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The Forum > Article Comments > Politicians: the epitome of bland > Comments

Politicians: the epitome of bland : Comments

By John Töns, published 16/7/2009

Where have all the political leaders gone? Where are all the visionaries?

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Australia is probably the most over governed country in the world. We have serial nanny administrations that have progressively led us into torpor.

Australians are bogged to the axles, incapable of even getting out of the relaxed, comfortable vehicle to do something about it.

We trot out the bland because they are 'safe' to vote into the serial niches of progressive power - from mousy local councillors to our bureaucrat-mouthed prime minister. Our media sensationalises everything to sell advertising so a metaphoric willy waved in the wrong direction brings a storm of censure for a misdemeanour that once would have been ignored as barely newsworthy.

As the notion of public interest changes from fostering participative democracy to promulgating voyeurism, so the politicians who serve that public interest move from principled firebrands to faceless suits embroiled in petty pursuits.
Posted by Baxter Sin, Thursday, 16 July 2009 5:02:46 PM
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Australia can attract inspirational leaders to stand for the highest office in the land. However, not under the current constitution. Letting MP's make the choice for us, is a recipe for a bland status quo.

To gain a leader like Obama, we need the challenge of a direct election process for our first Australian President. That's the process that is able to draw the kind of high calibre candidates with the power to inspire us with a national vision for Australia. But that is not enough - we also need to have the right kind of institutions in place to make things happen fast.

For an Australian President to make a real difference, we must first act to eliminate the massive waste and ineffectiveness of our broken federal system by approving a referendum, amalgamating all the state and territory governments into one national legislature.

Our president's capacity to be responsive to the public interest must surely be linked to the president's authority to select professionals to head up government departments, with performance reviews delegated to parliament.

Our current MP's, with a few exceptions, seem happy to trudge along under a system of governance that was erected over 100 years ago.

It's a system that costs $50 Billion a year more than a modern streamlined structure. It's a system of government that's set for failure in every major stress test coming our way in the 21st Century. Can we avoid the train crash? Yes, we can, but time is running out.
Posted by Quick response, Monday, 20 July 2009 2:31:54 PM
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Who will save us from our pitiful selves ?

I take great comfort from the fact that most Australians cannot name our first PM, many would be hard pressed to name any at all.

One of our more colourful former leaders, Billy Hughes, got the proverbial two fingers up when he tried to bring in conscription, as did the very blue Menzies when he tried to dust up the Commies.

Looking for a messiah seems to be the past time of those far enough to the left and right of the reality of politics.

Under our grey leaders in the post war period Australians have become wealthier, healthier, live longer, have more stuff, are better educated, and have more life opportunities.

Are there things still do like fixing the environment and helping Aboriginals get on better ? Sure , but we have got this far, done this much , without fighting wars or cracking heads, I am confident our grey goose Rudd will actually deliver something slight on these issues as opposed to wishing for big things and delivering nothing. Signing off on 1% or 5% reductions and getting America to sign on as well would be a real achievement.

Democracy is rightly about the collective
Posted by westernred, Monday, 20 July 2009 5:04:33 PM
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