest test.

Infinite patience..calls upon infinite Love,..and by
producing results.*NOW..[the ever present living eternal moment..renders time..[linear logic]..unnecessary.

infinite*..infinite's..yet exist..even in timelessness.

To say..that time is temporary..*is merely redundant.
We have repeatedly said that time*is a learning device which will be abolished..when it is no longer useful.

The WHoly Spirit,..who speaks for time,
also knows..that time is meaningless...He reminds you
of every..passing moment..of time,..because it/is His return YOU..*to..eternity..and bless YOUR*.creations there.

..He is the only can truly
give,..because so truly blessed.

And because He is...ever being given...unto freely by..God, must..give Him..freely..just/'as you..received Him.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 20 November 2013 8:11:12 AM
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<People..are Herd Animals..[mobs/globs/snobs]



<<We think/of beings
of reason..and logic...We like/to believe..that..we/have."common sense"..and..that/a..reasonably*intelligent..and..sane person wouldn't/ something..

or believe..something..that he..or she knows
or should[useless/fear/based*biased\dark-glasses distortion]

<<Nonetheless..we see..examples/everywhere..where things
and..believe things..that are far*..below their/capacity..for logic and..reason...We look/around..and ourselves,.."People..can't really/be..that dumb!"..

yet..every-day..they/WE*..continue..to_be..that dumb?

<<the people*
per-form..WELL..below/their intellectual-capacity...

The..answer is..*that people..*are..*herd*animals,..and that..when..aberrant-behavior..*is relationship
to..the herd_mind,..a lot..of things..can be.explained..*and..their under-lying..

<<..In multitask/your..brain..I..will
create..a series..of different-voices..*in..your mind..and..give them names.

<<As..I create..these/voices,*will..*hear*..them talking.
Each-0voice...*WILL-have..a different-tonal..quality..*so/as to distinguish..them..from..*the/other-voices.

<< read..these/words,..a voice..*is..speaking..*them..*to you..[into..your mind]...


<<As these words..*the Reader..creates..a voice
in..your_mind..which you imagine*..[visualize]., voice talking

<<..The second..voice will-be..the*voice of.."The Critic"
which your..ego/beast..mind-voice...

As my..words here..and.* voiced..
word-imagery..into..mind/ head, will head..talking*back..even interrogating..word/pictures..[imagry] me

<<..The third/thread..of consciousness..will be.."The Feeler".
The Feeler won't..have.*any*voice..*because it..doesn't actually..say anything.

It is..the/
are you read..this.

<<..The only/ is..that you..NOW
are aware..that..what you/are*..creating..*an emotional thread*[string]..of conscious,*

<<the Feeler, ene4rgy[sloughs off chi] real time coexisting[energizing..bartering[energy/idea sharing]..nett-working]..with at least..two other input/threads,..the Reader,..[ergo].and...the Critic..[ego-mind]..

<<..As the Reader..reads these words,
your..ego-mind..creates a voice,..qualitatively.. voice,..which you...listening.

As you talking,[im..replying my balance- my,re-active with..your emoted..out-put*
by you..more..*not*..*of me..
but by get more..of me..

i..the inner eye..[sans plant..nor splinters]
who only shine..our fathers love/light..upon..
the life time..of the have left forgotten..far behind.

yet..the wholy one..holds them..all
even/beasts..can..will-to/do..good things

u..[you]..the Feeler..reacts to my virtue..of
being*created emitting[creating] [chi]..[emitted]..responsive-emotions..about what..I am saying to you.

these..[the..good emotions]..clear your soul-body-form..from the illusory/hurtful..EMOTED-emissions..that were yours
and others souls..[not]..
even..if it wernt..your..own..beastly-ego/mind..of karmic emoting..that stained it...your..obsessive/fixated..emoting

<<The the respond to..the Reader that the Feeler..also reacts to...[staining /or/cleansing..our astral/soul-body-form]..

<<If the Feeler..experiences strong*emotions, compels the Critic to a manner cause the feel comfortable with itself.

<<What the Critic for the benefit..of the Feeler.

<<I ask you..a question.

