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Presidential survivor : Comments

By Brendon O'Connor, published 15/2/2008

A great pleasure of following American elections is trying to make sense of the rules.

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Don't see what the problem is Dr Brendon: as senior lecturer in the School of Politics and Public Policy at Griffith University you ought surely be aware that there is and always has been only one rule that applies to American politics, namely, The Golden Rule ... Them That Have the Gold Make the Rules.

For a truly revealing insight into the grand subtleties of U$ Presidential politics as 'managed' by the backroom boys of the 'Democrats', I suggest you seek out and read the recent article by ALEXANDER COCKBURN and JEFFREY ST. CLAIR entitled 'When is a Delegate Not a Delegate? Lessons for Barack Obama'

'Have a nice day'!
Posted by Sowat, Friday, 15 February 2008 11:13:59 AM
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the u.s. political system is quite simple really: in the 1780's leading americans mapped the british system onto the new nation, with elections replacing inheritance.

the president is effectively a 'king george III' for 4 years, 8 if he doesn't muck up. senate = house of lords, house of reps = house of reps.

electing a king is not democracy, it's elective monarchy. like george III, george the w has great power but must get co-operation from congress to do anything beyond bombing small countries. that's where the parties are important: they can override the 'separation of powers' that the constitution attempts to provide. when one party gets control of congress and the whitehouse, the president can dig a hole and push the nation in. the latest hole is iraq.

and that is why barack obama can say very little as long as he says it well: he is the chief spokesman for the democrat party. his plan need not be complex: "we're not republicans" may be all he needs this time.
Posted by DEMOS, Friday, 15 February 2008 2:51:14 PM
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