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The Satanic Mill

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The World is corrupt and reality is a lie.
I believe in this.
I also believe in the metaphor of William Blake and the ‘’Satanic Mill’’.
We are part of the mill. The slaves turning the wheels of the societies on earth, the slaves for the masters, who in each nation are the select few. In our case the wealthy, our rich politicians, and our celebrities.

We are part of the mill, or as Nietzsche said ‘’ the heard ‘’.
We must somehow find the paddock where we are free.
Which brings me to my point?
I have just reads some details of the new internet filtering firewall that the labor government want to introduce to all ISP's in the nation. As yet, it has not been passed in the senate, among other labor policies.
This is direct blatant and deliberate censorship and control of the masses by the ruling few.
As Australians, we are told what we can be exposed to, in a land of free choice. This free choice is slowly being taken away from us as we conform, as if little children ,to the masters ,and never being exposed to alternative news, alternative ideas, or ways of living.
Without this exposure, we become brain dead robots under total control.
I can understand that we need censorship and restrictions especially for the vile disgusting crimes of paedophiles, however they do not exactly ‘’ Goggle’’ the content that they search for. They access their needs via secrecy such as password-protected sites and file sharing.

What does that leave?

Pornography, which we all have that right to view as long as the participants are over the age of 18.

Violent video games. This can be solved by the introduction of R Rated games.

Alternative news. This has always been under attack anyway.

Racism and hate. As if that is going to change via an internet filter, but again, we are free to believe in agendas of our choosing, not by our masters.

Life changes,but not by our own chioce.
Posted by oscar the grouch, Thursday, 31 December 2009 1:01:28 PM
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I believe Blake was referring particularly to the effects on the masses of the Industrial Revolution.
There have always been rulers and the ruled - it's the way of humanity and there has never been a time or place where this did not apply. It's only the degree of freedom that varies. Even in a democracy like Australia, there is a limit to the freedoms available to the masses.
We are not as free as we would like to think we are. It suits those in power that the masses have a limited world view and be unaware that they are psychologically herded in which ever direction suits those that pull the strings. This is neither novel or unusual in the history of man and society. In an advanced western democracy like Australia, it is more of a precarious balancing act for those in power to control the amount and type of information available.
We do, however, have access to a certain standard of education, and this allows us some modicum of educated choice as to the degree in which we absorb sublimated ideas that are transmitted to us. We have a choice as how deeply we wish to conform to the industrial template of society - most of us don't think we have a choice - but we do.
Depending on how far one chooses to think outside the box - to independently examine the pathways that our society encourages to tread is the first step to taking back autonomy. Many people are funneled into the those "satanic mills" simply because our education system teaches us not to think for ourselves. What hope have we got if our earliest instruction teaches us that we will be force fed information that is deemed useful to us - a decision made by faceless educational bureaucracies.
The herd is ever present, but it is possible to steal a little independence if we learn to be selective about the things that influence us.
Posted by Poirot, Friday, 1 January 2010 12:13:43 PM
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Dear Oscar,

Your concern about ISP'S is understandable,
however it may be a bit premature. Nothing
as yet has been passed in the
Senate - and it won't be up for consideration
until the Mar-May 2010 sittings.
You may be worrying needlessly.
The Senate may reject the proposals.

We live in a representative democracy - where
we elect representatives who're responsible
for making political decisions.
If we don't like the decisions they make - we
can vote them out of office.

Our society allows for a tolerance of criticism and
of dissenting opinions. We've got a system of checks
and balances that ensures that each group within
our society are taken into account.

I don't agree with the dismal picture that you're
Posted by Foxy, Friday, 1 January 2010 2:47:04 PM
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The root cause of the implementation of a Satanic Mill, in which the mice run away their lives is the Australia Act 1986. It abolished Christianity and the Australian Constitution and substitutes all State and Territory Governments for a National Government and as Mao and particularly Stalin said, the man who counts the votes rules the country.

Yon Kevin had a bleak and hungry look in his New Year Message. He is in crisis. He is trying to serve two Masters, Almighty God on one hand, and the Green Masters of the Satanic Mill on the other. He is in an awful position. Unless he jumps on John Brumby with both hobnailed boots, and sends in the Australian Federal Police to police every Victorian Magistrate and Judge, the Commonwealth will be unable to use any of the State Courts to prosecute the criminals the Australian Federal Police catch. Brumby has removed the Crown, he says from the first of January from every Victorian Court.

