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The Forum > General Discussion > We still are the lucky country

We still are the lucky country

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Yes we can find fault in others and dislike politicians truck drivers plumbers a host more but we are still the lucky country of our birth or adoption.
On election day we line up to do our duty full of our own thoughts about what we are doing but we do not fight in that line.
We will not take to the streets and protest the results or try to kill anyone.
We are indeed lucky.
We constantly question our courts and the way criminals seem to walk away too often but we do not take the law into our hands.
What makes me so proud of this country and all who live here is we still, even with some truly held concerns can live in peace.
Posted by Belly, Thursday, 16 August 2007 6:04:23 PM
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I dont really post much anymore but I do still read the threads.
I cant help but notice every time you are asked a question you totally ignore it and rush to open a new thread. Your on OLO pushing the ALP barrow. OK Fair Enough but you need to argue the case.
PALE have asked you over and over again I note what other Ministers and policys you support in Labour.
They have also asked if labour will put a stop to the Howard Gvernments plan to allow Ritual Slaughters in Australia.?
Yes I read your post about Bill- All right- Now tell us about Julia ans Swan and why you think they will be better for Australia.
Is this an example of how the ALP union guys behave. I would suggest it is.
Also I read your comment about the business owner who was made to pay two thousand dollars to his worker.
Your very one sided Belly as you didnt put up the other side of the story as to why the man thought he didnt owe this two grand.
I mean at least be fair and put up both sides.
Our family have small business and we are good to our staff.
We have had a lot of trouble to find honest loyal people.
My Dad rewards some of them with a car or something else every now and then it they have stayed with us for more than two years.
But I tell you what in the same breath Belly. If he caught someone with their hand in the still he would kick them in the backside and put them out the door.
On the spot.
Thats should be our right Belly and we dont need YOU
around telling us how to run our staff and business.
Get a real job and have the manners to answer PALEs questions.
Posted by TarynW, Friday, 17 August 2007 3:41:01 AM
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Why did you not start another thread to ask your question?
Why divert this ones intent?
Well I will try to answer you and stay on target, maybe convince you that yes we are the lucky country.
Now let us be honest, your dislike of me is a mixture of my clear ALP background, a true believer not anything else.
And the fact I put a human face, by telling the truth about the trade union movement is helping to fuel your dislike.
Do we waste time in discussing the simple fact John Howard's government is about to fall because a host of Australians who do not vote Labor are intent on doing so?

I think you would only dislike me more if my passion for a return to Parliamentary Accountability saw me list every one I value in the ALP.
And I am aware of cruelty in the live export trade
Can you not see it is my right to think other than you?

And now that $2.000 do you really want to know? or are you hoping each boss in this country is a good one?

Your post is no rope around my legs it fills me with pride!

I will tell that story in my next thread please read it, but be assured even with the unbalanced IR system we have and your biases about my biases we still are the lucky country.
Please do not harness me to every thing the ALP does or every person in the party.
However in mid election mode do not expect me to betray my party here or any other place.
I however come from the ruling faction of my party the NSW center unity.
Thanks for your post in gives me heart and a grin, nice to know those who hurt workers are hurting.
Posted by Belly, Friday, 17 August 2007 5:42:57 AM
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I will answer the $2.000 question here just maybe it will remind some why we are the lucky country.
The boss was an international firm very big, once owned in Australia by a single migrant family.
It was at that time a flagship for fairness, it has some problems now but in time will over come them.
My victim has worked on three projects for them ten years over all always camped a very long was from home.
The last project ended as the EBA was dragging out long past its use by date, aware he had to start a big job that would last a long time he took leave to spend time at home , my member is in his mid 50,s.
On starting the new project he asked for the back pay every one else got, no mate was the answer!
Highlighting his right to it got him paid last week!
He was also told his employment on this his third site relied on him telling a lie on paper!
Signing a document lieing! saying he lived locally and was not entitled to $220 a week caravan allowance in a high priced tourist area 225 klm from home!
He got both.
How would he go in a middle east country?
Or would he get fair treatment on six dollars a day in Taiwan?
Would we be free to debate like this in north Korea?
My quote on live exports had over stretched the word limit but few are not aware animals suffer while in transit and dreadful greed is the reason .
By all means it must be fixed.
Our freedoms and rights continue to make me proud to be Aussie.
Posted by Belly, Friday, 17 August 2007 6:02:45 AM
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I do not dislike you. I dont know you. I just dislike the fact you dont answer questions.
Thank You for answering my post.
Workers especially good ones are hard to find and harder to keep.
Its their market really. Dads opposition are always trying to nick his staff but so far they have stayed loyal because Dads treats them very well.
You say you are aware of live exports. OK. Are you aware Rudd has said he wont stop it? Considering most Australians want it fazed out I thought that would be an election winner for him. Boy they must really be putting big bickys into donations for parties.
As you pointed out Belly this is an election year
so I cant see why you get all offended if I try to discuss your parties policys for pity sake.

I also thought you should answer the question about Australia being turned into a Islamic Ritual Country and if your party was going to support that?
Why is it such a problem to answer? How can I decide who to vote for it I dont know the ALP policy?
If you dont know could you ask somebody in your party.?
Thats really is all I am asking Belly.

PS Your comment on the last line is a bit scarey. Most bosses are very good to their staff Belly. I am sure there are some mongrels out there and I hope you get them.! BUT Dont you think your idea of just rocking up without making an appointment is a bit much?
Is that what you do?
Do you just walk in?
Or do you ring or write first?
I really would like to know because I know so little as to how you actually make arrangments to visit sites.
Also, What type of business do you check? Is it rural or meat works factories etc.
This is how you educate people about the ALP unions so they know more.
PS Please dont forget the question about Australia being turned into an Islamic Ritual Slaughter Country.
Thanks very much Belly
Posted by TarynW, Friday, 17 August 2007 6:14:50 AM
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I do not know if belly has his tongue in cheek, or fire in his belly.
We did have a lucky country, years ago, unfortunately due to successive generations of aspirationals, greedy consumers, and selfish attitudes, we have become a not so educated people, illustrated by too many who seemingly, are unable to think for themselves, and unaware, when being manipulated by corporates and politicians, to think like them.
Reality for these people are the telly, radio and the printed media, which use headline grabbers, with no meaning or substance.
Australians are now living in an American style disney land, they have appropriated American business language, as their common every day communication, fed to them by those who have vested interests, such as corporates and politicians.
George Orwell would be rolling in his grave.
Australia today, is not the Australia i knew, we have governments which put business first, above all else, creating their own mickey mouse values.
Wake up Australia needs you.
Posted by Sarah101, Friday, 17 August 2007 8:58:17 AM
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