In your mind, the Critic..a slave..
a beast..ego-mind..*of..the Feeler?

how..can/you..not..ask..higher-mind..the true-question?
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 20 November 2013 9:32:18 AM
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The concept..of..“set” among
the better..of..the/psychological..percepts...Actually, is used the Bible,..and also here,..under many different..definitive-terms.

“God..will keep/him in..perfect peace..him
whose stayed..(or set)..on Thee..because he..trusteth in Thee.”

The pronouns here..are confusing..without explanation,
and the shift..“Thee”“Him”.is a mis-interpretation.

The statement means..that God’s set[fixed] the Holy
Spirit,..because it is..fixed on..the good..of God/set.

It is also..fixed..[fixated] you.
affixt..into your soul..You,..then,..ARE fixed..
in the peace..of God.[gods..own..quick-fix][the in]

The concept..of..“fixation” very helpful one,
which Freud..yet again..fixated-upon..thus understood perfectly.
Unfortunately,..he lost his..understanding..[fixation-fo-cuss].. because..he was afraid,.. you..know..all too/well, incompatible..truth perception..that leads..with good judgment.

Fear DISTORTS thinking,..AS WELL AS..true-seeing and listening
note..carefully..fear makes..the watching child..[the feeler]..emote fear..and therefore..fear..[dark-glass..half empty]..DIS-orders thought.

Freud’s system..of thought..was extremely ingenious,..ONLY..because Freud..himself[the feeler/emoting]..was extremely ingenious.

A mind..MUST endow..its own/thoughts
with its own attributes...and attributions.

This*is..its inherent STRENGTH,..even though
*it may..misuse its power...but..the given-gift..excludes..our/use of it..

Freud..lost much of the..potential value/of his own
thought system because,..much/like Cayce.. he did..*NOT include himself in it.

This IS..a dissociated state,..because the
thinker..cuts himself off..from his..own thoughts/process.
thus allows..nonsense[un-reason] in..Freud’s thought..was so conflicted..that..he..could not have retained.his sanity..[as HE saw it]..WITHOUT dissociating.

This is why the/many contradictions..which are quite apparent
in his thinking..became..EVER-more..increasingly..*less/apparent..*to Him.

A man..who knows..what fixation..*REALLY means..and does
*NOT terribly/afraid...Fixation is constance

persistance/stick-to/it-ness]..the pull of God,
on whom your mind..*IS fixed..because of..the Holy-Spirit’s irrevocable mind-set.[obsessively attentive..obsessive precise..

“Irrevocable”..means..“cannot be..called back nor redirected.”

The..irrevocable nature..of the-Holy Spirit’s/set
mind-set/ the basis..for..its unequivocal voice.

The Holy/Spirit..*NEVER changes..its mind.
Clarity of thought..*CANNOT occur..under conditions..of/vacillation.

*Unless a mind fixed..*in its purpose,
it is/NOT its emoted/emitted setting..of its chi.

But clarity..literally/means the state of light,
and..enlightenment..IS understanding..emmitted/ and clear.

It stands..UNDER perception..because you/have denied it
as the..REAL foundation..of..good/true/eternal-thought.

This ego-[beast-mind], basis..for ALL
delusional..ego/beast mind..absurd-herd/mind..fixt-systems.
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:10:38 AM
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The concept..of fixation,..[even/spiritual-obsessing] Freud saw it,..has a number..of real learning..advantages.

First, recognizes that man..CAN be an-inspired-point in..development..which..does NOT/accord..with..a perceivable-time.

This clearly..could have been..a means..toward real release
[from..the time belief],..had Freud pursued it..with an open mind. But..Freud suffered..all his/life from allow dawn[awaken]..upon his mind,..and enlighten..his/idea..truly.

As a/result,..he overlooked..the eternal/present..NOW moment..entirely,..and merely saw..the continuity of past-continuum..and one..

Second,..although..he misinterpreted..what the/Holy-Spirit
revelation..told him,..or better,the that him/most holy.. reminded/him of,..this living moment..he was too deny more than he had to, keep his tolerable/bounds,..[as he perceived..the situatio.

Therefore,..he EMPHASIZED..that the..point which..the mind is fixated..*is more ITSELF..than the external reality..with DISagrees.

