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The Forum > General Discussion > Opioid Addiction non-medical professional Opinion.

Opioid Addiction non-medical professional Opinion.

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July 7, 2017 ABC Planet America, last story interview on US opioid addiction.

Opioid/drug addiction mirroring Australia:

Quoting Planet America's interviewed guest Dr Andrew Kolodny, “President Obama paid absolutely no attention to the opioid addiction epidemic until his last year in office”,... “in his last year he sort from congress $1 billion in funding”,... “but so far we haven't really seen any action”.

The delay in Obama funding and declined “1 Trump tweet” concerned funding, for what's said to be a serious: industrial labour; medical cost; police enforcement; opioid death rate... concern, happening within middle USA's falling industrial manufacturing states. Opioid addition is solving falling available employment in industrial manufacturing citizenry demand. Increasing state police, (creating police harassing citizenry states) employment having fewer employment opportunities, controlling numerous unemployed citizenry fearful of openly protesting to politicians about unemployment in fear of being arrested for illegal cocaine/crack drug use.

Andrew Kolodny statement opioid addiction began in the 1970s. I add, soon after late 1960s early 1970s street protests against military conscription into the Vietnam War, Nixon elected into government to end the Vietnam War. I speculate, USA industrial leaders funding both major party politicians' political campaigns would not appreciate having military industrial production, funded by government deficits Keynesian theory corporate profit making “end of war” declining corporate profits, USA having no enemy country to justify manufacturing weapons to be used against. Instead, weapon manufacturers selling weapons to US citizenry.

US Vietnam War aged 18 to 25 years military personnel's: boredom; combat mental fatigue; exhausting physical suffering; unaccustomed hot/humid climate... military personnel had to put up with, led to self-medication recreational drug use.

What aged 18 to 25 years military personnel had to self-medicate over, many younger children begin to experience in milder/less boring containment named classrooms, under an allusion of school education. That many parents witness self-medicating hyperactive ADHD children as not maturing behaviours as rapidly as children had done between ages 2 to 5 years.

Planet America has introduced a foreign quest speaker having unknown financial supporters who intentional-or-not, is redirecting opioid addiction awareness away from childhood/teenager schooling.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 11 July 2017 1:01:44 PM
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" Andrew Kolodny statement opioid addiction began in the 1970s. I add, soon after late 1960s early 1970s street protests against military conscription into the Vietnam War, Nixon elected into government to end the Vietnam War."

Actually opiate usage and addiction has been with us from time immemorial. It became a major problem since America, a country holier than any other on the planet, abandoned alcohol prohibition. The people who ran the "alcohol racquet" turned their attention to other drugs.
Posted by simplesimon, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 9:43:28 AM
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Andrew Kolodny said, “a growing number of young people”

My accusation, childhood/teenager forced school education mental stress trauma self-medication.
Andrew Kolodny interview didn't mention school education, as though not mentioning schools, school education is innocent of opioid addictions.

What's not spoken by media are that people with poor feels-good-is-correct decision/deciding ability, choose what feels best now ignoring future consequences. Discussions on human psychology lack of “consequences ability awareness” is bypassed, being that human psychology decision making behaviour awareness leads back to childhood behaviours: school bully; repetitive task stressing to children who weren't performing tasks with increased ease.
Within 13 years of schooling poor performing children can actually decline intellectual maturity back into Neanderthal desired physical activities: excessive enthusiasm for sports; various events which build up to violent outcomes.

My self-theorised, no (book read) education, no doctor advice on opioid addictions, humans create their own opioid self-reward and pain medication opioid chemicals: children running around self-induce Pituitary Gland opioid chemicals; sports enthusiastic behaviours... human brain pituitary gland produced limited supplies of opioid chemicals within limited periods.

Stimulating human brain induced opioid are what the entertainment business is all about, convincing entertainment/opioid inducing seekers into feeling entertained by visually seen excessive movement, without feeling intelligently informed: chase scenes; quick changing commercials; quick changing one line sentence phrases quick scene changes; changing camera angle scenes; dramatise background music; fast speaking motivating opioid radio speakers...

Opioid addiction begins long before doctor opioid prescriptions as suggested by Andrew Kolodny statements that doctors are suggested to be responsible for beginning opioid addictions.

I have met adults who refuse to take opioid medication in fear of becoming addicted. Their philosophy, back and joint pain informs sufferers to stop doing whatever causes pain.

More discriminatory redirections:
Google “pituitary gland” may find exhausting to read descriptions which avoid accusing pituitary gland of being a limited supplier of opioid chemicals, avoiding theorising humans beginning a cycle of low supplies of brain chemical opioid enthusiasm-repressing depression. Human behaviour of getting overly enthusiastic, exhausting limited supplies of brain chemical opioid endorphins, constantly trying to induce more brain pituitary gland opioid.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:45:10 AM
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I theorise movie directors specific talents to direct movies, to attract finance for movies, movie finance providers desire deprived of all useful knowledge child-like criteria, movie plot scripts and scenery.

Corporate owned media, hired journalist movie reviewers review movies to media bosses preferences. How good movie reviewers hold to corporate bosses preferred ideas, the longer hired journalist movie reviewers hold their easy work employment reviewing fast action/romantic scenes opioid inducing movies.

