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The Forum > Article Comments > Worldwide sanctions can erode Israel's fanaticism > Comments

Worldwide sanctions can erode Israel's fanaticism : Comments

By Kourosh Ziabari, published 1/4/2011

In this interview Lawrence Davidson from West Chester University urges sanctions on Israel for its own sake.

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This is the sort of propagandist drivel that Ahmadinejad uses to justify the annihilation of Israel, collapse of the West, and establishment of a global Shiite Empire (tell me who really has colonialist ambitions!).

Iran poses a much greater threat to Australia's national interest than Israel ever will. Israel's goal is to defend its people and sovereignty in a hostile region. Iran is actively arming proxies in order to annihilate another sovereign state.

Ziabari and Davidson are skipping hand-in-hand down the garden path, without a critical question in sight. Why didn't this interview discuss the Iranian peoples' protests against their ruling regime, and the implications this might have in the region? What of the Islamic Republic's murder and violence against their own people?

Give me a break.
Posted by MaNiK_JoSiAh, Friday, 1 April 2011 5:10:15 PM
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Last year 300 of 435 US Congressman signed a letter not to criticise Israel,expressing indifference to both Israel's policies and actions in the Middle East and the genocide of the Palistinians.Who really controls the USA?

Israel uses the USA to do it's dirty work in attacking Iraq ,removing Murbarak,Gaddaffi and threatening the invasion of Iran.

Israel with its 200+ nukes is the greatest threat to world peace than any other country on,the planet.

Israel needs to shed its mad dog nuke status,and enter the world of real civilisation,whereby the Muslims with the oil are their brothers, who are not a lower form of life to be eliminated,to suit some biblical fantasy.
Posted by Arjay, Friday, 1 April 2011 7:26:11 PM
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Nahhh, Kouri Ziahari, you got it all wrong.

International sanctions against Israel will only work if the electorates of the democratic societies will allow their politicians to do this.

That is extremely unlikely.

Here in Australia, one Greens candidate who proposed just such sanctions within her own electorate just got chucked out on her ear in the last state election.

You see, Kourish old mate, most westerners are not fooled by the Arab claim that Israel is some sort of bad guy. Most of us know that the real reason why you Muslims want to completely destroy ISrael is because it's existence is an offence to your God, and to the Muslim belief in a worldwide Muslim caliphate.

Israel represents a backward step for Islamic imperial domination of the world, and that is utterly unacceptable to Muslims.

So, most of us support Israel all the way. And the more you Arabs use terrorism in the west as a way of trying to destroy Israel, the more we westerners become sympathetic to the Jews, and the more we despise you Muslims.

So, my advise to you, is to convert from your evil, warlike religion to some other brand, or even become athreists. Your evil religion is a failure, and Europe and Asia are leaving you Muslims far behind because of it.

Your evil religious leaders simply use Israel as an excuse to deflect your attention from Islams very noticeable shortcomings.

Although, most of us westerners are happy that you Arabs are Islamic, becasue we are having enough trouble with the Asians as our competitors, and we don't want any more competition for our advanced merchandise.

We want you al to stay Muslim because we want you to keep buggering everything up.
Posted by LEGO, Saturday, 2 April 2011 4:27:28 AM
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Addressing the Article (which is supposed to be the purpose of our deliberations, rather than to air our various prejudices, misunderstandings or phobias): This piece is illuminatory, though generally revealing only what we already suspected as far as US/Israeli relations and US political machinations are concerned. It is also reassuring that the author of the piece has stated that the interview was recorded in its entirety - and I only hope this means without any clever editing - for, given the nature of some of the previous articles by this author, one needed to be on guard for elements of discriminatory slanting. (I think Arjay would have viewed those earlier articles favourably - meaning no disrespect, just an observation from Arjay's comments variously on this forum.)

However, the title of the piece reveals the author's Iranian leanings, and appears to be derived entirely from the very last paragraph of the interviewees comments - and particularly the last two sentences. That paragraph is troubling. Up to that point one was inclined to regard the respondent's insights on the issue(s) as considered, historically-correct and unbiased. But, Davidson may have blown his cover in the end, and revealed personal leanings and an element or two of prejudice, sad to say.