This again..could have been..a powerful/RELEASE mechanism,
had Freud..not involve a strong defense/system because..he perceived attack...

Third,..although Freud..interpreted/fixations..irrevocable
danger/ which the/mind..can always regress,..the concept can..also be..interpreted irrevocable call/to..sanity which the mind cannot LOSE.

Freud..saw return a threat maturity because
he/did not..understand prodigality...He merely as squandering.

Actually,..“prodigal”..also means careful.
This confusion..between careful..and careless..led him to
confuse..the escape..from nature/nurture/care...with something ego-desirable.

In fact,..he even to
equate it..quite literally..WITH desire.

But throughout..his thought-system,..the..“threat”..of
fixation..remained,..and could/ completely any living human being..anywhere...*Essentially,..this/was the basis of..his pessimism.

This was well as..theoretically the case.
Freud tried..every means..his very inventive mind..could devise to set*up..a form of therapy/which..could enable..the ego/ escape..from fixation forever,..even though..he KNEW this/was impossible.

The knowledge..plagued his his own/
every-turn,..because he was both.,.an honest man..and a healer.

He was therefore..only PARTIALLY the perceptual level,..and was unable
to relinquish..the hope/of release..even-though..he could/not cope with..even..the visual;isation..of it.

The reason..for this..fulsome..amount of detail
is..because the same position..

You..*were eternally fixated..on God..*in your..pre-creation,..and..the pull..[draw]..of this so strong..inatly..that you..will never..overcome it.

The perfectly clear....The on..a level so high..[spiritualy/pure].that it..cannot..*BE surmounted. miscreations
You..are..ALWAYS being..pulled back
to your..Creator* belong*in Him. REALLY can make-up..a voice..that..can drown out His/love/grace/mercy?
Posted by one under god, Wednesday, 20 November 2013 2:53:06 PM
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You..the Feeler,..are now..observing/the-0Reader,and..the-Critic
and how..they inter-re-act...You..*are observing..the chain..of events where..

the..Reader says something,
the..Feeler reacts to it,..
the..Critic responds,..

and the Feeler..briefly..feels..something else.
this how..the beast..are of..'a reader'..our beastly brothers..have..emotions/instincts/need/

Now..that/you..are aware/of..these..
three-threads..of conscious are processing..
this stream of real time,....*is..being..self-aware?'s watching..all this?*,..*at_this_moment*,
observing..three -threads..of consciousness/simultaneously

then/who..*is..the end/point..self-observer?

The..fourth/thread..of consciousness..
will/be..called.."The-Watcher"...The Watcher/may..or may/not
have..a voice..depending..on..emoting..its re-action..of how/your mind works. mind..that Watcher..sees*pictures.[[en-visions..the overlay..
of multiple facets..sensory/audibly/visually/even fallacy/fantasy]..

is..that/the Watcher..sees*..the Reader-s..visualizations..speaking..directly.. to me.

The me..listening/seeing/ the..inputs-Reader speak.[throwing-up/related..imagery/..overlay..before-they fade..

The Feeler..[can..CONSCIENTIOUSLY..hit/replay..its like..someone else's..screaming..6 year old brat..that won't..shut-up..and want's it's..way..all the time.[ergo..awakens/beast-ego]..[cloud-mind]
like..a..T.V-camera..that's all down.[and only recording..the good/key/bits..[not..the illusionary preferred/spin..darkness-deceits...'s/all place..that-is..usually..
that..quiet-place deep/thinking..and/ me..i..feel-good..about.


This..fourth..thread..of observing..the other..three..threads/process..this information..into

The/ also..self-aware...and itself..watching..itself...

It's kind/ the word.."Recur-sion"..[the 2 de thought] saying,.."See Recursion".[same/again/same-same..again..[again]

In\being*..the/Watcher..and watching..the
other..input threads,..the that/part..that,..facilitates

and..makes decisions..and controls.the/updating..of..the "Master Database"[cloud-mind]..which is..the accumulation..of who *you/are.

It..might be..compared to..the Board of corporation or..of..the Congress..of/the United-States...Oh\my God!..A Congress in\my brain?..The Feeler..just vomited!

