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The Forum > General Discussion > Sustainable Government and Work for the Dole 2.0

Sustainable Government and Work for the Dole 2.0

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I've never been political.
Last weekend was the first time I took the trouble to learn about how our political system works, looked at all the parties and voted properly, and one of the few times in my life I voted at all.
(A lot of you will think I threw my vote away putting Pauline Hanson into the senate but maybe theres a case that despite her flaws she's more honest than the others)

I've had this nagging idea in the back of my mind for weeks.
It's the idea that the system we've built IS NEVER GOING TO WORK.
It has the seeds of it's own destruction built in.

Take a quick look at this link for the fire triangle.
I want you to be mindful that a fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of the elements in the fire triangle.

The comparison I wish to make is that our government (the fire) is going to be extinguished, because the system doesn't have the right components to make it work.

We have Capitalist Education (Private Schools) with a Socialist base (Public Schools).
We have Capitalist Healthcare (Private Hospitals) with a Socialist base. (Public Hospitals)

What we don't have is Capitalist Jobs 'WITH a Socialist Jobs Base'.

Sure we have Work For The Dole, but it's not working.,8467

Unsustainable welfare will break the system.
It's a tax on everyone and everything.
Politicians already pander to the welfare class as they're a voting block.
We can't afford to have nice things unless we are willing to pay for them.

We need to end the 'Free Ride' mentality and replace it with something better, that works.

I'm not sure exactly when free education and healthcare and welfare began in Australia, though I assume they occurred over time.
But the system we've built isn't fair, productive or sustainable.
The kinks need to be ironed out.

We need Work for the Dole 2.0, and it needs to be successful and workable, or the nice things we take for granted aren't going to last.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 9:37:34 AM
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I am about to argue that Juno spacecraft probing Jupiter stories are lies.

Labour, using bad education is being deskilled.

Earth travels around the Sun at around 67,000 mph. Internet statements that it takes 26,000 mph to leave earth's obit travelling out in to space. If 26,000 mph was all that would be needed. Spacecraft would be drawn into the Sun by Sun's gravity as spacecraft would need to equal Earth's 67,000 mph speeds to merely hold Earth in obit 93 million miles from the Sun.

I suggest the 26,000 mph plus using 67,000 mph obit speeds slung into space, added together equalling 93,000 mph would have been the formulated speed to travel out into space away from earth's orbit, escaping Sun's gravity.

Juno spacecraft taking 5 years to reach Jupiter's obit precisely at the time Jupiter 778 million mile from the Sun, completing one orbit around the Sun in 11.86 Earth years. Orbit speed is 13. 07 km/second... 29,326 mph. What precision?

Juno reached Jupiter on scheduled July 4 is said to be altering speed, entering Jupiter's orbit for a planned orbiting period of 18 months.

Having said before, radio waves don't travel long distances exampled on earth by digital mobile phones needing to be in line of sight of mobile towers, in close proximity to each other to work. Progressively higher radio frequencies are, the shorter distances radio waves can travel. Add the Sun's electro magnetic static interference, being more interfering to radio waves outside earth's magnetic field, interference increases.
Regardless how big parabolic dishes are, how cold electronic circuit receivers are, how focused bouncing off second inverted parabolic dishes send radio waves back towards receiving circuitry. Noise level acceding the tiniest radio wave, after having traveled through space 685 million miles distance, being the closest distance between Earth and Jupiter.
Does not matter how focused radio waves are sent to a receiving point on earth, radio wave energy will spread out, lose energy quickly.

How well rocket exhausts work in a vacuum, slowing spacecraft? USA can't even come up with acceptable 2016 presidential candidates.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 1:47:17 PM
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Media's entire space travel fantasy is propaganda: children's stories' intelligence, pictures and information, providing something pointless to teach children in classrooms, encouraging children to study pointless learning in many children's pointless hope of entering something to do with science.

Space travel is football sports emotional intelligence propaganda, moving forward.

Television Sunday morning religion programs are often going on about the end of time. Visual media are presenting many Apocalypse is coming stories: Independence Day; Under The Dome; Sleepy Hollow; Survivor series, escaping the world end of time Apocalypse; Get Me Out of Here, I'm A Celebrity; The Island With Bear Grylls; Escape to The Country; Jackson Pollock valued at $40 million Blue Poles II, art faked pricing, said to be abstracting destruction.

