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The Forum > General Discussion > Oil prices and the party/Government Monopoly

Oil prices and the party/Government Monopoly

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What i have found is the disparity of the Oil price.

We pay about $125 a barrel so the question is how much do the arab and iraqi people pay for theirs.

Do they pay $125 dollars a barrel.

The point is we produce 98% of our own oil so why is the price so high, yes I know about OPEC but this does not qualify as if we grow or produce our own products they are normally cheaper.

I do have the quotes for this and will post at a later time as well as the amount of barrels.

People might say we are running out of oil, but at the moment the only thing being bled dry are us the people and our pandering government doesn't want to do anything about it.

It is time to fight.

Stuart Ulrich
Posted by tapp, Thursday, 22 May 2008 10:04:11 PM
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I know you won't want to hear this, Stuart, but I think it's time to accept that the days of cheap petrol are over. We should be putting our energy into working out how to reduce our individual consumption levels rather than clamouring to have the price of petrol lowered.

I know it's easier said than done but we all should be looking at doing what we can as individuals: Cycling, walking, using public transport, car pooling, rationalising car trips, converting to LPG, using ethnol, downsizing, buying electric/hybrid and generally thinking twice before we jump in that car. We also need to apply much greater pressure on governments to do more to facilitate all of the above.

In a decade's time when the effects of climate change are really beginning to bite you'll look back on today's petrol prices and see them in their true perspective.
Posted by Bronwyn, Friday, 23 May 2008 12:06:43 AM
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It is time to stop being distracted by the media , we know what weight of numbers is capable of , we-are-focusing-on-so-called-world leader 's [yes who-arnt-serving-the-people-but only their 'own' financial day trading bettors]

Its revealed by todays-medis-side-show.[see-the weight-of-numbers of-'Tibetans'-protesting the dali-lama-in-briton [yelling as-oneas-only-special-oganised-self-intrestonlycan-by weight-of-numbers canwe -all-just-stop lying, and-see-organised-sel-ish-self-intrest-is destroying-us-all?

Today-the-news-headlines-will-reveal a protest by 'tibetan's, protesting-somewhere-in-briton something about an old man saying peace-and-love-or-free-tibet-or-set-our-people-FREE ,

Tonight you-will-hear-the news 'stop-lying,-stop-lying, [so kevin stop lying down, see-theelephant-in-the-room,with-the-cry- of stop lying as-your-chance-to wake up the world]

The world needs-you[someone,anyone-to lead [or rather the-individuals-as-voters of common-weal], going-broke fast-by the price of day trading-inflated-petroland-resources-speculators, WE-need you to act now on-the-lies-destroying us-all simply by weight-of-numbers ,

each individually thinking-to-do-the-best for themselves [under-the-greed-is-godcreed[it-certainly-isnt good]

Stop-lying ,stop-lying , stop-lying [sorry-but it’s-a-catchy-chant , it just woke me up from my sleep,
maybe it will do the same for some of the rest of us ?

Democracy is-about the-voice-of the-individual-acting-as-one to protect the individuals that make up the power-behind-democracy, our leaders must-ALLWAYS-be serving the common-good-;be-seen-to-be-serving-the common-man[the-poor tax-paying ,individuals-of-our-common-WEALTH-sociaty]

,so why is a little Tibetan old man being yelled at by ‘Tibetans’ to stop lying?

Ok-it’s-a-dumb question ,but it-has the-same-answer as why is ‘petrol speculation-by-on-line Ti-betten’-investors driving-the-price-of-oil and food-through-the-roof

And it-is-the same answer aswhen-we saw when the world-cheered-on-the Olympic flame that-recently-toured the-world ,while Tibetan-protesters-protested ,but were soon-overwhelmed-by-WEIGHT_of-THE-Chinese-students defending-their-communist?-Roots from the-negative adverse-affects-of-negative publicity

We have seen the-weight-of-the Chinese day traders who-nearly-in their-enthusiasm-overwhelmed a emerging-Chinese-stock-market [and rightly The-Peoples-Govt-saw the-need-indeed-urhency-to-halt-the-tidal-wave- and-put-a tax-on their -day-trading-feeding frenzy [before it brought down china-stock-market

[butWe-in-the-west-didnt-see-the-same-elephant- driven-from-destroying-china's-harvest-has-now-moved-into-our-fertile-field' ,US-and-OUR-by our greed-is-good-philosophy ,

we are failing-to-see the same ti-betting-tiger consuming [overwhelming-our-resource-markets [we thus need a day tax like china if-only-to-stop these overwhelming-and-organised-bettors on the dayly price of our-foodstuff-and-resources of our enjoined survival , to save the world literally]