The also..the one/who..determines.."The Prime/Directive" which\are..the guiding-principles..that*/of..*your life.

It determines..your.."morals"..or.." in".and the..important-principles..and..lessons..that guide..*our life...into..*

It integrates..your*..experiences..and..evaluates them them* as/to create..the pattern.for future decisions.

think..of it like a stage-director..
following the authors designated..role/personality..of the characters..

The patterns for your future/ what makes-up..*your Master Database...The Master\Database..also..stores information..about as to create..a pattern..[character]..of behavior.

The advantage..of storing patterns/of your Master to relieve..your mind..of having/to figure..out
wha. to face..a situation.

Instead..of the effort of..original-thinking,..
you access the/pattern...That frees up..the Watcher..
so can move new problems.' automatic..that you may/not..even remember
That's's stored in..the Master Database.

When..things go/ usual, are..on cruise control.
But..if something unusual occurs,..something..that is inconsistent with=..the Master Database,..the Feeler..sounds the alarm.

The the thread..of consciousness..that compares the data input streams..with the master database..and creates..the appropriate emotions* summon..the mental deal with/the input that..fails..the master database.


The Feeler..wakes up..the Watcher..indicating executive needed..immediately.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 21 November 2013 7:13:09 AM
Find out more about this user Visit this user's webpage Recommend this comment for deletion Return to top of page Return to Forum Main Page Copy comment URL to clipboard really..believe..that you can devise..a
thought-system..which can from His?

Do you/..REALLY believe..that you can plan..for your
individual/safety..and joy..better..than He can?

You need/be..neither careful..nor careless.
You need..merely cast..all your cares/miss-caring..upon Him because
He..careth for YOU.

You ARE..His care..because He loves you...His voice..ever..reminds all yours..BECAUSE of His care.

You CANNOT escape His care,
because not..His will...[it is bad..enough..god peer/believe just dont eternally/alone.] CAN/ accept..His care,..and use..the infinite power..of good/truth/logic/love..OF His care..for all/those..He created/BY make..things better..immediately..[now]..for all..your 'others.

There..have been..many healers
who did not heal..themselves...They have not moved their faith..because their/faith..was..not WHOLE.

Some of them..have healed the sick
at times,..but they have not..raised the dead.
note/*..Unless the healer..first..heals HIMSELF,..he does/NOT believe that there..truly-*is..*no order in miracles.

see page13

Free will does not mean..that you establish..the living-curriculum. It means..only that/you can elect..freely..what to take/when...It is just* are not\ do..what you/should do that time all.

if..You*see miracles..

You should..begin each day
with..the prayer

“Help me to perform..whatever miracles
you..want..of me..this-day.”)

1...The first remember/about miracles
is that..there order\of difficulty..

He..has just..not..fully appreciated..nor..learned..that.*EVERY mind
that/God equally*worthy..of being healed..because GOD CREATED every-mind..that it become..yet again..holy/WHOLE.

You are asked..merely to God
the HE created it.[innocent/pure/true/forgiving

He*only..*for what He gave,
the will..of the knowing..that this..true-living/giving..bantering barter*..will heal YOU.

Sanity\one..with other.

And the/sanity..of your brothers..IS yours.
you can try..insanity..thus the other yours..too.

Why should you the endless insane calls think*..are made.*upon you,..*when you KNOW..the voice of God Himself* in you?

God you,
and asks..only..that you Him.

He wills to/keep perfect peace
because you..and i am..are of one mind ..and ..of the one..same/Spirit..with/ as he is with+in/..HIM*..2.

Excluding..yourself..from/the the\ego’s
last-ditch defense..of its own..se3lf-existence.

It reflects..both..the ego’s/..need separate,
and..your de-side with..its..separateness.

This..willingness..means..that YOU DO*NOT..WANT TO*BE HEALED.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 21 November 2013 7:45:45 AM
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We..have/ write/read..and..send/
and..its..our/ share-information..which/has..greatly enhanced..our survive.

But..this shared/knowledge..has-come at..a price.
In/order..or survive,..we have
had/to..surrender part/of..our individuality..for-the..greater-tribal good.

Many..of our-ancestors..fought..and died..for..were
in..wars..for the/survival..of..some/tribal-culture.

