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Unwrapping the economy : Comments

By David Leyonhjelm, published 13/11/2017

The actual and opportunity cost runs into many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost or delayed investment. And that means a lot of employment opportunities for our fellow Australians.

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Economy should never come before personal freedoms.

It should never be allowed for commercial companies (or anyone else for that matter) to enter someone's property and disturb their peace against their will, how more so to dig the ground, making noise, raising dust and creating other disturbances.

"My home is my fortress" - I thought the Liberal Democratic Party believe in this?!
Posted by Yuyutsu, Monday, 13 November 2017 8:46:02 AM
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Another carping piece from the ranks of the “rule makers”.

Also, we tread on dangerous ground when ignoring the law, (eg; marine Park authy., ). This is a very greasy slope with many actors.

I was recently berated by the fisheries inspectors, after a conversation with them exposing my obvious joy at locating a protected species, female shark nursery, to be told it was not a concern of theirs, since they “personally” considered the shark numbers did not warrant protection.

This highlights the gung-ho attitude of disregarding the rules.

Soon we become like Vietnam, with all the rules and safeguards imaginable, for a properly functioning society, and almost every one of those rules ignored, or worse, turned into an opportunity for officials to accept a bribe to ignore them!

I think you need to return to Parliament, and become usefully engaged in officially reducing the number of laws we all agree must be reduced, which can only be reduced by a functioning Parliament, normally employing itself in making the overabundance of the unnecessary rules and regulations in the first place!
Posted by diver dan, Monday, 13 November 2017 9:16:35 AM
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I think I'm inclined to agree with both Yuyustu and Diver!

The only real economic obstacles are those created in the houses of parliament across this wide brown land! And by self serving elitists/moribund muddlers from both the right and the left!

With very few of them not looking entirely out of place in a regional council chamber, where their bean counting skills and sheer monotonous mediocrity, would be in better/more appropriate, nit picking, determinedly divisive company!

That said, the cost of diabolically dumb, delayed or deferred infrastructure, doubles by the decade! And the ever rising structural deficit isn't helping!

Nor are tax laws that can't or won't be genuinely reformed, because too many politicians currently benefit from an entirely counterproductive status quo?

Ditto manifestly moronic energy policies from both the left and right and if you wanted to kill an economy? Just emulate our current energy policy template! The Clayton's energy policy you have when you don't have an energy policy, David!

Tax laws ought to be rewritten to guarantee any income earned here must be liable for a fair share of tax! And if the only way to guarantee that is with either an unavoidable expenditure tax or an equally unavoidable PAYG 15% flat tax?

Then we should chose and make lawful, one or the other or both! And as the only tax taken or available!?

Finally we have to embrace a future that has to include cheap clean safe nuclear power! You can spend the rest of your days critiquing to your heart's content or alternatively, get on doing something both useful positive and constructive.

Like making Bismuth 213 available for every Australian cancer patient, now in the living years, when it matters! Unwrap that!
Alan B.
Posted by Alan B., Monday, 13 November 2017 11:26:21 AM
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