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View commentsView articleTrump, Jesus and the Evangelicals
God forbid, Trump is not the subversive figure described by Andrew Sullivan. But he is the next best thing when confused, self-important elites are hopelessly out of touch.
By Mark Christensen - 22/2/2018
930 mins ago
View commentsView articleLet's end the propaganda war on coal
Impervious to the loud rumblings about coal's terminal decline and the need to leave it in the ground, the Minerals Council of Australiacontinues to be a passionate enthusiast.
By John Iser - 22/2/2018
1357 mins ago
View commentsView articleThe ABC goes downhill at a gallop
Meantime, important issues have been neglected. Such as our water crisis and the future of the Murray-Darling.
By Peter West - 22/2/2018
42 hours ago
View commentsView articleWhy Australia's housing prognosis is grim
Could anything have been done previously to diminish the risk of a rout on house prices?
By Glen Anderson - 21/2/2018
1013 hours ago
View commentsView articleSolar subsidy not so sunny
Even if there was once some justification for subsidising the cost of solar panels, that is certainly no longer the case.
By David Leyonhjelm - 21/2/2018
1222 hours ago
View commentsView articleShould CBD parking be buried?
Melbourne City Council wants to ban above-ground parking in new developments but doesn't have a clue what the wider implications of such a change might be.
By Alan Davies - 21/2/2018
223 hours ago
View commentsView articleChecking sources should be as simple as ABC
It would be ridiculous if some of the catastrophic global warming so often reported by experts via our ABC were just a consequence of a new method of recording temperatures!
By Jennifer Marohasy - 20/2/2018
472 hours ago
View commentsView articleSouth Australian power: pay most to buy, or most to supply. Why?
If so, by 'squeezing' any generators into even more intermittent supply, are they making the whole SA power supply system more expensive.
By Geoff Carmody - 20/2/2018
1031 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe chickens are coming home to roost
The predicted problems are now emerging following the arrival of millions of Muslim asylum seekers in Germany, Belgium and other European countries.
By Russell Grenning - 20/2/2018
1210 hours ago
View commentsView articleQueensland's unfair medical negligence laws
A new report by the Grattan Institute recently aired in the media showing one in every nine patients who go to hospital in Australia end up suffering a complication.
By Mark O'Connor - 19/2/2018
23 days ago
View commentsView articleA political impasse
Australian voting patterns suggest that although the overall dominance of the main parties remains, voters increasingly vote against a party as opposed to for the opposition.
By Peter McMahon - 19/2/2018
72 days ago
View commentsView articleClean oil that only costs $20
If there's one big reason for the U.S. energy revolution, it's that new technology has allowed American companies to beat the competition.
By James Stafford - 19/2/2018
133 days ago
View commentsView article Company tax cut a pain for most Australians
Company tax will put money in the pockets of big business and foreigners while ordinary Australians feel economic pain
By Matt Thistlethwaite - 16/2/2018
262 days ago
View commentsView articleIs imperialism a new passion for the left?
UK Green Party spokesperson Carline Lucas called it an 'absolute scandal' that Britain was not willing to enforce LGBT ideals on another nation.
By Russell Grenning - 16/2/2018
274 hours ago
View commentsView articleLight romance
The stars and the moon are natural tenants of a darkened world, but man- made lights often stand out because of their very reason for existence.
By Ian Nance - 16/2/2018
26 days ago
View commentsView articleDonald Trump’s gift to the world
No one would have expected that President Donald Trump with his chequered marital history and colourful past would have turned out to be a champion of pro-life values.
By Babette Francis - 15/2/2018
143 days ago
View commentsView articleSome ideas for closing the gap
We should celebrate those areas where we have seen some gains, but learn from the failures and come up with new strategies.
By Anthony Dillon - 15/2/2018
219 hours ago
View commentsView articleGeorge Brandis, the rule of law and populism
His own awkward positioning as defender of the law and doyen of propriety doesn't survive closer scrutiny.
By Binoy Kampmark - 15/2/2018
47 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Coalition's immigration challenge
While led, for now at least, by a ‘Big Australia’ enthusiast, a recent survey suggests that the Liberals might soon have little choice but to abandon their support for mass immigration.
By Rex Drabik - 14/2/2018
112 days ago
View commentsView articleWhat we can expect from the US economy
Future prospects for the US economy and US dollar following Trump corporate tax cuts
By Michael Knox - 14/2/2018
18 days ago
View commentsView articleThe US' enablement jeopardizes Israel's future
Of paramount importance is the political support of the evangelicals, who are staunch supporters of Israel as they believe it to be the conduit for the return of the Messiah.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 14/2/2018
27 days ago
View commentsView articleNurses latest target of PC brigade
Their new code now eye wateringly says '...cultural safety provides a decolonising model of practice based on dialogue, communication power-sharing and negotiation, and the acknowledgement of white privilege'.
