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View commentsView articleKim Jong-Un’s survival strategy
North and South Korea had to convince Donald Trump that a small achievement is a grand victory.
By Felix Imonti - 21/5/2018
1812 hours ago
View commentsView articleTrump, Middle East and conservative Christians
Trump is, for them, a flawed warrior of Christ. He has immense moral imperfections but he can still also be a vehicle for God's plans.
By Keith Suter - 25/5/2018
2013 hours ago
View commentsView articleSerbia, Turkey, and Russia: alarm bells for Europe
Erdogan has made his unscrupulous position clear to Western powers, stressing that Turkey will become as powerful and influential as the Ottoman Empire was during its heyday.
By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra - 25/5/2018
920 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe IAAF decision to limit female testosterone levels for certain female track events is stupid
The focus on certain events is ridiculous given that testosterone helps all events that rely greatly on muscular power.
By Chris Lewis - 25/5/2018
620 hours ago
View commentsView articleConservatism and the demise of Israel
Once Iran has a missile and a nuclear warhead, they will be launched. Israel has atomic bombs also.
By Peter Bowden - 23/5/2018
1323 hours ago
View commentsView articleThe digital crack down on crypto: what does the future hold?
Here in Australia, a financial scandal involving the Commonwealth Bank of Australia sparked reforms to strengthen the anti-money laundering laws to include the likes of Bitcoin.
By Jessica Foreman - 24/5/2018
623 hours ago
View commentsView articleDon't ban donations, ban donations from crooks
While there is a suspicion that some property development donations are corrupt (73 per cent), the suspicion is even higher for gaming (76 per cent) and still very high for unions (63 per cent), alcohol (60 per cent) and lawyers (51 per cent).
By Graham Young - 24/5/2018
92 days ago
View commentsView articlePostcapitalising post carbon for the win
Postcapitalism is not about inventing something new or imposing unrealistic utopias but is about building on existing movements, emerging successes and resilient ecosystems.
By Karun Cowper - 23/5/2018
172 days ago
View commentsView articleThe grip of feminist ideology on our key institutions
I am orchestrating a campaign to protest the dismissal of Rob Tiller who was forced out of his job for posting on his private Facebook page an article I wrote on domestic violence.
By Bettina Arndt - 18/5/2018
412 days ago
View commentsView articleIsrael at seventy: time to celebrate and time to lament
The country is consumed by internal conflict and beleaguered by a dysfunctional political system, while its citizens live with a heightened sense of insecurity.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 17/5/2018
152 days ago
View commentsView articleMacron, Merkel and May should adopt Trump policy on Jerusalem
Refusing to move the French Embassy to Israel's designated capital now is bowing to the dictates and diplomatic blackmail of an illegal and undemocratic entity.
By David Singer - 24/5/2018
132 days ago
View commentsView articleWhich politician do we want to lead the country?
We do not want the Coalition to govern the country, but we prefer its leader, the current Prime Minister, to govern in preference to the leader of the alternative political party.
By Peter Bowden - 22/5/2018
203 days ago
View commentsView articleChristian liberty: are you serious??
Christianity is by-far-and-away the most compatible religious faith or spiritual belief with Liberty.
By Darren Nelson - 11/5/2018
784 days ago
View commentsView articleShould religious protection extend to the marketplace?
Bigotry is bad business, so why not let the consumer determine who gets away with what in the marketplace.
By Chris Fotinopoulos - 18/5/2018
224 days ago
View commentsView articleMarvel Infinity War villain is lefty green do-gooder
The Economics Infinity War, in a nutshell, is a story of do-gooders versus good-doers of the economic variety. The former are all about intentions, the latter results.
By Darren Nelson - 18/5/2018
74 days ago
View commentsView articleIEA: high oil prices 'taking a toll' on demand
The inventory surplus has vanished, and more outages could push oil prices up even higher.
By Nicholas Cunningham - 22/5/2018
34 days ago
View commentsView articleA very republican sickness: loving royal weddings
Black spirituality tagged on to exaggerated feminist values mixed with traditional forms certainly gave an impression of difference, but these were daubs rather than extensive splashes.
