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Journalists under threat : Comments

By Judy Cannon, published 23/6/2008

The right to free speech does not come cheap. For too many journalists it is costing them their life.

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Freedom of the press is great. But there are some journalists who take that too far.

The old addage, "loose lips sink ships" is never more truer than today. Too many journalists in a war Zone disclose sensitive information about Military Operations that aid the enemy. They are only interested in a scoop & don't care about the lives of soldiers. If they disclose sensitive information they should be made to accompany the soldiers on the Operation.

The constant barrage of celebrity information & misinformation & the hounding of these people is a disgrace. These people should have their own private lives out on public display.

Some journalists are only interested in stiring the pot then keeping the garbage flowing for the sake of a headline.
Posted by Jayb, Monday, 23 June 2008 1:28:12 PM
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Stirring piece, however there are some serious ommissions, what about Singapore? You know, that little island nation with the most repressive defamation laws on the planet, pretty much on our own doorstep?

The other major ommission, which is telling, is the failure of the Press to take any steps of it's own volition to prevent the abuses so tellingly revealed during Israel's operations in Lebanon a year or so ago.

The Press willingly it seems went along with the stage-managed drama of Qana, said nothing about the photoshopped photographs distributed through Reuters, and so on and so forth, until the power of the internet allowed bloggers to expose these facts.

And here is the kicker:

Now, if the media has no credibility due to its failure to take steps to mantain at least a facade of credibility, who cares about whether there is a free press or not? I mean, of what possible importance is it to anybody if the press is free to report critically upon the events that occur, if nobody believes a word they say or a picture they take? I mean, doesn't it say something to you that the situation has gone so far that pictures of admittedly dead civilians, caused admittedly by an Israeli air strike, now rate the same credence as known, staged photos of fairy's?

Perhaps some degree of self-regulation and or oversight is necessary, or I see the importance of the free press falling further and further, until the only ones anyone believes are the bloggers.
Posted by Haganah Bet, Monday, 23 June 2008 8:31:59 PM
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