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The Forum > General Discussion > Every Australia Day, it just gets worse.

Every Australia Day, it just gets worse.

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The one thing I can't abide under any circumstances, is racism in it's purest form.

I can understand Australians object to foreigners arriving on planes, overstaying their visa, buying property and businesses, and employing people for $7 an hour without declaring it, or paying tax, because this threatens the Australian way of life.

Discrimination against Aboriginals however, in our country, is the purest example of racism that you will witness on this planet. Let me explain,

A couple of hundred years ago, slave ships arrived from Britain. Invading a land inhabited by another people, (the Aboriginal people). They (the invaders) pressed on with a campaign of the massacre (of a comparably defenceless and vulnerable and for the most part civil people), involving poisoning traded food goods, to ethnic cleansing, to shooting Aboriginals for sport, and so on. In the case of Tasmania, the Aboriginals are an extinct species going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger.

Since Eureka Stockade, (a Rebellion against the aristocracy) by the slaves, attempts have been made by some Australians, to reconcile with Aborigines for our crimes.

Then along came John Howard spending 100's of millions of tax money on changing textbooks in schools extinguishing the truth about the annihilation. Inventing new ways to discriminate and intervene against them, Howard sought to engender negative feelings toward them, in exactly the same way as he did towards boat people. Incitement for votes and ideologically purpose built education for the future.

Today our youth suffer from a lack of historical context, (deliberately denied them by John Howard, in school), draping themselves in an Australian symbol of rebellion (the Eureka Flag), (a flag they do not understand the historical context of), whilst professing drunken hatred of muslims (Cronulla) and Aboriginals this year, with the help of Tony Abbott and a few collaborators in the crowd, to inflame the situation.

Aboriginals are the only people in our society without any actual opportunity to live the Aussie way of life.

Playing politics on this on Australia day , illustrates why this "Son of Howard Mad Monk", should never be PM.
Posted by thinker 2, Friday, 27 January 2012 7:56:20 PM
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Dear Thinker 2,

Few people would disclaim the fact that the original
inhabitants, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait
Islander people were dispossessed of their land and
were discriminated against by the first British and
European settlers as well as the fact that racial
discrimination has continued to influence their
lives in the two centuries following white settlement.
Theirs is a sad history - and is still ongoing as we
know with Aboriginal deaths in custody still needing

A peaceful demonstration on Australia Day
would have helped their cause - however it turned violent
and Aboriginal leaders were right to condemn the violence.
The burning of the Australian flag the next day did not
help matters either - and lost them much support.
The media beat-up also only made matters worse.
But that was to be expected.

As for Mr Abbott's comments? They may not have been the
most tactful - given the circumstances - however, a violent
reaction to his words - did even more harm.

As I wrote on another thread -
some people mistakenly believe that public expression
of violence is a legal and acceptable form of free speech
in Australia. In Australia, as internationally, the right
of freedom of speech carries with it certain
responsibilities and restrictions which protect the rights
of others against open hostility. Australian law
expressly prohibit incitement to violence or hostility.

A very sad Australia Day in Canberra - all round.
Hopefully lessons would have been learned by all from this
Posted by Lexi, Saturday, 28 January 2012 11:12:56 AM
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'Thinker2' (yeah, right),

I've knocked around Indigenous affairs for nearly fifty years. My wife and I made the first Flags after work and sent probably a hundred or so around the country for free, back in the early seventies.

But I've witnessed so many Indigenous scams, frauds, con-jobs and lies, and had to work for such incompetent, blow-hard Indigenous bosses that I've got to the point where from now on, I'm going to accept nothing as truth which hasn't been demonstrated. Just as a woman may have been raped, or a child may have been abused, they still need to find some way to prove what happened: nobody has to believe with no evidence. So it is with Indigenosu issues.

