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Democracy's strength lies in safety in numbers : Comments

By Allan Stam, published 12/11/2007

Democratic governments need not undermine their very democratic natures to survive and thrive in the international arena.

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Bystanders are as seriously unuseful as those who forget the skill of communication.

I want to congratulate the writers who participate in this forum.

I thank the organizers and sponsors.

Two things;

1) I believe and respect the Victorian Police Commissioner, as with my own life.

I agree with the person who said Victoria needs an independent body.

This two-way representation - keeps us all on our toes, and at peace mediated, in theory.

A Royal Commission may not have the best outcome? - I believe in 'truth councils' to flush out aspects deeply embedded at the core of this kind of social/ economic/cultural.political/historical problem. But unfortunately Royal Commissions do not have the capacity to implement their findings.

2) Tomorrow is a most important day before the world. I watch for a march in Pakistan, Some three hundred 300 km walk is it, from Lahore to the capital Islamabad.

The point; "I know it is dangerous but what alternatives are there?" Ms Bhutto said.


"We cannot work with anyone who has suspended the constitution, imposed emergency rule, and oppressed the judiciary. That's why we are holding the 'long march'," she said.

So much at stake in A_Perspective. I hope and I pray that the Nation wins over the violence and can surround the frightening-deadly-aimless trouble-makers, given the military itself, is no better until it shows it is .

I worry, for All of us, for better or worse. Like Turkey + Iran.

Who would like to be in their shoes?

I am extremely grateful of the monks and the people of Burma. Their leadership, their courage. Remember life lost... for what?

By contrast it is to remember APEC.
The fears.
The national unity.
Our diversity.

I am proud of AUSTRALIA.

All those who were part of the non-violence and restraint .

May we not panic. The same terror we fear tomorrow, is the terror we may instigate, for fear means more life lost.

Give street people their opportunity and support. They need to talk action through the struggle, their voices ought to be respected.
Posted by miacat, Tuesday, 13 November 2007 2:27:09 AM
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Well said...but here is the problem.

"By creating systems of government where the people have a say in the decision to go to war through mechanisms of consent, democracies show that elite fears of the mob are unfounded"

Unfortunately, the 'mob' is usually manipulated by very powerful or well organized minorities. There are very definite steps to this process.

1/ Invent new words to which 'negative' connotations are attached.
(e.g. "homophobe", "the Barwon 13")
2/ Form activist groups which can disrupt functions and public life to draw attention to the issue (Act Up and others)

3/ Seek to shame public figures, especially opinion leaders over their opposition to the 'cause'.....
4/ Promote and reward the same public figures and opinion leaders when the 'catch on' and do the 'right' thing according to your group.

And so it goes on.

ANOTHER PROBLEM... specially with the Middle East and the doctrine of the State in Islam. Looking at the consitution of Hizb Ut Tahrir, it is clear, that the "Caliph" .. the head of the Islamic world, has the sole authority to declare war or Jihad against other states, either for defense AND/OR to institute the rule of Islam.

Given these facts. It is quite unremarkable that Western governments are seeking to undermine any 'Muslim Unity' by propping up pro western regimes, and even possibly (probably?) by covert operations to disrupt the advancement of any figurehead who might ever become a threat.. and quite rightly so... in fact ABSOLUTELY rightly so. To do otherwise would be complete suicidal folly.

UN CONVENTIONS are a treatise on national self destruction.

I mean...who in their right mind would build their home on untreated softwood posts in an area infested by white ants?

NO TOLERANCE is the best course when it comes to ideologies which are diametrically opposed to freedom. "Freedom goto Hell" said a sign at a Muslim rally in London(istan) "Freedom of speech is western terrorism" said another.

ZERO tolerance of crime.
Tolerance of white ants?
Posted by BOAZ_David, Tuesday, 13 November 2007 1:16:03 PM
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