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The Forum > Article Comments > D H Lawrence and pornography > Comments

D H Lawrence and pornography : Comments

By Peter Sellick, published 16/2/2016

What we get in these descriptions is the blood driven response of a man towards a woman, the very essence of sexual relationships.

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Beautiful, thanks Peter!

Religion teaches celibacy in order to capture the enormous raw sexual energy and direct it toward God. Society subsequently picked up this idea from the ruins of religion (and once religion was tangled with power and control, it was already in ruins), but without the context of directing the energy to God, society didn't know what to do with the sexual energy, so all that was left was ugly suppression.

Pornography appeals to the indirect, mental contortion of sexuality, leaving actual healthy sexual energy behind and suppressed. Just because someone is genitally-active does not liberate their suppressed sexual energy.

As the raw sexual energy was suppressed, considered dirty and only allowed to stay in the mind, no energy was left to be directed toward God. One cannot channel their sexual energy towards God before they even have that energy.

So indeed, the Anglican Deacon, the author, did well to encourage a return to direct sensuality and sexuality, in the blood rather than in the head, replacing virtual mind-f*?*ing with something to a degree more real. Speaking of celibacy at this stage would be premature: that second stage of this rocket to God can only be activated once the first has done its part.
Posted by Yuyutsu, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 8:23:57 AM
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Looking in from the outside again Peter? So how can you understand love? And why do you think it is connected to sex? Or the love's exclusively between a man and a woman?

And you are as transparent as always in your attempt to show that only sex between a man and a woman is normal!

You should buy or hire a copy of Russell Crowe's, Water Diviner.

It's all about love and the culturally inappropriate love between a Muslim and a lapsed Christian, and love of a father for his sons; and a ripper story only marred by the bigotry of the priest?

It's Russell's first attempt at direction and arguably a very good first start! In the opening chapter, you see a conversation between the principal character and a parish priest. And if you look closely, you'll see yourself in that image Peter, as others see you?

I don't care much for phornography, and the way it's manipulated today. I believe the act of sex should be private, between partners of all description.

However I'm a fan of erotic dancing, by completely natural naked women, always providing it is consensual. A hula hoop and lots of pelvic thrusts that get it spinning can have me standing to attention. as is parodying love making by a naked woman to an invisible man. The best go at it like a singer sewing machine.

I think porn should be educational, and show tenderness, concern, and spontaneity! They need to bring back the beaver and completely normal love making that ends in a masive orgasam for the lady!

Given God given sexual orientation is like fingerprints, formed in the womb! And given that is so, I wouldn't presume to ask people to exercise unrealistic entirely unnatural celibacy, given I can't/couldn't!

As for porn, it's everywhere and available on demand for just about anybody, and needs to be modified to include tenderness and caring, given kids are invariably exposed and often have their expectations generated by entirely mendacious rubbish!
Posted by Rhrosty, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 9:04:15 AM
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Dear Peter,

I can find nothing to disagree with in your article. That is a first for me. I also appreciate D. H. Lawrence. Literature can give us so much.

As a teenager I often disliked my parents and felt very guilty about disliking my parents. Then I read a book which freed me from my guilt. The protagonist, Ernest Pontifex, lived in the nineteenth century, had far worse parents than mine and hated them far more than I hated mine. He was depicted as a very decent man who broke off contact with his stifling parents. The book was "The Way of All Flesh" by Samuel Butler.

I read the book again this year and, to my surprise, still enjoyed it. One excerpt from the book:

"To me it seems that youth is like spring, an overpraised season--delightful if it happen to be a favoured one, but in practice very rarely favoured and more remarkable, as a general rule, for biting east winds than genial breezes. Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits. Fontenelle at the age of ninety, being asked what was the happiest time of his life, said he did not know that he had ever been much happier than he then was, but that perhaps his best years had been those when he was between fifty-five and seventy-five, and Dr Johnson placed the pleasures of old age far higher than those of youth. True, in old age we live under the shadow of Death, which, like a sword of Damocles, may descend at any moment, but we have so long found life to be an affair of being rather frightened than hurt that we have become like the people who live under Vesuvius, and chance it without much misgiving."

Being 90 the above speaks to me.
Posted by david f, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:04:34 AM
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"In our time of internet pornography where every orifice is meticulously depicted,"

I think a Lot of active research went into that statement! Are your subscriptions still up to date Pete?
Posted by Cobber the hound, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:07:25 AM
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I had a normal sex-"education" back in the 60's. My parents told me nothing about it - zilch. Such was most probably the case with most people of my age, and certainly in every generation before then, and probably with most people until the last 2 or 3 decades when at least the information on the mechanics of how-to-do-it became freely available.

But the key to understanding and mastering ones sexuality is emotion, because what one is in emotional terms determines how you dramatize your persona altogether. Not just the obvious sexual aspects of your life - how you relate to your own body, all other men and women, and to the natural world too. And of your conception of God and the way in which you practice your religion too.

And by the way celibacy is not necessarily the answer. It takes profound emotional self-knowledge and self-discipline to be truly celibate - more so than what it takes to be sexually active (even in what is usually considered loving terms).
Without such profound self-knowledge, mind-based enforced celibacy usually results in all-the-way-down-the-line emotional-sexual aberrations. Whatever is merely repressed or stomped upon manifests in all kinds of wierd aberrated ways. Collective sexual repression at home always results in cruelties being dramatized elsewhere or upon collective scapegoat targets.
And being celibate does not really have anything to do with directing ones sexual energy "towards god". Children are celibate, so are sick people and many old people too, and some people are just not interested in sex - are they therefore more "godly"?

Meanwhile these essays introduce an Illuminated Understanding of the all-important emotional-sexual dimensions of our psycho-physical appearance here:
Posted by Daffy Duck, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:32:22 AM
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"While our culture is drowning in sexual images we seem to have lost the thing itself, that thing that bonds couples for life."

Speak for yourself Peter, as I don't believe that is true at all. I see love in couples all around me in the community, and pornography has been around for thousands of years, so I doubt that true love can be stamped out by increasing sexual images.

In any case, 'bonding' couples together for life is an extremely outdated notion where because of some stupid religious conviction, you stayed with a hated spouse, no matter how awful your life was. Thank goodness we have moved on from that era...

My grandparents despaired for my parents love of rock music and Elvis Presley's suggestive hip movements were considered the work of the devil from many in their generation. My parents and their friends were considered sinful and very naughty, but it didn't harm them and the younger generation today will get through life just as well.

They won't listen to old men trying to tell them how to live their lives, just as we never did...or most of us.
Posted by Suseonline, Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:59:25 AM
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