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Obama's battle for the battlers : Comments

By Brendon O'Connor, published 2/5/2008

During the next few weeks expect a speech from Obama where he defends his patriotism and his connections with the common folk.

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Yes the "questions" referred to in this essay are not real questions that deal with real issues (and are not intended to) but instead coded framing devices which appeal to the often legitimate fears of those that feel marginalised by mainstream USA as promoted by the dreaded left-liberal "elites".

This kind of emotionally manipulative framing has been studied by George Lakoff at the Rockridge Institute. Lakoff also has a chapter in the new book What Orwell Didnt Know.

This coded framing was also analysed by Linda Lintz in Between Jesus and The Market. A book which I find truly scary, because of the revelations (by the author) of the inherently totalitarian cultural script that drives the (oh so nice!) "values" of the "christian" right.
Posted by Ho Hum, Friday, 2 May 2008 9:25:08 AM
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The policies of the Democratic Party are determined not by the sentiments or requirements of workers but by the very opposite, the strategic aims of US imperialism and interests of the financial elite that rules America. (big money) In fact, the Democratic Party for decades has carried out attacks against workers including the sabotage of a proper public health system. The Democratic senators are far removed from the concerns of battlers with many being multi-millionaires or on the way. For instance, the Clintons reported earnings of some $109 million in the years 2000 to 2007. Clinton and Obama are supported and close to billionaires such as Haim Saban and Rupert Murdoch. Sabam is a billionaire Hollywood mogul and a big fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.” Such filthy connections abound and in an earlier period would have been recognized and characterized as corruption is now the norm, practiced openly and shamelessly.
While the Democratic Party always represented a section of the ruling class, its leading figures are themselves fabulously wealthy, either coming directly from the corporate world, marrying into wealth, or leveraging their political ties to big business to open up doors and prepare for careers on corporate boards of directors.
The criminal war in Iraq is opposed by 62% which in itself says much. The war swallows $144 billion dollars annually which the Democrats mealy mouthing at times, claim to oppose, but in reality it is grandstanding, voting for every troop and financial increase. Clinton has outdone Obama in bellicose rhetoric, stating recently that she was for the “total obliteration” of Iran, essentially committing genocide against a nation of 71 million people. Because of the oil interests at stake. In reality, they utilize US military force to assert hegemony over key oil-rich regions of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia and thereby gain a decisive advantage over existing and potential rivals on the world stage. Obama and Clinton support to the hilt every form of exploitation and slavery and if that means millions of workers being eliminated in the Middle East then the Democrats or Laborites will fight to sanction it.
Posted by johncee1945, Friday, 2 May 2008 5:42:21 PM
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