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The Forum > Article Comments > Mixed signals in run-up to APEC > Comments

Mixed signals in run-up to APEC : Comments

By K.C. Boey, published 4/9/2007

The first step for Australian foreign policy is an openness to listen as much as to prescribe.

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Just bringing to your notice that APEC is costing us $300 million. Don't the heads of government do enough tripping around the world attending meetings to discuss all that has to be discussed?

How far would $300 million go in keeping our scientists working here instead of having to go overseas due to lack of research funding from the federal government?
Posted by healthwatcher, Tuesday, 4 September 2007 9:25:56 AM
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Rudd needs to ignite APEC's pro-action toward a 'micro-small business' and 'new-skills development' heart-to-heart APEC agendum.

APEC'S RICH + POOR economies need an AFFIRMATIVE and connective agenda to bridge disparties.

Counter-Act Subsistance.

Small economies can not enjoy the ideal version of prospects until the barriers of 'best practice' form a balanced platform where TRADE works for a mixed-diverse and micro-enterprising market place.

The difference between subsistant living, inter-dependence and the value of individual and village employment is mis-understood, invisiblised and carelessly disregarded.

You will never protect the environment until you protect the people who exisit inside it from all kinds of proverty and crime.

Don't give me a fish, give me the tools so I can catch me own fish!

See Noel Pearsons 'quest for a radical political center'.
Find Transcript

A call for 'People, Planet and Profits.' Promote appropriate demographic policies.


Like Australia, APEC's economiic administrations need 'reform' where there is official blockages in performance, forms, formalities and procedures, which are costly, oppressively complex, time consuming and disempowering to people at all ground civic levels, who are dis-engaged or worse being dispossessed.

This call is on top of the World Banks call for transparency or "simpification, practicablity and efficiency".

Cut REDETAPE, reform processes that help both business, civic communities and government. The real challenges to economic problems are at street and village levels, not at the top.

Yes I agree "A picture is emerging of how Australia today views the world and how it views itself".

We need to "grow up" and understand that there is not so much a “clash of civilisations” within our society as much as a clash of what is meant by 'liberal' in human time as we advance our principles of socio-economic and political liberalism.

DARE TO CARE requires us to SHIFT long-term productivity aims towards civic particapation.

Governments everywhere need to clean-up their act.

Top-down approachs only tickle more stagnation and waste by neglecting the bottom-up views of Australians advocating a wealth of knowledge through the NEED FOR A FRESH HUMAN APPROACH!
Posted by miacat, Tuesday, 4 September 2007 2:42:17 PM
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It is actually 330 million dollars wasted on taking away our freedom and messing up our city, caging the place and surrounding it with overzealous police.
As I write this it is after 11pm and the skies are full of menacing and noisy helicopters flashing their lights into our windows. Our mobiles will be scrambled, my YouTube has been censored and intrusively edited.
All internet including Wikipedea, YouTube and Myspace are being censored and edited by the Australian Government. They blast my computer with blank spam to stop my posts and channel since my APEC videos were uploaded.
Howard says that this is a war on demonstrators not a war on terrorists. In order for there to be a war, there needs to be an enemy. But when your own country is the enemy, who do you represent? Now Senator Kerry Nettle has been banned from having a Press Conference.
Our freedom of speech has been taken away at the cost of 330 million dollars of tax payers money, and businesses in Sydney will be strangled.
The sacrifice of freedom and local business is what? Free trade and Democracy? APEC makes a mockery of itself.
As the skys sound like a war zone, as the web is a spies porn site, as Australians are treated like fools, the rationale of APEC means nothing to Australians and everything to the rich and powerful.
As this sad circus goes on, I get sick to the bone from such a cynical lie, and a waste of our money.
Posted by saintfletcher, Tuesday, 4 September 2007 11:16:57 PM
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