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The Forum > General Discussion > Perceived Population Perceptions.

Perceived Population Perceptions.

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The greatest threat to world population successful survival is the success humans have to over populate their environment.

I watched on SBS1 a 2015 National Geographic documentary entitled “Mankind From Space” on December 12, 2016, beginning at 3 PM. A time I assume few people were watching.

What made this documentary worth quoting was after the first hour, future population growth estimates were mentioned. The documentary stating: world population increases 200,000 each day; in the last 50 years, earth population has doubled; mid 2015 population was 7.3 billion; 2030 predicted to be 8 billion; 2050 predicted to level off at over 9 billion.“big question is, are we becoming victims of our own success”. With 9 billion people, 7 billion will be living in cities. A seriously good documentary shown at an obscure Wednesday afternoon when few similar documentaries had been shown to encourage a time slot where many documentary watchers check programs for what maybe being shown.

Aleppo in Syria is an example of a city of 4 story buildings which held a large population, in which that population managed to maintain a noticeable increase in children. That a below website statistic states out of 250,000 people trapped in Aleppo, 100,000 are children. The ratio isn't that significant, yet adults live from 18 to 60 years on average while children are aged below 17 years.

Age statistics of Syrian refugees living outside Syria. Below age 17 years, humans will move into the above aged 17 years adult ages, increasing Syrian refugee population, while fewer numbers of elderly will have passed away.

From age 0 to 4 years Syrians, the population is 7.2%. Female Syrian refugees are not allowing themselves to be negatively influenced by limited resources and displacement.

The PDF file below suggests in 2100 world population will be 11 billion. Africa being the worst offender.

When someone says “don't panic” you should think to panic, as the person saying “don't panic” is merely attempting to calm themselves down.
The below reading suggests a world population of 12 billion in year 2100.

To be continued...
Posted by steve101, Friday, 6 January 2017 12:45:46 PM
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Yes, I think read some where that just Nigeria's population alone by 2100 will be hitting the 1 Billion mark.
Posted by roderick, Saturday, 7 January 2017 5:39:18 AM
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Placing human populations in cities alone doesn't seem to solve human desires to have large families. I suggest, the Culture is to blame.

Before the Second World War Western societies had large families. Social security: unemployment benefits and retirement pensions... home ownership persuaded baby productive couples that large families weren't necessary. Post Second World War baby boomer's fewer brothers and sisters family size generation's educated women going to work to finance home ownership resulted in fewer children being born. Human faith in constant and/or improving living conditions adds to confidence in capitalist system tax payer social welfare security. The real issue is saleable limited resources and sharing limited resources with outstanding/circulating purchasing currency.

Syria can build 4 story buildings, yet can't supply 4 seated passenger motor vehicles and/or viable steady employment for women.

Western countries except over populating African, middle eastern refugees and immigrants, placing supply pressures on limited resources consumer products, western working populations cheaply consume. By the time second millennium teenagers reach retirement years, limited resources will be spread between so many people, western countries will resemble today's third world countries, being controlled by a limited number of rich people influencing government controls, whom increase their personal wealth by taking advantage of continued population growth, building infrastructure and high rise development.

Mankind From Space documentary first hour outlines human development so far, seemly predicting in year 2050 population growth will level off. I suggest what has given western societies stable levelled out population growth can not be sustained as governments remove societies secure welfare assurances, which in Australia, on January 1, 2016, has already began.


Placing humans in cities, increasing infrastructure, more electricity to power elevators and electric trains to move workers to and from work, to move people to and from entertainment centres. Increasing CO2 levels, consuming limited fossil fuel resources far too quickly.

When if populations that are supposed to level at 9 billion, the growth factor infrastructure and building development will drastically slow, leaving fewer employment opportunities.

The more adults to fewer children, the more employment that require fewer school teaching employment.
Posted by steve101, Saturday, 7 January 2017 9:22:20 AM
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Easy to see why religions and Hollywood movies are often predicting an Apocalypse.

When populations begin to consume animal food resources faster than resources can replenish, who gets to say “enough is enough”.

Global Warming and/or Global Climate Change I suggest has much more to do with water evaporation than increasing CO2 levels. CO2 is heavier than air and will eventually be taken up by oceans, yet removing rain forests to feed ever increasing numbers of people, removes the daily rain forest evaporation cycle. Human development creates more desert environments.

Evaporation of ocean water into clouds decreases atmosphere temperatures. As moist air rises at the equator, air cools as atmosphere pressure decreases. As above atmosphere cold air moves towards polar regions cold air eventually turns to cooling rain and snow.

