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Reading the official literature one might think that prior to the impost of multiculturalism, people skulked within their homes too afraid to celebrate Chaitra Vishu or Rosh Hashanah or, even, a Sunday BBQ. But a little research soon puts a lie to that, contrary to popular delusion there was wog cuisine and even cultural celebrations.

Okay, Okay, not with the same level of irrational exuberance as OZ 2009. But mind you, if you juxtapose enlighten MC 1980 OZ with even more enlighten MC 2000-&-now OZ the former doesn’t look too flash either.

The latest in a long list of MC improvements comes with the voguish slogan “diversity” , apparently, merely having a spread of bods from diverse ethnic backgrounds will help “rebuild the economy, cure cancer and put an end to the highschool drop outs”

And Okay, there are a few anomalies with MC like …
Preaching selection on merit and ending up implementing policies which practically mandate selection on the basis of ethnic affiliation, to satisfy some govt statistician .

Or preaching tolerance and ending up with -special indigenous rights- and protection from satanic verses & images for the more militant identities.

And to top it all off, if current trends continue most ethnics will lose their ancestral culture within a generation or two, but then, we have the 257 ‘temporary’ visa which is bound to replenish stock.

But all that aside,we need to see the big picture.

If it wasn’t for MC we wouldn’t be duplicating govt brochures into twelve dozen different languages–a real boon for translators, not to mention the paper and print merchants.

If it wasn’t for MC we wouldn’t have those ,incessant, studies that invariably find that this or that group is inadequately represented: systematic discrimination! –a real boon for a lot of unreal academics.

If it wasn’t for MC we wouldn’t have all those, ingenious, marketing campaigns “educating’ us about the virtues ‘diversity’, or those choreographed responses to sorry days –payola, to keep the marketing industry afloat between elections.

You see…MC is actually a very clever part of the govts economic stimulus package.
Posted by Horus, Thursday, 26 February 2009 5:31:23 AM
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The place or the exclamation neither is relevant to your post.
Boy have you missed the point of MC.
It’s not about fear of celebrating ones religions, festivals, temporary visa, special needs, Profits or Govt revenues.
Your topic has simply jumbled up 6 *different* topic/issues and I would say unrealistically/unreasonably so.

In order
No one is or should be afraid to practice their religion but due to an undercurrent of racism in this (and most countries) people are afraid to.
Most racism is based on fear as discussed last night on Q&A (by both sides) by ignorance and resentment.

The festivals are to engage everyone in order to promote tolerance for what is reality in this country is that we are one multiethnic nation and have always been so. WAS(P or C) isn’t a viable option it clearly engenders disharmony and paternalism.(stolen Generation, the imbalance of life expectancy between mainstream and those left behind). Festivals are a means of education.

The profit angle is simply Capitalism at play… the same could be levelled at every sporting event or festival that gains govt funds… not everyone likes sport or is catholic or agree with commonwealth talk fests . Do we stop them (institute of sport, world catholic youth whatzis ?

Govt revenues… pleeease! A red herring.

Temporary Visas…that’s our way of dealing with odd issues under our UNCR treaty as a global citizen. Not MC.

Special needs …again not MC but our priorities of govt as endorsed by the *majority* of the people. Separated dept/issue all together.
An issue of each to their needs.

So in essence your opposition to MC is exactly what I’m curious?
Posted by examinator, Friday, 27 February 2009 10:43:49 AM
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You say: “This country is (a) multiethnic nation”.
So is every other country on the face of the earth.
But, only a handful have adopted MC as their state ideology.

You say it’s about tolerance.
MC is at best, an inefficient way of fostering tolerance, and it may even be counterproductive.
The tolerance & harmony in modern Australia is more likely to be the product of prosperity rather than anything to do with MC.

A sound approach likely to maintain such tolerance would be to shun trading in ethnic labels.Ethnic labeling legitimizes networking through ethnicity ; polarizes people: people who normal would have little interest in such artificially-sustained-identities latch onto such as convenient vehicles to further careers or excuse personal inadequacies.

You also mentioned in passing the “stolen generation”.
The "stolen generation” is a good example of how seeing the basic measure as ethnicity , and linking issues to ethnicity , may alienate other identities and do, not, one, iota, towards solving underlying problems.

PS: tut-tut! the official term is now “stolen generationS”( the plural form provides scope for sequels, à la ROCKY 1,2,3,4,5…)the govt is currently, madly, reprinting all documents relating to the issue, to accommodate ethnic ‘sensitivities' – [ ten demerit points will be recorded against your MC membership card]
Posted by Horus, Saturday, 28 February 2009 6:16:42 AM
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Sorry there are no *facts* here just impressions/opinions.
There inlies perhaps why this topic has been ignored by others it isn't a discussion its a rale. As such all that can be meaningfully said has been. end
Posted by examinator, Saturday, 28 February 2009 8:05:12 AM
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I wonder how it is you think China won the 2008 olympics? Their committment to multiculturalism? I don't thinks so.

Phillip Addams is an absoluute KNOB. A PC loony-lefter if ever there was one.

Those of us opposed to multiculturalism aren't opposed to immigration. We just believe in the importance of assimilating new arrivals into OUR community. What is wrong with expecting people who WANT to come to our country to try and fit in with us? Rather than coming here and attempting to recreate home.

I mean, if you went to live in Saudi Arabia, would you expect them to change the law to allow you to drink alcohol?

Its simple. If you like drinking a lot, then you don't migrate somewhere they don't allow it. Immigrants coming here should be choosing to come here beacuse they want to live our way of life. If they want to live some other way, there are plenty of other places to go. Why choose to immigrate to a country where you can't assimilate with the locals?

This idea that cosmopolitan Australia was somehow invented by multiculturalism is NONSENSE. There are PLENTY of cosmopolitan monocultures around the world.

Just because we like African food doesn't mean we need to accept female genital mutilation etc.
Posted by PaulL, Saturday, 28 February 2009 11:54:53 AM
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Dear PaulL,

Ah yes, we as Australians are proud of our
country and its achievements. "The Australian
way of life," is highly valued and assumed by
us to be the best in the world. And Australia
is not just a land or a group of people but a
set of ideas. We believe in the ethos of
a "Fair Go for all." So of course we would
expect citizens of this country to obey the
rule of law. That is that everyone must abide
by the same uniform set of publicly posted rules.

People also in this country get to have a real say
in making those rules and choosing their own leaders.

People have the right to pursue their own lives
however they see fit, so long as they obey the
country's laws and don't hurt others.

The benefits of freedom, democracy and the rule of
law belong to all Australians, regardless of how they
look, what they believe in or any other arbitrary criteria.

Embracing anything blindly always carries risks. The urge
to marshall unity can slide into unquestioning obedience:
'my country right or wrong.' As Australians we've always
questioned things - which has been healthy.

We should never under-estimate the greatness of our
accomplishment in building a tolerant, inclusive and
diverse society of which we can all be proud. This
accomplishment has not occurred by accident. It's built
on Australia's traditional values and active government
policies for managing diversity in the interests of all
us Australians.

We now have a civil society that strengthens us as we
redefine our role within the South-East Asia and
Pacific region and the world. An Australian society
marked by positive acceptance of diverse people and ideas,
a society which for the most part believes that diversity
enriches our national life.

You're welcome of course to believe other wise...

Posted by Foxy, Saturday, 28 February 2009 2:23:26 PM
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