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The Forum > Article Comments > The rise of an autocratic China > Comments

The rise of an autocratic China : Comments

By Chin Jin, published 13/9/2007

All democracies are morally obligated to promote democracy and human rights around the world.

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Lets get it right. China is not going to move from where she is today. She will not respond to any of the Wests attempts to get her to accept full democracy or to love her people; and to stop the persecutions. In fact, in time, she is going to enact her secret plan for the great outward march across asia. The big arms build up is on now. I have already mentioned about the KINGS OF THE EAST of Revelation 9:16 and 16:12. That great army has no US of A to stop it. As some of you know I am a "christian prophecy" boy. I collect them and I write on them. Not far off I believe China is going to go to war with the USA, probably over Taiwan, but its not to get a victory in that war its to get an open window to nuke the US by surprise at the time of the signing of peace agreements at the end of the war (extreme view, sorry). Russia probably helps. My references here are also A.C.Valdez's 1929 vision, A.A.Allen's 1954 vision and the many others Ive come across about the fall of the USA. Us Christians know about Holy Spirit revelations; and we trust them. There are likewise many revelations about asian soldiers on Australian soil as far south as Byron Bay NSW. God allowing it because of our sin. And thats Chinas story as I know it. Her spies are here...not for nothing. Rattled up? Jesus is always there. Inviting Him in and getting saved is a wonderful freedom from fear.
Posted by Gibo, Thursday, 13 September 2007 10:45:52 AM
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Gibo said:

'As some of you know I am a "christian prophecy" boy.'

A boy, yes.

The poster 'Gibo' has clearly shown the formula for fundamentalist Christian evangelism - try to create fear, and then offer an antidote.

What a stark contrast to the author of the article, who shows courage in the face of extreme adversity.
Posted by Dr. Livingstone, Friday, 14 September 2007 4:06:09 AM
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Well Doctor Livingstone, its the best I could do based upon 24 years of reading and studying Gods Word, speaking to innumerable christians, collecting and analysing many, many visions and prophecies from The Lord, testing them out to see if they line up with The Word of God, observing the signs of the times (the great increase in wars, earthquakes, famines and diseases of Luke chapter 21...its all happening folk) and everything else I know about the dark heart of the Chinese government including Tibet. I was also looking at Chinas huge military build-up which currently perplexes even America (the Americans dont read The Word much so they cant see whats coming). My first posting is probably the best intelligence report on China that you get prior to the fall of America because of the "Chinese/Russian conspiracy". Dont think I dont admire the authors zeal. I wish him well...but its going to happen as per the Holy Bible; and as per what China quietly plans behind closed doors with Russia. The worldly people dont understand whats going to happen because they are not born again christians ("You have to be born again to enter Heaven"/John 3:3) and do not have the Holy Spirit as their Guide through the Holy Bible...and lifes events. China and Russia are planning a huge nasty against the United States of America!
Posted by Gibo, Friday, 14 September 2007 8:13:02 AM
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If you want some good "last days" advice here it is. Always keep at least two weeks of food in the pantry. Disasters happen without warning and few are ready. As the world talks about "Oil Peak" start thinking "all of the oil towards war efforts"... for this is what is coming. Buy a bicycle. Put it in the garage. Plan for a time when petrol is scarce and food is very expensive. Buy a modern easy to read Holy Bible. Get to know what Jesus and His apostles said about the lasts days and the endtimes. Click on signs of the endtimes and read. Find a good lively christian church, not a dry pond, but a church that "jumps". Get some life into your life. One with healings and miracles and prophecies and tongues. Pray for Australia and your family. Remember there are quite a few visions and prophecies amongst the pentecostals about an invader. I gathered in so many, I eventually left country QLD. Know that disasters are on the increase. Tsunamis are the events these days. There is a large wave prophesied for Surfers Paradise, Australias sin city. Stay away from it. Be prepared for the future. Invite Jesus in (to your life) and wear the grin. All who call on the Name of The Lord will be saved"...Romans 10:13. Dont drift aimlessly through life...belong to The Lord and find peace through Jesus.
Posted by Gibo, Sunday, 16 September 2007 12:13:23 PM
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Hi Chin Jin,

While I sympathise with your cause the great experience of the west is that freedom and democracy go pretty much hand in hand with the growth of an affluent middle class, a well paid working majority and education improvements. Auto-cratic regimes tend to implode as wealth expands and the population's first needs of food, clothing and shelter take less effort. Trade and the subsequent economic growth substantially accelerates all these processes.

Such is the longer term prospect with China. No it won't happen in our lifetime but it will happen...all I have to offer you and your friends is encouragement and support.

Reagan ended the Evil Empire through economic pressure and an arms race that the USSR could not match. There is no Reagan on the horizon and the Chinese economy is not yet to face the pressures inherent in a developed economy.

Taiwan will be protected by the US along with the US's otherc strategic defences of it's West Coast. ie. Korea, Japan, Guam, Philipines and Australia (It's rather large Aircraft Carrier in the south.)

China and Russia have been traditional enemies and while economic agreements may overcome this there will always be a mutual suspicion between the two.

No need for a bleak outlook. And I must point out Australia's engagement with Asia was not first recognised by Bob Hawke. Menzies in 1939 first signalled our engagement in Asia and there has been an understated but determined process undertaken by Liberal Governments ever since ... with spectactular results. While Hawke founded APEC all the Labor leaders (including Hawke) traditionally have unknowingly (through much too narrow a focus) hindered and undermined the process of engagement across all of Asia. Rudd is continuing that tradition with his kowtowing to the Chinese President.

Regards and best wishes
Posted by keith, Monday, 17 September 2007 6:56:22 PM
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