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View commentsView articleNo matter the question, government is the answer
It seems that when government workers are in a position to decide, they vote for more government and there is no party more in favour of larger government than the Greens.
By Stephen Cable - 24/11/2017
957 mins ago
View commentsView articleThe dual citizenship scandal/imbroglio/fiasco
It is surely worrying that another country can apparently determine whether or not one of our citizens is eligible to stand for our national parliament.
By Don Aitkin - 24/11/2017
1932 mins ago
View commentsView articleQueenslanders need to start paying off their debts
The third largest state economy after NSW and Victoria, Queensland has the highest public debt in the commonwealth.
By Tony Makin - 23/11/2017
62 days ago
View commentsView articleIsrael, Jordan and PLO apprehensive about Trump peace plan
Israel, Jordan and the PLO each have their own reasons to be apprehensive as to the different approach that Trump might be contemplating.
By David Singer - 23/11/2017
1121 hours ago
View commentsView articleSelling cricket as a commodity
No longer do existing teams appear, but new franchises, where older concepts like playing for your team, your local side, are deemed irrelevant.
By Glen Davis - 22/11/2017
52 days ago
View commentsView articleA new movement of rights and the right in Australia
Whatever the lexical problems faced by members of the Australian Christian Movement, and for that matter other religious groups, they are on to something.
By Binoy Kampmark - 22/11/2017
63 days ago
View commentsView articleWho should we elect to represent us?
What they had in mind was to avoid a situation where someone in the federal parliament owed allegiance to a country with which Australia had a significant conflict.
By David Leyonhjelm - 21/11/2017
1021 hours ago
View commentsView article10,000 ways that will not work
Conservatives are horrified that multiple members of the parliamentary wing are enthusiastic supporters of such reality bending concepts as gay marriage.
By Stephen Cable - 21/11/2017
84 days ago
View commentsView articlePlebiscites: why stop at one?
On the one hand, we had the vote for equality. But on the other, we had direct participation in the formation of policy.
By Ben Debney - 21/11/2017
103 days ago
View commentsView articleShooting ourselves in the foot?
Whatever your position on renewable energy for our domestic needs might be, trying to scuttle our second biggest export earner is reckless economics and irresponsible politics.
By Ross Elliott - 20/11/2017
94 days ago
View commentsView articleFuture of marriage
I hope that the 'Christians' who feel that their marriage has been trashed will stop trying to be holy and make an effort to love the human race a little better than they normally do.
By Everald Compton - 20/11/2017
2816 hours ago
View commentsView articleLosing the last vestiges of our moral fabric
Humanity is not a concept that we should merely aspire to, it should be the reality to which we must live up and never waver.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 20/11/2017
43 days ago
View commentsView articleComedy of errors - gender and marriage destruction
The introduction of homosexual marriage is a carefully calculated step towards a genderless society.
By Warwick Marsh - 17/11/2017
315 days ago
View commentsView articleHow will driverless vehicles change our cities?
Once the difficult transition period when human controlled vehicles are still common is over, a world of fully driverless vehicles should be a lot different from today.
By Alan Davies - 17/11/2017
113 days ago
View commentsView articleABC News admits 'human error' wiped Israel from map
Reprimanding those responsible for this 'human error' and those who sought to publicly justify Israel’s exclusion from the map using artificially-contrived reasons is surely warranted
By David Singer - 17/11/2017
542 days ago
View commentsView articleIs there a change Australia’s nuclear weapons position under Turnbull?
Paradoxically, every prime minister supported to various degrees, the development of uranium mining and export as an economic driver.
By Murray Hunter - 16/11/2017
117 days ago
View commentsView articleIs Peak Permian only 3 years away?
Apart from geological constraints, other factors that could affect Permian growth are increasing service costs and potentially persistently low oil prices.
By Tsvetana Paraskova - 16/11/2017
29 days ago
View commentsView articleNo party winners in this Queensland election
It's a product of leaders past and present, an incompetent Labor campaign and an effective Greens one, and macro themes running through politics around the globe.
By Graham Young - 15/11/2017
119 days ago
View commentsView articleIdiot voters and trolling the Internet: Russia, social media giants and US elections
It soon becomes clear that Barry, and, in fact, the individuals he cites, consider the means of obtaining such material more significant than what it discloses.