By Binoy Kampmark - 21/5/2018
34 days ago
View commentsView articleIt's a marriage not just a carnival
A royal wedding offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the bonds that tie a society together and particularly the deepest of these, the family.
By Mal Fletcher - 21/5/2018
76 days ago
View commentsView article'Bracket creep' and better budget benchmarks
With a 'progressive' income tax scale, and fixed $ values for tax bracket thresholds, a taxpayer's average tax rate increases for every extra taxable dollar received.
By Geoff Carmody - 15/5/2018
76 days ago
View commentsView articleThe commercial heavens: the new Australian space agency
Space has been turned into patriotism, cash and incentives; and there is a sense that Australia has been lagging.
By Binoy Kampmark - 16/5/2018
37 days ago
View commentsView articleA new lithium war is about to begin
It's the modern gold rush. Around the world, the most sought-after mineral isn't a precious metal, nor is it oil and gas…it's lithium.
By James Stafford - 27/4/2018
87 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy does Mayor Tom Tait have a problem with Disney?
Having Disney as a constituent business would be a gold mine, I presumed, and something any Mayor would give their eye teeth for.
By Ross Elliott - 17/5/2018
58 days ago
View commentsView articleIs the North Korea-USA summit over before it begins?
The US State Department in the immediate aftermath of the North Korean announcement said it had no information from North Korea about any threat to cancel the 12 June summit.
By Russell Grenning - 17/5/2018
110 days ago
View commentsView articleIs parting such a sweet sorrow?
A very long list of so-called celebrities announced prior to the presidential election in 2016 that they would leave the USA if Trump won.
By Russell Grenning - 15/5/2018
710 days ago
View commentsView articleBudget cover-ups
When someone does something they shouldn't, it's often the cover-up that heralds their downfall rather than the original error.
By David Leyonhjelm - 14/5/2018
1210 days ago
View commentsView articleThree cheers for Pollyanna
What has been most interesting has been the determination to continue to see the world as bad, dangerous, awful in the face of good global data that say the opposite.
By Don Aitkin - 16/5/2018
311 days ago
View commentsView articleHow did the Qld government accumulate so much debt?
Trad needs to show how she can reduce state debt from its current level of $71 billion, or at least prevent it from blowing out to nearly $81 billion, as currently projected for 2020-21.
By Gene Tunny - 16/5/2018
411 days ago
View commentsView articleDecertifying the Iran deal is dangerously reckless
It is dangerous that neither Trump nor Netanyahu appears to fully grasp the dire regional and international implications of the unilateral decertification of the deal by the US.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 10/5/2018
1712 days ago
View commentsView articleIt’s time, again, if Shorten has the fortitude
The time is right for a reformist government. Is there any chance that we will get a reformist ALP government?
By John Murray - 14/5/2018
512 days ago
View commentsView articleThe march of the politically correct – reshaping our language
It is so extraordinarily Orwellian that even its own President Mark Huddleston has admitted that he is 'troubled by many things' that it contains.
By Russell Grenning - 7/5/2018
812 days ago
View commentsView articleThe colour of racism
When the country was founded and its constitution was created, a clause was inserted restricting citizenship to just those of African descent and to create 'a refuge and a haven for freed men of colour'.
By Russell Grenning - 14/5/2018
513 days ago
View commentsView articleChina is opening its economy to imports and foreign ownership - but why?
China's government wants its people to spend their money and invest inside China, rather than foreign countries. That's why it's going to lower tariffs and liberalize foreign ownership rules.
By Zegang Ren - 10/5/2018
313 days ago
View commentsView article'Return of the Mummy': Mahathir Mohamad and the Malaysian elections
This election result is only surprising if one considers the seemingly immutable nature of BN's rule, which has lasted six decades and resisted change with studied fanaticism.
By Binoy Kampmark - 11/5/2018
814 days ago
View commentsView articleBalance the key to CDP bungle
The 'work-like' activities undertaken by CDP participants creates a façade of employment, which ignores the fact that in the majority remote areas in which the program operates there are very little prospects.
By Charles Jacobs - 8/5/2018
1615 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy aren’t more people 'factful'?
Every group Rosling sought answers from saw the world as 'more frightening, more violent, and more hopeless - in short, more dramatic - than it really is'.
