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The Forum > Article Comments > Diaspora Jewry needs to let go of idealised Israel > Comments

Diaspora Jewry needs to let go of idealised Israel : Comments

By Jeff Halper, published 20/4/2009

Diaspora Jews need to revalidate Diaspora Jewish culture and find compelling reasons why their children should remain Jewish.

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Thank you Jeff, for a fascinating article on the steadfast and uncritical nationalism on the surface of Australian Jewry. I agree with you that the leaders of the Jewish community foster a conservatism, and stifle debate and critical thinking on Jewish culture, and on Israel. I also have a lot of admiration for your work and political bravery, if some problems with your analogies of Israel and apartheid South Africa. That, though, is beside the point in this article.

I wonder if this uncritical support of a countries noxious politics is typical of many émigré communities. In my non-expert experience, leaders of Greek or Turkish communities are also on the extreme nationalistic side of politics.

I also believe that Jews in the Diaspora who are not voicing their opinions through the communal structures are more diverse and open in their opinions. Zionism of a sort is absolute – I do believe that the non-Zionist part of the Jewish community is miniscule – however many people who identify with Israel and Zionism do have critical and ambivalent takes on current Israeli policies, as opposed to the existence of the state itself.

Maybe not using the word Zionism as synonymous with Nazism, as sadly happens so often on the left, would allow people to explore more freely their relationship to this complex form of nationalism.
Posted by Boofalah, Tuesday, 21 April 2009 10:06:07 AM
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" ... Ironically, it is precisely such a normal state living at peace with its neighbours that is so threatening to Jews abroad, because it leaves them with no external cause around which to galvanise. ... "

Hmmm .. I find myself unable to accept this particular statement. I do note though that I have read a number of "reasonable" authors who have referred to something of the "mind set" of the holocaust victims being handed down to subsequent generations. However, if there were to be peace I am reasonably sure that the majority would have plenty to productively occupy themselves with.

If I were to speculate as to the state of affairs in Palestine/Israel from a relatively uninformed position, I would have to suggest that this whole concept of a 2 State solution, as things currently are, is a complete non starter.

The issue, influential political palestinians refuse to stop trying to kill israelis/jews.

Even in the case of their own people hamas used them as shields and refused to blow out the back wall and let them seek refuge in the recent conflict. I suspect the malevolent individuals supporting them seek for the israelis to suffer even at the expense of their "own".

Of course, much of what the israelis/jews have done and are still doing is also deeply disturbing to me.

It seems plain enough though, if the palestinians do not renounce violence then violence and ill treatment is what they'll get.

However collective punishment is abhorrent and self defeating and I would personally like to see the israelis add 1 dollop of
*Luv UnConditional* and provide ongoing more than sufficient food, water, medication and educational material and broadcasts from the world at large such that the palestinian people maybe sufficiently stabilised to see hamas and their supporters for what they are.

If you treat people like animals then feral behaviour at large is otherwise what you may expect to receive.
Posted by DreamOn, Tuesday, 21 April 2009 12:49:07 PM
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