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The Forum > Article Comments > Adoption is coloured by the past > Comments

Adoption is coloured by the past : Comments

By Debbie Garratt, published 12/11/2013

Our view of adoption hinges on the wrongs we know about from the past, even though today's practices are quite different.

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Thank you Debbie, a very patient and charitable essay. It's a great cruelty to children and potential parents that our [il]liberal bureaucracy is so intransigent. Sadly our sexual revolutionaries have crystalised into a hidebound establishment and rely on hiding their own dogmatism from themselves and general scrutiny in public life.

“The Reformer is always right about what's wrong. However, he's often wrong about what is right.” G.K. Chesterton .

It's fair to say we basically suffer under now reactionary 1960,70's politics - or failing late-stage Baby Boomer legacy preservation, in economic terms - generational theft of wealth and resources (they have killed their competition in the womb). The children that survived the womb are largely deprived of the conceptual tools and thinking abilities with which they might be able to challenge their rulers.

I'm sorry to say they are out of ideas, and feel threatened enough as in Tasmania,to attempt to criminalise conscientious opposition to abortion or demonise opposition to their attempt to abolish marriage. They've been reduced to mere clan based politics - massive increase in ameleriotion bureaucracies, the scouring of society with their paid up lawyers and journalists to find further pretexts for central government control (biggest lobby group in society) of social life.

A flourishing adopting culture doesn't fit well with their commitment to abortion, we must understand they will never be brought to see the ocean of baby blood they have presided over.

I discovered today Tanya Plibersek member of the brutal abortion lobby EMILYS List is married to Michael Coutts-Trotter, director-general of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. So the little ones and their prospective parents are facing an uphill battle. (Plibersek is more interested in exporting abortion (family planning[sic]) around the world with taxpayers money than real compassion).

Thank you to Debbie for her truly life giving public service, for giving Australians hope to rally around.
Posted by Martin Ibn Warriq, Tuesday, 12 November 2013 11:27:55 AM
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Whilst it is certainly a step in a helpful direction, policy and legislative change is certainly not the solution to the dilemma's of decades past. Policy provides a solution focused direction, without application such a solution becomes merely a suggestion. It is difficult if not impossible to feel pessimistic about the benefit of recent changes to law on the issue of adoption, the potential dehumanization of the adoption process and the unknown that has been created. The view shared here was certainly cautious and this I feel is appropriate for the current climate of adoption in Australia and throughout the world.
Posted by Ryaninsa, Thursday, 14 November 2013 1:00:00 PM
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As a person who was adopted, I was very fortunate/blessed to have great parents. The problem came when my behaviour did not reflect my parent's morals and desires for me. At the time (teenage years), I could not explain why I did things or why I thought a certain way. My parents suffered because of my actions. Since meeting my biological mother and learning about my family, I now understand my earlier behaviour, though this does not excuse one day of it! The terms 'abandonment, rejection, despair are not mentioned. I know these emotions only too well. Would I rather have ended up in a 'bin', "NO, NOT AT ALL", I am very grateful for the parents who raised me. I am very grateful for the family I have today. I am a man, my wife and I have 'terminated' pregnancies, we were told "it's the right thing to do under the circumstances", though I now see so many people desiring to have children and the process is extremely traumatic. A man and woman is the best parenting situation where possible. Homosexual parenting has problems,(though we are not allowed to say this, (discrimination, vilification etc). (evidence gathered from talking to children now adults who grew up in these environments). As for abortion, they don't tell you "you may hear babies crying, you may feel guilty, you will have to live with this actin", they say "it's legal, it will be 'ok", not when you suffer and see your partner suffering, for years after, wondering, "why did I do that". Adoption is a great way for parents and children to grow. Counselling must be available so both parties can understand that there are issues in these relationships and the 'feelings' are normal. Families with support can overcome every obstacle, I have and do.
Posted by servant of God, Thursday, 21 November 2013 3:51:23 PM
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