By Don Aitkin - 3/5/2018
4615 days ago
View commentsView articleThe Australian budget emerges from 'dog days'
The budget combines good luck with good management.
By Michael Knox - 10/5/2018
415 days ago
View commentsView articleWell, is the world improving or not?
News that the world's human peoples seem to be steadily improving their lot in life ought to reduce our fears of angry mobs invading our shores because we have it and they don't.
By Don Aitkin - 10/5/2018
916 days ago
View commentsView articleNo more secret science, needs no more secret economics
'The rule will ensure that the regulatory science underlying Agency actions is fully transparent, and that underlying scientific information is publicly available in a manner sufficient for independent validation.'
By Darren Nelson - 9/5/2018
618 days ago
View commentsView articlePLO dumps Trump easing way for Jordan-Israel negotiations
Protecting the Hashemite regime and Jordan's borders - coupled with massive injections of American financial aid - could see Jordan replacing the PLO as Israel's Arab partner.
By David Singer - 9/5/2018
118 days ago
View commentsView articleIs Trump rational?
Importantly, the White working class is also the largest block of Democratic Party voters. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton only won 28% of White working class votes.
By Michael Knox - 1/5/2018
1118 days ago
View commentsView article2018 Budget: party like it’s 1999!
A much deeper issue is how the Australian economy can evolve to grow in a more balanced manner and reduce its exposure to falling commodity prices.
By Andreas Chai - 8/5/2018
1019 days ago
View commentsView articleWhy isn’t more research reproducible?
At the heart of the problem is a failure both to follow good research design practices and to understand statistics properly.
By Don Aitkin - 30/4/2018
2819 days ago
View commentsView articleIf the model is broken, fix it
UBI may not work in practice, but at least it is addressing the right problem, and there is enough money to take this approach.
By Gwynne Dyer - 7/5/2018
520 days ago
View commentsView articleSugar demons, sweet lobbies and taxes
Christensen's individualist acceptance is standard form for industries that have found certain costs and regulations unnecessary and damaging to the purse strings.
By Binoy Kampmark - 2/5/2018
720 days ago
View commentsView articleCuring depression
Antidepressants come with side effects ranging from weight gain and hair loss through to suicide and various kinds of persistent or permanent disablement.
By John Murray - 3/5/2018
920 days ago
View commentsView articleThe dying in Syria rest on the conscience of the West
eclaring mission accomplished in the context of the continuing unfolding tragedy being inflicted on the Syrian people is cynical and disheartening at best.
By Alon Ben-Meir - 1/5/2018
1621 days ago
View commentsView articleAlbania must choose between the EU and Turkey
Albanian citizens must realize that Erdogan's investments in their economy are but a façade to cover his larger goal of making the Balkans increasingly dependent on Turkey.
By Alon Ben-Meir and Arbana Xharra - 4/5/2018
522 days ago
View commentsView articleArab Summit helps Trump break Jordan-PLO-Israeli impasse
The Summit's declared
By David Singer - 4/5/2018
223 days ago
View commentsView articleHow singing together changes more than the brain
When many diverse voices come together as 'one voice' on a regular basis the outcomes are transformational.
By Tania de Jong - 2/5/2018
325 days ago
View commentsView articleTrust fades away
The rotten core that is at the heart of the banking industry is just the tip of the iceberg. The decay in honesty and integrity is evident throughout the entire business world.
By Everald Compton - 30/4/2018
226 days ago
View commentsView articleDumping on industry
The obvious conclusion is that the price was deliberately supressed in order to encourage a favourable anti-dumping decision and to highlight material injury.
By David Leyonhjelm - 30/4/2018
127 days ago
View commentsView articleThese ARE our issues! ‘Srebrenica’ no more! We are all one.
R2P was and is a step in the right direction, as it openly challenges the previously sacred notion of 'national sovereignty'.
By Barry York - 27/4/2018
528 days ago
View commentsView articleRegulated public utility monopolies are not 'natural'
These pseudo-taxes are almost always on the rise like real taxes (as per the diagram below), and also like the latter include all of the predictable inefficiencies associated with government.
By Darren Nelson - 27/4/2018
530 days ago
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