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The Forum > General Discussion > Opioid Addiction non-medical professional Opinion.

Opioid Addiction non-medical professional Opinion.

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July 7, 2017 ABC Planet America, last story interview on US opioid addiction.

Opioid/drug addiction mirroring Australia:

Quoting Planet America's interviewed guest Dr Andrew Kolodny, “President Obama paid absolutely no attention to the opioid addiction epidemic until his last year in office”,... “in his last year he sort from congress $1 billion in funding”,... “but so far we haven't really seen any action”.

The delay in Obama funding and declined “1 Trump tweet” concerned funding, for what's said to be a serious: industrial labour; medical cost; police enforcement; opioid death rate... concern, happening within middle USA's falling industrial manufacturing states. Opioid addition is solving falling available employment in industrial manufacturing citizenry demand. Increasing state police, (creating police harassing citizenry states) employment having fewer employment opportunities, controlling numerous unemployed citizenry fearful of openly protesting to politicians about unemployment in fear of being arrested for illegal cocaine/crack drug use.

Andrew Kolodny statement opioid addiction began in the 1970s. I add, soon after late 1960s early 1970s street protests against military conscription into the Vietnam War, Nixon elected into government to end the Vietnam War. I speculate, USA industrial leaders funding both major party politicians' political campaigns would not appreciate having military industrial production, funded by government deficits Keynesian theory corporate profit making “end of war” declining corporate profits, USA having no enemy country to justify manufacturing weapons to be used against. Instead, weapon manufacturers selling weapons to US citizenry.

US Vietnam War aged 18 to 25 years military personnel's: boredom; combat mental fatigue; exhausting physical suffering; unaccustomed hot/humid climate... military personnel had to put up with, led to self-medication recreational drug use.

What aged 18 to 25 years military personnel had to self-medicate over, many younger children begin to experience in milder/less boring containment named classrooms, under an allusion of school education. That many parents witness self-medicating hyperactive ADHD children as not maturing behaviours as rapidly as children had done between ages 2 to 5 years.

Planet America has introduced a foreign quest speaker having unknown financial supporters who intentional-or-not, is redirecting opioid addiction awareness away from childhood/teenager schooling.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 11 July 2017 1:01:44 PM
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" Andrew Kolodny statement opioid addiction began in the 1970s. I add, soon after late 1960s early 1970s street protests against military conscription into the Vietnam War, Nixon elected into government to end the Vietnam War."

Actually opiate usage and addiction has been with us from time immemorial. It became a major problem since America, a country holier than any other on the planet, abandoned alcohol prohibition. The people who ran the "alcohol racquet" turned their attention to other drugs.
Posted by simplesimon, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 9:43:28 AM
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Andrew Kolodny said, “a growing number of young people”

My accusation, childhood/teenager forced school education mental stress trauma self-medication.
Andrew Kolodny interview didn't mention school education, as though not mentioning schools, school education is innocent of opioid addictions.

What's not spoken by media are that people with poor feels-good-is-correct decision/deciding ability, choose what feels best now ignoring future consequences. Discussions on human psychology lack of “consequences ability awareness” is bypassed, being that human psychology decision making behaviour awareness leads back to childhood behaviours: school bully; repetitive task stressing to children who weren't performing tasks with increased ease.
Within 13 years of schooling poor performing children can actually decline intellectual maturity back into Neanderthal desired physical activities: excessive enthusiasm for sports; various events which build up to violent outcomes.

My self-theorised, no (book read) education, no doctor advice on opioid addictions, humans create their own opioid self-reward and pain medication opioid chemicals: children running around self-induce Pituitary Gland opioid chemicals; sports enthusiastic behaviours... human brain pituitary gland produced limited supplies of opioid chemicals within limited periods.

Stimulating human brain induced opioid are what the entertainment business is all about, convincing entertainment/opioid inducing seekers into feeling entertained by visually seen excessive movement, without feeling intelligently informed: chase scenes; quick changing commercials; quick changing one line sentence phrases quick scene changes; changing camera angle scenes; dramatise background music; fast speaking motivating opioid radio speakers...

Opioid addiction begins long before doctor opioid prescriptions as suggested by Andrew Kolodny statements that doctors are suggested to be responsible for beginning opioid addictions.

I have met adults who refuse to take opioid medication in fear of becoming addicted. Their philosophy, back and joint pain informs sufferers to stop doing whatever causes pain.

More discriminatory redirections:
Google “pituitary gland” may find exhausting to read descriptions which avoid accusing pituitary gland of being a limited supplier of opioid chemicals, avoiding theorising humans beginning a cycle of low supplies of brain chemical opioid enthusiasm-repressing depression. Human behaviour of getting overly enthusiastic, exhausting limited supplies of brain chemical opioid endorphins, constantly trying to induce more brain pituitary gland opioid.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:45:10 AM
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I theorise movie directors specific talents to direct movies, to attract finance for movies, movie finance providers desire deprived of all useful knowledge child-like criteria, movie plot scripts and scenery.

Corporate owned media, hired journalist movie reviewers review movies to media bosses preferences. How good movie reviewers hold to corporate bosses preferred ideas, the longer hired journalist movie reviewers hold their easy work employment reviewing fast action/romantic scenes opioid inducing movies.

Movie script writers write movie scenes and dialogues to corporate media bosses desired entertainment holding humans as Neanderthal preferences, entertainment business industry limited number of: producers; directors; film editors; actors... all owe their lives to financial supporters control over the entertainment industry. That's my version of reality, I'm sure citizenry readers versions of reality judgements are influenced by years of media quick stories on media company needs for earning capitalist private investor backing company profits propaganda.

I theorise, influencing human behaviours are very important to corporate establishment bosses, establishment influencing media in their establishment version of a good' easy to influence gullible society, to educate society into depriving humans of experiencing independent thought... depriving, an ability for common working class humans to doubt childhood beliefs: religions; two party democracies independent from each other; independent media from political influences; legal system independence, reality of DNA evidence.

Banks influence bank customers to place bank accounts on the Internet, using poor security features: phone numbers; account passwords to a poor/repressing traumatised memory school educated society: bank account money goes missing; investors buy buildings off a plan; retirement accommodation care contracts turn out badly, “4 Corners” story example; investors are led into poor investments; investors' poor school education learning traumas, investors find listening to experts confusing, revisiting school classroom listening to teachers, experiencing student memory thought traumas; government protection authorities legal systems are too expensive/delaying to use and/or too ineffective; humans settle for their own intelligence to be as good as human intelligence is, rather than think they/humans have been short changed, by limited in detail school education and media information.

Educated society to repress complex thought, quickly opioid self-medicate.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:46:30 AM
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Propaganda is by constantly placing information into rolled over/regular information: news stories; religious sermons; DNA stories; spaceship probes landing on Mars; pictures of Pluto taken by spaceship probe passing by Pluto, photos sent back to earth using radio waves 7.5 billion kilometres through sun charged particles space, simply believed because news media states science stories, that child-like enthusiasm self-induced opioid addiction proves spaceship probes stories are true..., which allows people to repeatedly believe what feels correct as though hearing the same information was judged true, yet no real physical courtroom quality court-judge approved evidence has ever been provided, what is believed true to be proven true, as in believing in a magical god. Many people believe what they want to believe, selectively disbelieving what suits not wanting to be believed.

Andrew Kolodny theory choice of doctor prescribed opioid patients race: white skin; Negro; Spanish speaking descendants... determines whether doctors prescribe opioid pain killers. White skin US Americans according to the interviewed Andrew Kolodny are becoming more numerous opioid addicted than Negroes and Spanish speaking descendants.

Linking college education with student rape stories, college education enthusiastic behaviours for football aggressions opioid rewards for feeling powerful and dominate over weaker humans, males whom rape females rewards the achievement credentials, raping defenceless women; bullying homosexuals. Narcissistic behaviours fuelled by a lifetime of similar behaviour self-induced opioid rewards.

