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View commentsView articleDays of our lives
I am your ordinary, middle-class, working mother that happens to be a practising Muslim who profoundly opposes terrorism and is ardently seeking harmony.
By Najla Turk - 16/2/2017
1862 hours ago
View commentsView articleIgnored ironies: women, protest and Donald Trump
These are hippies turned conservative protectors of the status quo, doves genetically modified to be hawks in Hillary Clinton's laboratory of politics.
By Binoy Kampmark - 24/1/2017
6220 days ago
View commentsView articleDear migrants, let’s reclaim the flag as a symbol of unity
Mayor Cotter, standing in front of an Australian flag, gave an impassioned speech about what it meant to be Australian and why we must engage in public life.
By Saeed Khan - 24/1/2017
5023 days ago
View commentsView articleCoalition caught out misleading the nation over infrastructure investment
It is an article of faith for propagandists that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
By Anthony Albanese - 2/2/2017
4914 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy has the state government ignored key recommendation from own DV taskforce?
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's reported remarks urging parties demanding new measures for DV offenders to first discuss the issue, seems to ignore her Government's own DV taskforce recommendations of 2015.
By Cassandra Pullos - 17/2/2017
4613 mins ago
View commentsView articleTrump-Netanyahu meeting set to expose Obama’s collusion on Resolution 2334
Netanyahu's visit to the White House presents the perfect opportunity to personally hand his evidence to President Trump.
By David Singer - 14/2/2017
3611 hours ago
View commentsView articleIn terms of temperature, what sort of a year did we have in Australia?
Fiddling with the past is all too reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. Maybe there are good reasons, and maybe if I did a lot of work I would find them.
By Don Aitkin - 8/2/2017
325 days ago
View commentsView articleWill the lights go out in Victoria or just industry?
The real distortion to the system is the treatment of wind generated power.
By Tom Quirk and Paul Miskelly - 14/2/2017
314 days ago
View commentsView articleClose the cycle: an alternative approach for used nuclear fuel
Even calling used nuclear fuel 'waste' is an appalling misnomer. It is more like an ore that requires processing and conditioning.
By Ben Heard - 1/2/2017
317 days ago
View commentsView articleSolar and wind power lose their shine
It is exquisite that we are to place our energy future in renewables, the energy source most prone to the beast that we are trying to slay: climate change.
By Gary Johns - 9/2/2017
302 days ago
View commentsView articleBlasphemy laws desecrate democratic rights
The Grand Mufti’s approach is draconian, oppressive and stifling of the fundamental value of free speech.
By Amanda Stoker - 25/1/2017
2924 days ago
View commentsView articleMating, the core of it all
But in all of them, to repeat, the real and sometimes hidden engine of social life is the production of children and their maturation into adults.
By Don Aitkin - 10/2/2017
297 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia Day needn’t be an ideological battleground
We celebrated two Australia Days this year. The bad news is that they were on the same date as each other and not only will there be no extra holiday but half the population wasn't able to see what the other half celebrated.
By Graham Young - 27/1/2017
2724 days ago
View commentsView articleA real friend to Israel would stand up for Palestinian rights
The Australian and Israeli governments have much in common. Each seems determined to not care much for international law and to care even less about the suffering of Palestinians.
By Stuart Rees - 21/2/2017
265 hours ago
View commentsView articleBehold SA and be scared, very scared
The latest Australian Energy Market Operator report on the state's electricity market illustrates much more than the inevitable problems associated with integrating intermittent renewables.
By Tom Quirk - 13/2/2017
266 days ago
View commentsView articleAssisted suicide in 2017
If we are not free to end our lives, with assistance if necessary, then we are not free at all.
By David Leyonhjelm - 6/2/2017
2513 days ago
View commentsView articleIs housing affordability the egg we can’t unscramble?
Politicians are starting to get the message, but is it all too late? Has the affordability horse bolted, permanently?
By Ross Elliott - 10/2/2017
2411 days ago
View commentsView articleElectricity: no end to the damage regulations are doing
There is no let up in the lies, ignorance and dissembling that passes for debate on Australian energy policy.
By Alan Moran - 17/2/2017
213 days ago
View commentsView articleDutch nursing home death - more excuses, more killing
So, what happens after a euthanasia or assisted suicide death occurs and the doctor is found not to have fulfilled one or more of the criteria set down in the law? There should be a charge of homicide.
By Paul Russell - 3/2/2017
2018 days ago
View commentsView articleThe CSIRO's case for 'green growth' is flawed
Contrary to the claims of the Report, the most developed nations must urgently make a fundamental transition
By Samuel Alexander, Jonathan Rutherford and Josh Floyd - 6/2/2017
1916 days ago
View commentsView articleMiddle Eastern migrants aren't 'piling on to the dole queue'
The data actually shows that, after an initial period of relatively high unemployment, labour force participation and employment rates amongst migrant communities eventually reach parity with the rest of the population.