Stop lying resonates clearly the weight of the numbers that china needs to control
[that indeed the world needs to controlits-own-lies-comming-home-before un-leased human-nature destroys-it-all

[anyor ALL of-our fearless/courage’s leader’s should [better] install a day-trading-tax immediately on-all day-trading on resources via our web based trading by these ‘’tibetan’ investors

Stop-lying , stop-lying , stop-lying-to-yourselves , an unregulated day trader is destroying us for-love of-financial;-gain

Posted by one under god, Friday, 23 May 2008 7:20:53 AM
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Tapp, I don’t think it really matters as to just why our fuel prices are so high and rapidly increasing. No pain, no gain. We obviously aren’t collectively smart enough to develop the necessary technologies and paradigm shift that we need to smoothly transition ourselves out of the oil era, so we’ll have suffer a whole lot of pain and be kicked and dragged screaming into it.

If rapidly rising fuel prices can exert the necessary pain without causing a serious fracturing of society, then good.

I think that Nelson’s 5 cent a litre reduction in price, achieved by cutting fuel excise by 13%, would be a step in the wrong direction, at this stage. However, if things were really looking grim, then yes, a considerably larger cut in fuel excise might help, just as long as maximum effort was being put in to weaning ourselves off of oil.

On Catalyst last night, there was strong talk about efforts in London to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, due primarily to the fear that the city would be inundated with a small sea level rise. The sort of effort needed to do that was compared with the enormous undertaking conducted in response to the Blitz of 1940 to bring Britain’s defence and offence capabilities up to speed. Effort the equivalent of a war footing was espoused.

Well, likewise in Australia, in the first instance to battle the changing economies being caused by rising fuel prices and to develop sustainable energy sources, which will very effectively address greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

So yes, I agree, it is time to fight and to demand that our government do something. But it has got to be the right ‘something’. That is, sustainability, and not a propping up of the current mindless continuous-expansionist high per-capita consumption paradigm.
Posted by Ludwig, Friday, 23 May 2008 8:13:14 AM
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Hear hear Ludwig. What goes for London's energy, the decentralisation and dispersal thing, is going to become a basic principle for everything. I think so anyway.

For example communications being what they are today we don't need to have centralised business hubs with people driving for miles to and from every day.

Why do we have to have gigantic corporate farms? Why do we have to have gigantic corporate media? Why do we have to have gigantic corporate supermarkets? Why do we have to have gigantic corporate power stations? We don't.

These are all efficient at supply, but none of them work well for consumers and all chew up massive resources because of concentration and centralisation. They are all overly reliant on fossil fuels which increases their costs and reduces their sustainability.

We need to get over our love affair with gigantism. Except for tourist attractions of course. We'd be nowhere without the big banana.
Posted by chainsmoker, Friday, 23 May 2008 9:22:35 AM
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This is a very vexing issue! We are unfortunately a very cynical lot and most of us are probably thinking: "Here we go again!....the old running out of fuel trick!" They have pulled this one a couple of times before and it has always worked in bumping up the fuel prices!

Whether the information that we are being fed is true regarding diminishing world stocks, it seems that nobody has bothered to mention that the Oil Sheiks who seem to be pulling OPEC`s strings are NOT driving around in crappy little "Simpson" cars, but instead are luxuriating in Gold Plated Rolls, Bentleys and the like, whilst we are floundering around in our morass of rapidly escalating prices, and downsizing in an effort to keep driving!

Again I would stress that OPEC stated last year that they would be happy when oil reached $50 a barrel?...this is again another example of GREED by those that always want more!

Mr Rudd says his hands are tied and he can do "no more" to give relief from this disgraceful situation!......WHAT ABOUT A REDUCTION IN FUEL EXCISE, MR RUDD?.....after all your government is getting an extra windfall in revenue on a daily basis commensurate with the "Spot" Oil Price increases! Are you so greedy that you cannot reduce your take in the interests of the community, for as we all know the cost of EVERYTHING will now increase rapidly as everyone tries to compensate for the extra cost burden that is being placed upon them!.....but then again when you are being driven around in a chauffered Commonwealth Car, you tend to NOT NOTICE the price of fuel!

Another issue that needs clarification (and an honest answer!) is if we are 79% self sufficient in fuel oil, ....where is OUR fuel oil going to, why isn`t it being refined here in Australia and sold here in the country?
Posted by Cuphandle, Friday, 23 May 2008 10:24:16 AM
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