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The Forum > Article Comments > Environmental Gore: A Nobel Argument > Comments

Environmental Gore: A Nobel Argument : Comments

By Binoy Kampmark, published 22/10/2007

The choice of Gore as Nobel recipient is far from exceptional: terrorists and politicians have been stacking the honour roll for peace prizes for decades.

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Binoy, I think you should look at what O'Reilly says:

"OíReilly: Yeah, or the gas and oil companiesÖ I think the anger against Al Gore is that he blames America for a lot of it when China and India are the real big coming polluters. Doesnít mention thatÖ The right says oh, no, there isnít global warming, and meanwhile thereís a polar bear floating down the Mississippi River. Címon. I used to play ice hockey for two years in Long Island where I grew up, sorry, two months during the winter. You are lucky if you get two days now. Youíre lucky if you get two days! So there is global warming. The temperature says it. Though whether it is man-made or the Deity, we donít know. So letís get a cleaner planet. Letís all get together and clean it up. Címon! So right on Al Gore!"

He has taken some of the ridiculous propositions of the disingenuous Gore, and exaggerated them. It is meant to be funny, and his statements are ludicrous.

The right does not say there is no global warming, it simply points out that it is insignificant, other than in the nonsense put out by Gore and the IPCC, and their camp followers.

Gore said the polar bears were drowning, almost as ridiculous as the one floating down the Mississipi.

There are always believers who take hot days as evidence of global warming, and the completely deluded who accuse those with a sensible approach to a warming of .6 of a degree in 106 years, of not wanting a cleaner planet.

O'Reilly has simply put forward these baseless claims of Gore in a slightly boosted fashion to emphasise the stupidity of the claims.

Also, the Gore supporters will listen to a proclaimed supporter of their cult leader, even if it is O'Reilly.

If O'Reilly hopes they will learn something, he is likely to be sadly disappointed, but it is an amusing ploy.
Posted by Nick Lanelaw, Monday, 22 October 2007 7:17:23 PM
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