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The Forum > General Discussion > Election Circus is coming to town

Election Circus is coming to town

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I was ricocheting along one of Queensland`s tar-covered "rock and roll" cattle-tracks, peering through a starred windscreen ( I have given up replacing windscreens ) trying desperately to avoid potholes created by the recent seasonal rains, when I heard a "newsflash" that Anna Bligh had opted for an early election!

I heard someone comment that voters should weigh up the acheivements and failures of this State Government!

Being a rural constituent, and constantly reminded by the bureaucracy that "I made the choice to live where I live!" I applied this concept to my situation and with following conclusions:
On the Positive side:
1) State fuel subsidy of 8.3 cpl ( which seems to have vanished )as we "poor suckers" are still paying comparable prices!
2) A MVR fee discount for pensioners( which when applied results in us still paying more than the similar scheme in Victoria!)
3) Subsidized travel and accomodation allowance for patients who have to travel long distances to obtain satisfactory medical attention ( which still falls way short of the actual costs involved!)
4) Supposedly "Free" Medical, Hospital and Dental Scheme for those eligible!
That was it!....I could NOT think of anything else to add to the "Positive" side!

On the Negative side:
1) Queensland Healthcare System teetering on the edge of total collapse, with grossly overburdened Hospitals and Dental Clinics with waiting lists that will never be attained and disillusioned doctors departing in droves!
2) Ongoing furore and insanity of the Traveston Crossing Dam!
3) A Government at loss to explain the missing 8.3 cpl State Fuel Susbsidy!
4) The disgraceful condition of country roads and highways ( with the apparent lack of knowledge in decent construction techniques!)
5) Loss of services and increased costs created by the "forced" undemocratic Shire Amalgamation process implemented by Beattie and perpetuated by Bligh!
6) State infrastructure drowning under the load of incoming migrants from southern states!
7) A State Budget that is projected to be "in the red" some Billions of Dollars!

The result is overwhelming! is time for a change of Government and time to re-introduce Joh`s Gerrymander.
Posted by Cuphandle, Tuesday, 24 February 2009 9:40:03 AM
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"Don't you worry about that" Cuphandle. It wasn't Joh's gerrymander, it was a labor artefact, left over from the days when it took 6 employs to farm a one square mile [640 acre] block. Those intensive farming areas voted labor, & returned many such polly's.

It backfired when the farmers had to work harder, with lots of expensive, if dangerous, labour saving equipment, & no employees. Those areas became National heart land.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to go back to a board of locals governing the local hospital, rather than some public servant. Public servant, what a misnomer that is. A Patel would not last more than a couple of weeks, when the buck stopped with a local, rather than in never never land.

Local would not be too happy with a quack killing other locals. For parachuted in managers, it appears to be OK, if the figures look good.
Posted by Hasbeen, Tuesday, 24 February 2009 3:29:26 PM
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Hasbeen about the misnomer of public servants. Your comment is anything but a useful football for politicians of all shapes to go after and get some press. You get good and bad apples and what about the nurses the firemen the doctors and police all public servants what no-one is doing a good job? I’m astounded you would do away with all that. Think about it.
Oh gotta love the Borg for threaten to sack 12,000 state public servants as “de-necessary”. Oh hang on its not front line staff he’s after but a group up the food chain. But seriously I wonder if he would get rid of his sr government advisers most likely not. More double standards from his lot and re-electrified white shoe brigade. He’s only just slightly different than Bligh. Not a straight shooter and the rest of his crew ultra conservatives hail from the middle ages. To hell with em. Yawn
Posted by stingos2004, Tuesday, 24 February 2009 10:22:48 PM
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I just heard that Pauline "You know who" is having another bash at the big money, by nominating for the Electoral Circus.

I wonder who is behind her little venture this time around?

No doubt we will never know exactly who is lurking in the darkness and backing her to grab a slice of the vote and reduce the odds of competition!

This also could be a novel new way to ensure an easy income, a sort of modified "Deal or No Deal" involving a little short term pain for long term gain!

Stand by for all the "silly old men", who if like last time will be crowding the gang-plank clamouring to climb aboard and hand over some of their pension money to assist her in this her latest venture to boost her income!

Some people just never learn from experience. A leopard never changes it`s spots! What is it that compels these elderly citizens to rush blindly with handfuls of money like Lemmings to water?

Is it that they are truly gullible and believe in the "Tooth Fairy" or is it the more ominous reason that they are simply very, very racist?

Please explain?
Posted by Cuphandle, Wednesday, 25 February 2009 8:43:27 AM
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