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The Forum > Article Comments > Tough times ahead for Australia's Defence Force > Comments

Tough times ahead for Australia's Defence Force : Comments

By Gary Brown, published 27/3/2008

The 2020 Summit: we can barely begin to assess the security implications that climate change will place on Australian defence.

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Talk about ripped off. Three pages of complete waffle and absolutely nothing specific on the demands placed on ADF by the climate bunyip.

Never mind that there has been no warming since 1998. Never mind that even the spivs at the IPCC have now substantially reduced their projections of sea level rise to about 18cm for the next century. And even this "scarenario" is based on the assumption that all the Chinese, all the Indians (including the untouchables), all the Indonesians and all the Pakistanis will get to drive SUVs in a Los Angeles style mega sprawl and it's attendant 20t CO2/capita emissions footprint.

Apply the French/Swiss/Swedish model of development based on nuclear power, which both the Indians and Chinese have clearly already opted to pursue and the emissions for these countries will level off at only 6t CO2/capita.

And at those emission levels, with realistic projections of wealth distribution and housing patterns, even 18cm of sea level rise over the next century is pure fantasy. And that sends Al Gore's predictions of sea level refugees into the garbage bin of history where it always belonged.

So where does that leave the ADF? It leaves them locked in that age old battle against the wonkers, the tightarses and the gullible who have always muddied the waters of sound military planning.
Posted by Perseus, Thursday, 27 March 2008 11:37:42 AM
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Like most desk jockeys who encouraged this war against terror from the safety of an office block in OZ, the author fails to see the full impact of his alarmist views on the defence force capability of this country and its effects on the Australian public and morale of our fine defence forces.

Australia has the finest troops in both conflicts bar none and for the relativly small size of our assets have made better progress than the other larger forces have with their huge deployment. As one of many veterans against this war I could not see the value of our deployment in this conflict in protecting our interests.

It made no sense to me to spend big to fight muslim extreamists thousands of miles away from OZ, when the biggest problem we have to face at the moment in this country is battling a reccession and organised crime.

If we were to sack more people like the author and bring our people home to concentrate on organised crime, then maybe we could balance the budget and save the lives on may young drug effected Australian..

As for hina and India as threats to Australia what a load of rubbish, india has no capability to launch an atom bomb against Australia and frankly no interest. And why would China bomb one of it biggest trading partners in the world, when many in at the top of the people's party have so much money invested in this country.

With thinking like this its no wonder the author and his kind got us in this mess.
Posted by Yindin, Thursday, 27 March 2008 12:53:07 PM
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We needn't worry about a Chinese or Indian invasion. They will simply buy the place from us. They are already buying into our medium-scale mining companies, which are the most productive in discovery, and sending their staff to work here.

An 18cm rise in sea-level is remarkably significant. Don't ignore it.

The most useful thing Oz can do in its defence against eco-migrants is to ignore those who refuse to consider that the climate is not what it was 60 years ago and to actively promote responsible global behaviour in respect of our environment. 300 million Chinese each with the spending power of the USA and 300 million Indians with the same, is two more USAs and we, as a global community, simply cannot afford the USA, let alone any additions.

The article was waffle and nothing else, but the title raises an important issue. As an ally of the USA perhaps we should try persuading them that they don't really need $515 billion worth of arms and warfare per year, but that if they devoted just half of this to managing and mitigating climate change, the money would be well spent.They might even get a workable health system out of it.
Posted by HenryVIII, Thursday, 27 March 2008 4:23:16 PM
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We may not face a direct military threat, similar to WW1, WW2, etc.

No one country may wish to invade us, whilst trade is cheaper and more cost efficient.

Increases in non-military threats is likely.

Military threats are always possible, clearly higher when political leaders feel they can get away with it. Political leadership along with attitudes can change quickly, though usually some indication ahead of it occuring.

Migration, outside the legal framework as people leave their homes or places of interim residence for wherever they dream offers them a better chance in life.

Our best defense here involves our helping to improve life for people within Indonesia, PNG and Pacific Islands. Doing this is and helps our trade, our political and our civil relationships.

Increasing our ties, strengthens our borders.

We need work with these countries to ease travel and migration restrictions between us.

Australia's defense and economy can gain from encouraging low skilled labor, and sort after skill groups.

Encourage from these countries those with or seeking to improve desired skills to work and or learn whilst in Australia and remit money home to their families.

We need ensure our environment is what they desire recreate back home.

Maritime poachers and smugglers are opportunists, when their costs greater than returns they will cease.

People being smuggled are indicators of where exists need clarify how people can come here, how going outside our process will not help them.

Certainly room to speed up refugee migration.

We could offer quicker approval for temporary entry conditional on applicants accepting specific terms and conditions such as for a time they and their families be required live within a particular post code (or adjoining), report regularly, and undertake orientation training (eg Centrelink or TAFE approved).

Offer these streamlined final permanent approval eg after three years satisfactory behavior.

Distribution of photo identity cards linked to Centrelink, Tax, and Medicare for all residents in Australia will assist policing for employment and valid residency.

The need to maintain effective surveillance of our borders of interest is essential
Posted by polpak, Saturday, 29 March 2008 10:14:02 AM
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We can ponder all we want but if we havent got the Book of Revelation in our hands we travel down no road of enlightenment.
Pick it up and read it.
Also note that there are a number of visions and prophecies around the christian churches of Australia about The Lord allowing an invader because of the sins of the people. Some think Indonesia. I suggest China. Try clicking on kings of the east.
Posted by Gibo, Saturday, 29 March 2008 7:31:27 PM
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