Childhood classroom mental fatigue tasking, leading to periodic examinations, studying information, remembering information compressed down into simplified question ideas into simple A to F answer possibilities associations, remembered with hurried fatigue traumas. Opioid stimuli desires to get answers correct, fooling brains to believe answers are correct, wanting to feel beliefs are correct, feeling depressed fears when feel good beliefs are accused of being false. Self-induced limited supply pituitary gland opioid chemical rewards consume reasons for living, staying alive. Overly enthusiasm depletes available brain supply of opioid chemical rewards, school education and fast moving media are as I theorise messing with human brain chemical balance, psychology professionals may state patients as being “chemically imbalanced”.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:49:25 AM
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Media produces movies showing reasonable human acting behaviours, I theorise in story tellers attempts to correct incorrect human behaviours, yet not every school exhausted student watches better behaving actors. Such entertainments are hurried through scenes, scenes give few opportunities to remember what particular moments provide clear reasoning.
In providing student movies showing students correct behaviours, I speculate many adults assume real children act very much the same as media student actors, incorrectly assuming what they as adults want to believe.

Sports inducing opioid:
Children seeing parents enthusiastic about watching sports, perfect body shape football players bashing into each other, injuring each other, receiving media and medical attention. Sports injuries caused by unwise enthusiastic competition feeling opioid rewards, children watching sports compared to attending school's boring pretend academic activities, watching competitive sports increases participants long term: if taking part in sports activities, medical complaints; thinking is more Neanderthal compared to Homo-Sapien thought; Neanderthal behaviours boredom leads to irrational competitive arguing stimulating brain opioid, experiencing family violence dislike for losing arguments.

Exercise machinery showing slim muscle bodies, exercise induces endorphins opioid pleasures, bodies show short term gain for long term joint pain, internal bodily organs bouncing around, eventually leads human behaviours to feel opioid medication is the only lifestyle worth living regardless of constant opioid addiction warnings.

Long hours of school education, boring media stories unless laughter and/or action scenes induce opioid induced interests and boring political one line statements drive listeners to assume information leading to competitive arguments.

In biblical religious parable story lesson terms, Moses led his supposed people into 40 years of walking through a desert. Parable story lesson teachers corporate bosses how influencing easy to persuade Neanderthals to follow persuasive liars instructions, Neanderthal followers are responsible for their own stupid behaviours, allowing themselves to be separated from their wealth.

Moses is taken literally by bible story god believers rather than a parable guide on how society should be worked Moses parable example ruling classes using: lies; misinformation; distraction; childhood persuaded to believe sudden brain stimulated opioid addiction equals true induced beliefs, prolonged by classroom learning.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:53:30 AM
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Distractions: Global Warming; foreign influenced terrorism in western countries: Russian involved hacking scandals... allow political/media involvement in distractions, avoiding real community discussion “more than mere awareness” to avoidable opioid fuelled deaths to continue, much needed solutions to be ignored. Media reports political irrelevant to most local concerns, as well as focusing attentions on rare illnesses medical cure stories, futuristic medical cures on ongoing studies, studies due to last for five years, as though media care, propaganda.

Presidential speeches on: gun violence deaths; opioid abuse addictions deaths; suicide deaths. Government funding doesn't resolve spoken about issues, lowering deaths. Moses leading his people parable story, Moses guided by god, blaming god, walking generations of people through deserts for forty years as a punishment, suffering, short life hardships. Modern society generations are: conscripted and/or guided into military by limited employment opportunities, persuaded by trigger word brain stimulated opioid inspiring feelings of patriotism; promised college education as though academic education aids obtaining easy indoor air-conditioned employment... joining military, enduring physical abuse. Physical exhaustion and mental abuse often leads weak minds into opioid addictions
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:55:44 AM
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July 10, 2017. Lateline guest explains distraction from domestic concerns onto local Islamic terrorism, governments promoting citizenry protection, as though governments are successful in the fighting foreign terrorism reduced local terrorist activity outcomes.

School education, long hours building up mental fatigue, self-induce endorphins opioid rewarding for delusional self-intelligence, school examination self-conditioned behaviours to simplify information, understanding information as true merely because need for self-rewarding stimuli opioid rewards, reduced incentive to doubt information as manipulative lies, causing prolong thought within hurried environment classrooms psychological conditioning, prolonged thought slows down school work task processing learned as instinctive quick knee-jerk reactions.
Military training inspires quick no need to think quick knee-jerk reactions.

July 10, 2017 ABC Media Watch host desired increased funding for mainstream media, more journalists. My accusation, mainstream media journalists follow establishment propaganda news. More of the same rolled over same information reworded miner alterations journalism. More far away behind closed doors invented lies convincing “the more something is said the more that something becomes true”.

My suggestion on below attachment discussion is that experts are trying to convince listeners human consciousness is: unknown; unclear; clueless; too difficult to explain; still running studies; magicians; didn't hear the word propaganda; “we may find an answer in twenty years”.

Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 12 July 2017 10:57:21 AM
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Media news more times than not report “as it happens” tragic events, providing no opinions on prevention. Many remaining not just happened “as it happened” news, introduced guest speakers provide anecdotal evidence on concerning problems similar to elderly people's opioid medication being sold into illegal drug dealers controls. Exampling something “should happen” to fix the opioid problem by tracking who receives how much medication at what pharmacy suppliers.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:04:40 PM
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By now, listeners should realise, when the word should is used, nothing happens. This being 2017, opioid addiction problems being in western societies for over 100 years, the most obvious solutions that should happen, fails to happen. My accusation, why obvious solutions don't happen, government and corporate authorities feel safe in their allotted career positions, when populations are distracted by their own problems, exhaustedly worked from the age 5 years to retirement years till they're stupid, easily lied to propaganda manipulated. My exampling realistic theories why democracy doesn't work, too much opportunities for corruption and organised corrupted intention dictator take overs, yet as populations feel safe from bad dictator government persecution, exampled by several dictatorship media stories. Pretend democracy safeguard media need stories of political ministers found being one off mildly corrupt, court with fingers in the cookie jar, eventually seen going to jail. Which I suggest Obeid and MacDonald had a Bedazzled movie example contract with the devil verbal or not to early successful life, eventually paying the price by going to jail.
During media reported trials, media reporting Obeid and MacDonald rolled over arrested on described corrupt accusation history corruption stories are more important than hundreds of opioid/depression suicides happening every year, that statistics report increased suicides each year as embarrassing government on do nothing governments, displays transparency media is supporting openly seen democracy, while many real behind closed doors manipulating population stories goes untold, exampling my accusation of 1999 Y2K excuse banks are going to fail, quickly sell property cheaply, take money out of banks, bury money in parks, money stalked and stolen scam. My experience had Radio National 1999 late February Monday and Tuesday morning guest speaker information convincing listeners everything was a lie, gaining listeners trust, convincing listeners into the scam.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:11:29 PM
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Organised keeping people opioid dependant whether self-induced enthusiasm for sport Neanderthal behaviours and/or fed elderly citizenry opioid medications, keeping citizenry distracted and misinformed, gambling on sports, all works for establishment keeping themselves in easy life upper management money rewarding employment careers, passing good establishment management employment on to their children.

Opioid stimulated memories for remembering rolled over anecdotal propaganda stories, citizenry school educated conditioned behaviours need to feel emotionally intelligent, not wanting to believe examination believed answers are incorrect, stubbornly refusing to believe historically past political assumption perceptions were wrong, example religious beliefs, wanting to feel brain induced opioid stimuli rewards indicates beliefs are true. Brain opioid addicted Neanderthal humans need to feel intelligently correct, ignoring real intelligent inquiry, not desiring to know alternative probable realistic theories, exampling Keating recession Australia had to have and 2007-2008 GFC.

World opioid alternative selection from alcohol addiction to drug dependence addiction I speculate will continue forever, as people in easily life power establishment fear real human Homo-Sapien intelligence realising all those centuries of manipulating lies, passing wise theories down through generations of working class children.

For thousands of years population alcohol abuse due to exhausting labours have allowed established ruling classes to be unchallenged by failed to dumb down with religious mythologies, organised people wanting change, and/or simply wanting luxuries established leaders already enjoyed.

Opioid addictions, having population's need to obtain money, legal or otherwise, such people are influenced by human brain opioid rewarding beliefs. Psychologically obedient to their own existing beliefs.

Military powerful countries have been invading countries for hundreds of years for any excuse which sometimes turns out to be faked false intelligence, exampling Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Countries growing opioid/cocaine plants continue to grow and supply citizenry addiction demands.