Ahmadinejad appears to me the most worrying player in the middle east. Some of his, what can only be regarded as, rantings, give myself and others a good deal of concern - and, hence, invoke strong opposition to Iran gaining nuclear weaponry. It also inclines a more favourable and compassionate view of Israel - to some detriment of course to the Palestinian cause. Whilst ever Ahmadinejad, or his philosophy, prevail in Iran, he can expect no support from the West, and only sanctions. Correspondingly, no sanctions against, or overt criticism of, Israel.

Israel is a barbed issue. Excessive repression of the Palestinians, provocative and unjustifiable land-grabbing, and, in my view, arrogance and excessive religious zeal. But a peaceful homeland should not be too much to ask - if such can be enabled in a future enlightened and tolerant world.
Posted by Saltpetre, Saturday, 2 April 2011 1:52:43 PM
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Arjay, et al:

Nuclear disarmament is not now, nor will for the foreseeable future be possible. That should be obvious. Nor could this provide any answer for Iran, or for resolution of Iran/Israeli or Iran/The-West disagreements - nor, for that matter, of world conflict. Not now at least.

Israeli nuclear disarmament is also impossible, and in my view would be exceedingly counterproductive in terms of a path to peace in the middle east. That would really put the pigeon among the cats, and how do you think the west would respond to the resultant inevitable escalation of unrest? Too horrible to contemplate!

There is only one answer to all the world's conflicts, injustices and inhumanity, and that is a new world order of tolerance, freedom and justice, and this will only be possible if there can be attainment of true equality for all mankind.

What form can such equality and order take? That remains to be seen, or even envisaged, because everyone is busy looking after number one!

If we can't agree on measures to counter global warming (and forget about arguing that GW is a myth, I just don't want to hear it, waste of time arguing about it, and just detracts and distracts from the potential of this one issue to bring all of mankind under one umbrella to discuss the possibilities - and who knows what miraculous outcomes could be derived from that, from the pursuit of even this one common purpose, what future cooperation could that possibly generate! - so who cares if GW is a myth, it may be a fantastic way forward! so hush with the skepticism!), how then can we hope to solve all the thorny issues of world conflict and unrest?

World cooperation toward a shared common purpose - and that being order, peace, prosperity and justice for all. Just, one small step at a time. And, that starts with you and me, and we can only hope that others in their millions can one day take up the cause. In the meantime, let's not destroy the planet.
Posted by Saltpetre, Saturday, 2 April 2011 3:49:43 PM
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I wonder why, in light of the news, we are all picking on Israel again? Is it, maybe, because picking on Israel is a bog standard response of immature wannabees? How dare they exist? Israel is not actually responsible for the "settlers" crimes, any more than Gaza (Hamas)/ West Bank (Fatah)/ or Lebanon (Hezbollah) are responsible for the crimes committed by their citizens. It is funny when that particular gun is turned around isn't it? Funny part of the world, heavily armed, non-state Actors can do pretty much as they please, while Governments are helpless to stop them. Instead of just whining about illegal settlements, why not also complain about the war crimes committed by Hamas/Hezbollah/Fatah at the same time?

Even more amusing when Goldstone has recanted on his report to the UN ( in a piece written by himself in the Washington Post. Basically, he suggests that due to the fact that the IDF has investigated 400 odd allegations of Operational Misconduct, and Hamas have not investigated one, the anti-Israel Bias of the Security Council "cannot be doubted".

But in terms of effective sanctions, when Islamic Clerics have inculcated so many into pursuing war against the West (and like it or not, they have), then the average Mr & Mrs Bloggs are going to feel like they are being targeted & react accordingly (by choosing Politicians for their willingness to ACT). Whilst such atrocities as the attack on the UN Compound (by the Pakistani Military Proxy, the Taliban) continue, so will aid to Israel. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a saying from that specific part of the world and is as true today (with ex-insurgents being supported by NATO in Libya) as it was in the days of Hammurabi (

When Islamic Clerics stop preaching violence to their semi-literate, uneducated & easily led followers (as happened in the Blue Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif -, they will have the moral high ground to criticize Israel & others. Until then they do not have standing to so do.
Posted by Aaron 1975, Sunday, 3 April 2011 10:38:29 AM
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