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The Forum > Article Comments > Norway and terrorism: white male rage > Comments

Norway and terrorism: white male rage : Comments

By Keith Suter, published 28/7/2011

Worrying about infrequent and unlikely acts of Islamic terrorism has dulled us to the danger we nurse within.

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It is fair to say that there will be much more to this Norwegian tragedy then appears to date in the newspapers, noticeably stressing the "lone gunman" idea, as is always the case. It is also a fact that there are countries or states in the world that need to maintain a continuing element of instability and uncertainty throughout the world for their own devices.
The US is the obvious case with a financial environment that thrives on a military culture and which is currently desperate to get its own house in order with a deadline ever closer. It is also a country that would probably see 20% unemployment if there was no military spending for war furnaces. So instability is important to justify such spending to the detriment of education, health, benefits for veterans and on. They fund an underground private Army operating at the behest of the President to do the things needed to justify the maintenance of 780 based worldwide, not counting rendition centres.

The same applies to the 9/11 exercise, a false flag effort if ever there was one. This enabled Bush to alter the Constitution, to remove privileges provided by decent people who structured the US guidelines, now in tatters. Torture is now fashionable and legal, again thanks to those arch-criminals, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfelt, never prosecuted.

We even have one organisation in the US sheeting home the blame in Norway to Freemasons, seriously. However, It muddies the waters and allows the controlled press to go on yet aother red herring rampage well away from the real source of yet another terrorist activity in 2011.

Acting alone. Hardly. But there is probably a better chance to find out his connections, his associations in Norway than there ever was or will be in the US where they have developed skills like no others in lies, false flags and plain graft and corruption from the president down through all the elected ranks of self-serving politicians. Part of the culture now, a characteristic. Look at the 9/11 whitewash. A charade.

Get used to it. Itís now the norm.
Posted by rexw, Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:47:59 AM
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Breivik had other characteristics that need to be noted. He was not just anti-Muslim, he was also a fanatical pro-Zionist, a common characteristic among Christian fundamentalists.
Breivik has told the Oslo Police that one of his intentions was to wipe out the future leadership of the Norwegian Labor Party. What had the governing Labor Party recently voted to do?
(1) Boycott Israel because they were sick of Israel's behaviour on the Palestinian quesiton.
(2) Vote for Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly in September.
(3) Withdraw its military contribution from the attacks on Libya.
All three policies are violently opposed by Israel.
It is clear that Breivik did not act alone. The Norwegian investigation will reveal just who his accomplices were. They are likely to find the same culprits involved in the 1973 state terror perpetrated in Lillehammer.
Posted by James O'Neill, Thursday, 28 July 2011 10:51:57 AM
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It doesn't follow that generalising about skin colour and gender is necessarily sufficient or helpful.

Instead of adding an unmanageable, untrackable number (around 45% of Australia's population - white males) to the security agenda it might be better to concentrate on:

- politically extreme fringes, left, right, anarchists, sects, organised crime cells (whatever) that importantly profess violence or end of civilisation as a certainty or as a solution

- lone individuals who have expressed violence as a solution (by words, actions, internet connections...)

- more specifically those who have found ways to legally (including gun clubs) or illegally own high powered pistols or rifles (particularly semi-auto or automatic) or other violent paraphernalia like "Rambo" knives.

- those who buy fertilisers for no apparent reason.

- those who break into militaty armouries or gunshops or who are in the network of recipients of "appropriate" stolen weapons.

Those who fulfill one, some or all of the above criteria.

All this looks at more immediate risks and is more useful than doubling the size of security agencies to monitor more than 10,000,000 white males in Australia - not to mention visitors/tourists.
Posted by plantagenet, Thursday, 28 July 2011 11:19:52 AM
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Plantagenet, those are all admirable things to do .. to do something, but none of those would have revealed someone like Martin Bryant to the world.

Bryant is said to have expressed, as he started his rampage, "not many Japs here today", now that is overlooked in the media these days, but Bryant was as xenophobic as this guy was/is.

Years ago a German tourist came here and started traveling around outback NT, shooting people - he didn't declare that intent on his customs forms, who knew?

My point is, there are nutters, always will be, you can try to find them before they crack .. but, you can't remove the environment that pushes them to crack, that's life.

I hear people making much of this Norwegian guy's childhood, lots of people survive dreadful childhoods without becoming mass murderers.

A neighbor of mine is a Vietnam Vet, has never got over a failed business venture, he and his wife both drink heavily, keeps to himself and always appears to be angry with the world .. you have no idea how relieved we all were when he sold his gun collection in a government buy back. (Probably has one or two buried .. just in case, he collected pistols.)

There are more people in the world, the percentage of nutters is probably the same, but the number of nutters is up .. we just have to adapt and deal with it, not turn into a nanny state trying to foresee every eventuality and try to second guess every person's motives for every action - where does that end up?.

The Americans deal with this by arming everyone .. maybe they are right? (I wouldn't arm some of the political activists I see on fora in Australia)

We adapt, we stay alert, but not alarmed (thank you, MOS).. bad stuff will never stop happening, accept it and move on.
Posted by rpg, Thursday, 28 July 2011 12:02:11 PM
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Insanity seems the common thread to me not race.
Australia has had at least one similar murderer in a shopping center.
I do not know of any answers, but rather think we should not overlook the author could have reviewed Murders committed in the names of many Gods by many nationality's.
Posted by Belly, Thursday, 28 July 2011 12:25:54 PM
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Through the 19th and 20th century, most acts of violence in the western world that were 'political' were left-wing. From the luddites (lefty-greenie lets all live in caves and be happy) to the various acts of union strikes and sabotage against the war effort, to the Baader-Meinhof gang...

What we see no is the reversal of that. We see the left in power and the 'conservatives' powerless and suppressed.

Today's worst problems are caused by the 'progressive' policies of the left... child abuse is caused by children living in struggling households without BOTH natural parents... a result of left-feminist changes in divorce and family life. Economic calamities by governments overspending on social services. The booming prison population is partly caused by creating new crimes dictated by the feminist-left. Holocaust-like bushfires caused by greenies preventing hazard-reduction burns. Aboriginal disadvantage by overgenerous welfare which destroys any motivation to work and bribes women to have many more children than they can reasonably look after. Poverty and famine in Africa is caused by unbelievably high population increases outstripping the available farmland... caused by some sort of anti-racist belief that giving free contraception is somehow evil.

The left have the power and they use their power as any power group does... they suppress and ridicule dissent. As Ghandi said... "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

The left are conservative now and the right are radicals.
The left/green/feminists/human-rights are now the conservatives (because they are in power) and the conservative/pro-family/child-protecting/economy-saving are now the radicals (because they are trying to change the dominant paradigm).

The left are still able to ignore the radical right. But the conservative idealists are growing because today's problems are caused by the left
Posted by partTimeParent, Thursday, 28 July 2011 12:46:29 PM
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