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Bligh's 'Green Army' : Comments

By Jessica Brown, published 17/3/2009

Anna Bligh's 'Green Army' won't help Queensland's unemployed during the downturn.

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Oh dear Jessica, yet another myopic piece of less than penetrative irrelevancy from the department of conservative naysayers. You really should get out into the world.
• Depending on the project some real benefits could be achieved. Consider the Vic fires then consider some of the near residential bush in Qld. Much can’t be burn for many practical reasons. Councils often can’t put enough money into ‘environmental’ employment because of residents’ often misguided priorities. Now there will be both albeit not enough.
• Even if councils have the money it’s not the best use of their funds training the untrained. (capitalist theory)
• Try asking these ‘traineeships’ if they appreciate the opportunity?
• At least it’s money for yakka not a hand out for nix.
• Then there’s the indirect flow on.
• If the projects as one is a tourist walking track at Cape York may be it will earn tourist money.
• Then there’s the environment benefits (plural ask people who work/volunteer or concerned) Koala habitat regen etc. Oops more tourist $.
• (people do not live by exploitation and profit alone)

And these benefits are off the top of my head.

This plan isn’t perfect by any stretch of even my imagination but it’s better than now. By the way where’s the CIS’s mind blowing suggestions. Only a myopic out of touch motive would suggest, intimate that all that ails us can be fixed with a single golden bullet… there is no such a thing as the perfect solution.
I am not a Greenie, Green or ALP voter or even anti conservative I just can’t see the point/value in the miss named CIS’s negative carping…how about some practical improvements to what is proposed on anything.
One other point get out there in the real world and experience what these people experience.
Your grade mark for this at 1st year Uni? Would be “See me later.”
Posted by examinator, Wednesday, 18 March 2009 8:20:24 AM
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Queensland Labor's Anna Bligh advised Queenslander "What this program means is that we are mobilizing a green army in the fight against the global financial crisis." In other words, government over regulation has stuffed it up, so we will throw another $57Million at something, anything, to look as if we are doing something, acting to make sure we will be re-elected again and be able to do more of something?

Throwing money at it, will only fuel the flames of big government, and employing out-of school teenagers who more than likely will be mollycoddled by labors green nanny government,who has prescribed only we have the answers,for everything,surely signals it is time for smaller government,once all the tax base has been spent and further borrowed. But then labor,left and their greens and sympathizers will always argue that government has the answers as industry is bad and mother earth and big brother government will deliver the goods and services.

It,s a constant embarrassment to these people who take for granted the car they drive, as it is the product of private enterprise. The most liberating form of transport ever devised by mankind and his industry, and yes, further progress and inventions will be delivered, but rarely if ever by big government or their minions safely tucked away,aside mother governments bosom suckling on others hard earned milk, always at the taxpayers expense.
Posted by Dallas, Thursday, 19 March 2009 1:28:27 AM
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