By Graeme Haycroft - 13/2/2018
218 days ago
View commentsView articleStupidology: the study of stupidity
There is a lot of attention to 'best practices' in business studies educational courses. Perhaps we need more attention to stupidity.
By Keith Suter - 13/2/2018
85 days ago
View commentsView articleHow Xi Jinping secured his political primacy with an anti-corruption campaign
History of China's recent economic and societal turmoil, with a look forward to the benefits of Xi's anti-corruption campaign
By Zegang Ren - 13/2/2018
39 days ago
View commentsView articleScience or silence? My battle to question doomsayers about the Great Barrier Reef
The reef is supposedly almost dead from the combined effects of a warming climate, nutrient pollution from Australian farms, and smothering sediment from offshore dredging.
By Peter Ridd - 12/2/2018
494 days ago
View commentsView articleOuting the US empire: Trump's military parade
'To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.'
By Binoy Kampmark - 12/2/2018
97 days ago
View commentsView articleThe loss of the Church’s authority: nature
When people ask me, what work I have done and I explain that I worked as a neuroscientist and as a Uniting Church minister, the response is always one of mystification.
By Peter Sellick - 12/2/2018
137 days ago
View commentsView articleConfronting energy realities
In tackling Australia’s energy crisis, politicians and policy makers need to find the courage and conviction to confront key energy realities and develop real policy.
By Tristan Prasser - 9/2/2018
429 days ago
View commentsView articleWorld Hijab Day
You can be forgiven for missing World Hijab Day – I did – but it happened on 1 February.
By Russell Grenning - 9/2/2018
710 days ago
View commentsView articleOil prices ravaged by financial turmoil
The steady decline of the U.S. dollar has helped drive up crude prices for weeks, but that came to an abrupt halt last week.
By Nicholas Cunningham - 9/2/2018
213 days ago
View commentsView articleElectric cars: Major Tom to ground control?
One last question. If we shift from petrol mainly to coal to fuel our EVs now, do we increase greenhouse gas emissions or not?
By Geoff Carmody - 8/2/2018
1712 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy I joined Australian Conservatives
Menzies knew the importance of the centrality of faith for civil society to flourish.
By Lyle Shelton - 8/2/2018
1514 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Grisham effect
A tribute to the man with the Midas' touch for plots, court-room drama, and other stories, on his birthday.
By Rajgopal Nidamboor - 8/2/2018
214 days ago
View commentsView articleRationalising suicide
Thankfully the days of prosecuting people for 'attempted suicide' are over; it seldom does much good to criminalise somebody whose only intention is to harm themselves.
By David Leyonhjelm - 7/2/2018
1013 days ago
View commentsView articleSocialism not the answer students need
Marxist thought is apparently enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity on Britain's university campuses, as an emerging generation realises that it may face worse economic prospects then its parents.
By Mal Fletcher - 7/2/2018
1213 days ago
View commentsView articlePatriotism under threat on Australia Day
There were flags of the now defunct Soviet Union on display, with far left groups championing a return to the heady days of Communism.
By Sean Litchfield - 6/2/2018
1715 days ago
View commentsView articleCan the shale boom avoid these bottlenecks?
The strain on gathering lines, pipelines, processing facilities, plus a shortage of fracking crews, labor and/or equipment will become a point of focus.
By Nicholas Cunningham - 6/2/2018
314 days ago
View commentsView articleA republic without citizens?
Almost 20 years after the failed 'republic' referendum of 1999, several related issues grate on the raw nerves of Australia's backward democracy.
By Tim Anderson - 5/2/2018
712 days ago
View commentsView articleNational Party policies betray interests of supporters
On the one hand their policies express support for renewable energy and the need to combat climate change, yet on the other their leadership calls for expansion of coal production.
By Mike Pope - 5/2/2018
1116 days ago
View commentsView articleBasking in the shadows of the Ottoman era
It is no secret that Erdogan is an ambitious man who aspires to become the leader of the Sunni Muslim world and dreams of restoring the 'glory' of the Ottoman Empire.
By Daniel Ben-Ami - 5/2/2018
217 days ago
View commentsView articleScientific fails and the Great Barrier Reef
The 'Replication Crisis', well-reported in peer reviewed articles, shows that when scientific papers are checked around 50% of recently published science is wrong.