Media stories on arresting drug smugglers and showing smuggled in cocaine, smuggling band/illegal drugs problem said to be so out of control, citizenry demand supply lack of drug supplies seems unreported.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:16:58 PM
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The arguments to legalise illegal drugs to control drug use, removes state police citizenry harassment and that program discussion solvers may actually teach drug users how best to think to control human thought behaviours, better thinking behaviours I accuse school education and media were designed to stop citizenry from experiencing.

In most all serious media distracting “as it happened” stories, few sessions provide realistic panel ideas on solving problem issues.
I don't bother listening to ABC QandA, whom are more awareness excuses than credible solutions, can't get themselves off the obvious aboriginal issues not worthy to hear something should be done no suggestions. More (money) what should happen to solve problems, containing no specific ideas. My specific ideas beginning with fewer hours of classroom academic spelling words school education and more hours of practical visually seen problem solving beginning with board games.

Channel nine afternoon “Chatroom” beginning at 3.50 PM. July 12, topic came up with competition “no score footy matches”, regardless of over-welling one team winning scores, one woman named “Wendy” said competition was good for learning in that children should learn how to lose.
My concerning theory is that winning is overly emphasised, that games children play have little skilled learning reasons to feel achievement unless players win the game.
Encouraging children to spell words by turning word spelling into a game competition, bad idea for children feeling less than children marked high on an achievement scale. If winning becomes a self-induced opioid reason for trying to achieve now skills, many children will lower standards of learning down to physical activity achievement to merely win against competing children, in sports. Children devoting feeling achievement to sports where few to no adult career prospect are available, children would be better off not being ask to compete against each other whatsoever.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:23:39 PM
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Learning using competition, winning for winning sake, better to compete to experience trying the best to feel like the game was a good game even after losing. The only understandable description is by playing a game of Chess. That whether players win or lose, both players generally comment on whether the game was a good game or a bad game.
My limited experience is that sports lovers won't attempt to play chess games, as winning a game, feeling opioid stimuli on winning, as I quickly conclude is their first and only priority.

My solutions for early good learning are board games: Chinese checkers; drafts; monopoly... eventually playing chess. Players thought processes to figure out tactics, overrides merely winning for the sake of winning, that any mistakes can be corrected, and/or that losing a game was due to uncontrolled influences like throwing godly selected dice numbers. Playing against a poor opponent provides no challenge even if you win, winning isn't always what games are about.

Chess games have process of attack, keeping opponents off balance, constantly defending off attacks, players need to remember what's going on, maintaining memories of attack and defence strategies, experiencing failed strategies. Learning how to plan strategies before beginning school academic learning, not caring so much about winning, but how players play the game to achieve desired outcomes, learning correctly, rather than teachers forcing children to make mistakes, stressing/punishing/traumatising the learning process. Children feeling depressed not given time to best figure out better remembering processes, continue to fail all the way through life, many students end up driving trucks for an adult living as governments intended many children as adults to do.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:29:13 PM
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My arguments generally always come back to sending children to school at too early an age, children whom were not yet ready to begin learning spelling words, not yet ready to listen to teachers long worded sentences, children soon develop learning disorders; traumas; chemical brain opioid imbalances; hyperactivity knee-jerk reaction academic learning avoidance tactics, becoming sports lover Neanderthals. Tasks to do with academic learning have little to do with realistic thinking, academic learning are merely remembering spelling words and maths number calculations.

Maths being merely calculating numbers, low maths examination marks I theorise indicates significant chemical imbalance memory traumas. Brain memory neuron connections are forcibly hurried into incorrect locations, hurried incorrect calculations reinforces incorrect maths calculation behaviours, being wrong merely represses correcting incorrect maths calculation behaviours.

My classroom memories were... once teachers end maths sessions after indicating to students their own correct and incorrect calculations by filling in maths answers on a chalkboard, students are forced to change to another curriculum subject, preventing students from realising their own incorrect calculations. Students whom have parents overseeing maths homework can correct student mistakes, bringing awareness to continued maths problem low percentage marks.


Politics is little more than two competing factions seen arguing over rolled over unresolved concerns, citizenry judging a degree of winning one line sentence idealisms. Apparent leader performance conviction wins competing stimuli Neanderthal judgements.

At the same time wearing down any intelligent curiosity for solutions to social and self-interested concerns.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:33:03 PM
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Like football players on both sides have the same game plan, winning proves their game plans and physical performance were superior to the other team, political one line statements are more a political party spokes person performance competition, that concerning problems don't get solved regardless which political party is in government, politically keeps political systems need for citizenry's dummying distractions political party competition strong. Concerning rolled over news worthy problems feed citizenry distractions away from: difficult to train poor school educated (alcohol and drug using) school leavers; all aged citizenry drug addictions; among other unresolved problems like bank fraud behaviours, lost investor saving scams.

Children's stressful school academic education thought traumas guiding children onto sports fields and better feeling launch time playground activities, defaulting working class pleasure concerns towards easy to understand competitive sports and perceived competitive politics, further dummying children's behaviours.

Children/adults behaviours for competitive sports loving Neanderthal behaviours are promoted as a plus in a promoted planned computer innovating programming technical society.

Simple summery: competition is bad for academic education as winning rather than quality of knowledge becomes a pleasure seeking human objective.

Posted by steve101, Friday, 14 July 2017 1:36:25 PM
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As I accuse society of being coached by school education and media stories into remembering fast moving headlines, repeated often short sentences. Remembering simplified details, school children having promoted selected irrelevant to modern life de-skill-ing/dummying memories to pass school examinations. I suggest modern engineers and doctors having huge amounts of proven knowledge illustrated and described in books, overwhelming amounts of information are formulated to overwhelm/overload human memory student learners, destroying human capabilities to remember long term practical applications. Practical application of learnt knowledge are least emphasised in many student professional career studying: too much book learning opposes hands on movement processing visual memory learning.

Grenfell high rise building cladding seen burning exposes holes in bureaucratic checking hurriedly signing off on proven fire prone cladding, decisions remembered from hurried cutting corners engineers examinations, “she'll be right mate” directly before sitting for examinations.

To create a heading “Doctors over worked, doctors in short supply”:

Recently, media panel “Chatroom” made a short statement on how emergency rooms have doctors on shifts lasting many hours at a time, that by the time they (Chatroom example generation) retire, fewer doctors will be practising.

ABC short Wednesday evening series, Ronny Chieng International Student, my vague PVR-Shift-function glancing, particularly during the July 12, last season episode, professor lecturer chalk-boarding lessons talking while chalking, students listening taking notes, concerned Ronny Chieng discussing the quality of close by students notes, seemingly questioning who's notes are best, to be worthy of remembering for examinations. Same episode scenes, can drugs be obtained to aid remembering study notes material.

Listening to Ronny Chieng whom is described as a comedian, I suggest what Ronny Chieng is often talking about is worth taking significant notice.
Because Ronny Chieng's verbal presentation is labelled as a comedian, what's being stated is meant to be laughed at, unrecognised as worthy of notable concern, Ronny Chieng's ideas quickly forgotten.

Internet courses maybe available, government recognition credential accreditation provides licenses to practice learnt professions. University studying practices gets to dumb down by punishing learners learning behaviours.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:00:30 PM
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I speculate, unfortunately, citizenry self-believed as educated, the few whom have time to spend being concerned about something serious, turn their attentions to media news journalists “as it happened” political party politics front bench (stand up comedian) statements, human curiosity being worn down by leadership battles, media daily news politician's political short one line statements fade-in-fade-out unresolved, return months later fade-in-fade-out unresolved, exampling same sex marriage.

If Australian citizenry concern themselves solely with media concerns, many future Australian citizenry will find themselves working in city business centres: cleaning high rise office buildings at night and/or windows during daylight hours; serving coffee to coffee addicted office workers; cooking meals, serving meals to few whom can afford to purchase restaurant food... listening to police sirens heading to: Lindt Cafe siege comparisons; frustrated youth running over dense groups of pedestrians, getting headline news, while police raids are knocking down rented property doors, arresting drug traffickers, happening so frequently media news barely run occasional short stories on “transparent plastic bags of unknown white substances” which I speculate are not repeated enough for viewers to hold conscious memories for more than the end of the next/follow-up distracting news story.

