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The Forum > Article Comments > Gentle Benedict concedes papal roadshow must go on > Comments

Gentle Benedict concedes papal roadshow must go on : Comments

By Paul Collins, published 24/7/2007

Being traditional has its advantages. Pope Benedict XVI knows his place in the church and will not turn the papacy into an endless roadshow.

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The fact of the matter the pope is the head (why not heart) of an institution that for 1500 years has been an integral part of the western imperialist project, and its drive to total power.

He is also just another self-possessed inherently godless ego, except that in his case he is full of the STENCH of "holiness". Both the funeral of the last pope and the installation of the current one, were celebrations of western imperial power--many right wing catholics even revelled in this display of power. All the benighted ghouls that mis-"lead" us were in attendance.

The "church" is, and always has been, a very worldly power seeking institution that manipulates the lives of hundreds of millions of people. It is/was founded on lies and has effectively prevented the "people" from having access to True Wisdom. It is an institution founded on the Taboo against real incarnate Wisdom. See:


It is also an institution that is inherently TOTALITARIAN at its roots and actions in the world!
How/why? Because of its obnoxious claim to be the only source of "truth" in the world and its subsequent claim on the totality of the humankind. Its goal therefore being the "conversion" of everyone who is currently outside of the fold. Benedict has effectively reiterated this obnoxious claim in recent weeks.

Both Islam & Christianity are inherently, and aggressively, associated with an expansionist "ideal" that irreducibly intends, and actively pursues, the SELF-appointed destiny of total world-domination, or global totalitarian "rulership".

This essay sums up the benighted motives of "religious" power seekers.

Posted by Ho Hum, Tuesday, 24 July 2007 3:00:42 PM
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