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The Forum > Article Comments > AFL's 'chicken' attitudes > Comments

AFL's 'chicken' attitudes : Comments

By Paul Harrison, published 23/4/2009

The influence of conscious and unconscious attitudes in the world of football.

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Women have, are, and will continue to be viewed as sex objects in certain domains and contexts. Ditto for the opposing role reversal, and also where gender is equal sometimes. At the heart of this thinking is the sex drive which most of us posess, it's basically a little voice which whispers to us that getting naughty with that person over there would be a lot fun. Sometimes that voice motivates actions which if successful results in consenting adults engaging in sexual intercourse. If intercourse is successful a baby is produced. To most sane people this is all quite normal stuff and they don't see a need for apologies, tribunals, public awareness campaigns, guilt trips etc. Some people though have agendas which can be served by posturing that the above behaviours and attitudes are evil and need to be eradicated from the human race, as if they can be. These people seem to suffer tunnel vision in their observation of where these gender infractions occur.

As mentioned above sometimes people of same genders view others as sex objects. Actually, anyone with knowledge of the gay community, in particular male, would know how strongly that rings true. Anonymous wanton sex for gay males can, at least for some, be a stalwart of the lifestyle. Where are these women calling for gay saunas to be closed down because they promote sexual objectification of human beings? Agendas, perspectives, motivations....
Posted by HarryC, Thursday, 23 April 2009 4:59:17 PM
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I guess according to this article alot of literature is going to disappear because of its implict and explict misogyny.

Daphne Patai in her book Heterophobia, wrote about how our lives are going to be micro-managed.

Stephen Baskerville recently wrote this article "The Dangerous Rise of Sexual Politics."

I do understand that young footballers are already sent to re-education camps on sexual politics/behaviour conducted under the approving eye of the Matriarchy.

According to psychological theory that this author refers too, perhaps the video was a reaction to the oppressive idealistic sexual re-education classess.

Perhaps a simpler solution is too, make the footballers eunuchs.
Posted by JamesH, Thursday, 23 April 2009 8:20:15 PM
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