July 16, channel TEN Bull, Bull's client was “brainwashed to kill”, killing his father. At the end of the story, a woman sitting in the courtroom witness stand, under protest, on the instruction of the judge, called Bull's client/defendant on his cell phone, the cell phone music triggered Bull's client into attacking Bull. After Bull's client was restrained Bull's client had no idea what he had done. Another scene had Bull's client lawyer mentioning the colour red often while speaking in the courtroom. The next day the lawyer brought to everyone's attention, most everyone in the courtroom was wearing an article of red coloured clothing.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:04:06 PM
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I will theorise violent action programs which inspire opioid stimulation rewards, repeated often, condition memories on defaulting psychological prompting behaviours within human behaviours.

Television: commercials pointless fast moving scenes ending with brand names; senseless dramas; short duration sentences related to nothing relevant with everyday human activities; concerning scandals which don't relate to everyday human activities... everyday activities don't prompt awareness to media program stories, unless events turn sour leading to media program remembered prompting judgements dramatic accusations, often defending statement makers sense of moral justice.

The mentioned Bull episode points out a real idea of what media programs can do to societies, and what benefits societies could gain, yet, I theorise media are used against societies by stimulating opioid entertainment distractions misinformation society simple child-like believed dummying. That work exhausted citizenry, via school learning, promoted physical activities and wage earning work, are easily deceived by repeated media story themes. Citizenry use fewer prompts for independent thought, only allowing a limited number of what's rolled over media programmed memories having began in least stressful childhoods to inspire conscious awareness. Because citizenry are over worked mentally stressed, in most instances prompting stimuli opioid reward for feeling intelligent in easily understanding child-like assumptions.


Doctors and engineers are poorly educated, having been hurried through poorly presented knowledge providers, forced to take notes as shown in Ronny Chieng portrayed series.

Exampling resent, CPA accreditation student studying, recent news quest presenters have stated that failed to pass examination requirements to obtain CPA accreditation, students having paid fees, failed students have to take CPA course over again, paying fees. That CPA administrators allow all comers into the CPA accreditation course. ABC concerned serious media programs introduced CPA accreditation critics suggest CPA board of directors are more interested in making money than serving CPA members.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:07:59 PM
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Teaching profession, having so many teachers entering teaching professions, existing teachers in fear of losing employment, questioning themselves on realistically teaching students, many students intending to enter into teaching professions, graduating more capable of teaching knowledgeable teachers. I suggest, existing teachers and teaching administrators are sabotaging students learning: vague; muffling important words; poor descriptions; controlling and/or intentionally traumatising human learning experiences. That those students whom have parent tutoring, many students may graduate HSC credentials to move on to the next process of intentional sabotaging learning engineering through to doctoring.

Professionals having done all the difficult learning slog to get qualified, holding limited demand for their labours, newly qualified professionals competing in the same employment market, forces existing professionals self-interest ideologies. Teaching university professors have opportunities to slow down (sabotage) student learning, stalling graduating students as university credential professionals. PBS Newshour, several years ago pointed to too many college professors, limited class teaching opportunities, poor earnings over their careers. Many teachers leaving teaching to find more rewarding careers.

University students forced to partake courses which have nothing to do with desired learning course students were paying for, lengthening numbers of years spent studying for a desired degree. Creating employment for teachers, paid for by students. Increasing number of years until graduation date, increasing student drop-outs, students in debt for more years, with fewer years to earn money to pay out student loan debts.

I speculate, teachers in control of children, can't have students knowing more, being more capable of learning than teachers. Students submission to adult teacher's authority obedience becomes lost.

Free market forces supply and demand theory, more professionals the more choice consumers have, the more consumers can force down professional fees. Teachers sabotaging students learning, limits the number of professionals entering university to obtain professional credentials.

Standards of university learning falls to pass through traumatised HSC passing students. International scale learning standards fall further down the scale.

Persuading all students to sit for HSC students too old to enter into apprenticeships, too traumatised to want to think what they're doing, having not to remember spelling words and maths calculations.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:13:26 PM
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Above theory suits government as government encourage students to study maths and science. I have heard science study careers are already in over supply, too few opportunities for employment, science graduates re-enter university to obtain more practical medical degrees servicing citizenry: dentists; optometrists; etc. Education ministers encouraging student computer programming, has more to do with seemly advancing society into the future propaganda, as NASA reports space probes have arrived at Pluto sending pictures back to earth impossibilities. Next, NASA based in Texas will have a picture of god.

The more teachers entering the teaching profession the more courses are fabricated to provide teacher careers, the more years are required and/or earlier ages children are sent to schools.

Sending women to work, two income family rent and mortgage service payments, the more paid female childcare providers are required, the least adult correcting bad childhood behaviours increasing wisdom supervision children receive. The fewer home schooling parent awareness of children mental illness problems can be managed.

Increased women requiring employment, more female teachers will enter paid employment, two income family wages through supply and demand will increase residential rents and raise property auction bidding as more two income families can borrow more finance during low interest rate periods, consuming increased family wealth due to two income families increased wealth.

Surgeons can charge high fees, perform many surgical operations to fulfil citizenry demand, becoming wealthy. Medical insurance rises promoting patient choice on doctors performing operations, citizenry find limited available doctors to choose from. Unable to ask for limited billing after/outside surgical procedures.

Rarely spoken yet understood that extensive periods of apprenticeships provide cheap labour for hiring tradesman employers, too many tradesmen reduce the value of existing tradesmen, new tradesmen start their own business, competing against previous employers.

A society of fewer capable of skilled thought people, government solves problems of limited skilled tradesmen and professional people by introducing 457 skilled visa labour to fill unable to fill qualified professionals. Which many students were educated into qualified professions in Australia paid for with foreign currencies. Foreign currencies aid paying for oversupplied teachers.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:19:28 PM
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Australia's low birth rate, simple to assume lowering demands for school teachers employment requirements, existing school teachers sabotaging student learning in fear that students will take existing teachers future employment, in fear of too many teachers holding wage increases down. That education departments demand for teacher employment opportunities will place unacceptable demands on existing teachers, forcing existing teachers to leave teaching professions. Government budget restraints limit teachers wages, persuading teachers to seek new career opportunities.

When it comes to cheating in examinations, knowing all examination questions' answers are difficult when too much information together with too much depressing note taking memories. If by sabotaging all other students learning, convincing other students to drink alcohol, party all night, take opioid drugs the night before sitting for examinations, successful students didn't score hirer scores rather all party going students failed to score passing percentage scores.

This simple to understand analogy realised by corporate bosses; teaching professors; any person in influential power, importing foreign labours to perform many professional labours, foreign professionals having poor English speaking accents, will have limited opportunities to takeover/force out fluent English speaking Australian born people in authority enjoying good paying positions.

The protection of staying in power by the people in power has by human opioid rewarded competitive spirit, been a main focus for those in powerful influential positions.

Media noise: political misdirections; entertainment misdirections; music blocking out schooling traumas; drug addictions; mental illness depressions PTSD; free market forces competition credential by school education repressed memory intelligence capability... lies are difficult to see, as lies are mere words, words are merely believed because human brain childhood induced opioid rewarding persuades young children to believe emotional decision making opioid stimuli is undisputed evidence of truth. Human avoidance of fear, school learning traumas human concern to feel rewarding opioid to medicate existing fear traumas, any information opposing opioid rewarding beliefs are instantly rejected.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:24:32 PM
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Islamic religion practising Muslims and non-Muslims, practice Islamic religions, praying to god merely because practising Islamic traditional worshipping as children were brain opioid stimuli conditioned into human behaviour repeatedly practising Islamic praying to god traditions, child-intelligent “monkey see monkey do”.

To praying to god children... detailed translating Koran Islamic readings were left to Islamic clerics, as children feel good about praying to god occupying children's time, children could not quickly understand nor couldn't quickly remember word by word clerics descriptions of Koran readings, children believing Koran readings meant something important having been originally said to be god's words, holds opioid stimuli true beliefs in adulthood. Group thought to people unable to think independent thought, constantly remembering a lifetime of prompted by religious imagery, teenager through to adulthood constantly reinforcing childhood opioid stimuli is true beliefs.

