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The Forum > Article Comments > US double standard towards the Kurds > Comments

US double standard towards the Kurds : Comments

By Khatab Sabir, published 27/11/2007

By treating Turkish Kurds as terrorists and Iraqi Kurds as friends, the US cannot move closer to peace in the Middle East.

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Can I just say that the article written by Khatib Sabir is nothing short of a disgrace and actually may have broken Australian anti-terror laws by giving support or expressing sympathy for a terror group.

For the record it is true that Turkey followed a policy of oppression against the Kurds which involved denying their cultural heritage and also the Kurdish language. However, there has been a dramatic change in attitude against the Kurdish population in Turkey. Kurds are a lot more freer than before in expressing their cultural and ethnic identity, speaking Kurdish and laws have been enacted giving Kurds more freedom. However more work needs to be done in order to alleviate Kurdish concerns.

The PKK is nothing more than a terrorist group that has killed thousands of people including many Kurds themselves. The PKK is not a moderate left-wing political group fighting for Kurdish political rights. Can I also remind Khatab Sabir that in Turkey's last elections, 56 percent of the southeastern population voted for the government compared to 24 percent to a party who sympathizes with the PKK. The Turkish government has 75 members of their party who are of Kurdish ethnicity and speak Kurdish. The Current Turkish government has offered incentives for businessman such as tax-free investments to get investments into the southeastern area. The Kurds in southeastern Turkey are a very religious ethnic group who has nothing in common with the PKK which is a Marxist left wing terrorist organization.

The PKK has been designated a terrorist group by not only Turkey, but also by the USA and EU. The suggestion that the removal of the PKK from Northern Iraq will lead to an Al-Qaida sympathizing group taking over is nothing short of fear mongering and lacking reality.
Posted by Goksel Doganay, Tuesday, 27 November 2007 11:47:42 PM
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Is PKK terrorist or Turkish Military

Dear Goksel Doganay… I do not know your background, might be Australian Turkish background… as I am Australian, Iranian background…. But I want to remember you that your evaluation of PKK is totally wrong in the eyes of billions people , but true in the eyes of Turkish Nationalism …

PKK not terrorist definatlly and the categories of terrorist organization are your criteria only and Turkish allies. EU says PKK terrorist, but EU put huge pressure on Turkey to solve Kurdish Issue peacefully , remember until Turkey not recognize full right of 25 million Kurds in Turkey, never ever will become a member of EU.

Also Saddam Hussein was claiming the entire Kurdish population supporting his regime, and those Peshmarga ( Kurdish Guerrilla ) are only some traitors… but in reality few thousand of Kurdish guerrillas were the right voice of the Kurds population not half a million traitors who support Saddam .

Those people who voted Erdogen , not because he is Turkish and they are against PKK.. But because he promised to solve the Kurdish issue…
Finally , PKK did attack army and killed army officials and those traitors who support Turkish army, but Turkish army killed thousand civilian .there is no solution for Kurdish issuer in Turkey unless recognize the PKK and negotiate with them directly.. If not the war will continue …and more people will be killed. Lets make a peace no more war…
Posted by yes-for-peace, Wednesday, 28 November 2007 8:51:23 AM
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Time For Courage

Mate whoever you are Yes-For-Peace can you at least be a man and put your name on this website rather than making meaningless names such as Yes-For-Peace. So what if you are of Iranian Australian or I am Turkish Australian. What is important is the ideas you put forward in an intelligent manner, not your ethnicity. Seems like you are not only lacking courage but also facts.

If you payed enough attention you will see that the PKK indeed is a terrorist organisation. It is not a peaceful organisation fighting for Kurdish cultural rights or freedom. It is nothing more than a violent terrorist organisation that derives its income from drug trafficking and people smuggling in Europe. Now I don't know what standard of behavour you adhere to but this doesn't sound like a peaceful organisation contributing to peace.

Turkey is not ruled by nationalist fanatics as you like people to believe but by a right-wing conservative government that includes 75 Kurdish MP's in its government. Tayyip Erdogan is certainly not Saddam Hussein, but Erdogan has every right to talk up his success. The elections in Turkey resulted in 56 % support from the Kurdish areas compared to 24% DTP (PKK sympathiser). The results show the the Kurds SUPPORT the government and not because they are Turkish and they certainly don't support the PKK. The Kurds didn't vote for the government because they promise to resolve the Kurdish problem. Can I also mention that the EU also recognises the PKK as a terrorist organisation.

Calling supporters of Turkish government traitors and PKK terrorists as freedom fighters goes to show you have no idea about freedom and peace. I would like to also say that the PKK have no courage hiding in moutains and attacking innocent people. If they really do have courage why don't they go put on their army uniforms carry their guns and fight like a real man?

Finally in closing the PKK have no real support left in Turkey. There can be no negotiations with terrorists and never will.
Posted by Goksel Doganay, Saturday, 1 December 2007 3:47:06 PM
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