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The Forum > Article Comments > Qld Liberals must stop the internal battles and focus on winning seats > Comments

Qld Liberals must stop the internal battles and focus on winning seats : Comments

By Graham Young, published 17/9/2003

Graham Young argues the Qld Liberal Party will have a hard time until the internal brawling stops

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I quite like the politics within politics that so aptly describes the Nat/Lib coalition and sets them apart from the kowtowing Labour party, although I agree it does currently alienate the electorate and provide limitless ammo to the reigning Queensland Beattie Team.

In an ideal World I would like to see all Politicians voting on policies according to their own inner held beliefs and arguing vehemently with colleagues right up until the last moment on every difficult topic. Airing views in this timeless fashion is slow but allows such views to be challenged, set idea's to be ammended in the light of cold hard logic or emotive reasoning and MP's to become more informed and less of seat warmers. Perhaps this is why independants are increasingly gaining popularity among Australian voters.

We keep hearing about how the World is shrinking and policies must be aimed at meeting the demands of Globalisation, but the public instinctively rejects such thinking. We should respect their suspicion of such across the board policies. Different electorates have different needs and fixed party policies can't keep up with an ever changing world. Perhaps the Queensland Coalition should proudly proclaim it's internal conflict and in one stroke destroy Mr Beattie's electoral campaign methodology.

Not by labelling it as a "bickering divisiveness" ofcourse, but instead promoting the differing opinions as a sign of free thinking. Member disparitie's reflecting a vibrant evolving party open to new idea's and consisting of forward thinking and informed individuals rather than a mob of sheep dutifully following Shepherd Beattie come what may. water and Hospital crises for example. A little policy conflict is good. Questioning the status quo often leads to the discovery of policy flaws before they become an embarassment.

Wayne Smith.
Posted by WayneSmith, Saturday, 2 September 2006 11:37:42 AM
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