A lifetime of constantly feeling depressed school learning, constantly trying not to remember to the self how traumatised they feel. Experiencing short brain opioid during stimuli rewarding periods, than as a teenager or adult, experiencing long periods of plant derived commercialised opioid drugs, commercialised opioid heaven has freed human awareness of school pretend learning traumas. When commercialised opioid drugs conclude, desires to find heaven once again lead to opioid addictions.

I pose there is very little in life to learn, that learning is about remembering what useful ideas, a true education has to offer. Long hours each day beginning at aged 5 years, by the time children reach aged 7 years many children are diagnosed with ADHD, remaining children not diagnosed with ADHD, are not that far from suffering from similar diagnoses.

Football players whom have enjoyed a life of hyperactive enthusiasm, suddenly find themselves injured, feeling down and depressed. I suggest a lifetime of ADHD hyperactivity self-induced brain opioid and thereafter continued hyperactive distracting from reduced brain supplied opioid, period of rest turned into believing awareness of low brain opioid addiction felt as depression was a hidden symptom they were not aware of.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:29:15 PM
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People believe in democracies beginning in their childhood, leaving details of governing to politicians similar to religious believers leave religious scripts, getting believers into heaven, to religious clergies. Badly educated citizenry leave guiding societies on a correct pathway to government, continue to listen to media misdirections, exampling leadership battle misdirections. Societies problems continue to be used as announcement distractions, leaving citizenry overworked, trying to hold onto what they already have.

Lindt Cafe who's to blame, movies on hostage dramas sometimes quote book manual procedures on how to manage hostage situations. My listening to media Lindt Cafe blame game news stories, has no such suggestion a real manual exists as to indicated what was done followed a statistically formulated prescribe procedure. Acting ignorant allows citizenry to form incompetent leadership judgements, citizenry quick knee-jerk judgements used to get away with future (not intentional by establishment) economic declines.


More number 3 indicators that stories are lies:

Three Musketeers;

Richard the Third car park grave, DNA test conformation the car park skeleton was related to a male 400 years later living relative;

Trinity, the father, the son, the holly spirit, according to a sentence in Encarta 98, the holly spirit is the belief congregations have in a religion. “The father” is priesthood, “the son”, which is Jesus, meaning the peasantry, Encarta 98 states “which is a given”;

the three wise men giving gifts to baby Jesus. Story has no real history up until 7th century AD.

Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 18 July 2017 1:35:11 PM
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Returning to above date Bull episode:
Bull is not an actual psychologist, taking notice of what the character Bull said because Bull is not a real psychologist removes reasons to acknowledge what the program point says.

Script writers whom added the suggestion on repetition, programs human behaviours. Myself adding hurrying human subconscious prompting to conscious awareness quickly acting without fear, repressing fears, acting on unwise prompting. Bull series script writers would be aware humans act on impulse unchecked by thought of consequences behaviours. Merely having a quick thought leading to jail terms rewards/encourages doing poorly thought behaviours. Many young adults going to jail, as mention in a PBS story, that while young had teenage impulses which drove them into illegal behaviours, now as adults serving jail terms, strongly regret their teenage behaviours.

Children of all ages rise from sleep in mornings, soon becoming alert to getting ready for daily activities, that mornings are the most alert time of the day to remember rolled over judgemental information, many children rising from sleep, before parent rise from sleep, children being able to watch whatever media programs which inspire repeated mornings entertainment renewed attention. Many children watching television before heading off to school. Parents rise from sleep, least concerned what children are watching, hurrying to prepare to go to work, organising children at last minutes preparing children for school.

Preschool children watching cartoons of their choice, cartoon selections are hyperactive adrenal pumping violent: Power Rangers; Batman; Ben 10... or dead boring slow, very little happening. Cartoon and/or children images of doing very little relevant to real older ages life, leaving children to monkey see monkey do copying many other children in playground environments, children deprived of ideas, seeing children bullying other children, and/or ball game sports activities.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:27:03 PM
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My often stated idea that sending children to school at too earlier an age prompts children to self-program incorrect behaviours, hyperactive opioid self-inducing behaviours to reduce awareness/medicate unwanted to feel mental stress, forced upon children by school teachers early aged academic learning. School lessons preoccupation with spelling and maths, cut short/reduce children's adult understanding memorising of wise mature learning from everyday life experiences opportunities. Schooling's desire to control children's time to think out simple tasks, quickly scanning memories for many spelling words and number calculations, children by days end are mentally exhausted from spelling and number crunching. The same hurrying behaviours on repetitive tasks, limits creating more memories which merely are added to each days schooling tasks.

Television's simple similar ideas on children's programs, children limited to selected programs having simple bible lesson moral ideas good defeating evil, hyperactive movement induce a sense of awareness to adrenalin excitement, leading children's self-programming to favouring simple intelligence adrenalin inducing activities, competition. That many children participate for the sake of winning, not being a loser, rather than learning better performing hands on skilled performance information. Winning, feeling adrenalin, opioid rewarding regardless how child-intelligent simple activities are, holds human behaviours Neanderthal.

My idea that allowing children to calmly develop physical movement seeing movement working to their advantage, long before attempting academic learning difficult to prove information is true, seeing physical movement and everyday complex mechanical movement seeing motor vehicles, predicting where motor vehicles move mild opioid towards, allows correct balance within brain chemical rewards, that wisdom on what fear actually provides, what fears to acknowledge what fears are to be ignored, what opioid stimulates actually have rewarding incentives compared to unwise stimulates that merely entertain adrenalin pumping pointlessness.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:31:57 PM
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Children bored with morning cartoons begin to watch adult morning information programs. Smiling hosts laughing at few understood by children mumbled out of context reasons, frequent fast moving little point commercials, predominately ABC introduced political commentators expressing easy to understand leadership battles, children soon believe democracies are real not hearing any memorable policies, default learn to leave real information to politicians same as children leave religious scripts to religious clergy. Childhood emotional desires to progress, children feel realistically informed, believing what's heard is true, where what's really being heard are simple to understand fabricated “as it happened” stories, lies.

Primary teachers asking children if they watched morning programs on selective interested to teacher stories, exampling dinosaurs and NASA space probes, children not wanting to miss out on classroom competitive teacher questioning begin to watch teachers selected morning programs, watching political stories along with dinosaur and space probe stories.

Morning program hosts smiles and laughter presentations aids programming young aged citizenry into excepting democracies are real, allowing future politicians easy access to telling lies as excuses for economic declines.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:35:31 PM
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…............... US Police Shootings …...........

Any person old enough to remember Peter Sellers movies, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, name sounding “clueso” indicating clueless detective inspector. Movies began with a pink panther short man with a magnifying class cartoon. Inspector Clouseau movies were Peter Sellers most often repeated movies on television up until late last century.

After Peter Sellers died, a Joanna Lumley documentary/movie devoted asking questions to Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau movie actors and actresses, including David Niven. Questions asked were more related to the character idea of Inspector Clouseau. I remember Joanna Lumley interviewing one actor the sidekick of the chief inspector Charles Dreyfus whom character Charles Dreyfus was constantly trying to discredit inspector Clouseau due to Clouseau clumsy hurried analogies, yet, wrong analogies turned out correct, used to allow inspector Clouseau to receive recognition for his clumsy good deeds.

As I strongly remember, Joanna Lumley was interviewing chief inspector sidekick, she made a statement that “Clouseau saved us from our selves”.

During other media expressing media similar bible story prompts “Apocalypse is coming” comments at the time, Jesus was said to represent an idea of human sacrifice, “Jesus saved us from ourselves” in that Jesus parable story represents human sacrifice so the living can have a better life, also stated by John Howard directly before or during early 1999.

Putting hinted meanings together, inspector Clouseau was clueless, inspector Clouseau represented police force's clueless training, graduated police pointing guns at people in fear of being shot, pulling the trigger in defence of being shot. That people being shot died so remaining living people may have a better life, because, humanity generally reproduce more children than to merely replace existing populations. So Jesus representing peasantry, peasantry having many children, Jesus/peasantry deaths saves us from ourselves, over population.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:40:32 PM
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In 1999 the reasons many media listeners were convinced to take money out of banks, bury money, having much of the money stalked and stolen, was due to media guests (my media listening being Radio National Monday and Tuesday morning Life Matters) stated soon assassins were going to murder people over the age of 60 years, mentioning that too many elderly people on retirement benefits wasn't going to work. That government (James Bond 007 licensed to kill movie prompts) assassins were leaving murder scenes to clueless police, police forced by political systems to find murderers, forcing clueless police into framing innocent people beginning with single males for murder, merely because police fear being fired, police knowing by remaining in police employment, police have protection from accusations of murder by other police in need of someone to accuse of murder.

