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The Forum > Article Comments > The US' enablement jeopardizes Israel's future > Comments

The US' enablement jeopardizes Israel's future : Comments

By Alon Ben-Meir, published 14/2/2018

Of paramount importance is the political support of the evangelicals, who are staunch supporters of Israel as they believe it to be the conduit for the return of the Messiah.

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All those evalgelicals are mislead idiots with tunnel vision.
- Can't even read their own bibles.
Doesn't it say in there 'Jews who are not Jews'?
Who are the Ashkenazi Jews who make up 80% to 90% of Israelis?
They are not the 'Jews' spoken about in the bible.
They are a penis-worshipping warlike tribe called Kazarians from who took up the Jewish religion in 800AD and have never had any relationship to the Tribes of Israel spoken of in the bible.

So the evangelicals who support Israel are mislead idiots, who are actually supporting the types of people Jesus spoke about and opposed. They cannot read or consider the bible in a context other than through their wearing of Jewish colored spectacles.

As far as I'm concerned Israel is just a warmongering terrorist nation.
Why is the US still in Syria, when ISIS have now been destroyed?
The unfolding of the Arab spring and Syrian Civil war all seems obvious to me now.
Israel made a deal with the Saudis, that if they helped overthrow Assad they'd get the oil pipelines and a leg up on theirs and Israels adversary - Iran. US went along because it needs to prop up the petrodollar and members of congress are invested in the arms industry.
America and Israel have been arming and providing medical support to the terrorists.
And the Syrian Civil Defense (not Assads) were aligned with Al-Nusra.
This has all been about Israel making war on its neighbours, for it's own imperialistic objectives.
All the people killed, all of it.

You think I've forgotten about when Russia targetted a command centre in Aleppo with Kalibr missiles and killed 30 Mossad that were co-ordinating and advising the rebels.
You think I've forgotten who was buying ISIS oil off Bilal Erdogan?

American and Russian forces are going head to head on the ground, do you all realise that?
I'll be surpised if Israel isn't responsible for starting another world war by the time the year is out.
- And it might not even be that long.
Posted by Armchair Critic, Wednesday, 14 February 2018 9:18:21 PM
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The author seems to exaggerate America's contribution and influence over Israel. The fact is that Israel is a strong super-power by itself and could do well without America.

The money Israel receives from America, with many strings attached, is a drop in the ocean of Israel's GDP; and the weapons Israel receives from America, are inferior to the weapons made in Israel itself.

Israel does whatever it wants (including its occupation and settlements, which I condemn) regardless of what America might say or not. If America vanished today, Israel would not be affected significantly.

«Trump's other terrible mistake was not demanding any concession from Netanyahu in return for the US' recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital»

Netanyahu didn't ask for it, nor needed it - Trump only did it for his internal political reasons. Why should anyone have to pay for a "service" they did not request? Jerusalem has been Israel's capital since its inception in 1948. Why should anyone care where other countries want to place their embassies?
Posted by Yuyutsu, Thursday, 15 February 2018 11:58:27 AM
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