Add to that, faked over the top space stories, falsely showing poor thinking skilled people how democracy and capitalism is moving society into the future, propaganda.

One day in the future, similar to what I say happened in 1999, after media have attracted people's attention: all the doubtful over the top science stories; symbols of death (exampling pentagrams seen everywhere) symbols seen yet not explained in media; democracies don't work, analogies; etc, will be used to convince listeners to sell all property quickly before the stated to come share market bust comes, during a low property valued period, and take money out of banks, allowing the establishment opportunities to stalk “we won't mess around listeners because we know listeners know too much” assurances, listeners believing assurances, establishment stealing taken out of banks buried money. Listeners having sold property at hurrying lower than market prices, losing wealth.
As no serious bust will happen, establishment using Jesus stories and death symbols in the media reminders to threaten listeners not to tell other people, who, when traumatised by school education people are told of the trickery, school traumatised people are so believing media propaganda, people will refused to believe anything they don't want to hear.
Many people I argue, are fearing falling into mental depression, repressed memories of school teacher schooling, learning something new.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 1:49:02 PM
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First week in July, Four Corners program is by the story, encouraging listeners to believe the future in employment is more to do with science. Beginning the program, showing an out of school number of children learning programming language.

What robots are doing are limited by true/false analysing. Point being that human visual imagery supported by skilled thought leaves robots little better than Neanderthal feel good is true feels bad is false intelligence.

At least human Neanderthals have experienced some alternative thought which could be used in unusual circumstances.

Science is encouraging children to work more mentally exhausting labours on some fantasy dream of obtaining usable employment. In doing so children are being robbed of their ability to think for themselves, while children are blindly following school examination grade seeking curriculum.

People working for the dole are being paid far less than minimum wages. Reasons prisoners in jail are not working is because past history has had people accused of crimes, placed in jail to be used as cheap labour.
I say believing in democracy, allows citizens to be abused by establishment.

Elections are good propaganda performances, allowing increased beliefs in something that maybe entirely false.

My obvious argument is how religion is very organised often believed by many people, that an afterlife has not been proved other than constant repeated words from priests.
Posted by steve101, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 2:02:30 PM
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Part 2

People can argue the problems from a fundamental analysis point of view, shifting digits from one column to another, but from a fundamental analysis point of view the system isn't sustainable.
It's not built right.

Now some people are going to be thinking 'Socialism? what the hell's he talking about??'

Firstly the problems with the current 'work for the dole' system are that work isn't meaningful and people aren't being paid enough for their efforts.
If you paid them more, and gave them meaningful work it would become more workable.
Centrelink currently pays people to find and keep jobs.
But rather than paying people to find jobs, why not just GIVE THEM jobs?

Why not just create meaningful jobs, and give all unemployed people the opportunity to earn their fortnightly allowance weekly? (effectively doubling their payment)

Even doing that, you'd get a full time adult worker for just $320 a week more than they're already spending now.
Surely they can make that work?

They'd have to be NEW jobs, that didn't conflict with existing job market, so the solution is massive infrastructure projects.
They could also EARN TRAINING CREDITS (money to spend on training)

This idea doesn't necessarily have to mean punishing people who can't find jobs.
It actually provides solutions.

Say we have 5% unemployment, which is good to have a pool of workers that businesses can obtain from, but there's no reason why the unemployed HAVE to be sitting around doing nothing whilst unemployed.

Think of the husband who's finding it hard to get work and their increased stress on family...
Think of the single mum who wants to get back into the workforce but cant find something in the right hours...
Think of young jobseekers genuinely looking for work and skills but can't find opportunities and are left to the peer pressure of drugs?
This would provide them all with new options.

What if anyone could take part, and use it as a second job if they wanted?
What if you could work any hours you wanted, day or night?
Posted by Armchair Critic, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 5:47:58 PM
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An interesting discussion AC, if it can survive the 101 blasts!!
Posted by Is Mise, Tuesday, 5 July 2016 7:23:15 PM
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