Peter Sellers having died, Several more inspector Clouseau movies were produced, one Clouseau actor being Steve Martin, continued emphasis on clueless police stories.

Police Academy movie series of stupid incompetent police academy recruits, added to the ideas of 1999 thereafter poorly trained incompetent police used to murder and/or arrest people for murders they didn't commit. In 1999, so many murders said by media suggestions would happen, media statements (comprehensive listening over a period would have understood) to be committed, there being so many angry people wanting revenge, many angry people sitting on juries, wasn't going to be difficult to execute convicted murderers.
Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:43:40 PM
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Years of media crime stories Murder She Wrote, many war movies and documentaries, Vietnam War described as a police action, individual assumed thought on population control why wars exist, etc... not beyond understanding to why 1999 police were going to arrest single people first, advised by RN guest, best to remove money from banks, sell all property as hiding away from police, hiding people will have all property confiscated. Bury money in parks before escaping to places which have few to no police, Mad Max movie series escape from an Apocalypse event hiding in a desert. Bus load of homosexuals, men alternative dressed as women movie travelling into a desert, easily explained media as hiding from police persecution.

Childhood television programming school clumsy/clueless student hurrying programmed US police to shoot first and ask questions later, US police sensitive to crime, recently shot an Australian woman, god being what happens, god's chosen one, Jesus on the cross, sacrifice so remaining living people can have a better life, broadly stated in context by John Howard in around early 1999.

Many movie stories containing violent action scenes resemble Moses bible stories, desensitises human acceptance to violent deaths and/or explains what's going on for another future Apocalypse scare, and existing Doomsday Preppers getting ready for same ideas mentioned above.

Recent police shooting, ABC television news quest states “540 police deaths this year alone”.

Politically: in a democratic two party system, voters choose between a bad political party and a worse than bad political party. In a global context, young and old citizenry see democracies are bad, media portray North Korean dictatorship and Russian fake democracy, accused of assassinating opposition to dictator government journalists as worse than bad democracies. All good propaganda.

Democracy governments can do bad things to citizenry, blaming clueless governing childhood competition intelligence two person leadership battle arguing... for declining economic and society social well being environments. Media merely mention “as it happened” events, rather than value added Australia solving problems.

260 federal politicians talk is about Abbott and Turnbull limited choices.

Gotten away with due to childhood limited beliefs.

Posted by steve101, Thursday, 20 July 2017 3:49:45 PM
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Justine Damond's death having been shot by a two years of experienced police officer, Minneapolis Chief of Police addressing journalists stating, both police officers failed to turn on their vest cameras. As police officers were not thought to be intending to kill innocent people, police officers not turning vest cameras on, must be for many police officers a regular habit. Why have vest cameras if cameras aren't turned on? That this would not be the first time police officers had not turned cameras on, that courtroom cases would have: police captains; police commissioners; chief of police; Judges; defence lawyers... aware cameras aren't being turn on, that court justice systems are relying on police officers verbal testament and/or officers own written down notes often presented as evidence by prosecution lawyers (whose job is to get accuse by police guilty as charged) without having been supplied with camera archived video. Can't see non-existent video evidence same as not being able to see introduced (my accusation of non-existent) DNA fairytale evidence created reports.
I speculate, emotional and/or career based decisions are made behind closed doors, introduced creative arguments and/or withheld evidence guides establishment's desired outcomes. Exampling a new prison is opening soon, how can increased crime fill the newly opened prison? Creating increased legal services income earning turnover.

Legal court system established habits favouring police testamentary rather than police being questioned using police's archival video. The lack of real evidence allows police officers words to govern an accused person's guilt alone, particularly on how illegal drugs were found or planted on accused persons and any resistance to arrest was verbally perceived indicating accused persons had something to hide. When police officers do something wrong, police officers can withhold words, twist words to suit police officers and legal profession's own purposes. When accused of wrong doing people can spend long durations in jail, having police vest cameras turned off should allow grounds for cases against accused people of criminal activities be dismissed from court judgement.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 28 July 2017 1:45:46 PM
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Sunday July 23, Bull series defence lawyer, being accused of fabricating evidence in a 10 years old/earlier court case trial, planting false DNA evidence at a crime scene used to convict a believed serial women killing criminal, Justice system now having to free a believed guilty criminal from jail. The Bull courtroom drama adds one more colour red example of repeated story propaganda faked story of what citizenry want to (believe US justice system procedure is honestly just) is true about US American criminal courtroom justice.

There being many media story courtroom dramas, Bull series included, I have not witnessed any dramas containing police vest cameras showing guilt nor innocents.
Little doubt dramas are attempting to entertain viewers with mysterious border line guilty or innocents, whether Bull or Perry Mason hero figures never loses a case. Dramatised detective police always gets their man or woman to confess before stories end, yet the lack of camera, an/or CCTV surveillance evidence in dramas, excludes real citizenry from wondering why realistic technology (excluding DNA) are more frequently presented to courtroom juries. To my witnessing, story dramas never accuse police officers of fabricating evidence up until the Bull July 23 over weight police officer confessed to planting the evidence at the crime scene 10 years earlier.

In real life, juries don't question why more camera evidence is not presented. My explanation being prolonging court cases increases time spent in court for those being invoiced whom can afford to pay, and to those whom can't afford to pay, plead guilty in order reduce length of jail sentences. In many US states convicted criminals inside or outside jails after having completed sentences can't vote in political elections; can't obtain honest employment; can't leave set districts being on parole.
As described in Adam Ruins Everything, corporate controlled jails are profiting from prisoner inmates, state governments pretending to be tough on crime, paying corporate run prisons by the number of prisoners being contained. Prisoners assembling manufactured goods.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 28 July 2017 1:47:49 PM
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In periods of war, governments run war economies: cold war; Vietnam War police actions; Iraq war; Afghanistan; tens of thousands of US military personnel stationed in foreign countries.
Government combating domestic crime whom perpetrators are often trying to secure cash to buy drugs, war on drug trafficking and illegal drug consumption, Negroes sold crack having 100 times longer jail term penalty sentences compared with same weight to cocaine, white skinned US Americans are often sold.

US government can boast 4.9% unemployed ideal economy, 2% of US Americans not counted as unemployed are held in US prisons. Many other reasons unemployment statistics are collected to suit desired outcomes.

The great US capitalist economy is subsidised by military pursuits and domestic crime law enforcement, weapons manufacturing, encouraging savings and investment in US bonds and securities, financed deficits fuel a wealthy class of in the know investors, citizenry's fear of domestic crime are used to finance police harassment threats against poverty stricken citizenry.

White House presidential media presented scandals are distracting most citizenry's limited Neanderthal listening attention, that few people stating declining human rights using discriminating legal justice based on wealth and race, are ignored due to majority of US Americans have a Neanderthal education, rewired brain. Rewired brains being opioid stimulated incorrectly connected neuron connections beginning in childhood, children constantly concerned with how they feel, normal self-programming, human still self-programming brains being forced to concentrate on spelling words correctly, deprived of all Homo-Sapien thought productive knowledge, settling for sports. School and media programmed A. I. Artificial Intelligence.

Neanderthals on hearing short understood inspiring statements feel child-like enthusiasm opioid stimuli. On hearing alternative above theories, feeling fears of not quickly remembering child-like stimuli conformations, begin to feel doubt on their own quick sense of judgement, quickly judging their own lack of understanding fears as un-American, that presenter of above similar theories must be wrong
Posted by steve101, Friday, 28 July 2017 1:50:12 PM
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Within the week directly after Justine Damond shooting, I somewhat remember a PBS Newshour short news story statement, the Trump administration has removed Obama restriction rules placed on police powers to confiscate money, assets and property from accused of illegal drug trafficking, without having need to arrest and/or convict accused drug trafficking suspects.
Having watched a US documentary, Police can pull over vehicle drivers, confiscate assets, auctioning assets to finance police department activities. Police officers having accumulated many arrests and confiscations are more likely to move up police department promotional ladder sooner than police officers having fewer arrests and confiscations.