Global warming is a distraction that can't be proven, yet embarrassingly doubted, needing words to reinforce beliefs as religion constantly needs reinforcing with words.

Large populations living in cities uses more fossil CO2 producing fuels to drive workers to work. Motor vehicle exhaust burning fuels CO2 emissions seems less of a political concern than coal fuel power stations.

More transport trucking are required to transport food into cities.

More rain fall area land is required to grow food.

The more food needed the more waste product tarred roads are going be maintained. The more fossil fuels needed to provide petroleum fertilisers to grow food.

More reliable coal powered electricity needed for high rise elevators and electric trains.

World populations are being distracted from third world over population by too much irrelevant political foreign policy entertainment.

Children are being educated to not want to care to learn anything other than what media focus attention towards. That sports entertainment, has many children bouncing basket balls, throwing basket balls into basket ball hoops self-gratifying themselves as a high achievement.

By leaving societies to short term emotional self-gratifying behaviours, society fails to address world over population. That long term stability is being threatened by each generation's short term greed.
Posted by steve101, Saturday, 7 January 2017 9:25:34 AM
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Western countries are persuaded by a life time of good verse evil media stories to act morally superior and/or morally intelligent... while African and Middle Eastern countries continues to have many babies, forcing morally correct western countries to take immigrant refugees.

Short term political policies are not giving much attention to openly arguing Earth population becomes increasingly difficult to manage year after year. That this 9 billion limit level is more delaying propaganda, waiting for the problem to fix itself... where the problem may include a fix that effects countries whom have reduced birth rates to a negative percentage. Western countries increasing population, are doing so through immigration.

Aleppo is a demonstration of ineffective policies that stop short of changing cultural family needs.


I suggest one reason why year 325 Roman rulers adopted a desert nomad Jewish religion was that desert dwellers eat goats, that goats were primarily limited to eating a limited supply of green foliage, grown within deserts dwelling environments, that desert nomad goat herders that eat goats, that tribal leaders used animal sacrifice ceremonies, limiting tribal consumption of goats according to tribal numbers, sustainable goat herding and long term tribal population growth. Nomad goat herd leaders kept in mind whether long term pastures were sustainable over future years considering varying pasture moisture content. Tribal populations were ever increasing, goat herd tribes fort with neighbouring goat herd tribes, goat herd tribal leaders having an understanding with other neighbouring tribal leaders in their willingness to participate. That hidden religious text meanings were built into religious text, leaders were aware of religious text human sacrifice true meanings. That to be part of a goat herding tribe, tribal members must partake of religious sacrificial rituals as described by Jesus dying on the cross.

Middle East goat herding ended after the First World War ended, when new borders restricted Middle Eastern tribal population from moving goat herds into new pastures following summer and winter seasonal weather.

What thousands of years had created, in one decision to create borders, Middle Eastern populations have caused problems several thousand years managed to solve.
Posted by steve101, Saturday, 7 January 2017 9:28:27 AM
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Political policy laws on terminally ill elderly people being refuse legal rights to legally commit suicide, shows the unwillingness for politicians to make difficult choices. Political leaders wanting to be seen defending life to life's full potential, as religion is mistakenly believed to most poorly educated citizenry.
Issues of 2050 predicted 9 billion people aren't in their political time frame in political office.

USA rich class corporate leaders whom control the political decisions, may commission vague meaning Hollywood movies: Hunger Games; etc... yet words fail to suggest third world over population could result in realistic events.

Average working class citizenry due to years of irrelevant education and indifferent media stories are eager to simplify life and self-medicate: alcohol; feel good drugs; religion; sports... self-medicating mentally stressful education and employment work, living for present moment. To consider that most present problems are caused by third world population pressures and will no doubt worsen, such ideas are distracted by media.

As Australian media occasionally and/or vaguely mention newly arrived immigrant cultural differences, Middle East war news and war images seems to silence Australian complaints. Australia becomes too morally intellectually intelligent, politically correct, for our own good, rather than being outspoken. Australians wait and listen for what media shock jocks state.

As Europe takes in African and Middle Eastern refugees straining their own resources, the space left vacant in Africa and the Middle East will soon be taken up by more wonderful children, leaving the problem to continue. The more bombs dropped on cities like Aleppo, the more gun violence, the more the word spreads that Western countries are taking in refugees, the more refugees are fleeing to countries willing to take refugees. As Europeans complain, European leaders will ask Australia to take in more refugees.

Australian leaders believing in their own moral good guy propaganda, concerned with their own short term in office, will see an opportunity to build more high rise city dwellings, keeping GDP figures up.
Posted by steve101, Saturday, 7 January 2017 9:33:52 AM
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