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The price of money for nothing : Comments

By Peter Saunders, published 22/12/2008

A sickening case of heartless opportunism has been a catalyst for change in the vast sprawl of the British welfare system.

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Part of the problem are the incentives to fatherless-ness built into the welfare system.

Single mothers (living with an undisclosed "Mummies-new-boyfriend) get much more welfare money than married mothers, and they get it automatically, no need for pesky job interviews etc.

The way to be comfortable on welfare is to have many kids, to many men, and not to stay married to no man.

Which puts your children in te most dangerous type of household. Child abuse occours almost entirely in households missing one of the natural parents.

Risk factors for substiantiated child abuse
(Neglect, Physical, Emotional/psychological, Sexual)
- Households missing a natural parent 94%
- Household with both natural parents 6%
- Total 100%

Summarising this in itís most stark terms, a childís risk of abuse is increased by 23 times in households that are missing one of the childís natural parents.

Putting this into perspective, we all believe smoking Ďcausesí lung cancer. Statistically, the risk of lung cancer in smokers is 120% that of non-smokers. But the risk of child abuse in single-parent households is 2300% times that of children living with both natural parents ! (96%/4% = 23) Children need BOTH NATURAL parents.

Child protection policies and procedures, combined with their organisational culture work together to effectively force natural fathers out of childrenís lives. This increases the risk profile for these children by 2,300%!

Or to quote another study, reported in the Australian recently:
Quote "...children with a step-parent were at least 17 times more likely to die from intentional violence or accident. ... the rate could be as high as 77 times."

Quote "Dr Tooley said the findings appeared to back up theories that parents were biologically driven to be extremely protective of their offspring, less so than step-parents. The theory has widespread parlance in folklore and fairytales, such as that of Cinderella, who is banished to cleaning duties by her jealous step-mother and sisters.

Citations available
Posted by partTimeParent, Monday, 22 December 2008 10:23:56 AM
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This article uses child welfare as a reason to reduce welfare payments to the unemployed and to move people off disability pensions. Surely the problem is the high levels of unemployment caused by globalisation etc. People who live in poverty suffer more illness than those people who work and people who have been out of work for 5 years are probably unemployable.

Not sure I know enough about UK social conditions to comment about that but here in Australia about a third of all children are growing up in poverty, indicating that being a single mum is a good career option for girls who can't get unskilled factory work and aren't presentable enough for retail jobs.

Interestingly in Australia there are more prescriptions written for antidepressants for women aged 25-35 than there are prescriptions written for contraception.

If you want people to get off welfare find them work not import tat from China.
Posted by billie, Monday, 22 December 2008 12:14:47 PM
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Prior to providing public assistance to single mothers they were generally treated horribly by society. I know of several new grandparents who adopted their unmarried daughters baby. This was very wrong but the intolerable system now is an indictment of how blind faith can over come common sense.

The vehement promoters of our system were blinded by self-righteousness by wanting to provide benefits which did not have limitation. More children born of unmarried mothers = more money + human greed = the unacceptable current situation.

A radical solution is required - such as reducing benefits for a second child and every subsequent one. One positive out come would be increased adoptions. The problems with the baby bonus prove something has to be done about the increasing number of fatherless children.

I recall hearing several years ago, that West of the Blue Mountains the number of births to unmarried females exceeded the number that were born to married mothers.

Anyone looking for unskilled factory work must live under a rock. Knowledge Nation has come to mean Know the Welfare System inside out and pump it for as much as possible for as long as possible.
Posted by Cowboy Joe, Monday, 22 December 2008 10:11:35 PM
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In my fairly recent experience as a young woman, it was not so much that women were actively wanting to have babies and become single mothers, but that men generally are not so interested in stepping up to the plate these days. Even parents of men can be observed discouraging their sons from marrying the woman they are co-habiting with.

Rather than marry, and provide women with a safe haven for any pregnancy planned or otherwise, men have been actively encouraged in current culture to basically milk a love relationship for all it's worth... and if the woman eventually becomes impatient or insecure about her future (regarding both planned and unplanned fertility), that is proof in itself that she is 'not the right one', and so the search for new partner ensues.

I have actually met one girl who seems in danger of falling into the category of 'single mothers' that this essay is dealing with. The latest DNA testing technology is also really blowing open the realities of female sexual honesty and responsibility for all to see.

However, I think men must be strongly encouraged - undoubtedly throughout childhood, by the influence of their mothers - to see marriage and parenting as a desirable and masculine sexual outcome for themselves. This early education in social co-operation may stand both men and women in good stead not just for social cohesion and general sexual manners, but also for best management of the all-important breeding years of 25-35 (and beyond).
Posted by floatinglili, Tuesday, 23 December 2008 12:32:19 AM
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Well fancy that a distinguished fellow of the Centre for Independent Studies, writing in the West Australian no less. Well we all must sit up straight and pay attention.....
What no real insights , just the usual right wing welfare bad stuff, funny that. I mean why didn't he mention all those countries that don't provide their citizens welfare. They are such lovely places nothing bad ever happens there. It's amazing the long queues of right wing think tank writers lining up to emigrate to these paradises on Earth.
We had to wait to almost the last paragraph before he mentioned the jobs these scum could be doing, or not as even he had to concede.
Actually I feel a little let down, he didnít even mention vouchers.
Posted by Kenny, Tuesday, 23 December 2008 2:09:08 AM
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Yes, men are "commitment-phobic" and there is a "man-drought" But it is not an irrational phobia, it is a quite sensible and rational fear...

There is no 'man drought' only a shortage of 'attractive men', willing to marry.

1: The marriage strike
There is a marriage strike of professional and attractive men that women want. because:

a: Fatherhood is dangerous
Australian men are afraid of divorce. Kids have only a tiny chance of sharing with dad after divorce. The Family Court orders sole custody in 97.5% of cases.

If dad loses his kids, he loses everything. The mother typically gets 70-80% of the assets, and about 50% of the dad's after-tax income as C$A payments. But worst, she has his kids. This gives her tremendous power to manipulate and control her ex husband.

No wonder men are afraid!

b: Fatherhood is long... work
Fathers are typically the primary breadwinner. As the primary breadwinner, not only do they carry the sometimes soul-destroying prime responsibiity for their family. Consequently many dads are forced to do dirty, dangerous or low-status jobs, because they pay better. Mining, builders labourers, garbage and sewerage workers, transport, security.

98% of people killed at work are men. Hard-working, loyal, responsible men doing the hard-yaka for their families.

2: Puppy Dog Boys
The other group of men fuelling the "man drought" is the "puppy dog boys". Women complain about being surrounded by men, but none that they want. The unwanted are frequently "puppy dog boys"

These are men who women find "hanging around" them, almost begging the women to be with them. Sometimes intelligent, or physically attractive, or successfull, but ALWAYS lacking "confidence".

Where I work, I'm surrounded by young, professional, bright, graduate women. Very few have serious boyfriends or husbands. One of the few who does has a tradesman husband, another has a teacher.

This is the choice for many women, marry down, or not marry at all. Because feminism has robbed women of confident, and successful men. The sins of the feminist mothers are being visited upon their daughters
Posted by partTimeParent, Tuesday, 23 December 2008 8:28:27 AM
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