By John van Kooy - 8/2/2017
1812 days ago
View commentsView articleLeap of faith on the National Electricity Market required
While the chaos has political meddling written all over it, its roots are actually technical. That is, the NEM was not designed to be a vehicle for appeasing our environmental conscience.
By Mark Christensen - 20/2/2017
183 days ago
View commentsView articleWhatever you do, try not to be poor
Our governments are elected by the middle class to serve the middle class, so it’s hard to see how any of this is going to change.
By David Leyonhjelm - 20/2/2017
163 days ago
View commentsView articlePauline Hanson's family law plans well-meaning but unworkable
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's blueprint for family law change in Australia is unworkable and ignores reality.
By Jennifer Hetherington - 21/2/2017
163 days ago
View commentsView articleSolving the problem of Australia Day
Debating the date of Australia Day
By Stephen Chavura - 25/1/2017
1528 days ago
View commentsView articleThere will be no Palestinian State on Netanyahu's watch
To establish Netanyahu's lack of commitment, one has to simply observe his actions in the occupied territories and listen to his public narrative.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 16/2/2017
153 days ago
View commentsView articleInsider blows whistle on Fair Work Commission
The second is the Government knows the system is not working well but since it has no intention of changing it, it sees no point in admitting it.
By Peter Costello - 16/2/2017
144 days ago
View commentsView articleThe new dads are doing it better
The contrast between the sexes can be seen early. Simon Baron Cohen says 99 per cent of girls play with dolls at age six. Barely 17 percent of boys do.
By Peter West - 3/2/2017
1410 days ago
View commentsView articleThe guiding light of global policy
Strengthening international solidarity is a crucial task for promoting universal peace.
By Ioan Voicu - 3/2/2017
1319 days ago
View commentsView articleKeep the lights on if you want to stay, Malcolm Turnbull
Once the old plants are retired or electricity demand increases sufficiently, Australia will need investment in coal-fired power.
By Gary Johns - 2/2/2017
1317 days ago
View commentsView articleViolence without religion is just as terrifying
Australia now faces a problematic social issue, in conveying a message that clearly deals with the tragedy and successfully separates the Islamic State connection to avoid further and unnecessary divisive discourse.
By Kendall Galbraith - 30/1/2017
1323 days ago
View commentsView articleGordon Gekko's garden
Today I went down to get a lettuce from the box my partner and I had been tending, and its entire contents had gone.
By John Wright - 24/1/2017
1223 days ago
View commentsView articleHow Trump can, quite literally, bring balance to the 'Force'
In short, the Presidency of Donald Trump has the potential to unite as much as it has already divided.
By Jack Colwill - 22/2/2017
1215 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe oil war is only just getting started
So, both OPEC's Middle East members and the US are seen increasing oil and liquids production in the next two decades.
By Tsvetana Paraskova - 7/2/2017
1216 days ago
View commentsView article'How many Arabs have we killed?'
If we participate in illegal military incursions into sovereign nations, what responsibilities do we have for documenting the loss of life? If we honour lives shouldn't we also value them? Lest we forget the innocents?
By Kellie Tranter - 31/1/2017
1218 days ago
View commentsView articleAn Australia Day reflection
Guilt doesn't create the basis for reframing our relationships or enabling us to see new alterative futures together.
By Sarah Russell - 30/1/2017
1217 days ago
View commentsView articleDon't let Safe Schools become a millstone around our necks
Why the Victorian Government cosied up to Roz Ward and stuck with her for as long as they did remains a mystery.
By Greg Donnelly - 7/2/2017
1110 days ago
View commentsView articleIt did not take much to see Parliament being fetishised, the sacred cow., the bulwark against an evil European bureaucracy
The Brexit debate: down the rabbit hole with parliament
By Binoy Kampmark - 3/2/2017
1118 days ago
View commentsView articleA Christian church
It is a far cry from the other churches. The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has issued a call to arms for true believers to oppose same-sex marriage.
By Peter Bowden - 22/2/2017
109 hours ago
View commentsView articleAre calls for Trump state visit ban misguided?
The current calls for a ban on President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK are heartfelt. Yet in certain important respects they are also perhaps misguided or even, in some cases, disingenuous.
By Mal Fletcher - 1/2/2017
1018 days ago
View commentsView articleRelocating the American embassy to Jerusalem
How to attain a major breakthrough from a potentially disastrous fallout.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 9/2/2017
912 days ago
View commentsView articlePrecarious, unsafe and socially inadequate
What do we want, precarious, unsafe and socially inadequate employment, poverty, categorical- means-tested welfare and downward envy or a universal basic income?
By John Tomlinson - 23/2/2017
910 hours ago
View commentsView articleWhy Mexico will pay for the wall and not mind doing it
They have woken up that morning in a parallel universe in which Donald J Trump, billionaire, is President of the US and they want me to explain to them what he is doing.