By Binoy Kampmark - 15/11/2017
88 days ago
View commentsView articleIt's the tribe that counts, not the truth
There were some perfunctory 'violence is never okay' statuses shared on Twitter. At worst, there has been undermining of Abbott's description of events and, even worse, celebration of the assault.
By Tim O'Hare - 14/11/2017
189 days ago
View commentsView articlePortrait of a serious atheist
He may concede that the Judaeo/Christian tradition has been the basis of our civilization and he may applaud that, but it is not for him.
By Peter Sellick - 14/11/2017
306 days ago
View commentsView articleKilling Queensland coal?
While governments stress the subsidy blade of the scissors, the fossil fuel penalty blade is powerful at cutting fossil fuel energy supply too.
By Geoff Carmody - 13/11/2017
186 days ago
View commentsView articleUnwrapping the economy
The actual and opportunity cost runs into many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost or delayed investment. And that means a lot of employment opportunities for our fellow Australians.
By David Leyonhjelm - 13/11/2017
312 days ago
View commentsView articleFixations of propriety: the Manus closure scandal
Australia, after all, has a humanitarian intake, and boasts about it like a vulnerable child who feels her grades the best in class.
By Binoy Kampmark - 13/11/2017
258 days ago
View commentsView articleGive me your entrepreneurial masses…
What do Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Freddie Mercury have in common? They were refugees.
By Vladimir Vinokurov - 10/11/2017
1013 days ago
View commentsView articleClimate change and electric vehicles
What the ACT Government has done is to commission solar and wind generation, much of it outside the ACT, that is a contribution to the grid.
By Don Aitkin - 10/11/2017
2210 days ago
View commentsView articleTime to kick Turkey out of NATO
It is sadder than sad that the US and the EU have largely left Turkey's President Erdogan free to crush not only free press, but also freedom of speech and peaceful demonstrations.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 10/11/2017
810 days ago
View commentsView articleAre renewables and batteries part of the power generation & storage solution?
How efficient are different types of batteries/energy sources? A key metric is 'energy density'.
By Geoff Carmody - 9/11/2017
1115 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy Vietnam needs a success from APEC
As the APEC host, Vietnam can seize the opportunity to lead the action on fair trade to benefit everyone, including the US.
By Nattavud Pimpa - 9/11/2017
516 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralian uranium miner goes bust ‒ so who cleans up its mess in Africa?
Paladin's Kayelekera uranium mine in Malawi, the 'warm heart of Africa', needs to be rehabilitated and Paladin hasn't set aside nearly enough money for the job.
By Morgan Somerville and Jim Green - 8/11/2017
315 days ago
View commentsView articleWas Jesus a terrorist?
I had an opportunity to consider this recently when I launched 'Kingdom of the Wicked', a novel written by my former staffer, Helen Dale.
By David Leyonhjelm - 8/11/2017
278 days ago
View commentsView articleIn defence of Sydney's Westconnex Motorway
The acrimonious battle over Australia's largest motorway may be a case study in how class conflict plays out across the 'post-industrial' metropolis.
By John Muscat - 8/11/2017
217 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy WikiLeaks was right: rigging the democratic way
Various Democrats have finally come clean about the Hillary Clinton machine: things were, it seems, rigged, stacked, and doctored.
By Binoy Kampmark - 7/11/2017
1317 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy we really 'need' iPhone X
So, if the technology is not that new, why will people fork out for a new iPhone when perhaps they already have the latest-but-one incarnation thereof?
By Mal Fletcher - 7/11/2017
618 days ago
View commentsView articleBalfour Declaration falsehoods fuel Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing
The centenary of the Balfour Declaration, 2 November 1917, is being used to delegitimise the State of Israel.
By David Singer - 7/11/2017
427 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Adani election
The biggest concern is the Great Barrier Reef and the threat to its existence is the hottest issue of them all, particularly among voters under 35.
By Everald Compton - 6/11/2017
2518 days ago
View commentsView articleRewrite the entire Constitution
A black letter reading of the Constitution suggests that the powerful General Cosgrove could appoint a progressive committee of experts, excluding serving politicians, to draft a new Constitution for Australia.
