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India's blame game : Comments

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, published 11/12/2008

The Indian government has labelled Mumbai as India’s '9-11', forgetting the past carnage caused by Indian extremist groups.

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The masaccre in Mumbai of the non-Muslims by the Muslim militia is a declaration of war on the non-Muslims. It is a wake-up call to the sleepy non-Muslims that if nothing is done, the menance will happen at your very door.

Muslim journalists like to give a spin to the Mumbai masaccre as "India's blame game". No, it is international in character. It shows the true nature of Islam. Jews and foreigners were targetted.

The nationalities killed are 158 Indians and 30 foreigners. The breakdown of the foreigners are as follows: four Americans, four Australians, three Germans, two Israeli-Americans, two Israelis, two Canadians, two French, two Italians, one British-Cypriot, one Dutch, one Japanese, one Jordanian, one Malaysian, one Mauritian, one Mexican, one Singaporean and one Thai.

The injured included those from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Canada, Spain, Norway, Finland, Oman, China, Japan, the Philippines and Jordan

The Muslims(Arab imperialists and their stooges) have been fighting the non-Muslims since the founding of Islam. The Koran is their war manual and the mosques are the school of warfare.

The Muslim militia (History of Jihad) war is well documented.

Arabs (when they weren't Muslims)622 – 634; Persians 634 – 651; Byzantines 634 – 1453; Hindus 638 – ; Egyptians 640 – 655; Nubians 650 – ; Berbers 650 – 700; Chinese 650 – 751; Turks 651 – 751; Spaniards 711 – 730; Franks 720 – 732; Reconquista 730 – 1492; Italians 812 – 940 ; Armenians & Georgians 1071 – 1920; Crusades 1096 – 1291; Mongols 1260 – 1300; Albanians 1332 – 1853; Serbs, Croats & Albanians 1334 – 1920; Romanians 1350 – 1699; Bulgarians 1350 – 1843; Croats & Slovenes 1389 – 1843; Poles 1444 – 1699; Russians 1444 – 1918; Greeks 1450 – 1853; Hungarians 1500 – 1683; Austrians 1500 – 1683; Israelis 1948 – ; British 1947 – ;
Americans 9 / 11; Latin America 2003 – ; Danes 200
Posted by Philip Tang, Thursday, 11 December 2008 10:58:31 AM
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What a shameless partisan article!.

The culprits of Mumbai massacre were are trained by Pakistan state and they operated with the full support of Pakistan state. It is a shadow war on India. Shame on the author, to blame India for this attack. The lapse of Indian state and the internal problems of India is not an excuse to send a suicide gang to attack Indian Institutions.

The only motivation of the journalist to write such a partisan article must me to please his masters.

The author must be an agent of Pakistani state masquerading as a journalist. Only such a person can justify the attack on Innocent people in Mumbai. He didn’t even had to courtesy to acknowledge the number of people died in the attack.

Shame on you Mr. Syed Atiq ul Hassan, for penning this partisan article. You are the one who rattling jingoism fanning hatred between India and Pakistan.

Yor writings are part of the problem. Not part of the solution..
Posted by kochu, Thursday, 11 December 2008 10:59:53 AM
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While the author wishes to build a case of the Mumbai Massacre being just one more act of communal violence in India the problem is it is an international outrage where Westerners were intentionally targetted by professional terrorists. Naturally Australians are concerned why two Australians were killed.

The initial feeling of many Indians, both Hindu and Muslim, that the Mumbai terrorist group originated from Pakistan was vindicated by the extensive physical evidence found. Many calls from phones found in the hands of the dead terrorists were found to be back to phone-numbers in Pakistan and a GPS reciever was found that had recorded the sea journey from Pakistan to India taken by the terrorist). The terrorist did not try to hide their Pakistani origins - it is as if they set out to fan Pakistani-Indian tensions).

I'd add that most countries accepted the right of the US to invade Afghanistan after 9/11. Most countries als don't oppose the US firing Hellfire missiles at terrorists within Pakistan (now). So why can't India do the same.

Pakistan is a perpetual basket case of armed gangs: the military, ISI and Taliban, LeT etc who control it in a virtual protection racket.

The veneer of civilian rule is there to impress Western aid donors as well as international and domestic political supporters while the armed cronies really rule.

The author mentions President Zardari know by many Pakistan's as Mr 10% due to his profiteering while his wife, Benazir Bhutto, attempted to rule as a civilian. Zardari is a lightweight who is unable to stop US missiles, and Special Forces from hitting the terrorists in Pakistan that he can't combat or control.