If we are to be a United Nation, and Tony Abbot is to be able to govern effectively, as a committed Christian, he has to fight the next election as a referendum on the Australia Act 1986. On another thread on which I have exceeded my quota for a few hours, the issue of State Theft is explored. The only thing between thieving State Governments and the helpless population is the Crown, and when the Australia Act 1986 abolished the Crown, in 1986, the State Governments took the Crown off all their acts, and substituted the elected synod of Satan’s Brood, in its place.

Tony Abbott knows this and Almighty God gave him a victory over the State Rights Leader previously running the Liberal Party. One of Tony Abbott’s first complaints was that the Commonwealth is ungovernable. He knew this from his stint as a Minister in the previous government.
We used to take our freedom for granted. It is under attack as never before and it is under attack from Green activists who would rather have a tree than a human being. Trees don’t vote.
Posted by Peter the Believer, Saturday, 2 January 2010 5:23:16 AM
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The most vituperous and unfair comments leveled at Tony Abbott are aimed at his Christianity. He was subjected immediately to claims he is a puppet of Rome. This is the standard attack on any Christian who worships in the RC Church. However it was the Roman Catholic English who rescued Great Britain from the dark ages, and protected it by adopting the Holy Bible as their Constitution, from the worst excesses of the Inquisition. The British made all laws subject to the Crown, and the Crown represented Almighty God.

Nowadays in Australia the Crown is abolished from all Federal Acts, and the safeguards derived from the Holy Bible, in respect of personal liberty enacted into the Magna Carta in 1297, are ignored. Because of that the man who counts the votes rules, and now always the only one to vote is a Judge and Magistrate.

As Christians we used to have a franchise. It used to consist of two rights to vote. The first was to decide who went to the National Synod, and the second opportunity to vote was when a person was selected to serve on a jury of 12 electors.

S 22 of the Australian Courts Act 1828 is still not repealed. If you are one of the 12,500 members of the Liberal Party in New South Wales raise it at your next meeting. You may access a copy here:

If you see that page you will see the Royal Identifier that was attached to the Australian Constitution in 1900, by a Court in England so that it became law. In strict legal sense, without that Royal Stamp of Approval, affixed not by the Queen, but by a court, there is no legal reason to obey any law. Royal means approved by Almighty God. The English, by studying the Holy Bible after it was printed in English in 1610, all understood this and gave its protection to all settlers in Australia.

Tony Abbott is a monarchist and Yon Kevin is a republican. No republic has ever lasted very long. Royal means accountable to Almighty God
Posted by Peter the Believer, Saturday, 2 January 2010 5:58:25 AM
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When Mulga Bill from Ironbark, came down to Sydney Town, and the barber played a joke on him, holding his throat he wreaked mayhem, in the Barbers Shop. That is an Australian Classic. When Mulga Bill from Queensland came down to Canberra, he refused to participate in a co-alition. He regarded the then leader as below contempt. Hopeless and totally out of touch, with the undercurrent of the Australian people, which rather likes the freedom that it has grown accustomed to.
As the screws of the Satanic Mill have been tightened, the ordinary Australian has become alarmed. JH was a proponent of the Satanic Mill, and we thought Our Savior was another boy from Queensland. It may well be the Monk from Manly, who puts the khybosh on the Mill, and puts a sabot in its wheels. The sabot he has, and can play is the Australian Federal Police. They have the power to enforce the laws made by Paul Keatings Government and ignored by JH, and totally suppressed, making slavery a serious indictable offence. I talk of S 268:10-13 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 that the Liberals made law in 2001, but never let the Australian Federal Police enforce.

Last night a commentator raised the ghost of James Scullin. James Scullin was the first Australian Roman Catholic Prime Minister, and the last for about seventy eight years. It would be ironic if a good Anglican Prime Minister was replaced by a Roman Catholic, because the Roman Catholic was seen as more Christian, and more committed to freedom, than the incumbent. At the World Youth Day Celebrations, it was the unifying influence of the Roman Catholic Church that made it such a success. Every denomination wished them well, and all denominations met the Pope.
Only time will tell, but Tony Abbott looked more confident and KR looked tentative, as if he was flogging a dead horse on climate change, with the promise of higher taxes and more use of the Satanic mill, making us work harder to make a living, so we can pay scientists to lie to us
Posted by Peter the Believer, Saturday, 2 January 2010 6:39:58 AM
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