By Klaas Woldring - 6/11/2017
219 days ago
View commentsView articleSelf-determination is an inalienable right
The Kurdish resolve must be seen in the context of their decades-old aspirations for self-determination and the arbitrary borders that were drawn in the wake of World War II.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 6/11/2017
1716 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia's Constitution: the referenda we need to have
Parts of Australia's Constitution clearly are either inappropriate, out-of-date or simply don't work.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 3/11/2017
5415 days ago
View commentsView articleTransgendering children is formalised child abuse
The current equivalent of lobotomies is the fashion for 'transgendering' hapless children and subjecting them to the ingestion of hormones and later surgery
By Babette Francis - 3/11/2017
3316 days ago
View commentsView articleWhat should the Greens be on about?
Do we assume that capitalism will ultimately come up with a solution, or is capitalism itself the problem?
By Sylvia Hale - 3/11/2017
1119 days ago
View commentsView articleThe sad, sad story of the NBN
The NBN seems to have been a Kevin Rudd idea, and he used it effectively in his 2007 election campaign. It sounded good, too.
By Don Aitkin - 2/11/2017
1018 days ago
View commentsView articleIs the idea of God 'perfectly logical'?
The atheists that Sheridan then goes on to abuse would be laughing because he gives them such an easy target.
By Peter Sellick - 2/11/2017
516 days ago
View commentsView article'Vive la Difference!' Don’t use marriage to equalise unequals
There is something completely unique about the relationship we’ve always known as ‘marriage’, the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
By Michael Casanova - 1/11/2017
722 days ago
View commentsView articleMeeep!
As well as the overpowering impact of the bodywork and upholstery smells of these old vehicles, there was the aural impact of their various horns.
By Ian Nance - 1/11/2017
324 days ago
View commentsView articleChild poverty in America is indefensible
According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development rankings of child income poverty rates, the United States disgracefully falls in between Mexico and Lithuania.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 1/11/2017
1021 days ago
View commentsView articleWhat it means to vote 'No'
Yet manyof us simultaneously hold beliefs about how others’ private lives ought to conform to our standards.
By Mitchell Barrington - 31/10/2017
4920 days ago
View commentsView articleThe grim future awaiting our boys
Do a search on 'boys' education' and look at the astounding number of articles determined not to help boys to learn.
By Peter West - 31/10/2017
2616 days ago
View commentsView articleBalfour Declaration centenary shames Arab and UN deniers
Article 25 of the Mandate was subsequently invoked on 23 September 1922 to restrict the Jewish National Home to just 22% of the territory encompassed by the Mandate.
By David Singer - 31/10/2017
921 days ago
View commentsView articleStrafing parliament: Australia's High Court citizenship ruling
Weeks of predictions, optimistic readings, and hopeful signs were dashed as the members of the highest court of Australia laid waste to members of Parliament.
By Binoy Kampmark - 30/10/2017
1624 days ago
View commentsView articleTheresa May reaches out to Jacinda Ardern: women mentoring women
Julia Gillard received media coverage that was at best uncalled for and at its worst, offensive, sexist, and vulgar. Clinton received similar vitriol, upon which she reflected in a recent interview.
By Angelika Heurich and Jo Coghlan - 30/10/2017
726 days ago
View commentsView articleTrump allows for Kennedy documents release
The National Archives released over 2,800 previously classified or redacted records related to the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy.
By Everett Themer - 30/10/2017
226 days ago
View commentsView articleAn end to unspeakable acts of violence
Are we happy for the elderly to sleep with a loaded firearm beneath their pillow?
By Chris Fotinopoulos - 27/10/2017
1427 days ago
View commentsView articleAre you still undecided or uninterested in the same-sex marriage postal vote?
I encourage you to consider arguments on both sides, make your own independent decision and not to give up your vote.
By An Anonymous Dad - 27/10/2017
4122 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Coalition Government’s proposed redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse is unjust and uncaring
What the Coalition’s proposal is continuing to say to these children, many of whom are now adults, is that it is your fault that you are in the situation you are now in.
By Elizabeth Reimer - 27/10/2017
1228 days ago
View commentsView articleThat 'undemocratic' New Zealand election result
Apparently, what defines a good electoral system is to, as quickly as possible, have someone form a new government, whether that someone actually has majority support.
By Philip Lillingston - 26/10/2017
1329 days ago
View commentsView articleDiscrimination and the government
There will be instances, albeit rare, where government discrimination serves a legitimate role of government.
By David Leyonhjelm - 25/10/2017
431 days ago
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