It is always easier to blame someone else before. The author blames Mumbai on a cycle of communal violence (mostly Hindu, he conveys). Equally many Pakistani's say that it is the British who poorly planned the independence of India (and Afghan border surveying) who are to blame for Pakistan's present problems.

Posted by plantagenet, Thursday, 11 December 2008 11:31:01 AM
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For Hassan to compare the regional “past carnage” perpetrated by Indians with the ‘universal’ carnage that extremist Islam is committing against the West and all other infidels, is to inerasably besmirch his journalistic objectivity as well as reveal his shallowness as political analyst. And he makes it quite clear where his loyalties lie as a Muslim Pakistani.

India's "blame" is no "game" because it is the world's 'BLAME' against radical Islam.
Posted by Themistocles, Thursday, 11 December 2008 7:08:52 PM
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Extracts from government-sponsored texts, Pakistan's CFederal Ministry of Education:
'Who is a Hindu? A Hindu is an enemy of Islam'
'Before the Arab conquest, people were fed up with the teachings of Buddhists & Hindus. Before the arrival of Islam in India, people lived in untold misery'.
'European nations have worked for three centuries to subjugate the Muslim world'.
Class IV Text:
* The Muslims of Pakistan provided all facilities to the Hindus and the Sikhs who left for India in 1947. The Hindus and the Sikhs looted Muslims in India with both hands and attacked their caravans, buses and trains. One million Muslims were martyred on their way to Pakistan.
* The Hindus treated the ancient population of the Indus Valley very badly, set fire to their houses and butchered them.
* The religion of Hindus did not teach good things, Hindus did not respect women.
Class V Text:
* After the war of 1965, India with the Hindus in East Pakistan, incited East Pakistan against West Pakistanis. In December 1971, Indians attacked East Pakistan and East Pakistan separated from us. We should receive military training to foil the designs of the enemy in the future. (Presumably, not even a single Muslim in East Pakistan, including Mujibur Rehman, fought against West Pakistanis in 1971. No mention that W Pakistan exploited E Pakistan/Bangladesh as a colony.)
* The Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam.
Class VI Text:
* In Deebal (Sindh), a Hindu temple had a flag. Hindus believed that if the flag kept flying, nobody could harm them. Mohd bin Qasim found out this. The Muslims catapulted stones at the temple and at the flag, making it fall. The whole city became tumultuous and the Hindus lost heart. Muslims clambered up the temple and forced open the door. Qasim's army entered the city and after conquering it, announced peace. The Muslims treated the vanquished so well many Hindus converted to Islam. (The education and their society carry on with lies and hatred. So we cannot expect Pakistanis to know the truth about India/Hindus/Bangladesh.) Does Islam respect truth?
Posted by Shahida, Thursday, 11 December 2008 8:58:32 PM
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Pl respect the truth, Pakistan. Stop feeding your children lies about your history just because your army wants a fight. Don't disgrace Islam with lies and terrorism. Stop telling young men that the best thing to do with their lives is to die so old generals can pretend they are 'martyrs' and not pawns. I am an Indian Muslim and happy in India.

Pakistani Education:

A school student Mohammed Qasim participated in a contest held to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day in August 2005. The topic was: 'Why Islam and Pakistan are integral to each other'. Deviating from the main theme, this Class XI student of Lahore's Government Central Model School lashed out against Hindus, giving vent to inexplicable anger and hatred, particularly shocking because the Hindu community, an infinitesimally small percentage of Pakistan's population, has never been an aspect of Qasim's life. The 14-year-old boy said, 'We hate Hindus because they are Hindustanis and the number one enemy of both Islam and Pakistan. We know it through our history textbooks on Pakistan Studies. We learn what happened in school'.

The attitude of the Government of Pakistan towards India, the land of infidels, is responsible for this emotional outburst. Most textbooks prescribed are primers of hate against Hinduism and India. History or biology, Pakistani students get anti-India and anti-Hindu lessons. Schoolboy Qasim illustrates vividly the deadly impact, where history is manipulated to foster national politics. There, knowledge becomes a vital tool in the construction of national identity and the sense of nation is promoted through lessons in bigotry, hatred and gross misrepresentation. These extracts from textbooks in government schools show how the rulers uses text-books to develop an anti-India, anti-Hindu mindset and fan Muslim sentiments against Christians and the West. Government's control over education is exercised through Lt Gen (retd) Javed Ashraf Qazi, who heads the Federal Education Ministry. As the head of the ISI between 1993 and 1995, Qazi supervised the recruitment of students from Pakistan's madrassas for constituting the extremist Taliban
Posted by Shahida, Thursday, 11 December 2008 9:09:12 PM
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