Police officers terrorising citizenry, individuals fears of being terrorised, media news reporting crime activities and police arrests... places fear in citizenry of being confronted by criminal activities. Fictional crime stories and daily real news stories may falsely describe crime fighting police activities. That within Neanderthal mind sets, what bad things happen to everyone else is fine as long as nothing bad happens to them, that eventually when injustice happens to them, no one cares to listen in fear of police injustice place on them. Hence US Americans are living in a police state. I speculate, most US citizenry are in denial of living in a police state, as thought merely feels similar to worrying, that worrying leads to feeling depression, that as school students, children and teenagers were constantly avoiding feeling depressed with induced World Craziest Fools like distractions including load music and self-esteem concerning sports activity achievements.

The Policeman who shot Justine Damond, his age may have been under that 25 years age deemed not worthy of low premium motor vehicle insurance, which maybe why he was a passenger, not the driver of the police vehicle. The age where emotion drives irrational actions, World's Craziest Fools. I blame Neanderthal actions on bad school education designed to turn Homo-Sapien intelligence into Neanderthal A. I.

Opioid chemical imbalance, concerns to feel rewarded for mere hurried thoughts leading to quick judgements. All made possible by bad schooling and media story hurrying good versus evil simple analogies.
Posted by steve101, Friday, 28 July 2017 1:52:30 PM
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Teenagers whom play fast action decision making video games, seeing animated characters jumping from various levels to alternative levels, CSI: Cyber series episode main female character, stated a theory to her co-star male actor on why when having main entry apartment door forced open by FBI agents, a teenager occupying the apartment jumped out a window to his death. Theory was called “game transfer”, the teenager was repeatedly making quick decisions jumping from level to level escaping and/or chasing something. As FBI agents entered the apartment the teenager quickly jumped out a window believing he could land on the roof top of the next building.

Minneapolis police officer was possibly influenced by other similar experiences, quickly shooting Justine Damond, believing an opioid stimuli would reward his efforts.

Minneapolis police chief followed by the Mayor saying she had fired the police chief, emphasised police vest cameras were turned off and the police officer who shot Justine Damond refuses to make a statement as allowed in the constitution, there is nothing more Minneapolis authorities can do. So much emphasis placed on making those statements, statements could be assumed as broadcasting to all US police officers to leave vest cameras switched off and do not make any statements when accused of serious incorrect procedures.

The above, having any relevance to Australian citizens, the value of being aware of media's various distractions, in programming human compliance to believe media propaganda, that school education has several purposes, the main purpose of school education has little to do with advancing human intelligence... having more to do with reversing human intelligence... leaving learned humans scanning memories for media programmed artificial intelligence responses.

Posted by steve101, Friday, 28 July 2017 1:56:47 PM
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August 1, 2017: Shocking study results on university sexual assaults. I have been accusing government curriculum education of turning Homo-Sapien capable thought productive children, school education holding youth as emotional decision making Neanderthals. Now society hears once again, yet, one more time, universities are full of Narcissistic Neanderthal emotionally driven intelligent students bullying and/or sexual assault and rape on campus and various associated venues. How students find privacy away from other students, to undertake any significant degree of rape on university campuses, I don't know?

Media by saying, if media and authorities talk about sexual abuse Neanderthals whom can't think, become aroused, males wanting to sexually abuse some one, mainly females as the opportunity arises. Were bored by repetitive work tasks females desiring to be sexually molested?

The nature of repetitive studying being so uninspiring uninformative drive males to: bully; sexual molesting; rape; drink alcohol on campus as mentioned on Lateline. Years of long hours of studying to provide credentials to indicate to future employers, hired on employees can do long hours of repetitive work. Work that may not resemble most future employers tasks. Subsequently creating sexually molesting males feel rewarded by molesting female employees culture... exampling something like Wolfs Of Wall Street.

Increased years spent in universities removes young aged potential workers from seeking wage employment government and corporate establishment doesn't want to supply. Early school leavers punished for not attending school punishments, few alternative learning choices nor recommended books to read exists.
School learning teaches students to carry out tasks, sit and wait until teachers begin new tasks. Student innovation is crushed by being held in a limited environment classroom. Older students spare time to plan, get to plan their next alcohol drinking binge and/or imagine having sex and/or remembering having rape sex with some person.

If by bringing out shocking statistics, will all the fuss, shame abusers, lowering the number of abuses? I suggest, Neanderthals don't think that way, instead constant reminders will increase numbers of abuses.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 1:14:50 PM
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In all the shock horror statistics, the education system never gets accused of causing subnormal Neanderthal behaviours. No experts will be called upon to provide opinions unless accusing school education can be successfully avoided.

All aged citizenry educated as Neanderthals will not assume school education is to blame unless media suggests the unthinkable conclusions.

University educates Neanderthal behaviours competitive spirit: sports; predator behaviour. Being evil is emotionally rewarding. Religions take advantage of delusional momentary evil thoughts, blaming the evil as though the devil exists, religions preying on feared sins, sinful thoughts, humans deprived of all thoughts, having spent years concerned with spelling words correctly, reading fast without having to comprehend anything which inspires rational thought, having forgotten what thinking feels like, traumatised by school tasks pretend thought, scanning memories for information rather than contemplating collective memories.
August 1, report comes out the day Ten Network channel “11” presents “Idiocracy” 2006 movie. Same Sex marriage enters media conversations, where the presented information is about political voting process propaganda.

A percentage of deprived of all thought, mentally stressed students will no doubt feel rewarded by abusing some person, that sexual abuse begins as flirting, flirting being rejected, flirt initiator feeling rejection feels insulted, feeling a loser, schemes to get what is felt to be theirs.

Does media discuss similar ideas, no, rather to quote shocking study statistics, moving on to the next shocking revelation.
Media treat citizenry as Neanderthals, providing facts, statistics, hurrying onto something else.

Politicians acting Neanderthal to attract the support of increasing numbers of educated to be Neanderthals, US American college educated Donald Trump supporters.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 1:19:07 PM
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“Productivity”, August 1, a word used by treasurer Scott Morrison. My experience with N.S.W. state government during mid 1980s. My conversations with several people dealing with N.S.W. state government, my personal experience anecdotal statement that government engineers dealing out work to temporary contractors, contractors being messed around by N.S.W. government employed engineers, consuming contractors time with quotes on projects never intended to be carried out.
Payment on completed work, taking considerable time.
One person said to me, I was better off not taking on state government work, a person employed by state government to manage contractors who I had known previously, said he was regretting asking me to consider taking on said state government work as 4 engineers turn up on the work sight, instruct workers what needs to be done, leave, return one week later wanting completed work removed.

Tradesmen undergoing builders contracted work, many completed tasks are not being paid for. Supervisors don't maintain a presents to ensure contracted tasks are as required, tradesmen unsure of what needs to be done, leave for other jobs.
Builders under quoting costs, leaving many trades-persons unpaid, subsidising builders under quoted costs and blow outs. Tradesmen leave trades and/or not hire new employees. Trades contractors hire young labour to carry out exhausting work for low wages, that pen pushing HSC leavers refuse to do exhausting work for low wages.
Large companies capable of bringing in 457 workers who will work for low wages, low wages needed to send back to poor countries families, considered as foreign aid.
Foreign aid should be by sending building materials to poor countries allowing workers to build needed buildings.

No rules to improve building trades persons insuring payment because governments are one major abuser of the system. Invoiced delayed payments where companies are holding onto money as long as possible to earn bank interest, bank interest should be calculated between date of invoice issue to date of payment of invoices.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 1:26:04 PM
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As I suggest an establishment exists, establishment doesn't want small business trades to thrive, my beliefs reinforced by Paul Keating's 1990 to 1994, “this is the recession Australia had to have”, after 2 years of bubble building low interest rates, brought on by highly publicised 1987 share market decline/crash.

The present day lack of housing stock being blamed for east coast housing bubble, increased emphasis on school education, traumatising thought processes using pointless classroom tasks, creating employment for increasing supplies of teachers, traumatised teenagers become Neanderthal alcoholics, shown by the 2006 movie “Idiocracy”.

Doesn't matter to most adult parents what education knowledge is, as long as the word education is used, every badly educated adult having become Neanderthal citizenry will feel gratified, not bothering to question school education as causing all increasing unwise decision making social complaints: alcoholism; opioid and ICE drug addictions; criminal activities to finance addictions as well as becoming more unemployable.