For example, deaths in custody: at the time of the Royal Commission, 23 % of prisoners were Indigenous, 22 % of deaths in custody were idnigenous. Well, what would you expect ? 2.5 % ? In the NT, 80 % of prisoners are Indigenous - would you still expect 2.5 % of deaths to be Indigenous, or 80 % ? If 99 % of prisoners were Indigenous, would you still expect the 1 % of prisoners who were white to 'provide' 97.5 % of the deaths in custody ? Apples with apples. Of course, nobody should be dying in custody, Black or white, but that's another issue.

Last year, OLO published a key article about the 'Stolen Generation'. When the writer was asked to cite some cases, after two weeks, he came up with some very questionable cases from a century ago.

I'm even suspicious about the Rabit-Proof Fence story. Is there any actual evidence that THAT took place, three little girls wandering a thousand miles through bitter winter nights and blistering summer days ? And please don't say 'how can we ever get evidence ?' That won't work any more. No evidence ? Then shove your story.

I'll work and fight the best way I can for genuine Indigenous rights, I hope, until the day I die, as my wife did, but

Posted by Loudmouth, Saturday, 28 January 2012 11:32:48 AM
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I will never, never put up with lies or scams, ever again, if I can help it. Life's too short.

So when you casually toss off remarks about 'massacres', prove it. If you assert, you prove. Massacres ? Where ? When ? If something happened at some place, then there will be some form of evidence. If you don't have any, but just have a sort of feeling that 'it must have happened, whites are all such b@stards', then get some. Then come back and tell us about it.

Actually, the only massacre I know if here in SA was of 28 people, castaways from a wrecked ship, the "Maria", murdered by Ngarrindjeri in 1841 or so, and their bodies stripped and shoved down wombat holes.

But the words roll off the tongue so easily - 'massacre', 'genocide' - don't they, so who needs proof ? It's such a capitalist thing, so 'Western', 'modern', in a post-modern world. We 'know' what whites are like. And anger and false passion don't need evidence - is that how it goes ?

No: empirical evidence should trump apocryphal gut-feelings. Find some before you open your mouth, 'Thinker2'. Think before you speak or write. It might make a valuable change for you, sorrier but wiser. And a blOOdy lot harder than your children's version of history.

Posted by Loudmouth, Saturday, 28 January 2012 11:40:49 AM
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T2, would you like to return to where they were 200 years ago.

There is plenty of space out there for you and them to go.
of cause you can't have the developed parts, but I am sure we could arrange some form of rent for you and your mob.

Now of cause this comes with conditions.
You live on the land, without ANYTHING from the modern world.

You can hunt and gather as much as you like, you just have to make your weapons, canoes etc, but first you will have to make your stone axe.

You had best think about some form of clothing as well, paper bark perhaps.

No dole, no housing, no provided food, no paint to sniff, or petrol and of cause no grog.

In tens of tousands of years they built next to nothing.

What makes you think the last 200 years would have been any different.

Good luck! Let us know when you have decided who wants to be an Australian and who doesn't.
Posted by rehctub, Saturday, 28 January 2012 11:54:07 AM
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we are all racists

so saying
we are all of one prime race
we are all decendant..of a first people

all decended[birthed],.,.by a mother
a native...belonging to an ab-origonal race
all the way back to..the first mother

the beta

we are all
*of the first people..origonally

we are all abo...
[alpha/beta/origonal]...from somewhere

our mother was native...aborigonal
in her homelands..till an invader came
and took her aborigonality away..

and made her..change her name

yes we are racist
but we are all abo

time we learned the best of our orionality
mens business and womans business

all decisions..only via consencus
it your not get bannished

outcast...[that colonisers talk up..into being cocco-nuts
betrayers of their own origonal peoples[natives]

what is austrailia
when what you really GENETICLY are..

is abo/first person origonal
via your genes...that link back
to your first mothers..ab/orionality

anyhow much thought to the topic
but damm post limits mean my thoughts are scatterd
from julias the emabassy threat..fraud thread..two fisted[that just dont sound right]...

anyhow we are getting closer
to a change for the better

im in concenus
good topic
lets follow where it leads

notice how i got the biology gene thing in
now just evolution and mendelic inheritance
Posted by one under god, Saturday, 28 January 2012 12:17:45 PM
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