Our survive/as a..tribal-member..has/become..a significant-instinctive..[autonomous] of large..part..of..the..who-of/what..we are..and born with.

We all..need..the/approval..of..the herd/in have
an ego-sense..of well fee.. OK..[at-ease]..about our..other emotive-inputs[selves][threads]...And for/most creates..*great/mental-anguish..*to/be rejected..or disconnected..from=..the herd-mind.

Over/the..centuries...language-skills..have/evolved/developed which allowed talk to..each sounds..or aural..sub-sets..of written/sounds..denoted..into word/sound-vibration..that imagery

seeing..a chair..brings..the visualizations..[idea]..of all chairs/into mind..

Because ideas..could be ..communicated, individual/could..learn pass..that knowledge..on/to..the next person without*..that learn/see/hear/ on his own.

Knowledge..could/be passed word/of mouth..allowing..a person's*past..his words..of the authors..mindset/imagery..mind-vocalizations..[ideas]..

With/*knowledge..others..could.*build upon
*the work..*of others..and create levels of..text/context..and technology...[in..highert-mind]..far greater..than..any individual..could\create..of/themselves.

No longer..did everyone..have/to..reinvent..the wheel...Because of language,..people could communicate..and work together..[]across time..and there/was..the living..ultimate/true/knowing..shared knowledge..or..tribal-knowledge...via the beast-mind ego.

These..long..held..communication/skills..allowed..those..who could talk*..their ideas..via more permanent/means..were thus survive better..than those who..could/not talk..and our brains evolved..for/the purpose..of..interpretative-language.

Because..of..perceptive/advantages..of language,..people became dependent..on each other...No longer..were we..truly individuals.

We..all..need survive...In a sense..we..each..are part of..a the same way..that bees are part/of..a hive.

The be so strong..that many/people..will kill a..result/of ..actual-separation..from or..rejection/by the herd.

Because..we live advanced of/our knowledge comes..from other people...Some of that..* just plain wrong,..*but..because the..ego-herd/'s true,..we/are

After all,'s..not our assume..that we, individuals,..are smarter..than/the..combination of thousands..or millions..of people..who centuries.

But individual..does discover/ truth..or discovers that something..the herd thought..was not all.

When this happens..* often lost
because..the individual..submits to..the will of..the herd.

What is..a herd?

A herd..or*any organization..of two..or more/people
who.*come together..for any..higher-purpose...A herd can/ small as two humanity.

Most people..belong to..hundreds/of herds..and will
move-in..and..*out of..different herds..throughout/

their lifetimes.

A any organization..of people..who share..some common function/need/want/will/reason...Herds include..*all religions, all/levels..including/neighborhood associations, sports fans,..clubs,...political/parties,,

fans,..Mackintosh owners,..fellow employees,..
Mensans,..hippies, bars,..nerds,..and schools...

AND YES..EACH SPECIES..breed/creed..bird..even seed..

Each of..the..many fold/living creations..organ-izations have a set of rules..and common beliefs...qualities/fates..times..The members of the..organizations..*all surrender..part/of..their Master Database to the..herd-could-mind.

The herd-mind..itself/becomes..a living*..organism..much the-same way
as..a hive is..a living organism..of many cases..these tribal/organizations..are as real..or more real..than the individuals that..make them..up.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 21 November 2013 1:47:41 PM
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Excluding yourself..from the the ego’s
last-ditch..defense of/its..own..existence...It reflects
both the ego’s..*need to separate,..and your willingness to
side with-in..its/lonely-separateness.

This willingness..means that YOU..DO NOT WANT..TO BE HEALED.
When..I told Bill that..there is..“just one-more..thing,”..he heard me very well...[I hope..he will hear/me as]

His intelligent..mis-hearing..of..“river”..[the..ever/moving-flow] “rivet”[fixt..affixed]..showed..that..even though
he..*wanted release,..he was not cope with/ the time.

*But..the time..*IS now.
You have/not been..asked to work out..the Plan of Salvation
yourselves,..because, I told you before,..*the NOT of your making.

*God/Himself..gave you the perfect correction..for have made/which is not in-accord..with His Holy Will.

