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Youth, brains and body image : Comments

By Kellie Tranter, published 1/4/2009

When calculated, predatory behaviour is directed towards vulnerable adolescents, a voluntary code for the media is not enough.

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Where in the Constitution is government granted a power in relation to 'Body Image'?

Kelly, when you're not dreaming up schemes for the compulsory improvement of others, you just don't know what to do with yourself, do you?

The threat of imprisonment as an instrument of social co-operation is not justified for no other reason than that a particular value appeals to you, and because you are addicted to the idea of using government to force other people to comply with your opinions and pay for your values.

I think the end of putting a check on your fascist tendencies is justified by the means of imprisoning you, so by your logic, I have as much right to call for your imprisonment, as you do for calling for compulsion to be used to suppress freedom of speech that you don't like.

Who promoted you to the position of Censor and Corrector-in-Chief?
Posted by Wing Ah Ling, Wednesday, 1 April 2009 12:24:00 PM
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Long, convoluted and tiresome storytelling to find a problem for a pre-determined feminist solution. However, there was another issue begging to be examined.

From the story the most significant problem was not 'body image' but the lack of policy to protect Commonwealth public servants contemplating making a disclosure in the public interest. In this case we are told that public servant took a big personal risk and put herself at risk in leaking government information and policy. Plainly that is completely unsatisfactory in this day and age.

Now that would be an issue well worth writing about because not so very long ago (Feb 25 2009) the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs tabled its report Whistleblower protection: a Comprehensive Scheme for the Commonwealth Public Sector.

The report found that whistleblower protections were inadequate and made the following key recommendations:

' That the new legislation be called Public Interest Disclosure Act, with the primary purpose of promoting accountability and integrity in public administration
That the system comprise a two stage process of internal and external reporting with the Commonwealth Ombudsman to oversee of the administration of the Act
That agencies have obligations to act of the disclosures they receive
That in certain circumstances, disclosures made to third parties such as the media, legal advisors, professional associations and Members of Parliament, should be protected.'

Maybe there could be a paper on the practicality and robustness of these recommendations and how they might be implemented?
Posted by Cornflower, Wednesday, 1 April 2009 6:57:53 PM
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This type of garbage highlights why we should be more careful about uncritically swallowing the arguements and assumptions of the self-esteem movement. They can set women up to fail if they tell them they are beautiful when they are not. They certainly set women up to fail when they tell them that they should think of their body as perfect or they have a mental problem called self esteem. Endless praise also provides little incentive for self improvement. How many well meaning friends have sabotaged efforts to diet when a better friend would support any example of self improvement?
This issue also highlights where the feminist movement has gone wrong. They are so dishonestly protective of the feelings of young women that they are paternalistic. They also value the experiences of upper middle class women more than others. There are women who are this thin, despite not having an eating disorder, but they are younger and more working-class than the women who run feminism.
We are much more honest to men. I would be very angry to be a fat girl in world that assumes that I am too fragile to handle the truth and too stupid to see through these well intentioned lies.
Posted by benk, Monday, 6 April 2009 8:59:11 PM
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