By Michael Knox - 13/2/2017
99 days ago
View commentsView article'Stolen Generations' court decision highlights differing laws for indigeous Australians
Why then should the estates of Indigenous persons be treated differently? His Honour identified two reasons.
By Brendan O'Reilly - 31/1/2017
924 days ago
View commentsView articleQueensland Galaxy says game on for ON balance of power
A weakened minority government facing an unpopular opposition presents a dream scenario for Australia's number one nineties nostalgia party.
By Kevin Bonham - 21/2/2017
82 days ago
View commentsView articleA new heaven and a new earth
Secular society largely rejects the division between mortal body and immortal soul and has called the Church's bluff on what happens after death.
By Peter Sellick - 2/2/2017
89 days ago
View commentsView articleA wish for a less absolutist world
In the age of the internet, we seem to have lost touch with civility and good judgement.
By Bashir Goth - 25/1/2017
727 days ago
View commentsView articleMidsummer madness
It must be the weather. As heatwaves and blackouts produce a perfect storm on Capitol Hill, the lamentation of climate alarmists becomes ever shriller.
By Michael Kile - 23/2/2017
62 hours ago
View commentsView articleAustralia on hold until energy mess is sorted out
Boardrooms will turn their backs on us unless we deal with energy costs and reliability.
By Innes Willox - 15/2/2017
64 days ago
View commentsView articleMore nonsense from the panel that will design Daniel Andrews' death law
If the NT experience is properly understood, it tells us that no amount of safeguards will ever make any law safe from abuse.
By Paul Russell - 22/2/2017
619 hours ago
View commentsView articleWhat is it all for?
When they meet and mate another set of influences comes to bear: the needs of their children and what is right for them.
By Don Aitkin - 15/2/2017
59 days ago
View commentsView articleTrump trade
Trump likes bilateral trade agreements, not multilateral trade agreements. Australia is good at both.
By Michael Knox - 30/1/2017
524 days ago
View commentsView articleErdogan: a classic case of power corrupting
To consolidate his reign, he intimidated his political opponents, emasculated the military, silenced the press, and enfeebled the judiciary.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 6/2/2017
512 days ago
View commentsView articleVictorian policies fail to protect taxpayers from disability fund embezzlement
Karen is at the mercy of her adoptive family's personal spending habits, which often take priority over her disability needs.
By Patricia Eisele - 27/1/2017
526 days ago
View commentsView articleModernising Australian industrial relations
There is also the risk that dismantling legislation would be mishandled, in the way that Work Choices was not preceded by public analysis.
By Adam Bisits - 15/2/2017
46 days ago
View commentsView articleTrump earthquake buries Bush, Obama, Russia, EU and UN
President Trump has buried the Bush Roadmap and any lingering hope for the creation of a second Arab State.
By David Singer - 23/2/2017
410 hours ago
View commentsView articlePain with trains lies mainly in the brains (or lack of them)
Based on the last Census, the number of people who used rail – either in whole or in conjunction with some other form of transport – was 65,212. Not a big number.
By Ross Elliott - 31/1/2017
324 days ago
View commentsView articleAddressing Pyongyang’s covert lethality
North Korean state sponsored terrorism, whether via mass bombing or targeted assassination must not be tolerated. Firm action needs to be taken.
By Liang Nah - 20/2/2017
34 days ago
View commentsView articleNSW council amalgamations
Looking to the historical records of democratic governments worldwide, we find many instances of governments acting within the law, but against the wishes and intentions of their people.
By Bob Ryan - 27/1/2017
327 days ago
View commentsView articleAustralia and Israel: concerning Trump and Obama honouring predecessors' commitments
Outrage at Trump possibly not confirming the Obama-Australia Commitment stands awkwardly alongside the deafening silence following Obama's repudiation of the Bush-Israel Commitment.
By David Singer - 7/2/2017
217 days ago
View commentsView articleAn open letter to Somalia's newly elected President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo
Seize the moment Mr. President, the people desire to see you as a President whose decision doesn't come from Addis Ababa, Nairobi or elsewhere.
By Bashir Goth - 13/2/2017
211 days ago
View commentsView articlePLEASE KNOW: A letter to teachers from the mother of a son with autism
It's been 2 years since our son graduated from high school. There were times I never thought he would, but the night of the graduation was our family's proudest moment.
By Randa Habilrih - 17/2/2017
25 days ago
View commentsView articlePartners for growth
We find out whether we are in recession on the 1st of March 2017, and there are only seven sitting days in the Senate prior to this.
By David Leyonhjelm - 27/1/2017
227 days ago
View commentsView articleErdogan's lust for power is destroying Turkey's democracy
For Erdogan, the coup attempt was a 'gift from God' that gave him the license to purge any individual or organization perceived to be his foe, particularly when his popularity was waning.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 1/2/2017
123 days ago
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