Suicide brought on by mental depression/PTSD, I claim begins with aged 5 years children's early school education. Children's early learning traumatised chemical imbalanced neuron connections learn to repress learning traumas, many children turning to hyperactive behaviours, used to aid blocking out traumas. Psychology experts are taught by university studied theories, the subject of learning traumas, cognitive learning, are ignore. That a long career in the media business requires journalists to ignore phrases similar to learning traumas.

Any idea of terrorism, squads of armed police descend on estimated locations, news media and political leaders report anti-terrorism methods as a national priority. Terrorism in Australia has a low death rate, many other statistical mentioned death rate problems having a much increased number of preventable deaths receive mere words, budgeted money goes to limited programs based on medicating people's suffering mental depression, rather not to investigate initial reasons for mental illness issues.

I say mental depression is a side issue on turning Homo-Sapien capable children into Neanderthal adult work forces, establishment desires to continue as religions desired to continue, so gullible Neanderthal emotional decision making humans will believe convincing words of afterlife promises, sin forgiveness ceremonies and prayers.
Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 1:33:44 PM
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Privately owned contracting work forces continue to except unpaid invoices... establishment controlled businesses confidently protected by expensive to obtain invoiced payments through obtained legal system laws. Establishment front people businesses have little need to pay invoiced work.

As I anecdotally mention... in second half of 1999 through Radio National Life Matters guest spokes person, it is difficult to get to self-employed successful trades people workers.

Posted by steve101, Wednesday, 2 August 2017 1:46:50 PM
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On August 3, 10am ABC1 television breaking news has heading “ICAC REPORT... Findings come 3 years after initial inquiry”, spoken statement “there are corruption findings against 3 former ALP politicians”.

The following story:
Heading: Science Breakthrough... Scientists successfully edit genes in human embryos.
Gene editing DNA in human embryos targeting a faulty gene using technology named Crisper.
No embryos have been planted within wombs, all the research will take years more before risking planting embryos in female wombs, “a lot more research is needed before this research can be used to treat patients”

Though I didn't hear the number 3 being used, the story appears on a third day of a month, directly after a previous story mentioning the number 3.

Next story was on climate science, mentioning a lack of climate science modelling.

Same day: story soccer player headline, “Neymar close to signing biggest transfer in history”. Brazilian soccer star Neymar is one step closer... must pay a buy out of his club contract fee of $330 million in full.

By 7pm I was hearing on ABC1 news, CBA was being accused of not reporting on time, over 53,700 money laundering violations. CBA could be fined $1 trillion. Allegations highlight one of four syndicates whom made $20 million deposits over 12 months had 30 accounts, familiar number to Judas 30 pieces of silver betraying Jesus. Next day CBA share price dropped $3.25 also stated as 3.8% and heard as 3.9%.

I maintain the number 3, indicates to listeners in the know, that stories are fake stories. Before the CBA scandal story came out on August 3, several other known fake science stories on August 3 using mentioned several number 3 indication reminders 3 indicates fake stories, plus already know fake science stories. When CBA scandal announcement, I maintain many listeners realised the CBA scandal was a fake story announcement.
Posted by steve101, Sunday, 6 August 2017 1:48:18 PM
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I suggest in some future date, a media confidence trickster will use statements relating to the number 3 to gain listeners confidence that they know something the establishment doesn't want exposed to common working class. Confidence trickster saying listeners won't be messed with, as I was assured in 1999. To add to my statements that during 1999, establishment media were running an Apocalypse scare during 1999, number 666 is the devil's number according to St John Revelations. Symbol meanings are not changed depending on rotation, 666 is the same as 999. Omen movies were warning people in the know devilish lies were going to be used during year 1999. Omen noun Omens: prophetic object or happening; ominous adjective: body evil, threatening...

As I and establishment leaders know, working class are so traumatised by their school education, new knowledge will be ignored as most working class can't need to worry, as underling depression like traumas will turn to depression, working class constantly repressing depression like awareness. Childhood intellectual capabilities refuse to believe assumed beliefs are wrong, that fears of being wrong denial takes over.

I suggest science research stories encourage school students to pursue school studying to obtain HSC credentials to enter into university studying in a soft job researching whatever technical research on offer after graduating university. All the fake media science stories are the ideological devil's work lying manipulation. Same as child-like intelligence want to believe in magic, same intelligence wants to feel good believe in science stories.

Teachers can use child-intelligent ambitions to persuade students to pass examinations. Students trying their best, doing work tasks to merely earn marks, school work tasks and homework, students constantly ignoring mental stress building up in memories, eventually in teenagers years, turns to mental depression, teenagers unable to constantly repress awareness of mental depression, turning to alcohol and medicating drugs.
Posted by steve101, Sunday, 6 August 2017 1:49:59 PM
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Failing students ambition on science, media reported sports professionals over awarded earnings, which I suggest sports stars aren't that talented, that sports are rigged in all team sports, team players don't care who wins games as every player gets the same earnings whether games are won or lost. Audience enthusiasm for watching sports is far more important than which player and/or club teams whom win games and matches.

Donald Trump can't stop White House leaks, media reporting unimportant leaks kills Neanderthal fears of being wrong, fears of being fooled, Science Of Stupid beliefs over confidence in their own Neanderthal emotional intelligence, fear of delving into memories for quick answers on information teenage brains don't have, (school examination fears).

Easy to test the theory, by merely suggesting to people “a conspiracy exists where democracies are faked, that through media, everybody are being told lies”, replying comments would be similar to “if there were conspiracies, we would hear about them”. Hence I say, government leaks are intentional, allowing citizenry quick thought assumptions that citizenry knows what's happening behind closed doors.

US female teenager aged 17 years at the time was texting her 18 year old boy friend, her coursing him into committing suicide. During the court case, both teenager said to be suffering from depression. Judge stating accused female's mental state at the time was no excuse. That she seems to show no remorse for what she had done.

Both teenagers were attending school, both teenagers had good examination marks. Both teenagers suffering from mental depression issues, my often accusation school education mental stress; that school information holds human intelligence in a state of Neanderthal emotional intelligence. The female was feeling the power of being able to control her boy friend, feeling superior being able to get her boy friend to do something he must have been threatening to do, without her feeling any loss if he committed suicide.
Posted by steve101, Sunday, 6 August 2017 1:51:58 PM
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Spelling words for many hours each day, listening to US media crime stories, alternatively listening to stupid dysfunctional entertainment programs that have cheering and/or laughing in the background, inducing listeners much needed distractions from punishing thought with brain opioid stimuli.

Similarly: as Catholic ideologies constantly consumed believers spare thoughts with religious: pulpit preaching; praying; wine and wafers of bread ceremonies. Any spare moments where nothing was happening, brains felt secure by thinking of Catholic church worshipped god keeping believers out of hell. Media news updates of White House scandals, social media's updates, a feeling of revenge on feeling chemical imbalanced hearing so many social media: criticisms; pointless media news updates; school studying; teachers and parents pushing teenagers to study nothing worthy of remembering... in the female teenager encouraging her boy friend to suicide case the female wants revenge on life, wanting something to die, the male teenager wants to end his life, both serve each other's purposes.

Mentioned teenagers parents are to blame for pushing children to study past the point of being aware schools are forcing teenagers, being pressured into stupid/foolish behaviours, as though adults see this is the normal terrible consequences of school education, parents first and only thoughts of their children's working life career spent in poverty, not being able to secure a college education.

Society becomes more Neanderthal most obvious to citizenry seen and commented on yet excepted, shown with White House's Donald Trump the great corporate business man whom hires and fire corporate staff on competition television programs.

Shown on PBS Newshour, serious media commentators are attempting to turn a comedy of errors into series meaningful events, as though nothing much happened during Obama's term, during Donald Trump's term happening are worth commenting on yet trying to indicate serious meaningful purpose. Describing the ludicrous as meaningful intelligent purpose, societies creep closer to the reality of the “Idiocracy” movie mentioned in earlier posts.


For more... Google: “my steve9” and/or “deepthought101.” don't forget the dot... 101.
Posted by steve101, Sunday, 6 August 2017 1:55:21 PM
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