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The Forum > Article Comments > The smell of burning books > Comments

The smell of burning books : Comments

By Cameron Forbes, published 10/9/2007

'Under the Volcano': by burning school text books the Indonesia Government is playing with fire.

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Many books were burned, you mention but a few, there were also meaningful books by H. George, Max Hirsch, Behrens and Singer and many many more. Australia only gets minor mention? Look at our homeground first. It was not only the aborigines who suffered in this land. History tells us of white men facing the gallows giving praise to god that they were at last to be relieved of the terrors of this earth.
The books I mention will give you the reasons for the continuing violation of humans by other humans. Look at Sydney this past week. We are not better than the Indonesians. We too invade simply for the gain of power, influence and the Australian way, and to make out PM look good and strong.
Posted by yendis, Monday, 10 September 2007 1:22:23 PM
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The Indonesian holocaust was carried out almost entirely by an army made up of Muslims, led by a political and military oligarchy that claimed to be Muslim. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Welcome once again to the religion of "peace" of the grave. Even if the genocidal murderers did not perform this slaughter in the NAME of Islam, they used it as an excuse to get rid of, not only alleged communists, but many non-Muslims as well. It was a calculated project of ethnic and religious "cleansing" to seize other people's property.
From the very birth of Islam, Muslim rulers -- until they themselves were forced to come to terms with the industrial revolution -- lived on plunder, and maintained their empires through plunder . . . as well as stealing other cultures' scientific ideas, and bribing,
"converting" or enslaving other cultures' intellectual geniuses.
Yes, so-called "Christians" killed and colonized American Indians, Africans and Australian Aborigines. But by any objective measure, those atrocities do not even come close in the scope of barbarity to what Muslims did to Hindus and Buddhists in India over a period of a few hundred years. In his own work, the pompous
"scholar", Bernard Lewis, barely even mentions the Muslim invasions of India. Orthodox Muslims still consider India to be "unfinished business". The crimes committed in the name of Christianity can in no way be defended by anything Jesus himself is alleged to have preached. Can anyone who has read the Quran in its entirety really claim that Muhammad CONSISTENTLY preached the same moral standard as Jesus? The Christian world at least had an indigenous Industrial Revolution and EVOLVING scientific enlightenment which promoted INDIVIDUAL free inquiry, skepticism and secularism. Can the same really be said of orthodox Islam?
I am ashamed that my own American government, along with that despicable war criminal Henry Kissinger, made the common mistake of supporting a fascist Muslim army, simply because it claimed to be fighting against communism.
Posted by sonofeire, Monday, 10 September 2007 2:34:25 PM
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This "operasi justitia" (operation of justice) by Indonesian government is in no way trying to "stop people from knowing its history", nor can it be compared with the Nazi book burnings. This has nothing to do with "destroying ideas" or "burning calls for freedom and equality".

What this operation intends to achieve is stopping vile manipulation of history by some left-leaning PKI apologists who wanted to portray the PKI as innocent angels. This is akin to laws in Germany prohibiting Holocaust denial or support of Naziism.

Under the order of Stalin, PKI communists had stabbed Indonesia in the back in 1948 by launching full-blown rebellion against an Indonesia fighting a war of independence against the Dutch, killing thousands of civilians who disagree with communism in the process. In 1965, under order of Mao Zedong, PKI killed six army generals, a mistake in their part since the action forced Indonesian people to defend themselevs by annihilating the communists. If PKI can kill army generals with impunity, who can stop the commmies from repeating their 1948 massacres against the people?

It is clear it was only the PKI and their present-day apologists who are PLAYING WITH FIRE!!


You're wrong, buddy. It was the Indonesian people from all religions that destroyed the PKI in 1965-1966. In Bali, it was the Hindu priests who led the liquidiation process. In North Sumatera, North Sulawesi, and West Timor, it was the Catholic and Christian priests who led the anti-communist cleansings.

And the Indonesian army is far from "Muslim-dominated". In 1962, just three years prior to annihilating communism, Indonesian army annihilated the rebellious "Islamic State of Indonesia" and executed its "Imam" Kartosuwirjo, after a 13-year counter-insurgency. Indonesian military is always ready to crush the ideological enemies of Pancasila, namely communism, radical Islam, and separatism.

Posted by Proud to be Indonesian, Friday, 14 September 2007 12:18:41 AM
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The Balinese doctor mentioned in your story, A.A. Djelantik, died sadly less than a week after the article's posting. I remembered his stories too, and felt it necessary to pass that along.
Posted by tomp64, Wednesday, 3 October 2007 7:48:00 AM
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