By Peter Ridd - 2/2/2018
2319 days ago
View commentsView articleStalin spirit
On January 23, the Russian Government banned the movie, 'The Death of Stalin', a British-French political satire about the late dictator Joseph Stalin.
By Russell Grenning - 2/2/2018
819 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy is the shale industry still not profitable?
Riyadh-based Al Rajhi Capital dug into the financials of a long list of U.S. shale companies, and found that 'despite rising prices most firms under our study are still in losses with no signs of improvement'.
By Nicholas Cunningham - 2/2/2018
120 days ago
View commentsView articleAssisted dying is a simple choice
I don't want to live if a time arises when I have no quality of life. At this point, I want out immediately.
By Everald Compton - 1/2/2018
1413 days ago
View commentsView articleWork and mental health
Other figures cited talk of 49% of Australian employees being stressed, costing around $10B annually.
By Glen Davis - 1/2/2018
516 days ago
View commentsView articleConfidence amongst Australia's mining leaders on the rise
The Mining Business Outlook Report 2017-18 features interviews with 50 mining leaders this year reveals strong signs of revival for Australia's mining sector.
By David Hand - 1/2/2018
121 days ago
View commentsView articleThe power of grant money
Reading 'No End of a Lesson' brought back so many memories of life after the ARC, and indeed during its formation.
By Don Aitkin - 31/1/2018
622 days ago
View commentsView articleWhat could push oil to $100?
There are voices being heard - including from the IMF itself - that the next recession is not far away.
By Irina Slav - 31/1/2018
122 days ago
View commentsView articlePower failure: some inconvenient renewable energy realities
Stated energy policy is to deliver affordable, reliable power, with lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Policy isn't delivery.
By Geoff Carmody - 30/1/2018
1820 days ago
View commentsView articleThe dangerous erosion of the US' global leadership
On immigration, Trump's racist attitude toward Muslims and people of color has severely undermined America's unique image as a country of immigrants.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 30/1/2018
1118 days ago
View commentsView articleTurnbull is destroying egalitarianism
Turnbull still spins the well-worn fallacy that cutting taxes for the big end of town will create more jobs.
By Peter Henning - 29/1/2018
1020 days ago
View commentsView articleThe loss of the Church's authority: morality
Divorce and remarriage became easier, contraception more available, abortion laws liberalised, homosexual acts were no longer illegal and governments gave up censoring content in the media.
By Peter Sellick - 29/1/2018
466 days ago
View commentsView articleFeminism’s clay feet exposed on British television
Others are naming TV journalist Cathy Newman's grilling of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson as a pivotal moment exposing modern feminism's clay feet.
By Bettina Arndt - 25/1/2018
2720 days ago
View commentsView articleAwakening a global conscience
Will humankind end by apathy and inertia? The warning signs of major problems are there - but many people are simply ignoring them.
By Keith Suter - 25/1/2018
1226 days ago
View commentsView articleBig talk, big cost, big battery but small result
Tesla products would run even better if Tesla hype could be converted into electricity.
By Russell Grenning - 25/1/2018
2319 days ago
View commentsView articleTime to stop trivialising abortion
There is a massive difference between a curette for a miscarriage and an abortion, as any woman who has miscarried a wanted baby knows.
By Wendy Francis - 24/1/2018
2019 days ago
View commentsView articleThe many causes of the Charlottesville violence
Last December, the 206-page 'Final Report of the Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events in Charlottesville, Virginia' was released.
By Laurence Maher - 24/1/2018
1323 days ago
View commentsView articlePLO ditches Trump, undermines future UN and EU support
How many of these countries will now break off diplomatic relations with America following its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will serve as a useful indicator of the support the PLO.
By David Singer - 24/1/2018
1124 days ago
View commentsView articleWorkplace laws
Industrial relations laws have the power to determine whether this century will be one of prosperity or stagnation for Australia.
By David Leyonhjelm - 23/1/2018
827 days ago
View commentsView articleHow I spawned an alt-left conspiracy theory about crazy Islamists
I argued that Islamists, who had no compunction about driving half a dozen suicide-bomb-laden trucks into heavy cement fortifications to breach an enemy position, were playing an important part in turning the tide of the war.
By Gary Gambill - 23/1/2018
529 days ago
View commentsView articleBoycott booze for a better Australia
There is more reason to ban alcohol ads than to ban tobacco ads. Alcohol does far more damage than any other drug.
By William Spaul - 23/1/2018
829 days ago
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