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The Forum > Article Comments > Burma, democracy and being consistently ‘on-message’ > Comments

Burma, democracy and being consistently ‘on-message’ : Comments

By Willy Bach, published 3/10/2007

Burma is just one of many hot spots where people have a passion for democratic liberties and are using mainly peaceful means to achieve this.

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Rudd is exactly RIGHT. So is Mike Keelty on lawful issues that impact Crime Prevention at the other end of the development paradigm.

Poverty, War and International Under-development.

This means turning the Tide. We ALL have to clean up our act. Arrows are flying everywhere when what we need is some depth.

Rudd says, justice must come first. Australia needs to help develop the international legal system.

This is because the first principal in Sustainable Development is Justice. Rudd is talking about Australia's role and doing something constructive with the people of Burma, and those in Sudan – Darfur.

From the street, Keelty knows Poverty Breeds Crime.

Keelty knows like any who care about crime prevention, that human rights is part of boarder security. i.e.: It is as hard for a poor country, to exercise good governance if their people do not help deal with a smaller economies under-developed infrastructure.

URGENT: Boarder Crimes: Drugs Cartels and Sex-Slave Cartel. Abuse of Child Soldiers,. Mistreatment of political prisoners, concern about people in sickness and poor economic health.

Total Displaced People Mobile Everywhere, in need of our assistance.

The United Nations is asking us all to face the things that under-mine the efforts made to end poverty and crime.

Mike Keelty is right to help us join connect more of the frame.

We already have this knowledge.

It is about the Political Will to Act on that knowledge.

Put both hands on the table and demand the principals of SEOUL and all pledges made through declarations at the 2005 World Summit.

Burma Need’s our Support. If I were a Foreign Immigration Leader, I would have some of those brave Burmese Monks, here IN AUSTRALIA TODAY.

Australia has good civic links with the Burmese monks. Many if not all Australians have deeply respect their organised tactic's in mindfulness, as they Marched. They led us with their life.

Fuel Prices Vs democracy and geo-economic and political balance.


Good article Willy Bach. Burma, democracy and being consistently ‘on-message’!
Posted by miacat, Wednesday, 3 October 2007 1:55:39 PM
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It's a bit hard to swallow the idea that political leaders in developed nations are deliberately avoiding encouraging third-world nations to improve human rights and working conditions because "we need the cheap labour". In reality, that cheap labour, combined with the forces of globalization, is rapidly causing unrest in the populations of developed countries, and contributing towards the unpopularity of the very leaders you criticize. Likewise the idea that banks are profitting from keeping poor countries in debt is a bit bizarre - they would be profitting far more if those countries had robust economies and were hence capable of sustaining much larger debts and correspondingly larger interest payments. OTOH, there's no question that arms manufacturers are the beneficiaries from violence, terrorism and civil unrest, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they were doing their best to ensure their products had a market (after all, they legally owe it to their shareholders).
Posted by wizofaus, Wednesday, 3 October 2007 6:14:54 PM
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