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The Forum > Article Comments > Beijing extends a helping hand - and its reach > Comments

Beijing extends a helping hand - and its reach : Comments

By Dean Cheng, published 19/1/2010

China’s international profile continues to expand in line with its global economic interests and burgeoning military capability.

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Hmm while appears to be the work of an academic shock jock, Cheng is an employee of the right wing Heritage Foundation - so he's paid to write the way he does, however misleading.

Therefore predictably, China, what ever it does, is Cheng's target.

It has been known for years the China is developing an anti-missile and anti-satellite capability. But that shouldn't get in the way of this author's headline that could easily be Surprise, Be Afraid. If the author had read Wikipedia he would be less surprised on our behalf:

Wiki explains "Project 640 had been the PRC's indigenous effort to develop ABM capability...from 1969. ..two successful flight tests during 1979...In addition, China has acquired and is licence-producing the S-300PMU-2/S-300PMU-1 series of ABM-capable SAMs...China has now developed a new generation of anti-ballistic missiles and anti-satellite missiles, including the KT-1, KT-409, KT-2, KT-2A, KT-III, and other KT upgrades..."

If wiki has this information then Cheng has not been doing his homework - unless his intention it to worry us about China, in ignorance.

The thought that China may be attempting to reach parity with the US rather than surpass it has not been addressed by Cheng.

Cheng's Heritage line also prescribes that even China's generous actions should be cause for concern and suspicion. Hence:

" some 60 Chinese rescue personnel [not the thousands of US Marines in Haiti carrying guns] have been dispatched to Haiti to assist in rescue and relief efforts...Nonetheless, the prompt deployment of Chinese personnel, even if they will be integrated into larger relief efforts, also serves as a reminder that the PLA is increasingly operating away from China’s shores, and can now even function (albeit at very minimal levels) in America’s own backyard."

"60 Chinese" in "America’s own backyard". Haiti and the rest of Latin America BELONG to America or hasn't China heard?

So China is damned if it helps, damned if it doesn't.

America is telling us through its diverse mouthpieces, even academic, to be afraid of China at all times - no matter what Australia's own interests are.

Posted by plantagenet, Tuesday, 19 January 2010 11:31:07 AM
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