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The Forum > Article Comments > Why can the French award Australians a knighthood but our Queen cannot? > Comments

Why can the French award Australians a knighthood but our Queen cannot? : Comments

By David Flint, published 16/10/2003

Divid flint wonders why the Queen of Australia cannot award a knighthood to Australians

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Australia is a sovereignty our Head of State is "The Queen of England, Canada, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand also.

The Order of Australia never replaced imperial knighthoods, Hawke's insistence, is hardly a reason to dump recognition of service equalling other nations still issuing Knighthoods.

Our status with the "tall poppy syndrome" is we drag every citizen despite what they have achieved and done into the gutter - where supposedly, according to those cultural revolutionaries most Australian's reside!

The order of Australia is synomous as the waste water in the cultural gutter where to cultural revolutionaries most Australians' are happiest. Worse - Australians should be kept there, not advancing themselves lest they have aspirations to run for president of the yet to be defined republic dictatorship, upsetting the ruling politburo elite saving this for themselves. The Queen shouldn't preside over an opt in opt out approach either.

Government mocked the Order of Australia by withdrawing the rank of Knight/Dame withdrawing prestige ranking equal merit to other foreign and British Orders. Our cultural revolutionaries,say, we must never rise above our station as either individuals or an independent and sovereign nation.

Reinstate imperial honours as a right of the people and re order the Order of Australia including the rank of Knight/Dame, without which we cannot truly hold up our heads with dignity globally.

David Flint's anomally: other nations having no qualms about awarding their knighthoods upon our citizens, means forgetting about republicanism and exerting ourselves with pride and confidence on the world stage.

Dont give cultural revolutionaries, historical revisionists and neo - conservatives credence,stand up for your God Queen and Country.

Hope Faith and Charity are not bad things, lets be a shining light upon earth. Solid dependable and reliable. Reinstate imperial honours despite the vtriollic attacks of insidious outcasts who denigrate our history and links to other Nations. Affirm the everlasting institution of 'Service to others'. Less selfishness and more giving is required then honours of all types will be conferred and awarded for achievement and recongition of good deeds and service as they should be.

Richard Kings
Posted by rik, Saturday, 2 December 2006 4:55:50 AM
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