Movie script writers write movie scenes and dialogues to corporate media bosses desired entertainment holding humans as Neanderthal preferences, entertainment business industry limited number of: producers; directors; film editors; actors... all owe their lives to financial supporters control over the entertainment industry. That's my version of reality, I'm sure citizenry readers versions of reality judgements are influenced by years of media quick stories on media company needs for earning capitalist private investor backing company profits propaganda.

I theorise, influencing human behaviours are very important to corporate establishment bosses, establishment influencing media in their establishment version of a good' easy to influence gullible society, to educate society into depriving humans of experiencing independent thought... depriving, an ability for common working class humans to doubt childhood beliefs: religions; two party democracies independent from each other; independent media from political influences; legal system independence, reality of DNA evidence.

Banks influence bank customers to place bank accounts on the Internet, using poor security features: phone numbers; account passwords to a poor/repressing traumatised memory school educated society: bank account money goes missing; investors buy buildings off a plan; retirement accommodation care contracts turn out badly, “4 Corners” story example; investors are led into poor investments; investors' poor school education learning traumas, investors find listening to experts confusing, revisiting school classroom listening to teachers, experiencing student memory thought traumas; government protection authorities legal systems are too expensive/delaying to use and/or too ineffective; humans settle for their own intelligence to be as good as human intelligence is, rather than think they/humans have been short changed, by limited in detail school education and media information.

Educated society to repress complex thought, quickly opioid self-medicate.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:46:30 AM
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Propaganda is by constantly placing information into rolled over/regular information: news stories; religious sermons; DNA stories; spaceship probes landing on Mars; pictures of Pluto taken by spaceship probe passing by Pluto, photos sent back to earth using radio waves 7.5 billion kilometres through sun charged particles space, simply believed because news media states science stories, that child-like enthusiasm self-induced opioid addiction proves spaceship probes stories are true..., which allows people to repeatedly believe what feels correct as though hearing the same information was judged true, yet no real physical courtroom quality court-judge approved evidence has ever been provided, what is believed true to be proven true, as in believing in a magical god. Many people believe what they want to believe, selectively disbelieving what suits not wanting to be believed.

Andrew Kolodny theory choice of doctor prescribed opioid patients race: white skin; Negro; Spanish speaking descendants... determines whether doctors prescribe opioid pain killers. White skin US Americans according to the interviewed Andrew Kolodny are becoming more numerous opioid addicted than Negroes and Spanish speaking descendants.

Linking college education with student rape stories, college education enthusiastic behaviours for football aggressions opioid rewards for feeling powerful and dominate over weaker humans, males whom rape females rewards the achievement credentials, raping defenceless women; bullying homosexuals. Narcissistic behaviours fuelled by a lifetime of similar behaviour self-induced opioid rewards.

Childhood classroom mental fatigue tasking, leading to periodic examinations, studying information, remembering information compressed down into simplified question ideas into simple A to F answer possibilities associations, remembered with hurried fatigue traumas. Opioid stimuli desires to get answers correct, fooling brains to believe answers are correct, wanting to feel beliefs are correct, feeling depressed fears when feel good beliefs are accused of being false. Self-induced limited supply pituitary gland opioid chemical rewards consume reasons for living, staying alive. Overly enthusiasm depletes available brain supply of opioid chemical rewards, school education and fast moving media are as I theorise messing with human brain chemical balance, psychology professionals may state patients as being “chemically imbalanced”.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:49:25 AM
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Media produces movies showing reasonable human acting behaviours, I theorise in story tellers attempts to correct incorrect human behaviours, yet not every school exhausted student watches better behaving actors. Such entertainments are hurried through scenes, scenes give few opportunities to remember what particular moments provide clear reasoning.
In providing student movies showing students correct behaviours, I speculate many adults assume real children act very much the same as media student actors, incorrectly assuming what they as adults want to believe.

Sports inducing opioid:
Children seeing parents enthusiastic about watching sports, perfect body shape football players bashing into each other, injuring each other, receiving media and medical attention. Sports injuries caused by unwise enthusiastic competition feeling opioid rewards, children watching sports compared to attending school's boring pretend academic activities, watching competitive sports increases participants long term: if taking part in sports activities, medical complaints; thinking is more Neanderthal compared to Homo-Sapien thought; Neanderthal behaviours boredom leads to irrational competitive arguing stimulating brain opioid, experiencing family violence dislike for losing arguments.

Exercise machinery showing slim muscle bodies, exercise induces endorphins opioid pleasures, bodies show short term gain for long term joint pain, internal bodily organs bouncing around, eventually leads human behaviours to feel opioid medication is the only lifestyle worth living regardless of constant opioid addiction warnings.

Long hours of school education, boring media stories unless laughter and/or action scenes induce opioid induced interests and boring political one line statements drive listeners to assume information leading to competitive arguments.

In biblical religious parable story lesson terms, Moses led his supposed people into 40 years of walking through a desert. Parable story lesson teachers corporate bosses how influencing easy to persuade Neanderthals to follow persuasive liars instructions, Neanderthal followers are responsible for their own stupid behaviours, allowing themselves to be separated from their wealth.

Moses is taken literally by bible story god believers rather than a parable guide on how society should be worked Moses parable example ruling classes using: lies; misinformation; distraction; childhood persuaded to believe sudden brain stimulated opioid addiction equals true induced beliefs, prolonged by classroom learning.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:53:30 AM
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