I have made..His Plan perfectly/clear..and perfectly explicit to
you,..and have..also told you..of your part/in..His Plan..and how is fulfill-it. time for delay,..*but there..*need not be.
God the sacrifice..of His/children who believe..they are Him.

The “one..more thing”..that Bill/must learn is
merely..that he is NOT..the one8..more.,,He is..both
ONE..*and..AT ONE...*If he will..learn this..*NOW,..he will be accord with..the last judgment,

which is really..only..the Biblical
reminder..of the..inevitability..of self-INCLUSION.

This is what “Physician,..*heal thyself”..really means..
Bill has frequently observed..for HIMSELF that/this is..hard to do. He has,..however,..been perfectly aware..of JUST what..*YOU should do about it.

You might ask him..[for me]..whether he..does not think
he dissociating..*HIMSELF from..*his own awareness,..since he is so clear..about the remedy..*for YOU..You/might also remind him whatever extent*..he separates himself..from you,..he is
separating/himself..from ME.

This IS a collaborative venture.
Let me..therefore return..*his-own him,
so can share them..and help me.

But let me..first remind you..of
something..*I told you..myself...that..Whenever you are not
wholely_*joyous, is because you have..reacted..with a lack of love,,*to some Soul..which/God created...Perceiving sin, you become defensive..because you..NOW*..EXPECT ATTACK.[miss-apprehension]

The decision to that way,..however,
was YOURS, undone.
It..*CANNOT be undone..*by the usual sense,..*because this..implies guilt.

If you..allow feel guilty,
you will reinforce..the error,..*rather than allowing* to be
undone..*FOR you...the right..time..first/[time]
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 21 November 2013 2:16:23 PM
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Decisions CANNOT be difficult. This is obvious if you realize that you must ALREADY
have made a decision NOT to be wholly joyous if that is what you feel. Therefore, the
first step in the undoing is to recognize that YOU ACTIVELY DECIDED WRONGLY, BUT

Be very firm with yourselves in this, and keep yourselves fully aware of the fact that
the UNDOING process, which does NOT come from you, is nevertheless WITHIN you
because God placed it there.

YOUR part is merely to return your thinking to the point at
which the error was made, and give it over to the Atonement in peace.

Say to yourselves..the following, as sincerely as you can, remembering that the Holy Spirit will respond
fully to your slightest invitation:

I must have decided wrongly..because I am NOT at peace.
I made the decision myself,..but I can also..decide otherwise.

I WILL to decide otherwise.. because I WANT to peace.
I do NOT feel guilty,..because the Holy Spirit will..undo ALL the
consequences*..of my wrong decision..*IF I WILL..LET HIM...[and give up my sin..against other-selves].

I let
by allowing decide..for God..for me...[4/my/sake*]

March 22,1966[jesus]..

The relationship..of anger to attack is obvious,
but the inevitable..association of anger..and FEAR is not always so clear.

Anger ALWAYS involves PROJECTION OF SEPARATION,..which must entirely one’s own/responsibility.

Anger cannot..occur..*unless you..really..concieve
the..*belief/..that/you..believe..that you have BEEN..attacked;
and worse...that..the attack..was JUSTIFIED;..and..again..that..
you..are in* way responsible..for it.

Given these three wholly irrational premises,..the/equally irrational conclusion..that a brother is worthy of attack..rather than of love follows.

What can be expected from insane
premises..EXCEPT an insane conclusion?

The way to insane always to
consider..the sanity..of the premises..on which it rests.

You cannot*..BE attacked,..attack HAS no..logical-justification, ARE..*responsible..for what you believe...You have been take your model for/learning.

And we have often said..that an..*extreme example
is..a particularly helpful learning-device.

yet..EVERYONE teaches,..*and teaches..all..all the time.
This is..a responsibility* he/assumes..inevitably, the moment..he has accepted**any all.

And NO-ONE can..organize..his life..*without ANY thought system.
Once he/has..developed..even..a beast-mind/thought system..of any kind,..UNLESS..he lives.*by it..and TEACHES being..its qualities/qualification.
Posted by one under god, Thursday, 21 November 2013 2:34:27 PM