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Democracy and development : Comments

By Dionisio Da Cruz Pereira, published 6/8/2009

Democracy and development are interdependent and the key to the eradication of poverty.

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The Industrial Revolution started in England in a relatively free society even though there were limitations on suffrage and unequal representation in parliament due to the "rotten boroughs" However, England dominated the world's economy. Germany, a more authoritarian state, decided they would promote an industrial revolution. Although Germany under Bismarck had a parliament it was a most undemocratic affair composed mostly of government bureaucrats. However, Germany's industrial revolution encouraged by an undemocratic government was a great success.

The article confuses the desirability of democracy with the desirability of development. The provision in the UDHR of the well-being of the citizen is something that I hope all citizens of the world live under. However, such a society with goods, services and human rights available to all is desirable but hardly necessary for development. Germany under Hitler had a thriving economy until WW2, but part of the German population were considered subhuman.
Posted by david f, Thursday, 6 August 2009 10:17:59 AM
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We need to define democracy, or redefine democracy is more like it, to get to a place where development can occur naturally. Since 1970 New South Wales has been a guided democracy, guided by a bunch of lawyers, who have no accountability except to a timid and uncritical press, a useless and ineffective Federal Police Force, and no way of enforcing Federal laws.

The Parliament of the Commonwealth has legislated to make every kind of development easy and quickly achievable, and the Parliament of New South Wales has made laws that make it almost impossible to develop anything, unless bribes are paid to State Planning Officers and Local Councilors.

The big property developers are in a position to buy consents, but no one else is, and the system installed in New South Wales in the Land and Environment Court and Supreme Court since 1970, is open to all sorts of rorts.

The way to ensure fair development for all concerned is to reform the Australian Federal Police to make them an effective Law Enforcement Agency, to redefine democracy to include free participation in all court processes by ordinary people, a fair days pay for a fair days service in a jury, as provided for by s 45 Trade Practices Act 1974, and sections 40 and 41 Federal Court of Australia Act 1976, and a true representative democracy, where service in Parliament can be backed up by service by ordinary people in properly constituted courts.

Courts ( capitalized) are a lawyers rort, and the Judges in them are rorters in every way. They should be all charged and dismissed because when a Judge won’t read, and cannot understand that a Court of Judicature, is a Justice and a jury, with judges, plural as provided by s 79 Constitution, and not a single individual at all.

All judges in a court should be paid at least $200 a day, and all Judges who sit alone charged under the Crimes Act 1914 ( Cth) with perverting the course of justice. Just watch the way development progresses if the Federal Labor Party works
Posted by Peter the Believer, Friday, 7 August 2009 5:24:20 AM
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