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The Mandarin candidate diplomacy : Comments

By Graham Cooke, published 28/3/2008

China is the big winner from the change in government to Kevin Rudd and the ALP, and Japan a major loser.

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Open, Transparent, Confident but not blind. A Prime Minister we chose for his leadership, his voted and mindful Minsters, we elected and he selected, for their roles.

It is up to us as Australian's to have some common sense.

Anyone who can not see or believed the disgraceful spin we were sold about the safety in the world, the endless credit roll of banks, their role in the economy, is playing fickle-treat (at the cost of all) and needs to raise their heads above the sand.

From the ground, I say we had this 2007 Federal Election just in the ‘nick of time’. Whether we look at ourselves as irresponsible consumers in the way we allow people to mindlessly throw-to-the-sea polluting plastics, or whether it’s about building a viable-pro-active political-economy… it is now up to each of us.

Be you our Mr Brendan Nelson, or the highly respected Lawrence Springborg, it is time to embrace the responsibilities awaiting us, to give this nation backbone and real purpose.

I don’t see the point in playing off one regional economy against another, and nor do I see it good politics to be wreakless scoring on checkers on critical issues between leaders and their parties.

It is good to hear Brendan Nelson speak out on Tibet, but Brendan I expect you to speak loudly, you are a doctor. As with myself, it is important to help figure and support a national solution. It is a critical process that will not be achieved if we citizens sing the same ol’ overture’s as the one in ‘cry wolf’.

As for China and Japan, they are valued participants to Australia’s tourism, to our technical future, as well as the inter-regional-economy.

When we speak of National Security, again I say we need strategies and not mischief as people on all sides of conflict are being shoot, are dying, as we speak.

If we want world peace we must make the change necessary in our individual mentalities, in the same way we ask other nations.

I pray for the socio-economic wellbeing of people in Tibet.
Posted by miacat, Friday, 28 March 2008 8:38:32 PM
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Mr Brendon Nelson and Mr Downer I have listened to you both before the last election and I am carefully watching your leadership(s) now. It is ridiculous to wedge a party game in International Affairs. A game based on being rejected when what we need is for you to rebuild your party.

The never-ending whinge is what is draining your team’s energy. (Listen to it “we did…_…”) The lack of address of on your own policies, many whole or partly rejected, long before the 2007 election.

I.e., Indigenous Policies prior to the NT intervention (and which I in fact helped to influence), the call for better administration on issues (invisible on) Employment and Foreign Policies; particularly those needing Australia’s alliance in the Pacific facing our economic inter-relationships over Climate Change.

Many Australian’s gave everything but were at odds with the Liberal Government, becoming increasely alienated, during the last decade.

It seems there was a total disregard for “social capital”. Discounting it, cost us all. Be glad you still have a valuable income… many of us are seriously struggling with structural or casual under-employment.

My own distaste was how Australia performed almost against the United Nations on issues of poverty in the speeches given by Mr Howard through the 2005 World Summit. We had no unity or way to engage as citizens, through government, with the awkward stance.

There are things we appreciated too Mr Downer. As you know I respected your work in Timor, the Aid monies you sent so quickly during the crisis in Burma, among other things similar.

Doctor Brendon Nelson is doing a good job. It is that I hope he helps to unify his party and Australians, as he works toward reform. Change the school of hard knocks to something congruous. Some like myself wish to give credit where it is due and encourage it.

Japan is a valuable Australian partner and to infer otherwise is just more prankishness.

We are human right… it is now that we need to all clean-up, as citizens first. This I believe is about more than splitting politics.
Posted by miacat, Sunday, 30 March 2008 9:54:02 PM
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The current ‘wombat’ hysteria is about human-rights issues in Tibet. The current bogeyman is China. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has snubbed those lovely and cultured people the Japanese. It’s almost as bad as a cold latte.

So, do human rights abuses have a use by date and if so, when?

Burma Railway, Changi, Nanking, Tiananmen Square, Genocide in Tasmania, Treatment of the Untouchables, Sati, East Timor, Iraq (Saddam/1,000s of innocent casualties from what is arguably an illegal war), Sudan, and so on and so on.

It all seems to get mixed up, like a cold latte, human Rights and Trade.

Perhaps the human rights thing is about on-going v past?

Yes, based on the plight of many indigenous Australians, I can see why the rest of the world would not want to deal with us on a human rights basis.

Perhaps Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 'is' sending a message. I suspect it is a subtle one about the evolving geo-strategic power shifts.
Posted by DialecticBlue, Tuesday, 1 April 2008 3:59:25 AM
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